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Event Update For 2021-01-16

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2021-01-16 - Climate scientists sound the alarm on a climate 'tipping point' and warn of ghastly future:

Quote: "President-elect Joe Biden has promised to rejoin the Paris Agreement and to implement policy addressing climate change. Some scientists say time is running out, and warn of a 'ghastly future' if immediate action is not taken against global warming."

Note: Like what immediate action? If we turn off every power plant, mothball every vehicle and every single person shoots themselves in the head and falls to the ground dead, the Earth itself will still continue burning up at an accelerating rate and escalate global warming all on its own. We lit the fuse and a planetary-scale carbon bomb is now detonating. We can't undetonate it...

2021-01-16 - Wildfires rage across coastal Valparaiso (Chile), 25,000 people evacuated:

2021-01-16 - Auto salvage yard heavily damaged by fire on 36th Street NE in Calgary (Canada):

2021-01-16 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside garage at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, on Saffron Circle in Springfield (Massachusetts), 1 injured:

Quote: "Three people were forced from their 198 Saffron Circle home Saturday afternoon when an apparent car fire in an attached garage extended into the home."

2021-01-16 - Energy plant heavily damaged by fire in Jackson (Mississippi):

2021-01-16 - Volcano Semeru erupts powerfully, belches ash 5.6 kilometers into the atmosphere, in Indonesia:

Quote: "The highest volcano on Indonesia’s most densely populated island has spewed hot ash and smoke as high as an estimated 5.6km into the sky, triggering a warning from the country’s natural disasters agency. The National Disaster Mitigation Agency warned people who live in the villages on the slopes of Mount Semeru on the island of Java to be vigilant in looking for signs of danger on Saturday, but stopped short of ordering immediate evacuations."

2021-01-16 - California bakes in record heat as heavy snow, rain and gusty winds hit the US Northeast:

2021-01-16 - Nearly a third of COVID-19 patients who are hospitalized are readmitted within 140 days and an eighth of them die:

2021-01-16 - Naked man attacks two people in subway then touches electrified rail and electrocutes himself, in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "Subway service was suspended in Manhattan on the 2/3 line Saturday afternoon when police say a naked man attacked two people at a station before suffering from a fatal injury."

2021-01-16 - Three boats go up in flames while anchored off coastal Mangrol (India):

Quote: "A sudden fire broke out last night in boats anchored off the coast of Mangrol port. During which the fire was brought under control after a struggle of two and a half hours. In which three boats were burnt and huge damage was caused."

Note: These are the 20th, 21st and 22nd boats/ships to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-01-16 - Passenger train car bursts into flame in Kerala (India):

2021-01-16 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M6 in Cheshire (Britain):

2021-01-16 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the A38 in Derby (Britain):

Note: These are the 63rd and 64th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-01-16 - UPS box truck bursts into flame on I-540 near airport in Raleigh (North Carolina):

2021-01-16 - SUV bursts into flame on SE Woodstock Boulevard in Portland (Oregon):

2021-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on Bunker Lane in Yankton (South Dakota):

2021-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on I-80 near Utica (Illinois):

2021-01-16 - Vehicle bursts into flame at industrial building on North Road in coastal Ellesmere Port (Britain):

2021-01-16 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Stonebridge Avenue in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Stonebridge Avenue, Hull. Sat 16 Jan 2021 19:14 (No:000867) Vehicle fully involved in fire, one hose reel and one BA used."

2021-01-16 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at property on Bells Chapel Road East in Pope County (Arkansas):

2021-01-16 - RV trailer and home go up in flames on Happy Hollow Lane in Lincoln (Nebraska):

2021-01-16 - Pickup truck and home go up in flames at 1:15 AM on Windmill Circle in Billings (Montana):

Quote: "While the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, it tore through an attached garage with a pickup truck parked inside and extended into the multiple-story home."

2021-01-16 - Several cars and garage destroyed by fire at home on Raynor Court in Alcona (Canada):

Quote: "Deputy Fire Chief Tim McCallum tells Barrie 360 the garage and contents were a total loss, and there was no damage to the home. There were several cars in the garage."

2021-01-16 - Auto shop heavily damaged by fire at 3:30 AM on 86th Street in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2021-01-16 - Auto shop heavily damaged by fire in Aberdeen (South Dakota):

2021-01-16 - Storage facility heavily damaged by fire at 2:53 AM near Kings Road and Garrity Boulevard in Nampa (Idaho):

2021-01-16 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Valley Bend Road in Murfreesboro (Tennessee):

2021-01-16 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Havelock Street in Castle Shannon (Pennsylvania):

2021-01-16 - Home heavily damaged by fire in the wee hours on South 34th Street in South Bend (Indiana):

2021-01-16 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 6 AM on Juniper Street in Stilwell (Kansas):

2021-01-16 - Home destroyed by fire just before 11 PM on Pine Street in Reade Township (Pennsylvania):

2021-01-16 - Condo building heavily damaged by fire just before 2 AM on Savona Quay in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2021-01-16 - Deadly fire destroys home at 6:04 AM on West Market Street in Graham (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2021-01-16 - Deadly fire burns apartment building at 4:47 AM on Woodbine Street in Louisville (Kentucky), 1 killed:

2021-01-16 - Vacant home burns on Sylvan Drive in Rostraver Township (Pennsylvania):

2021-01-16 - Woman, 60, goes to walk dogs at beach, next seen dead in the surf at beach, in Waldport (Oregon):

2021-01-16 - Woman drops dead on Fountain Street in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2021-01-16 - Woman, 32, slumps over dead in SUV in Harlingen (Texas):

2021-01-16 - Man dies after being pulled from submerged SUV in pond in Greenwood (Indiana):

2021-01-16 - Man found dead near Emerald Mound Road outside of Lebanon (Illinois):

2021-01-16 - Man, 27, found dead in jail cell in Meridian (Mississippi):

2021-01-16 - Man found dead in the All-American Canal in Imperial County (California):

2021-01-16 - Man found dead on Santa Fe Avenue in Huntington Park (California):

2021-01-16 - Person found dead in Lake Ontario in Oshawa (Canada):

2021-01-16 - Boy, 13, found dead in canal in coastal Chennai (India):

2021-01-16 - Man, 22, found dead in the water at waterfall in Visakhapatnam (India):

2021-01-16 - Man dies while diving off coastal Krampenes (Norway):

2021-01-16 - Woman drops dead at home on Park Court in Dormanstown (Britain):

2021-01-16 - Man has 'medical episode', car crashes into two homes, in Grand Island (Nebraska):

Quote: "They believe he was having a medical episode of some sort and he was taken to CHI Health Saint Francis to be evaluated."

2021-01-16 - Small plane crashes near the Humboldt River near Ryndon (Nevada):

Quote: "Emergency crews were called to the scene of a small plane crash Saturday afternoon near the Humboldt River."

2021-01-16 - Military helicopter crashes in Impasugong (Philippine Islands), 7 killed:

Quote: "A Philippine air force helicopter carrying supplies for counterinsurgency forces crashed in the country’s south on Saturday apparently due to engine trouble, killing all seven people on board, military officials said."

2021-01-16 - Tanker truck overturns on I-265 in Clark County (Indiana):

2021-01-16 - Tractor trailer crashes through concrete median, bursts into flame, on I-40 in Putnam County (Tennessee):

2021-01-16 - Pickup truck veers off road before 2 AM, crashes into ravine, bursts into flame, near Paden (Mississippi), 1 killed:

2021-01-16 - Car veers off road, crashes into pole and hydrant, in Mesa (Arizona), 3 injured:

2021-01-16 - Sinkhole opens near Vernon Creek in Vernon (Canada):

2021-01-16 - Sinkhole opens under man in coastal Ryde on the Isle of Wight (Britain):

2021-01-16 - Large farm building partially collapses in Palmyra (Wisconsin):

2021-01-16 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Villa Giardino, Córdoba (Argentina):

2021-01-16 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Pirituba (Brazil):

2021-01-16 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Indonesia, 20+ killed:

Note: It's a disaster buffet in Indonesia: volcano erupting, big earthquake knocking buildings down and killing dozens, and now deadly flooding...


  1. Hey Jonny, all - menacing Monday with all the stuff coming out about everything important: environment, politics (domestic and international), Covid, and more.

    A third of the residential fires on this day were in PA. Another long list of people dropping dead all over the place.

    We're seeing more heavy precipitation events too (rain and snow).

    Monday, 18 January 2021
    The latest from Max Igan
    BUCKLE UP! THE RIDE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN [~ 42.3 min. video]

    Tropical Storm "Eloise" forecast to strike Madagascar and Mozambique

    Tropical Storm "Eloise" formed on January 15, 2021, as the 5th named storm of the 2020/21 Southwest Indian Ocean cyclone season. The cyclone is moving toward Madagascar. A landfall at tropical cyclone intensity on January 19 remains a real possibility, although less likely based on the latest guidance. Eloise is expected to reintensify after it exits into the Mozambique Channel and strike Mozambique on January 23.

    Key messages on associated hazards over Madagascar:

    Heavy rains - this is the main danger associated with this system.
    Strong winds
    Wave and storm surge [more]

    [Pandora's box of monetary policy smashed to smithereens]
    Now That Universal Basic Income Checks Have Started, The American People Will Go Mad If They Don’t Continue

    We crossed a line that should have never been crossed when we sent “stimulus payments” directly to the American people during the very early stages of the COVID pandemic. Even many Republicans that supported the measure acknowledged that what they were doing was pure socialism, but they defended the payments by insisting that we were in the middle of a major national emergency. At the time, I warned that once the government started issuing such checks, the American people would always keep demanding more. When it was announced that the latest round of “stimulus payments” would only be $600 per person, angry activists vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s house. Of course they got Mitch McConnell’s house too. In both cases, the vandals made it exceedingly clear that they wanted more government money.

    President Trump wanted the payments raised to $2000 and many Democrats did as well. But Republicans still had control of the Senate, and Mitch McConnell initially blocked that effort.

    But now Democrats will shortly have control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and one of the first things they plan to do is to deliver $2,000 checks to the American people…

    The incoming [Vice-]President, Kamala Harris, previously proposed giving out monthly $2,000 checks for the duration of this pandemic…
    If you are married with three kids, you would have gotten $10,000 every month under her plan.

    Of course the price tag for such a plan would be nightmarish. It would have been approximately $600 billion every month, and that would mean that it would add more than 7 trillion dollars to our national debt over the course of an entire year.

    But since we are liquidating the Republic anyway, who really cares?

    Harris insisted that her plan would end once the crisis was over. [will it ever end?]

    Benjamin Franklin once made the following statement…

    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”

    Sadly, we have now reached that point. [more]

    [2nd piece next]

  2. “How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?” Asks Dr. Vernon Coleman. [~ 16.6 min. video and article]

    No one knows how many people the vaccines are killing – or how many they will kill.

    But although I haven’t seen the main stream media mention any of these deaths people have already died after being given the vaccine.
    How many people have to die before the media wakes up?

    NOTE: According to the National Vaccine Information Centre in the U.S., 13 people had died of the covid-19 vaccine by the 30th December 2020. [more; link to many more of his videos]

    [what's happening in DC]
    Red Line War Room Ep143 (Patriot Webb and Addy discuss the second week in 1/21) by Dr. Paul Cottrell [46.75 min. video]

    'As if it was Baghdad': US Secret Service creates fortified 'Capitol Green Zone' ahead of inauguration

    The US Secret Service has created a militarized zone around the nation's capital in the lead-up to Inauguration Day, prompting comparisons to fortifications set up in Baghdad after the US invasion of Iraq. [get used to it as the Dems cram their agenda down everyone's throat]

    The Secret Service defined the 'Green Zone' as streets that are only accessible to residents and businesses. Individuals who want to travel through the Green Zone will have to show identification. The more extreme 'Red Zone', on the other hand, is closed to all traffic, with the exception of authorized vehicles. [more]

    The Year Ahead - Biosecurity

    I don't need to tell you that we are living through world-historical times right now. The frequency of world-changing events is accelerating even as the impact of these events on our day-to-day lives is increasing.

    As Lenin rightly observed: "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." Perhaps there are years in which centuries happen.

    With that in mind, I am taking my annual look at the year ahead and splitting it into three parts.

    Last week, I looked at the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global monetary space and consider what these changes portend for the future of the world economy.

    This week, I will examine the ongoing (generated) COVID crisis and what we can expect as the Era of Biosecurity continues to unfold.

    Finally, next week I will turn my attention to world geopolitics, analyzing the types of conflicts that we can expect to see over the course of this year and explaining how these conflicts will set the stage for even more dramatic events over the course of the decade.

    When Will the Scamdemic End?

    There are five main schools of thought about when the scamdemic will end.

    The Vaccine Passports Will Be Rolled Out This Year

    Barring some minor miracle (where's Q when you need him?), the so-called "immunity passports" are one of these pieces of the biosecurity grid infrastructure that we know will be rolling out this year. [more; Q has been shown to be a psy-op; note comments]

    [3rd section follows]

  3. Italy on brink of 'civil disobedience' as public defies 'absurd' coronavirus rules

    Rome restaurateur Max Vietri kept his pizza restaurant open despite the anti-Covid measures currently in place in Rome.

    Speaking to Euronews, Mr Vietri said: "If this civil disobedience - because that's what it is, it's civil disobedience - is successful, I would like to stay open.

    "I have always wanted to stay open. I don't want to close anymore. Either all business close, as we did last March then that's ok with me but you cannot force me to shut down and leave other businesses open.

    "You must have clear rules. This is a Government that changes the rules every week. That is absurd."

    Students have also been lamenting the ban on attending classes in-person, with several pupils organising sit-ins outside of school to demand funds for additional protective measures to resume lessons.
    [more; we just saw a CDC did a study saying schools don't spread it]

    “I Am Open”: 50,000 Italian Restaurant Owners Plan to Ignore Lockdown

    Huge act of civil disobedience plans to conduct business as usual inspite of “anti-Covid” measures [more]

    Big Oil’s flagship plastic waste project sinks on the Ganges

    A wheelbarrow and a handful of metal grids for capturing litter, emblazoned with the words “Renew Oceans,” sit rusting outside an empty, padlocked office in the Indian city of Varanasi, a short walk from the Ganges.

    It is all that is left of a programme, funded by some of the world’s biggest oil and chemical companies, that they said could solve a runaway ocean plastic waste crisis which is killing marine life - from plankton to whales - and clogging tropical beaches and coral reefs.

    The closure of Renew Oceans, which has not previously been reported, is a sign that an industry whose financial future is tied to the growth of plastic production is falling short of its targets to curb the resulting increase in waste, according to two environmental groups. [more]

    [4th part below]

  4. U.S. and China clash at WHO over scientific mission in Wuhan

    Garrett Grigsby of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said China should share all scientific studies into animal, human and environmental samples taken in Wuhan, where the SARS-CoV-2 virus is believed to have emerged in late 2019

    China's representative, however, told the board: "The virus origin studies are of a scientific nature. It needs coordination, cooperation. We must stop any political pressure." [more]

    Heavy rain triggers widespread flooding in Malaysia [~ .5 min. lead-in video, others in loop afterward]

    At least six fatalities were reported and thousands of people were displaced after heavy rainfall triggered flooding in Malaysia on Jan. 17. Severe flooding rages below this bridge in Kota Belud.

    Chinese miners trapped underground for more than week send note to rescuers

    Miners trapped underground in eastern China for more than a week after a blast at a gold mine have managed to send up a note to rescuers, the local government said on Monday.

    Miners trapped underground in eastern China for more than a week after a blast at a gold mine have managed to send up a note to rescuers, the local government said on Monday.

    The blast occurred eight days ago on Sunday afternoon at a mine near Qixia city in eastern Shandong province, leaving 22 miners trapped underground more than 600 metres from the mine’s entrance.

    A note was then sent up from the trapped miners saying that 12 were still alive, the local government said in a statement Monday.

    "We are in urgent need of cold medicine, painkillers, medical tape, external anti-inflammatory drugs, and three people have high blood pressure," the note read. [more; p.s. get us dafuq outta he'!]

  5. Moderna vaccine causes "severe" side effects in up to 10 people prompting California to call for pause of roll out

    Dr. Erica S. Pan, the California epidemiologist, issued a statement Sunday recommending a pause in the distribution of a specific lot of Moderna vaccine after "fewer than 10 individuals required medical attention over the span of 24 hours."

    She said the Moderna Lot 041L20A is in question, but she insisted that she called for the pause "out of an extreme abundance of caution," according to Fox 11. [more; ~ 4.5 min. video]

    No stopping AI? Scientists conclude there would be no way to control super-intelligent machines

    "If you break the problem down to basic rules from theoretical computer science, it turns out that an algorithm that would command an AI not to destroy the world could inadvertently halt its own operations. If this happened, you would not know whether the containment algorithm is still analyzing the threat, or whether it has stopped to contain the harmful AI. In effect, this makes the containment algorithm unusable," says Iyad Rahwan, Director of the Center for Humans and Machines.

    The study concludes that containing artificial intelligence is an incomputable problem. No single computer program can find a foolproof way to keep AI from acting harmful if it wants to. Researchers add that humans may not even realize when super-intelligent machines actually arrive in the tech world. So, are they already here? [more]

    Bolivia suffers devastating flooding in 7 provinces

    The floods caused landslides, a large number of houses were destroyed, roads and bridges were washed out, several hundred thousand people were injured.

    Bolivia's Meteorological Office predicts heavy rains will continue. [~ 8 min. video]

    Animal attacks worsened during lockdown across Indian state of Uttarakhand, deaths rose from 58 in 2019 to 63 in 2020

    Human-wildlife conflict (HWC) worsened in Uttarakhand in 2020, with 63 lives lost to fatal encounters with wild animals, as compared to 58 deaths in 2019. Half of the deaths were caused by leopard attacks, which saw a significant spike in 2020. Leopards killed 31 humans in the hill state in 2020 as compared to 18 in 2019. The data was exclusively accessed by TOI from the Uttarakhand forest department.

    The lockdown emboldened the big cats, who ventured into human habitats more freely than ever before.

    "In the first half of 2020, people stopped going to forests to collect fodder and firewood. The dogs accompanying them, which leopards typically preyed on, also stopped coming. As a result, leopards started entering human habitats more frequently," said chief wildlife warden of Uttarakhand forest department, JS Suhag.
    [yep, dog meat is probably preferable to human]

    Snakes were the next big killer in 2020 killing 15 people. They were the highest killer the previous year, too, with 18 people dying of snakebites in 2019. [more]

    [2nd section below]

  6. [from Hal Turner]
    The "Trump Card" - 14th Amendment, Section 3 - Or Our Entire Way of Life is Over

    The Trump Card is apparently being played. It's much simpler than you all realize. Some of you have gotten it right. But if not, then our ENTIRE way of life, is over.

    Election Fraud would be a serious felony under normal circumstances, but under an active state of war it would be considered an act of treason.

    Think back Re: The Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings. What are the requirements for a civilian to be tried for treason? We have been in a state of war since 2001.

    Pelosi and all other members of Congress are NO LONGER members of Congress, they've forfeited their rights and offices by committing an act of TREASON. Their TREASON was to vote to accept Electors from states where brazen voting fraud took place, despite that fraud being brought to their official attention on January 6. They gave "aid and comfort" to the people who stole a federal election.

    The judges at both the state and federal level, who failed/refused to hear cases or admit evidence concerning the election fraud? They're guilty of giving aid and comfort as well.

    They are no longer lawful members of Congress or Judges of the courts, thanks to Section 3 of 14th Amendment, they are now considered enemies of the Republic who have aided a foreign power in stealing an election.

    Any evidence is admissible in a military tribunal court, so Pelosi's stolen laptop, along with the other 11 stolen laptops, can be used in her military tribunal along with everything else Pelosi has done, to lock her and the others away for good.

    History will show that Donald Trump tried every legal avenue to solve this crisis against our Constitution. It will show that all others failed to address this Act of Treason. He tried to resolve this peacefully. His only recourse left was to use the military, but it will be a LAWFUL use of the military as these people have broken their oaths and committed TREASON and INSURRECTION.

    President Donald J. Trump is LEGALLY REQUIRED to act on this because of his own oath to the Constitution, to protect our Republic from enemies Foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    They've sealed their fates.

    OR, OUR ENTIRE WAY OF LIFE IS OVER [more; his opinion/mine is that it's over ANYWAY, no matter who "wins"]

    [3rd part coming up]

  7. [and the hits just keep on comin'!]
    Mount Merapi spews lava, smoke in Indonesia [~ 2.75 min. video]

    lava flowed from the volcano 36 times within a period of six hours, descending up to 1,500 meters down its southwestern slope. [more]

    [from HOLY SHIT! news]
    Residents of Harrison Lake, British Columbia watch multi-day mountain landslide in awe

    The slide brought trees, rocks and mud splashing down into the east side of Harrison Lake, which is located just north of Agassiz, B.C.

    "It was going on for two days," said Tery Kozma, a resident who saw and heard the slide from the balcony of a home across the water from the action. [more; link to < 2 min. video]

    Thousands of families affected by floods in Concepción, Paraguay - 9 inches of rain within a day

    Paraguay's National Emergency Secretariat (SEN) reports it is distributing humanitarian supplies to around 4,000 families affected by flash floods in the Municipality of Concepción. [more; 2 videos]

    Pentagon Racks Up $35 Trillion in Accounting Changes in One Year

    The Pentagon made $35 trillion in accounting adjustments last year alone -- a total that’s larger than the entire U.S. economy and underscores the Defense Department’s continuing difficulty in balancing its books.

    The latest estimate is up from $30.7 trillion in 2018 and $29 trillion in 2017, the first year adjustments were tracked in a concerted way, according to Pentagon figures and a lawmaker who’s pursued the accounting morass.

    The figure dwarfs the $738 billion of defense-related funding in the latest U.S. budget, a spending plan that includes the most expensive weapons systems in the world including the F-35 jet as well as new aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines. [more]

    Mass migration is back: this time it will be legal

    Biden To 'Immediately' Send Congress Bill That Would Offer Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals

    President-elect Joe Biden will 'immediately' send a legislative package to Congress which would provide a pathway to citizenship for some 11 million illegal immigrants, according to the Los Angeles Times, according to "immigrants rights activists in communication with the Biden-Harris transition team." [more]

    Military Police are Preparing For The Worst in the U.S. Capitol (Something Big Is About To Happen) [~ 7.3 min. video]