Thursday, January 18, 2018

Event Update For 2018-01-17

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2018-01-17 - Underground electrical explosions blow two manhole covers off in coastal Jersey City (New Jersey):

2018-01-17 - Industrial rail plant heavily damaged by explosion and fire near Longview (Texas):

2018-01-17 - Factory explodes on Todmorden Road near Littleborough (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Landfill fire erupts in Orhei District (Moldova):

2018-01-17 - Ferry ship 'Stena Britannica' hit by fire before 5 AM, 5 tractor trailers destroyed, near coastal Harwich (Britain):

Quote: "Fire erupted on a lower cargo deck of ferry STENA BRITANNICA early in the morning Jan 17, while ferry was approaching Harwich en route from Hoek van Holland. Fire started in one of the trucks and spread to other trucks. "

Quote: "When the ship docked firefighters reported that the fire was on a refrigerator lorry on a lower deck of the ship and had spread to a number of surrounding vehicles."

Quote: "Reports suggest that one lorry caught fire and exploded, destroying four additional lorries in the Stena Line ferry due to dock at Harwich."

Note: This is the 124th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2017, and these are the 112th, 113th, 114th, 115th and 116th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-01-17 - Tanker ship 'Geness' erupts in flame near coastal Kandla (India), crew abandons ship, 1 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "Two members sustained severe injuries and one of them died at a hospital, Abhishek Matiman, defence spokesperson of the Gujarat region, said."

Note: This is the 125th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-01-17 - Minivan and seven cars destroyed by fire while parked in parking garage at UMass Medical School in Worcester (Massachusetts):

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame just after 4 AM while parked at home, fire spreads to home, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

Quote: "OKCFD officials say they were called to the scene near NW 8th and Council just after 4 a.m. Wednesday. Officials say a pickup truck parked in the home's driveway caught fire and the flames then spread to the house."

2018-01-17 - Home damaged by explosion on Steven Street in Mildura (Australia), 2400 feet from the Murray River, 1 injured:

Note: This is the 22nd residential explosion in 2018...

2018-01-17 - Transit bus bursts into flame on McKean Avenue in Charleroi (Pennsylvania), 500 feet from the Monongahela River:

2018-01-17 - Transit bus bursts into flame on street in coastal Thane (India):

2018-01-17 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on Westburn Road in Cambuslang (Scotland):

Quote: "Firefighters also had to deal with a bus that went on fire on Westburn Road on Monday morning. The vehicle, believed to be a private hire, had no-one inside it when the fire started, but the incident caused the road to be closed in both directions. A spokesman added: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was alerted at 8.02am on Monday, January 15 to reports of a bus fire on Westburn Road, Cambuslang."

Note: These are the 42nd, 43rd and 44th buses to burn in 2018...

2018-01-17 - Crane truck bursts into flame on the M26 near Kent (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame while parked inside business in Throop (Pennsylvania):

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame near I-20/59 near Tuscaloosa (Alabama):

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-95 near Kingsville (Maryland):

2018-01-17 - Tractor, snowmobile, ATVs and barn destroyed by fire near Centreton (Canada):

Quote: "Lost in the barn fire were ATVs, a snowmobile and a tractor."

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 3:20 AM on the Pacific Motorway near coastal Chinderah (Australia):

Note: These are the 117th, 118th, 119th, 120th, 121st and 122nd tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-01-17 - Heavy truck bursts into flame while parked at DPW facility in Topsfield (Massachusetts):

2018-01-17 - Heavy truck bursts into flame, man jumps out, truck overturns, on the N3 near Pietermaritzburg (South Africa):

2018-01-17 - RV bursts into flame at 2:07 AM on Burchard Crescent in Shenley Church End (Britain):

Quote: "Wednesday 17 January, 2.07am Motorhome on fire, Burchard Crescent, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes. Two appliances and crews from Great Holm attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and one set of breathing apparatus."

Note: This is the 32nd RV to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-01-17 - Van bursts into flame on Victoria Avenue in coastal St Helier on the island of Jersey (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Van bursts into flame on the M40 between Stokenchurch and Handy Cross (Britain):

Quote: "Wednesday 17 January, 2.39pm Fire in engine compartment of van, M40 southbound between junctions 5 (Stokenchurch) and 4 (Handy Cross). Two appliances and crews from High Wycombe and an officer attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and a thermal imaging camera."

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at townhomes in Forest (Virginia):

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 6 AM at gas station in Huntsville (Alabama):

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Highway 25 south of Starkville (Mississippi):

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Inland Island Highway in coastal Campbell River (Canada):

2018-01-17 - Car and gas pump go up in flames at gas station in Chapel Hill (North Carolina):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on the Garden State Parkway in Middletown (New Jersey):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on Old Highway 59 near Poteau (Oklahoma):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on South Newberry Access in North Platte (Nebraska):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 148 in Herrin (Illinois):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on Point Lookout Road in Great Mills (Maryland):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on street in Wheatland (North Dakota):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on the Sprint Highway in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame while parked on Renfrew Lane in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame while parked in parking garage on Marmion Road in coastal Southsea (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on Rainford Road in Bickerstaffe (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on Ely Road in Queen Adelaide (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Car bursts into flame on the A404 between Marlow and Handy Cross (Britain):

Quote: "Wednesday 17 January, 5.15pm Car fire, A404 northbound between Marlow and Handy Cross. Two appliances and crews from High Wycombe attended. Firefighters used one hose reel, one set of breathing apparatus and a thermal imaging camera."

2018-01-17 - Vehicles, garage and home go up in flames in Mascoutah (Illinois):

Quote: "The fire was still burning at 1 p.m. and involved the home as well as a neighboring car port and garage. Vehicles in the back of the residence also appeared to have caught fire."

2018-01-17 - Several vehicles and home destroyed by garage fire in Nicollet (Minnesota):

Quote: "A house and several vehicles were destroyed by fire Tuesday morning in Nicollet. The fire was reported shortly after 7:30 a.m. at 904 Fourth Street. Two people and two dogs escaped without injury. The fire appeared to have started in the garage but the State Fire Marshal is investigating to determine the official cause."

2018-01-17 - Car and garage destroyed by fire at 5:05 AM, home damaged, in Belpre (Ohio), 370 feet from the Ohio River:

2018-01-17 - Car and workshop destroyed by fire in Landon Lake Estates in Harrison County (Mississippi):

Quote: "We're told the shop had tools, equipment and a car inside."

2018-01-17 - Motorcycles and two motorcycle shops destroyed by fire in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2018-01-17 - Beer distribution facility devastated by massive fire before 4 AM in coastal New Bern (North Carolina), nobody there:

Note: Distribution, like with trucks?

2018-01-17 - Strip mall damaged by fire at 3:30 AM in Kingston (New Hampshire), nobody there:

2018-01-17 - Strip club heavily damaged by fire at 4:30 AM in Columbia (South Carolina), nobody there:

2018-01-17 - Law office damaged by fire at 2:05 AM in Tigard (Oregon), nobody there:

2018-01-17 - Factory destroyed by massive blaze near airport in coastal Tokushima (Japan):

2018-01-17 - Row of garages destroyed by fire at apartment building in coastal Long Beach (California):

2018-01-17 - Mobile home destroyed by fire at 6 AM in coastal Harpswell (Maine), 2 dogs killed:

2018-01-17 - Home damaged by fire in Morrill (Nebraska), nobody there:

2018-01-17 - Home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Bradenton (Florida):

2018-01-17 - Home destroyed by fire in coastal Suffolk (Virginia), nobody there:

2018-01-17 - Home destroyed by fire on Marchmont Drive in Fairborn (Ohio):

2018-01-17 - Home destroyed by fire at 2:45 AM in Westville (Illinois):

2018-01-17 - Home destroyed by fire near Clear Lake in Nice (California), nobody there:

2018-01-17 - Three homes go up in flames in the wee hours in Columbus (Ohio):

2018-01-17 - Duplex heavily damaged by fire at 7 AM in coastal Hampton Beach (New Hampshire):

2018-01-17 - Multi-family home damaged by basement fire at 6:15 AM in coastal Providence (Rhode Island):

2018-01-17 - Apartment building damaged by fire in coastal Los Angeles (California), 3 injured:

2018-01-17 - Apartment building damaged by fire in Birmingham (Alabama):

2018-01-17 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire at 6:30 AM in McLean (Virginia):

2018-01-17 - Deadly fire destroys mobile home at 4 AM in Huffman (Texas), 3 killed, 1 injured:

2018-01-17 - Deadly fire burns home in Denison (Texas), 1 killed:

2018-01-17 - Deadly fire burns home at 5 AM in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), 1 killed:

Quote: "Just 19 days into 2018, crews say there have already been seven fire-related deaths in Oklahoma City. That is compared to all of 2017, where there were 10 fire-related deaths."

2018-01-17 - Deadly fire destroys home at 11:30 PM in Tulsa (Oklahoma), 1 killed:

2018-01-17 - Deadly fire destroys home at 12:30 AM in Lansing (Michigan), 1 killed:

2018-01-17 - Deadly fire burns multi-family home just before 2 AM in coastal New Bedford (Massachusetts), 1 killed:

2018-01-17 - Vacant building destroyed by fire at 12:48 AM in coastal Pensacola (Florida):

2018-01-17 - Vacant home destroyed by fire near Heyworth (Illinois):

2018-01-17 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Duncan (Oklahoma):

2018-01-17 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the water in the Gooseponds area in coastal Mackay (Australia):

2018-01-17 - College student, man, 25, drops dead in high-rise dorm in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A first-year Penn Law School student died suddenly on Jan. 16 in his residence at Sansom Place East, according to an email sent to the Penn Law community from Penn Law Dean Theodore Ruger and Vice Provost for University Life Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum. Jonathan Lumpkin, 25, was returning from a leave of absence, the email read, and had begun his studies in 2015. He was from Baton Rouge, La."

2018-01-17 - College student, woman, 20, found dead at Mercer County Park in Hamilton (New Jersey):

2018-01-17 - Man, 22, found dead at home in Manhattan (Kansas):

Quote: "Kansas State coach Bill Snyder's 22-year-old grandson has died in Manhattan."

2018-01-17 - Boy, 8, has seizure and dies in bathtub at home in Clark County (Ohio):

2018-01-17 - Man, airman, found dead at off-post residence near Columbia (South Carolina):

2018-01-17 - Man, 25, soldier, found dead at off-post residence in Junction City (Kansas):

2018-01-17 - Man dies in the water at coastal Hanakapiai Beach (Hawaii):

2018-01-17 - Man, 25, dies while cave-diving at Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area in Salt Springs (Florida):

2018-01-17 - Man, 55 to 70, drops dead near fence in or near Prosser (Washington):

2018-01-17 - Woman found dead at bus stop in Dallas (Texas):

2018-01-17 - Man collapses in jail cell, dies shortly later, in Norman (Oklahoma):

2018-01-17 - Man, 57, found dead in pickup truck near church in Stanley (North Carolina):

2018-01-17 - Man drops dead in alley in Topeka (Kansas):

2018-01-17 - Person found dead near intersection in Hot Springs (Arkansas):

2018-01-17 - Woman, 44, found dead on bench outside City Hall in Memphis (Tennessee):

2018-01-17 - Woman found dead in wash near Bonnie Springs Ranch (Nevada):

2018-01-17 - Person found dead near Spanish Town Road in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

2018-01-17 - Person found dead in the Fraser River in coastal Delta (Canada):

2018-01-17 - College student found dead at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa (Canada):

2018-01-17 - Man, 48, found dead in river in coastal Saint Thomas Parish on the island of Jamaica:

2018-01-17 - Woman, 27, airline stewardess, drops dead in hotel in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2018-01-17 - Man, 48, found dead near coastal Cha-Am Beach (Thailand):

2018-01-17 - Man drops dead in apartment in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "The man's death is currently unexplained but is not believed to be suspicious."

2018-01-17 - Woman found dead near Leasowes Lane in Halesowen (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Man in his 70s has 'medical incident' and drops dead at museum in Chippenham (Britain):

2018-01-17 - Small plane crash-lands in parking lot in Santa’s Village in San Bernardino County (California):

2018-01-17 - Small plane crashes near coastal Nassau (Bahamas), 6 killed:

2018-01-17 - Helicopter crashes and burns near Raton (New Mexico), 5 killed, 1 injured:

2018-01-17 - Passenger bus and truck crash on Warwick Road in Stratford-upon-Avon (Britain), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2018-01-17 - Tanker truck overturns on Old Indian Head Highway in Prince George’s County (Maryland):

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer veers off road, crashes into field, on I-72 near Jacksonville (Illinois), 1 killed:

Quote: "Police are investigating whether a medical issue may have led to the crash."

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer crashes, bursts into flame, on US 52 in Surry County (North Carolina):

2018-01-17 - Tractor trailer veers off road, hits overpass pillar, bursts into flame, near Millet (Canada), 1 injured:

2018-01-17 - Heavy truck's brakes fail, truck mows down pedestrians and auto-rickshaws, in Vanasthalipuram (India), 2 killed, 2 injured:

Quote: "The driver said that failure of brakes resulted in the accident..."

2018-01-17 - Van backs into parked vehicle in Fayetteville (North Carolina), 1 killed:

Quote: "The man may have suffered a medical issue moments before the crash, the news release says. Police said the crash was not weather-related."

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits van, van overturns, in Frederick (Maryland), 12 injured:

2018-01-17 - Pickup truck crashes into wash in Tucson (Arizona), 1 killed:

Quote: "Speed does not appear to be a factor in the crash and detectives are looking into the possibility of Hanft having suffered a medical issue, Hawkins said."

2018-01-17 - Car veers over centerline, hits tractor trailer, in Greenville County (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2018-01-17 - Car veers off road at 6 AM, hits tree, in Westwood (Kansas), 1 killed:

Quote: "The wreck occurred just after 6 a.m. Wednesday near Westwood City Hall at 47th Place Rainbow Blvd., police said. The 67-year-old woman may have suffered some type of medical emergency before her car drove across a grassy area and struck a tree, according to Westwood police."

2018-01-17 - Car veers off road, hits tree, bursts into flame, in Wabasha (Minnesota), 1 injured:

2018-01-17 - Dog attacks and injures man in Miami Gardens (Florida), near the coast:

2018-01-17 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates high school in Hasbrouck Heights (New Jersey), near the coast:

2018-01-17 - Unknown 'gas odor' sickens people and evacuates office building in Toowoomba (Australia):

2018-01-17 - Man, 60, has 'medical episode' and collapses in the water at coastal Coogee Beach (AUstralia):

Quote: "It is understood the man may have had a medical episode and collapsed in the water."

2018-01-17 - Shallow magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean off Raoul Island (New Zealand):

2018-01-17 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes near the coast in Taiwan:

2018-01-17 - Heatwave broils parts of Australia:

Quote: "Temperatures are forecast to nudge 45C as a five-day heatwave blankets southeast Australia. The heat, which has fire services on ready alert, will be mostly centred on northern Victoria and southern NSW over the next few days with temperatures about 12C above average for this time of year."

2018-01-17 - Catastrophic drought imminent in Cape Town (South Africa):

Quote: "Over the past three years, a lot has changed for the city of Cape Town. Seated in a geologic bowl beneath Table Mountain and historically fed by heavy winter precipitation, the South African metropolis has been known as a haven of abundant natural water. This year, however, Cape Town may be the first major city in the world to run out of water. A three-year drought in the region around Cape Town has caused levels in its water-supplying dams to drop dangerously low. Experts have predicted that the city will reach 'day zero,' a point at which the dams drop below 13.5 percent of their combined capacity, on April 21."

2018-01-17 - Storm Fionn batters the UK:

2018-01-17 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of the Philippine Islands:

2018-01-17 - Snow and ice hit the southern US with record-breaking cold in Louisiana and Mississippi:

2018-01-17 - Yellow fever threatens all of Sao Paulo (Brazil):

2018-01-17 - Los Angeles could become the next city to sue fossil fuel companies over climate change:

2018-01-17 - Massive house-sized asteroid will fly close to Earth next week:

2018-01-17 - NASA warns another giant asteroid will hurtle past earth in early February:

2018-01-17 - Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini reveals the toxicity of formulants and heavy metals in glyphosate-based herbicides:

2018-01-17 - The UK appoints a Minister of Loneliness:


  1. I'm betting that the authorities are calling this "suspicious" right now because it involves the death of a woman and a baby. Home caught on fire and both were found dead in a bedroom together. Of course it is possible that hubby is nuts and killed them, but I'm betting they'll end up finding no evidence of foul play. Meanwhile the Jumping Jack Flash song plays on....

  2. Don't be so sure they won't ADD evidence of foul play if there isn't any. How deep does that rabbit hole go? I haven't a clue, but nowadays I take any information from 'the authorities' with a grain of salt. Or a self-igniting salt truck full of salt. If you see what I'm saying.

    1. Well I do declare! A follow up to this story on KXAN's website now says these deaths are no longer considered to be suspicious and were "accidental". Accidental? Yes Hydrogen Sulfide accidentally wafted into their home.

  3. i'm confused. The deadly fire in OK City is listed as having happened on the 17th, but in the quote "just 19 days into the new year" would make it TODAY. Does that mean the person's comment was made this morning?

    I don't know how insurance companies can stay in business with the amount of damage to vehicles, buildings and people being done every day. Now sure, not everyone is insured, but businesses and buildings MUST be (if the banks want their investments protected; and usually are BY LAW). So all these homes, apartments, workshops and factories being destroyed are going to submit claims (not to mention all the dead people's families or relatives).

    The Minister of Loneliness - is that who you call when you're feeling alone? Does the person come by and sit with you until you feel better? The English are so weird sometimes.

    Empty prisons, grounded warplanes: U.S. budget dysfunction hits home

    Three hours west of Chicago, a federal prison stands ready to take in thousands of inmates and hire hundreds of guards, but its expansion is on hold, awaiting approval from a U.S. Congress that is again paralyzed by budget disputes.
    In Florida, the Coast Guard patrols the waters off President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, working off an outdated budget that has not increased to account for this new mission.
    Across the country, with the 2018 fiscal year well under way, the U.S. government is carrying out duties ranging from nuclear weapons development to homeless assistance, but its spending levels and priorities are four months out of date. [more]

    Albertans report meteor fireball over the province

    Second meteor fireball flashes over Ohio

    Snow blankets all 50 American states for the first time since 2010

    [not exactly true - it's PARTS of all 50 states]

    Rare tornado touches down in Carinthia, Austria

    Four killed and flights suspended as storm batters Europe

    Great Lakes ice coverage almost 3 times bigger than on this date in 2017

    [no surprise - the recent WEEKS of bitter cold weren't here then]

    Earthquake in Öræfajökull volcano in Iceland

    [nothing like an earthquake at a volcano to make yer day]

    Sinkhole opens up and swallows elderly woman in Rome

    [more below]

  4. Friday, 19 January 2018
    ALERT!! US Navy Deploys NINE Anti-Submarine Aircraft off East Coast Fearing Sub Missile Launch Against US

    Submarine off NJ/DE/MD Coasts? US Navy Deploys NINE Anti-Submarine Aircraft off East Coast Fearing Sub Missile Launch Against US

    The East Coast of the United States may be subjected to attack by submarine launched missile(s) and the US Navy has scrambled NUMEROUS P-8A POSEIDON anti-submarine aircraft, to repeatedly search coastal waters from New York City to Washington, DC ALL DAY Thursday into Thursday Evening. [more; wasn't on the news]

    [Huge, full page of articles, videos and links on this]
    Friday, 19 January 2018
    More material on the bombshell document that may end the Mueller Russiagate probe

    This is essential viewing as it contains material from tonight’s Hannity Report with input from the journalist who broke the story as well with members of Congress.

    Bombshell Doc Will End Mueller Probe

    Lee Camp on the collapse of civilisation

    Is Civilization In A Death Spiral??

    [~ 9.5 min. hilarious, yet not, video]

    Extinction Radio 81

    [~ 1.5 hr radio program; followed by this one]

    Under the Weather Right Now [1 hr. Radio Eco-shock program]

    FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama

    SH*T IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN’: Ex-Secret Service Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama

    The House Intel panel’s passage of New York Republican Rep. Peter King’s motion to release the FISA abuse memo to fellow House members has rocked Washington, D.C.

    How the USA engineered the migrant crisis

    The Agenda To Destabilize Europe - How The USA Engineered The Migrant Crisis

    Venezuela's oil production is collapsing at an accelerating pace

    Peak oil and economic sabotage by the Americans is largely behind this, not “socialist inefficiency”

    Venezuela’s Oil Production Is Collapsing

    Sharp drop in output increases the odds of a debt default, worsens economic crisis

    PIOMAS January 2018

    2017 — Second Hottest Year on Record as Climate Troubles Escalate

    [it's about time Robert got back to climate and off Tesla cars]

    [continued below]

  5. Major strom[sic] hits Northern Europe

    Deadly storm Friederike causes Dutch and German transport chaos
    Four people have been killed by falling trees or debris as a fierce storm tears across northern Europe.

    [see pic of flying cow!]

    In the era of corporate fascism homeopathics are declared ILLEGAL

    FDA Declares All Homeopathic Drugs Illegal Threatening Remedies for Millions of Americans


    "It's definitely some weird weather" 60 feet high waves (almost 20 metres) pound the Oregon Coast smashing windows and damaging buildings

    Paradise islands Mauritius and Reunion battered by category three tropical Cyclone Berguitta thousands of islanders in shelters

    Keystone XL Pipeline Has Enough Oil Suppliers, Will Be Built, TransCanada Says

    Trump Administration Deserts Science Advisory Boards Across Agencies

    Concern over climate change linked to depression, anxiety: study

    [notice the people in charge who DON'T CARE don't have this]

    The Dead End Of Trickle Down Voodoo Economics

    Aside from being obese, dementia-ridden, and addicted to junk food, junk culture, and pharmaceuticals, this society is in "excellent" health. Just one wafer thin mint away from implosion...

    President Camacho is a *special* purpose con man - he's the con man sent to con all of the other con men in this society. No easy task, to be sure. And yet by all accounts he has done a spectacular job - now evincing record fake over-confidence in stocks, oil prices, real estate, consumer sentiment, economic outlook, corporate profits, global growth, Ponzi cryptos etc. etc. etc...

    Don't get me wrong, I like Trump: he's one stop shopping for everything that's wrong with our society - he's narcissistic, ignorant, dementia-ridden, all-knowing, obese yet 'healthy'. And he has the attention span of a coked up flea. Of course, if you ask the people in his own cabinet, they would add that he's a fucking moron and dumb as shit. But what do they know?

    We learned just yesterday that thanks to his diet centered around Diet Coke, KFC and McDonald's, Trump is in "excellent" health [more]

  6. Hah, good eye! I wondered if anyone else would notice that date discrepancy. You got me, but Jan 17th is obviously only 17 days into the year.

  7. Glitch in the matrix . . . Roswell, ROSWELL!

  8. Huge gasoline tanker explosion forces highway shutdown in Utah (VIDEOS)

    Authorities say the truck driver pulled over and fled his vehicle carrying 10,000 gallons of gasoline when its breaks caught fire.

    The highway will be closed indefinitely, officials say. [more]

    FBI: China has been eliminating CIA informants, mole responsible now in custody

    Russian stocks surge to all-time high riding strong ruble momentum

    Confirmed: NBC News crew was inside bunker facility hours before it sent out the error missile alert

    [no answer as to "why"]

    Loud explosion in southern Wisconsin rattles homes, 'knocks things off walls'

    The Janesville Police Department received two calls from east-side residents who said they heard an "explosion overhead," [more]

    Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes Mexico

    Pair of pit bull terriers severely maul 4-year-old in Melbourne, Florida

    Cold snap hits Lake Michigan

    A new cold snap converted the beach of Lake Michigan in Chicago into an ice sculpture park as trees and grasses in the area got coated with thick ice and frost. [short video]

    Europe open for Monsanto's glyphosate poisoning (VIDEO)

    A Russian news channel reports on the EU's extention of the license for use of Monsanto's herbicide glyphosate - a substance which accumulates in the human body and has been described by the World Health Organization as a "possible carcinogenic".

    [more below]

  9. UFO video is the start of 'War of the Worlds' claims US Navy pilot

    The world is still adjusting to the discovery that the Pentagon maintained a secret UFO program for over the past half a decade.

    One of the most compelling pieces of evidence suggesting that UFOs really are the result of highly advanced technology comes in the form of footage from two F/A-18F super hornets who, in 2004, spotted a white "tic-tac" shaped aircraft off the coast of San Diego. [more; see video]

    Mysterious lights in the sky baffle skywatchers in Japan after rocket Epsilon-3 launches successfully

    Japan’s space agency has successfully launched its Epsilon-3 small rocket, carrying on-board the Earth observation satellite ASNARO-2, at 6:06 AM on January 18, 2018 from the Uchinoura Space Center in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima. The launch was successful and baffled many skywatchers, lighting up the sky with spiral-like features. Now enjoy the pictures [more; see pics & short video]

    Mysterious burning crater baffles officials in Mexico – Another huge meteorite impact site say residents

    [reminds me of the beginning of Close Encounters]

    Mexico is used to huge craters. But on January 17, 2018, drivers using the Torreón – Saltillo highway were left baffled by a deep smoking hole in the ground that was burning from the inside… Yes the Earth was burning underground. So far, officials have no explanation for this weird phenomenon.

    The hole measures 8 meters in diameter and is 8 meters deep. [more; ~ 2 min. video in Spanish]

    In Donny We Trust

    Madoff, BitCasino, DowCasino, Globalization, it's abundantly clear that the Idiocracy doesn't know a Ponzi scheme when they see one. Nevertheless, they are finally going to learn that exploitation is not a "line of business". The only thing reflating is their ignorance and arrogance...

    Yesterday was the first Hindenburg Omen since November, more on that below:

    Supply Side economics has failed for 35 years straight, as evidenced by record debt, record deficits, record wealth inequality and record low interest rates. But you can't tell any of that to today's all-knowing mega buffoons. They've turned the art of always being wrong, into always being right. That's the power of Fauxtard News. Unfortunately, eventually every Ponzi scheme runs out of fools to follow...

    The Idiocracy has only one more lesson to learn about themselves:

    This will be the lesson that they never forget...

    "Investors looking to get a piece of the latest market surge poured cash into stock funds at the highest pace ever over the past four weeks."

    What does it mean? It means there are fewer and fewer stocks holding up this shit show... [more]

    [anyone else having "hesitation problems" upon posting - it just sits there, then suddenly it clears - wtf?]