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2015 - APR - Multiple Corpses

2015-04-01 - Two women found dead in home in coastal Dorchester (Massachusetts):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-04-01 - Two men, 50 and 23, die while working in manhole in Dharwad (India):

Quote: "Suphal Biswas (50) from West Bengal and Hanumant Chavan (23) from Andhra Pradesh died in this incident. The third worker, Anthony, who was trying to help his colleagues, had started letting out wails because of suffocation inside the manhole. People who heard his shouts went there and dragged him safely outside."

2015-04-02 - Couple, 30 and 28, found dead in hotel in Colombo on the island of Sri Lanka:

Note: A mysterious kidney ailment has been killing many people in Sri Lanka too, mentioned in the 2015-01-18 update. From the full hypothesis: "Renal problems - e.g. problems with kidneys - will escalate, as is already happening with crop workers on the western coast of Central America."

2015-04-04 - Two children burn to death when minivan burns in the East Valley near Las Vegas (Nevada), blamed on one of the kids:

Quote: "Two small children died Saturday evening in a minivan fire at an apartment complex in the east Las Vegas Valley. Police responded to reports of a burning vehicle at 5:55 p.m. at the Arcadia Palms Apartments, 3655 E. Sahara Ave., near U.S. 95."

Note: Did a kid start the fire? I dunno, wasn't there. (Clever way to make this story go away though, blaming a child, but without any charges.) This could be a case where there are multiple factors at play. Like the people burning to death when their CLOTHES ignite while cooking or at firepits and whatnot - what if the upholstery in that car had adsorbed some methane and/or hydrogen sulfide? Then once ignited, it would burn fast and fierce and such fires are not apt to be survivable...

2015-04-04 - Couple in their 40s found dead in home in Pierce Township (Ohio):

Quote: "Debbie Hawkins, an administrator with the Clermont County Coroner's Office, said her office ruled out homicide-suicide and foul play."

2015-04-05 - Two men, crewmembers, drop dead in cargo hold of cargo ship 'Sally Ann C', another loses consciousness, off the coast of Senegal:

Quote: "UK authorities investigated the death of two seafarers on the "Sally Ann C" on Mar 13, 2015. The chief officer and the chief engineer collapsed in a cargo hold of the ship. The second officer had tried to help his two colleagues, but lost consciousness and had to be revived."

Note: That's indicative of hydrogen sulfide poisoning. People collapse and then others try to help and they collapse too. It's a heavier-than-air gas, so it will tend to accumulate in low-lying areas, like the cargo holds on ships. Some things that might help: 1) put hydrogen sulfide sensors on all ships, inside and out; and 2) put ozone generators in the cargo holds and living quarters, and maybe have them auto-activate if the sensors sound the alarm...

2015-04-08 - Four college students found dead in flat in Tbilisi (Georgia):

2015-04-09 - Couple, 22 and 20, found dead in home in McKeesport (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Officials say there does not appear to be any foul play involved in the deaths."

2015-04-09 - Couple, 58 and 56, found dead in home on Jane Randolph Street in Forest (Virginia):

2015-04-11 - Family of eight found dead in home in Agri (Turkey):

Note: Never seen eight people die out of eight people - 100% mortality - from food poisoning, although if they cooked food with water that was contaminated with hydrogen sulfide then that could cause 100% mortality. And I guess that actually would technically be 'food poisoning', of a sort...

2015-04-11 - Two teens die while swimming at coastal Dauphin Island (Alabama):

2015-04-12 - Seven workers found dead in in underground tank at pickle factory in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2015-04-14 - Couple, 67 and 78, found dead in hot tub at home in Green Valley (Arizona):

Quote: "Paramedics stated they found both in the tub — Richard face-down and Donna face-up. The man was laying across the wife's torso and legs with his head and chest underwater, according to a report. The woman was submerged to her nose. No immediate signs of foul play, struggle, trauma or suicide were apparent, nor did anything seem amiss in the home..."

Note: The last couple to be found dead in a hot tub was a couple, 66 and 58, found dead in a hot tub in coastal Greenpoint (New York), mentioned in the 2014-04-15 update. Three men, all 36 to 48, were found dead in a sauna in Ennepetal (Germany), mentioned in the 2013-12-20 update. Three men in Russia were found dead in a sauna, as mentioned in the 2013-04-14 update. A couple was found dead in their hot tub at home in coastal Edisto Beach (South Carolina), mentioned in the 2013-09-28 update. Two people were found dead in a hot tub at 3:30 AM at a home on Lakeview Drive in Sharps Chapel (Tennessee), as mentioned in the 2013-07-23 update. A man and woman were found dead in a hot tub in Florida, as mentioned in the 2012-02-11 update.

So two people found dead in water and yet nobody ever checks the water itself. Hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble, it can sicken or kill with skin contact, and it's a heavier-than-air gas that tends to end up in all the same places that water does. The largest number of people to die after contact with water, so far, that I know of, is 10. In May 2014, ten people had contact with water and died and eight more people were knocked unconscious, in Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2014-05-02 update. A family of four was found dead in Henry Hagg Lake (Oregon) in August, mentioned in the 2014-08-25 update. More than 200 people sickened after swimming at Horseshoe Lake near Mount Saint Helens (Washington), mentioned in the 2014-07-16 update. More than a dozen people sickened after swimming in Blue Lake in Blue Lake Park (Oregon), also mentioned in the 2014-07-16 update. A lifeguard, man, 40s, was found dead in a swimming pool at an apartment complex in Lanham (Maryland), mentioned in the 2014-06-07 update. Yada yada...

2015-04-15 - Couple in their 60s found dead in home on Ogden Road in Failsworth (Britain):

2015-04-15 - Couple, 76 and 81, found dead in home on Great Meadow in Astley Village, Chorley (Britain):

2015-04-18 - Man, two women and baby found dead, foaming at the mouth, in salon in Heilbron (South Africa):

Quote: "The Embassy contacted the South African Police who confirmed the deaths and additionally stated that they were found in a salon, which was locked, and upon breaking in they found the bodies of the four persons all of whom were foaming at the mouth."

2015-04-19 - Three men, 30, 26 and 20, found dead on luxury yacht on canal near coastal Wateringen (Netherlands):

Quote: "Police in Zuid-Holland are investigating the mysterious deaths of three men who were found dead in a luxury motor boat moored on a canal just outside the village of Wateringen on Sunday afternoon..."

2015-04-19 - Couple found dead at home in Chichester (Britain), near the coast:

2015-04-21 - Two men go out on boat, next seen dead in Lake Eufaula (Oklahoma):

2015-04-24 - Four people go out on boat, go missing, three found dead so far, latest at Point Reyes National Seashore (California):

2015-04-25 - Two men, 55 and 47, found dead in submerged pickup in canal in Lauderdale Lakes (Florida), near the coast:

2015-04-25 - Three men gassed to death in mine in Talensi (Ghana):

2015-04-26 - Two college grad students, 25 and 28, found dead in swimming pool at apartment complex in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

Quote: "When police arrived at the Cambridge West Apartments, 1315 Bob Pettit Blvd., at about 1 a.m., they found Anton Joe, 25, and Ishita Maity, 28, at the bottom of the pool, police said. An officer went into the water and pulled them out, but both were unresponsive, police said."

Note: About a mile east (downwind) of the Mississippi River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Very similar to the two Navy SEALS just found in a swimming pool, one dead and one critical, in coastal Norfolk, mentioned in the 2015-04-24 update. Also very similar to the couple, 67 and 78, found dead in a hot tub at home in Green Valley (Arizona), mentioned in the 2015-04-14 update. And so on...

2015-04-27 - Update on Navy SEAL incident at swimming pool in coastal Norfolk (Virginia): both men now dead:

Note: They initially found one of the men dead and one critical, but the second one has died too. That event was mentioned in the 2015-04-24 update. Two college grad students, 25 and 28, man and woman, just died in a swimming pool the day prior too, in Baton Rouge (Louisiana), mentioned in the 2015-04-26 update...

2015-04-28 - Three men go out on boat, go missing, all three found dead, in coastal Camden County (North Carolina):

2015-04-30 - Man and woman found dead in home in Abernathy (Texas):

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