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Event Update For 2013-04-12


Yesterday, in the 2013-04-11 update, a very kind German-speaker (thorondor) posted a large-ish list of matching recent events with links and some English translation in the comments section. Hopefully he (or she?) will do so again. That's something I can't do - I only really speak or read English, so while I was sure that everything was going on in other countries too, I was never able to show as much info in any other language as thorondor did. It's worth a look at the 2013-04-11 update just to see that this stuff is going on in Europe too, and I'm sure elsewhere as well since this is a planetary problem.

Thanks, thorondor! ;)

Summary of Hypothesis

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.


A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

2013-04-12 - Another underground electrical fire erupts, this time in downtown Minneapolis (Minnesota):
Quote: "Electricity was out for more than 90 minutes Friday morning in several blocks of downtown Minneapolis, darkening City Hall and police headquarters as well as many office buildings..."
Quote: "According to Xcel Energy, the power had to be shut off around 6 a.m. due to a fire that started around midnight in a vault underneath the U.S. Bank Plaza building..."
Note: And yet another underground explosion and fire. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly flammable heavier-than-air gas which will seek out the lowest-lying areas it can reach, like underground electrical vaults, sewers, basements, etc. Hydrogen sulfide is also reactive with copper, especially 'hot' copper with a charge running through it, like that found in underground electrical facilities. The previous underground fire/explosion was in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana) the day prior, as mentioned in the 2013-04-11 update. The one before that was just one day prior, in Hackensack (New Jersey), as mentioned in the 2013-04-10 update. Events involving underground electrical fires and explosions are clearly escalating, which only makes sense, as the oceans, seas and lakes are going to continue pumping increasing amounts of hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere as time goes on. This one problem may ultimately turn out the lights on human civilization.
Obviously, we cannot control the influx of hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere, so we're trying to repair damage as it happens. While that may be possible to some reasonable degree now, what happens when the problem is 100 times worse than it is now? What happens when it's 10,000 times worse? We won't be able to keep up; we'll be overwhelmed. If we're not losing ground already then we will be soon. Once we reach that point then the end of human civilization on the surface of the Earth is assured. The decline is apt to be rapid, taking most people by surprise...
Prediction A - More Fires and Explosions, Especially Coastal

2013-04-12 - Fishing boat bursts into flame in the Gulf of Mexico near Galveston (Texas):

2013-04-12 - Fishing boat bursts into flame off the coast near Knights (New Zealand):

2013-04-12 - Several cars burst into flame at auto shop in Cramerton (North Carolina):

2013-04-12 - Three cars destroyed by fire in parking lot in Bridgewater (New Jersey):

2013-04-12 - Passenger bus bursts into flame in Amravati (India), 1 killed, 18 injured:

2013-04-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-40 near Marion (North Carolina):

2013-04-12 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame in tunnel in Georgia (the country):

2013-04-12 - Heavy truck bursts into flame on street near shopping center in Savannah (Georgia):

2013-04-12 - Bucket truck bursts into flame in St. George (Utah):

2013-04-12 - Spectacular fire destroys heavy truck on highway in Italy:

2013-04-12 - Truck bursts into flame on Route 287 in Hanover (New Jersey):

2013-04-12 - School van bursts into flame in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2013-04-12 - Van bursts into flame at intersection in Canby (Oregon), 1 injured retrieving laptop:

2013-04-12 - SUV bursts into flame on the Palmetto Expressway in coastal Miami-Dade (Florida):

2013-04-12 - SUV bursts into flame on Elm Street in Monroe (Connecticut):

2013-04-12 - Pickup truck explodes and burns while parked in Edinburgh (Indiana):

Quote: "Multiple people called about the fire, which happened at 3:43 a.m. at 409 E. Main Cross St. Callers said they heard loud bangs and saw a fireball..."

Quote: "Firefighters put the flames out, and investigators found the cab of the truck was expanded like an explosion happened inside..."

2013-04-12 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-8 near La Mesa (California), sparks roadside brush fires:

2013-04-12 - Car explodes into flame at Walgreens in Monroe (Michigan):

2013-04-12 - Car bursts into flame while parked on Thurston Road in Suffolk (Britain):

2013-04-12 - Car bursts into flame on the Gardiner Highway in Toronto (Canada):

2013-04-12 - Car bursts into flame on Broughton Road in Brymbo (Britain):

2013-04-12 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 101 at the Cuesta Summit (California), near San Luis Obispo:

2013-04-12 - Auto shop erupts in flame in Washington Township (New Jersey), firefighter injured:

2013-04-12 - Multiple barns and a shed destroyed by fire at farm in Loddiswell (Britain), chickens saved:

2013-04-12 - Barn destroyed by fire in Warren County (Missouri), near Hermann:

2013-04-12 - Truck, barn and another building destroyed by fire in Slate Hill (New York):

2013-04-12 - Major fire rips through warehouse in Old Jefferson (Louisiana):

2013-04-12 - Deadly fire tears through home in Sioux Falls (Saouth Dakota), 1 killed:

2013-04-12 - Two apartment buildings destroyed by blaze on West Gulf Bank Road near Streamside Drive in Houston (Texas):

2013-04-12 - Massive inferno destroys 63 homes, 18 shops, two trucks and a pickup in coastal Rangamati (Bangladesh):

2013-04-12 - Home under renovation damaged by fire in Indianapolis (Indiana), possible explosion:

Quote: "Neighbors to the vacant residence at 327 S. Walcott St. reported hearing a loud sound and then they lost electrical power to their homes around 3:15 a.m."

Note: Loud sound may have been an explosion. Also, wee hours again, which is when the atmosphere cools and contracts, which will push any hydrogen sulfide or methane floating above closer to the ground...

2013-04-12 - Three vacant homes burn in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):,0,2580076.story

2013-04-12 - Vacant banquet hall burns in coastal Fall River (Massachusetts):

2013-04-12 - Vacant house damaged by fire near Perryville (Kentucky):

2013-04-12 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Davidson County (North Carolina):

2013-04-12 - Vacant building destroyed by fire on Buck Island Road in coastal Bluffton (South Carolina):
Prediction B - More Animal Die-Offs

2013-04-12 - Dead birds found near the shoreline at Marabella on the island of Trinidad:

Quote: "Two days after more than 100 dead and sick corbeaux were found at the heliport in Chaguaramas, dead birds have turned up near the shoreline at Marabella."

2013-04-12 - Woman, 34, and her two daughters, 4 and 9, found dead at home in coastal London (Britain):

Quote: "The police were knocking on doors telling everyone to get inside and close their windows because there had been a chemical incident."

Note: Their working theory is that the mother used her knowledge of chemistry to kill her daughters and herself by mixing up some poison gas. Hey, ya never know. Could simply be that some poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas blew in off the ocean and killed them. Seems like that'd be more likely...

2013-04-12 - Newlywed couple, 26 and 21, found dead at home in 2nd Cross, Noornagar, Kothanur (India):

Quote: "The motive for their death is yet to be ascertained, as the couple, who had entered wedlock just two months ago, were said to be happily married."

Note: Their working theory is that this happy young couple who just got married suddenly decided it was time to kill themselves and ate some poison. Well, that's one (insanely illogical) theory. Or, maybe some poisonous hydrogen sulfide blew through an open window at their home and killed them. That seems more likely to me.
Prediction D - More Corpses In Low-Lying Areas

2013-04-12 - Young woman, 20 to 30, found dead in canal in Manchester (Britain):

2013-04-12 - Man, 51, goes missing during scuba class in Laguna Beach (California), next seen dead:,0,7724018.story

2013-04-12 - Missing hiker, 27, found dead in hiking spot in coastal Batangas in the Philippine Islands:

Note: Lots of mysterious deaths in the Philippine Islands lately...

2013-04-12 - Man, 59, loses consciousness and dies at rest area in Stanfield (Oregon):

Note: There's a stream near there, less than a mile away...

2013-04-12 - Man found dead in the water near coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2013-04-12 - Man, 30, found dead in the sea at coastal Mumbai (India):

2013-04-12 - Man, 43, found dead in parking garage in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2013-04-12 - Woman found dead in car in parking lot in Davidson (Maryland):

2013-04-12 - Woman found dead in submerged car in pond in the Oroville Wildlife Area (California):

Note: They also found two other vehicles in there. I've been sure for some time now that people are getting a whiff of hydrogen sulfide, losing consciousness, and plowing into ponds and lakes and streams while driving. The gas doesn't have to be concentrated enough to kill you for you to die this way, because breathing is an involuntary reflex. Once unconscious and in the water, you will drown...

2013-04-12 - Woman, 48, found dead in garden near car park in coastal Bournemouth (Britain):

2013-04-12 - Two bodies found at football field in Kharan, Hub (Pakistan):,-Hub

2013-04-12 - Missing woman, 43, found dead at beach park in South Patrick Shores (Florida):

2013-04-12 - Worker, 30, found dead in a hopper at a roofing tile manufacturing plant in west Phoenix (Arizona):

2013-04-12 - Body found in the Genesee River, near Lower Falls Park in Rochester (New York):
Prediction E - More Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2013-04-12 - Passenger plane carrying 130+ people runs off runway into the ocean in coastal Denpasar in Bali (Indonesia):

Quote: "Amateur internet footage shows the plane has cracked in half and submerged in the water with its safety slides deployed."

Note: Brake failure? Landing gear problem?

2013-04-12 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan, landing gear problem:,0,2873206.story

2013-04-12 - Small plane crashes in Acadia Parish (Lousiana), 1 lightly injured:

2013-04-12 - Helicopter crash lands at airstrip in coastal Ocean Shores (Washington):

2013-04-12 - Truck driver sickens, crashes with 2 other trucks, a van and a car, near Ascot (Britain):

Quote: "A lorry driver is believed to have fallen ill and lost control of the vehicle..."

2013-04-12 - Cement truck, U-Haul truck and tractor trailer collide, all 3 burst into flame, on the Florida Turnpike (Florida):

2013-04-12 - Tractor trailer hits car, bursts into flame, on Highway 99 in Stockton (California):

2013-04-12 - Tractor trailer overturns on US 41 in Chrlotte County (Florida):

2013-04-12 - Dump truck slams into minivan in Temple (Arizona), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2013-04-12 - Truck pulling mobile home crashes into pub in Woolhampton (Britain), 1 injured:

2013-04-12 - Car and truck collide head-on, near Grimsby (Britain), 5 killed:

2013-04-12 - Car and taxi collide head-on, on the Story Bridge in Brisbane (Australia), 1 killed, 3 injured:

Note: The Story Bridge goes over the Brisbane River...
Animal Attacks

2013-04-12 - Mother, 38, mauled to death by pit bull in Stockton (California):

2013-04-12 - Sinkhole opens up in Beauport (Canada), nearby buildings evacuated, near the St. Lawrence River:

Quote: "Another resident said she was frightened by the shaking she felt in her building on Sunday and Monday."

2013-04-12 - Sinkhole 7 feet wide and 30 feet deep opens up near high school in Penn Hills (Pennsylvania):

2013-04-12 - Possible sinkhole forming in Thonotosassa (Florida):

2013-04-12 - Sinkhole spreading and expanding in Forestdale (Alabama), two properties threatened:


  1. Update for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

    PART 1

    Autowerkstatt brennt nieder - Car Service Stations burns to the ground.
    Cause of Fire yet unknown. Coordinates: +51° 5' 59.87", +6° 11' 37.04" Many Lakes nearby.

    Vacant building burns completly. Location: Austria, LAKE and a RIVER nearby. +47° 33' 51.51", +14° 11' 31.52"

    Fahrzeug auf Abschlepper fängt Feuer- Vehicle on tow truck bursts into flame
    "The car caught fire while beeing towed." "Cause of the fire is yet unknown."

    Fire Fighter receive multiple fire calls in one night. After extinguishing a house fire, another call about a car beeing on fire in a deep-level garage comes in. Reasons fore fires are unknown. +51° 39' 53.36", +7° 4' 41.82";art1331,997798

    Kleinwagen prallt gegen Baum und fängt Feuer - Vehicle crashes into tree and catches fire.
    The accident happend at the shores of the Saalachsee (Saalach LAKE) Coordinates: +47° 42' 41.56", +12° 51' 58.29"
    For reasons unknown the driver drifted off the road and crashed into a tree.,-Auto-prallt-gegen-Baum-und-faengt-Feuer-_arid,58853.html

  2. PART 2

    Shack in coastal Wedel on Fire
    "Why the shack was burning is unclear."
    Coordinates: +53° 34' 58.35", +9° 43' 1.86"

    Pkw fing auf Autobahn Feuer und brannte aus.
    Vehicle with horsebox trailer bursts into flame on Austrian Autobahn and burns out.
    The incident happend on the Europabrücke (+47° 12' 5.06", +11° 24' 4.36") in southern Austria. "Suddenly the vehicle was in flames. Driver saved himself.",868463

    Werder Bremen-Fanbus ausgebrannt - Bus filled with Werder Bremen supporters gutted by fire.
    On their way on the Autobahn to Düsseldorf, the bus suddenly caught fire.
    Approximate Coordinates: +51° 27' 23.28", +7° 2' 46.27"

    Leiche neben Straße - Rätsel um Autounfall
    Dead body next to road - mysterious accident
    Police found the body in a meadow next to the road. A RIVER is close by. +47° 20' 23.95", +15° 1' 44.49"

    Strollers find dead body floating in Karlsfeld LAKE +48° 14' 10.50", +11° 28' 5.28"
    The dead man was wearing a kidney belt, indicating he was probably a motorcyclist.

    Grausiger Fund: Wasserleiche in der Werra
    Gruesome Find: Water corpse discovered in RIVER Werra.
    No facts are given. Strangly the article is dated 2013-04-15.;art83434,2497465

    Lübeck (COASTAL AREA): Cable Fire in a family home and a burning barn. The barn served as a parking space for several cars. Two seperate incidents in one night...
    +54° 1' 20.80", +10° 45' 18.00"

    Fire at Agip Gas Station next to a RIVER +49° 20' 47.58", +9° 6' 17.13"
    The price board caught fire due to an electrical component igniting.,2556467