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2013 - AUG - Animal Die-Offs

Useful link for tracking mass animal deaths:

2013-08-31 - Five whales found dead in 10 days on beaches in Brazil:

2013-08-31 - Humpback whale found dead near Kruzof Island (Alaska), near Sitka:

2013-08-31 - Thousands of fish found dead in stream in La Bresse (France):

2013-08-30 - Ten thousand salmon die in Lake Koocanusa (Montana):

2013-08-30 - Capybara and panther die on same day at the Palm Beach Zoo in coastal west Palm Beach (Florida):

2013-08-29 - More than 100 elk drop dead at ranch near Las Vegas (Nevada):

Note: This event reminds me of the 500 endangered saiga antelope that dropped dead in May 2012, as mentioned in the 2012-05-22 update. And 12,000 more saiga antelope dropped dead on May 27 in 2010 too:

Note: It couldn't really be anything they drank or ingested, nor a disease, else their corpses would have been scattered across a wider area as the weakest succumbed and the next weakest and so on. So it was something that killed all of them and did so quickly. That sounds like a 'knockdown agent', which is what hydrogen sulfide is. Also, that first mass saiga antelope death was in May of 2010, and the birds dropping dead from the sky in Beebe (Arkansas) was on New Years Eve in late 2010 - so obviously this all began before the Fukushima event happened...

2013-08-29 - Many thousands of fish found dead in reservoir in Yiyang City (China):

Quote: "August 21, yiyang city of Hunan province anhua zhexi reservoir through a large area of dead fish. It is estimated that 3 day dead fish more than 200,000 pounds..."

2013-08-28 - Large number of fish washing ashore dead at beaches near Karachi (Pakistan), second time in a month:,-dead-fish-wash-ashore

2013-08-28 - Two thousand chickens suddenly die in Lianjiang (China):

2013-08-28 - Fish and animals reported dying along river in Ouled Rabah (Algeria):

2013-08-28 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Mill Lake in Hellum (Netherlands):

2013-08-28 - Fish reported dying in pond at Gateway Park in Marengo (Iowa):

2013-08-28 - Pygmy sperm whale beaches and dies in Delray Beach (Florida):,0,918548.story

2013-08-27 - Nearly 100% of 23 acres of oyster beds dead near St. Lucie (Florida):

Quote: "Bacteria levels are so high, you can't touch the water or risk an infection. Toxic algae so serious, it can cause liver damage. Tourism numbers on the west coast of Florida are just in, show 70 percent of the tourism industry is seeing a great economic hit. Fifty percent of hotel guests say they won't return because of the dirty water."

2013-08-27 - More dogs dying in Ohio:

Quote: "Dr. Melanie Butera from the Elm Ridge Animal Hospital on Portage NW has treated three, possibly four dogs that may have been infected with a mysterious, undiagnosed disease. One dog died after Dr. Butera attempted to treat the animal. 'I'm a tiny little practice, so for me to see possibly four cases in a short period of time really does have me worried,' said Butera."

2013-08-27 - Fish dying in Lake Ogallala (Nebraska):

2013-08-27 - Thousands of fish bubble up dead in pond in Bolu (Turkey):

2013-08-26 - Fish reported dying in Northwest Creek in Stevensville (Maryland):

2013-08-26 - Bryde's whale washes ashore dead near Karachi (Pakistan):\08\26\story_26-8-2013_pg7_15

2013-08-25 - Two more dolphins wash ashore dead at beaches in New Jersey:

Quote: "Two more dolphins have turned up dead along New Jersey beaches. Officials with the Brigantine-based Marine Mammal Stranding Center tell The Press of Atlantic City that the dolphins were found Saturday in Sea Girt and Brigantine. That brings the statewide total to 68 since July 9."

2013-08-25 - Hammerhead shark washes ashore dead at beach in Indian Shores (Florida):

2013-08-24 - Hundreds of fish washing ashore dead along Galveston Island (Texas):

2013-08-24 - Fish washing ashore dead in coastal Rockledge (Florida):

2013-08-23 - 300 hives of bees suddenly die near the Yellow River in Yiyang County (China):

Quote: "Aug. 17 8:00 am, reporters came Yiyang county west of the Yellow River near the bridge in Master Li's leadership, the reporter saw a beehive piled on the ground in front of a lot of dead bees."

Quote: "'This time the loss can be too great, the whole family we expect these bees live on it.' Master Li said anxiously, he knew more than 10 nearby beekeepers have also appeared in such a situation, 'all add up to less There are also 300 cases.'"

2013-08-23 - Beaked whale washes ashore dead in Marineland (Florida):

2013-08-22 - Thousands of fish found dead at lake at Ampang Hilir Lake Garden in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia):

2013-08-22 - Huge fish kill reported in ponds in coastal Quanzhou (China):

2013-08-22 - Thousands of fish found dead in Gudme Lake near Funen (Denmark):

2013-08-22 - Thousands of fish found dead in lake at the 2016 Olympic Park in coastal Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

2013-08-22 - Four rare Red Kites found dead in Northern Ireland this year:

Quote: "The four dead birds represent 30% of the breeding Red Kite population in Northern Ireland."

2013-08-21 - Two more dolphins found dead at beaches in Monmouth County (New Jersey):

Quote: "The deaths have been declared an 'unusual mortality event' by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration because of the significant number of dolphins found between New York and Virginia."

2013-08-21 - 26 dolphins found dead in one weekend on beaches in Virginia:

Note: Not looking too good for dolphins...

2013-08-21 - Thousands of bees found dead or dying at home in Cottage Grove (Oregon):

2013-08-20 - Seven ducks and a heron found dead in pond in Tomlinson Park in one week in coastal Gulfport (Florida):

2013-08-20 - Thousands of fish found dead in Bayou Casotte (Mississippi):

2013-08-20 - Fish reported dying at Lake Lindero (California):

2013-08-20 - Shark strands and dies at marina in Bellingham (Washington):

2013-08-19 - Sockeye salmon at historic lows along the Canadian Pacific Coast:

Quote: "We think something happened in the ocean..."

Quote: "The elders have never seen anything like this at all..."

2013-08-19 - Around 40 fish found dead in Brick Pond Park in North Augusta (South Carolina):

2013-08-18 - Large fin whale washes ashore and dies at Stinson Beach (California):

2013-08-17 - Six more dolphins wash ashore dead in 2-day span at beaches in New Jersey:

2013-08-17 - Ducks sickening and dying at Hubbard Park (Connecticut):

2013-08-17 - Mysterious 'illness' killing dogs in Ohio:

Quote: "What’s amazing about this condition is that these animals are normal one day and the next day they’re extremely sick..."

Note: That's how poisons often work. Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas. Dogs tend to do a lot of sniffing along the ground...

2013-08-17 - Around 80 sea turtles found dead at beaches in Guatemala, since July:

2013-08-17 - 21 sea turtles found dead in 15 days in El Salvador:

2013-08-16 - Fish reported dying in the West Fork Beaver Creek south of Danube (Minnesota):

2013-08-16 - Fifteen tons of dead fish found in coastal Rostov-on-Don (Russia):

2013-08-16 - Large number of bees found dead in Bauru, São Paulo (Brazil):

2013-08-15 - Birds dying, acting disoriented, called 'zombie birds', in Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "Hundreds of Muscovites have noted the trend, many with online posts and graphic photographs of the so-called 'zombie pigeons.' One Twitter user said a family meal was interrupted when an afflicted pigeon sitting on the ledge of an open window frame lost its balance and fell into the kitchen. 'I saw a pigeon sitting right in the street, its bill resting on the ground,' another person wrote. 'It's like a bird apocalypse.'"

Note: Birds are light and have high rates of respiration, which makes them much more susceptible to gases than human beings. That's the reason for the 'canary in the coal mine' thing. These birds probably got a whiff of hydrogen sulfide, which is neurotoxic and can cause disorientation, memory loss, unconsciousness, death...

2013-08-15 - Fish reported dying in pond at the National Mall in coastal Washington DC:

2013-08-14 - Fish reported dying off Vancouver Island (Canada):

2013-08-14 - Hundreds of bumblebees found dead in coastal Wassenaar (Netherlands):

2013-08-13 - Thousands of fish found dead in pond in Dordogne (France):

2013-08-13 - Ten tons of dead fish found in ponds in Guangdong (China):

2013-08-13 - Twenty tons of fish found dead in Lake Pernisko (Slovenia):

2013-08-12 - Fish found dead along four-mile stretch of Panther Creek near Roanoke (Illinois):

2013-08-11 - Fish found dead in the Neuse River (again) in North Carolina:

Quote: "Rick Dove with the Coastal Carolina Riverwatch says that the kill is on the south shore of the Neuse River between Flanners Beach and Slocum Creek."

2013-08-11 - Millions of bees found dead since May near the River Itata in coastal Bio Bio (Chile):

2013-08-10 - 200 fish die in 90 minutes in the River Tolka near coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2013-08-10 - Whale strands and dies at beach on Dog Island (Florida):

2013-08-09 - MILLIONS of fish wash ashore dead at beaches in Tolú (Colombia):

2013-08-08 - Dozens of birds drop dead from the sky in the North End in Winnipeg (Canada):

Quote: "Later that morning, dozens of birds started dropping from the sky. The streets near the intersection of King and Dufferin became littered with bird carcasses."

2013-08-07 - Number of dead dolphins washing ashore in Virginia hits 100:

2013-08-07 - Large numbers of fish dying in the Par River in Cornwall (Britain):

2013-08-07 - Thousands of fish washing ashore dead in Karachi Harbour (Pakistan):

2013-08-07 - Hundreds of fish washing ashore dead at beaches in Ylane (Finland):

2013-08-06 - Thousands of fish bubbling up dead in river in Hangzhou (China):

2013-08-06 - Hundreds of fish surfacing dead in river in the Auzon, in the commune of Mormoiron (France):

2013-08-06 - Eight-foot sturgeon found dead in Lake Washington near coastal Seattle (Washington):

2013-08-05 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Colne near Halstead (Britain):

2013-08-05 - Swans and other waterfowl found dead in Harrow Lodge Park in coastal London (Britain):

2013-08-05 - Large number of fish reported dead in the Neosho River near Hartford (Kansas):

2013-08-04 - More than 80 dolphins wash ashore dead on the US East Coast in July alone:

Quote: "Edna Stetzar, a Delaware fisheries biologist, said that the dead animals have nothing in common. 'They’re young. They’re old. They’re skinny. They are robust,' she said. 'It’s indiscriminate.'"

2013-08-04 - Ongoing widespread fish kill occurring at Hongfeng Lake in Guizhou  (China):

2013-08-04 - Large numbers of fish dying in pond at the Guangdong Tong Gate in Qingyuan (China):

2013-08-02 - 21 dolphins wash ashore dead since July 9 at beaches in New Jersey:

2013-08-02 - Three dolphins wash ashore dead in a week at beaches near Norfolk (Virginia):

Quote: "The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center's Stranding Response Team confirms five more dead bottlenose dolphins were discovered on local beaches Thursday."

2013-08-02 - Fish dying in High Park’s Grenadier Pond in Toronto (Canada):

2013-08-02 - 'Dead zone' endangering the seafood business in the Gulf of Mexico:

2013-08-02 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Cam, near Cambridge (Britain):

2013-08-02 - A ton of fish died every day in July at fish farm in Qingpu District (China):

Quote: "Qingpu police also reported that an exceptionally large amount of stinking dead fish, mostly herring, were found floating in the rivers this week. A local resident surnamed Jiang said most of the fish piled up on the banks of the river. 'Small and big fish, lying dead, can be seen everywhere in the river and in fishing ponds near my home,' Jiang said. He reported his sighting to the police."

2013-08-02 - Fish found dead in the Lower Owens River (California):,0,4470280.story

2013-08-01 - Many thousands of fish found dead in the River Brembo between Bonate Sotto and Filago (Italy):

2013-08-01 - Thousands of fish found dead in the River Lea (Britain):

2013-08-01 - Massive fish kill reported in Rotterdam (Netherlands):

2013-08-01 - Oysters dying off hard in France:

Quote: "We have no idea what the origin of this blight is..."

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