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2015 - MAY - Animal Die-Offs

2015-05-01 - Fish found dead in lagoon at Cassidy Park in Bogalusa (Louisiana):

2015-05-01 - Large numbers of fish dying in waters in Bocas del Toro Province (Panama):

2015-05-02 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Krishna River (India):

2015-05-03 - Elephant calf dies on the banks of reservoir in Thrissur (India), adult elephants seen caressing the body:

Quote: "Other elephants were found near the little one’s carcass, mourning the loss of the new member. The elephants were seen caressing the body of the calf with their trunks."

2015-05-04 - More than 150 penguins found dead or dying on the coast in two months in Tres Arroyos (Argentina):

2015-05-05 - Large number of fish washing up dead at Lake San Roque in Carlos Paz (Argentina):

Quote: "Lake San Roque is a graveyard of fish..."

Quote: "The past weekend, the banks of Lake San Roque again filled with dead fish and foul odors generated a growing discomfort caused neighbors and tourists from Carlos Paz."

2015-05-05 - Five whales wash ashore dead in three weeks on the coast in California, two of them in Pacifica:

2015-05-05 - As bird flu kills millions of chickens and turkeys, Iowa declares emergency:

2015-05-06 - Fish dying in North Buffalo Creek in Greensboro (North Carolina):

2015-05-07 - Ducks sickening and dying at and near Lake Pasadena in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida):

Quote: "But the ducks weren't only dying at the lake. 'I was getting calls from the neighbors saying, 'I have a couple of dead ducks in my yard,' Price said. It started about a month ago. 'I buried well over 30,' he said. 'It's been heartbreaking. I've lived here my whole life and I've never seen anything like this before.'"

Note: He ought to be at least as concerned about all the PEOPLE dying near coasts and bodies of water in Florida and elsewhere...

2015-05-07 - Female pilot whale beaches and dies near Kennedy Space Center (Florida):

2015-05-08 - More than 35 endangered sei whales found dead on the coast in Chile:

Quote: "In the Gulf of Penas in Chile, were 37 dead whales. The Sei species is not common in the area and the reasons for stranding is unknown."

2015-05-08 - Dozens of birds found dead on the shoreline in coastal Tonawanda (New York):

Quote: "At least two dozen birds have been found dead on the waterfront in the Town of Tonawanda. 'I’ve lived here my entire life, I’ve never seen something like this,' said Katie Tatro, who alerted News 4 of the problem. Tatro visited Aqua Lane Park earlier this week and told us she couldn’t believe what she saw."

Note: At least 15 boats and a large boat storage building were destroyed by a massive inferno at 2:35 AM in North Tonawanda recently, mentioned in the 2015-04-20. Mysterious fires, stuff dying. Maybe Tonawanda is the Florida of New York!

2015-05-08 - Turtles dying of unknown cause in the Bellinger River (Australia):

Quote: "Hundreds of sick and dying Bellinger River snapping turtles (Myuchelys georgesi) - which only inhabit this region - have been washing up on the banks of the river, on the mid-north coast of NSW, alarming local scientists and authorities."

2015-05-08 - 100,000 fish found dead in canal in Nagoya (Japan), near the coast:

Quote: "Nagoya government officials said Thursday that around 100,000 dead fish had been found in a canal between May 3 and May 6. The Nagoya Port Association said dead gizzard shad and gobies were found in an 8-kilometer-long stretch of canal between Nakagawa and Minato wards, Fuji TV reported."

2015-05-08 - Fish disappearing at Greers Ferry Lake in Heber Springs (Arkansas):

2015-05-09 - Gray whale washes ashored dead at the seashore of Playas de Tijuana, in Tijuana (Mexico):

2015-05-09 - Tons of fish dying in the Vam Co Dong River (Vietnam):

2015-05-10 - Two spotted deer found dead in canal near Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (India):

Quote: "The locals had found the bodies of two spotted deer floating in Hardoi branch canal on Sunday morning. This spot is just a few hundred yards from the site where the carcass of an adult tiger had been discovered a few days ago."

Note: So a tiger was found dead here and a few days later two deer were found dead in this canal too. What's the commonality? Geographic area, the atmosphere, and that canal. Same as all the whales, fish, people and other stuff dying in or near bodies of water...

2015-05-11 - Around 100 endangered saiga antelope found dead near Zholaba (Kazakhstan):

Quote: "On May 11 officials from the Kostanai Oblast Territorial Inspectorate for Forestry and Wildlife under Kazakhstan’s Agriculture Ministry discovered around 100 corpses of rare saiga antelopes in the Zholaba area of the Amangeldy District in the Kostanai Oblast, according to Kazinform."

2015-05-11 - Deep-diving beaked whale washes ashore dead at Bald Head Island (North Carolina):

2015-05-11 - Blue whale washes ashore dead at Hunt's Island off Newfoundland's southwest coast (Canada):

2015-05-11 - Sperm whale found dead off the coast of Bermuda:

2015-05-11 - Female elephant calf, two years old, found dead in Megha Forest Reserve (India):

2015-05-11 - Thousands of fish die in fjords in Norway:

2015-05-11 - Many fish die in fish farms in Xingbin District (China):

2015-05-12 - At least 200 camels die from unknown cause, others sickened, in Noorpur Thal (Pakistan):

Quote: "Local livestock department said, the animals suffered shivering and bleeding from the nose accompanied by coughing and finally died."

2015-05-12 - Fin whale washes ashore dead in Cullera (Spain):

2015-05-12 - 20 tons of fish found dead in lagoon in Ursulo Galvan (Mexico):

2015-05-12 - Three tons of fish found dead in the River Arno in Lonate Pozzolo (Italy):

2015-05-12 - Large number of fish dying in river in Shenzhen (China):

2015-05-12 - Hundreds of fish dying in Hamilton on the island of Bermuda:

2015-05-13 - Honeybees still dying off hard in the United States:

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is neurotoxic, like insecticides and herbicides and pesticides, so as the atmospheric contamination proceeds it would be odd if bees weren't dying off, but they are. Still, since the gas originates mainly in the oceans, seas and lakes, fish and other oceanic species are dying off even harder than the bees. And bees may yet survive this extinction event simply because they can reproduce very quickly. Life that reproduces slowly and which takes years to reach reproductive maturity - like, say, humans - will have no chance...

2015-05-13 - Bottlenose dolphin washes ashore and dies at Bald Head Island (North Carolina):

Note: A deep-diving beaked whale washed ashore dead there too, but I already mentioned that in the 2015-05-11 update. This area is not far from where a huge number of fish were found dead shortly after a mysterious explosion alarmed people along the coast, both events mentioned in the 2015-03-18 update. That explosion was likely a methane and/or hydrogen sulfide bubble breaching the surface of the ocean and exploding, and that explosion killed all those fish, or they suffocated from lack of oxygen as the gas pushed toward the surface, or some of both...

2015-05-13 - Deep-sea giant squid washes ashore dead at beach in Kaikoura (New Zealand):

2015-05-14 - Hundreds of fish found dead in river in Mação (Portugal):

2015-05-14 - One third of bird species in Europe threatened:

2015-05-15 - Deadly bat-killing 'White Nose Syndrome' spreads to Wisconsin:

2015-05-16 - Many thousands of fish found dead in Lake Khatyng in Siberia (Russia):

2015-05-16 - Hundreds of fish found dead in canal in Oahu (Hawaii):

2015-05-16 - 2 million chickens to be killed due to bird flu at farm in Renville (Minnesota):

2015-05-17 - Dozens and maybe hundreds of turtles found dead on beaches around Flanders Bay (New York):

Quote: "'A woman called who said her daughter had seen a hundred turtles dead on the beach,' said Jim Divan, Riverhead Town Bay Constable. 'I was like — a hundred turtles? That sounds crazy.' But when he arrived at the beach, residents there told him they’d taken 'about 100 of them' from the beach over the weekend."

2015-05-18 - Many hundreds of birds found dead on beaches in Hualpen (Chile):

2015-05-18 - Massive numbers of birds dying on the West Coast of the US, unprecedented:

Quote: "We may be talking about 50,000 to 100,000 deaths. So far."

2015-05-18 - Marine ecosystem crashing hard off the coast of California:

2015-05-18 - Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore dead at beach in Melbourne (Florida):

2015-05-18 - Dozens of fish found dead in Ridley Lake in Ridley Park (Pennsylvania):

2015-05-18 - Fish found dead in lagoon at Botanic Gardens in Mackay (Australia):

2015-05-19 - Gray whale washes ashore dead at beach near Pacifica (California):

Quote: "A dead whale was found on a beach south of San Francisco on Tuesday, the same day two other dead whales that washed up weeks apart were being buried nearby after neighbors complained of their rotting smell. The cetacean appears to be an adult gray whale, about 40 feet long, California Academy of Sciences spokeswoman Haley Bowling said."

Quote: "A 40-foot dead whale has been found along the Northern California coast, bringing to four the number that have been discovered in the past month."

Note: Damn, they're starting to wash ashore dead faster than we can bury them!

2015-05-19 - Deep-diving Cuvier's beaked whale washes ashore dead near Ahousaht (Canada):

2015-05-19 - Tens of thousands of fish die in Xiangcheng District (China):

2015-05-20 - Hundreds of fish found dead in stream in Montemorelos (Mexico):

2015-05-20 - Hundreds of thousands of oysters killed by storm in the Hunter region (Australia):

Quote: "Port Stephens growers were tentatively getting back on their feet after a mystery disease wiped out the area's $5 million Pacific oyster crop in 2013 and 2014."

2015-05-21 - Almost 20,000 critically endangered saiga antelope suddenly die in Qostanai Region (Kazakhstan):

Quote: "The death toll in a sudden die-off of critically endangered saiga antelope is nearing 20,000, according to authorities in northern Kazakhstan who are still unsure of the cause. The Kazakh Department for Emergency Situations said that 19,231 carcasses had been buried in the Qostanai region by late on May 19. Officials in the adjoining Aqtobe region also reported on May 20 that they had found 68 dead saigas in the Irgiz-Torghai natural reserve."

2015-05-21 - Thousands of fish and 3 sea birds found dead on beaches around Flanders Bay (New York):

Quote: "As dead turtles wash up on Flanders Bay beaches by the hundreds, officials and marine scientists have been scrambling to determine what’s killing them – and to investigate any possible connection to the recent deaths of other marine wildlife. Thousands of dead bunker and at least three dead sea birds have also been found in the same vicinity as the diamondback terrapin turtles, suggesting that whatever is killing the turtles may have more wide-ranging, alarming consequences."

2015-05-21 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Sweetwater Cove Lake in Seminole County (Florida):

2015-05-21 - Tens of thousands of fish die in canal in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam):

2015-05-21 - Almost 40 million birds dead in the Midwest as bird flu spreads:

Quote: "Consumers may now have to pay 75 percent more for eggs than they did a year ago, Goldman Sachs analysts said in a report Wednesday. In dollar figures, that's between $7.5 and $8 million more. And officials estimate that about 10 percent of the entire U.S. egg supply has been affected by the outbreak."

2015-05-22 - Two dogs die, others sicken, at animal shelter in Anderson (Indiana), shelter closed:

2015-05-22 - Large number of fish die in river in Nakhon Nayok Province (Thailand):

2015-05-23 - Gray whale washes ashore dead at Portuguese Beach in Sonoma County (California), 7th in 5 weeks:

Quote: "Another dead whale has washed up on a Bay Area beach, the seventh in just five weeks. The gray whale carcass turned up on Portuguese beach in Sonoma County. It’s only about 28 feet long—not yet fully grown, and no one knows how it died."

Note: Also see the man, 70, who died while diving at Point Loma (California) on this day...

2015-05-24 - Thousands of fish wash ashore dead on coastal Isla Mujeres (Mexico):

2015-05-24 - Hundreds of fish found dead at dam in Evora (Portugal):

2015-05-25 - 70 endangered Dalmatian pelicans found dead in shallow waters of the Kigach River delta (Kazakhstan):

2015-05-25 - Death toll of endangered saiga antelope reaches 85,000 in Kazakhstan:

2015-05-25 - Many fish die in Lake Khatyng in Siberia (Russia):

2015-05-25 - Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore dead at beach on Southern Hawke's Bay (New Zealand):

2015-05-26 - Endangered saiga antelope die-off reaches 120,000 in Kazakhstan:

Quote: "Number of dead animals in these regions amounted to 112,475 individuals. In Zharkainskom and Zhaksynskom areas Akmola region currently utilized mascara 8502. Of the total number of dead animals 90% were female. Arrangements for monitoring the state of wildlife and identify the causes of mortality continues. According to the Kazakhstan Association of Biodiversity, for 2014 the number of saiga in Kazakhstan was more than 300 thousand individuals, 50 thousand head more than in 2013."

Note: So they'd recovered from previous mass die-offs in 2010-2013 and reached 300,000 in number by 2014, so now after these 120,000 deaths they're down to 180,000. So this year alone they've lost 40% of their population...and it's not even June. One or two more years like this and they'll be extinct...

2015-05-26 - Another whale washes ashore in California, at Point Reyes National Seashore, 12th in two months:

2015-05-26 - Oil spill killing numerous sea creatures near Gaviota (California):

2015-05-27 - Thousands of lobsters wash ashore dead at beaches in Baja California (Mexico):

2015-05-27 - Hundreds of crabs wash ashore dead at beach in Tijuana (Mexico):

2015-05-27 - Thousands of fish found dead in the River Tancuilín (Mexico):

2015-05-27 - Turtles dying off hard from unknown cause in the Bellinger River (Australia):

2015-05-27 - Hundreds of fish found dead in River Dees tributary near Darlington (Britain):

2015-05-27 - Many fish die in pond in Dongxing (China):

2015-05-28 - Thousands of fish die in multiple locations in Connecticut:

Quote: "The kills were reported in several locations on the Thames River between Norwich and the U.S. Naval Submarine Base in Groton, in the lower Connecticut River, in Clinton Harbor and on the Quinnipiac River. Thousands of Atlantic menhaden, and smaller numbers of other species were found dead at each location."

2015-05-28 - Massive numbers of shellfish dying on the coast near Whangarei (New Zealand):

Quote: "The engineer estimates there were well over a million dead cockles, tuatua and pipi on the seaward beach and near the mouth of the estuary, with more on the seabed."

2015-05-28 - Fish dying regularly in the Indrayani River in Alandi (India):

Quote: "An entire shoal of fish was found dead and activists said this was not the first time. Instead, some went on to say that the frequency of spotting dead fish has been ever-increasing and is worrysome."

2015-05-29 - At least 70 kites (birds) mysteriously die in two days near institute in Tumakuru (India):

Quote: "For the past two days, around 70 kites, including brahminy kites (Haliastur Indus) and pariah kites (Milvus migrans) , have died mysteriously near the Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology in Tumakuru. The deaths have created fear among people staying nearby."

2015-05-29 - Ten dolphins wash ashore dead in coastal Mumbai (India):

2015-05-29 - Fish washing ashore dead on the banks of the Hudson River at Nyack (New York):

2015-05-30 - Fish dying in the Seekonk River near Pawtucket Falls (Rhode Island):

2015-05-30 - Around 300 tons of fish suddenly die in Ogan Ilir Regency (Indonesia):

2015-05-31 - Fish suffocating and dying in the Peconic Estuary near coastal Riverhead (New York):

2015-05-31 - More than 1500 birds killed by hail in Ballari (India):

Quote: "For the first time such a large number of birds have been killed in heavy rain. This incident occurred near Krishnapur village, 27 km from Hagari Bommanahalli taluk in the district."

2015-05-31 - Whale washes ashore dead on the Essequibo Coast (Guyana):

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