Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 - MAR - Zombie Files

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2013-03-22 - Female escort, 29, bites man's genitals, tries to claw his eyes out, growls and snarls, in Orlando (Florida):

Quote: "The man told deputies it appeared as if she was 'trying to eat his penis and testicles.'"

Note: She was definitely on drugs. Still, that's pretty radical behavior there, and very reminiscent of the original face-eater, who went from normal dude to growling cannibal incapable of speech in about 30 minutes. Also, taking drugs will in no way make you immune to the neurotoxic effects of hydrogen sulfide; they are not mutually exclusive...

2013-03-15 - Naked man screams at people, foams at the mouth, on street in Willowick (Ohio):

Note: His clothes were found nearby, so he stripped naked just like the original face-eater in Florida and other neuro-zombie incidents. There's obviously no way they tested his blood that fast for drugs, so they're assuming he was on drugs, just as they did with the original face-eater in Florida, yet he was found to have only traces of marijuana in his system, and marijuana doesn't make you strip naked, go crazy and foam at the mouth. Hydrogen sulfide, however, can do all of that to a person. This guy was also tasered and got up anyway, which could mean the taser malfunctioned, as they assume (they're full of assumptions in this story), but it might also indicate superhuman strength. A grad student went crazy and attacked a cop at a campus in San Bernardino (California), and he exhibited superhuman strength, as mentioned in the 2012-12-09 update. I see why they had anti-zombie training in California last fall, as mentioned in the 2012-09-16 update. Law enforcement is going to have to deal with this problem, so they do need to be trained for it...

2013-03-12 - Man, 19, runs naked through hotel in coastal Orange Park (Florida), dies in jail after being captured:

Note: When people breathe enough hydrogen sulfide to sustain serious neurological damage (e.g. brain damage), they aren't too terribly likely to live very long afterwards. There've been numerous incidents like this, where someone does crazy stuff, then drops dead, sometimes in the police car before they ever even get incarcerated...

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