Thursday, August 16, 2018

Event Update For 2018-08-15

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-08-15 - Unknown odor hits passenger plane, 3 people hospitalized, plane makes emergency landing at airport in Morrisville (North Carolina):

Quote: "Passengers complained of a strange odour filling up the cabin, and at least 14 are receiving medical assistance. One of the passengers taken ill was an infant."

2018-08-15 - Unknown rotten egg odor evacuates buildings in Greeley (Colorado):

Quote: "Greeley Fire Lt. Christopher Ellmer said people described the smell differently, including natural gas, propane and a chemical or animal smell. Officials did not detect any natural gas at the scene, Ellmer said."

Quote: "Similar incidents in May and January hit downtown Greeley. The source of the smells never was identified."

2018-08-15 - Two underground electrical explosions before 2 AM cause blackouts in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2018-08-15 - Huge scrap metal fire breaks out at auto salvage yard in Otay Mesa (California):

2018-08-15 - Auto salvage yard fire breaks out in Columbia (South Carolina):

2018-08-15 - At least 30 vehicles destroyed by fire at towing business in Yecapixtla (Mexico):

Quote: "More than 30 vehicles were destroyed after a tow truck business in Yecapixtla, Morelos caught fire."

Quote: "They said that when the fire is out and the final count complete, that figure could reach nearly 100."

2018-08-15 - Recycling plant erupts in flame at 3 AM, fire gets big, in Clarksburg (Maryland), could burn for days:

Quote: "Pete Piringer, spokesman for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services, said in a tweet the fire caused an estimated $4 million in damage."

2018-08-15 - Hundreds of wildfires continue burning across British Columbia (Canada), state of emergency declared:

2018-08-15 - Wildfire season starting early in Australia:

2018-08-15 - Home, garage and four vehicles destroyed by explosion and fire in Cranberry Township (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

Quote: "According to Paul Marsh, Fire Chief of Seneca Volunteer Fire Department, the blaze began with an explosion of unknown origin. 'There was an apparent explosion that caused the house to be leveled,” Marsh said. 'The resulting fire burned the remains of the house, as well as the two-stall garage, two vehicles inside of it, and two vehicles outside. Another vehicle outside the garage was also damaged.' No one was at home at the time of the explosion and resulting blaze, and no injuries were reported. The house, the garage, and four vehicles were all a total loss."

Note: This is the 199th residential explosion in 2018...

2018-08-15 - Used car business heavily damaged by massive fire in Memphis (Tennessee):

2018-08-15 - Wildfire grows to 31,062 acres in the Entiat River Valley (Washington):

2018-08-15 - Wildfire grows to 59,000 acres along the Illinois River near Grants Pass (Oregon):

2018-08-15 - Wildfires result in air quality worse than Beijing in Seattle (Washington):

Quote: "Around noon on Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that Seattle’s air-quality index was at 171 (unhealthy) while in China, where air pollution is a persistent, major health threat, the Beijing U.S. Embassy Real-time Air Quality Index was at 38 (good), KIRO reported."

Quote: "Washington State has had 939 wildfires this year – more than ever before – burning more than 34,000 acres protected by the state's Department of Natural Resources, the Seattle Times reported, citing a spokesperson from the agency."

2018-08-15 - Cargo ship 'Karadenziz 5' disabled by deadly fire shortly after midnight near coastal Krapets (Bulgaria), 1 killed:

Quote: "On board of the 'Karadenziz 5' a fire broke out shortly after midnight on Aug 15, 2018, when the ship was abeam of Krapets north of Varna. The vessel was en route from Constanta to Turkey. One crew died in the fire. The ship was disabled and taken in tow to Varna."

2018-08-15 - Cargo ship 'Yamal Irbis' damaged by fire in coastal Arkhangelsk (Russia):

Quote: "On Aug 15, 2018, at 3 p.m. a fire on the 'Yamal Irbis' in Arkhangelsk. Three cabins were damaged, but no one was injured. The cause of the fire was being investigated."

2018-08-15 - Two boats go up in flames while docked at marina in coastal Long Branch (New Jersey):

2018-08-15 - Boat bursts into flame on canal near Warrington Road in Northwich (Britain):

Note: These are the 765th, 766th, 767th, 768th and 769th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-08-15 - Transit bus bursts into flame at 5 AM in Bengaluru (India):

2018-08-15 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on the Third Mainland Bridge in coastal Lagos (Nigeria):,364327.0.html

Note: These are the 468th and 469th buses to burn in 2018...

2018-08-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Acme Street in Marietta (Ohio):

2018-08-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame before 2 AM on I-44 in Webster Groves suburb of St. Louis (Missouri):

2018-08-15 - Tractor trailers and buildings destroyed by fire at furniture business in Kennett (Missouri):

Quote: "Kennett Fire Department battled a huge fire at Bullock Furniture on Wednesday. Multiple storage sheds and tractor-trailers were on fire."

2018-08-15 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the A2 near Southfleet (Britain), near the coast:

Note: These are the 1776th, 1777th, 1778th, 1779th and 1780th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-08-15 - Garbage truck bursts into flame while parked inside waste business in coastal New Haven (Connecticut), 1100 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Fire Marshall Bobby Doyle said the truck had been parked for about 2 hours before the fire started. He said two employees were adjusting the trucks brakes when the fire broke out, but that that mechanical work was simultaneous to, but unrelated to, the cause of the fire."

2018-08-15 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on the Gratigny Parkway in Opa-Locka (Florida):

2018-08-15 - Truck bursts into flame on Southeast Rugg Road near Damascus (Oregon):

2018-08-15 - RV bursts into flame on I-77 near Winnsboro (South Carolina):

2018-08-15 - RV bursts into flame while parked at home on Lakeshore Drive 650 feet from Cedar Creek Reservoir (Texas), 2 injured:

2018-08-15 - RV bursts into flame on road in the Comox Valley (Canada):

Note: These are the 375rd, 376th and 377th RVs to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-08-15 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked at home, fire chars home, in coastal Benfleet (Britain):

2018-08-15 - SUV bursts into flame on Eglinton Road in Mornington area in coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

2018-08-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to home, on Wexler Peak Way in coastal Antioch (California):

2018-08-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked near building in Anna (Illinois):

2018-08-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-90 near DeForest (Wisconsin):

2018-08-15 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on street in Sault Ste. Marie (Canada):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, in Flintstone (Maryland):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on the Brooklyn Bridge near coastal Manhattan (New York):

Note: An SUV just burst into flame the day prior on the George Washington Bridge near Manhattan too, mentioned in the 2018-08-14 update...

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on I-95 near Joppa (Maryland):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 58 in Lane County (Oregon):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on street in Menlo Park (California):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame while parked at store on Creek Road in coastal Gosport (Britain):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on the M6 near Warrington (Britain):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on the M23 near Handcross (Britain):

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame at 1:24 AM on Robson Way in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Robson Way, Hull. Wed 15 Aug 2018 01:24 (No:18291) Car fire. Extinguished prior to arrival of Fire Service by passing motorists using dry powder extinguisher. No action by Fire Service. Incident left with Police."

2018-08-15 - Car bursts into flame on Bisley Grove in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Bisley Grove, Hull. Wed 15 Aug 2018 17:12 (No:18328) Car fire, self extinguished prior to arrival of Fire Service. Inspection only."

2018-08-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame near Congress Street and Fourth Avenue in Tucson (Arizona):

2018-08-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Highway 385 in Odessa (Texas):

2018-08-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame at home in Steinbach (Canada):

2018-08-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Lower Sea Lane in coastal Charmouth (Britain):

2018-08-15 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the A303 near South Petherton (Britain):

2018-08-15 - Two cars and garage go up in flames, home damaged too, on Cascade Falls Drive in Bee Cave area in Austin (Texas):

Quote: "Vehicles and a garage caught fire Wednesday after explosions were heard at a home in Bee Cave. Austin Fire Department assisted Lake Travis Fire Rescue when they were called to a structure fire in the 2600 block of Cascade Falls Drive in Bee Cave around 2:03 p.m."

2018-08-15 - Car, outbuilding and home go up in flames at 1:23 AM in Forest Grove (Oregon):

2018-08-15 - Barn destroyed by fire near Battle Creek (Nebraska):

2018-08-15 - Barn destroyed by fire in Parkham Ash (Britain):

2018-08-15 - AC unit bursts into flame at nursing-care facility in Lower Moreland (Pennsylvania):

2018-08-15 - Two large lumber packing crates burst into flame inside warehouse in coastal Suffolk (Virginia):

2018-08-15 - Church and two church buildings destroyed by fire at 2 AM in Benton (Tennessee):

2018-08-15 - Church destroyed by fire at 11:45 PM in Guthrie (Oklahoma):

2018-08-15 - Mill heavily damaged by massive fire at 4:51 AM on Southall Street in Manchester (Britain):

2018-08-15 - Mobile home destroyed by fire on Salt Creek Road in Chatham County (Georgia):

2018-08-15 - Mobile home destroyed by fire at Apple Creek Mobile Home Park in Lincoln (North Dakota), pets killed:

2018-08-15 - Home heavily damaged by fire before 3 AM in coastal Dorchester (Massachusetts), nobody there:

2018-08-15 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire at 12:30 AM in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2018-08-15 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3:45 AM near Beaver Lake in Benton County (Arkansas):

2018-08-15 - Home heavily damaged by basement fire in Niagara Falls (New York):

2018-08-15 - Home destroyed by fire at 5:15 AM in East Bay Township (Michigan):

2018-08-15 - Three homes go up in flames at 3 AM in Louisville (Kentucky):

2018-08-15 - Multi-family home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Jersey City (New Jersey):

2018-08-15 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 1:32 AM on Ferry Street in Easton (Pennsylvania):

2018-08-15 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), 1 killed:

2018-08-15 - Vacant mobile home destroyed by fire at midnight at Whitewater Mobile Home Park in Penticton (Canada):

2018-08-15 - Vacant home burns at 1:45 AM on Murcia Street in Spanish Lake (Missouri):

2018-08-15 - Mountain hare numbers on Scottish grouse moors down to less than one per cent of 1950s total:

2018-08-15 - Couple, 72 and 70, drop dead at home in coastal Mersing (Malaysia):

2018-08-15 - Two girls, around 9, found dead in pond in Chakulia, Odisha (India):

2018-08-15 - Man, 49, dies while snorkeling near coastal Key West (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities say a 49-year-old man has died after being found unresponsive in the water off the Dry Tortugas. Monroe County Sheriff spokesman Adam Linhardt said in an email that Michael Ray Stephens of Panama City, Florida, was airlifted to the Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island on Wednesday. Linhardt says Stephens had been snorkeling on Wednesday afternoon when a couple found him face down in the water. They brought him to the moat wall where Dry Tortugas National Park officials began performing CPR."

2018-08-15 - Man, 20, dies after being pulled from Lake Michigan in Ottawa County (Michigan):

Quote: "Police at the scene indicated the man may have suffered some type of medical condition, causing him to go under water."

2018-08-15 - Man in his 40s found dead in Lady Bird Lake near the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin (Texas):

2018-08-15 - Woman, 38, found dead in Village Creek between Kountze and Silsbee (Texas):

2018-08-15 - Man, 18, found dead in lake in Alton (Texas):

2018-08-15 - Man found dead at 4 AM near train station in Dallas (Texas):

2018-08-15 - Woman in her 50s found dead in river near pier in coastal New London (Connecticut):

2018-08-15 - Man, 58, mayor of Rockaway Township, dies suddenly in Dover (New Jersey):

2018-08-15 - Woman, 45, drops dead on her porch at home in Fort Smith (Arkansas):

2018-08-15 - Woman drops dead in motel room in Nevada (Missouri):

2018-08-15 - Man found dead in Esopus Creek in the Town of Ulster (New York):

2018-08-15 - Man dies in Lake Erie while kite surfing near Hamburg (New York):

Quote: "At this point it's unclear whether the man suffered a medical emergency prior to his death, or if the issue was related specifically to kite surfing."

2018-08-15 - Man found dead in canal in Fresno (California):

2018-08-15 - Girl, 12, falls off boat and dies in San Vicente Reservoir in Lakeside (California):

2018-08-15 - Man, 45, found dead in Fort Cobb Lake in Caddo County (Oklahoma):

2018-08-15 - Boy, 14, dies in the Salt River in Phoenix (Arizona):

2018-08-15 - Woman found dead near Ranch House BBQ and Steakhouse in coastal Olympia (Washington):

2018-08-15 - Man, 67, found dead in Lost Lake in Mahtomedi (Minnesota):

2018-08-15 - Man, 24, talented diver, found dead in the water near Port Borwell (Canada):

Quote: "A young Kitchener diver who hoped to compete in the Olympics died Sunday at private music festival near Port Burwell."

2018-08-15 - Man, 47, found dead in Buntzen Lake (Canada):

2018-08-15 - Man in his 30s found dead in the Punggol Waterway in coastal Singapore:

2018-08-15 - Man found dead in pond in Lamphun (Thailand):

2018-08-15 - Man, 47, dies after swimming at beach in coastal Langkawi (Malaysia):

Quote: "A Japanese tourist died soon after swimming in waters off Pulau Payar near here, yesterday. Yoshito Shiba, 47, from Nagano, Japan, was swimming with three family members when he began experiencing shortness of breath at 5pm."

2018-08-15 - Man, 30, found dead in canal in Ganderbal (India):

2018-08-15 - Man goes into cardiac arrest before 4:15 AM on cruise ship near the Saltee Islands (Ireland):

Quote: "A sick passenger was airlifted off the 'Celebrity Eclipse' in a dramatic helicopter operation off the Wexford coast. A Coast Guard chopper was scrambled on Aug 15, 2018, at 4.15 a.m. to winch a man off the ship after he suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. The cruise ship was bound for Cork having just left Dublin. A medical emergency was declared just south of the Saltee Islands, which lie around 5km off the Wexford coast."

2018-08-15 - Two passengers sicken on cruise ship near Bermuda:

Quote: "On Aug 11, 2018, the 'Anthem of the Seas' returned to Bermuda for the medical evacuation of two passengers. While departing Bermuda via North Channel, the cruise ship contacted Bermuda Radio reporting the need to evacuate an ill passenger at the sea buoy. The pilot boat "St. David" and local Emergency Medical Services were put on standby as the patient was successfully landed ashore just after 5 p.m. and taken via ambulance to Kind Edward VII Memorial Hospital. At 6:49 p.m.., Bermuda Radio received a second call from the 'Anthem of the Seas' reporting that ship is returning to Bermuda for the medical evacuation of a second patient. The pilot boat "St. David" and local EMS were mustered again, as the second patient was successfully transferred ashore and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital."

2018-08-15 - Man has 'medical emergency', fire truck crashes into pole, in coastal Weymouth (Massachusetts), 1 injured:

Quote: "Officials say an employee of the North Haven repair company was driving the truck when he suffered an apparent medical emergency."

2018-08-15 - Woman has 'medical problem', SUV slams into UPS truck, in Lawrence (Kansas), 1 injured:

Quote: "Sgt. Laurie Powell, of the Lawrence Police Department, said the woman began experiencing a medical problem while driving westbound on 19th Street near Barker Avenue. Powell said the woman’s SUV continued eastbound until running into the rear of a UPS truck at about 4:30 p.m. near the intersection of 19th and Missouri streets."

2018-08-15 - Man, 54, slumps over unconscious, SUV sideswipes two vehicles and crashes into trees, near coastal Sequim Bay State Park (Washington), 2 injured:

Quote: "A Port Angeles man lost consciousness while driving on U.S. Highway 101 near Sequim Bay State Park before sideswiping two vehicles in the oncoming lane and hitting several trees. The driver, Joseph L. Tyler, 54, and his passenger, Tonya M. Tyler, 50, also of Port Angeles, were injured and were transported to Olympic Medical Center after the wreck early Wednesday evening, according to the State Patrol."

2018-08-15 - Man, 18, slumps over unconscious, car crashes into SUV then both crash into home, in Glendale (Arizona):

Quote: "The family says an 18-year-old man passed out while behind the wheel and crashed into the white SUV, which went into the home first. He then crashed his Volvo into the home."

2018-08-15 - Man, 18, has seizure, car crashes into trees, in Bridgewater (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A Bridgewater teenager appeared to have a medical issue during a crash that sent his vehicle off the road and into the trees at Dorbill Stables Wednesday morning, police said. Witnesses told police the 18-year-old man was 'actively seizing' after the crash on Pleasant Street around 8:30 a.m."

2018-08-15 - Small plane crashes in Meigs County just outside Racine (Ohio), 2 injured:

2018-08-15 - Small plane lands at airport, brakes fail, plane runs off runway, in Henderson (Nevada):

2018-08-15 - Small plane crashes in Nahanni Butte (Canada), 4 lightly injured:

2018-08-15 - Helicopter crashes on the Eastern Cape (South Africa), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2018-08-15 - Helicopter crashes at airport in Subang (Malaysia), 2 lightly injured:

2018-08-15 - Freight train derails in Guntown (Mississippi):

2018-08-15 - Tanker truck, box truck and car crash, fire erupts, on I-70 near High Hill in Montgomery County (Missouri):

2018-08-15 - Tractor trailer crashes through median at 6:30 AM, hits five vehicles head-on, on I-94 in Dayton (Minnesota), 1 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "The truck driver, Houdyshell, told state troopers that he was alert at the time of the crash, but possibly suffered some unknown medical condition. No alcohol was detected in any of the drivers."

2018-08-15 - Tractor trailer overturns on the New Jersey Turnpike in Carlstadt (New Jersey), 1 injured:

2018-08-15 - SUV crashes into tractor trailer, then ambulance crashes into tractor trailer, in Medina (Ohio), 1 injured:

Quote: "A possible medical condition may be the cause of a three-vehicle crash in front of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School shortly after 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, authorities said."

2018-08-15 - SUV crashes into median on I-95 in Waterville (Maine), 1 killed:

Quote: "State police said it is unclear if a medical condition contributed to the crash."

2018-08-15 - Car slams into street sweeper in the wee hours in Indianapolis (Indiana):

Quote: "Police have not said what caused the crash, but they are looking into whether the driver of the car suffered a medical emergency."

2018-08-15 - Car overturns on Cee Cee Ah Creek Road near Cusick (Washington), 3 killed, 2 injured:

2018-08-15 - Shark attacks and injures man at beach on Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

Quote: "‘Get me out of the water’ man yells after first shark attack in years at Cape Cod, witness says..."

2018-08-15 - Landslide collapses home in Malappuram (India), 2 killed, 1 missing:

2018-08-15 - Power outage blacks out Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in coastal Arlington (Virginia):

2018-08-15 - The odds of an El Niño winter is growing stronger according to NOAA forecasters:

2018-08-15 - Volcano rumbling on Kuchinoerabu Island (Japan), residents told to prepare for evacuation:

Quote: "The Meteorological Agency on Wednesday raised the alert level for a volcano on Kuchinoerabu Island, urging residents there to prepare for possible evacuation. The level now stands at the second-highest of four on a scale of five, up from two, which only restricts entrance to areas close to the crater, the agency said. The decision to raise the alert level comes after increased seismic activity was observed on the island, which is in Kagoshima Prefecture. It warned people to stay alert against possible pyroclastic flows and falling volcanic rocks."

2018-08-15 - Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes near coastal Tanaga Volcano (Alaska):

2018-08-15 - Tropical Storm Leepi hits Kyushu Island (Japan):

2018-08-15 - Rare tornado touches down in northern China and ravages villages:

2018-08-15 - Death toll from flooding, landslides and bridge collapses rises to 67 in Kerala (India):

2018-08-15 - Roundup weed killer chemical glyphosate found in Cheerios and Quaker Oats, researchers say:


  1. A rare double-double in garbage truck fires & Hull JJFH incidents on this day!

    Hello everybody. Welcome to another day that you aren't dead yet.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 8.16.18 81-degree reading likely sets record for highest temperature ever measured in CA waters [~ 36 min.]

    [contains a good response to the article on The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change]

    A magnitude 6.4 - 252km SE of Iwo Jima last night the 2nd in the area yesterday was the 6th major quake in just 4 days

    [let's see what Trump wants to fuck up today]
    Trump’s team offers a new vision for Utah’s former Grand Staircase: Nearly 700,000 acres would be open to mining or drilling

    Most of the lands removed from southern Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument would be available to coal mining and oil or gas drilling under federal draft plans released Wednesday, putting nearly 700,000 acres in play that otherwise would have been off-limits to mineral extraction. [more]

    Garbage from Washington state’s booming pot industry clogs gutters, sewers and landfills

    [idiots - use the trim to make edibles, bury the rest as compost; packaging should be made from biodegradable hemp, wtf - do it right!]

    Monsoon floods kill 114 people in southern India – “We’re witnessing something that has never happened before in the history of Kerala”

    Rescuers battled torrential rains to save residents, with nearly 150,000 reportedly left homeless.

    The state government said many of those who died were crushed under debris caused by landslides.

    With more rains predicted and a red alert in place, the main airport has reportedly been shut until 26 August. [more]

    [from our There Goes the Water segment]
    Two French rivers disappear underground in large cracks and sinkholes: The Doubs River (Franche-Comté) and the Risle (Normandy)

    The Doubs river flows normally in Franche-Comté, France. But since about a week or so, the river has totally dried up over a length of more than 1 km, between Pontarlier and Morteau, although precipitation has been abundant this winter and spring. The river has disappeared, and with it, the fauna and flora. Everything is dead. Two weeks ago, 13km of the Risle River in Normandy also disappeared underground in a large crater. According to geologists, this unprecedented event is due to large cracks and craters in the riverbed. [more]

    [more below]

  2. Weather anomaly: Hurricane Hector sets records in Northeastern Pacific Ocean while 3 consecutive Atlantic named storms form north of 30°N for the first time since 2012

    Hurricane Hector passed well south of the Big Island of Hawaii on Wednesday as a major hurricane, one classified as Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Hector generated high surf and breezy conditions on the Big Island, with no more than a few outer rain showers scraping portions of that island. [more]

    [another wide-ranging accumulation of articles here]
    The Watchers News Brief: August 16, 2018
    [here are some]
    Earthquake swarm in southern Italy

    Colorado Springs hailstorm caused second highest damage total on record, Colorado

    Hundreds of cars flooded, numerous water rescues in Oklahoma City

    Landslide hits Ethiopia's Amhara, leaving 8 people dead

    Very warm Mediterranean Sea - severe weather in autumn [lots more]

    [just shut the damn thing down, already!]
    Keystone XL Pipeline Hit with New Delay: Judge Orders Environmental Review

    The Trump administration has been trying to rewrite two laws at the heart of the oil pipeline ruling: NEPA and the Endangered Species Act. [more; oh, hey, thanks for the "help"]

    In a warming world, the fight for water can push nations apart—or bring them together

    [with humanity's track record, it'll be water wars]

    The NSA’s Role in a Climate-Changed World: Spying on Nonprofits, Fishing Boats, and the North Pole

    The Intercept's largest-ever SIDtoday release, with 328 documents, is published alongside stories about an NSA "worker bee" who was fed up with how corporate the agency had become and rallied other frustrated spies to his cause; about the NSA's environmentally-driven spying; and about some of the virtual private networks the agency cracked into, and why. Other highlights from this release, which covers the first half of 2006, touch on Iranian influence in Iraq, the attitudes of NSA staff toward the countries where they are stationed, and much more. [more]

    [a look at the Finance page]
    Prepare For Brown Swan Event

    A Brown Swan event is a rare and "unforeseeable" event that for some reason only strikes those who have their heads installed in their own ass. Recession stocks have been leading all week, including today. Bueller? Ex-Apple, Tech has lost its bid. What comes next is the soiling of the underwear...

    After hours, two more Tech leaders are getting smoked - Nvidia and Applied Materials. Assuming toothpaste and cereal are not the new Silicon Valley growth delusion, this is about to get seriously FUGLY...

    As I've shown, the Nasdaq is dependent upon fewer and fewer mega cap stocks, now basically just Apple.

    VolPlosion in February was a minor event compared to what is coming
    [see charts]

    Recent Tech moonshots are all returning to Earth. Bidless
    Netflix, Google, and Facebook have all lost their bid.
    The IPO bid is gone. No more IPOs until after Labor Day...
    Biotech is done.
    Energy, Materials, Transports, and Banks [dropping]
    Which leaves recession stocks.
    Such as diapers [declining; more]

    Swamped in Inflation, Venezuela Will Cut Five Zeros from Currency

    economists said that if Venezuela is to curb hyperinflation, it will have to stop printing money [more; wait - that's what WE do . .]

  3. News Links, August 17, 2018
    Rice Farmer

    Our "Prosperity" Is Now Dependent on Predatory Globalization
    Nowadays, trade and "prosperity" are dependent on currencies that are created out of thin air via borrowing or printing.

    Emerging markets lead global stocks lower, commodities sink

    Hackers Steal $13 Million From Bank ATMs In 28 Countries

    Who Bought the $1.36 Trillion of New US National Debt over the Past 12 Months?

    "Asia Will Be the Next Source of Downside Systemic Risk for Financial Markets"

    Poland, the Next Turkey? Spotlight on the Zloty and External Debt

    Why Are ATMs Disappearing at an Alarming Rate after a Wave of Branch Closures?

    American Airlines flight makes emergency landing after passengers say 'flames' came out of engine

    State Department concerned over Russian satellite's behavior
    And I would imagine that the Russians are concerned over the X-37B space plane's behavior. -- RF

    The Knife in Iran's Back

    Qatar Comes to Rescue as Turkey Moves to Avert Financial Crisis

    Turkey Joins Russia In Liquidating US Treasuries

    Pompeo Forms "Iran Action Group" To Coordinate All Iran Strategy, Reports Directly To White House

    US to Send More Marines to Norway, Angering Russia

    Peru sees single day record number of Venezuelans arrive

    Junk energy: Shale Profits Remain Elusive

    Oil Demand Growth Starts To Weaken In Asia

    All-Time Low Spare Capacity Could Send Oil To $150

    Drying Lake Mead could trigger federal water shortage by 2020 (US)

    Pakistan facing crisis as water shortage worsens
    The acute shortage has crippled hydropower generation and affected agriculture amid predictions that Pakistan may run dry by 2025

    Aspen Declares 'Stage 2 Water Shortage' For First Time In History

    The ongoing water crisis in Iran's Ahwaz region looming towards disaster

    'Worrisome' levels of lead, arsenic found in some baby foods, Consumer Reports says (US)

    Drought Impacting Cattle Producers Around the Globe

    Exclusive: U.S. seed sellers push for limits on Monsanto, BASF weed killer

    Trump Says Farmers Are Starting to Do Well. The Data Says Otherwise

    Nearly 10K people have gotten cancer from toxic 9/11 dust

    Evacuations, rescues as 'historic' floods hit northeastern U.S.

    Monsanto Roundup appeal has uphill climb on 'junk science' grounds: legal experts

    Plastics: Don't Microwave, or Place in the Dishwasher

    [more below]

  4. Palm oil: A new threat to Africa's monkeys and apes?

    Wood density of European trees decreasing continuously since 1870

    Fracking Wastewater Spikes 1,440% in Half Decade [confirms what I said yesterday about this shit]

    "This Is A Very Dangerous Outbreak" WHO Chief 'Worried' Over Ebola In DRC

    Facebook Exec Threatens News Outlets in Private Meeting

    The FCC Says Net Neutrality Lawsuits Are Moot Because It Already Repealed Net Neutrality

    Russian Collusion: It Was Hillary Clinton All Along

    "Everybody Immediately Knew That It Was for Amazon": Has Bezos Become More Powerful in D.C. Than Trump?
    The deal for an obscure $10 billion Pentagon contract suggests the extent to which Jeff Bezos is gobbling up the swamp—without the guy in the White House even batting an eye.

    Austin pirate radio station that airs Alex Jones faces $15k fine

    Corporate Media Join in Editorializing for Press Freedom…for Themselves

    Hospitals scrap surgeries, Venezuelans forgo showers as taps run dry

    There were nearly 1,300 more threats made at U.S. schools this past year, report finds

    Visualizing Italy's Plunging Investment In Infrastructure

    China Shuns U.S. Crude Despite Taking Oil Off Tariff List

    US Industrial Production Slows In July After Big Revisions

    Is being homeless illegal? Ohio court rulings raise the question

    US defense chief hears shots during visit to Rio de Janeiro
    He'd better get used to it. I see a lot more shooting in America's future. -- RF

    From Boston to Ferguson to Charlottesville: The Evolution of a Police State Lockdown

    Smoke, carbon monoxide from California wildfires drifting all the way to the East Coast

    Homebuilder and construction stocks enter bear market

    Pension Crisis On The Horizon

    Household Debt Hits Record High $13.29 Trillion Led By Mortgages, Student Loans

    Los Angeles Is First In US To Install Intrusive Subway Security - All Riders Will 'Volunteer'

    Banks Are Eyeing $1.5 Trillion in Credit Card Secrets

    July Housing Starts: Economists Miss the Mark Badly

  5. Oil set for longest losing run since 2015 amid economic fears

    Oil headed for the longest run of weekly declines in three years as turbulence in emerging markets and the ongoing trade conflict between the U.S. and China stirred fears that fuel demand may suffer.

    Futures added 0.8 percent in New York, and 1.3 percent in London, amid another labor strike at North Sea oil and gas platforms. Yet prices remained lower on the week, poised for their seventh straight loss in New York, as turmoil in Turkey and the continued Chinese-American tariff battle rattled investors. Oil supplies have also appeared more plentiful as U.S. crude inventories expanded by the most since 2017, OPEC raised output in July and Libya recovered some halted production. [more; 3 strikes and you're out!]

    Teen football player dies after complaining of headache

    An Iowa family is mourning the death of their 14-year-old son who initially came home from football practice last week complaining of a headache, which set off a series of medical tragedies.

    Christopher Bunch, who was preparing to start his freshman year of high school, was actually suffering from symptoms of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM), which is a rare neurological disease that typically occurs after an infection. [more]

    New details released about fire tornado that killed California firefighter

    The rare, apocalyptic fire tornado that ravaged a Northern California neighborhood last month trapped and killed a firefighter while “violently” flinging debris and embers at two bulldozer operators, according to new details released on the stunning fire event.

    The fire tornado — which was about 1,000 feet in diameter with winds as fast as 165 miles per hour — was responsible for the death of 37-year-old Redding, Calif., fire inspector Jeremy Stoke, according to a report from California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) released this week. [more]

    [2 items from our Rare Events desk]
    Rangers turn a wild triple play against the Angels that hasn't been seen since 1912

    19 dead elk found in Oregon were likely killed by avalanche, biologist says

    [more below]

  6. [a little sprinkle of political intrigue]

    Trump's sanctions on Iran dig deeper grave for US forces and Washington's imperial ambitions in Afghanistan

    In particular, Washington's obsession with confronting neighboring Iran and plotting regime change in Tehran could well be the tipping point in Afghanistan. The point, that is, where the US tips itself into a strategic, military grave it has been digging in Afghanistan over the past two decades.

    After 17 years of US military occupation costing the US taxpayer trillions of dollars, the Taliban insurgents seem to be able to launch spectacular attacks at will against the Washington-backed government in Kabul. By any measure, that portends a historic defeat for Washington's imperial ambitions. And not just in Afghanistan.
    [more; maybe the charade will self-implode]

    Turkish court rejects US pastor's appeal for release - 'We are not going to take it sitting down', says Trump on detention of US pastor in Turkey

    Moscow to Washington: US violated international law over Russian diplomatic missions

    [yep, just like always]

    US threatens Turkey with even more sanctions unless they release jailed pastor

    Dead whale shark found near Manila, Philippines

    3 killed by lightning bolt in Jharkhand, India

    Very shallow M6.4 earthquake hits Ogasawara region, Japan - preceded by another mag 6 just a minute earlier

    No earthquake recorded in New South Wales, Australia, despite reports of rumbling

    [mystery rumble!]

    Around lunchtime residents from locations including the Camden Haven, Redbank, King Creek, Rosewood and Wauchope reported feeling their houses shake and some heard a loud rumble noise. [more]

    Thousands displaced as rivers continue to rise in Colombia and Venezuela

    [update on glyphosate scandal]
    Dangerous grains: Monsanto's toxic glyphosate found in 43 out of 45 popular children's cereals

  7. Now at least one child's toy car bursts into flames. Battery powered by the way....

  8. Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts putting nation's second-biggest city on alert

    Peru's Sabancaya volcano, which is located less than 50 miles from the country's second city, Arequipa, has begun erupting, sending a column of ash more than two miles into the air.

    The latest phase of eruptive activity follows reports of explosions at the volcano averaging 23 per day between August 6 and 12, as well as earthquakes and high levels of toxic sulphur dioxide gas.

    Since 2013, activity has increased, and an eruption occurred in 2014, with associated high levels of sulphur dioxide.

    Activity increased still further in 2016, and since June 2017, a persistent gas plume has hovered above the volcano, with repeated emissions of ash and several alerts from the local population. [more]

    'Floating ball of fire' seen outside Essex, UK care home during thunderstorm

    Tom Defty, forecaster at the Essex Weather Centre, explained how this was only the third report of ball lightning he has come across during 20 years on the job.

    "It drifted for 15 to 20 seconds, long enough for the residents to alert the staff. "It exploded and caused damage to the woodwork."

    Mysterious smell plaguing California residents and sparking finger-pointing

    Residents of several Orange County, California cities are complaining about a strange, mysterious odor in the air -- and local municipal agencies seem to be pointing fingers at each other as to the cause of the bad smell. [more]

    Small earthquake brought ‘slight shake and rumble’ to Northern Virginia