Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 - DEC - Zombie Files

2017-12-02 - Crazed naked man, mid-30s, pulled from the Hudson River in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "A determined FDNY rescue crew saved a crazed swimmer from the freezing Hudson River on Saturday afternoon, authorities said. The first responders motored out into the waters near W. 12th St. in the West Village around 2:30 p.m., said Lt. Christopher Fallon. The swimmer, a man in his mid-30s, was 'basically naked,' Fallon said. An FDNY rescue diver plunged into the water but the man resisted, Fallon said."

2017-12-02 - Naked man with shovel bangs on doors, attacks car with rake, in Toronto (Canada):

Quote: "Instead of seeing Christmas carolers coming to spread holiday cheer, residents in a Toronto neighbourhood may have been shocked to witness something else at their front door. Police say late Saturday night, a man was wandering around naked, carrying a shovel and banging on doors in the Danforth Avenue and Pape Avenue area. He also smashed a car window with a rake, but officers were able to arrest him and nobody was hurt."

2017-12-06 - Naked man goes on rampage, attacks cops, bites one, in Eersterust (South Africa):

Quote: "A Pretoria man walked into the Eersterust police station naked and viciously assaulted two police officers, who then had to be hospitalised. According to an eyewitness, the man allegedly first jumped on the bonnet of a car in a nearby street. The owner of the car then subdued him, put him in the boot of his car and then took him to the police station. Police spokesperson Sam Shibambo said a female police sergeant and a male police constable, who were on duty at the time, tried to calm him down, but he attacked the two officials. 'He allegedly bit and broke the female officer’s finger, and in the ensuing struggle, he attacked the police constable and hit him on the head with a brick,' Shibambo said. Backup was called, and the other officers came to help apprehend the suspect."

2017-12-07 - Man runs around and jumps on cars in traffic in coastal Mobile (Alabama):

Quote: "Shortly after 7:00 a.m. Mobile Police responded to reports of a man running in and out of traffic jumping on vehicles at the intersection of North Broad Street and Springhill Avenue. When News 5 crews got on the scene around 7:20, a man could be seen loaded in the back of an ambulance."

2017-12-07 - Man, 41, goes on crazed rampage near the Murray River in Loxton (Australia):

Quote: "A quiet street in a sleepy town on the banks of the River Murray has been rocked by a bizarre crime spree which ended with a man detained under the Mental Health Act. Around 8.30am on Thursday morning a 41-year-old Loxton man left a trail of damage and bloodshed around Kibby Rd in Loxton."

2017-12-09 - Naked man, 21, arrested then breaks free from patrol car in coastal Port Angeles (Washington):

Quote: "A naked man jumped from a deputy’s moving patrol car after freeing one of his hands from his handcuffs and breaking a window Saturday, according to the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office. Kyler A. Luse of Sequim, 21, had been detained and was on his way to Olympic Medical Center for a mental health evaluation when he jumped out of the moving car, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release."

Quote: "While being transported Luse asked Deputy Benjamin Tomco several times 'am I gonna die?' and 'is someone going to come kill me?' according to the news release. He also told the deputy he was hearing voices and hallucinating."

Quote: "Three deputies arrived and restrained Luse while he was yelling for Jesus to save him. He was growling and trying to bash his own head against the sidewalk, according to the news release."

2017-12-11 - Man menaces cops with knife after he gets back from beach in coastal Miami (Florida):

Quote: "Miami police Officer Christopher Bess said the vehicle caught fire because of mechanical issues. He said the suspect was holding a knife and refused several commands to drop the weapon. According to a witness who spoke to Local 10 News reporter Madeleine Wright, he and the suspect, who he identified only as Mr. Chen, had just gotten back from the beach and had parked the vehicle near a corner store."

2017-12-12 - Man, 28, crashes pickup truck, strips naked, runs around in traffic in coastal Washington DC:

Quote: "Wild video shows the scene after a naked man crashed a truck near Washington Dulles International Airport, began running in the roadway and jumping on multiple vehicles Tuesday afternoon. Authorities said they responded to a crash report on Route 28 near Frying Pan Road at about 3:30 p.m. Video sent to FOX 5 by a viewer shows a man appearing to have crashed a pick-up truck into the back of a dump truck. The man is then seen jumping in the bed of the pick-up truck before he starts running around on the roadway."

2017-12-14 - Naked man runs around along Quayside Drive in New Westminster (Canada), near the Fraser River:

2017-12-18 - Naked man, 55, causes disturbance at cellphone store, another man shoots him, in Chicago (Illinois):

2017-12-20 - Woman in her 50s says she's possessed on passenger plane after departing from Beijing (China):

Quote: "According to reports, she demanded to see the flight crew and shouted: 'I have to be in Chengdu. There are things possessing my body and you cannot find it by health checks.'"

2017-12-20 - Man, 56, goes berserk with knife and steel bar on ferry ship, kills two people, gets shot and dies, near Nias Island (Indonesia):

Quote: "While the 'Wira Glory' was en route from Sibolga Port, Western Sumatra, to Gunungsitoli port upon Nias Island in the Indian Ocean on Dec 19, 2017, a 56-year old passenger ran amok and attacked other passengers with a knife and a steel bar, killing two of them and seriously wounded one, who was in critical condition. A security officer on board of the ferry ran to the scene and tried to calm down and disarm the man, but to no avail, he was irresponsive. Then the guard fired warning shots, but the man didn’t respond, so finally, the guard shoot him in legs and breast. The man tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat. He was disarmed and secured by the guard and other passengers, but later died from blood loss."

2017-12-22 - Naked man found walking down street in freezing temps in coastal Aberdeen (Scotland):

Quote: "This is the moment a man calmly strolled down a high street completely butt naked as freezing temperatures took hold."

2017-12-25 - Naked man points gun at cop, cop shoots him dead, in Tulsa (Oklahoma):

Quote: "Williams said the man was given several commands to put the gun down, but he 'continued to aggress' the officer, who fired multiple shots. The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead."

2017-12-27 - Man, 27, strips naked after traffic stop and tussles with cops in Redding (California):

Quote: "'Milton’s behavior was very bizarre and he would not follow instructions given by the officer,' Barner said in a news release."

2017-12-28 - Naked man found walking around in Round Rock (Texas):

Quote: "Round Rock police helped paramedics detain a man Thursday afternoon after he was seen walking down the sidewalk naked on Main Street. No charges are expected, said Nick Olivier, a police spokesman. The man, whose name was not released, was taken to a hospital because of concerns about his mental health, Olivier said."

2017-12-29 - Man leads cops on chase, gets combative, has 'medical emergency' and dies, in Hebron (Ohio):

Quote: "Thorp said when Hebron officers and sheriff's deputies who had joined the pursuit went to remove the man from the vehicle he was 'quite combative' and did not cooperate with officers. After the man was removed from the vehicle, it was determined that he was suffering from some type of medical emergency. The man was taken to the hospital and later died, Thorp said."

2017-12-29 - Mostly naked man climbs tree in frigid coastal St. Petersburg (Russia):

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