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2017 - DEC - Multiple Corpses

2017-12-01 - Two men, both 19, found dead in the Manjira River at Edupayala (India):

2017-12-01 - Three children die in pond in coastal Accra (Ghana):

2017-12-02 - Five teenagers go for swim at beach, all of them die, in coastal Dumangas (Philippine Islands):

2017-12-02 - Person found dead near oil company and person found dead near liquor store in Noida (India):

2017-12-03 - Father and 6-year-old child die in the water at beach in coastal Muscat (Oman):

2017-12-04 - Two men found dead in motel room in Wilmington (Delaware):

2017-12-04 - Three people found dead in the water near port in coastal Tsuruoka (Japan):

2017-12-04 - Two college medical students found dead in swimming pool in Cuba:

2017-12-04 - Two college students, both 21, found dead in the Bhavani River in Sirumugai (India):

2017-12-05 - Two men, 21 and 23, found dead in submerged car in river in coastal Sarawak (Malaysia):

2017-12-06 - Man, 33, and man in his 60s drop dead in homes in Galashiels (Scotland):

2017-12-06 - Two people gassed to death in apartment on Grove Hill Road in Tunbridge Wells (Britain):

Quote: "Police are investigating the deaths of two people believed to have suffered a fatal gas poisoning after their bodies were found in a flat in a smart stockbroker-belt town."

2017-12-10 - Two men die in the water at beach near coastal Sohar (Oman):

2017-12-10 - Two students die in the Qua River in Akwa Ibom State (Nigeria):

Quote: "That river isn't an ordinary one for their mouths to be swollen like that.."

Note: Graphic photos in first link, but if you look, check their lips out - that's not normal!

2017-12-12 - Two boys, 10 and 11, found dead in river near coastal Durban (South Africa):

2017-12-13 - Man and woman found dead in apartment in Silver Spring (Maryland):

2017-12-13 - Man and woman found dead at homeless camp in Cleveland (Ohio):

2017-12-13 - Two boys found dead in pond in Dhava (India):

2017-12-14 - Couple in their 80s found dead in home in coastal Ainsdale (Britain):

2017-12-14 - Couple found dead in gorge near Karnaprayag (India):

2017-12-14 - College student, man, 27, and friend die in swimming pool at hotel in Nakuru (Kenya):

2017-12-16 - Two men, 23 and 26, found dead in submerged car in pond in Loris (South Carolina):

2017-12-16 - Two children go to bathe, both found dead in river, near Ambaloor in Thrissur (India):

2017-12-17 - Two men, 26 and 41, found dead in home in Grand Rapids (Michigan):

Quote: "Grand Rapids police are investigating after two men were found dead on the city’s West Side Sunday evening. The Grand Rapids Police Department says officers were initially called to a residence in the 1200 block of Quarry Avenue NW north of Leonard Street around 8:45 p.m. on a report of a medical emergency after family members discovered the two men unconscious. GRPD says one of the men was in his 20s and the other in his 40s. The causes of the men’s deaths are not yet known; there were no signs of trauma, police said."

2017-12-17 - Four boys, 7 to 17, found dead in pond near Mettur Dam (India):

2017-12-18 - Two workers drop dead in manhole, another injured, in Sanathnagar (India):

2017-12-18 - Three people die in the water at beaches in coastal Port St. Johns (South Africa), another body found too:

2017-12-19 - Couple in their 20s found dead in apartment after they put out fire in Rastrick (Britain), 2700 feet from the River Calder:

Note: Apparently there was a fire in the apartment in the morning, which they put out. At least one of them was seen alive in the afternoon. And then they were found dead. They may have breathed some contaminated smoke during the fire, but hydrogen sulfide can have a delayed reaction before you drop dead, and they both died some hours after the fire. The easiest way to see if smoke is contaminated is to breathe some. If you're still alive a week later then it was okay...

2017-12-19 - Man and woman, 55 and 50, drop dead in bathroom at home in Rawalpindi (Pakistan):

2017-12-21 - Man and woman, 75 and 46, drop dead in home on Willders Garth in Holbeach (Britain), 7 miles from the coast:

2017-12-22 - Two girls, 9 and 11, found dead in pond in Laxminarasimha Puram (India):

2017-12-22 - Three college students, 18, 18 and 22, found dead in the Cauvery River near Hogennakkal Falls (India):

2017-12-22 - Two students, both 12 or 13, found dead in Kothanur Lake near Konanakunte (India):

2017-12-23 - Man and woman found dead in car near Almyra in Arkansas County (Arkansas):

2017-12-23 - Two girls, 11 and 12, die in shallow hot spring pool in West Java (Indonesia):

2017-12-23 - Two girls, 11 and 8, go to bathe, both found dead in the Brahmaputra River in Jamalpur (Bangladesh):

2017-12-24 - Girls, 14 and 16, go to bathe in pond, both found dead in pond, in Delduar, Dhaka (Bangladesh):

2017-12-25 - Hydrogen sulfide kills 3 workers at gas plant in Zaltan (Libya):

2017-12-25 - Couple, mid-70s, found dead in home in coastal Puerto de la Cruz on the island of Tenerife (Spain):

2017-12-27 - Man and woman found dead in submerged car in canal along Metzger Marsh Road in Jerusalem Township (Ohio):

2017-12-27 - Mother and toddler found dead in home in Masaka (Uganda), near the coast:

2017-12-27 - Two boys, 11 and 15, found dead in dam reservoir in Mushindamo District (Zambia):

2017-12-28 - Man and woman, 31 and 33, slump over dead in car in Jackson (Mississippi), 1.5 miles from Lake Hico:

Quote: "The pair were found unresponsive inside a Nissan Altima and were later pronounced dead. There were no obvious signs of trauma to the bodies, JPD said."

2017-12-28 - Two men found dead at home near Lumberton (North Carolina):

2017-12-28 - Woman and 10-year-old boy die in dam reservoir near Udhagamandalam (India):

2017-12-28 - Two women in their 30s and man in his 20s found dead in canal in Vadodara (India):

2017-12-29 - Girls, 9 and 3, found foaming at the mouth under tree, die shortly later, in coastal Clarendon on the island of Jamaica:

Quote: "The girls were discovered foaming at the mouth under a tree in their yard at Pleasant Valley, Clarendon, and were pronounced dead at the May Pen Hospital."

2017-12-29 - Man and woman, 53 and 67, die after being pulled from the water at beaches on the island of Sri Lanka:

2017-12-31 - Man, 34, found dead on street, and man in his 50s found dead in vehicle, in Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

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