Thursday, June 22, 2017

Event Update For 2017-06-21

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2017-06-21 - Person found dead in burning car in parking lot at Morton Arboretum in Lisle (Illinois):

2017-06-21 - Passenger plane hit by 'burning smell', plane makes emergency landing in Selma (Alabama):

Quote: "An American Eagle flight with 65 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Selma, Alabama, after the pilot noticed a burning smell in the cabin and cockpit."

2017-06-21 - F-16 bursts into flame during takeoff, pilot ejects, plane crashes, in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "Evacuations were ordered on Wednesday for an area surrounding Ellington Airport after a pilot was forced to eject from a burning F-16 jet. The jet was preparing to take off along with another F-16 assigned to the 138th Fighter Wing stationed at Ellington when a fire broke out on board. The pilot ejected safely and was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, according to NORAD."

Note: These are the 55th and 56th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2017...

2017-06-21 - Recycling center hit by fire, large pile of metal burns, in Albuquerque (New Mexico):

Quote: "According to AFD, units arrived within minutes and reported that a large pile of metal was on fire."

2017-06-21 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, cars burn, in Springfield Township (New Jersey):

2017-06-21 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, scrap buses burn, in San Gwann on the island of Malta:

2017-06-21 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, ten cars burn, in coastal Tuggerah (Australia):

2017-06-21 - Underground electrical fire blacks out commercial area in Flint (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Fire truck bursts into flame at 12:30 AM while parked inside fire station in South Bend (Indiana):

2017-06-21 - Electrical substation damaged by explosion on Colonsay Road in Broadfield, Crawley (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Transformer bursts into flame near Dry Creek Road in Campbell (California):

2017-06-21 - Recycling center erupts in flame, fire gets big, in Canberra (Australia), man has heart problems at the scene:

Quote: "Emergency services confirmed the man had a cardiac episode before he collapsed but was being treated at the Canberra Hospital."

2017-06-21 - Boat and three homes destroyed by fire near river near Parker (Arizona):

Quote: "The following evening, the fire flared up again under the remains of an awning where a boat had burned up."

Note: This is the 519th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-06-21 - Transit bus bursts into flame on road near coastal Chennai (India):

Note: This is the 438th bus to burn in 2017...

2017-06-21 - Tanker truck bursts into flame on Highway 39 near Yellow Grass (Canada):

2017-06-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania):

2017-06-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-83 in Susquehanna Township (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports there is a tractor trailer on fire on I-83 northbound near the I-81 interchange in Susquehanna Township."

2017-06-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame near I-75 in Detroit (Michigan):

2017-06-21 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-25 near Glenrock (Wyoming):

2017-06-21 - Tractor and baler destroyed by fire on Tinsley Lane near Dix (Illinois):

2017-06-21 - Tractor and machine shed destroyed by fire in rural Chapin (Iowa):

Quote: "The fire destroyed a machine shed and all of its contents, including a tractor."

2017-06-21 - Tractor (forager) bursts into flame on Brimclose Road in Dinnington, South Petherton (Britain):

Note: These are the 1086th, 1087th, 1088th, 1089th, 1090th, 1091st, 1092nd and 1093rd tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-06-21 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on US 101 in coastal Ventura (California):

2017-06-21 - Box truck bursts into flame at Sportsman's Royal Manor in Las Vegas (Nevada), 2 injured:

2017-06-21 - Box truck bursts into flame on New Circle Road in Lexington (Kentucky):

2017-06-21 - Box truck bursts into flame near mall in Bethesda (Maryland):

2017-06-21 - Dump truck bursts into flame on Sunny Bank Road in Mirfield (Britain), near the River Calder:

2017-06-21 - RV bursts into flame on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Bear Creek Township (Pennsylvania):

2017-06-21 - RV, RV trailer and mobile home destroyed by fire near Clearlake Oaks (California), near Clear Lake:

Quote: "Beristianos said that findings are still preliminary, but so far they believe the fire started in a motorhome alongside a fifth wheel trailer and a doublewide mobile home, all of which burned."

2017-06-21 - Two RVs, three RV trailers, pickup truck, two homes,  mobile home and shed go up in flames in Bend (Oregon):

Quote: "Howe said the fire destroyed or damaged two houses, a mobile home, a large shed, two campers, a pickup truck and three camp trailers. A third house sustained minor damage, he added."

2017-06-21 - RV bursts into flame at 5:40 AM while parked at James’s Touring Caravan Park on Llangollen Road in Ruabon (Britain):

Note: These are the 273rd, 274th, 275th, 276th and 277th RVs to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-06-21 - Church minibus bursts into flame in Paterson (New Jersey), two other fires too:

2017-06-21 - Van and car go up in flames at 12:55 AM while parked on Wedgwood Crescent in Dawley, Telford (Britain):

2017-06-21 - SUV bursts into flame on Quance Street in Regina (Canada):

2017-06-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at gas station in Atlantic (Iowa):

2017-06-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Highway 37 in San Antonio (Texas):

2017-06-21 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on the A249 in Detling (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked in parking garage in Fullerton (California):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked at Devil’s Creek River Access in Lee County (Iowa):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame at 2:48 AM while parked at home on North 26th Street in Sheboygan (Wisconsin):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked on Fifth Street in Upper Sandusky (Ohio):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame on tow truck on the Manchester Expressway in Columbus (Georgia):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame on Route 422 in Upper Providence Township (Pennsylvania):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame on Cherry Valley Road in Saylorsburg (Pennsylvania):

2017-06-21 - Six taxis destroyed by fire at 12:30 AM while parked at business in Tullamarine (Australia), 9 miles from the coast:

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked on Chester Road in Erdington (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home on Charter Street in Chatham (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame on Apsley Road in coastal St Helier on the island of Jersey (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame at 1:07 AM on Chinchilla Drive in Hounslow (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Car bursts into flame at 5:30 AM at gas station along the A30 near Launceston (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 11:20 PM on North Barrow Hill in North Barrow (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Motorcycle bursts into flame on Broad Lane Close in Cottingham (Britain), 4.20 miles from the coast:

Quote: "Broad Lane Close, Cottingham. Wed 21 Jun 2017 22:02 (No:13498) Motorcycle fire. One hose reel in use."

2017-06-21 - ATV bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to second ATV, in Harvard (Illinois):

Quote: "An all-terrain vehicle that caught fire Tuesday night near a home in Harvard exploded and started a second ATV on fire. The Harvard Fire Protection District responded about 6 p.m. Tuesday to a report that an ATV had caught fire near a residence on Streit Road in Harvard, Fire Lt. Mike Veronese said. As firefighters responded to the call, they got another call that the first ATV that had caught fire had exploded and ignited a second ATV."

2017-06-21 - Hoverboard bursts into flame in home, fire spreads to home, in coastal Riviera Beach (Florida):

2017-06-21 - Auto shop heavily damaged by fire in Farmington (Minnesota):

2017-06-21 - Auto shop goes up in flames on Whiscombe Lane in Somerton (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Cars and car dealership destroyed by fire in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe):

2017-06-21 - Barn destroyed by huge blaze near Beatrice (Nebraska):

2017-06-21 - Barn full of hay destroyed by fire in Stoford (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Barn damaged by fire in Wisborough Green (Britain):

2016-06-21 - Wildfire grows to 1300 acres, destroys 5+ homes, near Sonoita (Arizona):

2017-06-21 - Wildfire grows to 4680 acres near Jiggs (Nevada):

2017-06-21 - Around 300 tons of waste go up in flames on Midland Road in Nuneaton (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Pet store heavily damaged by fire before 2 AM in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2017-06-21 - Hardware store damaged by fire at 11 PM in Lafayette (Georgia):

2017-06-21 - Storage building destroyed by fire at 5:45 AM in coastal Gloucester Point (Virginia):

2017-06-21 - Meat packing business damaged by fire at 7 AM in Lenoir City (Tennessee):

2017-06-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Quincy (Massachusetts):

2017-06-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire in Borger (Texas), nobody there:

2017-06-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 5:37 AM on Spring Creek Road near Hagerstown (Maryland), nobody there:

2017-06-21 - Home heavily damaged by fire just before 4:30 AM in Macon (Georgia):

2017-06-21 - Home destroyed by fire at 1:40 AM in Kansas City (Missouri):

2017-06-21 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Shively area in Louisville (Kentucky):

2017-06-21 - Deadly fire burns home in the Waters Edge Community in Fayetteville (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Deadly fire burns home at 11:38 PM in Rochester (New Hampshire), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Vacant home burns at 5:05 AM in Omaha (Nebraska):

2017-06-21 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 4:07 AM in Yakima (Washington):

2017-06-21 - Two humpback whales die near coastal Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge (Massachusetts):

2017-06-21 - Whale washes ashore dead in coastal Hatay Province (Turkey):

2017-06-21 - Hundreds of fish wash up dead in Westwood Lake in Weathersfield (Ohio):

2017-06-21 - Man and son, 38 and 6, found dead in the water at Dicks Creek Falls in Lumpkin County (Georgia):

2017-06-21 - Three men, 33, 33 and 29, found dead in submerged pickup truck in the Green River near Vernal (Utah):

2017-06-21 - Two girls, 9 and 8, found dead in pond in Tangail (Bangladesh):

2017-06-21 - Man, 41 or 42, goes missing while diving, next seen dead in the water near coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

2017-06-21 - Man, 35, has 'medical condition', car hits car head-on, man dies, in Canby (Oregon):

Quote: "A driver died after crashing head-on into another car Monday afternoon in Canby, police said. The driver, a 35-year-old man, died from what appear to be unrelated causes while being rushed to a hospital, Canby police said in a news release. Authorities don't know specifically what caused his death, police said."

Quote: "KATU-TV reports the man was driving erratically because of a medical condition. His cause of death is under investigation, according to police."

2017-06-21 - Man, 86, found dead in swimming pool at home in San Antonio (Texas):

2017-06-21 - Man found naked and dead face-down near home on Bee Creek Road in Spicewood (Texas):

2017-06-21 - Girl, 14, found dead at landfill in Arlington (Texas):

2017-06-21 - Man found dead in canal in Turlock (California):

2017-06-21 - Person drops dead beneath overpass in Fresno (California):

2017-06-21 - Woman found dead near IHOP in Chico (California):

2017-06-21 - Person found dead in the water near pier in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2017-06-21 - Man, 54, found dead in the Trout River in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2017-06-21 - Man found dead in alley in Roswell (New Mexico):

2017-06-21 - Woman found dead in the Flathead River near Columbia Falls (Montana):

2017-06-21 - Man, 65, found dead in Canyon Lake (Texas), empty 'ghost boat' found nearby:

2017-06-21 - Boy, 15, found dead in the water at Canyon Lake Dam (Texas):

2017-06-21 - Woman, 51, drops dead in apartment in coastal Newport News (Virginia):

2017-06-21 - Man found dead in the Congaree River in Columbia (South Carolina):

2017-06-21 - Person found dead in Sheldon Lake in City Park in Fort Collins (Colorado):

2017-06-21 - Person found dead in ditch in Green Garden Township (Illinois):

2017-06-21 - Woman, 30, found dead at 4:45 AM in jail cell in Rhea County (Tennessee):

2017-06-21 - Man, 50, found dead near his home in Salem Township (Michigan):

2017-06-21 - Man found dead in the Mira River in Albert Bridge (Canada):

2017-06-21 - Person found dead near porta-potties at Salish Park in Chilliwack (Canada):

2017-06-21 - Man, 47, drops dead in office in coastal Kuching (Malaysia):

2017-06-21 - Man found dead at bottom of stairs at carpark in coastal Padstow (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Man in his 40s has 'medical emergency', utility truck hits parked cars, bursts into flame, in Whittier (California), 1 injured:

Quote: "A driver had a medical emergency Wednesday that caused him to crash a utility truck into several parked cars, sparking a fire that spread to a nearby building. The crash was reported at 1:30 p.m. in the 6500 block of Greenleaf Avenue, according to the Whittier Police Department. One of vehicles caught fire, causing an adjacent building to also catch fire, police said, adding that firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze. Only the driver, a man in his 40s, was injured, police said, but his condition was not immediately available."

2017-06-21 - Medical plane crashes into the Amazon River in Roraima (Brazil), engine failure, 1 killed:

Quote: "A Brazilian pilot has been celebrated for crash landing a malfunctioning plane into the Amazon River in an attempt to save his passenger’s life. Elcides Rodrigues Pereira, 64, was flying nurse Ednilson Cardoso, 28, to tend a sick child in a remote indigenous community last Wednesday afternoon when one of the single-engine plane’s propellers stopped working an hour into the flight, local publication Globo reports."

2017-06-21 - Passenger bus brakes fail, bus overturns, en route to coastal Thiruvananthapuram (India), 40 injured:

2017-06-21 - Passenger bus veers off road and crashes, near coastal Lautoka (Fiji Islands), 11 lightly injured:

2017-06-21 - Two tractor trailers crash, both go up in flames, on I-55 near Edwardsville (Illinois):

2017-06-21 - Tractor trailer overturns on Highway 34 in Big Thompson Canyon (Colorado):

2017-06-21 - SUV veers over centerline, hits car head-on, near Redmond (Oregon), 1 killed, 4 injured:

2017-06-21 - SUV veers over centerline at 6:30 AM, hits car head-on, in Salem Township (Michigan), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2017-06-21 - Pickup truck crashes into culvert, bursts into flame, near El Toro (Texas), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Car veers over centerline at 6:40 AM, hits semi head-on, near Sanford (Canada), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Car and SUV collide head-on, in Horsham (Pennsylvania), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2017-06-21 - Car and SUV collide head-on, car bursts into flame, in Hopkinton (Massachusetts), 4 injured:

2017-06-21 - Two cars collide head-on, on Mississippi River bridge in St. Louis (Missouri), 2 killed:

2017-06-21 - Two cars collide head-on, near Longmont (Colorado), 2 injured:

2017-06-21 - Two cars crash, one bursts into flame, in coastal St. John’s (Canada):

2017-06-21 - Car veers off road, plunges down embankment, in Poway (California), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Car veers off road, hits tree, bursts into flame, ignites brush fire, near Madras (Oregon), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Car veers off road, hits tree, overturns, near Northport (Alabama), 1 killed:

2017-06-21 - Car veers off road at 1 AM, hits tree, bursts into flame, near Smithfield (North Carolina), 2 killed:

2017-06-21 - Naked woman bites 30-year-old man on face and chest before 1:30 AM, he dies (though maybe not from the bites), in San Antonio (Texas):

Quote: "Police are investigating the bizarre death of a man who was apparently bitten before he died early Wednesday morning. According to preliminary information provided by the San Antonio Police Department, the victim called 911 at about 1:30 a.m. and said a woman who was with him was having a psychotic attack. When officers arrived to his apartment on Vance Jackson near Huebner Road, a naked woman answered the door and the victim was sitting in a chair with bite marks to his face and chest. He also had blood on his mouth. Paramedics determined he was having a heart attack and tried to save him, but he died at the scene. Police said the woman admitted to biting him and said she had taken her clothes off to show she could be free of him."

Quote: "Police said the woman admitted she had hit him in the face and bit Angulo-Fernandez during the argument."

2017-06-21 - Naked man chases woman and her kids in coastal Padstow (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures two young children strapped in car seats in minivan in Lancaster (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Witnesses said the boy was covered in blood. Grab said, 'I mean he didn't really have a face when he got up. It was gone.'"

2017-06-21 - Black bear attacks and injures woman in Graham County (Arizona):

2017-06-21 - Hyena attacks and injures woman, woman loses fingers, in Karaba (Kenya):

2017-06-21 - Huge chunk of seaside cliff collapses at coastal Seaford Head (Britain):

2017-06-21 - Man, 49, has difficulty breathing on ship in the Gulf of Mexico near Sapelo Sound (Georgia), medevac'd off:

2017-06-21 - Yellowstone supervolcano shaken by 464 earthquakes in just one week:

2017-06-21 - Rising sea level washing away islands in the Solomon Islands:

2017-06-21 - Heatwave bakes France:

2016-06-21 - Record high temperatures grip much of the globe, more hot weather to come – heatwaves have arrived unusually early in 2017:

2017-06-21 - Rising temperatures threaten coffee in Ethiopia:

Note: Nooooo, not coffee doom!

2017-06-21 - Tropics in trouble as rising heat, humidity push populations to the edge:

2017-06-21 - Scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps:

Quote: "A gradual rise of CO2 within the atmosphere can hit a tipping point, triggering abrupt temperature shifts that drastically affect the climate across the Northern Hemisphere.”

2017-06-21 - Is Petermann Glacier breaking apart this summer?

2017-06-21 - Huge ice shelf continues melting in Antarctica, could crack off anytime:

2017-06-21 - Lightning strike kills man in Martin County (Florida):

2017-06-21 - Large hailstones pound Scotland County (Missouri):

2017-06-21 - Tropical Storm Cindy roars ashore on the US Gulf Coast:

2017-06-21 - Scary 'Independence Day' thunderstorm swallows up Saratov (Russia):

2017-06-21 - The jet stream is crossing the equator:

2017-06-21 - Two-month countdown to total solar eclipse that will darken US skies from Oregon to South Carolina:

2017-06-21 - Trump is handing US government over to fossil fuel interests – the appointments, the policies, the rhetoric — it's not subtle:

2017-06-21 - 69 percent of Americans do not have an adequate emergency fund:

2017-06-21 - Bald eagle swoops down and snatches fish off fishing boat in Vancouver (Canada):


  1. Hey Jonny - I'm sittin' in baggage claim @ Midway airport in Chicago waiting to change planes.

    Now how in the world did those 3 young guys end up dead and parked under water? Questions abound with lots of the other stories too.

    Large hailstones pound Altai, Russia; breaking car windows, damaging roofs and ruining harvests

    'Rare' sun halo seen over the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan

    Red jellyfish sprites with halo of light captured over Austria

    22-degree sun halo spotted in Huntsville, Alabama

    Cell phone radiation is higher than manufacturers claim


  2. Have a safe flight! Where ye be off to? California?

  3. Yep. Heh - stupid me, I sat in baggage claim, but the bag was automatically transferred to the next flight. Luckily I breezed through TSA again and am on the plane to San Jose now. My wife went nuts when I told her. I don't travel well and get confused easily. Ev'ryt'ing irae now!


  4. Landed early in sunny CA!

    Research shows the seabed has become much warmer

    Comparing the climate of the past with now

    The Heat Wave in SW United States

    Financial collapse predicted



  5. Shock And Aw Fuck Not This Again!!!

    By my calculation, all sectors have now peaked. The only thing holding this market up now is non-stop bullshit...

    The CappuccinoConomy Is Collapsing

    According to Supply Side *free trade* orthodoxy, the Idiocracy has secured competitive advantage in cappuccino production. Unfortunately it's not a sustainable advantage, because $5 lattes are now competing with Maxwell House and tequila on the linoleum:
    [graph of Starbucks vs coffee: more]

    The Fed Is Stoking Deflation: 2 + 2 = 5

    Depressed energy prices are stoking worries that the recent raft of weak inflation numbers may be more than “transitory,” which, analysts say, could derail the Fed’s timetable for future interest rate increases. [more]

    Mysterious volcano-shaped pyramid baffles scientists in Peru

    News Links, June 23, 2017
    Rice Farmer

    All The Gold In The World Can't Cover US Debt

    Vulnerability of indebted households to hit 'historic' levels as rates rise, PBO warns (Canada)

    This Will Whack US Auto Component Manufacturers

    New CEO Cuts Costs: Ford shifts production of compact car from Michigan and Mexico to China.

    Real estate values have tanked

    Sears Canada Melts Down, Goes Bankrupt, to Lay Off 2,900

    Rise in poverty rate in Paraguay shows farmers hit hardest

    Citizens Will Soon Turn their Rage Towards Central Bankers

    Interior Secretary Advocates For Cutting Up To 4,000 Jobs At Agency

    Aberdeen Says Cryptocurrency Bubble Will Burst Even If Coins Change Finance

    Russia says NATO's drills near its borders raise concern

    We Are Inches From A New World War, And Clintonists Are To Blame

    As ISIS Loses Ground, US Is on a Collision Course With Syria and Iran

    US May Struggle to Pick a Fight With Iran and Not Get Russia Too

    North Korea drone was made with U.S. parts, Seoul says

    Murders spike in Mexico, with May deadliest month in decades

    Republican lawmakers set to introduce legislation calling for a 355-ship Navy

    UAE has secret torture prisons in Yemen, US involved in interrogations – AP

    Potential Chaos in the Kingdom

    Jared Kushner's Pursuit of Middle East Peace Looks a Lot Like Total Surrender to Israel

    America Divided: 'Summer of Rage' Accelerates

    Amid Critical Blackouts, Pakistan Races to Fix Power Network

    Zika-bearing mosquitoes more widespread in U.S. than expected


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    Oil Dependency Climbs As Supply Rises And Prices Fall

    Sinking Louisiana: A Major Threat To Billions In Oil Infrastructure

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    Bed bugs disappeared for 40 years, now they're back with a vengeance. Here's what to know

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    $500,000 Surprise: Health Care Sticker Shock Awaits You in Retirement

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    Ron Paul Interviews Snowden On The "Rise Of The Deep State"

    Cities across the country are using street lights equipped with microphones and surveillance cameras to spy on everyone
    [meanwhile, real terrorists have nothing to fear]

    #Vault7: CIA's secret cyberweapon can infiltrate world's most secure networks

    It Wasn't Just The NSA: Germany Spied On The White House For Years

    64 Years Later, CIA Finally Releases Details Of Iranian Coup
    The history that Iranians have never forgotten, but Americans never knew. -- RF

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    Politics of death: Body count mounts in worldwide wars over land

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    [too many defective airbags]

    Shinkansen trains stopped for 5 hours due to power outage

    Sailors can sue TEPCO, Japanese gov't in U.S. over Fukushima nuclear disaster, court rules

    China deploys new anti-submarine aircraft to fringes of South China Sea

    Chinese stocks fall as government cracks down on mergers and media

    Homelessness surges 34% under Tory Government, with 100,000 more families losing their home compared with 2010

    UK faces shortage of seasonal workers for fruit, vegetable harvest

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    Rising Wages Scare the Fed: "We Need to Get on with This"

    Dakota Access-Style Policing Moves to Pennsylvania's Mariner East 2 Pipeline