Sunday, May 1, 2016

2016 - APR - Zombie Files

2016-04-01 - Man crashes car into car, which kills person, strips naked, breaks into home, in Apple Valley (Minnesota):

Quote: "Witnesses say that man had shed all of his clothes as he was running away from the crash scene. He was naked when arrested in the basement of the townhome."

2016-04-01 - Naked man, 20, with blood on his face tries to break into homes in East Wenatchee (Washington), near the Columbia River:

2016-04-01 - Naked man, 25, breaks into home, fights with resident, in Memphis (Tennessee):

2016-04-03 - Naked man, 36, runs around neighborhood, gets Tased, in Athens (Georgia):

Quote: "A 36-year-old man who was running around naked in a northside Athens-Clarke County neighborhood Friday morning was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, Athens-Clarke County police said. The man had been running around the area of Saxon Woods Drive and Newton Bridge Road, police said, and when he would not comply with orders and lunged at and grabbed a police officer, the officer used a Taser on him."

2016-04-04 - Mostly naked man, 37, tries to break into home at 4 AM, jumps off balcony, flees cops, in coastal Vallejo (California):

2016-04-05 - Naked man runs around at 3:15 AM, later attacks roommate's dog with pickaxe, in Austin (Texas):

2016-04-06 - Naked man goes on rampage, damages cars, gets arrested, drops dead, in Bulwell (Britain):

Quote: "A man's death shortly after his arrest for going on a 'naked rampage' is being investigated by the police watchdog. Police were called to Bulwell on Tuesday after receiving reports a man's behaviour was causing concern. Witnesses told the Nottingham Post a man was seen 'running out of a house naked' before damaging cars and houses. He was arrested and taken to Queen's Medical Centre where he later died."

2016-04-06 - Naked man, 37, waters lawn, gets combative, threatens deputy with knife, gets arrested, in Fresno County (California):

2016-04-07 - Naked man, 35, found by dead naked woman, 27, at 11:30 PM on the Parramatta River in coastal Sydney (Australia):

2016-04-08 - Naked man found wandering around Newton (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Many people took a double take in Newton Center Friday evening. A naked man was spotted wandering down a Newton street just after 6 p.m. Police were called and they were able to track the unidentified man down. He was not arrested. Police said they found him some clothes and took him to a hospital for treatment."

2016-04-08 - Mostly naked man attacks fire truck, doesn't remember, in Richmond suburb of coastal Melbourne (Australia):

Quote: "When the man regained consciousness he asked the fire crew what had happened. When they told him he had been on the truck roof, he couldn’t believe it or remember it."

2016-04-11 - Half-naked man, 30s, wields samurai sword, cuts himself, in downtown Coventry (Britain):

2016-04-12 - Mostly naked man, 32, enters high school, tries to pull fire alarm off wall, says it contains Smurfs, in Maryville (Tennessee):

Quote: "Investigators said a 32-year-old man wearing only underwear and socks went into the vocational building at William Blount High School trying to pull a fire alarm off the wall because he claimed there were smurfs inside it."

Quote: "Mr. Gargamel was taken into protective custody for a mental evaluation."

Note: Hah, okay, I added the second quote...

2016-04-12 - Man strips naked, lays down in road, in Orange (California):

Quote: "Traffic came to a brief standstill on a busy street in Orange on Tuesday when a man stripped off his clothes and laid down in the roadway, police said."

2016-04-12 - Man chases people with chainsaw at 6:30 AM, tries to run people down with truck, in coastal Torrance (California):

2016-04-18 - Naked man, 29, fires gun in neighborhood in Bangor (Maine), gets arrested:

Note: Naked guy putting the BANG in Bangor!

2016-04-19 - Naked man runs onto BART tracks just after midnight in Concord (California), near the coast:

Quote: "A naked man was taken into custody and placed on a psychiatric evaluation hold after running on the BART tracks early this morning. The man, who was at the North Concord BART station, ran on the track for about 200 yards before jumping a fence, which led to a city street, where he was eventually detained."

2016-04-19 - Naked man falls through ceiling at Jack In The Box in Modesto (California):

Quote: "A man was taken into custody after he crashed through the ceiling of a Jack in the Box Monday afternoon. Police received a call shortly before 6:00pm of a man who had fallen into the restaurant at McHenry and Briggsmore Avenues. Witnesses say the man was nude when he fell through, and quickly scurried back up the hole from which he fell through."

Note: It's raining men!

2016-04-19 - Naked man attacks car on street in Chelyabinsk (Russia):

2016-04-20 - Naked man, 53, seriously damages home in Bloomfield Township (Michigan):

2016-04-20 - Naked man, 53, holds genitals, screams that he's been bitten, gets tased, in Canton (Ohio):

2016-04-21 - Man, 26, attacks people in mosque, strips naked, runs down street, in coastal Queens (New York):

2016-04-21 - Half-naked man with knife menaces cops in Zhengzhou (China), near the Yellow River:

2016-04-22 - Woman, 32, tries to run down parents in SUV, leads cops on 100-MPH chase, strips naked, gets arrested, in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2016-04-23 - Man says he loves 'rare steak' then attacks another man, bites chunk of his ear off, in Birmingham (Britain):

Quote: "'I tried to fight back but he was bigger than me. Then I felt him bite my right ear, it sounded like someone was eating lettuce. There was a massive chomp and then there was blood everywhere. He had blood all over his mouth and was laughing manically to himself.' Mr Feeney claims he was unable to find the missing part of his ear, and fears the man may have eaten it."

2016-04-24 - Half-naked man dances and serves sandwiches at Subway in Festus (Missouri), and he didn't work there:

2016-04-26 - Naked man, 25-ish, attacks woman near motel in San Antonio (Texas):

Quote: "'He looked crazy, he was naked,' said the woman who did not want to be identified."

2016-04-27 - Naked man runs around on street, jumps on cop cars, gets taken in, in San Antonio (Texas):

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