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2017 - MAY - Animal Die-Offs

2017-05-01 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Yarkon River (Israel):

2017-05-01 - Dozens of birds die in Matlapa (Mexico), blamed on the heat:

2017-05-02 - Turtles dying in Bowne Park in coastal Queens (New York):

Quote: "The beloved turtle population at Bowne Park has mysteriously been dying off in recent days, according to city officials. NY1 counted more than a dozen turtles floating dead in the water this week. 'And that doesn't count the ones that park visitors have been fishing out of the water and throwing away,' the news station said."

2017-05-02 - Large number of fish found dead in river in Guangxi (China):

2017-05-02 - Thousands of fish found dead in the water in coastal Dunkirk (France):

2017-05-02 - Many fish found dead along 3-kilometer stretch of river in Quang Nam (Vietnam):

2017-05-02 - Deep sea oar fish washes up dead in Surigao City (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "According to Japanese folklore, oarfish are nature's version of prophets of doom."

2017-05-03 - Pilot whale washes ashore dead on coastal Wassaw Island (Georgia):

2017-05-03 - Hundreds of birds crash into building and die in coastal Galveston (Texas):

Note: Maybe they flew through some gas or got hit by some contaminated rain over the Gulf of Mexico and got disoriented. Anybody checking? Nope...

2017-05-03 - Fish found dead in the Navesink River in coastal Red Bank (New Jersey):

2017-05-03 - Olive Ridley turtle found dead at beach in coastal Agonda (India):

2017-05-03 - After massive die-off of murres (birds) in Alaska, the survivors are failing to breed:

Quote: "The massive die-offs that left Alaska beaches coated with tens of thousands of murre carcasses in 2015 and 2016 also took a big toll on the birds' next generation when survivors failed to breed. There was a near-total reproduction failure last year at all of the monitored breeding sites in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea, federal biologists report."

2017-05-03 - Tiger found dead along canal in Chandrapur (India):

2017-05-04 - Elephant suddenly collapses at Riverbanks Zoo, euthanized, in Columbia (South Carolina):

2017-05-04 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead near Rehoboth Beach (Delaware):

Quote: "The whale is the fifth humpback to strand in Delaware waters in less than a year."

Quote: "'It is a cause for concern because this will be the fifth humpback whale that has stranded in Delaware in a 10-month period,' said Suzanne Thurman, executive director of MERR, Delaware’s marine mammal stranding team. 'We would normally see that in a 10-year period.'"

2017-05-04 - Leopard sharks regularly dying in and around coastal San Francisco Bay (California):

Quote: "Bay Area Fish and Wildlife officials are trying to determine the reason behind a spike in leopard sharks dying off around San Francisco Bay. Just Thursday, a large leopard shark was found after it beached itself in Burlingame near the Coyote Point Recreation Area. The concentration of dead leopard sharks is around the Foster City and Redwood Shores area, although numerous others have washed up in Alameda and Marin counties as well as San Francisco. Sean Van Sommeran and the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation have been following the seven week die-off."

2017-05-05 - Gaur found dead in shallow water in pond in Kavalur (India):

2017-05-08 - Young elephant found dead in forest in coastal Surat Thani (Thailand):

2017-05-09 - Dolphin found dead in coastal Charleston Harbor (South Carolina), two other dolphins try to help it:

2017-05-09 - Sea stars dying off hard in Alaska:

2017-05-10 - Another wave of dead fish wash ashore dead along the coast in Kuwait:

2017-05-11 - Thousands of fish found dead in Lake Hancock (Florida):

2017-05-11 - Thousands of fish found dead in the water near the island of Trinidad:

2017-05-12 - Update on the 34 reptiles that suddenly died at a zoo in Knoxville (Tennessee) - killed by unknown toxin:

Quote: "The necropsies - autopsies on bodies of animals - found many of the reptiles had swollen blood vessels and changes in their livers and hearts. UT veterinarians determined the combination of those findings and the sudden deaths of so many animals pointed to a toxic cause. The exact identity of the deadly toxin remains a mystery. Tests couldn't determine the poison."

Note: This sudden and mysterious die-off of zoo animals was mentioned in the 2017-03-25 update...

2017-05-12 - Minke whale washes up dead on beach in Alnmouth (Britain):

2017-05-12 - Fin whale found dead in coastal Puget Sound near coastal Tacoma (Washington):

2017-05-12 - Unknown massive creature washes ashore dead at beach in Maluku (Indonesia):

2017-05-14 - Minke whale washes ashore dead at Grandview Nature Preserve in coastal Hampton (Virginia):

2017-05-14 - 15 cows and 10 goats killed by unknown cause in Naidari Para (Bangladesh):

2017-05-16 - Harbor porpoise washes up dead at coastal Alki Point (Washington):

2017-05-16 - Female tiger shark washes up dead on coastal Juno Beach (Florida):

2017-05-17 - Thousands of fish suddenly bubble up dead in Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe Canal in coastal Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam):

2017-05-17 - Fish found dead in reservoir near coastal Belfast (Ireland):

2017-05-17 - Tiger cub found dead at Nagarahole National Park (India):

2017-05-18 - Sea birds dying off along the coast from Amelia Island to Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida):

Quote: "Pelicans and other species of aquatic birds are reportedly dying off from the coast near Amelia Island all the way south to Ponte Vedra Beach, sea life researchers say. Researchers with the Florida Sea Grant Extension of Northeast Florida, a part of the Unversity of Florida/IFAS Extension Program based in Flagler County, say ospreys, pelicans, gulls, and anhingas are a part of this die-off. These birds appear to become disoriented, the researchers say, and somehow find themselves far from the ocean and their habitats. Their feathers become dry, brittle, bleached and lack proper waterproofing. Some can even be seen bleeding from the mouth."

2017-05-18 - Thousands of fish dying in Kottanatham Lake (India):

2017-05-19 - Whale washes up dead on beach in Criccieth, Wales (Britain):

2017-05-19 - Sperm whale found dead in remote cove in Shetland (Scotland):

2017-05-19 - Shark strands and dies on beach in Chatham (Massachusetts):

2017-05-19 - Tiger found dead in Bhadra Tiger Reserve (India):

Quote: "'There were no wounds on the body. Its teeth, skin and nails were intact.' Officials added that the big male tiger was, in fact, often seen frolicking in the Bhadra backwaters."

2017-05-20 - Hundreds of jellyfish wash up dead in coastal Ceredigion (Britain):

2017-05-20 - Large number of fish found dead in Inga Lake near Fort St. John (Canada):

2017-05-21 - Insects dying off:

2017-05-21 - Adult minke whale found dead in Harwich, Essex, and juvenile minke whale found dead in Felixstowe, Suffolk (Britain):

2017-05-21 - Sperm whale found dead on the coast in Suffolk (Britain):

2017-05-21 - Young tigress found dead near Garra (India):

2017-05-22 - Loon drops dead on Lake Superior beach in Grand Marais (Minnesota):

Quote: "Minnesota Department of Natural Resources area wildlife manager Dave Ingebrigtsen retrieved the bird. Ingebrigtsen said the reason for the loon’s demise is not immediately apparent. He said there is no sign of trauma. He said birds sometimes starve, but this loon seems to have sufficient fat."

2017-05-22 - More than 100 dolphins wash up dead since April on Black Sea coast in Russia:

2017-05-22 - Thousands of sardines found dead in Oman:

2017-05-22 - Many fish, prawn, oysters, crabs and clams found dead in Kien Giang Province (Vietnam):

Quote: "Not only fish but bottom-dwelling species such as prawns, crabs, crabs, and especially deep-sea species like clams and oysters also die in mass."

2017-05-22 - Vast number of fish dying in the Yangtze River (China):

Quote: "The incidence of catfish catfish from March 18 from the sporadic death, to the late April incidence increased, the rapid growth of death, there have been 300 acres of ponds died every day 100,000 kilograms of cases, the peak of Dafeng, Sheyang, etc. The amount of dead fish per day more than 120 million pounds."

2017-05-23 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead at Outer Cove just north of St. John’s (Canada):

2017-05-23 - Fish found dead at pond in Waterworth Park in Salem (Ohio):

2017-05-23 - Dozens of sea birds found dead at beach in coastal San Pedro de la Paz (Chile):

2017-05-23 - Tens of thousands of fish die suddenly in coastal Guangxi (China):

2017-05-24 - Minke whale washes up dead at beach in coastal Southampton (New York):

2017-05-24 - Gray whale washes up dead near Twin Harbors State Park (Washington):

2017-05-25 - Black bear found dead near road in Lumberton (North Carolina):

Quote: "Facebook posts claiming it weighed 456 pounds circulated, showing the animal in the back of a truck, and no obvious injuries were visible."

2017-05-25 - Five killer whales stand and die at beach on the Bay of Plenty (New Zealand):

2017-05-25 - Unprecedented number of dead and injured fish being found, cause unknown, in Nova Scotia (Canada):

2017-05-25 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Murray River near North Yunderup (Australia):

2017-05-26 - Young female blue whale washes up dead at beach in Marin County (California):

2017-05-26 - Minke whale washes up dead on beach in Gower, Wales (Britain):

2017-05-26 - Numerous fish dying in Traxler Park Lagoon in Janesville (Wisconsin):

2017-05-26 - Tigress found dead in stream in Chandrapur (India):

Quote: "The tigress might have died sometime after midnight on Thursday as the carcass had no injury marks."

Note: Dead in the wee hours, in a stream, with no injuries. Doubt that was sunstroke...

2017-05-27 - Increased UVB effecting insect sight, pollinators disappearing across the world:

2017-05-28 - Around 30,000 fish found dead in Rampally Lake (India):

2017-05-28 - A third of the honeybee colonies in America died in 2016, why you should care:

2017-05-29 - Minke whale washes ashore dead on Long Beach Peninsula (Washington):

2017-05-30 - Pelicans found sick and dying along the coast at Ventura and Santa Barbara (California):

2017-05-30 - Sperm whale found dead in coastal Whangarei Harbour (New Zealand):

2017-05-30 - Leopard drops dead in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (India):

2017-05-30 - Fish dying in the Gaspereau River (Canada):

2017-05-31 - Wolf drops dead in Wallowa County (Oregon):

2017-05-31 - Great Barrier Reef can no longer be saved, Australian experts concede:

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