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2013 - April - Germany Events

Editor's Note: All of the links and events and translations listed here are thanks to Thorondor, without whom none of this Germany-related information would be available. I hope others appreciate his efforts as much as I do!

Two links that are helpful for monitoring global fire outbreaks:

Falls irgendwer aus Deutschland, der Schweiz oder Österreich hier mitliest:
Hier ein Artikel, der die H2S-Komponente der hier angebotenen JJF Hypothese kurz zusammenfasst.:

Bzgl. Aachen und Eifel, die vermutlich noch öfter in den Updates auftauchen werden, dies: "Schwefelwasserstoff gelangt mit vulkanischen Gasen aus dem Erdinneren an die Erdoberfläche und damit auch in den biotischen Schwefelkreislauf, in die Biosphäre"

2013-04-30: Dead Porpoise washed ashore of River Elbe in Hamburg, Germany. Firefighter spokesman said this happens 2-3 times a year in Hamburg.
+53° 33' 14.49", +9° 49' 23.16"

2013-04-30: Vacant building on fire next to a railroad track in Dortmund, Germany. Lake closeby.
+51° 31' 17.62", +7° 23' 37.47"

2013-04-30: Parked car bursts into flame in Brüggen, Germany, located in the VorEIFEL. Many lakes in the area.
+51° 14' 34.43", +6° 10' 19.20"

2013-04-29: Dead Porpoise found in Lake near Krakenburg, Germany, which is 30 km away from the Baltic Sea. The poor guy could'nt find his way back it seems. So now we already got 2 dead porpoises in 2 days... And I've only been looking into this for 3 weeks.
+51° 49' 11.51", +5° 57' 13.07",-Schweinswal-schwimmt-kilometerweit-die-Oste-rauf-und-verendet-_arid,908561.html

2013-04-29: UPDATE on the charred corpse dicovered in gutted vehicle in a field between Rüsselsheim and Bischofsheim (2013-04-27): "The medico-legal diagnosis came to the conclusion that a crime of violence can be ruled out. Police therefore suspect it was suicide." No mention of any kind of suicide letter, though.

2013-04-29: UPDATE on the charred corspse found in garden shack in Viersen, Germany (2013-04-27): Police couldn't find any indication of third-party negligence, so they suspect he might have commited suicide. Again, no suicide letter (yet). Investigations continue.

2013-04-29: Explosion injures factory worker in Moosburg, Germany. RIVER closeby. The incident happened, when the worker opened a battery box to repair it.
+48° 28' 20.16", +11° 56' 33.35"

2013-04-29: Misssing woman, 81, found dead at the shore of a lake near Negast, Germany. "The very vigerous pensioner" startet off to a hiking trip on her own 4 months ago.
+54° 16' 10.33", +13° 1' 25.86"

2013-04-29: Trailer containing mechanical equipment and bales of straw bursts into flame in Mechernich, Germany. This is in the northern part of the volcanic region EIFEL. Out of the blue, with zero evidence, the article states that unknown persons have set the trailer on fire.
+50° 36' 19.19", +6° 39' 3.49",15189152,22616600.html

2013-04-29: Mechernich, again: Charity collection container burning. Again, no evidence for arson, but the article claims "it was set on fire". tss..
+50° 37' 19.97", +6° 42' 30.27"

2013-04-29: Factory on fire in Stolberg, Germany (VorEIFEL -12 km east of Aachen). Fire startet by technical failure in machine that mixes the components of detergent. the machine itself wasn't damaged, but the supply pipes and conveyor belts were.
+50° 45' 40.58", +6° 13' 48.51"

2013-04-29: Drunk Man, 63, wants to pee into a canal, nearly drowns. Allegedly the combination of 1.5 per mille alcohol level and his desire to void his bladder lead to disturbances of equilibrium... Well, ... never heard of that before, but then again, I rarely drink. Of course I know, that 1.5 per mille ALONE causes you to stumble and fall, that's why I found that statement a bit odd.
+53° 35' 50.62", +9° 28' 49.23"

2013-04-29: Parked car bursts ino flame in Rochlitz, Germany. Firefighters put the fire out, minutes later they are called to another burning car, quench that fire too, again minutes later they are called back to the 2nd car to quench another fire that startet in that car. River runs through the town and is very close to both incidents. Police "see a connection" between the fires and, of course, suspect arson.
+51° 2' 45.53", +12° 48' 1.29" and +51° 2' 39.85", +12° 48' 19.87"

2013-04-29: Huge Blaze destroys two warehouses, filled to the roof with bales of straw in Borrentin, Germany (district Mecklenburger SEENplatte). Cause of fire is unknown. Arson can't be ruled out, since "there were numerous fires in the last weeks in this area."
+53° 48' 29.03", +12° 57' 34.84"

2013-04-29: Large Basement Fire in Heidenheim, Germany. Startet in the room with the ventilation system, which also contained a lot of wooden PALLETS with packing material, trash bins and mailshots stacked on them. They didn't say where in the room the fire started. Little stream nearby.
+48° 40' 33.83", +10° 9' 8.70";art1168893,1973675

2013-04-29: Underground Fire in a technical facility in Augsburg, Germany. Cause was a cable fire. A few hours later, firefighter had to quench a second cable fire in the same street. RIVER nearby.
+48° 22' 51.59", +10° 51' 53.77"

2013-04-29: Basement fire in apartment building in Potsdam, Germany. River closeby. Cause of fire unknown yet.
+52° 23' 46.79", +13° 3' 41.77"

2013-04-29: Trailer in flames, driver saves 70 pigs in Bippen, Germany. The fire was caused by a bursting tire, which ignited the trailer. Pond and streams closeby.
+52° 34' 49.87", +7° 44' 9.89",1,1096718637.html

2013-04-29: Sofa bursts into flame, sets room on fire in a clinic in Pulsnitz, Germany. The clics treats patients with burnout syndrome... Many lakes nearby.
+51° 11' 20.34", +14° 1' 32.57"

2013-04-28: Two cars on a scrap yard burst into flame in BAD Buchau, Germany. When a German town has the word BAD (bath) in front of it, it means it is a spa-town, which indicates that there could be a hydrogen sulfide release. There are also two lakes nearby.
+48° 3' 46.49", +9° 36' 4.54",-Zwei-Schrottplatzautos-geraten-in-Brand-_arid,5430453.html

2013-04-28: Basement fire in apartment building in Bochum, Germany. 12 injured.
2013-04-28: Gas explosion, house collapses in Paris, France. 3 dead, 14 injured. The story isn't very specific as to what kind of gas exploded.

2013-04-28: Parked Car bursts into flame in Escheburg, Germany.
+53° 27' 47.22", +10° 18' 30.79"

2013-04-28: Fire destroyes 2 parked cars in Hamburg, Germany.
+53° 30' 24.24", +10° 1' 24.78"

2013-04-28: You're gonna have to explaining to do on this one, Jonny. Parked car STARTS ENGINE BY ITSELF, crashes into another car and a house, then bursts into flame in Essen, Germany .This was witnessed by some woman police talked to.
The same thing happened earlier this month in Austria. Well, the car skipped crashing into another one and a house and went up in flames right after starting the engine.

2013-04-27: Company producing extremely fireproof specialty material is heavily damaged by fire. Oh, the irony... There are two tiny streams nearby. This is the company's website (they have an English version too)
+51° 33' 14.62", +7° 52' 16.73"

2013-04-27: Charred Corspse found in garden shack in Viersen, Germany. I don't know which of them it was exactly.
+51° 15' 52.46", +6° 24' 34.20"

2013-04-27: Fire destroys VACANT landmarked house in Hofbieber, Germany. The house had been vacant for over 20 years. Other than old clothes, it contained rubble and other rubbish. A little stream runs next to it.
+50° 35' 43.18", +9° 49' 7.45";art25,721757

2013-04-27: Fire in an apartment building in COASTAL Kiel, Germany. Fire started in the basement. Cause unknown.
+54° 18' 44.88", +10° 8' 34.90"

2013-04-27: Fire in an apartment building on Spittal an der Drau, Austria. Three injured. Fire was caused by a defect in the lighting equipment OUTSIDE of the house. RIVER Drau runs right through Spittal and Hauptplatz, where this fire occured, is just 30m away from it.
+46° 47' 50.83", +13° 29' 53.37"

2013-04-27: Fire in an apartment building in Hückelhoven, Germany, six injured. Lake nearby. This was just 40 km north of Aachen, where thermal water containing hydrogen sulfide is used as a treatment for several ailments.
+51° 4' 14.48", +6° 11' 29.10"

2013-04-27: TWO MEN and a DOG found DEAD in a house in Satow (Rostock), Germany. The landlord discovered the bodies through the window. Police: "They probably died from carbonmonoxide poisoning" o_O
+53° 59' 29.85", +11° 53' 6.12"

2013-04-27: Explosion and fire on an anchored ship in Westgroßfehn, Germany. One worker suffers from serious burns from an explosive flame. Fire fighters stated the cause of the fire was a deflagration (rapid high energy release combustion event that propagates through a gas or an explosive material at subsonic speeds, driven by the transfer of heat).
+53° 23' 7.91", +7° 31' 7.09"

2013-04-27: House on fire in AACHEN, Germany. 7 injured, started in the basement. I mention this here because Aachen is a so called spa-town, known for its Thermal Water, which contains hydrogen sulfide.
+50° 46' 15.57", +6° 14' 40.42"

2013-04-27: Blaze engulfes recycling company in Stuttgart Harbor (Hedelfingen).
+48° 45' 37.45", +9° 15' 29.23"

2013-04-27: Small plane crashes near Rotenburg, Germany. All 4 passengers dead. "It is absolutely unclear why the plane crashed." "Eyewitnesses say the engine failed during landing approach, some even say they have seen the plane burning while still in the air."
+53° 9' 18.02", +9° 26' 18.24"

2013-04-27: Fire in apartment building in Nürnberg, Germany. Happened right next to RIVER Pegnitz. Cause of the fire was allegedly a mattress that had been stored in the hallway.
+49° 27' 11.58", +11° 4' 33.30"

2013-04-27: Charred Corpse dicovered in gutted vehicle in a field between Rüsselsheim and Bischofsheim. The road connecting these towns is very close to RIVER Main. The incident happend at 4:30 AM.
+49° 59' 47.74", +8° 22' 29.69"

2013-04-27: Delivery Truck catches fire, burns out while on Autobahn that is parallel to RIVER Rhein in Buchs, Switzerland. 'Nice' pictures.
+47° 10' 1.69", +9° 29' 15.56"

2013-04-27: Fire in apartment building in COASTAL Kiel, Germany. Mother and child injured.
+54° 19' 31.20", +10° 7' 45.41"

2013-04-27: Another car explodes and burns in COASTAL Hamburg, Germany. "A resident heard a loud bang and then saw the fire." dpa (german press agency) is sure that someone set the car on fire even though there seems to be no evidence for that...
+53° 34' 54.87", +10° 5' 36.46"

2013-04-26: Boat explodes in Bergkamen marina, causes chain reaction, five more yachts were completely destroyed. "floating in the water like burning torches". "skipper and his wife have been thrown off the boat by the explosion". As of today, two of theses boats have sunken. VIDEO included.
+51° 38' 30.31", +7° 38' 27.25"

2013-04-26: Fire in a metal cutting bunker in Porta Westfalica, Germany. Little stream and a RIVER nearby.
+52° 12' 25.33", +8° 52' 34.32"

2013-04-26: Neon Sign catches fire in a barber shop in Mülheim/RUHR.
+51° 25' 53.73", +6° 55' 12.64"

2013-04-26: Swamp/marsh/moor in Barver, Germany on fire. Third incident of its kind in a minimum of time.
+52° 38' 12.90", +8° 37' 23.55"

2013-04-26: Silo Truck explodes on Autobahn near Pritzwald, Germany. A tire self ignited, the heat made the silo explode. Fire fighter in charge said "I never experienced a burning tire that causes a silo to burst".
+53° 13' 45.34", +12° 12' 49.14"

2013-04-26: Disposal of thousands of dead carps continues. In Mid-April tons of carp had been found in the catchment lake Heyda. (Is that the right term?) The assume the lake had turned hypoxic over the winter.
+50° 44' 1.07", +10° 57' 25.62";art83439,2524655

2013-04-25: Blaze in a waste-disposal and logistics company in Nürnberg, Germany. The storage hall is in the Nürnberg Port area.
+49° 23' 58.29", +11° 3' 59.64"

2013-04-25: Vacant Paper Company on fire in Düssldorf HARBOR, Germany. This is the FIFTH TIME this year, that this company burns. Of course they suspect arson.
+51° 13' 8.91", +6° 43' 55.87",15189532,22585986,view,asTicker.html

2013-04-25: Two fires in the same building in Aachen. 7 PM and 11 PM. Aachen.
+50° 41' 51.55", +6° 13' 9.58"

2013-04-25: Garbage truck catches fire near Krefeld, Germany. Only meters away from destination and a lake, too.
+51° 22' 48.86", +6° 38' 1.13"

2013-04-25: Large Fire destroys warehouse in Satigny, Switzerland. River nearby, LAKE Geneve too. "During the blaze 5-6 explosions have occured."
+46° 13' 10.25", +6° 3' 40.81";art46441,256822

2013-04-25: Floater, 84, fished out of Donau (Danube) in Vienna, Austria. No signs of third party negligence.
+48° 14' 1.76", +16° 24' 5.50"

2013-04-25: Female body found floating in ZürichSEE. Had been in the water for quite a while police say.
+47° 20' 48.24", +8° 32' 55.04"

2013-04-25: Fire on a ferry, nobody injured.

2013-04-25: Fire on a Nile Cruise Ship. Electical short in the kitchen caused the fire.

2013-04-24: Floater found in RIVER Elbe. She had been missing since April 15th. No signs of a crime.
+53° 36' 17.02", +9° 35' 37.51"

2013-04-24: Man wants to burn some cut off twigs and sticks from his hedge, the stuff explodes and kills him. Happened in Eisenstadt, Austria. Lakes nearby, little stream flowing through the town.
+47° 50' 5.57", +16° 31' 47.81"

2013-04-24: 18yo found dead, stuck in a bottom hung window in Zürich, Switzerland. He wasn't affiliated with this institute, so they suspect he was a burglar. Zurich is at the shores of the Zurich-SEE, this building is merely meters away from the river that flows into the lake.
+47° 23' 5.89", +8° 32' 28.40"

2013-04-24: Basement on fire in a Zurich (Schwerzenbach) apartment building. Cause of fire is said to be a techincal malfunction in the water boiler. Schwerzenbach sits right on the shores of the GreifenSEE. Fire started shortly after 2 AM.
+47° 22' 53.39", +8° 39' 29.36"

2013-04-24: Fisherman pulls body out of RIVER Main.
+49° 51' 15.62", +9° 51' 21.29"

2013-04-24: Man collapses in railway station in Pforzheim, Germany, dies in hospital. "Natural death" diagnosed...
+48° 53' 38.64", +8° 42' 8.98",-Unbekannter-Toter-Im-Bahnhof-zusammengebrochen-_arid,413539.html

2013-04-22: Explosion in a vacant building in Prenzlau, Germany. Two teens severely injured. Cause of explosion is "unclear".
+53° 18' 43.22", +13° 51' 50.20"
2013-04-21: Tote Frau aus Teich in Leipzig geborgen – Umstände unklar
Dead Woman found in LAKE near Leipzig. Cause of death unknown. No injuries.

2013-04-21: Man, 57, crashes his car in the early morning hours, dies. "The man was probably fainting behind the wheel, drifted off the road and crashed into the embankment." Iread the too often on here, so I had to include this even though there's no water nearby. It was verey early in the morning though...

2013-04-21: 1000 tons of scrap paper burst into flames in Wiesbaden (Mainz-Kostheim) directly next to RIVER RHEIN. Police don't suspect arson "Who would set a pile of scrap paer on fire??" The scrap paper had been stored outside covering an area of 750 m². exact location: +50° 0' 15.97", +8° 18' 44.33"

2013-04-21: Fire in Club House in Frankfurt/MAIN. Nobody injured. Oh, it was a bikers club house. Cause of fire unknown. +50° 6' 3.14", +8° 43' 19.25"

2013-04-21: Fire on a camping ground in Melano, Switzerland. Two Gas Bottles explode. Fire started in a trailer. Several other trailers destroyed also. Cause unknown. Camping ground loacated on the shore of a LAKE.
+45° 55' 26.21", +8° 58' 43.40"

2013-04-21: Illegal waste dump on fire in Ake, right next to EIVER Elbe. The young firefighters luckily had a founding ceremony, so they were already dressed in full gear when the alarm call came in. +51° 51' 1.68", +12° 2' 5.47",20641024,22548146.html

2013-04-21: Fire in Subway station in Mülheim, next to RIVER Ruhr. It was reported at 2:18 AM. Something in the escalator has allegedly caused the fire.
+51° 26' 0.86", +6° 54' 54.39"

2013-04-21: Huge Fire in Trier. Truss collapses, no one injured. This happened ~60m away from RIVER RHEIN.
+49° 44' 36.19", +6° 37' 45.34";art754,3503789

2013-04-21: Steersman suffers from major injuries after fire on a ship on RIVER RHEIN near Mainz. The insulating material just went up int flames..

2013-04-21: Body found in front of a building in Roth. Autopsy concluded "the eventually fatal injuries could be brought into accordance with the fall from the high-rise building." Questiion is...what made him fall? No suicide letter. But many rivers and streams in this town...
+49° 14' 16.88", +11° 5' 16.04"

2013-04-21: Fire in a school in Würzburg. RIVER Main not far away. It started at night in a craft room on the ground floor.
+49° 47' 35.64", +9° 54' 7.43"

2013-04-21: Fire in a Paper factory in Düsseldorf-Hafen (HARBOR). This was THE 4th TIME THIS MONTH that this specific factory went up in flames. Of course, police can't rule out arson.

2013-04-21: Missing Woman, 79, found dead in forest. The people following her said they had lost her track at the Freiberger Mulde. Then the SHORES were searched till the next BARRAGE. This indicates that there was water where her track had gone cold.
appr. location: +50° 42' 24.82", +13° 31' 41.02"

2013-04-20: Car Transporter catches fire on Autobahn near Trier.;art27379,4053148

2013-04-20: Fire on a camping ground in Lütow on the ISLAND Usedom. Fire started in the little check-in shack. police say they can't count out arson. = they don't know anything.

Barn next to a RIVER burns to the ground in Heek, Germany. Cause of fire unknown.
+52° 6' 24.37", +7° 6' 40.12"

Truck bursts into flame on Autobahn in Austria. Completely burned down. Explosion heard "like from a gas cooker". Hmm.
+48° 8' 25.56", +15° 58' 54.00"

Shack and car catch fire near to a large dam in Markvippach, Germany. Cause unknown.
+51° 4' 40.88", +11° 10' 32.42"

Hous in COASTAL Harburg burns to the ground. Residents saved. Cause unknown.
+53° 16' 38.38", +9° 43' 17.29"

Fire in a brewery in Irlbach, Germany. Neighbors were asked to keep windows shut due to dangerous gas emmissions. RIVER Danube (Donau) close by.
+48° 50' 18.33", +12° 45' 23.93"

Fire on a Yacht in the NORDSEE (North Sea) near Heiligenhafen. No reason for fire mentioned.[tt_news]=7069&cHash=bf6926fb9a38340e6e96f051a237b1d8

Big House burns in Niederlautenbach. 3rd fire in little Niederlautenbach in 7 weeks.
RIVER DONAU and many LAKES in the area.
+48° 38' 3.17", +11° 38' 37.56";art600,2745541

Smouldering fire in flat in Munich, next to RIVER Isar. Cause is said to be an imploding TV Set.
+48° 5' 57.66", +11° 33' 55.54"

Fire in a Building in Lennestadt near a RIVER. The fire started in the SAUNA.
+51° 7' 22.52", +8° 3' 57.59"

4 Fires in one day in Essen's north part of town. RIVERS to the north and south. Hall of MATRASSES, CAR, recyled PAPER container and hedge. police suspect arson.
+51° 29' 32.23", +6° 59' 46.69"

House on fire in Dörverden. RIVER and CANAL next to town.
+52° 50' 37.26", +9° 13' 13.56"

Farm goes up in flames. 500.000 € damage. All 150 animals saved. Fire started by a techical fault in the solar panels. RIVER INN nearby.
+48° 13' 2.06", +12° 36' 0.94"

Fire in a workshop ind Delitzch. Basically surrounded by LAKES. Police suspect arson because "a CAR was BURNING on the same day, too"...
+51° 31' 42.23", +12° 19' 52.87"

Big Fire at Waste Disposal Firm in Reckenfeld. Cause unknown. LaKE nearby.
+52° 7' 45.00", +7° 32' 28.42";art967,1975480

Two Barns in flames in Mitterteich. Many LAKES surrounding the town. Investigators don't suspect arson. "no indications".
+49° 56' 48.49", +12° 14' 29.25"

Fire in chemistry room in school. fire supposedly startet in a trash can. No one was in the room at the time. "We all wonder how this could have happened" said the chemistry teacher. RIVER Aa 300m away from school.
+51° 50' 35.93", +6° 36' 45.43",-Brand-im-Chemieraum-der-Albert-Schweitzer-Realschule-_arid,213261.html

1500 m² of plastic trash burst into flame in Vogelsdorf. This area is known as Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, look here: +52° 30' 44.48", +13° 45' 23.66"

20 yo Truck inside a barn catches fire in Bichishausen. Next to RIVER.
+48° 19' 57.47", +9° 30' 3.34";art1180774,1957272

House on fire in Kapfenberg, Austria. RIVER nearby. 9 Injured.
+47° 26' 54.73", +15° 16' 51.49"

Restaurant on fire in Lottstetten, next to a RIVER. damage in the millions. "explosion-like"
+47° 37' 37.79", +8° 34' 18.85";art372613,6021872

Fire in House in Soest. Cause of the fire was a defective power supply line in the basement..
+51° 33' 24.08", +8° 5' 17.01"

Two fires in on night in MerchWEILER, RIVER nearby. carport containing 30yo car and a garden shack were burning. both fires started in the wee hours. (I learned that term here, thanks jonny :)
+49° 21' 25.19", +7° 3' 12.17";art27857,4748868

Boathouse in Zug, Switzerland bursts into flame. Boats saved.
+47° 10' 4.84", +8° 30' 51.18"

Woman, 78, floats unconciously in a LAKE, is driven to hospital, but dies there.
+47° 54' 22.38", +11° 18' 39.59"

Man, 49, floats dead in RIVER Elbe in Rothenburgsort. No sign of third party negligence.
+53° 32' 0.87", +10° 1' 11.34"

Man, 26, drowns while retrieving a ball out of RIVER Aare in Nidau, Switzerland.
+47° 7' 0.73", +7° 16' 8.81"

Male Body, 85, found near Neusiedl am SEE (lake), Austria.
+47° 56' 15.03", +16° 50' 10.23"

Many dead foxes found in hunting areas around Schlangen-Kohlstädt. Small LAKE in the area.
Foxes show no signs of injuries or diseases. Authorities "can't rule out" Virus infection temper.
+51° 49' 28.89", +8° 51' 6.50"

Truck filled with Toilet Paper catches fire on Autobahn.

Container filled with old tires bursts into flame

Man, 42, rides his bicycle into river, drowns. No sign of injuries.;art1331,998971

Train catches fire, 200 people got out. Incident happened in the EIFEL Region. (Volcanic, probably much H2S)
Autowerkstatt brennt nieder - Car Service Stations burns to the ground.
Cause of Fire yet unknown. Coordinates: +51° 5' 59.87", +6° 11' 37.04" Many Lakes nearby.

Vacant building burns completly. Location: Austria, LAKE and a RIVER nearby. +47° 33' 51.51", +14° 11' 31.52"

Fahrzeug auf Abschlepper fängt Feuer- Vehicle on tow truck bursts into flame
"The car caught fire while beeing towed." "Cause of the fire is yet unknown."

Fire Fighter receive multiple fire calls in one night. After extinguishing a house fire, another call about a car beeing on fire in a deep-level garage comes in. Reasons fore fires are unknown. +51° 39' 53.36", +7° 4' 41.82";art1331,997798

Kleinwagen prallt gegen Baum und fängt Feuer - Vehicle crashes into tree and catches fire.
The accident happend at the shores of the Saalachsee (Saalach LAKE) Coordinates: +47° 42' 41.56", +12° 51' 58.29"
For reasons unknown the driver drifted off the road and crashed into a tree.,-Auto-prallt-gegen-Baum-und-faengt-Feuer-_arid,58853.html

Shack in coastal Wedel on Fire
"Why the shack was burning is unclear."
Coordinates: +53° 34' 58.35", +9° 43' 1.86"

Pkw fing auf Autobahn Feuer und brannte aus.
Vehicle with horsebox trailer bursts into flame on Austrian Autobahn and burns out.
The incident happend on the Europabrücke (+47° 12' 5.06", +11° 24' 4.36") in southern Austria. "Suddenly the vehicle was in flames. Driver saved himself.",868463

Werder Bremen-Fanbus ausgebrannt - Bus filled with Werder Bremen supporters gutted by fire.
On their way on the Autobahn to Düsseldorf, the bus suddenly caught fire.
Approximate Coordinates: +51° 27' 23.28", +7° 2' 46.27"

Leiche neben Straße - Rätsel um Autounfall
Dead body next to road - mysterious accident
Police found the body in a meadow next to the road. A RIVER is close by. +47° 20' 23.95", +15° 1' 44.49"

Strollers find dead body floating in Karlsfeld LAKE +48° 14' 10.50", +11° 28' 5.28"
The dead man was wearing a kidney belt, indicating he was probably a motorcyclist.

Grausiger Fund: Wasserleiche in der Werra
Gruesome Find: Water corpse discovered in RIVER Werra.
No facts are given. Strangly the article is dated 2013-04-15.;art83434,2497465

Lübeck (COASTAL AREA): Cable Fire in a family home and a burning barn. The barn served as a parking space for several cars. Two seperate incidents in one night...
+54° 1' 20.80", +10° 45' 18.00"

Fire at Agip Gas Station next to a RIVER +49° 20' 47.58", +9° 6' 17.13"
The price board caught fire due to an electrical component igniting.,2556467

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