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2013 - JUL - Multiple Corpses

2013-07-30 - Two women, 83 and 51, found dead in bathroom at home in Big Spring (Texas):

2013-07-27 - Elderly couple, 70 and 65, found burned to death in their home in Virasat Nagar (India):

2013-07-27 - Two fishermen in their 60s go missing, found dead in the sea near the Isle of Man:

2013-07-25 - Three kids, 15, 12, and 9, go swimming, go missing, found dead in Jamgadwa Lake near Ramdauli (India):

2013-07-23 - Two people found dead in hot tub at 3:30 AM at home on Lakeview Drive in Sharps Chapel (Tennessee):

Quote: "...there were no apparent signs of foul play."

Note: Personally, I'm way less worried about criminals than I am the fact the Earth is rapidly turning into a very large gas chamber. As the street name implies, this house is right on the shoreline of a lake. In this case, I'd suspect their water supply has been contaminated by hydrogen sulfide and they were poisoned to death that way, unless the hot tub was outside in which case it was probably a hydrogen sulfide plume blowing over them and gassing them to death then blowing on with the wind. I call it 'Whitney Houston Syndrome' when people are found dead in bathtubs or hot tubs, since that's how Whitney Houston died (right on the coast, not coincidentally). Her daughter lost consciousness the next day too, in the very same tub where her mother died the day before, which is what made me suspect that hydrogen sulfide (which is water-soluble) is contaminating water supplies here and there. Everything I've seen since then has just made me increasingly certain of that...

2013-07-20 - Couple, 55 and 52, found dead in home in Khalepurva (India):

2013-07-19 - Two people found dead in submerged vehicle in the Navua River on the island of Fiji:

2013-07-19 - Two brothers, 7 and 12, go missing, found dead in the Edwards River near Mannon (Illinois):

2013-07-16 - Middle-aged man and woman found dead near the River Cam in Cambridge (Britain):

Note: They're trying to blame these deaths on drugs, though to be fair, they also say the deaths are unexplained. If they hadn't dropped dead right next to a low-lying area like a river bank, maybe I wouldn't be so suspicious. But I did say that one of the only options the authorities will have available to explain multiple people dropping dead like this would be, 'It must be drugs!' In India they do it a little different. There they usually say, 'They must've eaten some poison!' They're actually pretty predictable. Also, drugs and poisoning by hydrogen sulfide are not mutually exlusive things. Both can affect a person simultaneously, and that's more likely to happen in a low-lying area like where these two people dropped dead...

2013-07-16 - Man and two teens, 38, 16 and 17, go swimming at Hunting Island (South Carolina), two found dead so far:

2013-07-14 - Two men found dead in well in Rohri (Pakistan), very close to the Indus River:

2013-07-14 - Two teens, 14 and 15, go swimming, go missing, found dead in the Meenachil River (India):

2013-07-12 - Man and woman, 51 and 30, found dead in basement flat in the seaside town of Bognor Regis (Britain):

Quote: "Officers said there was a concern there was an indication of chemical substances related to one or other of the bodies. The property has been rechecked and Sussex Police said there is no evidence of noxious substances or pollution."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier-than-air gas which will tend to accumulate in low-lying areas, like basements. Why did they suspect a chemical substance initially? Did someone smell something 'funny' or feel nauseous as they found the corpses? The deaths are being treated as unexplained, but not suspicious. Yeah, well, multiple people are dropping dead, and anyone could be next...

2013-07-11 - Two brothers and sister, 22, 20 and 15, found dead at home in Varanasi (India):

Quote: "The police have started investigation of the case but have failed to know whether the breakfast contained poison or the siblings consumed any poisonous chemical kept in workshop by fault."

Note: There they go again, trying to define the possibilities FOR you. They don't mention the possibility that all three BREATHED some poison and died, because they don't want YOU to consider that possibility. It's a rather Orwellian tactic, and it probably works on many people. Of course, the water supply used by this family may have been contaminated by hydrogen sulfide too (it is water-soluble), and maybe they cooked breakfast with some contaminated water, and there's yet another possibility they don't mention...

2013-07-11 - Couple, 71 and 70, found dead in home in Worcester (Massachusetts), near the coast:

2013-07-11 - Woman and daughter, 33 and 6, found dead in well at home in Bantwal Tow (India):

2013-07-10 - Two men, 30 and 50, killed by hydrogen sulfide near Claflin (Kansas):

Quote: "Emergency personnel arriving on the scene first found Myers deceased on the steps of a flooded underground cellar-type structure that was part of a saltwater disposal system. Emergency personnel were unable to enter the structure because of high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas, which can be a byproduct from the production of oil and natural gas."

2013-07-09 - Man and woman, 37 and 33, found dead in home in Belton (Texas), near Belton Lake:

Quote: " Ellis said Wednesday there were no obvious signs of trauma on the bodies and no weapons were recovered. Investigators didn’t find any evidence of forced entry, he said."

Note: So they just dropped dead. Two middle-aged people dropping dead at the same time in the same place? Obviously that's something environmental...

2013-07-07 - Methane kills three workers in Aydin (Turkey):

Quote: "Last month, seven workers were killed in another methane gas poisoning in another Aegean district, Milas..."

2013-07-05 - Two men, both 55, found dead in Smithville Lake (Missouri):

2013-07-04 - Mother and daughter, 40 and 6, found dead in Lake Montclair near Dale City (Virginia):

2013-07-04 - Two teens, 16 and 17, go swimming, next seen dead in Union Ship Canal in Buffalo (New York):

Note: The same exact scenario just occurred in Quemado Lake in New Mexico too, as mentioned in the 2013-07-03 update...

2013-07-04 - Couple, 25 and 20, found dead in home in Pemberton Township (New Jersey), drugs blamed:

2013-07-03 - Two teens go missing, next seen dead in Quemado Lake (New Mexico):

2013-07-03 - Woman and daughter, 27 and 4 months, found dead at home in Troedyrhiw (Britain):

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