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2017 - MAY - Multiple Corpses

2017-05-01 - Two men, 20 and 21, found dead in swimming pool in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2017-05-01 - Two children, 16 and 13, go to bathe, both die in the River Ghaghot in Rangpur (Bangladesh):

2017-05-02 - Van bursts into flame and kills 7+ people on road near Rawalpindi (Pakistan):

Quote: "At least seven passengers died of burn injuries when a van caught fire owing to a short circuit in the wiring near Chahan on Chakri Road here on Tuesday, police and Rescue 1122 informed The Nation on Tuesday."

2017-05-02 - Three men, 50, 56 and 58, found dead in apartment in Asheville (North Carolina):

2017-05-02 - Four men go hunting, two found dead so far in the Rocher River (Canada):

2017-05-02 - Couple, 30 and 40, go to bathe, next seen dead in river, in Thamarassery (India):

Note: Did they put water on their heads? I bet they did...

2017-05-02 - Three children, 9, 10 and 12, found dead in water tank in Mandrail (India):

Quote: "The police said that one of the boys was standing on the edge of the tank. He lost control and fell into the 10-feet-deep tank. The other two boys tried to rescue their friend and jumped into the tank but they didn't know how to swim and died due to drowning."

Note: Cool story, but unless they were psychics with remote-viewing powers then it's entirely made up. Nobody was around when these kids died and nobody even knew the children had 'drowned' until they'd been missing a while. You can't tell what happened just by eyeballing three kids laying dead in the water. They're just making sh#t up to keep the gullible people there clueless as they die. That's no different than 'the authorities' are doing everywhere else; they're just really obvious about it in India. They must not have attended their Deceiving The People 101 class!

2017-05-02 - Two girls, 7 and 12, fall into well and die in Mahuakheda (India):

2017-05-03 - Two workers, both mid-30s, drop dead in sewer manhole in Patna (India), man saves two more then collapses:

Quote: "Two other cleanliness staffers of PMC, who went into the manhole to save them, fell unconscious as they were affected by the poisonous gas in the sewer. The fire service was called in and Pawan Kumar, a fireman, went into the manhole and brought out the two unconscious men and the two others who had died. Kumar became unconscious immediately after coming out."

2017-05-03 - Three sisters, 9, 7 and 2, go to collect flowers, all three found dead in swamp in Kosum Phisai District (Thailand):

2017-05-03 - Person throws money into the Sidhwan Canal, two boys jump in and die, in Ludhiana (India):

2017-05-04 - Man, 60, experienced diver dies while diving, and man, 70 found dead in the water at beach, on the island of Saipan:

2017-05-04 - Five people die at beaches in Portugal, Marines called in to help keep people alive:

2017-05-04 - Three boys, 15, 16 and 17, go to bathe, all three found dead in the Sind Siver in Dipar (India):

2017-05-04 - Two sisters, 14 and 10, found dead in watery pit in Tamil Nadu (India):

2017-05-05 - Two men, 27 and 30, die in the water in the Canary Islands (Spain):

Quote: "Separate incidents in Gran Canaria and Tenerife follow death of Scottish woman who fell 100ft from [coastal] Benidorm balcony last weekend..."

2017-05-05 - Two women, maids, both 18, fall off high-rises and die in Gaur City (India), possible topplers:

2017-05-05 - Couple slumps over dead in car in coastal Taipei (Taiwan):

Quote: "Investigators suspect the pair were overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning as exhaust fumes built up inside the vehicle."

Note: The car was out on a street, not in an enclosed area where carbon monoxide could accumulate. Unless there was something seriously wrong with their car then there's no way they were gassed by carbon monoxide. More likely they were gassed by a heavier-than-air gas that blew along the ground and hit their car, like hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean in that coastal city, which would create two corpses with no injuries and would LOOK like carbon monoxide poisoning...

2017-05-05 - Three men, 28, 34 and 41, found dead in well in Makénéné (Cameroon):

Quote: "The population could not believe how a ten metre well will claim the lives of 3 huge men, and have termed the situation witchcraft."

2017-05-05 - Two college students, 20 and 21, found dead in pond on campus in Kolkata (India):

2017-05-06 - Two girls, 5 and 7, found dead in pond in Narayanganj (Bangladesh):

2017-05-06 - Two boys, 10 and 14, die in pond in Kalaburagi (India):

2017-05-06 - Two soldiers go to bathe, next seen dead in the Tawi River in Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir (India):

2017-05-06 - Father and son die in river in Reasi District of Jammu and Kashmir (India):

2017-05-07 - 18 miners gassed to death, 37 injured, in coal mine in Hunan Province (China):

Quote: "A gas leak in a coal mine in central China has killed 18 people, local authorities said Monday. The leak happened on Sunday morning when miners were working in the shaft of the mine in Youxian county in Hunan province, according to a statement from the propaganda department of the Communist Party committee of Zhuzhou city, which administers the area. Rescuers managed to bring to safety 37 miners who are receiving hospital treatment, it said."

2017-05-07 - Two girls, 11 and 12, die at water park in coastal Kampot Province (Thailand):

2017-05-07 - Fatal 'drownings' increase more than 150% from 2015 to 2016 in Oman:

Quote: "According to statistics from the General Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) related to drowning incidents, there were 286 incidents in 2016, compared to 113 in 2015, showing a dramatic increase."

2017-05-08 - Man and woman found dead in submerged van in jetty in coastal Venice (Florida):

Note: Also see the man in his 40s who died while free diving at a beach in Venice on this day...

2017-05-08 - Two people found dead in the Yukon River near Whitehorse (Canada):

2017-05-08 - Two boys, 15 and 18, die in the Gomti River (India):

2017-05-08 - Two students found dead in the Western Yamuna Canal in Yamunanagar District (India):

2017-05-08 - Three people, 16, 18 and 19, go for swim, all of them found dead in pond in Valigonda (India):

2017-05-08 - Three students found dead in Yapala Lake in Telangana (India):

2017-05-08 - Man and girl, 34 and 5, found dead at waterfall near Bhawanipatna (India):

2017-05-09 - Two men, 46 and 35, go out on boat, next seen dead in the sea near coastal Port Logan (Scotland):

2017-05-10 - Woman and boy found dead with submerged vehicle in the Fraser River in Richmond (Canada), others missing:

2017-05-10 - Two men, both mid-20s, found dead in pond in Kulamavu (India):

2017-05-10 - Two boys, 12 and 15, found dead in pond in coastal Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai (India):

2017-05-10 - Six students go for swim in river, all six found dead, in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (China):

2017-05-10 - Two girls, 6 and 7, go to bathe, next seen dead in the Bangali River in Bogra (Bangladesh):

2017-05-11 - Two men, 25 and 28, Czech tourists, die while snorkeling in Kayangan Lake (Philippine Islands):

Note: I guess you could say they Czech'd out!

2017-05-11 - In two incidents, four children, 5, 9, 8 and 8, die in ponds in Cambodia:

2017-05-11 - Man and son, 51 and 17, die in river at temple in Tirunelveli (India):

2017-05-11 - Two girls, 7 and 9, found dead in pond in Malappuram (India):

2017-05-11 - Two boys, 10 and 15, die in the River Gin in Gintota Galle on the island of Sri Lanka:

2017-05-12 - In separate incidents, two boys found dead in pond, and two girls found dead in ditch, in Bihar (India):

2017-05-12 - Man and boy, 18 and 16, go to bathe, next seen dead in the water in Rekhya (India):

Quote: "Both of them were on a visit to the home of their grandparents at Rekhya to spend holidays. On Friday evening, both had ventured into Gundia rivulet near the hanging bridge near Adenja temple for taking bath. However, for unknown reasons, they drowned."

2017-05-13 - Passenger bus bursts into flame and kills 3+ people, injures 23+ people, in Rampura Phul (India):

Quote: "Three people died and 23 suffered burns in a fire that broke out in a luxury bus late on Saturday evening at Rampura in the district, a policeman said. Rayia Transport Company’s (RTC) bus was on its way to Ludhiana when it caught fire on the Bathinda-Barnala Road. Ten passengers of the 23 are in serious condition, SSP Bathinda Naveen Singla said."

Note: This is the 364th bus to burn in 2017...

2017-05-13 - Boy, 6, dies in swimming pool at home in Avondale (Arizona), 3-year-old dies in a swimming pool in Avondale too:

2017-05-13 - Five people, 70, 65, 45, 22 and infant, found dead in home in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2017-05-14 - Five people die while swimming Hawkes Bay in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

Quote: "Five persons including two brothers drowned in Karachi’s Hawkes Bay beach while bathing near camp point on Sunday morning."

Note: Similar to the five people who died at calm safe Camber Sands Beach in Britain last August, mentioned in the 2016-08-24 update...

2017-05-14 - Two brothers die in spring in Nowshera (Pakistan):

2017-05-14 - Three men, 23, 23 and 22, die in the Ganga River near Sirasu (India):

2017-05-14 - Three teenagers, 13, 15 and 15, die in canal in Yamunanagar (India):

2017-05-14 - Three boys, 15, 14 and 12, die in water tank in Timmapur (India):

2017-05-15 - Two students, 15 and 17, die in quarry pit near Ambur (India):

2017-05-15 - Two people die in the Mahanadi River in Odisha (India):

2017-05-15 - Two teenagers die in canal in Sohbatpur District (Pakistan):

2017-05-15 - Two girls, 6 and 7, found dead in temple pond in Buriram Province (Thailand):

2017-05-16 - Family of five and a friend die in septic tank in Nanshan (China):

Quote: "A family-of-five has tragically drowned in a septic tank while trying to rescue each other from the toxic mixture of animal urine and waste."

2017-05-17 - Two men, 22 and 24, die in reservoir in Srikakulam (India):

2017-05-17 - Boy, 15, and man, 20, die in the water at beach in coastal Chennai (India):

2017-05-17 - Two people die in the River Swat (Pakistan):

2017-05-17 - Two boys, 10 and 11, found dead in pond in Tangail (Bangladesh), 3 other water deaths in coastal Chittagong too:

2017-05-17 - Brother and sister, 10 and 7, go to wash their hands, next seen dead in pond, in Suborno Char Upazila (Bangladesh), another death too:

2017-05-18 - Three men, 25, 27 and 35, die in lake in Surajkund (India):

2017-05-18 - Five children, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 11, go to bathe in pond, all five found dead in pond, in Sagwara (India):

2017-05-19 - Eight people die while cleaning sewer in coastal Dalian (China):

Quote: "Eight villagers died while cleaning a sewage discharge outlet Friday in Dalian, a port city in northeast China's Liaoning Province, local authorities said. The accident happened at around 8:30 a.m. in Yanchang Village of Longtou Community in Lushunkou District, the press office of the district's Party committee said in a statement. It said the cause of the deaths is under investigation. Exposure to toxic sewer gas such as methane and hydrogen sulfide can be fatal."

2017-05-19 - Three people found dead in submerged car in the Town of Sorrento (Louisiana):

2017-05-19 - Mother and son found dead in apartment in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2017-05-19 - Brother and sister, 10 and 8, found dead in sump in Kommaddi (India):

2017-05-19 - Two children found dead in pond in Sukkur (Pakistan):

2017-05-20 - Man and daughter, 11, die in Lake Whitney (Texas):

Quote: "The Hill County Sheriff's Office said that the father and daughter went out to the lake for a swim when the child went under and did not resurface. Authorities said the father tried to rescue the child but did not resurface either."

2017-05-21 - Four people found dead in the water in coastal Karachi (Pakistan), two more missing:

2017-05-21 - Woman and man, 18 and 28, die in the water at beaches in coastal Pangasinan (Philippine Islands), 3 other water deaths too:

2017-05-21 - Man and boy, 60 and 6, die in lake in Hunsur (India):

2017-05-22 - 26 kids found dead in water in one month in Warangal (India):

2017-05-22 - Three sisters, 7, 5 and 3, found dead in stream in Bauchi State (Nigeria):

2017-05-22 - Two girls, 10 and 11, found dead in the Mathabhanga River in Chuadanga (Bangladesh):

2017-05-23 - Seven more people die in the water at beaches in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

Quote: "Seven more people, including four school students who were also childhood friends, drowned while swimming in the waters of different beaches in Karachi on Tuesday, taking the drowning death toll in the past 10 days to 18."

2017-05-23 - Two boys, both 7, found dead in pond in Belkud (India):

2017-05-23 - Four people found dead in the Jhanjabati River in Rayagada (India):

2017-05-23 - Two men, 20 and 22, found dead in reservoir in Nashik (India):

2017-05-24 - Four children, all 12, found dead in lake in Phú Yên Province (Vietnam):

2017-05-24 - Three children die in puddles in Tangail (Bangladesh):

2017-05-24 - Two sisters, 8 and 9, go to bathe in pond, next seen dead in pond, in Mayurbhanj, Odisha (India):

2017-05-24 - Man and boy, 19 and 17, found dead in the Wardha River in Ballarpur (India):

2017-05-24 - Three students die in the Ganga River in Kanpur (India):

2017-05-24 - Five people, ages 15 to 18, die in the Ullah River near Saidhary (India):

2017-05-24 - Couple, 49 and 45, die in dam reservoir in coastal Kanyakumari District (India):

2017-05-24 - Man and woman found dead in the Krishna River in Vijayawada (India):

2017-05-25 - Passenger bus bursts into flame and kills 9+ people on road in Bihar (India), 10+ injured:

2017-05-25 - Two men, 68 and 75, found dead in water near raft near coastal Shaktoolik (Alaska):

2017-05-25 - Woman and boy found dead in pond in Khutuguda, Odisha (India):

2017-05-26 - Two men and boy, 18, 22 and 14, found dead in the Buriganga River in Keraniganj (Bangladesh), child dies separately too:

2017-05-26 - Three men found dead in Hirakud Reservoir near Jawahar Minar in Odisha (India):

2017-05-26 - Man and boy, 28 and 15, die in the water at beach in coastal Vypeen (India):

2017-05-27 - Car goes up in flames and kills couple and daughter, 52, 50 and 24, near East Coast Road in coastal Kalpakkam (India):

Quote: "Three of a family were charred to death when the car in which they were travelling caught fire at Manamai near here late last night. The incident occurred at Manamai near Mamallapuram when the trio (a man, his wife and daughter) were returning to Chennai after visiting the place to take a look at a residential layout, police said. The car's engine was idling for some time when it caught fire, they added. The locals, who noticed the car catching fire alerted personnel of the Fire department and police."

2017-05-27 - Two men, 24 and unknown, found dead in 24 hours in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):

2017-05-27 - Two boys, 14 and 15, found dead in the River Darna in Nashik (India), two more boys missing:

2017-05-27 - Two boys found dead in the Upper Bari Doab Canal near Sultanwind (India):

2017-05-27 - Cousins, 5 and 6, go to bathe in pond, next seen dead in pond, in Comilla (Bangladesh):

2017-05-28 - Two men drop dead in separate rooms at same hotel in Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "Two North Korean citizens have been found dead at a hotel in west Moscow. The bodies were found in separate hotel rooms on Saturday, Russia's state-owned TASS news agency reported. Both are believed to have died of acute heart failure."

Note: Moscow, which has been hit repeatedly by hydrogen sulfide in the last year or so, more times than any other city on the planet...

2017-05-28 - Father and son, 38 and 7, die in pond in Lalmonirhat (Bangladesh):

2017-05-28 - Two men, both 22, found dead in canal in Haridwar (India):

2017-05-28 - Two men, both 19, found dead in the water at beach in coastal Mandarmoni (India):

2017-05-29 - Couple found dead in the water at beach on the island of Crete (Greece):

2017-05-29 - Two boys, 15 and 17, found dead in river in Simpang Pulai (Malaysia):

2017-05-30 - Man and boy, 31 and 3, found dead in swimming pool only 3-5 feet deep at apartments in Novi (Michigan):

Quote: "The depth of that pool ranges from 3 to 5 feet, begging the question how did it happen."

2017-05-30 - Mother and daughters, 48, 21 and 17, found dead in pond in Belur (India):

2017-05-30 - Two men and boy, 18, 18 and 17, found dead in river in Yamuna (India), another missing:

2017-05-31 - Two teens, 16 and 17, found dead in the Gandak River in Bihar (India), another missing:

2017-05-31 - Two men, early 20s, die in river in Rajasthan (India):

2017-05-31 - Man and boy, 22 and 15, die in the Jhelum Canal (Pakistan):

Note: They may have banned 'drowning' at beaches in Karachi, but it's still okay to 'drown' in canals, lakes, rivers and ponds!

2017-05-31 - Children, 9 and 6, found dead in pond in Goth Ghulam Muhammad Umrani (Pakistan):

2017-05-31 - Couple found dead at home in coastal Naples (Florida):

Quote: "A husband and wife were found dead, and deputies are saying the deaths are not suspicious."

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