Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2018 - JUL - Multiple Corpses

2018-07-01 - Couple, 54 and 51, found dead on boat at coastal Fire Island (New York):

Note: Yeah, sounds like they're assuming carbon monoxide. Hydrogen sulfide poisoning and carbon monoxide poisoning can look the same. And the day before, a 17-year-old boy had breathing problems and drifted in and out of consciousness on a boat near Fire Island, mentioned in the 2018-06-30 update. Maybe the same thing that affected him also killed this couple. Same area, within 24 hours, seems mighty implausible for that to be coincidence. Also, this man was a retired firefighter - who would know better to be careful about carbon monoxide than a firefighter? Fire Island is also just 20 miles as the gas blows from the boat that burst into flame in coastal Port Jefferson Harbor (New York) on this day. So within 24 hours, in the same area, a teen with medical problems on one boat, a couple dead on another boat, and a third boat going up in flames. I would not recommend betting your life that patterns of events like that - and there have been many - are mere coincidences...

2018-07-01 - Couple and dog found dead on boat on Lake Erie while docked in Marblehead (Ohio):

Note: Uh huh, APPARENT CO poisoning. Appearances can be deceiving...

2018-07-01 - Two men, 25 and 50, die in the water in coastal Mumbai (India):

2018-07-02 - Two sisters, 8 and 10, found dead in pond in Odisha (India):

Quote: "While 246 cases of drowning were reported in 2015-16, it went up to 428 in 2016-17 and 618 in 2017-18."

2018-07-03 - Two children, 8 and 6, found dead in pond in Jacobabad (Pakistan):

2018-07-03 - Two boys found dead in ditch in Simri (India):

2018-07-04 - Update on car that burst into flame on highway in Jackson County (North Carolina) - both children now dead:

Quote: "The North Carolina Highway Patrol said a second child has passed away after a car fire on Tuesday night in Jackson County. Troopers said a woman and her two children were in a 2004 Buick when it caught fire along U.S. 23 westbound. They said the woman and her 6-year-old daughter were able to escape the fire but suffered severe burns. A 2-year-old boy trapped inside the car perished in the fire. The mother and daughter were transported to Mission Hospital for treatment and then later moved to Winston-Salem. Troopers said the 6-year-old girl succumbed to her injuries on Wednesday. The mother remains in critical condition."

2018-07-04 - Two men and a woman, 62, 55 and 66, die after swimming in beaches in coastal Ocean County (New Jersey):

2018-07-04 - Two girls found dead outside home near Kearney (Missouri):

Quote: "The children looked like they were unharmed."

Quote: "Clay County sheriff’s Capt. Will Akin said the girls were found outside their home just after noon Wednesday by their mother and were not breathing. Both girls were under 5-years old. Akin said foul play is not suspected and neither water nor firearms appear to have been involved, but the deaths are under investigation."

2018-07-04 - Woman, 58, falls off building and dies, and man found dead in room, in Ranchi (India):

2018-07-05 - Watery deaths continue rising in New Jersey:

Quote: "The number of people who have died in New Jersey water-related deaths continues to rise, with 15 dead since the beginning of May."

Quote: "The line of water deaths extends a trend that began last year, when 34 people died in New Jersey last spring and summer. Now a new list of water tragedies has begun (see list below)."

2018-07-05 - Man in his 30s drops dead along railroad tracks, and man, around 30, found dead in canal, in Yakima County (Washington):

2018-07-05 - Couple found dead in the median along road near Patancheru (India):

2018-07-05 - Three girls, 10, 12 and 14, found dead in the Girwa River in Bihar (India):

2018-07-05 - Two boys, 10 and 11, die while swimming in rainwater in Kasur (Pakistan):

2018-07-06 - Two men, laborers, drop dead in Sikar, Rajasthan (India):

2018-07-07 - Two men, 19 and 20, found dead in Lake of the Woods in Kenora (Canada):

2018-07-07 - Four boys go for swim at beach and die in coastal Mumbai (India):

2018-07-07 - Two children, 12 and 8, found dead in pond in Kulekhani (Nepal):

2018-07-08 - Six boys, ages 10-12, go to take bath, all of them die in the River Ganga in Kanpur (India):

2018-07-08 - Two men, 20 and 45, found dead in the River Cauvery at Koonandiyur (India), 2 more watery deaths too:

2018-07-09 - Three workers die in well at sewage station in Loni (India):

2018-07-09 - Woman and two daughters found dead in well in coastal Visakhapatnam (India):

2018-07-09 - Three tourists found dead in Lake Dukan (Iraq):

2018-07-10 - Two men, 38 and 68, found dead at home in Rush Township (Pennsylvania):

2018-07-10 - Mother and son, 35 and 7, die in Pine Creek in Cummings Township (Pennsylvania):

2018-07-10 - Two girls found dead in the Indus River near Haramosh, Gilgit (Pakistan):

2018-07-10 - Four men in their 20s found dead in the Indus River in Attock (Pakistan):

2018-07-10 - Woman found dead in canal and man found dead in field in Pakpattan (Pakistan):

2018-07-11 - Three people die in the water at beach in coastal Baku (Azerbaijan):

2018-07-11 - Woman, 35, found dead on footpath, and man 30, found dead in home, and man, 35 found dead under bridge, in Punjab (Pakistan):

2018-07-11 - Three children found dead in body of water in Sherpur District (Bangladesh):

2018-07-12 - Three students found dead in pond near school in Hardoi (India):

2018-07-12 - Mother and daughter, 32 and 9, found dead in river in Kangpokpi (India):

2018-07-12 - Two men, 19 and 72, found dead in rivers in Morang District (Nepal):

2018-07-13 - Rising number of people dying in water in Green Country (Oklahoma):

Quote: "A spike in lake drownings is causing concern in Green Country. There have been 11 drownings at Green Country lakes since May."

2018-07-13 - Man and woman, 65 and 36, found dead in home in McDuffie County (Georgia):

2018-07-13 - Four boys die in pond near Nayagaon (India):

2018-07-14 - Five teen boys found dead in the Matamuhuri River in coastal Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh):

2018-07-15 - Three young men found dead in resort hotel in coastal Odessa (Ukraine):

2018-07-15 - Three boys found dead in the Sirhind Canal near Gobindpura (India):

2018-07-16 - Two men, 31 and 45 found dead in Calhoun (Georgia):

Quote: "According to Calhoun Police Chief Tony Pyle, two bodies were discovered within an hour of each other in wooded areas in both the west and east ends of Calhoun."

Quote: "The second body, 45-year-old Aaron Erick Lee of Dalton, had reportedly collapsed and died. It appears as though Lee died of natural causes."

2018-07-16 - Two men, 23 and 25, found dead in the River Elbe at Hollern-Twielenfleth (Germany):

Quote: "Eyewitnesses told rescuers that the men, who had been fooling around in the water, both dunked under and failed to resurface."

2018-07-16 - Two brothers, 7 and 3, found dead in pond in Mansoorabad (Pakistan):

2018-07-17 - Woman, 31, and baby found dead at home in Cherokee County (Georgia):

2018-07-17 - In separate incidents, two women drop dead in Buellton (California):

2018-07-17 - Watery deaths rising in the Kashmir Valley (India):

Quote: "According to the official data at least seven persons have lost their lives in different incidents of drowning across Kashmir valley during past two weeks. The number of deaths due to drowning has rose to an alarming level while incidents are reported continuously."

2018-07-18 - Two college students, men, 18 and 20, found dead in water in Barpeta (India):

2018-07-19 - Two sisters, 10 and 6, found dead in river in Natore, and two children, both 4, die in pond in Chandpur (Bangladesh):

2018-07-20 - Mother and daughter, 72 and 54, found burned to death in apartment in Dum Dum (India):

2018-07-20 - Numerous people dying in the water in the UK:

Quote: "Swimmers have been warned to take care when taking a dip in the water during the UK’s heatwave, following a spate of drowning deaths in recent weeks."

2018-07-20 - Numerous people dying in the water in Canada:

2018-07-20 - Woman and three children die in the Kolong River in Nagaon, Assam (India):

2018-07-21 - Two men die in the water in Ruedi Reservoir near Basalt (Colorado):

Quote: "The woman said someone had a heart attack and a man on her boat jumped in the water to help but never came back up, Brown said."

2018-07-21 - Woman and grandson, 55 and 5, die after being pulled from Lake Lowell at Lowell Lake State Park (Vermont):

2018-07-21 - Two teen boys, 16 and 17, die in river in Veyangoda on the island of Sri Lanka:

2018-07-22 - Mother and son die after being pulled from Lake Grapevine (Texas):

2018-07-22 - Two people, 18 and 16, found dead in lake or reservoir in Srinigar (India):

2018-07-22 - Three people, 30, 20 and 7, die in water in Dehradun (India):

2018-07-22 - Two boys, 7 and 8, found dead in pond in Nalanda (India):

2018-07-22 - Four boys, 8, 10, 12 and 14, go fishing, all four found dead in pond, in Sultanpur (India):

2018-07-23 - Two brothers, 22 and 20, die in the water at quarry near Melur (India):

2018-07-24 - Two men, 70 and 60s, drop dead in home in Ambridge (Pennsylvania), 2900 feet from the Ohio River:

2018-07-24 - Two boys, both 16, found dead in pond in Beeranchira near Tirur (India):

2018-07-25 - Two students die in the Kuakhai River in Bhubaneswar (India):

2018-07-27 - Woman and two children found dead in submerged car in the Mississippi River near West Memphis (Arkansas):

2018-07-29 - Two college students, 19 and 22, die in dam reservoir in Karjat (India):

2018-07-29 - Three girls found dead in pond in Chitral (Pakistan):

2018-07-29 - Two people found dead in manhole in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2018-07-30 - Three people, 19, 21 and 57, found dead in lake near Pavadagh (INdia):

2018-07-30 - Two children, 9 and 7, die in lake in Odhav (India):

2018-07-31 - Two boys found dead in the Lyari River in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2018-07-31 - Five children, ages 7 to 13, found dead in pond in village in Miyi County (China):

2018-07-31 - Two men in their 50s found dead in Davyhulme Park near the River Mersey in Urmston area in Greater Manchester (Britain):

Quote: "The grisly discovery was made at around 8.40am at Davyhulme Park in Urmston but their deaths are not being treated as suspicious."

Note: I wonder if they were able to smell that car that burst into flame in Manchester on this day before they died...

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