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Event Update For 2021-01-09

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2021-01-09 - Car goes up in flames just before 11 PM and kills person, fire spreads to home, on Danielson Road in Athens (Georgia):

Quote: "Crews responded to Danielsville Road just before 11 p.m. to find a fully involved car that had spread to the home. After containing the fire, investigators located the deceased person in the car. Investigators from the Athens-Clarke County Fire & Emergency Services Department and Athens-Clarke County Police Department were called to investigate the incident. Investigators believe the fire started in the vehicle and said there is 'no evidence of foul play at this time.'"

2021-01-09 - Yacht bursts into flame and kills man at 6:15 AM while docked at marina in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

Quote: "Firefighters called to extinguish a boat fire in Brooklyn were shocked to find a dead man onboard, officials said. The episode unfolded at 6:15 a.m. Saturday when cops and firefighters responded to a 911 call regarding a boat blaze at Pier 5 Marina in Brooklyn Bridge park, the NYPD said."

Note: This is the 7th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-01-09 - Car goes up in flames and critically injures man, fire spreads to second car, on West 25th Street in coastal Coney Island, Brooklyn (New York):

Quote: "A man was found critically burned inside a Mercedes-Benz following a mysterious car fire in Brooklyn, police said. Cops responding to West 25th Street, between Surf and Mermaid avenues in Coney Island shortly after 7:20 a.m. Saturday found two vehicles on fire, authorities said. Police found the injured man, 36, inside the black Mercedes, according to an NYPD spokeswoman. The fire spread to an unoccupied gray BMW, the spokeswoman said."

Note: The yacht fire and the car fire were about 8 miles from each other and a little over an hour apart...

2021-01-09 - Control center erupts in flame and takes down half the subway lines in Mexico City (Mexico), 1 killed, 32 injured:

2021-01-09 - Landfill fire breaks out near Grandview Boulevard in Saratoga Springs (Utah):

2021-01-09 - Recycling center fire breaks out in Glendale (California):

2021-01-09 - Waste facility fire breaks out in coastal Dublin (Ireland):

2021-01-09 - Passenger plane crashes into the Java Sea off Indonesia, 62 killed:

Quote: "Three fishermen from Lancang Island told CNN they heard an explosion and experienced a sudden large wave. 'I heard (a) very loud explosion. I thought it was a bomb or a big thunder,' Hendrik Mulyadi told CNN. 'We then saw the big wave, about 2 meters high, hitting our boat.' Mulyadi’s colleague, Solihin, described the sound as 'a bomb on the water.'"

2021-01-09 - Home explodes and burns at 5:47 AM off Northwest 36th Avenue in coastal Miami (Florida), 2 injured:

Quote: "Neighbors told Local 10 News they heard a loud blast coming from an efficiency behind a home just off Northwest 36th Avenue on Northwest 33rd Court. The force of the blast was so great it blew part of the efficiency’s roof onto a home next door."

Note: This is the 3rd residential explosion in 2021...

2021-01-09 - Grain storage facility heavily damaged by fire at port in coastal Cork (Ireland):

2021-01-09 - Two boats destroyed by fire while docked at marina on Lake Taupo in Taupo (New Zealand), nobody aboard:

Quote: "A pair of motorboats have been burned to a cinder in Taupo's marina today, streaming black smoke across the Waikato town."

Note: These are the 8th and 9th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-01-09 - Freight train bursts into flame and explodes at 3 AM in Echo Canyon (Utah), tractor trailer overturns separately:

Quote: "A Union Pacific engine exploded in Echo Canyon, early Saturday. According to officials, on January 9 at 3 a.m., North Summit Firefighters responded with Uinta County Fire and ambulance to an incident involving a Union Pacific engine explosion."

2021-01-09 - Tractor bursts into flame while parked inside barn in Salem (Illinois):

2021-01-09 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the A12 in Colchester (Britain):

Note: These are the 31st and 32nd tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2021...

2021-01-09 - Garbage truck bursts into flame on the Florida Turnpike in Margate (Florida):

2021-01-09 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at home on Linda Lane in Baileys Harbor (Wisconsin):

2021-01-09 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage at home, fire spreads to home, off Camelback Road in Phoenix (Arizona):

Quote: "Two people are homeless after a car in the garage of their Phoenix home caught fire Saturday."

2021-01-09 - Car bursts into flame on I-10 in coastal Mobile (Alabama):

2021-01-09 - Car bursts into flame on Copland Drive in Melba (Australia):

2021-01-09 - Car bursts into flame at 5:58 AM on Nixon Drive in Winsford (Britain):

2021-01-09 - SUV and garage go up in flames at home on Capital Drive in Shelton (Connecticut):

2021-01-09 - Barn destroyed by fire just after 1 AM, 4 vehicles damaged, on North Main Street in Jacobus Borough (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Three cars and a pickup truck parked nearby were also damaged by the fire."

2021-01-09 - Commercial building devastated by massive fire at 11:50 PM on 37th Avenue in coastal Queens (New York):

2021-01-09 - Mobile home heavily damaged by fire at 3:41 AM on Kohawk Street in Cedar Rapids (Iowa):

2021-01-09 - Mobile home destroyed by fire off Sunrise Way in Palm Springs (California):

2021-01-09 - Home damaged by fire on Chapin Terrace in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2021-01-09 - Home damaged by fire on Rogers Street in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2021-01-09 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Celina Drive in Nashville (Tennessee), 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 4:30 AM on Knowlesway in coastal Narragansett (Rhode Island), 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Home destroyed by fire in Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania), nobody there:

2021-01-09 - Home destroyed by fire at 6:37 AM on 47th Street in coastal Emeryville (California), 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Home destroyed by fire on Chestnut Street in East Bridgewater (Massachusetts), 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Apartment building damaged by HVAC fire on Richard Jones Road in Nashville (Tennessee):

2021-01-09 - Apartment building damaged by fire at 1 AM on West Van Lake Drive in Vandalia (Ohio):

2021-01-09 - Deadly garage fire burns home at 1:40 AM in Glen Waverley suburb of coastal Melbourne (Australia), 4 killed, 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Deadly fire burns home just before 1 AM on Del Rio Terrace in Atlanta (Georgia), 5 killed:

2021-01-09 - Deadly fire burns home at 5:17 AM on Leisure Woods Drive outside Hiawassee (Georgia), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Deadly fire burns multi-family home at 3 AM in Salisbury (Maryland), 2 killed:

2021-01-09 - Deadly fire burns apartment building on North Paris Avenue in River Grove (Illinois), 1 killed:

2021-01-09 - Deadly fire burns apartment building at 1 AM on King Street in Burlington (Vermont), 2 killed:

2021-01-09 - Deadly fire rips through nursing home in Siberia (Russia), 7 killed:

2021-01-09 - Vacant home burns on Middle Road Turnpike in Woodbury (Connecticut):

2021-01-09 - Leatherback turtle washes ashore dead on coastal Hatteras Island (North Carolina):

Quote: "The leatherback didn’t show any obvious signs of trauma and it’s unclear how the turtle died."

2021-01-09 - Fish dying in Lake Cebu (Philippine Islands):

2021-01-09 - Two men, 50s and 70s, die separately at the same time while abalone fishing in coastal Perth (Australia):

Quote: "Emergency crews were called to Hillary's Marina in North Beach after reports a man in his 50s, who had been had been abalone fishing, was found unconscious in the water just after 7am. Around the same time, north of Hillary's Marina, a man in his 70s suffered a medical episode - believed to be a heart attack - while searching for the same delicacy with relatives. Emergency crews performed CPR, but he couldn't be revived."

2021-01-09 - Woman found dead in coastal Great Kills Harbor (New York):

2021-01-09 - Man, 67, found dead along Susquehanna bikeway path in Loyalsock Township (Pennsylvania):

2021-01-09 - Woman found dead near the Alabama River in Selma (Alabama):

2021-01-09 - Person found dead along Highway 99 in Fresno (California):

2021-01-09 - Man, 31, found dead in dry creekbed near Prescott (Arizona):

2021-01-09 - Man found dead along East Broad Street in Columbus (Ohio):

2021-01-09 - Boy, 16, found dead in Goldstream Provincial Park in Langford (Canada):

2021-01-09 - Person found dead in the water at beach near coastal Raglan (New Zealand):

2021-01-09 - Woman, 25 to 30, found dead near drain in Delhi (India):

2021-01-09 - Man, 25, found dead in the Damodar River in Kulti (India):

2021-01-09 - Person found dead near the River Wear in coastal Sunderland (Britain):

2021-01-09 - Woman has 'medical emergency', SUV veers off road, bursts into flame, in Sycamore Township (Ohio), 2 injured:

Quote: "According to a press release from the sheriff, the deputy recognized that the driver was having a medical emergency and unconscious."

2021-01-09 - Driver has 'medical emergency', SUV crashes into apartment building, on National Boulevard in coastal Long Beach (New York):

Quote: "Police say the driver had some sort of medical emergency and lost control of the vehicle."

2021-01-09 - Cable television truck and car crash in El Cajon (California), 1 killed:

2021-01-09 - Pickup truck overturns into median on I-10 near Scott (Louisiana), 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Pickup truck veers off road, crashes into tree, near Bayou La Batre (Louisiana), 1 killed:

2021-01-09 - Car veers off road, crashes into medical marijuana facility, in coastal Destin (Florida):

2021-01-09 - Car veers off road at 1:53, crashes into culvert and pole, on Cargal Street in coastal Jacksonville (Florida), 1 killed:

2021-01-09 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, in Tallmadge Township (Michigan), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Car veers off road, crashes into the Quinebaug River in Killingly (Connecticut), 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Car veers off road at 12:30 AM, crashes into tree, in Hartford (Connecticut), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2021-01-09 - Landslides hit Indonesia, 11 killed, 18 injured:

2021-01-09 - Person has 'medical episode' near car dealership in Milton Keynes (Britain):

Quote: "The Police and Ambulance service were called to a member of the public having a 'medical episode' earlier this afternoon in part of Milton Keynes."

2021-01-09 - More than 75% of COVID-19 patients who get hospitalized still have at least one symptom 6 months later, a study found:


  1. Good Monday morning to ye Jonny and all JJFH readers. Things are coming to a head politically here and elsewhere. It looks like we're at the part where the "winner" seeks to completely sideline and destroy any and all opposition to whatever policies and agenda they support. Should be interesting. Maybe it'll lead to that civil war everyone expected after the election (no matter which side won).

    HUGE list of residential fires today! i like the way you connect 'gas events' by distance and time - gives one the impression that these gas clouds drift slowly and close to the ground . .

    Without Freedom Of Speech, What Is Going To Happen To America?

    It is quite ironic that many of those that are always telling us that we need “diversity” in our society are also some of the strongest voices against a “diversity of viewpoints” on social media. The founders of this nation wanted to make sure that nobody would ever take the right to freedom of speech away from us, and that is why it was enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, courts have greatly eroded that right over the last several decades, and now we are facing an all-out assault on freedom of speech that is unlike anything that we have ever seen before. And once freedom of speech is completely gone, all of our other rights will soon follow, because there will no longer be any way to defend them.

    When the United States was established, government was really the only major threat to free speech. In early America, corporations were severely limited in size and scope, and that is because our founders were determined not to let them get too big or too powerful.

    Our founders knew that enormous concentrations of money and power would be great threats to freedom, and that has definitely turned out to be the case.

    Just think about this – President Trump could never take away your ability to express yourself, but Facebook and Twitter can.

    Of course big corporations dominate just about every other aspect of our society as well. These collectivist institutions have become extremely dangerous, and they are really starting to throw their weight around.

    Until the power of the big corporations is addressed, we will never have a truly free society again.

    Just like leftist governments, big corporations seek to gather as much money and as much power under a single umbrella as possible.

    Our founders wanted to empower the individual, and that is why they wanted to limit the size of government and that is why they also wanted to limit the size of corporations. [more]

    [2nd section beneath]

  2. [Japan is getting BURIED in snow]
    Powerful winter storm slams Japan with record snow, claims 10 lives and strands more than 1 200 vehicles

    A powerful winter storm is affecting Japan since Thursday, January 7, 2021, dropping record-breaking snow, stranding more than 1 200 vehicles, and claiming the lives of at least 10 people in snow-related incidents on January 9 and 10. Heavy snowfall fell across wide areas of the country, forcing some prefectures to request the Ground Self-Defense Force's help in rescue operations. [more]

    Powerful winter stom hits southern U.S., leaving more than 150 000 customers without power

    A powerful winter storm swept through Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi on Sunday, January 10, 2021, leaving more than 150 000 customers without power. [more]
    [the agenda continues]
    Vaccines EVERY year: Matt Hancock admits it is 'highly likely' Britons will face annual Covid jabs as he reveals 200,000 people a day are already being inoculated and every adult will have been offered a shot by autumn

    Britons are 'highly likely' to need a Covid vaccination every year for the 'foreseeable' future, Matt Hancock has today warned, as he also revealed 200,000 people a day are now receiving their first dose of the jab. [more]

    Global natural disaster figures for 2020 – “The hurricane season in the North Atlantic was hyperactive”

    Global losses from natural disasters in 2020 came to US$ 210bn, of which some US$ 82bn was insured. Both overall losses and insured losses were significantly higher than in the previous year (2019: US$ 166bn and US$ 57bn respectively).

    The US share of losses was rather high: Natural disasters in the US accounted for US$ 95bn (2019: US$ 51bn) of overall losses and US$ 67bn of insured losses (2019: US$ 26bn).

    This year’s natural disasters claimed some 8,200 lives. [more]

    California Governor proposes hiring 16 additional firefighting crews

    And, $1 billion for forest health and reduction of fire risk [more]

    [3rd piece follows]

  3. The Tiny Satellites That Will Connect Cows, Cars and Shipping Containers to the Internet

    In the shadow of giants like SpaceX, more than a dozen startups are building their own globe-spanning networks of nanosatellites, enabling a new kind of everywhere, all-the-time connectivity for people, animals and assets on Earth [more; uh-oh . .]

    Microbes that feed on hydrogen found living beneath glaciers - but where's the hydrogen coming from?

    through a series of physical and chemical processes, hydrogen gas is produced as the silica-rich bedrock underneath glaciers is ground into tiny mineral particles by the weight of the ice on top of it. When those mineral particles combine with glacial meltwater, they let off hydrogen.

    microbial communities under the glaciers could combine that hydrogen gas with carbon dioxide to generate more organic matter, called biomass, through a process called chemosynthesis. Chemosynthesis is similar to how plants generate biomass from carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, although chemosynthesis does not require sunlight. [more]

    Man dies from serious injuries following dog attack in Girona, Spain

    The dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a breed which is considered to be potentially dangerous in Spain, attacked the man, causing serious injuries to his left arm.

    The reason for the attack is unknown and is being investigated.

    A witness called the Local Police, who arrived within minutes and shot the dog which was being very aggressive, preventing them and the paramedics from approaching the victim. [more]

    Monday, 11 January 2021

    "I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1806 to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP agents, the FBI, DoJ, CIA and others to undermine, corrode and dismantle the United States of America and its constiution. These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinately until al domestic enemies are arrested."

  4. Accelerating [64 min. BBN; 1st min. is silent]

    Accelerating Pt.2 [~ 43.25 min. BBN]

    30%: Good Start Or Weak Commit [~ 74.4 min. BBN]

    A Nursing Home had Zero Coronavirus Deaths. Then, It Vaccinates Residents for Coronavirus and the Deaths Begin.

    Things seem to be working backwards at The Commons on St. Anthony nursing home in Auburn, New York. Vaccinating people is supposed to reduce or end coronavirus deaths. Right? But, at The Commons, such deaths are reported to have occurred only after residents began receiving coronavirus vaccinations.

    James T. Mulder wrote Saturday at that until December 29 there had been no coronavirus deaths at The Commons. December 29, when deaths of residents with coronavirus began occurring at The Commons, is also, Mulder’s article discloses, seven days days after the nursing home began giving coronavirus vaccinations to residents, with 80 percent of residents so far having been vaccinated.

    Over a period of less than two weeks since December 29, Mulder relates that 24 coronavirus-infected residents at the 300-bed nursing home have died.

    Is the timing just a strange coincidence?

    Read Mulder’s article here.

    This is the penultimate paragraph of Mulder’s article, where vaccinations at The Commons is mentioned:

    The nursing home began vaccinating residents Dec. 22. So far 193 residents, or 80%, and 113 employees, or less than half the staff, have been vaccinated. The nursing home plans to do more vaccinations Jan. 12.

    [GET OUT!]
    ‘It’s all fallen apart’: Newsom scrambles to save California — and his career

    California is running so low on oxygen that officials are telling emergency crews to conserve supplies. Ambulances in Los Angeles are backed up outside emergency rooms, sometimes for hours. And the coronavirus vaccine distribution remains so disjointed that a freezer failure that forced immediate inoculations of hundreds of people in Northern California — inmates, older people, and some people on the street — was hailed as an improvement.

    Californians are frustrated, tired and sick. And in the midst of the unfolding catastrophe, Gov. Gavin Newsom — confronting a burgeoning recall effort, on top of a year of wildfires and civil unrest — is under siege. [more]

    Alaska Auction Shows Oil and Gas Are in Trouble

    Wednesday’s auction of oil and gas drilling rights on the Alaskan Coastal Plain was worse than disappointing. The lease offering was a culmination of decades of work, opening to development 1.5 million acres that many considered the biggest single prospect in America. The high expectations fell embarrassingly flat when the bids were opened. Half of the acreage could not even muster a qualifying bid. The bidders who did win are stalking-horse bidders, planning to hold the leases and flip them to a bona fide oil company in the years to come. Those bona fide oil companies — who would eventually drill wells to deliver oil to consumers and royalties to the Treasury — opted to pass and invest elsewhere.

    The lease sale offered 22 tracts after ten were withdrawn prior to the offering. Of the 22 offered, eleven mustered the minimum bid of $25 per acre, with the highest accepted bid at $33.38 per acre. Put more bluntly, a third of the area was withdrawn, then half of the remaining offering could not muster the minimum bid. The three bidders each managed to take home at least one tract, with one bidder winning nine of eleven tracts. Only two tracts received more than one bid. By any objective standard, this lease sale was a dud.

    It gets worse. [more]

    [part II follows]

  5. Arctic shows where climate change is headed, say experts [~ 2 min. video]

    "It's an indication of what is going to happen to the rest of the world," said polar explorer Ann Daniels, describing flooding and changing weather patterns. "It's climate change throughout our globe and we are all connected. So for me, expedition has become about trying to understand what's happening to the Earth rather than trying to discover the geography of it." Daniels' comments were echoed by Ilarion Mercurieff, the president of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways. "We have to understand that everything is connected and that we cannot solve the problems by addressing one issue alone. And climate crisis is a symptom, not the cause." Neil Roberts, Head of Marine and Aviation at Lloyd's of London Market Association, said that when it came to commercial development, the arctic for general cover was "off the table." "It's still a difficult proposition commercially. And it's insurers' role is to support commerce... We will only support commerce where it makes sense to do so."

    Record-breaking Gurkha mountaineer 'devastated' after camp swept away on K2 winter attempt

    A record-breaking former Gurkha trying to make the first winter ascent of K2 has vowed to continue his attempt despite a camp and his equipment being blown away by high winds.

    Nirmal Purja said he was devastated by the destruction of his camp, and would have to delay his push for the summit of the world's second highest peak.

    The former special forces soldier is one of dozens of climbers currently climbing the notoriously deadly peak which straddles the Pakistan-China border.

    In a message late on Sunday he said he found a scene of devastation after a prepositioned camp already set up by his expedition had been blasted by 75 mph winds. [more]

    [from Fuck You! news]
    This COVID Protection Measure Is "Not Working," Doctor Warns

    The problem is that not enough people are currently being vaccinated. [more]

    Snow, heavy rain in Balkans cause floods, disrupt traffic

    Days of heavy rain and snow across the Balkans left homes and fields flooded Monday, disrupted traffic on highways and at ports and caused power outages.

    In Serbia, authorities on Monday started clearing up tons of garbage that was clogging a southwestern lake after it was swept off from landfills by overflowing rivers. Emergency measures were announced in the southern Doljevac and Vlasotince municipalities, where rescue teams helped more than two dozen people evacuate their homes.

    The state RTS television reported that numerous homes, barns and fields were flooded and villages were left without drinking water after days of rain and snow around the southern town of Leskovac and nearby areas. [more]

    [4th piece coming up]

  6. [human ingenuity]
    6 inmates use 'homemade rope' to escape from California jail [63 sec. video]

    Authorities in central California were searching Sunday for six inmates who used a “homemade rope” to escape from a county jail, sheriff's officials said.

    All six escapees should be considered armed and dangerous, the Merced County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

    Staff at Merced County Downtown Jail noticed late Saturday that the six inmates were missing, the release said.

    “A preliminary investigation has determined that the inmates were able to gain access to the roof of the facility and utilize a homemade rope to scale down the side of the jail,” the sheriff's office said. [more]

    If You Take These OTC Meds, You Have to Stop Before Getting the Vaccine

    Many of us are eagerly awaiting our turn to get the COVID vaccine [oh really!?] and when it finally comes time to get vaccinated, it's important to make sure the shot works to its full capacity without anything hindering its efficacy. Some experts have warned against getting a bad night of sleep or drinking alcohol before sitting down for your first dose. Now doctors are also warning that you should stop using ibuprofen and acetaminophen before getting your COVID vaccine. Keep reading to see why experts say you shouldn't take these over-the-counter medications before getting vaccinated—and when you need to cut yourself off. And to see if you're in one of the groups that shouldn't get the shot at all, check out The Only 2 People Who Shouldn't Get the COVID Vaccine, FDA Official Says. [more; or if you have any allergies, or if your sister's a nun . .]

    12 children rescued from chilly waters after boats capsize

    A dozen children participating in a sailing school off the coast of Northern California had to be rescued Sunday afternoon after a large swell of frigid, choppy water overturned several small boats.

    The sailing school was in session at around 4:30 p.m. at the mouth of the Santa Cruz Harbor when a large wave capsized about four vessels, authorities said. About 20 people were tossed into the water, including 12 children, according to the Santa Cruz Fire Department and California State Parks. [more; (bowing) firsta resson!]

    [5th slice next]

  7. [here's a new one fer ye, Jonny - from WTF?! news]
    2 men arrested for allegedly stealing military veterans' remains, using them in 'religious practices'

    “Tolentino stated that Lopez used a crowbar to open the vaults and then removed the heads of the deceased. He stated they removed four heads from the four graves and then returned to Lopez’s residence. He stated the heads were taken for religious practices.”

    According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects told detectives that they were using the human remains in their religious practice called Palo Mayombe -- a religion that developed in during the slavery era in Cuba among enslaved African people and their descendants, according to Lonely Planet -- and that they robbed graves of veterans because they needed remains from those who have “done something heroic.”

    Polk County authorities then obtained a search warrant for Lopez’s residence, “in an effort to locate and recover any of the human remains.” [more]

    [setting the stage for the big event]
    FBI warns of plans for nationwide armed protests next week

    The FBI is warning of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, stoking fears of more bloodshed after last week's deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol. [more]

    [Let's jes tell um ta SNORT IT!]
    Inhaling away the virus: Is the next generation of COVID vaccines on its way?

    Trials have begun in London for the next generation of COVID-19 vaccines with the first dose for a new nasal vaccine being developed by the U.S. company Codagenix having been administered at a quarantine facility in London, it was announced Monday morning.

    “This vaccine is one of the first of the next generation COVID-19 vaccines, it is a single dose, needle free, intranasal, live attenuated COVID-19 virus vaccine.” Cathal Friel, Executive Chairman, of Open Orphan, the company running the trials said in a statement. [more; i can't even imagine . .]