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2013 - JUN - Animal Die-Offs

Useful link for tracking mass animal deaths:

2013-06-30 - Thirty million bees found dead in Elmwood (Canada):

2013-06-30 - Gray whale washes ashore dead at Dillon Beach (California):

2013-06-30 - Massive fish kill reported at Soke Plain (Turkey):

2013-06-30 - Fish reported dead in lake in Leuvenheim (Netherlands):

2013-06-29 - 1200 birds found dead on island in the Caspian Sea off Kazakhstan:

2013-06-29 - Spermn whale washes ashore dead near Chetco Point in coastal Brookings (Oregon):

2013-06-28 - Millions of krill washing ashore dead on the Pacific Coast in Oregon and California:

Quote: " the past few weeks millions of dead North Pacific krill have washed up on beaches between Newport and Eureka, Calif."

2013-06-28 - Dead fish and oily sheen reported in the Charles River (Massachusetts):

2013-06-28 - Hundreds of fish dying in Ballaine Lake (Alaska):

2013-06-28 - Thousands of fish found dead in Lake Gartower (Germany):

2013-06-28 - Fish reported dying in lake in Demener (Germany):

2013-06-28 - Fish found dead along 5-kilometer stretch of the Xiangjiang River in Xiangtan (China):

2013-06-28 - Shark washes ashore dead at beach on the San Juan Islands (Washington):

2013-06-26 - Fish washing ashore dead at Canandaigua Lake in Canandaigua (New York):

Quote: "This season, he said, there appears to be a greater quantity of fish washing up of all varieties, which include larger fish — such as large bass."

2013-06-26 - Fish washing ashore dead at South Durras (Australia):

2013-06-26 - Fish washing ashore dead at Eagle Nest Lake (Nevada):

2013-06-26 - Fish surfacing dead at Duck Lake in Cayuga County (New York):

2013-06-26 - Major fish kill reported at Lake Apopka (Florida):

2013-06-25 - Many dozens of seagulls found dead or dying in Highland Park (Michigan):

Quote: "Residents say dozens and dozens of seagulls were found dead, dying or injured in a Highland Park neighborhood on Tuesday. The birds were found in the area of 12200 Oakland Park Court. Witnesses say the bodies of dead birds were everywhere. Sick and injured birds roamed the street as cars drove over the dead and dying."

2013-06-25 - Fish reported dying in Ashland Creek in Ashland (Oregon):

2013-06-25 - Fish reported dying at Silver Lake (Iowa):

2013-06-24 - Unknown 'disease' killing desert bighorn sheep near Las Vegas (Nevada):

Note: They mention these sheep having pneumonia, and their fear that the pneumonia will spread. Pneumonia isn't a disease, it's a symptom. It's inflammation of the lungs, and it CAN be caused by bacteria or virus, but it can also be caused by breathing poison gas. They shouldn't be assuming these sheep have a disease when the cause may actually be environmental. Actually, they shouldn't be assuming anything at all...

2013-06-23 - Large number of dead fish found in waters near Yue Wang Ben (China):

2013-06-22 - Dolphin found dead on the banks of the Mechi River in Jhapa (Nepal):

Quote: "The dolphin with no marks of injury has become a centre of attraction for many, with people speculating about how it landed along the banks of the river."

Note: Very similar to all the PEOPLE being found dead near or in water with no marks of injury...

2013-06-22 - Fifteen peacocks found dead in Kharvandi (India):

2013-06-21 - More bumblebees drop dead, along 4 city blocks in Hillsboro (Oregon):

Quote: "A Hillsboro spokesperson said that the city hasn’t sprayed the Linden trees in that area since March."

Quote: "Earlier this week DOA and the Xerces Society were called to investigate in Wilsonville after more than 50,000 bees from 300 colonies were found dead and dying near 55 European Linden trees that were recently sprayed with the pesticide Safari."

Note: I mentioned the Wilsonville bumblebee mass mortality event in the 2013-06-19 update. I mentioned then that I was noting that for the record, to see if a pattern develops, though they had recently sprayed some pesticide near there. In this case though, no spraying in three months, so I find it highly unlikely that that was the culprit this time and by inference it may not have been the culprit the other time either. Hydrogen sulfide is blowing around the atmosphere. It is deadly to all oxygen-using life. Bumblebees are far smaller than humans, so it would take far less to kill them. Oregon is a coastal state, on the West Coast, downwind of the giant dead zone known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is surely pluming hydrogen sulfide now...

2013-06-20 - Fish reported dying on the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River near Ponca City (Oklahoma):

2013-06-20 - Hundreds of carp found dead in Hirsch Lake in Camden County (New Jersey):

2013-06-20 - Fish reported dying in Fern Lake in Addison County (Vermont):

2013-06-20 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Llynfi in Bridgend (Britain):

2013-06-19 - Around 25,000 bumblebees drop to the ground and die in Wilsonville (Oregon):

Note: They're blaming a pesticide. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Either way, just noting the mass mortality event for the record, in case a pattern of such events develops...

2013-06-19 - Large number of fish bubbling up dead in lake in coastal Sarasota (Florida):

2013-06-19 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Sego Prairie Pond in Kuna (Idaho):

2013-06-18 - Shrimp mysteriously dying at fish farms in Sinaloa and Sonora (Mexico):

2013-06-17 - Fish reported dying in Lake Texoma (Texas):

2013-06-17 - Hundreds of fish found dead in pond in Temple (Texas):

2013-06-17 - Almost two dozen peacocks found dead in Rajasthan (India):

Note: Lotsa PEOPLE mysteriously dying in India too. But then hydrogen sulfide doesn't just kill people...

2013-06-17 - Killer whale calf dies suddenly at marine park on the island of Tenerife (Spain):,0,2798009.story

2013-06-16 - Many manatees, dolphins and pelicans dying along Indian River Lagoon (Florida):

Quote: "Then, beginning last summer, manatees began dying. As of last week, 111 manatees from Indian River Lagoon had died under mysterious circumstances. Soon pelicans and dolphins began showing up dead too — more than 300 pelicans and 46 dolphins so far. How bad is it? In the past week, a dolphin a day has turned up dead in the lagoon..."

Quote: "When you lose the manatees, pelicans and dolphins, you know something is going on..."

2013-06-16 - Female leopard found dead in Gudalur Forest Range (India), no marks of injury:

2013-06-15 - Fish reported dying in pond at park in El Dorado (Kansas):

Quote: "We’ve run all the tests we know to run in our lab and didn’t find a cause..."

2013-06-15 - Large numbers of fish dying in the Yahe River in Yiyang (China), in Hunan Province:

2013-06-14 - Large numbers of dead saltwater fish washing ashore at Bo De seaport (Vietnam), in Ca Mau Province:

2013-06-14 - Thousands of white bass found dead at Cave Run Lake (Kentucky), near Morehead:

2013-06-14 - A third of all honeybee colonies die in Britain this past winter:

2013-06-14 - Monk seal washes ashore dead at beach in Kauai (Hawaii):

2013-06-13 - Huge 68-foot fin whale washes ashore dead near Ocean Shores (Washington):

2013-06-12 - Massive fish kill reported at pond in South Dallas (Texas):

2013-06-12 - Unusually high numbers of fish dying in waters in western New York:

Quote: "We’ve never seen so many dead fish out there, and it smells really bad..."

Quote: "Sometimes you see them up at the surface, trying to swim but just struggling and dying ... I wonder what is causing it."

Quote: "This is a very significant fish die-off. Based on phone calls from citizens to our offices, media reports and from our own observations, this is one of the largest die-offs we’ve had in many years in this area..."

Quote: "People aren’t just imagining it. Fish are washing up on beaches all along Lake Erie, and they’re dying in the rivers and creeks."

2013-06-11 - Dead fish and mysterious foam reported at Lake Mead (Nevada):

Quote: "Authorities are warning people to avoid a section of Lake Mead after park officials found dead carp and a mysterious foam there. Park spokeswoman Christie Vanover says the mysterious fish deaths and foam were found in the Overton Arm, where the lake extends north. She says the foam appeared to be coming from the mouth of the Virgin River and stretched about eight miles down to Echo Bay."

Note: Yummy, I'm sure mysterious foam is just great to have in the drinking water supply there. The fish love it to death! Got Mystery Foam? (tm)

2013-06-10 - Two pygmy sperm whales, mother and calf, strand and die at beach in Jupiter (Florida):

2013-06-10 - Fish kill reported in pond in Southside Park in Sacramento (California):

2013-06-09 - Four bighorn sheep and other animals found dead or dying in the desert in California:

Quote: "Four dead bighorn sheep found in the California desert along with reports of other sickly animals in the region have prompted an investigation into a possible outbreak of animal pneumonia."

Note: Breathing hydrogen sulfide can damage the lungs and weaken the immune system, making pneumonia more likely and more apt to be fatal. They mention 'catching pneumonia'. You don't 'catch pneumonia'. Pneumonia isn't a disease, but a symptom, an inflammation of the lungs, and can have many causes, including viruses, bacteria and breathing poison gas...

2013-06-09 - Sand shark washes ashore dead at beach in coastal Newport (Rhode Island):

2013-06-09 - Tiger found dead in Hingna (India), seventh since January:

2013-06-08 - Half a million fish found dead in Tam Giang Lagoon (Vietnam), shrimp and prawn also dying:

2013-06-06 - Four whales, all different species, wash ashore dead on the west coast of New Zealand, scientists baffled:

2013-06-06 - Hundreds of carp bubble up dead at Jamestown Dam (North Dakota):

2013-06-06 - Hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead fish found at Quartz Lake (Alaska):

2013-06-06 - Fish dying around Padre Island (Texas), along the Gulf of Mexico:

2013-06-06 - Dozens of carp bubble up dead at Hoover Reservoir (Ohio):

2013-06-04 - Massive fish kill reported in pond in Jiangsu (China):

2013-06-04 - Massive fish kill reported in ponds in Xinyang City (China):

2013-06-04 - Fish wash ashore dead on the banks of the Chalakudy River in Kerala (India) two days in a row:

2013-06-02 - Pilot whale washes ashore dead in coastal Wildwood Crest (New Jersey):

2013-06-02 - More than 150 birds found dead in the Benowa flood channel on the Gold Coast (Australia):

2013-06-01 - Two Sumatran elephants, mother and cub, found dead at Tesso Nilo National Park (Indonesia):

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