Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 - JUN - Zombie Files

2013-06-29 - Naked man goes on rampage, attacks police car, gets shot, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The officer watched as the man picked up and threw a metal newspaper box, hurled 'large rocks,' and lay down in the middle of the street in front of a SEPTA bus, Stanford said. The officer called for backup and met other responding officers nearby at 22nd and Westmoreland Streets. The man then approached the first officer's car, slamming his hands on the driver's side door, before turning his attention to another responding squad car, police said. He punched that car's windshield, shattering the glass and sending shards flying into the front seats where another officer was sitting. In response, that officer drew his gun and fired twice, hitting the man once in the right chest and once in the right elbow, police said."

Note: He shattered a police car window with a PUNCH - that's superhuman strength there. You ever try to break a normal windshield? I have, and it was hard! Even with a heavy rock, it took some effort. (It was a detached windshield in some trash - I wasn't being an asshole. Heh.) Hard to imagine just PUNCHING one and breaking it...

2013-06-28 - Naked man brandishes knife at landmark fountain in Berlin (Germany), gets shot dead:

Quote: "Passers-by reported in the morning that a man was behaving strangely and carrying a long knife in the Neptune fountain, near Berlin’s city hall, police spokesman Stefan Redlich said. Officers tried to persuade the man to put the knife away, but instead he started cutting himself. A policeman climbed into the water to try to stop him, whereupon the man advanced on the officer with the knife. The man was shot by that officer after he ignored calls to back off. He died in an ambulance shortly afterward."

2013-06-24 - Homeless man attacks two people with machete outside library in Arlington (Virginia), near the coast, 2 injured:

2013-06-20 - Half-naked man frenziedly masturbates, barks like a dog, watches building burn, at 4:30 AM in Detroit (Michigan):

Quote: "As firefighters battled an enormous blaze at the historic University Club in Detroit this weekend, a wild-eyed man wearing only a black polo shirt emerged from the dark brush and began masturbating and barking like a dog. After frenziedly satisfying himself in front of firefighters and onlookers at 4:30 a.m. Saturday, the lurker crawled on his hands and knees, with his tongue out, and gazed at flames that tore through the three-story Collegiate Gothic building at 1411 E. Jefferson. By the time police arrived, the bearded stranger had disappeared in the brush."

Note: I know this is Detroit and all, but, um, that's pretty freaking crazy there. And they couldn't catch a man crawling around and barking like a dog?!

2013-06-20 - Naked man tries to board two ferries, gets kicked off one, goes swimming, in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "A crazed man stripped down and tried to board two Hudson River ferries yesterday — then jumped into the water when he was ejected. When he tried to board the first ferry, the captain wouldn’t let him on because he looked unhinged, witnesses said. Then he boarded a New York Water Taxi at about 8:30 p.m. and stripped naked, according to police. When that captain kicked him off the boat, he jumped off the dock at Battery Park City and took a swim."

2013-06-17 - Man, 40, gets hit by car at 5:45 AM, stabs two medics, jumps out of ambulance, in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "'While en route to the hospital, the patient came to, punched one of the medics, attacked the other and jumped out of the ambulance, according to firefighters,' the report stated. 'A fire truck was trailing the ambulance. After the man burst out of the ambulance, he threw the oxygen tank at the fire engine and darted off.'"

Quote: "The man, who reportedly stabbed the medics with a pair of scissors, was found shortly thereafter and taken to hospital, where police say he remains in critical condition."

Quote: "It took a Taser to subdue the man who allegedly tried to steal the firetruck."

Note: That all seems pretty superhuman for someone who was hit by a car and is now in the hospital with critical injuries. He might've been neuro-zombied by hyrogen sulfide and that left him disoriented, so he walked in front of a car and got hit, then came to, still disoriented and possibly brain-damaged and hallucinating, went berserk, probably not feeling any pain, until finally subdued by the Taser. If it was hydrogen sulfide that started this whole chain of events then I doubt he lives very long...

2013-06-06 - Man stabs mother and man to death, throws bodies off bridge because voices told him to, in Albuquerque (New Mexico):

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