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2015 - DEC - Multiple Corpses

2015-12-01 - Two men, both 30s, found dead in the same home 48 hours apart, in Saguenay, Quebec (Canada):

Note: Sounds similar to an incident where three people, 78, 58 and 54, dropped dead in the same house within 24 hours, in Woodville (Alabama), mentioned in the 2013-11-20 update. Also kinda like the two men, both 52, who dropped dead in separate but adjacent homes in the same night, mentioned in the 2013-03-15 update. And the two young men found dead within 12 hours in separate dorm rooms at New College in coastal Sarasota (Florida) in May, mentioned in the 2015-05-10 update. And so on...

2015-12-04 - Four people, 50s, 30, 17 and 12, found dead foaming at the mouth, girl critical, at home in Avalapalli (India):

Quote: "As the victims were found frothing, it is suspected that they could have consumed poison."

Note: Or breathed poison. But hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble so if it gets into water and you cook with contaminated water, then the food you consume may be lethal. Not the first time an entire family has been found dead foaming at the mouth, and many individuals have died similarly in recent times. Could be they got hit by contaminated rain too. 41 children and some animals recently sickened and died right after rain fell in Papua (Indonesia), mentioned in the 2015-11-24 update. A family of seven was found dead in Sogapoke (Ghana) last year, and all the animals at their compound were also found dead, mentioned in the 2014-04-08 update. A family of five were found dead foaming at the mouth in coastal Karachi (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2013-12-09 update. And so on and so on...

2015-12-06 - Four more corpses found floating with boat near Japan:

2015-12-06 - Man and woman, 32 and 40, found dead in condo on Lakeview Street in College Park (Florida):

2015-12-07 - Woman and toddler girl found dead in pond in Jalakana, Odisha (India):

2015-12-08 - Two men found dead in home in Germantown area in coastal Quincy (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Two men were found dead together in a Germantown home Tuesday afternoon, but investigators said no foul play is suspected."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Quincy is where a 'rotten egg' smell rolled in off the ocean in 2013, mentioned in the 2013-05-09 update. Shortly after that, a mysterious plane started buzzing the city at night and nobody could say why, mentioned in the 2013-05-10 update. Also see the person found burned to death shortly after 1 AM under a river bridge on this day in Milton (Massachusetts). Milton is right next to Quincy...

2015-12-08 - Six women found dead in canal near coastal Lagos (Nigeria):

2015-12-09 - Man and woman, 52 and 55, found dead in van in coastal Oakland (California):

Quote: "Their causes of death will be determined by an autopsy but police said at this time there does not seem to be any signs of foul play."

2015-12-09 - Two women, 22 and 23, found dead in dam reservoir in Chhattisgarh (India):

2015-12-10 - Couple and dog found dead in home, evidence of small fire present, in Travelers Rest (South Carolina):

Quote: "There was no visible signs of trauma to either body, according to Ellis. The fire did not do extensive damage to the house, and Ellis doesn't believe the fire was suspicious."

2015-12-14 - Two men found dead in lot in coastal Monterey (California):

2015-12-14 - Two men, 53 and 48, found dead in camper near French Creek Road in Siskiyou County (California):

2015-12-15 - Two men, 28 and unknown, found dead in river near steel factory in coastal Kuala Langat (Malaysia):

2015-12-16 - Two men, 51 and 49, found dead in submerged vehicle in the Trinity River in Weatherford (Texas):

2015-12-17 - Two women, 48 and 80, found dead at home in Chelmsley Wood (Britain):

2015-12-17 - Four people, 36, 40, 42 and 43, found dead at farm near Malur (India):

2015-12-17 - Two men die in sewer system in coastal Durban (South Africa):

2015-12-19 - Two men in their 20s found dead in submerged car in canal in coastal Davie (Florida):

2015-12-21 - Two people found dead in burning pickup truck near Pierce (Nebraska):

Quote: "Authorities discovered the remains of two people inside a burned out pickup truck in northeast Nebraska. The Pierce County Sheriff's Office was called just after 3 p.m. on Monday to a 1991 GMC pickup on fire in a field about 10 miles northwest of Pierce. Deputies found the pickup fully engulfed when the arrived."

2015-12-23 - Two people found dead in burned truck near business near Three Rivers (Texas):

Quote: "The truck was found behind the Clegg Country Store on Hwy 59 and FM 1359 southwest of Three Rivers."

2015-12-24 - Three people found dead in submerged car in creek along Carter Creeks Pike in Columbia (Tennessee):

2015-12-26 - Man and woman, 27 and 30, found dead in townhome in Park Township (Michigan), near Lake Michigan:

Quote: "Authorities say there are no obvious signs of foul play or suspicious activity and no threat to the public. Fire crews checked the air quality at the townhouse and have since ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning."

Note: Near Ottawa Beach Road, Bay Circle Drive, Lakewood Boulevard, Lake Street and North Shore Drive. If you've got that many street names with watery stuff in the names near where you live then it's probably wise not to count on living to a ripe old age. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-12-26 - Two men found dead in yard at home near Mission (California):

2015-12-26 - Woman and two children, 24, 7 and infant, found dead in pond in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2015-12-28 - Thirteen people found dead at beach on Lake Victoria in Entebbe (Uganda):

Quote: "Ugandan Police recovered 13 dead bodies from Lake Victoria beaches in Entebbe after a weekend of Christmas celebrations. According to the Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, the bodies were discovered along the shores near the airport on Monday."

Note: Party 'til you drop! This is the most people to die after contact with water so far, exceeding the 10 people who died after contact with water (and 8 more who lost consciousness) in Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2014-05-02 update...

2015-12-30 - Two people, 22 and 24, found dead in home on West Lake Boulevard near Danville (Illinois):

2015-12-30 - Man and woman found dead in vehicle in Uhana on the island of Sri Lanka:

2015-12-30 - Two women, UN workers, found dead in home in coastal Haitien (Haiti):

2015-12-31 - Man and woman, 49 and 35, found dead in Dupnitsa (Bulgaria):

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