Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 - DEC - Zombie Files

2015-12-01 - Naked man runs through city center in the rain in coastal Brighton (Britain):

2015-12-02 - Naked man found walking down highway, gets tased, near Springfield (Missouri):

2015-12-02 - Naked man, around 30, spotted rolling around in mud near pond near Tamworth (Britain):

2015-12-03 - Naked man runs around outside dollar store yelling about Armageddon, in Victorville (California):

Quote: "Lamb said she saw the man and said he was yelling about Armageddon and said 'the end times are near' and 'it’s the last day, you all better have read the Holy Bible.'"

2015-12-03 - Half-naked man in his 20s crashes car into power pole, flees cops, gets caught, in coastal Berkeley (California):

2015-12-04 - Naked man found on San Agustin Avenue in Laredo (Texas):

Quote: "A man was arrested Wednesday after he was found naked in a public place, according to Laredo police. Preliminary reports state an officer on routine patrol spotted a man with no clothes on at about 11:55 p.m. in the 3900 block of San Agustin Avenue..."

2015-12-04 - Naked man runs around, leaps from car to car, at train station in Wishaw (Scotland):

Quote: "Travellers watched a naked man climb on the roof of a car then proceed to leap across five others as police officers failed to deter him. Footage shot on a phone showed the mystery man ignore the attempts of two officers to talk him down at Wishaw Station, the Daily Record reported."

2015-12-05 - Naked man tries to have sex with a camper-van's towbar at 1:30 AM, in coastal Newquay (Britain):

2015-12-06 - Naked man, 30s, gets violent, gets handcuffed, goes into 'medical distress' and dies, in coastal San Diego (California):

Quote: "A man found naked and violent in a Mission Valley motel room was handcuffed, went into some sort of medical distress and then died at a hospital, prompting an investigation into his cause of death on Sunday."

2015-12-06 - Naked man, 24, attacks and seriously injures man in coastal Paphos on the island of Cyprus (Greece):

2015-12-06 - Naked man, 32, breaks into guest house and wrecks stuff, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2015-12-06 - Naked man, 59, found on street in Lufkin (Texas):

2015-12-08 - Naked man, 19, tries to carjack FedEx truck but can't figure out how to drive it, gets caught, in Coachella (California):

Note: The Coachella Valley has had numerous hydrogen sulfide odor advisories in the last year...

2015-12-08 - Naked man, 31, dances on road at 6 AM in Vineland (New Jersey):

Note: Must not have been any evidence of drugs because there are no drug charges, although the police believe he was on drugs. Well, hydrogen sulfide is a 'drug' in the sense that it's a chemical, which is neurotoxic and affects the brain, can cause euphoria and hallucinations, and it heats people up so they may strip naked to cool off while they go insane...

2015-12-08 - Man goes berserk at bank, breaks windows, attacks customer, customer stabs him, in Pearland (Texas):

2015-12-10 - Naked man says he's Jesus, punches cop, gets arrested, in Punchbowl (Australia):,120439.html

2015-12-13 - Naked woman, 27, growls, found sitting in sink in bathroom at high school, in Gadsden (Alabama):

2015-12-15 - Man wearing only underwear climbs US 59 freeway sign in Houston (Texas):

2015-12-17 - Man, 24, breaks into home, strips naked, trashes home, in West Kelowna (Canada):

Quote: "For unknown reasons, the intruder left his clothes all over the house. 'His underwear were left on top of my toilet,' said Stanley."

2015-12-23 - Naked man attacks people at coastal Saunders Beach (Bahamas), man shot:

2015-12-25 - Naked man, 28, breaks into home, steals purse and SUV, hits man with SUV, gets arrested, in Auburn (California):

2015-12-26 - Naked man, 26, wanders through the sea into Egypt from Gaza, gets brutally mowed down by security forces:

2015-12-27 - Naked man in a drain throws bricks at helicopter base at 4 AM in Broadmeadow (Australia), near the coast:

Quote: "Crew were woken about 4am on Monday before seeing the man standing in a drain and throwing bricks at a building within the compound. He was completely naked as he then hurled insults at employees who had told him to stop. Police will allege they arrived at the scene to find the man within a neighbouring soccer field gathering witches hats. The man, from Lisarow on the Central Coast, was arrested and taken to Calvary Mater Hospital for a mental health assessment."

2015-12-29 - Naked man runs around on streets in Welland (Canada):

Quote: "Paramedics assessed the male and the matter was deemed to be 'medical in nature.' The male was released by police to be treated by paramedics."

2015-12-29 - Naked man, 44, points gun at cops, gets shot four times, in Lakeland (Florida):

2015-12-31 - Naked man, 28, attacks woman, dangles baby from balcony, in Tukwila (Washington), near the coast:

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