Thursday, January 29, 2015

Event Update For 2015-01-28

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-01-28 - Mysterious explosion rocks coastal Le Havre (France):

Quote: "An explosion was heard around 15 hours throughout the city of Le Havre and beyond. It would be about the rue Buffon."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Another mysterious explosion shook buildings and scared people in coastal Marseille (France) less than three weeks prior too, mentioned in the 2015-01-08 update...

2015-01-28 - Underground electrical fire breaks out near hospital in Fresno (California):

2015-01-28 - Smoke odor reported on passenger plane after landing in coastal Seattle (Washington):

Quote: "An Alaska Airlines flight deplaned normally after a report of a smoky odor on the plane. Sea-Tac Airport spokesman Perry Cooper said a fire alarm went off after the plane landed in Seattle."

Note: This is the 10th aircraft to smoke or burn in 2015...

2015-01-28 - Ferry ship 'Ullensvang' bursts into flame near coastal Hareid (Norway):

Quote: "The ferry was near the breakwater of Hareid when it abruptly turned and passengers were notifitied about a fire with loudspeakers. Smoke emerged from ventilation hatches. The crew extinguished the fire quickly."

Note: This is the 107th boat or ship to burn in 2015. And here's another mysterious city-shaking explosion on a coast, another underground fire, another smoking passenger plane, another ship burning...

2015-01-28 - Home destroyed by explosion in Cordova (Alabama), 1 killed:

Quote: "As investigators try to figure out what caused a gas leak to explode, flattening a home and killing its owner in the process, WIAT 42 has learned that the home that was destroyed was not hooked up to gas."

Quote: "Gilbert said while the Fire Marshal did visit the remains of the home Wednesday, he might never know what caused the gas explosion."

Note: This is the 43rd residential explosion in 2015...

2015-01-28 - Silo explodes at biomass plant in Ghent (Belgium):

2015-01-28 - Auto scrapyard erupts in flame, fire gets big, in coastal Kirkcaldy, Fife (Scotland):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-28 - Landfill hit by fire shortly before midnight in Great Blakenham (Britain):

2015-01-28 - Apartment complex devastated by raging fire in coastal San Francisco (California), 1 killed, 5+ injured:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. If you look at the map and follow I-80 north to that little island, Treasure Island, that's where a police car burst into flame and exploded a couple of days prior, mentioned in the 2015-01-26 update...

2015-01-28 - Two rail cars and workshop destroyed by fire in Dewey (Oklahoma):

Quote: "A workshop and two railroad cars reportedly burned to the ground."

2015-01-28 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on Ensbury Park Road in Redhill (Britain):

Quote: "At 16:18 crews from Redhill and Springbourne were mobilised to a report of flames coming from underneath a single decker bus in Ensbury Park Road, Redhill."

2015-01-28 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on road in Kacyiru, Gasabo District (Rwanda):

Note: These are the 63rd and 64th buses to burn in 2015...

2015-01-28 - Car-hauler truck hauling new luxury cars bursts into flame at 6:49 AM on street in Fort Erie (Canada):

Quote: "A car carrier tractor-trailer rig and four cars destined for a West Seneca dealership were totally destroyed and six other vehicles were damaged when the rig caught fire as it was heading into a truck stop on Pettit Road at about 6:49 a.m. Wednesday."

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Hopewell Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at truck stop in Spiceland (Indiana):

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame under Houston Ship Channel Bridge at the Port of Houston (Texas):

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame just before 6 AM on road in Red Hill (Canada):

Quote: "Inside the city, emergency crews remain at the scene of three Red Hill-related incidents. The first happened just before 6 a.m. in the southbound lanes approaching the Stone Church Road exit. Fire officials say garbage and debris being transported in a tractor trailer bed caught fire."

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M1 near Trowell, Nottinghamshire (Britain):

Quote: "Both side of the road were shut as the lorry, which was carrying 30,000 litres of animal fat, caught fire on the hard shoulder near to junction 25 at around 9.30am."

2015-01-28 - Semi tractor bursts into flame while parked at gas station along the Atlanta Highway in Montgomery (Alabama):

2015-01-28 - Tractor, car and barn destroyed by fire shortly after 3 AM in New Albany (Ohio), 2 horses and 2 dogs killed:

Quote: "A tractor, car, and boating equipment were also destroyed, according to the Neff family."

2015-01-28 - Tractor and barn destroyed by fire in Farmingdale (Maine):

Quote: "The single-story barn, which measured about 40 feet by 40 feet, housed equipment including a diesel tractor and new welder, all of which were destroyed."

Note: These are the 153rd, 154th, 155th, 156th, 157th, 158th, 159th and 160th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2015...

2015-01-28 - Vacuum truck bursts into flame before 7 AM near coastal Point Mugu (California):

2015-01-28 - Truck bursts into flame on Ralph Lane in New Gloucester (Maine):

2015-01-28 - RV bursts into flame at grocery store in Watsonville (California):

Note: This is the 34th RV to burn in 2015...

2015-01-28 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in Marshall (Missouri):

2015-01-28 - SUV bursts into flame just before 7 AM on I-195 in Robbinsville (New Jersey):

2015-01-28 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 3 AM while parked at home, fire spreads to car and home, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2015-01-28 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at 5:20 AM while parked at home, car damaged too, in Pueblo (Colorado):

Quote: "Officers were dispatched to that area around 5:20 a.m. Tuesday and saw members of the Pueblo Fire Department putting out a blaze on a pickup truck in a driveway, according to a police report. Police said the entire interior of the vehicle was destroyed and a car parked next to it suffered damage from the heat of the fire."

2015-01-28 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on I-57 near Champaign (Illinois):

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame while parked at apartments, fire spreads to building, in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame at 3 AM while parked at home, fire spreads to two homes and converted garage, in El Monte (California):

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame at school on Redoubt Avenue in coastal Soldotna (Alaska):

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame on street in Jackson (Mississippi):

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame on Suncrest Drive in Draper (Utah):

2015-01-28 - Car blows tire and bursts into flame on Loop 306 in San Angelo (Texas):

Quote: "Another day another vehicle fire in San Angelo."

Quote: "Officials also had to extinguish vehicle fires both on Monday and Tuesday this week."

Note: Brakes or tire were probably on fire already, which caused the tire to explode...

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame on Route 15 in Trumbull (Connecticut):

2015-01-28 - Car bursts into flame in the wee hours on Stocksbridge Lane in Owston (Britain):

2015-01-28 - RV trailer burns and explodes in coastal Crescent City (California):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-28 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at home in Oroville (California), 2 dogs killed, nobody there:

2015-01-28 - Two RV trailers go up in flames at 1:17 AM at home in Bakersfield (California), dog killed:

2015-01-28 - Barn destroyed by massive fire near Morrisburg (Canada), some animals killed:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-28 - Metal business damaged by fire in Rapho Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-01-28 - AC unit bursts into flame in unoccupied room at hotel in Austin (Minnesota):

2015-01-28 - Business damaged by fire in Appleton (Wisconsin):

Note: A car burst into flame while parked in an underground parking garage in Appleton the day prior, mentioned in the 2015-01-27 update...

2015-01-28 - Garage destroyed by fire at home in Arkansas City (Kansas):

2015-01-28 - Home destroyed by fire just before 1 AM on River Avenue in coastal Monmouth Beach (New Jersey):;-1-rescued-/494342/

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-28 - Home destroyed by porch fire shortly after 2 AM in Worcester (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The Mercadante family escaped, but lost everything. And the family did not have homeowner's insurance."

2015-01-28 - Deadly fire burns garage at home in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), near Lake Michigan, 1 killed:

2015-01-28 - Deadly fire burns home in Albany (New York):

2015-01-28 - Vacant commercial building burns just after 6 AM at Sky Lake in Chesapeake (Ohio), second fire in a week:

2015-01-28 - Vacant home burns in Vineland (New Jersey):

2015-01-28 - Vacant home burns in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2015-01-28 - Vacant farmhouse destroyed by fire at 1:25 AM near St. Joseph (Illinois):

2015-01-28 - Three adjacent vacant homes go up in flames before 4 AM in Detroit (Michigan):

2015-01-28 - Very rare megamouth shark washes ashore dead in Marigondon (Philippine Islands), 66th ever seen:

Quote: "The megamouth shark is so uncommon that until recently, some still considered it a cryptid, a creature so rare that it couldn't be confirmed by science."

Quote: "The 66th megamouth shark ever seen washed ashore this morning in Marigondon, a port in the Albay province of the Philippines. Initial reports suggest the shark (Megachasma pelagios) was approximately five metres (16 ft.) in length, but until a necropsy can be performed, the finer details about the animal (including the cause of death) will remain a mystery. Sightings like this are rare ... so rare, in fact, that when the first megamouth was spotted in 1976, a new shark family, genus and species had to be created! These bizarre deep-diving animals are characterised by their bulbous snouts, loose skin, poorly calcified skeletons and (of course) their mega-mouths, which extend upward beyond the eyes."

2015-01-28 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Ngaso (Indonesia):,-ratusan-ikan-mati-di-sungai-ngaso.html

2015-01-28 - Monarch butterfly populations slightly recovered but still perilously low:

2015-01-28 - Family of three found dead in hotel in Katra (India):

Quote: "A police team reached the spot and found the three lying dead under mysterious circumstances. No injury marks were found on the bodies, police said. The deceased have been identified as Satish Verma, his wife Monika, and 9-year-old son Dheeraj."

2015-01-28 - Woman burns to death in tent in Kansas City (Missouri):

2015-01-28 - Man, 52, drops dead on the boardwalk at coastal Coney Island (New York):

Quote: "A man in his 50s was found dead on the Coney Island boardwalk on Wednesday, according to police sources. The man was found fully clothed with no apparent trauma to his body around 2:30 p.m. at the boardwalk and W. 23 St., cop sources said."

2015-01-28 - Man, 45, found dead in lot in coastal Ventura (California):

2015-01-28 - Man, 64, takes dogs for walk, next seen dead in the North Platte River in Natrona County (Wyoming):

2015-01-28 - Man, 54, drops dead at the Perris Auto Speedway in Perris (California), near Perris Reservoir:

2015-01-28 - Baby dies at daycare near coastal Millsboro (Delaware):

2015-01-28 - Taxi driver, man, found dead in his vehicle in coastal Bonita Springs (Florida):

2015-01-28 - College student, man, 29, found dead in dorm room at Wichita State University in Wichita (Kansas):

2015-01-28 - Woman found dead at home in Una (South Carolina):

2015-01-28 - Man drops dead outside store in Phoenix (Arizona):

2015-01-28 - Man, 31, found dead in the Willapa River (Washington):

2015-01-28 - Man, 97, goes outside to clear his vent and drops dead, in coastal Yarmouth (Massachusetts):

2015-01-28 - Man found dead near the City Base Landing and Research Plaza in San Antonio (Texas):

2015-01-28 - Man, golfer, drops dead on golf course while practicing for tournament, in coastal Dubai (UAE):

2015-01-28 - Police recruit, man, 25, drops dead in Masaka (Uganda):

2015-01-28 - Man, 50, found dead and naked in room at coastal resort in Mui Ne Ward (Vietnam):

2015-01-28 - Man, 51, found dead in canal in coastal Essequibo Coast (Guyana):

2015-01-28 - Man found dead in the Jukskei River near Johannesburg (South Africa):

2015-01-28 - Man in his 50s found dead at Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough (Britain):

2015-01-28 - Man, 52, found dead at Bradgate Country Park in Leicestershire (Britain):

2015-01-28 - Man, 48, has 'medical event', loses consciousness, hits the gas, SUV bursts into flame, at store in Kenosha (Wisconsin), 1 injured:

Quote: "A 48-year-old Bristol man had what authorities called a 'medical event' when he lost consciousness in a running vehicle Wednesday morning at Woodman’s, 7145 120th Ave. Eric Whitmire was airlifted by Flight for Life helicopter to a Milwaukee hospital from Aurora Medical Center, 10400 75th St. Emergency crews responded at 8:36 a.m. for the report of an unconscious man being pulled from a burning SUV. Whitmire was unconscious when he reportedly floored the gas pedal with the vehicle in park, according to Kenosha Police Department. The extended, high RPMs caused the engine to overheat and emit smoke and fumes into the vehicle."

2015-01-28 - Small plane crashes into Lake Texoma near Kingston (Oklahoma), pilot missing:

2015-01-28 - Small plane crashes near Rothville (Missouri):

2015-01-28 - Tanker truck and 3 cars crash, in coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2015-01-28 - USPS tractor trailer crashes at 5:30 AM on I-95 in Henrico (Virginia):

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer and 2 cars crash at 6:32 AM on the Tappan Zee Bridge (New York), 1 lightly injured:

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer slams into utility poles before 5 AM, bursts into flame, in Bedford Park (Illinois), 1 injured:

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer overturns shortly before 6 AM on I-70 in Hendricks County (Indiana), 1 killed:

2015-01-28 - Tractor trailer overturns on US 150 in Floyd County (Indiana):

2015-01-28 - Heavy truck slams through median, hits two vehicles, bursts into flame, just south of the Massey Tunnel in coastal Vancouver (Canada), 1 killed, 2 injured:

Quote: "Witnesses say the truck crossed the median and crashed into two other vehicles in the southbound direction. The vehicle flipped over upon impact and the trailer it was pulling exploded. Other vehicle drivers attempted to pull the driver out of the vehicle, but they were unsuccessful."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-28 - Two pickup trucks collide head-on, on Weber Road near Yorktown (Texas), 2 injured:

2015-01-28 - Pickup truck veers off road, hits hedge trees, bursts into flame, in Salina (Kansas), 1 injured:

2015-01-28 - Car veers over centerline, hits tanker truck head-on, in Clarksville (Tennessee), 1 killed:

2015-01-28 - Car and pickup truck collide head-on, in Upper Freehold (New Jersey), 3 injured:

2015-01-28 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Moorpark (California), 2 injured:

2015-01-28 - Two cars collide head-on, on the Northern Road in coastal Sydney (Australia), 3 injured:

2015-01-28 - Naked man, 25, found disoriented and walking down 12 Mile in Detroit (Michigan):

Quote: "According to the National Weather Service, the temperature at the time was a brisk 27 degrees that tag-teamed with 13 mph winds, producing a wind chill of about 14 degrees."

Quote: "'He was barefoot and completely naked, walking just west of Stephenson Highway,' said Det. Sgt. Marc Zupic. 'He didn't know where he was or how he got there. It was pretty apparent that he had some mental impairment: either he wasn't taking his meds or has psychological problems and needs to be on medication.'"

Note: Or his brain got chemically fried by some hydrogen sulfide...

2015-01-28 - Walkway collapses at sugar mill in South Bay (Florida), 2+ injured:

2015-01-28 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes just off the coast near Petrolia (California):

2015-01-28 - Some purty and interesting pictures of methane bubbles frozen in lakes:

2015-01-28 - Boeing's 747-8 chosen as next Air Force One:


  1. Thanks for another comprehensive update, Jonny.

    Here's a couple from

    Stunning rare duck from the Arctic seen in Aberdeen, UK

    Beijing, China - Mayor says city is "unlivable" because of smog
    [heh, wait til the H2S comes pouring in]

    and, one from yahoo news

    Ebola May Be Mutating

    Only a day after the World Health Organization announced that an end was in sight for the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, scientists had less uplifting news: The virus may be mutating.

    “The response to the EVD (Ebola virus disease) epidemic has now moved to a second phase, as the focus shifts from slowing transmission to ending the epidemic,” the WHO said in its latest report on the disease yesterday. There were 99 confirmed new cases last week, the lowest number since June.

    But researchers at the Institut Pasteur, the French medical-research organization that first identified the outbreak in Guinea last March, said that they’re trying to determine whether the Ebola virus is becoming more contagious.

    "We know the virus is changing quite a lot,” Anavaj Sakuntabhai, the head of the Laboratory for Genetics of Human Response to Infection at the Institut Pasteur, told the BBC. Specifically, he said, there have been a number of asymptomatic cases, meaning that infected people may unknowingly be spreading the disease: “A virus can change itself to less deadly but more contagious, and that's something we are afraid of.”


  2. Some articles from today:

    first, under Earth Changes

    'Bear Lady' of North Carolina likely killed by bear

    Rare Sierra Nevada red fox spotted for the first time since 1916

    Wild boar attacks man outside nursery in Umbria, Italy
    [listed in the article is all of the incidents in the past year]

    Tusker kills man in Nayagram, India

    Wrong time, wrong place: Purple gallinule bird found in Weston, Massachusetts

    A purple gallinule, a common marsh bird of Florida, made a wrong landing in Weston last week. Unable to withstand the cold temperatures and find food, its final resting place turned out to be 80-Acre Conservation Area near Hobbs Pond.

    next, Science and Technology

    Swedish office puts chips under staff's skin

    Researchers discover environmentally-friendly process for the purification of water

    New computer, smart phone app would monitor 'mental health' through social media
    [i see nefarious ways this could become a nightmare]

    Researchers in Trondheim have succeeded in getting bacteria to power a fuel cell. The "fuel" used is wastewater, and the products of the process are pure water droplets and electricity.