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2013-03-31 - Boy, 4, almost dies in swimming pool on Disney cruise ship at Port Canaveral (Florida):

2013-03-30 - Magnitude 4.9 quake hits near the island of El Hierro (Spain), landslide and rockfall ensue:

Note: If a major chunk of this island slides into the ocean, a tsunami could be the result, and it could be potentially catastrophic. This is the largest quake to hit there in years...

2013-03-29 - Firefighters practice handling plane crashes, in Chico (California):

2013-03-29 - Fire meteorologist in Colorado concerned about the upcoming fire season:

2013-03-29 - Forecasters expect busy fire season in western South Dakota:

2013-03-28 - HazMat event at apartment complex in Bangor (Maine), 'mystery fumes', residents sicken, evacuated:

Quote: "I called emergency maintenance for Bangor Housing. I said look. I'm getting out of here. I can't do this anymore. I'm going to die. My dog's dying. We're ill..."

2013-03-27 - HazMat event at school in Garden Grove (California), unknown odor, 10 children hospitalized, 40 more sickened:

Note: Garden Grove is about 5 miles from the coast. The entire West Coast is downwind of the dead zone known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is surely pluming hydrogen sulfide now. As the plumes increase in concentration it won't just be people sickening but flat-out dying, as hydrogen sulfide is as lethal as hydrogen cyanide which is used in gas chambers. This is surely why governments around the world are industriously building underground facilities and why the U.S. is working on 'mass fatality planning' legislation, so that all those who die can be buried as their religious beliefs require...

2013-03-27 - Freak hailstorm damages over 10,000 homes and injures at least 26 people in Lao Cai province (Vietnam):

Quote: "I have never seen any hail that was as powerful as this hail in the last 50 years. I had to hide under my bed to avoid being hit by hailstones..."

Note: A proposed explanation for these freak hailstorms is mentioned in the full hypothesis...

2013-03-27 - Severe plague of locusts infests over half of Madagasgar, food supplies threatened:

Note: As with all previous extinction events, insects are apt to fare better than reptiles or mammals or birds or fish in the current extinction event. Their tenacity is probably because they reproduce quickly and vigorously and reach adult functionality fast, so they can out-reproduce their own die-off better than just about anything except bacteria and fungi and some plants. So as human civilization declines and animals of all kinds die off, insects may for a time reign supreme...

2013-03-27 - Fire departments practice for HazMat situations in Des Moines (Iowa):

Note: Good idea, seeing as there will be a rising number of HazMat situations (as there already are) until everyone living on the surface of the Earth has been killed, and many of us will die from breathing hydrogen sulfide which will require a HazMat response. Might as well be organized and well-trained for the die-off...

2013-03-26 - Officials concerned about upcoming fire season in New Mexico:

Note: Everyone ought to be concerned about fires right now, everywhere...

2013-03-25 - Boater disappears off coast of Key Largo (Florida), empty 'ghost boat' found:

Note: If a cloud of poisonous hydrogen sulfide drifts over you and you're on a boat, where ya gonna go? Into the water? There's not really any other choice...

2013-03-25 - Two-headed bull shark found in the Gulf of Mexico:

Note: Could be genetic damage caused by the increasing UV levels as hydrogen sulfide eats away at our protective ozone layer. Think back over the last few years and recall all the recent stories of albino creatures and two-headed creatures (including people, like the 'Kali' girl with two faces and 4 arms and 4 legs in India), and by recent I mean in the last, say, 3 years...

2013-03-24 - Two skydivers found dead in coastal Pasco County (Florida) did not deploy their main parachutes:

Note: I noted their deaths in the 2013-03-23 update and mentioned that they may have lost consciousness from breathing hydrogen sulfide as they fell, and thus didn't deploy their parachutes. Well, now we know for sure, they didn't deploy their parachutes. Make of that what you will...

2013-03-24 - Man, 22, goes missing at Half Moon Bay Beach (California):

2013-03-23 - HazMat event in Tuticorin City (India) and surrounding villages, unknown gas, respiratory problems:

Quote: "As the news spread, panic-struck people covered their faces with hand kerchiefs. In areas like Shanmugapuram and Damodaran Nagar, it was alleged that the leaves of the plants and trees started withering away due to the leakage."

2013-03-23 - Red fireballs seen in the sky around Daisetta (Texas):

2013-03-23 - U.S. starts massive forest-thinning project:

2013-03-22 - Freak hailstorm hits coastal Dongguan (China), hundreds of homes collapse, 12 killed:

Note: A proposed explanation for these freak hailstorms is mentioned in the full hypothesis...

2013-03-20 - HazMat event at clinic in Lansing (Kansas), strange odor, health problems:

Quote: "Huhn said people at the clinic reported health issues such as running noses, irritated eyes and respiratory problems."

Note: All possible symptoms of hydrogen sulfide exposure. The responders detected nothing. (Do they even have hydrogen sulfide detectors? Maybe not, as it's normally only a problem for septic workers and workers in the petroleum industry.) Lansing lies along the bank of the Missouri River...

2013-03-19 - Woman, 59, has 'cardiac event', heart stops, while driving over the Flagler Memorial Bridge (Florida), resuscitated:

Quote: "The woman is a West Palm Beach resident who works on the island..."

Note: Florida again, downwind of the dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico, on a bridge going over water. Say, a bridge over water in Florida is also where the original face-eater went from normal guy to savage cannibal in half an hour. Hydrogen sulfide won't always turn people into neuro-zombies. In fact, that's probably going to be fairly rare. More often it will simply stop your heart and you'll fall down dead...

2013-03-19 - Nice site tracking the neighborhood-rattling mystery explosions that are occurring:

2013-03-18 - Dozens of attendees sicken at conference in Jefferson City (Missouri):

2013-03-18 - Firefighters and city leaders plan on big fire season in Herriman (Utah):

Note: Good idea...

2013-03-17 - Cruise lines cancelling stops at Grand Turk Island due to illness outbreaks:

Note: Maybe there's a dead zone near there pluming hydrogen sulfide and sickening passengers on ships that travel near there...

2013-03-16 - Man found unconscious in restroom at library in Cincinnati (Ohio):

2013-03-15 - Underground fire at landfill in Bridgeton (Missouri) creates 'dirty bomb' potential, says expert:

Quote: "Few things are as absurd as dumping almost 9,000 tons of waste containing radionuclides into an unlined landfill in a floodplain, all in a major metropolitan area..."

Note: This landfill has been burning for weeks, stinking up Bridgeton with foul smells. And buried at a landfill right next door to the one that's burning are thousands of tons of dumped radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project...

2013-03-14 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) causing problems on the Ruamahanga River and other waterways (New Zealand):

2013-03-13 - Physicists say they have found 'God particle':

Note: This could actually be a big deal. Apparently the Higgs field that theoretically exists throughout the universe is what gives things mass. So if we could learn how to manipulate the Higgs field, we could potentially alter the mass of objects and create large constructs easily, like gigantic cityships in space. Imagine one worker moving around mile-long steel beams easily because we alter the Higgs field and make the beams have very little or no mass. Then we could flee Earth before Earth kills us all with poison gas, fires and explosions...

2013-03-12 - Mass poisoning incident in coastal Tripoli (Libya), 51 killed, hundreds sickened, blamed on bad alcohol:

Quote: "These poison cases are not coming just from one source. There is more than one source..."

2013-03-12 - U.S. Forest Service predicts another bad year for fires:

2013-03-11 - Strange new forms of life found in Lake Vostok in the Antarctic:

Note: Well, hopefully there's nothing there that'll wipe out the human race. We have enough problems...

2013-03-08 - More than 100 passengers sicken on cruise ship near Port Everglades (Florida), blamed on norovirus:

2013-03-06 - HazMat event, 30 people suddenly sicken in St. Helens (Oregon), coughing, difficulty breathing:

Note: St. Helens rests along the banks of the Columbia River...

2013-03-06 - Giant wave hits two people walking on beach in coastal Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), 1 killed, 1 injured:

Note: Waves like this may result from subsurface landslides as methane hydrate deposits along coasts melt and collapse...

2013-03-06 - Locust swarms invading Israel from Egypt, threaten crops:

Quote: "The locust swarm comes two weeks before Israel marks the annual Jewish Passover holiday, which recalls the 10 biblical plagues – one of them locusts – said to have been inflicted on Egypt to persuade the pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery, according to the Book Of Exodus."

2013-03-05 - Huge 11-pound mutant rats taking over Tehran (Iran), now number 25 million:

Quote: "They are now bigger and look different. These are changes that normally take millions of years of evolution. They have jumped from 60 grams to five kilos, and cats are now smaller than them."

2013-03-04 - Small plane carrying 3 goes missing after departing from coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2013-03-04 - Second sinkhole opens up near site of sinkhole that swallowed man, in Seffner (Florida), near the coast:

Note: The sinkhole that swallowed a man was mentioned in the 2013-02-28 update...

2013-03-03 - Swarm of locusts descends on Cairo (Egypt):

2013-03-01 - Oil rig evacuated in the North Sea after hydrocarbon leak detected:

2013-03-01 - Emergency teams train for tunnel fires in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The training scenario was similar to a truck fire that happened on New Year’s Eve."

Note: That seems like prudent training...

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