Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 - MAR - Land Subsidence

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2013-03-30 - Sinkhole opens up on Queen Street in Chatham, Ontario (Canada):

2013-03-29 - Sinkhole opens up, swallows two cars, at Trudeau Airport in coastal Montreal, Quebec (Canada):

2013-03-28 - Sinkhole swallows access road and more trees in Bayou Corne (Louisiana):

2013-03-28 - Sinkhole opens up near Bristol Avenue in Ferguson Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-03-28 - Sinkhole opens up beneath fire truck on road in Woodfin (North Carolina):

2013-03-27 - Sinkhole opens up and swallows man in coastal Shezhen (China), 1 killed:

Quote: "This is not the first time that China’s Guangdong province has dealt with mysterious sinkholes. In January, a massive manhole suddenly opened up at a construction site in the city of Guangzhou, bringing down six buildings around it."

2013-03-27 - Sinkholes growing and spreading in woman's yard in San Antonio (Texas):

Quote: "They have continued to get bigger during the past several months."

2013-03-26 - Bayou Corne sinkhole swallows another 25 trees in Assumption Parish (Louisiana):

2013-03-26 - Another possible sinkhole in Seffner (Florida), near the coast and near where man was swallowed, duplex evacuated:

Quote: "...there is no gaping hole, but that the duplex has a buckled floor and there are cracks in the walls. The duplex, at 5315 Peach Avenue, is about two miles from a sinkhole that swallowed a man last month."

2013-03-25 - Sinkhole opens up in backyard at home in Tombstone (Arizona):

2013-03-25 - Sinkhole opens up on Valley Road in Lake Ozark (Missouri):,0,4332279.photogallery

2013-03-24 - Sinkholes opening up in coastal Staten Island (New York):

Quote: "The Oakwood couple are just an example of the many Sandy-ravaged homeowners who are now faced with fixing sinkholes and preventing them from swallowing their homes."

2013-03-24 - Huge unexplained crack forming on the Navaho Nation near Luepp (Arizona):

2013-03-23 - Sinkhole opens between two homes in Seffner (Florida), on Lake Shore Ranch Drive, near the coast, homes evacuated:

Note: Not far from where the sinkhole swallowed a man in his sleep (who has never been seen again), as mentioned in the 2013-02-28 update...

2013-03-22 - Tremors strike region of the big sinkhole in Bayou Corne (Louisiana), work halted:

Quote: "All work has been ceased at the Bayou Corne sinkhole after monitoring systems detected tremors Friday morning, officials said Friday."

Quote: "Seismic monitoring also detected water movement in the slurry as well as increased bubbling on the western side of the sinkhole."

2013-03-20 - Sinkhole 10 feet deep opens up on street in Toronto (Canada):

Note: Toronto sits on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario...

2013-03-20 - Sinkhole opens up in yard in Springtown (Arkansas):

2013-03-20 - Sinkhole opens up on street in Champaign (Illinois):

2013-03-19 - Two sinkholes open up in span of a few days in Leavenworth (Kansas):

Quote: "Sinkholes in Leavenworth are rare and you could go years without seeing one, but in recent days two popped up in close proximity, and that has neighbors concerned."

2013-03-18 - Sinkhole opens up in yard, pond drains away, at home in Newcastle (California):

2013-03-17 - Sinkhole burps then expands in Assumption Parish (Louisiana):

Quote: "Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security And Emergency Preparedness Director John Boudreau said nearly an acre of land fell off into the west side of the sinkhole."

Note: The burping may have been methane, then the sinkhole expanded as the volume taken up by the gas moved to the atmosphere...

2013-03-17 - Sinkhole opens up on Lincoln Street in Bangor (Maine):

2013-03-15 - Huge sinkhole in China swallows truck:

Quote: "Sinkholes seem to be creating quite a stir in the news with bizarre incidents popping up — or should I say popping down — around the world. The recent tragic death of a man who vanished into a huge crevice in Florida is not the only mysterious sinkhole incident to have punctured the U.S. Just last week a golfer in Illinois suddenly plummeted 18 feet into the ground after a man-hole-sized crevice opened up on the course. On Tuesday in Washington, D.C., another sinkhole appeared, and a 17-foot-deep sinkhole was discovered on Wednesday morning in Holyoke, Massachusetts. There was also a nine-acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, that garnered the attention of environmental activist Erin Brockovich."

2013-03-13 - Sinkhole opens up on street in Holyoke (Massachusetts):

Note: They say a collapsed sewer caused it and I have no reason to doubt that. However, they're right by a river there, so the water table is not far below ground. Hydrogen sulfide is somewhat water-soluble. As it contaminates water, we may see biogenic sulfide corrosion eating away at stuff near the water table, like sewer pipes, natural gas lines, foundations in buildings, that kind of thing. Then as our underground infrastructure dissolves away, sinkholes will appear. Unlike sinkholes caused along coasts as subsurface methane hydrate deposits dissociate, the sinkholes formed due to biogenic sulfide corrosion eating away at our underground infrastructure may happen just about anywhere...

2013-03-13 - Sinkhole opens up in street on the South Side in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2013-03-13 - Sinkhole opens up in street in southwest Portland (Oregon):

2013-03-12 - Sinkhole opens up in coastal Washington DC, entire block closed:

2013-03-11 - Sinkhole shuts down church in coastal North Naples (Florida):

Quote: "There are already cracks in the walls, uneven floors and a hole in the ground so large that a landscaper recently fell into it."

2013-03-11 - Sinkhole opens up in alley in Portage (Wisconsin), delivery truck hits it:

2013-03-11 - Sinkhole opens up at golf course in Waterloo (Illinois), almost swallows golfer:

Quote: "It was the first time a person — and not a ball — has disappeared beneath the turf in the course’s 20-year history."

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