Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 - AUG - Multiple Corpses

2013-08-30 - Couple, 28 and 24, found dead in the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad (India):

Quote: "Police sent the bodies for postmortem and have launched an inquiry into the reason for the suicides."

Note: So they're assuming suicide before they even look into other possibilities or assess evidence or toxicology. That means they're either incurably incompetent, or they don't WANT any other explanation. I'm 50/50 on those possibilities. Could they actually be that incompetent? I must concede the possibility...

2013-08-28 - Mother and daughter, 80 and 43 found dead at complex in Stanton (California), 1000 feet from a stream:

2013-08-28 - Three students, 22, 19 and 21, go missing, found dead in San Cristobal Lake in the Philippine Islands:

2013-08-24 - Three contract workers doing underground drainage work killed by 'toxic gas' in Dharmapuri (India):

Note: One worker succumbed, then another went in and he succumbed too, then a third worker tried to save the first two and he succumbed too, and all three died. That's not uncommon with hydrogen sulfide poisoning incidents. Hydrogen sulfide ALMOST killed three fisherman on their boat in coastal Rockland (Maine) too, except the third guy got smart and got some oxygen masks in that incident, as mentioned in the 2013-08-23 update...

2013-08-13 - Couple, 56 and 54, found dead in basement apartment in Edmonton (Canada):

2013-08-12 - Father and 3 children (9, 6 and 2) found dead in river in Manorama (India):

2013-08-06 - Couple found dead in home in Plainview (Texas):

2013-08-06 - Man and woman, 42 and unknown, found dead in apartment in coastal Saint Petersburg (Russia):

2013-08-05 - Young couple, 26 and 22, found dead in tent in Jalan Sungai Menson (Malaysia):

Quote: "Cameron Highlands police chief DSP Wan Mohd Zahari Wan Busu said the couple had been in Malaysia for only three months and planned to get married."

Note: The official line is they consumed poison. BREATHED poison, maybe. Otherwise, doesn't add up. They came to this place, found work, planned to get married, and then...what? One of 'em said, screw marriage, let's chow down some poison and die! Better get more believable cover stories than that, officials...

2013-08-04 - Woman and man, 75 and 70, found dead in room at railway station in Murtizapur (India):

Quote: "Police said the woman aged about 75 years and the man aged 70 years might have died due to aging or some incurable diseases."

Note: LMAO, sure, and they just happened to die at exactly the same time, despite the fact that they were apparently doing well enough to travel. Yer funny, India...

2013-08-03 - Two brothers, 9 and 7, found dead in pond on property in Lake Township (Michigan), near Lake Michigan:

2013-08-03 - Two young men found dead in the Alapaha River (Georgia):

2013-08-02 - Couple found dead in the Richelieu River in Montreal (Canada):

2013-08-01 - Couple found dead in luxury hotel room in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland), guys in HazMat suits show up:

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