Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 - JUN - Multiple Corpses

2013-06-27 - Two men found dead in home in Lake Villa (Illinois), in Lake County:

Note: Drug paraphernalia was found. Not sure what they mean by that - a roach clip and a doobie? Obviously that wouldn't kill two people. And regardless, doing drugs doesn't make one immune to hydrogen sulfide poisoning; they are not mutually exclusive. Also, since there are going to be numerous corpses found without any signs of struggle or wounds - people who've just dropped dead - I mentioned that one of the only ways the authorities will have to disguise what's going on is to blame the death(s) on drugs...

2013-06-25 - Three children found dead in pond in Nandanpahar (India):

2013-06-23 - Man and young daughter, 2, found dead in home in Hassanabdal (India):

2013-06-19 - Two custodians, 56 and 48, found dead at school in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2013-06-18 - Two missing divers found dead in the water at Scapa Flow (Scotland):

2013-06-13 - Two campers found dead in tent in Los Padres National Forest (California):

2013-06-13 - Mother and daughter, 32 and 2, found dead in pond in Rampura Basti (India):

2013-06-12 - Couple, 22 and 19, found dead in the Kaveri River (India):

2013-06-12 - Two young men, 22 and 16, found dead in Fuleli Canal in Hyderabad (India):

2013-06-11 - Woman, 50, and grandson, 3, found dead in swimming pool at home in Fresno (California):

Quote: "There appears to be no sign of any foul play."

Note: Whew, that's reassuring. Probably just got gassed to death then...

2013-06-10 - Man and woman, 68 and 49, found dead in bathroom at home in Denton County (Texas):

Quote: "Brackeen said there were no signs of trauma on the body and the house smelled strongly of gas, which investigators believe might have been propane. Coroners said the death appears to be consistent with asphyxiation, but have yet to perform autopsies."

Note: Smell of 'gas' mentioned. Natural gas has no smell, so they add mercaptan to it, to give it a smell, and mercaptan smells like 'rotten eggs' as does hydrogen sulfide in low concentrations. They mention propane as a possibility too, but while hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas, it is just barely so. Propane is 1.5 times as heavy as air and would be unlikely to asphyxiate anyone unless they laid down on the floor. It would also be unlikely to get into a bathroom and would instead pool on the floor at its source (they don't mention what that might be) and makes its way down any stairs or into a basement much more readily than hydrogen sulfide would. If the whole house had filled up with propane to the degree necessary to asphyxiate two people in the bathroom, the entire building would have blown sky-high when propane hit the water heater or stove pilot light.

Also, hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble and may come in via hot water then evaporate out or come out of shower heads inside the humidity. Whitney Houston died in her tub. Her daughter lost consciousness the next day in the same tub (e.g. the same water supply). Rodney King died in a pool outside. A friend of mine in his 40s dropped dead in the shower. Lots of people have been diving into ponds and lakes and never resurfacing, until their corpse is found later. Divers and fishermen have been mysteriously dying. Three men in Russia were recently found dead in a sauna, as mentioned in the 2013-04-14 update. And so on. Looks to me like hydrogen sulfide is now infiltrating our water supplies here and there, especially in water outdoors. Some municipal water comes from outdoor reservoirs too. Does yours? Something to think about...

2013-06-10 - Two boys, both 12, go to pond for bath, next seen dead in pond, in Pusauli (India):

2013-06-07 - Couple, 20 and 17, found dead at home in La Porte (Indiana):

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