Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 - APR - Other Stories

2015-04-01 - Man in his 30s strokes out while operating crane on Woodlands Way in Putney (Britain):

2015-04-01 - Man, 53, has heart problems on charter boat near coastal Westport (Washington), medevac'd off:

2015-04-01 - Volcano Villarrica erupts violently in Chile:

Quote: "After a short period of rest, the Villarrica volcano in southern Chile recently exploded to life again, sending a plume of boiling ash high into the atmosphere. The eruption triggered an increase in the alert level near the volcano to orange, the second highest rating."

2015-04-01 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes off the coast of the Fiji Islands:

2015-04-01 - Serious mandatory water restrictions hit California as drought digs in:

Quote: "Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered mandatory water use reductions for the first time in California's history, saying the state's four-year drought had reached near-crisis proportions after a winter of record-low snowfalls."

2015-04-01 - Massive fog bank blots out the Sydney Harbour Bridge in coastal Sydney (Australia):

2015-04-02 - Atmospheric methane levels keep on climbing, no end in sight:

Note: And we're already past survivable levels...

2015-04-02 - Magnitude 3.6 earthquake shakes the Bootheel region of Missouri:

Quote: "Shaking was felt in six states — Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. Southeast Missouri is part of the New Madrid Fault, where significant earthquakes in 1811 and 1812 were so strong they could be felt in New England."

2015-04-02 - Rare deepwater fish caught near Charna Island (Pakistan):

Quote: "This is the first time the fish was caught in a fisherman's gillnet as it is usually found in deep, circumtropical waters."

2015-04-02 - Sandstorm rolls into coastal Dubai (UAE), flights cancelled:

2015-04-02 - Storm pounds Texas, hits Haslet (Texas) with tennis-ball-sized hail:

2015-04-02 - Video footage of a tornado ripping into Bikaner (India) in March:

2015-04-03 - New study shows that hydrogen sulfide was important factor in Permian-Triassic extinction:

Quote: "The new report described a phenomenon called ‘marine photic zone euxinia,’ which happens when the surface waters in the ocean become devoid of oxygen and are made toxic by hydrogen sulfide –a by-product of anaerobic microbes."

Note: Heh, just as I've been saying all along. Now they're just one step away: it's happening NOW too. It might take 'em a while to reach that conclusion themselves, but since it's the truth then they don't have any choice, unless they prefer to die instead of facing reality. And once they DO reach the same conclusion, then they'll need to understand the effects, the fire vulnerabilities, the neurological problems in animals and humans, the effects on our transportation infrastructure, etc. I've already done a great deal of that work for them, so hopefully that'll give the scientists of the world a leg up once they accept reality, if they should do so before we're all dead...

2015-04-03 - Rotten-egg stench from landfill disturbing people in Lordstown (Ohio):

Quote: "Neighbors have also described an odor in the air like sulfur or rotten eggs, which could be poisonous hydrogen sulfide."

Note: Yeah, and what happens when you breathe a poison gas like hydrogen sulfide - even at low concentrations - over a long period of time? Nobody really knows, and I wouldn't want to be a participant in that experiment because I am quite sure that the effects aren't good. BEST case, your lifespan is reduced and you die earlier...

2015-04-03 - Mount Sinabung spews more ash and lava in North Sumatra (Indonesia), nearby residents evacuated:

2015-04-03 - Two earthquakes, magnitudes 4.8 and 5.2, strike near Pérez Zeledón (Costa Rica), near the coast:

2015-04-03 - Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes in the Cook Inlet (Alaska):

2015-04-03 - Fleas found carrying the plague bacterium near Picture Canyon (Arizona):

2015-04-03 - Antibiotic-resistant intestinal superbug has spread to majority of US states:

2015-04-04 - Family has seizures, one person paralyzed, at coastal resort in the Virgin Islands, blamed on pesticide:

Quote: "Esmond was found unconscious; the boys and their mother were having seizures, Maron said."

Quote: "Sea Glass Vacations, which acts as a rental agent for several units at Sirenusa, said the unit directly below the one where the family stayed was recently treated for pests, but their unit was not treated."

Note: They were there for six days before they sickened, and their unit wasn't treated with pesticide, so I find it highly unlikely that this was caused by any pesticide in another unit. If that other unit was THAT deadly, then it would have been even DEADLIER six days before and they would have sickened on day one, not day six. This sounds like they got hit by hydrogen sulfide blowing in off the ocean, or got poisoned via contact with contaminated matter or water. Pesticides are neurotoxins, as is hydrogen sulfide, so 'pesticide poisoning' looks to be a cover story that may see some significant use as more people experience these same problems. Gotta have some story to sell the gullible, lest people discover the truth.

If you go to the beach, spaz out and get paralyzed yourself, and they tell you it was pesticide, I'd be pretty skeptical. I mean, they haven't even been able to explain why there's hydrogen sulfide in the ground in Chinchilla (Australia), or what the odor was that came from outdoors and hit the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, or the huge cloud of 'toxic gas of unknown origin' that sent people fleeing their homes puking in the middle of the night in coastal Rayong, or the 'rotten egg' odors that hit coastal Quincy (MA) and Meriden (CT) and Seattle (WA), or the 'noxious odor' that knocked people unconscious on the street on the island of Jamaica, or the hydrogen sulfide that hit a bank in Florida, or the 'strange odor' that knocked 22 high school students unconscious at an outdoor stadium in Houston, or what caused people to experience 'excited delirium' at a factory in Willmar (MN), or where the huge clouds of hydrogen sulfide came from that hit Kuwait City and Moscow, and on and on. If they can't even explain those events then you can't really expect them to be too competent about explaining THIS event either...

2015-04-04 - Black smoke ring seen in the sky in Kazakhstan:

Quote: "Andrey Solodovnik, associate physics professor at the Northern Kazakhstan State University estimates the ring was about 100 meters in diameter and floated at an altitude of between 200 meters to a kilometer. As to its mysterious origins, Solodnovik suggested the giant hoop was most likely a large smoke ring and was the result of combustion, a theory that confirms what most experts have said about similar circles seen in the past."

Note: Gas plume ignited in the sky and left a smoke remnant? What else could cause a 'combustion ring' 200 meters in the sky like that? 12,000 endangered saiga antelope dropped dead on May 27 in 2010 in Kazakhstan too. And there's a town there where people are hallucinating, experiencing memory loss and sleeping for days at a time, mentioned in the 2014-09-04 update. What could insta-kill 12,000 antelope? Not many things could do that, but a big cloud of poison gas - like the size of the cloud of hydrogen sulfide that hit Moscow recently, but more concentrated - that's one thing that could. And I can't think of anything else that could do that. The thousands of people who got hit by a huge cloud of 'toxic gas of unknown origin' in coastal Rayong (Thailand) and fled their homes puking in the middle of the night, mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update, came pretty close to meeting the same fate as those antelope...

2015-04-04 - Earthquake swarm shakes the San Fernando Valley (California):

2015-04-04 - Sudden massive hailstorm hits India, cattle killed, crops destroyed, 3 people killed, 150 injured:

2015-04-04 - Winter returns to Romania, a meter of snow falls in two days:

2015-04-04 - Migrating storks stopped in their tracks by wintery weather in Europe:,Cold-weather-stops-storks-in-their-tracks

2015-04-04 - Brawl involving hundreds of people breaks out at casino in coastal Queens (New York):

2015-04-04 - Fireball seen in the skies over Puerto Rico:

2015-04-04 - Woman bites into an oyster at restaurant, finds 50 pearls, in Franklin (Tennessee):

2015-04-05 - Turrialba Volcano belches out more ash and gas in Costa Rica:

Quote: "According to OVSICORI, the column of ash reached 500 meters into the sky over the volcano and is raining large quantities of ash onto nearby farms. Winds are expected to carry the volcanic dust southwest where it will likely reach the capital."

2015-04-05 - Five earthquakes in one day shake Irving (Texas):

2015-04-05 - Magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes just off the coast of the Big Island (Hawaii):

2015-04-05 - Shallow magnitude 2.6 earthquake strikes near La Quinta (California), near the coast:

2015-04-05 - Larger quakes than originally thought may be possible in California:

2015-04-05 - Massive flooding hits Kentucky, statewide emergency declared:

2015-04-05 - Vicious storm slams Bogra (Bangladesh), trees uprooted, walls collapse, 14 killed, 100+ injured:

2015-04-05 - Four American ring-necked ducks get blown off course and show up in Standlake (Britain):

2015-04-05 - Six lion cubs born at lion habitat in Henderson (Nevada):

Quote: "The cubs were born to mom, Pebbels, on April 1, 2015. There is only one documented case in the world for a litter of this size."

2015-04-06 - Coast Guard searches for missing boater when empty boat found near coastal Barnstable (Massachusetts):

Note: Weather's warming up, so it's time to go out on boats...and disappear!

2015-04-06 - NTSB issues urgent recommendations for safety improvements for train tanker cars:

Quote: "The National Transportation Safety Board issued “urgent recommendations” Monday for retrofitting freight train tank cars as a result of four oil train derailments since mid-February, three of which resulted in fires."

2015-04-06 - Fierce storm rips through Sichuan Province (China), crops and buildings damaged, 7 killed, 37 injured:

2015-04-06 - UFO seen in the sky during storm in Nebraska:

2015-04-06 - UN warns that Ebola-like outbreaks may become more common in the future:

2015-04-06 - Red Cross says prepare for wildfires now, especially if you live near wildland areas:

2015-04-06 - Russia and US to work together on new space station and trip to Mars:

2015-04-07 - Woman, 18, loses consciousness, found incoherent on street in coastal Queens (New York):;-man-now-called-good-samaritan/640806/

2015-04-07 - Man goes missing from tugboat at 1:30 AM on the Mississippi River near Osceola (Arkansas):

2015-04-07 - Man sickens on boat in coastal Maylandsea (Britain), rescued:

2015-04-07 - Turrialba Volcano erupts again in Costa Rica, sulfur smells reported in the area:

2015-04-07 - Radiation from Fukushima reaches the shore of Vancouver Island (Canada):

2015-04-07 - Glyphosate spreading like a cancer across the US:

2015-04-07 - Unprecedented flooding closes the Dalton Highway (Alaska):

2015-04-07 - Ferocious blizzard hits Mongolia, cars buried, 1 killed, 98 missing:

2015-04-07 - Tornado hits Ider (Alabama):

2015-04-07 - Tornado damages property in Williamson County (Tennessee):

2015-04-07 - Bobcat hunts and catches shark at beach in Florida:

2015-04-07 - Eurasian shorebird found far inland near Winslow (Indiana):

2015-04-07 - New Android app allows soldiers to kill people seven times faster than before with laser-guided missiles:

2015-04-07 - Unexplained blue light seen in the skies twice in two months in Bakersfield (California):

2015-04-08 - HazMat event, unknown irritant causes breathing difficulties at apartment building in Spokane (Washington):

Quote: "The fire department says an irritant, possibly pepper spray, was released in the apartment building."

Note: So they don't actually know what it was. Maybe it was the same 'irritant' that hit a passenger plane and sickened 16 people, causing vomiting and eye irritation and forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Rome (Italy), mentioned in the 2014-12-06 update...

2015-04-08 - Volcano Ubinas erupts in Peru, sprays ash on nearby villages:

2015-04-08 - Two earthquakes, magnitudes 4.2 and 4.5, shake the San Andreas fault near the California-Mexico border:

2015-04-08 - Devastating hailstorm hits Mathura (India), 2-pound hailstones:

2015-04-08 - Responders train for bus crashes in Chippewa Falls (Wisconsin):

2015-04-08 - Harsh austerity measures send more hungry people to food banks in Britain:

2015-04-08 - Migratory birds starving in Nova Scotia (Canada):

2015-04-08 - Harsh winter causing starvation among predators in Nova Scotia (Canada):

2015-04-08 - Alligator possibly spotted in the Monongahela River in Belle Vernon (Pennsylvania):

Note: An alligator in Pennsylvania, freaky, but I don't see how it can survive the winters. Still, if it makes it to summer, it might find some unsuspecting boaters to munch on this year if they don't catch it...

2015-04-08 - Black flamingo, possibly unique, spotted on the island of Cyprus:

2015-04-09 - Tornado rips through Fairdale (Illinois), 1 killed, 7 injured:

2015-04-09 - Unusual early cold snap and snow hits New South Wales (Australia):

2015-04-09 - Frozen Lake Superior has 10-15 ships trapped:

2015-04-09 - Seals attacking and killing porpoises off the coast of Wales (Britain):

Quote: "And with porpoises similar in size to grown men, it raises concerns that swimmers could be next."

2015-04-09 - Russian man to be first to undergo head transplant:

Note: He's going to die unless this works, from a rare muscle-wasting disease, so I guess he has nothing to lose by giving it a shot...

2015-04-10 - Ocean currents showing anomalous heat, may cause 'Super El Niño':

2015-04-10 - Multiple 4+ magnitude earthquakes strike near volcanic regions in California:

2015-04-10 - Snow blankets Cairo-Alexandria desert road in Egypt:

2015-04-10 - Liquid metal shapeshifting alloy discovered at Tsinghua University (China):

2015-04-10 - Exploding meteor filmed over Slovakia and Hungary:

2015-04-11 - Scientists say there's a 30 percent chance of another Tambora-sized volcanic eruption this century:

2015-04-11 - California's Delta water mysteriously disappearing during drought:

2015-04-11 - Fireball spotted in the sky over Alabama:

2015-04-11 - Fierce storms bring hail, tornados and flooding to Ohio:

2015-04-11 - Man reports theft of bag of dog poop in Des Moines (Iowa):

Quote: "Police say they haven’t identified any suspects in the crime, but that he or she could face third-degree burglary charges. The Des Moines Register reports that the dog poop has been valued at $1."

Note: Well, now I gotta wonder, how much is cat poop worth?! Cuz my cats produce a lot of it and I'd be very happy to get a buck per bag for it!

2015-04-11 - Eighty-year-old man with multiple sclerosis hits two holes-in-one, in consecutive months, in Lehigh Acres (Florida):

2015-04-12 - Girl, 9, collapses with seizures, foams at the mouth, at school in Barnesville (Georgia):

Quote: "He says  Savannah first complained of a headache  Monday March 30th and was kept out of school then cleared to return by her pediatrician. The next day her dad says  the nine year old went back to Lamar County Primary School where she collapsed into convulsions and seizures after recess. 'The teacher said she was talking to her she was talking back, she stopped dead in her tracks and she started foaming at her mouth', said Mr. Talley."

Quote: "She doesn't have meningitis...Encephalitis, they ruled that out. Bug bites, snake bites, you name it they've ruled it out..."

Quote: "He says Savannah has suffered hundreds of seizures which is why doctors suspect her malady is centered around her brain."

Note: Sounds like she got hit by hydrogen sulfide and her brain got damaged. Since it disappears inside the body within hours, that's why they can't find any reason for this. What they will find, eventually, if they look, is that her brain has sustained damage. She's in a medically-induced coma now, but she's still in better shape than the 16-year-old boy who collapsed and died on a school bus before 1:30 AM in Oxon Hill (Maryland), mentioned in the 2015-04-11 update...

2015-04-12 - Mount Baekdu may be on the verge of eruption at the border of North Korea and China:

Quote: "The temperature from the caldera's geyser had been around 70C, but recently rose to 83C, Prof. Yoon said. The helium concentration rate had also recently jumped from 6.5 times that of the normal atmosphere from 2002 to 2005 to seven times. 'All these signs indicate the magma inside the mountain is moving upward," Yoon said. "We need to monitor the mountain closely.'"

2015-04-12 - Magma rising at Turrialba Volcano in Costa Rica:

2015-04-12 - Incredible images of some lakes turned vivid pink by algae:

2015-04-12 - Rare hailstorm pounds Tel Aviv (Israel), coldest temps in decades:

2015-04-12 - Boeing-Lockheed developing new rocket with reusable engine:

2015-04-13 - People sicken on two different cruise ships off the West Coast:

2015-04-13 - Boater, man, goes missing near coastal Cobb Island (Maryland):

2015-04-13 - Underground fire ruled out as cause of hydrogen sulfide in the soil near Chinchilla (Australia):

Quote: "The chemicals, including hydrogen sulphide, were found more than two metres below the surface at properties at Hopeland, south of Chinchilla, in February."

2015-04-13 - Scientists investigating huge atmospheric blob of methane in the Four Corners area in the US Southwest:

2015-04-13 - It's spring, and eight inches of snow hits Mexico:

2015-04-13 - Ticks found carrying Powassan virus, worse than Lyme's disease, incurable, in the Northeast and Great Lakes area:

2015-04-13 - Asian carp jump from water and smack boaters at Creve Coeur Lake (Missouri):

2015-04-13 - Fleet of orbs spotted over Phoenix (Arizona) sometime around Easter:

2015-04-14 - Unknown 'tar odor' hits Wilmington (Delaware):

Quote: "Wilmington Fire officials were searching Tuesday for the source of a 'tar-based' odor that spokesman James Jobes called a 'city-wide' issue."

2015-04-14 - Ebola found in semen six months after recovery:

2015-04-14 - Feral cats devouring wildlife in Australia:

2015-04-14 - Chimpanzee smacks down a drone with a tree branch at zoo in Arnhem (Netherlands):

2015-04-15 - Volcano Ubinas erupts, spews ash and gas, causes mudslides, in Peru:

2015-04-15 - Volcano Hekla shaken by shallow earthquake swarm in Iceland:

2015-04-15 - Mount Zao hit by 12 volcanic tremors in Japan:

Quote: "Fears of fresh eruption of Mount Zao, a volcano that sits on the border of the Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, rattled Japan after the country’s meteorological agency recorded 12 volcanic earthquakes on Tuesday. The seismic activity prompted warnings of a volcanic eruption, with the agency asking the public to stay safe from falling rocks in a 1.2 km radius of the volcano, The Japan Times reported."

2015-04-15 - Mt. Baekdu could erupt at any time on the North Korea-China border:

Quote: "The last eruptive activity at the volcano occurred in 1903, though prior past eruptions were among some of the largest in recorded history."

2015-04-15 - Volcano Sakurajima erupts a couple of times in Japan:

2015-04-15 - Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes just off the coast of Cyprus:

2015-04-15 - Shallow magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan:

Note: MISA Theory is looking scarily accurate with each passing year as volcanic activity continues to escalate. More volcanism means more methane and hydrogen sulfide bubbling up from the oceans. That's the same ol' extinction event that's killed off most life on Earth before and it's doing it again, a kind of cycle that the Earth goes through from time to time. Too bad we're around for it!

2015-04-15 - Unknown illness kills 2 people and sickens 20 more within a day in Bhojwa (India):

Quote: "CMO Hardoi Dr V K Gupta said a team of health officers had visited Bhojwa on Wednesday and after initial inspection, it was suspected that villagers might have taken ill after consuming contaminated water from the well."

2015-04-15 - Apocalyptic-looking storm roars into Soligorsk (Belarus), day turns to night:

2015-04-15 - Massive flooding hits Karaganda (Kazakhstan), thousands evacuated:

2015-04-15 - Tornado picks up and tosses Jeep with two people in it, in Eugene (Oregon):

Quote: "The Jeep with the two people sitting inside was lifted about 5 feet (1.5 meters) off the ground before dropping back down, according to Joan Aschim, a spokeswoman for the college."

2015-04-15 - Low doses of BPA exposure negatively affects fertility for three generations:

2015-04-15 - Great blue heron from North America shows up on the Isles of Scilly (Britain):

2015-04-15 - Hackers could commandeer passenger planes via in-flight WiFi:

2015-04-15 - Southwest Airlines paints a jet with Missouri's seal and colors to commemorate 30+ years of Missouri service:

Note: First link is a fast-forwarded timelapse video of them painting the plane. Kinda gaudy and ostentatious, the paint job, but pretty cool watching it happen...

2015-04-15 - Japan paints a plane with a Star Wars R2D2 pattern:

2015-04-16 - Unknown affliction kills 27 people in Nigeria:

Quote: "According to the article, the total number of deaths recorded in three days corresponds 27."

Note: They call it a disease, but they've identified no viral or bacterial cause, so that's merely a guess...

2015-04-16 - More volcanoes are erupting right now than the YEARLY average for the 20th century:

Quote: "Is the number of volcanic eruptions worldwide increasing? Yes. During the 20th century, there were a total of 3,542 volcanic eruptions globally. That works out to approximately 35 eruptions per year. That may sound like a lot, but according to Volcano Discovery there are 36 volcanoes erupting around the world right now. In other words, the number of volcanoes erupting as you read this article is greater than the 20th century's yearly average.

Quote: "All over the planet, volcanoes that have long been dormant are beginning to wake up, and this is greatly puzzling many scientists."

Note: Exactly as predicted by MISA Theory in 2010...

2015-04-16 - Volcano Colima erupts, belches out big cloud of ash, nearby Ciudad Guzman (Mexico) hit by ash:

2015-04-16 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off the coast of the island of Crete (Greece):

2015-04-16 - Earthworms rain from the sky in Norway:

2015-04-16 - Huge numbers of jellyfish swarming off the Devon and Cornish coasts (Britain):

Quote: "Creatures attracted by the higher sea temperatures..."

2015-04-16 - Snowstorm hits Wyoming, three huge pileups ensue, 150 miles of I-80 closed:

Quote: "High winds, snow and ice caused multiple traffic accidents that injured dozens of people in Wyoming on Thursday, and forced authorities to close 150 miles of Interstate 80, the main east-west artery crossing the southern part of the state. Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers reported three major pile-ups on the highway, involving as many as 50 commercial vehicles, including semi tractor-trailers, and 20 passenger vehicles."

2015-04-16 - Worst sandstorm in a decade hits Beijing (China):

2015-04-16 - Massive flooding hits Mandera (Kenya), bus swept away, at least 4 killed:

2015-04-16 - Luminescent green fireball spotted in Durham, Newcastle, North Yorkshire and Cumbria (Britain):

2015-04-17 - Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Fiji Islands:

2015-04-17 - Governor of Washington State declares emergency in nearly half the state due to drought:

2015-04-17 - Oil leaks into the Gulf of Mexico for a decade:

2015-04-17 - New US Navy littoral combat ship to be christened the USS St. Louis, named for the city:

Quote: "The Navy announced the name of the next Freedom-variant littoral combat ship will be USS St. Louis. The 388-foot long ship will be the seventh ship to bear the name."

2015-04-17 - Russian family finds bear cub on doorstep, adopts it:

Note: It's freaking adorable now, but trying to keep it as a pet wouldn't be wise. When it's 300+ pounds, one angry tantrum and it could tear someone's arms or head off. It's already got some good-sized claws for such a little feller. Hopefully they'll let it go when it's big enough to have a chance of surviving on its own...

2015-04-18 - Oceans continue heating up, especially in the northern hemisphere, and methane continues spewing from the Arctic:

Quote: "The rise in Northern Hemisphere ocean temperatures was especially profound in September and October 2014, when methane started to erupt from the Arctic Ocean seafloor in huge quantities."

2015-04-18 - Villagers pay to have new well dug, but the water is flammable, in Ansai (China):

2015-04-18 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Waverly Beach in coastal Kirkland (Washington):

2015-04-18 - Oklahoma governor vacating Governor's Mansion for six months for upgrades:

Note: Upgrading the HVAC system, waterproofing the basement, fixing windows and shutters, maybe adding a storm shelter...

2015-04-19 - Two men, 41 and 23, go out on boat, go missing, empty 'ghost boat' found, at Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma):

2015-04-19 - Mount Nyiragongo, loaded with lava, is a ticking time bomb in Congo:

Quote: "A time bomb is ticking in eastern Congo. Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano, could erupt at any moment. The ever-present threat is forcing two uneasy neighbors - DRC and Rwanda - to cooperate with one another."

2015-04-19 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes off the coast of Taiwan:

2015-04-19 - Utah expects bad fire season:

Quote: "In anticipation, the BLM — which mostly covers the state's lower elevation terrains — is hiring about 10 percent to 15 percent more seasonal firefighters this year, said spokeswoman Heather O'Hanlon."

2015-04-19 - Golfball-sized hail pounds Hallettsville (Texas):

2015-04-19 - Global warming rally disrupted by snow:

2015-04-19 - China cutting down on skimpily-dressed models at auto shows:

Note: Speaking for the inner shallow male that exists in all men: Awww!

2015-04-19 - Sitting too long can harm your body:

2015-04-20 - Three people medevac'd for medical emergencies, one in cardiac arrest, near coastal Miami (Florida):

Quote: "Three people were transported from a cruise ship to area hospitals Monday night. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said one person was in cardiac arrest. They were able to revive the person, who was then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital."

2015-04-20 - Five-legged lamb born in Wales (Britain):

2015-04-20 - Channel Tunnel in danger from earthquakes, experts warn:

Quote: "The Channel Tunnel is in danger of a major destructive earthquake that could also threaten the entire of Britain, warn experts. Super deep fault lines have been discovered running throughout Britain, putting the South East and Scotland most at risk."

Quote: "The revelation means scientists say they cannot rule out a catastrophic quake in Britain on a par with the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake."

2015-04-20 - Tornado rages through Xanxere (Brazil), 2 killed, 1000 people homeless:

2015-04-20 - Hail and fierce storm damages crops in Jagtial (India):

2015-04-20 - Dangerous Asian hornets heading for Britain:

Quote: "Attracted by the springtime heatwave, huge Asian hornets are staring across at the white cliffs of Dover from the coast of France, ready to take off and attack. Nearly three inches long and packing a terrible sting, they are twice the size of our hornets and have been blamed for the deaths of at least six people in France."

2015-04-20 - Huge spherical low-density void 1.8 billion light years across discovered by astronomers:

2015-04-21 - Scientists warn that supervolcanoes pose threat to humanity and to take the threat seriously:

2015-04-21 - Volcano Turrialba erupts, spews ash more than a mile into the sky, in Costa Rica:

2015-04-21 - Volcano Nevado del Ruiz belches ash, shaken by earthquake swarm, in Colombia:

2015-04-21 - Lamb born with old man's face:

Note: Possibly a genetic chimera, a blending of two species. Sometimes it's hard to tell which two species make up the genes of a chimera, but not in this case: human-sheep chimera...

2015-04-21 - Strange roaring sound heard in the sky across broad swath of southern Wisconsin:

2015-04-21 - Strange creepy sounds heard in coastal Puerto Montt (Chile):

2015-04-21 - Toxic algae outbreak hits Tasmania (Australia):

2015-04-21 - Red dust storm blankets Beijing (China):

Quote: "Beijing was covered in a thick blanket of dust on Tuesday and Wednesday in one of the worst sandstorms the city has seen in more than a decade."

2015-04-21 - Deadly storm lashes Bihar (India), at least 32 killed, 80 injured:

2015-04-21 - Devastating once-in-decade storm rolls in at Sydney (Australia), 3 killed:

2015-04-21 - Rare quadruple rainbow spotted over Long Island (New York):

2015-04-22 - Volcano Calbuco (Chile) erupts, first time in several decades, 1500 people evacuated:

Quote: "Volcano Calbuco in southern Chile erupted for the first time in more than five decades on Wednesday, sending a thick plume of ash and smoke several kilometers into the sky."

Quote: "Residents described people crying in the streets as they fled in the aftermath of the 'apocalypse-like' eruption..."

2015-04-22 - Volcanism-induced changes to the environment, not an asteroid strike, probably killed the dinosaurs:

2015-04-22 - Yellowstone contains much more magma than previously thought:

2015-04-22 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the ocean 160 kilometers from the Solomon Islands:

2015-04-22 - Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes near coastal Seddo (New Zealand):

2015-04-22 - Fierce hailstorms pound Lam Dong Province (Vietnam):

2015-04-22 - Heavy metals from coal ash dumps contaminating ground water in North Carolina:

2015-04-22 - Dairy cow develops a taste for eating meat, in Elementaita (Kenya):

2015-04-23 - Hydrogen sulfide leaks at refinery in Douglasville (Georgia), 1 killed, 3 injured:

Quote: "Kent says there was a hydrogen sulfide leak at Young Refining in Douglasville. Kent says one man died after falling from a height of 20 feet after his mental state was altered by gas inhalation. His name was not immediately released. Kent says three other people were injured. One suffered gas inhalation, one suffered cardiac arrest and the third had a minor injury."

2015-04-23 - Magnitude 5.3 earthquake strikes near coastal Buldir Island (Alaska):

2015-04-23 - California's 'Big One' could trigger super cycle of destructive quakes, says seismologist:

2015-04-23 - Drought hits Nevada, Lincoln County declared disaster area:

Quote: "The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has designated Lincoln County in Nevada as a primary natural disaster area due to damages and losses caused by a recent drought."

2015-04-23 - Elevated radiation found at children's park in Tokyo (Japan):

2015-04-23 - Woman, 26, has embryonic twin removed from her brain:

2015-04-24 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes near the Queen Charlotte Islands (Canada):

2015-04-24 - Magnitude 6.1+ earthquake strikes near coastal Kaikoura (New Zealand):

Quote: "An earthquake measuring 6.2 has hit inland from Kaikoura, rattling large parts of the country. It was centred in the Nelson region, and was felt across central New Zealand. The quake was at a depth of 52km, 35km southeast of St Arnaud at 3.37pm, GeoNet said. According to GeoNet the 'severe' quake was felt throughout the country."

2015-04-24 - Three earthquakes rattle northern Idaho, felt from Montana to Washington State:

2015-04-24 - Half the US faces earthquake risk:

2015-04-24 - After eruption of Volcano Calbuco (Chile), thousands urged to evacuate due to mudslide danger:

2015-04-24 - Herd of bison escape and stampede through towns in upstate New York, bison shot dead:

Quote: "A herd of bison that stampeded through a string of upstate New York towns on Friday after it somehow got loose from a farm near Albany, has been shot."

2015-04-24 - White rhino attacks elephants in South Africa, unusual behavior:

2015-04-24 - Red tide hits Balite Bay (Philippine Islands):

2015-04-24 - Rare waterspout seen off the coast of Nanaimo (Canada):

2015-04-24 - Rare tornado touches down in Kunia (Hawaii):

2015-04-24 - Mysterious X-37B unmanned space plane scheduled to launch again in May:

2015-04-24 - Unidentified object seen in the skies nightly over Bakersfield (California):

2015-04-24 - Unidentified object seen in the sky as Volcano Calbuco erupts in Chile:

2015-04-24 - Photographer gets pic of meteor that leaves Z-like smoke trace in the sky:

2015-04-24 - Meteor lights up the night sky over Kerala (India):

2015-04-25 - Magnitude 7.8+ earthquake strikes near Kathmandu (Nepal), numerous buildings collapse, 3200+ people killed:

Quote: "The death toll from Nepal's earthquake rose to 3,218..."

2015-04-25 - Rotten-egg odor plaguing school, sickening people, may force relocation, in Richmond (Virginia):

Quote: "School administrators say the bad smell that has persisted for several months could force teachers and students to relocate. 'It stinks very bad,' said Malachi Revels. 'It smells like rotten eggs and fish. One student threw up.' The mysterious odor is plaguing John B. Cary Elementary."

Note: In that last link they say it's safe but they don't know what it is. Well, if they don't know what it is then they sure as hell don't know that it's safe! What kind of 'logic' is that? If your kid comes up to you with a blob of unidentifiable crap and asks if they can eat it, are you going to say sure, it must be safe because you can't identify it? Derp. That's highly likely hydrogen sulfide infiltrating that building via the sewer or water systems. The people there may suffer long-term brain/kidney/heart damage, unless they just keel over dead first...

2015-04-25 - New avian flu viruses send scientists scrambling:

2015-04-25 - Powerful thunderstorm rips through Dothan (Alabama), 30,000 homes go dark:

2015-04-25 - Rare waterspout spotted near Subang Jaya (Malaysia):

2015-04-25 - Picture of Yoda found in ancient 14th century manuscript:

Note: Looks like Yoda it does!

2015-04-26 - Rioting erupts in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), cars and buildings burned, state of emergency declared:

Note: Looks like a freakin' war zone!

2015-04-26 - Video of huge avalanche that hit Mt Everest after the big Nepal quake:

2015-04-26 - Massive hailstorm, as much as 20 inches, hits Sydney (Australia), roads turn into rivers:

2015-04-26 - Record-shattering spring snowstorm dumps a foot of snow on Saskatoon (Canada):

Quote: "Saskatoon received 30 centimeters (12 inches) of snow, the most of any region between Outlook and Melfort that saw snow over the weekend. The previous records for April 25 and 26 were 9.4 centimeters in 1954 and 7.6 centimeters in 1945 respectively."

2015-04-26 - Spring snowstorm hits Aberdeenshire (Scotland):

2015-04-26 - Blizzard dumps SEVEN FEET of snow on Erzurum (Turkey):

2015-04-26 - Fierce storm and hail pounds Pakistan, 44 killed, hundreds injured:

2015-04-26 - Rare bird from the Americas, non-migratory, shows up in Somerset (Britain):

Quote: "It's not a migrating bird - it's not supposed to be here at all - and we can only assume it is one that has got lost."

2015-04-26 - Switzerland to test drone delivery of mail:

2015-04-26 - Dog uses toilet, lifts lid, pees, puts lid down, flushes:

2015-04-26 - Firefighter uses quacking duck ringtone to rescue six ducklings in Slidell (Louisiana):

2015-04-27 - Volcanic eruptions and large earthquakes escalating across the planet:

Quote: "If it seems like earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are happening more frequently, that’s because they are. Looking at global magnitude six (M6) or greater from 1980 to 1989 there was an average of 108.5 earthquakes per year, from 2000 to 2009 the planet averaged 160.9 earthquakes per year: that is a 38.9% increase of M6+ earthquakes in recent years."

Quote: "Unrest also seems to be growing among the world’s super-volcanoes. Iceland (which is home to some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet), Santorini in Greece, Uturuncu in Bolivia, the Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas in the U.S., Laguna del Maule in Chile, Italy’s Campi Flegrei – almost all of the world’s active super-volcanic systems are now exhibiting some signs of inflation, an early indication that pressure is building in these volcanic systems."

2015-04-27 - Volcanic eruptions becoming more violent:

Quote: "We are beginning to witness more aggressive activity from the world’s eruptive volcanic systems. Chile’s Calbuco, Peru’s Ubinas volcano, Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung volcano, Mexico’s Colima volcano, and Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano are not the only volcanoes ejecting high altitude ash plumes in more powerful eruptions these days – the list of volcanoes across the globe now experiencing similar simultaneous activity is growing."

2015-04-27 - Mount Sinabung erupts in Indonesia, burns some villages:

2015-04-27 - Volcano Ubinas erupts seven times in two weeks in Peru, emergency declared:

2015-04-27 - Volcano Kilauea filling up with lava in Hawaii, almost to overflowing now:

Note: All of this escalating volcanic and seismic activity around the planet is exactly as predicted by MISA Theory in 2010 and retrospectively corroborated by one of the finest geology teams on the planet two years later in 2012. Everything is connected. MISA Theory leads to the Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis, and that leads to the end of human civilization as we know it, at least on the surface of the Earth...

2015-04-27 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak hits Lake Okeechobee (Florida):

2015-04-27 - Storm rages into Louisiana, knocks train cars off bridge, cuts power to 238,000 homes:

2015-04-27 - Mile-wide tornado touches ground in Rio Vista (Texas), hail the size of grapefruits too:

2015-04-27 - 50 exotic birds seen in Ireland:

2015-04-27 - Simulation shows effects of a magnitude 7.7 earthquake hitting Southern California:

2015-04-27 - Former NASA scientist wants to use unmanned drones to plant trees:

2015-04-27 - US police departments using 'spy rocks':

Note: Orwell just rolled over in his grave...

2015-04-27 - Giant fireball seen in the skies over Ireland:

2015-04-28 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off the coast of Ndori Island (Fiji Islands):

2015-04-28 - Responders train for chemical attack in coastal Singapore:

Quote: "More than a hundred spectators at the Singapore Sports Hub collapse in their seats as smoke fills the air. Some lie on the ground, twitching and foaming at the mouth. Others are wheezing in the stands, gasping for breath. This was the scene there last Friday night following a mock terrorist attack."

Note: Also perfect training for when a big ol' cloud of hydrogen sulfide blows ashore, like the cloud of 'toxic gas of unknown origin' that hit coastal Rayong (Thailand) in the middle of the night, sending thousands fleeing from their homes puking, mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update. The Earth seems waaaaay more likely to hit Singapore with poison gas than any terrorists, but they're not going to mention that...

2015-04-28 - St. Louis Zoo getting 2.5-year-old 850-pound orphaned polar bear:

Quote: "Kali ended up in the Alaska Zoo, and then the Buffalo Zoo. Now, he’s 2 and a half years old, and about 850 pounds. He’ll soon be transferred from Buffalo to the brand new McDonnell Polar Bear Point in St. Louis. The 40,000 square foot, $16 million habitat is almost finished. It will include a deep pool with underwater viewing, plus a splash pool, and rocks, boulders, grass and fallen trees for Kali to play. It’s more than twice the size of the old polar bear pits, which were built roughly a century ago."

Note: This bear's got a veritable bear mansion waiting for him!

2015-04-28 - Arctic snowy owl seen in North Clare (Ireland) during spring:

2015-04-29 - Subsurface volcano 'Axial Seamount' likely just erupted off the Pacific Northwest, say stunned scientists:

2015-04-29 - New volcanic island still growing off the coast of Japan, now 1.5 miles wide, eruptions continue:

Quote: "Since a plume of smoke first appeared above the ocean waves of the Pacific some 500 miles SE of Tokyo, Nishinoshima Volcano has grown exponentially larger. Now near 2500 meters (7500 feet / 1.5 miles) across in a very short amount of time (months). The Japanese Coast Guard has done another flyover of the newly formed Island which reveals an ongoing eruption that has not ceased since the islands above sea formation."

2015-04-29 - Volcano Sinabung erupts violently again, homes burn, in Indonesia, hundreds flee:

2015-04-29 - Chunk of crater collapses into Kilauea, lava explosion ensues, in Hawaii:

Quote: "At about 10:20 a.m., a portion of the Halema‘uma‘u Crater wall collapsed into the roiling lava lake, triggering an explosive event that sent lava, ash and smoke high in the air."

2015-04-29 - Volcano Ruapehu shaking like it did before the 2006 eruption, in New Zealand:

2015-04-29 - Mount Dempo shaking in Indonesia, alert level raised:

Quote: "It is recommended not to approach the crater within 1 km. The volcano's crater contains a large acid lake and a very active hydrothermal system. Phreatic or phreatomagmatic explosions could occur any time and would pose a significant risk. The last eruptions in 2006 and 2009 were both phreatic."

2015-04-29 - Cascadia Subduction Zone reacts to tidal forces, 'slow slip' building up pressure on fault:

Note: Well, things are certainly looking more apocalyptic all the time. Yet more confirmation of MISA Theory, not that any additional confirmation was needed, but hey...

2015-04-29 - Scientists studying nitrogen's effects on the climate:

2015-04-29 - Two-headed calf born at property in Baker County (Florida):

2015-04-29 - Dog infects people with the plague for the first time in the US:

2015-04-30 - Dead zones spotted in the open ocean in the Atlantic for the first time:

Quote: "Researchers have discovered dead zones in the Atlantic Ocean with oxygen levels low enough to kill most marine life, according to a report published Thursday. It added that it was the first time such zones, which usually occur near coastlines, were observed in the open ocean."

2015-04-30 - Hundreds of methane gas flares found spewing methane from the seafloor near Gisborne (New Zealand):,tst

Quote: "They remapped the area and discovered that every area of carbonate rock and every fault seen on the seafloor was expelling gas. They believe there are 766 individual gas flares within the area."

Quote: "Preliminary indications are that methane is reaching the ocean surface - this is the first time this has been measured in New Zealand..."

2015-04-30 - HazMat event, rotten-egg odor hits business in Springdale (Arkansas), nothing found:

Quote: "Firefighters said a portion of the building was evacuated after a 'rotten egg smell' was reported, but there was no hazardous gas or odor found."

Note: What kind of detectors did they use? Probably just natural gas detectors. They add methyl mercaptan to natural gas so that it has any smell at all and methyl mercaptan smells like rotten eggs. But so does hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide won't show up on natural gas detectors. Hydrogen sulfide will also sink to the ground, flow to basements, and adsorb onto matter, and once it's adsorbed onto matter - like wood, concrete, etc - then it won't show up on gas detectors even if you DO have a hydrogen sulfide gas detector. But it can still poison you via skin contact with the contaminated matter...

2015-04-30 - Volcano Calbuco erupts again, third time in a week, in Chile:

Quote: "The Chilean volcano that erupted spectacularly twice last week is causing more chaos after once again spewing a cloud of ash and gas into the sky. Calbuco began erupting again today, sending a massive plume of smoke into the clear blue sky. The volcano spewed over 200 million tonnes of ash last week, coating nearby towns, wrecking the local salmon industry, and forcing the cancellation of flights as far as Buenos Aires, some 870 miles away."

2015-04-30 - Volcano Piton de la Fournaise rumbling on Reunion Island (France):

Quote: "A new eruption could be on its way at the volcano. A sharp increase in volcanic CO2 emissions, significant deformation of the Dolomieu crater, and a migration of earthquakes from deep to shallow (7 km) levels, as well as earthquakes near the surface itself that have appeared over the past weekend suggest new magma is on its rise to a possible new eruption, which would be the second in 2015."

2015-04-30 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of Papua New Guinea:

2015-04-30 - Windows mysteriously shattering in Colorado:

Quote: "Authorities in Northern Colorado are investigating three more cases of shattered windows, bringing the total number to eight since April 21."

Note: Some were from bullets, but some have no apparent cause. Over the last coupla three years, I've noticed numerous planes coming down because their windows crack during flight. And there've been some anecdotal reports of shower doors mysteriously shattering too. I don't know for sure what the cause is, but hydrogen sulfide is corrosive to steel and concrete so it's not a huge stretch to think that it might have some effect on at least some kinds of glass as well, degrading the glass over time and causing it to shatter unexpectedly here and there...

2015-04-30 - Radioactive soot from Chernobyl wildfire expected to fall on Kiev (Ukraine):

2015-04-30 - Mount Everest shrank after Nepal earthquake:

2015-04-30 - Three lakes spew up foam in Bengaluru (India):

2015-04-30 - Record low temps hit areas in the Northern Territory (Australia):

2015-04-30 - The hotter the world gets, the fewer animals there will be:

2015-04-30 - Air pollution from fracking can travel hundreds of miles:

2015-04-30 - Mysterious multicolored lights seen in the sky over coastal San Diego (California):

2015-04-30 - Mysterious objects seen shooting across the sky in coastal Bronx (New York):

2015-04-30 - Two mysterious objects seen in the sky over coastal Vancouver (Canada):

2015-04-30 - Fireball seen in the skies over Peterborough (Canada):

2015-04-30 - College woman, 20, with two bags of weed enters man's room, strips naked, jumps on his bed, in Flagstaff (Arizona):

Quote: "According to the Arizona Daily Sun, police are surprisingly referring to that man as a 'victim' after a 20-year-old Northern Arizona University sorority girl ran into his apartment last Friday afternoon, removed her clothing, jumped on his bed and asked, 'Am I pretty?' Instead of saying 'Hell yeah,' the man called police. When they arrived at his apartment, they found Makena Marie Haydon (pictured above, photo via Facebook) naked as a jaybird on the second-floor exterior balcony 'yelling incoherently.'"

Note: Poor guy, I hope he recovers from this traumatic experience!

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