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2013 - AUG - Animal Attacks

2013-08-31 - Man attacked and critically injured by at least five pit bulls in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:,0,724436.story

2013-08-31 - Crocodile attacks and kills 14-year-old boy at pond in Kotla (India):

2013-08-30 - Dogs attack and kill 96-year-old man at home in Katy (Texas):

Quote: "The lower part of one of the man’s legs was missing and there were bite marks on his body."

2013-08-30 - Dog attacks and injures woman, kills her dog, in Denver (Colorado), dog shot and captured:

Quote: "The dog made 'very aggressive officer fired, striking the vicious dog in the shoulder,' White said."

2013-08-30 - Alligator attacks and injures dock worker in Lake City (Florida):

2013-08-29 - Hungry bears breaking into homes in Srednekolymsk (Russia), on the Kolyma River:

Quote: "They break in, empty the refrigerators..."

Note: That's impressively smart...

2013-08-29 - Pit bull attacks and injures 2-year-old girl in coastal Everett (Washington):

Quote: "Officers said the girl was walking with her mother and another woman on Evergreen Way when the dog ran up from behind and jumped on the child. The dog then bit the girl on her face and arms."

2013-08-29 - Swarm of bees attacks several people in Las Vegas (Nevada), 1 hospitalized:

2013-08-28 - Elephant attacks people in West Bengal (India), 2 killed, 2 injured:

Quote: "In the last 72 hours two persons have been killed and two others injured after being attacked by an elephant in three different incidents on the outskirts of Rupnarayan forest division..."

Quote: "While all the attacks were carried out by a single elephant, we don't think the animal has grown rogue or mad. The deaths were a result of mere accident."

Note: Three different incidents in 3 days involving the same elephant, with 2 people dead and 2 injured? Hard to believe that was just three accidents. Elephants are very smart. If it's wandering around killing people, it's probably because it wants to kill people, for whatever reason...

2013-08-28 - Shark attacks and injures 11-year-old girl in Daytona Beach (Florida), girl ends up with shark tooth:

Quote: "Doctors also found that the shark had left behind a tooth in the 11-year-old’s leg. Breihan said: 'They had to numb me and they had to prick it out.' This has been a big year for shark attacks. Hawaii experienced its 8th shark attack (the state normally only sees three or four per year) last week."

2013-08-28 - Wolf attacks teen boy, chomps on his head, near Lake Winnibigoshish (Minnesota):

Quote: "A Minnesota teen on a camping trip is lucky to be alive after a wolf tried to chow down on his head. Noah Graham, 16, was outside his tent talking to his girlfriend around 4 a.m. Saturday when the wild animal crept up on him in complete silence and sunk his fangs deep into his skull."

Note: And now, when the moon is full...

2013-08-28 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man, kills dog, in coastal Port St. Lucie (Florida):

Note: In an ironic twist of fate, the dog was named 'Honey'...

2013-08-28 - Dog attacks and injures child in Chesterfield County (Virginia):

2013-08-28 - Pit bull attacks and injures child in Mesa County (Colorado):

Note: Title says the child was 8 months old, text of the story says 8 years old, so I dunno...

2013-08-27 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man on Garland Avenue in Waco (Texas):

2013-08-24 - Two pit bulls rip thick chunks of flesh from woman in coastal Staten Island (New York):

Quote: "The victim, Lucille Fundaro, had her arms and hip badly mangled. Thick chunks of flesh were ripped from the underside of her forearm, exposing her bone, and she was left screaming for her life in the middle of the street, said family members."

2013-08-24 - Crocodile attacks and snatches man in the Mary River in the Australian Outback (Australia), 1 killed:

Quote: "Horrified guest recounted to police, parks and wildlife rangers the chilling details of the large crocodile attacking Cole and swimming upriver with the man’s body in its jaws."

2013-08-23 - Woman who had arm bitten off by shark in Hawaii dies, part of 'unprecedented spike' in shark attacks in Hawaii:

Quote: "As Maui Now reports, the attack on Lutteropp is part of a recent spike in shark encounters in the area..."

Quote: "Responding to what they call 'an unprecedented spike' in shark attacks, officials in Honolulu said Tuesday that they will launch a two-year research effort to study shark movements in the area. The state reports eight shark attacks so far in 2013, far above the average of three to four incidents a year."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Predators will attempt to adapt to the changes in the biosphere and may turn to our pets or to us as an alternate source of nutrition."

2013-08-23 - Pit bull brutally savages young girl in Jasper (Alabama):

Quote: "Jasper Police tell us a 6 -7 year old girl was attacked by a pit bull near her home on Preston Avenue. Neighbors who saw it happen tell us, her injuries were brutal: her face, ears, and skull were severely damaged."

Quote: "Neighbors are telling us, this was a family pet. They aren't sure why the dog began attacking her. They said the dog has never acted vicious before."

2013-08-23 - Three pit bulls attack and injure two people at home near Bakersfield (California):

Quote: "When deputies arrived, they found the victims on the ground. They fired six shots, killing two pit bulls. The third was euthanized. Neighbors tell the newspaper they never had a problem before with the dogs."

2013-08-22 - Woman attacked and killed by swarm of bees in coastal Port Elizabeth (South Africa):

Quote: "She was walking near the railway line when the incident happened. 'A security guard said she heard a woman screaming. When she looked through the window she saw bees attacking her.' He said the woman fell down and died before paramedics arrived."

2013-08-21 - Black bear chases people in downtown Juneau (Alaska), bear caught and killed:

Quote: "State officials have trapped and euthanized a black bear following two reports of it chasing people in the downtown Juneau area."

Note: This was apparently downtown, not out in the sticks somewhere! Sounds like an interesting place to live...

2013-08-21 - Pit bull attacks and injures 7-year-old boy at triathlon at Lake Nokomis (Minnesota):

2013-08-21 - Pit bull attacks 2 young girls and woman in Laurel (Maryland):

2013-08-19 - Shark attacks and injures 16-year-old boy at Pohoiki Bay on the Big Island (Hawaii):

Quote: "For the second time in less than a week, a shark attacked a swimmer off the coast of Hawaii, this time biting the legs of a 16-year-old surfer on Sunday afternoon."

2013-08-18 - Swarm of bees attacks residents and emergency responders in neighborhood in Fort Worth (Texas), 2 hospitalized:

Quote: "The elderly man, believed to be in his 70s, was completely covered in bees, witnesses said, and was in and out of consciousness."

Quote: "Three weeks ago a swarm of 30,000 bees attacked a woman in Pantego. She was stung 200 times but survived. Two of her horses however, died as a result of their multiple bee stings."

2013-08-18 - Pit bull mauls toddler boy's head in Magee (Mississippi):

Quote: "Summerlin said her son suffered severe lacerations to the head and his scalp was partially pulled back. He's had several hours of surgery. The mother said the dog showed no signs of aggression and never growled or barked before the attack."

2013-08-17 - In 2 separate incidents, grizzly bears attack and lightly injure 4 people in/near Yellowstone Park (Wyoming):

2013-08-17 - Bear mauls 12-year-old girl as she jogs in Haring Township (Michigan):

2013-08-16 - Leopard attacks and injures 7 people in Changmaritari (India), villagers beat it to death:

Quote: "Three persons were mauled before the mob, baying for blood, came down on the leopard with whatever they were armed with, beating it to death in front of foresters and policemen. 'Our men were outnumbered. The team could not do anything when the 2,000-strong mob attacked the animal,' admitted Bidyut Sarkar, divisional forest officer, Jalpaiguri division. The seven injured persons are being treated at Birpara state general hospital."

2013-08-15 - Hornets attack and injure 7-year-old boy at Golden Gate Park in coastal San Francisco (California):

2013-08-14 - Shark bites arm off woman at beach in Maui (Hawaii), woman in critical condition:

Quote: "A woman had one of her arms bitten off by a shark in waters off Palauea Beach Park in South Maui late Wednesday afternoon, according to a witness."

2013-08-14 - Alligator charges out, attacks and lightly injures woman on Hilton Head Island (South Carolina):

Quote: "Shattuck was about halfway around the lagoon and 10 feet from the water's edge when she heard a loud splash behind her. She turned and saw the gator lunging from the water, mouth open, toward her and the dogs."

Note: She's a former soldier, 50, kept it cool, used her foot as a defensive tool...

2013-08-13 - Pack of coyotes attack man and his dogs, snatch dog and run off, in Ocala (Florida):

Quote: "He managed to punch one of the coyotes but said he couldn't fend off the yipping animals, which were coming at him from all sides. One grabbed Jax and bolted off."

2013-08-13 - Boy, 10, mauled by pit bulls in Antioch (California):

2013-08-13 - Shark takes bite from kitesurfer's board at Kanaha Beach Park (Hawaii):

2013-08-13 - Wasps attack and sting two children and an adult at school near Tuscon (Arizona):

2013-08-12 - Pit bull attacks on the rise in Texas:

2013-08-11 - Swarm of bees stings man 1000 times in San Benito (Texas):

Quote: "I was fighting. I was eating some. I couldn't talk so I had to eat them to warn the person to call 9-1-1."

2013-08-11 - More than 200 people stung by jellyfish on beaches in Volusia County (Florida):

2013-08-10 - Shark attacks boy's surfboard at Folly Beach (South Carolina):

2013-08-10 - 60 tourists stung by jellyfish at Pelabuhanratu Beach in West Java (Indonesia):

2013-08-09 - Dog attacks toddler boy's face in coastal Everett (Washington):

2013-08-08 - Jellyfish sting 20 people at beach in Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province (China):

2013-08-06 - Woman, 73, attacked and killed by swarm of bees at home in Bartica (Guyana):

Note: Bartica sits at the confluence of the Cuyuni River and the Mazaruni River with the Essequibo River...

2013-08-06 - Woman, 82, attacked and seriously injured by neighbor's pit bull in Passaic (New Jersey):

2013-08-06 - Pit bulls attack and injure mail carrier in neighborhood in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2013-08-05 - Great white shark attacks inflatable boat in False Bay in the Western Cape (South Africa):

Quote: "I was less than an arm's length away from the shark and all I could see were its giant rows of teeth. When it thrashed back and forth it shook the boat..."

2013-08-01 - Jellyfish sting four people at beach in Lligwy (Britain):

Quote: "The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is urging people to report sightings of jellyfish, which act as a barometer of the seas, as part of its annual national jellyfish survey. Jellyfish appear to be on the increase globally, which may be part of a natural cycle or linked to factors caused by humans such as pollution or over-fishing."

Note: Jellyfish reproduce better in warmer waters, so as the waters of the Earth warm, there will be more jellyfish. As they point out, jellyfish populations worldwide are already on the rise...

2013-08-01 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man, kills dog, in Houston (Texas):

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