Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 - MAY - Animal Attacks

2017-05-01 - Pit bull attacks and seriously injures man and woman in Detroit (Michigan):

2017-05-02 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills woman in El Paso (Texas):

Quote: "A grandmother who was attacked by bees in east El Paso has died, a family member said."

2017-05-02 - Dog attacks and injures 5-year-old girl in Des Moines (Iowa):

2017-05-02 - Hippo attacks boat, four men fall into the water and die, on Lake Albert (Uganda):

2017-05-03 - Komodo dragon attacks and injures man in West Manggarai (Indonesia):

2017-05-03 - Wild dogs attack and injure 5-year-old boy in Sakarya Province (Turkey):

2017-05-04 - Family dog attacks and injures 2-year-old boy, face attack, in Altus (Arkansas):

2017-05-04 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills one man, injures 5+ more, at Allama Iqbal Open University in Islamabad (Pakistan):

2017-05-04 - Elephant attacks and kills mahout in Dubare (India):

2017-05-05 - Stray cow attacks man for 20 minutes in coastal Gujarat (India):

2017-05-05 - Raccoon attacks and injures woman in Niagara, Ontario (Canada):

2017-05-06 - Shark attacks on the rise along the coast in California:

Quote: "Shark sightings and shark attacks along the California coast have been on the rise. Marine biologists say that the fear generated from these incidents is a reminder that life beyond the shoreline is mostly unknown."

2017-05-06 - Alligator attacks and injures 10-year-old girl at Moss Park in Orange County (Florida):

2017-05-06 - Coyote attacks and kills pet dog in coastal New London (Connecticut):

2017-05-07 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 20 children at school in Nong Bua District (Thailand):

2017-05-07 - Kangaroo attacks and injures 9-year-old girl at animal park in Huntsville (Alabama):

2017-05-07 - Coyote attacks and injures pet dog at park in Aurora (Colorado):

2017-05-08 - Dog attacks and kills baby in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2017-05-08 - Dog attacks and injures woman in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "Just 13 seconds after Las Vegas police received a call about a dog attack that ultimately killed an infant, a call came in for another dog attack that left one woman badly injured."

2017-05-09 - Dogs attack and seriously injure 5-year-old girl in Detroit (Michigan):

2017-05-09 - Bear charges two cyclists in Malino Brdo (Slovakia):

2017-05-09 - Lion attacks and injures circus performer in France:

2017-05-10 - Leopards kill 34 people and injure 350 more over 10 years across Himachal Pradesh (India):

2017-05-10 - Mountain lion attacks and kills pet dog in Spearfish (South Dakota), mountain lion found and killed:

2017-05-10 - Three pit bulls attack and injure man and dog, all three pit bulls shot, 2 killed, in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2017-05-11 - Swarm of black flies sends people fleeing from beach in coastal Weston-super-Mare (Britain):

Quote: "People enjoying the sunshine at Weston-super-Mare were forced to run for cover – after being attacked by a swarm of black flies. Large swarms of the black insects – believed to have been brought to the resort as a result of the good weather - have been plaguing the seafront over the last few days. At one point on Wednesday afternoon the swarms were so large they forced people to run off the beach to get away from them."

2017-05-11 - Grizzly bear attacks and injures man near Cody (Wyoming):

2017-05-11 - Bear enters garage and kills woman's dog at home in La Verne (California):

2017-05-12 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures two women at Mission Trails Regional Park in coastal San Diego (California):

2017-05-12 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 15 people at cemetery in Mérida, Yucatán (Mexico):

2017-05-12 - Two dogs attack and injure two children at bus stop in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

2017-05-12 - Pit bull attacks and injures man and two dogs, retired cop shoots it dead, in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2017-05-12 - Dog attacks and kills owner then munches on him, in Haryana (India):

2017-05-13 - Shark attacks and injures man near Khor Fakkan (UAE):

2017-05-13 - Pack of sloth bears kill 3 people and injure 4 more in Maharashtra (India):

2017-05-14 - Four dogs attack and injure two people in Las Vegas (Nevada), fourth dog attack in a week:

Quote: "A pack of four German Shepherds attacked two people on Sunday morning bringing the total number of dog attacks to four in the span of one week."

2017-05-14 - Pack of stray dogs attacks and kills woman at Manitoba First Nation (Canada):

2017-05-14 - Dog enters school and attacks and injures two children in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2017-05-14 - Black bear attacks and injures man, man fights it off, in Yichun (China):

2017-05-15 - Woman's dog attacks and kills her at home in Redding (Connecticut):

2017-05-16 - Two family dogs attack and injure 8-year-old boy at home in Detroit (Michigan):

2017-05-17 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures ten students in Buea (Cameroon):

2017-05-17 - Leopard attacks and injures three people in village in Maharashtra (India):

2017-05-18 - Pit bull attacks and injures 12-year-old girl in Stickney (Illinois):

2017-05-21 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures 11 people in Curchorem (India):

2017-05-22 - Pack of stray dogs kills fisherman in Kerala (India):

2017-05-22 - Dolphins attacking fishing nets and disrupting fishing in Morocco:

Quote: "Since 2011, catches in Al-Hoceima have dropped by half from 8,972 to 4,576 tons a year, according to official figures."

Note: Survival of the fishest!

2017-05-22 - Coyotes attack and kill dog, another dog missing, in Wallingford (Connecticut):

2017-05-24 - Jackal attacks and injures several people in coastal Mumbai (India):

2017-05-25 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures woman and her dog in Rancho Bernardo (California):

2017-05-25 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man in Ramona (California):

2017-05-25 - Moose attacks and injures woman in Eagle River (Alaska):

2017-05-25 - Bear attacks man, he fights it off, near the Norgaard Lookout near Merritt (Canada):

2017-05-26 - Dog attacks and kills baby girl at home in Grand Rapids (Michigan):

2017-05-26 - Dogs attack and injure man and woman - their owners - in Chesterfield (Britain):

2017-05-28 - Pit bull attacks and injures 11-year-old boy in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2017-05-28 - Bear attacks and kills woman in coastal Akita Prefecture (Japan):

2017-05-29 - Wild boar charges children in Vienna (Austria):

2017-05-29 - Tiger attacks and kills zookeeper at Hamerton Zoo in Cambridgeshire (Britain):

2017-05-30 - Mountain lion attacks and lightly injures man near Libby (Montana):

2017-05-31 - Buzzards attacking people at park near Lisse (Netherlands), park closed:

2017-05-31 - Pit bull attacks and injures girl at home near Alexandria (Minnesota):

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