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Event Update For 2013-08-24

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions
2013-08-24 - Metal recycling business hit by raging fire in Waxahachie (Texas):
Quote: "According to its website, Oak Cliff Recycling processes steel, rebar, iron stainless, aluminum, brass, motors, aluminum, copper and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals."
2013-08-24 - Steel factory hit by massive blaze in Bara (Nepal):
2013-08-24 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, nine vehicles burn, in Crystal Springs (Mississippi):
Quote: "They say nine junk cars were stacked up, ready to be crushed. In the process, that spark--from an unknown source--caused all nine cars to go up in flames."
Note: Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with rusty iron/steel. From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers." There've been lots of fires like this lately, the biggest of which was an enormous pile of scrap metal that burst into flame in coastal New Jersey a few days prior to this event, as mentioned in the 2013-08-20 update...

2013-08-24 - Recycling plant erupts in flame in Chateauguay (Canada):

2013-08-24 - Explosion rocks glue factory in coastal Chittagong (Bangladesh), 3 injured:

2013-08-24 - Transformer explodes and burns in Ramona (California), near the coast, 900 homes go dark:

Quote: "We were just sitting in the station and we heard an explosion outside and we went out and a power pole was on fire about 200 yards away..."

2013-08-24 - Yosemite wildfire swallowing everything in its path in California, San Francisco declares emergency:

Quote: "The 200-square-mile Rim Fire that’s edged into Yosemite National Park prompted California Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency for San Francisco, which relies on water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir inside the park."

Quote: "The fire threatens some 5,500 residences, according to the U.S. Forest Service. It has destroyed four homes and 12 outbuildings, and it has forced the closure of a 4-mile stretch of State Route 120, one of three entrances into Yosemite on the west side."

Quote: "The fire has grown so large and is burning dry timber and brush with such ferocity that it has created its own weather pattern, making it difficult to predict in which direction it will move."

Quote: "Fire crews are clearing brush and setting sprinklers to protect two groves of giant sequoias threatened by the blaze, AP reported late Saturday. The trees grow naturally only on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada and are among the largest and oldest living things on earth."

2013-08-24 - Boat bursts into flame while docked at Millionaire Cove in Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri):

2013-08-24 - At least sixteen vehicles go up in flames at auto auction lot in Sandston (Virginia):

2013-08-24 - Tour bus bursts into flame on the M5 in South Gloucestershire (Britain):

Quote: "The Worcester Warriors team bus caught fire on the M5 in South Gloucestershire this morning as players were on their way an away match in Swansea."

2013-08-24 - In separate events, transit bus and van burst into flame on the island of Malta:

2013-08-24 - Fire truck bursts into flame while parked at fire station in Mahanoy City (Pennsylvania), station destroyed too:,0,7659768.story

2013-08-24 - Tractor bursts into flame at 4:15 AM while parked in barn, barn destroyed too, in Salisbury Township (Pennsylvania):

2013-08-24 - Tractor bursts into flame in field in St. Kew (Britain):

2013-08-24 - RV bursts into flame on I-95 in coastal North Hampton (New Hampshire):

2013-08-24 - Camper-van bursts into flame on Trevethan Road in coastal Falmouth (Britain):

2013-08-24 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked at home in Glasgow (Kentucky), home damaged too:

2013-08-24 - SUV bursts into flame on Highway 21 near Caldwell (Texas):

2013-08-24 - SUV bursts into flame on US 25 near Tigerville (South Carolina):

2013-08-24 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on the Maine Turnpike (I-95) in Lewiston (Maine):

2013-08-24 - Police patrol car bursts into flame in coastal Atlantic City (New Jersey):

2013-08-24 - Race car bursts into flame at drag strip in New London (Virginia):

2013-08-24 - Two cars burst into flame at 1 AM while parked in coastal Stonehaven (Scotland):

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame at 1:45 AM while parked on street in North Amityville (New York):

Note: If this sounds familiar, it's because another car burst into flame in the wee hours while parked on a street in North Amityville the day prior, as mentioned in the 2013-08-23 update...

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame on Great Northern Boulevard in Helena (Montana):

Quote: "They pulled over at the Pacific Source Building and the front end of the car caught on fire. The wires started to burn and it somehow turned on the car and rolled the car forward, over the curb."

Note: Another fire starting a vehicle...

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame on road near Clovis (California), grass fire erupts:

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame at 4:08 AM on Smith Way in Highbridge (Britain):

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame on Bain Lane in Burgh (Britain):

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame on Dukeries Crescent in Worksop (Britain):

2013-08-24 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, fire scorches home, in Danbury (Connecticut):

Note: This house is about 800 feet from Tarrywile Lake...

2013-08-24 - Large barn destroyed by massive blaze in Harpersfield Township (Ohio):

Quote: "Firefighters from three communities were needed to extinguish a barn fire that could be seen for more than eight miles..."

2013-08-24 - Barn destroyed by fire in Crawfordsville (Indiana):

2013-08-24 - Barn and 50 tons of straw destroyed by fire in West Buckland, near Wellington (Britain):

2013-08-24 - Trash and garage burst into flame at 3:20 AM in Ann Arbor (Michigan):

Quote: "The call came in at 3:20 a.m. Saturday alerting the fire department to an outside trash fire in an alley. Firefighters arrived to find a 3-car detached garage also burning with two occupied homes located within 15 feet of the garage."

2013-08-24 - Crops burst into flame, fire spreads to tractor, in Sussex (Britain), near Birling Gap:

2013-08-24 - Small island catches fire in coastal East Boothbay (Maine):

Quote: "Fire and heavy smoke coming from a small wooded island located in a pond known locally as 'The Marsh' startled the quiet Murray Hill neighborhood. No one lives on the island."

2013-08-24 - Converted brick mill hit by fire at 2 AM in coastal Pawtucket (Rhode Island):

Note: Mills are virtually always - every single time in my experience - built near bodies of flowing water, to provide free energy for millwork, so there's a stream, creek or river near this place, in addition to the proximity to coastal waters. Just checked and yep, near the Blackstone River...

2013-08-24 - Blaze tears through motel, destroys 2/3 of it, in Van Nuys (California), near the coast, 4 injured:

2013-08-24 - Porch bursts into flame, fire spreads, home destroyed, in Sidney (Ohio):

2013-08-24 - Home's wooden shingle exterior bursts into flame at 1:12 AM in Augusta (Maine):

Quote: "He said it appeared to be contained to the outside of the building, which is covered in wooden shingles."

2013-08-24 - Duplex destroyed by fire at 3:04 AM near West Cape Rock Drive in Cape Girardeau (Missouri):

2013-08-24 - Two homes hit by fire within blocks of each other on the same day in Danville (Illinois):

2013-08-24 - Two fires break out in the wee hours in Whitehorn, Calgary (Canada):

Note: First fire was a back yard at a vacant home at 2 AM, second fire was a discarded mattress that burst into flame in an alley about a block from the first fire...

2013-08-24 - Explosion and fire damages or destroys nearly 10 homes in Guduvancheri (India):

2013-08-24 - Vacant mobile home burns in Moorhead (Minnesota):

2013-08-24 - Vacant home destroyed by fire at 3 AM in Beckley (West Virginia):

2013-08-24 - Hundreds of fish washing ashore dead along Galveston Island (Texas):

2013-08-24 - Fish washing ashore dead in coastal Rockledge (Florida):

2013-08-24 - Three contract workers doing underground drainage work killed by 'toxic gas' in Dharmapuri (India):

Note: One worker succumbed, then another went in and he succumbed too, then a third worker tried to save the first two and he succumbed too, and all three died. That's not uncommon with hydrogen sulfide poisoning incidents. Hydrogen sulfide ALMOST killed three fisherman on their boat in coastal Rockland (Maine) too, except the third guy got smart and got some oxygen masks in that incident, as mentioned in the 2013-08-23 update...

2013-08-24 - Charred corpse found in burning van at 5:40 AM on Heckmondwike Road in Dewsbury (Britain):

2013-08-24 - Man drops dead near retention pond in Woodsworth Park in Winnipeg (Canada):

2013-08-24 - Man, 50, jumps in water to get boat, disappears, found dead, at Yellow Creek State Park (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Mr. Hill went into the water to recover the boat and 'disappeared,' according to his uncle."

2013-08-24 - Body found in the Christina River in Wilmington (Delaware):

2013-08-24 - Man found dead in canal in coastal Mandurah (Australia):

2013-08-24 - Man, 46, drops dead on street in Stevensville (Michigan), 2000 feet from Lake Michigan:

2013-08-24 - Man, 53, drops dead in hotel room in Haridwar (India):

2013-08-24 - Taxi driver, 62, drops dead in apartment in coastal Osaka (Japan):

Quote: "...there was 100,000 yen in cash in the apartment. The door was locked and there was no sign of forced entry."

2013-08-24 - Man, 51, found dead in pond off Salters Road in Garden City (South Carolina):

2013-08-24 - Middle-aged man found on ground outside apartment in Fall River (Massachusetts), possible toppler:

2013-08-24 - Man, 63, found dead in creek at bottom of Ecola Falls (Oregon), possible toppler:

2013-08-24 - Passenger plane hit by tremors, declares emergency, lands at Ben Gurion Airport (Israel):

2013-08-24 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Grozny, Chechen Republic (Russia), engine failure:

2013-08-24 - In separate incidents, two small planes crash in Kern County (California), near the coast:

Quote: "It's not often that two planes crash in Kern County on the same day in different locations. But it happened Saturday."

Quote: "Two refused transport to the hospital as their injuries were not severe enough. One might have 'had a few fractures.'"

Note: Fractures and no hospital? I bet he reconsiders that within a day or two. Been there, done that...

2013-08-24 - Small plane crashes shortly after takeoff in coastal Anchorage (Alaska), 2 killed:

2013-08-24 - Small plane crashes shortly after takeoff, landing gear collapses, near Green Bay (Wisconsin), 1 lightly injured:

Quote: "The Brown County Sheriff's Department says the pilot told authorities he lost power shortly takeoff from a small private airstrip near Humboldt, and attempted to land in an adjacent field. The landing gear collapsed on touchdown and the plane skidded on its fuselage before coming to rest..."

2013-08-24 - Small plane makes emergency landing shortly after takeoff, in Louisa County (Virginia):

2013-08-24 - Small plane makes emergency landing in Robert Moses State Park on Long Island (New York):

2013-08-24 - Small plane crash lands in field near airport near Bowie (Maryland):,0,1116493.story

2013-08-24 - Passenger bus overturns in Sinduria (India), 36 injured:

2013-08-24 - Three tour buses collide in coastal Washington DC, 5 injured:

2013-08-24 - Tractor trailer overturns after brakes fail, in Camden County (Missouri), near Lake of the Ozarks, 1 injured:

2013-08-24 - Truck plunges off bridge into the Ghaghra River in Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki (India), 20 people missing:

2013-08-24 - Cement truck overturns at 5:10 AM in coastal Palo Alto (California), 1 killed:

2013-08-24 - RV rolls away by itelf, hits vehicles, lands on racetrack, in Epping (New Hampshire), 1 lightly injured:

Quote: "Soares said Rollins, who was working at the racing event and spent Friday night at the track, was sleeping in the bedroom at the back of the motor home. The RV, which Rollins didn't own, traveled 200 to 300 yards down the hill and sideswiped a parked van and a pickup truck along the way. It then jumped 15 to 30 feet over a berm and came to rest in the middle of the track..."

2013-08-24 - Car veers over centerline, hits pickup head-on, in Middletown (Connecticut), 5 injured:

2013-08-24 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, near Anna (Texas), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2013-08-24 - Car crashes into drug store in coastal Lindenhurst (New York):

2013-08-24 - Car veers off road, hits sign and equipment at tractor dealership in Batavia (New York):

2013-08-24 - Car veers off road, crashes into canal, in coastal Cape Coral (Florida):

2013-08-24 - Car veers off road, goes airborne, crashes, bursts into flame, on I-170 in St. Louis (Missouri):

2013-08-24 - Car veers off road, hits home, explodes and burns, in Wood County (Ohio), near the Maumee River and Lake Erie:

2013-08-24 - Two vehicles crash, one overturns, in coastal Playa del Rey (California), 8 injured:

2013-08-24 - Vehicle veers over centerline, hits vehicle head-on, near Brunkild (Canada), 2 killed, 3 injured:

2013-08-24 - Two pit bulls rip thick chunks of flesh from woman in coastal Staten Island (New York):

Quote: "The victim, Lucille Fundaro, had her arms and hip badly mangled. Thick chunks of flesh were ripped from the underside of her forearm, exposing her bone, and she was left screaming for her life in the middle of the street, said family members."

2013-08-24 - Crocodile attacks and snatches man in the Mary River in the Australian Outback (Australia), 1 killed:

Quote: "Horrified guest recounted to police, parks and wildlife rangers the chilling details of the large crocodile attacking Cole and swimming upriver with the man’s body in its jaws."

2013-08-24 - Tree and bench dedicated to young engaged McFarland (Wisconsin) couple who were incinerated in their car:

Quote: "The Dane County Medical Examiner ruled their deaths were accidental. In April, the Justice Department listed the cause of the fire as undetermined."

Note: They didn't even try to get out of their car. They were probably knocked unconscious by hydrogen sulfide, which also ignited their vehicle, and then they just sat there unconscious and burned to death...

2013-08-24 - Man falls in Cross Lake, doesn't resurface, now missing, near Shreveport (Louisiana):

2013-08-24 - Man in his 50s almost drowns at Lake Union (Washington), resuscitated:

Quote: "The man had been swimming off a boat when he disappeared from view, Moore said. Some time later he came to the water’s surface, face-down."

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