Burnicane - As hurricanes come ashore they will sweep any accumulated methane and hydrogen sulfide from offshore and push those gases, both highly flammable, onto shore, causing catastrophic fires and explosions in addition to driving rains, flooding, and other more traditional storm effects. This was evident with Burnicane Sandy; as Sandy hit shore, fires and explosions broke out all over. This is now likely to be the norm, not the exception.

Genetic Chimera - As the Earth's protective ozone layer dissolves from the hydrogen sulfide onslaught, DNA/RNA is being damaged, becoming hole-ridden, fragmented. As a consequence it appears that Mother Nature has an interesting trick up her sleeve: patching the genetic holes with genetic information from passing viruses or bacteria (probably viruses), which may contain genetic information from a different species. A genetic chimera, then, is the result, a blend of two species. For example mermaids (human-fish chimera), minotaurs (human-cow chimera), satyrs (human-goat chimera), werewolves (human-wolf chimera), bigfoot (human-bear chimera), and so on. This has probably occurred all throughout history at a very low level, forming the basis of many myths and legends, but now that we're being baked by increasing levels of radiation the process is simply becoming more commonplace. This is an important addition to evolutionary theory and has potentially far-reaching consequences. Not all chimeras will involve a human component, of course. I just mention them because I find them the most interesting, in that new species with near-human, human or even better-than-human intelligence may result.

Ghostly Match - Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with copper, especially electrified copper, and rusty iron/steel. If the air becomes volatile enough then any hydrogen sulfide present may ignite the air in the presence of electrified copper or rusty iron/steel. The volatility of the air need not be entirely from hydrogen sulfide, but can include any other flammable vapors like methane, flooring chemicals, natural gas, gasoline fumes, alcohol, sunscreen, butane like that used in cannabis oil extraction, flammable vapors like those generated by meth production, etc, with just enough hydrogen sulfide present to cause ignition. The result is more fires involving ANY kind of flammable vapors. It is as if there is an invisible ghost wandering around randomly striking a match. You will never see this problem until the ghostly match ignites and then it's too late. Would you siphon gas or refuel your vehicle if there was a lit match right there? Of course not, but you won't SEE the match until it's struck.

Neuro-Zombie -  Hydrogen sulfide is a broad-spectrum poison but has powerful neurotoxic effects. In other words, it causes brain damage. It appears that the higher-level functions are damaged: speech/language, memory, conscience/morals, logic, reason. As a result, increasing numbers of people have begun doing simply insane things, frequently violent, like stabbing people to death, eating another man's face, that sort of thing. Stripping off clothes and nudity is common with neuro-zombies, as is cannibalistic behavior. The nudity is likely because hydrogen sulfide heats you up, as noted by Jenkem users. I call people affected in this way neuro-zombies because the person, the 'self', that once resided in the body is basically dead, wiped away by neurological damage, but the body lives on for a while.

Oily Rag Syndrome - Adsorbent materials such as cloth, clothing, cardboard, paper, vehicle and furniture upholstery, wood, etc, are adsorbing methane and/or hydrogen sulfide. So just as oily rags can spontaneously combust, the same thing can happen to anything adsorbent that has adsorbed methane and/or hydrogen sulfide, except the 'oil' is now a flammable gas. This explains why people have been bursting into flame and burning to death - it's not the people, it's their clothes.

Slumper - Person who slumps over unconscious or dead, especially while driving.

Toppler - Person who loses consciousness and topples off of high places.

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