Saturday, January 17, 2015

Event Update For 2015-01-16

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2015-01-16 - 2014 was hottest year ever recorded:

Quote: "Global average land temperatures were 1.80 F above average, while ocean surface temperatures were 1.03 F above average, the agency said. Land temperatures alone were only the fourth-warmest on record, but ocean temperatures were the warmest, which helped to make 2014 the warmest year overall."

Note: So LAND temps (which is to say 'air temps') weren't the warmest but OCEAN temps were the warmest ever recorded, and those ocean temps pulled the average up and made it the hottest year ever recorded overall. In other words, the oceans are warming faster than the air. That's Real Bad News because the warmer the oceans get, the more methane and hydrogen sulfide that will be released into the atmosphere and the more that human civilization will burn and the more that people and animals will go insane, sicken and/or die. And where is all that oceanic heat coming from? A significant amount of that heat has to be coming from BELOW, from volcanic activity and magma, which also explains all the new volcanic islands forming in the last year or two, the mysterious oceanic glow spotted by airline pilots, and all the volcanic eruptions that have been occurring around the planet, and especially in the last few years.

All the volcanic activity may end up causing volcanic winter, which could lower AIR temps a great deal - if it's not already doing so - and hit our lands with freezing cold, but that won't do anything to stop the heat rising from below, especially in the oceans, so we may end up freezing our asses off, but with an increasingly poisonous and flammable atmosphere to go along with that, so if you try to warm yourself with fire or electricity then you may explode or burn to death. That's quite a problem, and yet it is just one of many...

2015-01-16 - Apartment building devastated by explosion and fire in Treuenbrietzen (Germany), 1 killed:

Note: This is the 24th residential explosions in 2015...

2015-01-16 - Mysterious explosion in the wee hours alarms people in and around Swindon (Britain):

Quote: "Wiltshire Police said it received three calls from people between 06:24 GMT and 06:38 GMT saying they did not know where the noise had come from. The force said it was not attending any explosion-related incidents."

2015-01-16 - Underground gas pipeline explodes in Delhi (India), some cars ignite and burn:

2015-01-16 - Electrical substation erupts in flame near train station in Kirkdale, Liverpool (Britain):

2015-01-16 - Transformer bursts into flame at Yuzhnoukrainsk Nuclear Power Plant near Yuzhnoukrainsk (Ukraine):

2015-01-16 - Hundreds of shops destroyed by massive blaze after midnight in Marina on coastal Lagos Island (Nigeria):

Quote: "No fewer than 500 shops have been razed in another midnight fire at the Berlin Market, Marina on the Lagos Island on Friday. Property estimated at millions of Naira were lost in this latest incident, which is coming barely 24 hours after two men lost their lives and many rendered homeless in a similar fashion in the Ijora Bardia and Iwaya, Yaba areas of Lagos State on Thursday."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Sounds like it's been pretty much nonstop fiery destruction going on in this area in the last week...

2015-01-16 - Commercial building destroyed by huge fire, collapses, in Culver City (California), near the coast:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Leisure ship bursts into flame in the Indian Ocean near the Seychelles Islands:

Quote: "A leisure boat with 19 people on board caught fire yesterday returning from the Amirante Islands, a group of coral islands more than 200 km south-west of Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean located. 'The owner of the boat informed us that the fire started on one of his ships and the passengers and crew were forced to abandon ship,' the director of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority, Richard Ernesta, told SNA."

Note: This is the 56th boat to burn in 2015...

2015-01-16 - Several public works vehicles destroyed by fire while parked on Mill Road in coastal Egg Harbor Township (New Jersey):

Quote: "Egg Harbor Township investigators are trying to figure out what set off a fire that damaged several public works vehicles."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Tractor, skid loader and garage go up in flames at home in the Town of Byron (Wisconsin):

Quote: "According to scanner reports, the garage is detached from the home but is believed to have animals, a skid loader, tractor and tools inside."

2015-01-16 - Tractor bursts into flame inside barn at Quarry Batch Farm in Street (Britain):

Note: These are the 89th and 90th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2015...

2015-01-16 - Two trucks and portable building destroyed by fire in Grittenham (Britain):

Quote: "Owner Malcolm Smart first noticed something was wrong at 9.10am while he was talking to a customer on the phone. 'I heard a pop,' said Mr Smart, who runs the business with his son. 'I saw lots of smoke billowing out and within a matter of seconds the whole lorry was in flames and it was all panic, you know.'"

2015-01-16 - RV bursts into flame while parked at home in Coweta County (Georgia), nobody there:

Quote: "Firefighters learned the homeowner was out of town and nobody was inside the RV, and they used fire suppression foam to quickly knock down the fire, Sherrer said. Firefighters were on scene for about an hour-and-a-half putting out hot spots, but the vehicle was a total loss."

Note: This is the 22nd RV to burn in 2015...

2015-01-16 - Van bursts into flame while parked at mobile home, fire spreads, home destroyed, in Lexington (Kentucky):

Quote: "A home caught on fire at the Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Park in Lexington Friday. Kellie Ritchie lives in the mobile home park and said she heard the fire started in a van and spread to a nearby trailer."

2015-01-16 - Van bursts into flame on King George Close in Sidemoor (Britain):

2015-01-16 - SUV bursts into flame at Publix in Lehigh Acres (Florida):

2015-01-16 - SUV bursts into flame at Walmart in White Township (Indiana):,50007152/

2015-01-16 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at Martin Methodist College in Pulsaski (Tennessee):

2015-01-16 - Pickup truck bursts into flame at intersection near Kingsford Heights (Indiana):

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to home, in West Decatur (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A car fire quickly turned into a structure fire last night at 2470 Old Erie Pike in Boggs Township. Firefighters were initially dispatched for a vehicle fire and Jeff Harris, department chief, Philipsburg Fire Dept., said he arrived on scene quickly and noticed the car was fully engulfed in flames. He said it was about three feet from the garage, which quickly caught on fire."

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on River Highway in Mooresville (North Carolina), man burned, may die:

Quote: "A bystander pulled a man trapped in a burning car in Mooresville. Investigators are still looking into what caused the fire that happened around 4:30 Friday in the 500 block of River Highway. Crews began treating the man as soon as they arrived, while firefighters extinguished the flames. The victim was flown to Baptist Burn Center with life-threatening injuries."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on I-190 in Sterling (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Ms. Russell was following a car on I-190 north during evening rush hour when she noticed flames coming from underneath the vehicle and realized the driver had no idea the sedan was on fire. 'I pulled up next to her and she was kind of looking at me. I was screaming and waving for her to pull over,' Ms. Russell, 48, said. 'I think she thought I was nuts.' But eventually the driver, a woman named Angelica, pulled to the side and Ms. Russell ran from her own vehicle warning her to get out and away from the burning car."

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on Route 8/25 in Trumbull (Connecticut):

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame at home in Defiance (Ohio):

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame at Walmart in Washington (Iowa):

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame at Ellsworth Family Practice in Ellsworth (Maine):

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on road in coastal Surrey (Canada):

2015-01-16 - Car explodes and burns at 2:30 AM while parked in Athens (Greece):

Quote: "The series of blasts occurred at 2.30 a.m., according to police while sources indicated that no traces were found of explosives or of gas canister bombs, which are often used in similar attacks."

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame at 6:21 AM on the M1 near coastal Sydney (Australia):

2015-01-16 - Car and RV trailer burst into flame on Murphy Drive in Bagworth (Britain):

2015-01-16 - Car bursts into flame on Sleaford Road in Boston (Britain):

2015-01-16 - Vehicle bursts into flame on street in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

2015-01-16 - Thirteen motorcycles destroyed by fire in the wee hours while parked in Balajinagar (India):

2015-01-16 - Motorcycle bursts into flame on Chestnut Close in the Lansdowne area of Worcester (Britain):

2015-01-16 - Snowmobiles, motorcycle and garage destroyed by fire in St. Francis (Maine):

2015-01-16 - Auto business damaged by major fire in North East (Maryland):

2015-01-16 - Auto shop damaged by fire just before midnight in New Castle (Delaware):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Barn damaged by fire in Moody (Texas), 33 dogs killed:

2015-01-16 - Barn destroyed by fire before 2 AM near Lakeridge Road in Pefferlaw (Canada):

2015-01-16 - Barn heavily damaged by fire near London (Canada), hundreds of pigs killed:

2015-01-16 - Dumpster bursts into flame at truck painting business in West Quincy (Missouri):

2015-01-16 - HVAC business damaged by fire, possible explosion too, in Hutchinson (Kansas):

Quote: "There are also reports coming in of a possible explosion in the area."

2015-01-16 - Business destroyed by huge fire at 3:49 AM, three buildings burn, in DeLeon Springs (Florida):

2015-01-16 - Retail business destroyed by fire at 7:15 AM in Fort Smith (Arkansas):

Quote: "The Days Gone By retail shop on Towson Avenue in Fort Smith caught fire Friday morning."

2015-01-16 - Porch bursts into flame at 7:30 AM at home in Temple (Texas):

2015-01-16 - Porch bursts into flame, fire spreads to home, in Swansboro (North Carolina):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Trailer goes up in flames at Seahorse RV Park in coastal Big Pine Key (Florida), 4 injured:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Mobile home heavily damaged by fire at 7:10 AM in coastal Gulfport (Mississippi), 1 injured:

2015-01-16 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3:19 AM in Austin (Texas), woman found hurt in ditch nearby 3+ hours later:

2015-01-16 - Mansion destroyed by fire at 3:29 AM on Boat Club Road near Lake Texoma in Cartwright (Oklahoma):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Deadly fire burns home at 12:47 AM in Montgomery (Alabama), 2 killed, 1 injured:

2015-01-16 - Deadly fire burns home in Green Township (Ohio), at least 1 killed

2015-01-16 - Deadly fire burns home in Eutawville (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2015-01-16 - Deadly fire destroys home at 4 AM in Big Creek (California), 1 killed:

2015-01-16 - Deadly fire burns home at 3:15 AM in coastal Auckland (New Zealand), 2 killed:

2015-01-16 - Deadly fire burns hospital room at 2:28 AM in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland), 1 killed:

2015-01-16 - Vacant building burns in Chicago (Illinois), near Lake Michigan:

2015-01-16 - Vacant home burns in Las Vegas (Nevada):

2015-01-16 - Vacant home burns at 6 AM in Sioux City (Iowa):

2015-01-16 - Vacant home destroyed by fire just after midnight in Pittstown (New York):

2015-01-16 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Altoona (Wisconsin):

2015-01-16 - Vacant school destroyed by massive inferno in the Village of Champlain (New York):

2015-01-16 - Dogs mysteriously dying at waterfront communities near coastal Annapolis (Maryland):

Note: The water in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) suddenly turned milky green-white in 2013, all the fish died, and a 'rotten egg' odor was in the air, mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. That was the chemocline rising abruptly to the surface, smothering all the fish and releasing methane and hydrogen sulfide that had accumulated at the bottom into the air. Shortly after that, an anomalous number of people started being found dead in the water in the Inner Harbor. Another man was just found dead in the Inner Harbor in the Fells Point area of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, mentioned in the 2015-01-10 update. A similar event may have happened near Annapolis, causing these dogs near the water to sicken and die. They won't find hydrogen sulfide because it breaks down fast in the body, within hours, and they probably don't even get the corpses that fast, much less autopsy them, and since they're not looking for hydrogen sulfide then they're not apt to find it in any case...

2015-01-16 - 14 whales and 16 sea turtles found dead at beaches in Baja California (Mexico):

2015-01-16 - Thousands of fish dying at beaches near São Paulo (Brazil):,555109/milhares-de-peixes-morrem-em-praias-de-ilha-comprida-no-litoral-de-sp.shtml

Quote: "Thousands of dead fish are taking the Long Island beaches, tourist town on the southern coast of São Paulo. The carnage occurring since last week, spans 18 kilometers of sand. The city has collected eight tons of fish only on the beaches of the central region, as informed the press office. The stench bothers tourists seeking the quiet beaches. The dead fish are examples of corvina, hake, swordfish and even shark pups."

2015-01-16 - Man drops dead while fighting garage fire in Mantorville (Minnesota):

Quote: "Authorities responded to a report of a structure fire on Monroe Street in Mantorville just after 5 pm Thursday.  They found an unresponsive man, Paul Brannan, lying in the driveway. CPR was performed upon him until the Mayo One helicopter arrived and medical personnel pronounced Brannan dead."

2015-01-16 - Man, 51, found dead in home in coastal New Haven (Connecticut), 'gas leak' mentioned too:

Quote: "According to police, a 51-year-old man was found dead in the back bedroom of an apartment at 411 Blatchley Avenue in New Haven on Friday afternoon. Police do not suspect any foul play or criminal activity in connection with the death. The medical examiner will conduct an autopsy. Authorities said initial readings did not indicate high levels of natural gas in the building."

Note: So someone called in a gas leak, because they smelled 'rotten egg' odor, and no gas leak was found, but there was a man found dead. That pretty much had to be some hydrogen sulfide blowing through, probably blowing in off the coast, as has happened with numerous other East Coast cities (and West Coast cities and Gulf Coast cities too, for that matter)...

2015-01-16 - Boy, 11, found dead at home in Cherry Hill (New Jersey):

2015-01-16 - Man, 51, found dead in woods near restaurant in Middlefield (Connecticut):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Man, 35, drops dead in jail cell in Broome County (New York):

2015-01-16 - Woman, 53, drops dead at home in McCreary County (Kentucky):

2015-01-16 - Man in his 50s found dead in tent in Longview (Washington):

2015-01-16 - Man, 80, found dead in Badfish Creek near submerged SUV near the Town of Porter (Wisconsin):

2015-01-16 - Woman, 59, dies on passenger plane, plane lands in Chicago (Illinois):

2015-01-16 - Woman, 68, found dead at beach near coastal Ballymartin (Ireland):

2015-01-16 - Man, 74, found in the water near the island of St. Vincent:

2015-01-16 - In separate incidents, two men found dead, in Leh and Srinagar (India):

2015-01-16 - Man found dead in field near Lower Alley in Calow (Britain):

2015-01-16 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in coastal Los Angeles (California), 'mechanical issue':

2015-01-16 - Small plane crashes near Sebring Airport (Florida), 2 killed:

2015-01-16 - Small plane crashes near Fort Valley (Georgia), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-01-16 - Small plane crashes into riverbed near reservoir in San Luis Obispo County (California), engine failure:

Quote: "...shaken up but not injured after emergency crews responded to a small two-seat plane that had engine trouble and was to make an emergency landing on Highway 166 near the Twitchell Reservoir just east of Santa Maria."

Note: Methane was detected in the ground around 19 homes in 2013 in Santa Maria (California), mentioned in the 2013-01-18 update. Who knows how many places that's happening in now since A) methane is odorless; and B) nobody's checking...

2015-01-16 - Helicopter crashes near Houston (Texas), 1 killed:

2015-01-16 - Paraglider crashes near coastal Kaena Point (Hawaii), 1 killed:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-16 - Microbus and bus collide head-on, in coastal Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh), 4 killed, 9 injured:

2015-01-16 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits car head-on, near Brainerd (Minnesota), 3 injured:

2015-01-16 - Car slams into semi, both burst into flame, near Ozili (India), 4 killed:

2015-01-16 - Car veers over centerline, hits delivery van head-on, in Pine Bush (New York), 1 killed:

2015-01-16 - Two cars collide head-on, in East Bloomfield (New York), 3 injured:

2015-01-16 - Two cars collide head-on, near Waco (Texas), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-01-16 - Car veers off road at 2:40 AM, hits pole, bursts into flame, in Fayetteville (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2015-01-16 - Pack of wild dogs kills 7-year-old girl in Bhidiya Rasoolpulpur (India):

2015-01-16 - Landslide hits coastal Manito (Philippine Islands), at least 10 killed:


  1. How are you Jonny?

    In today's report we see more aberrant human behavior (the whole of civilization is a charade, but it's becoming more chaotic), big seas in the shipping lanes (can you imagine being the captain of one of those enormous container ships, the ones the size of a small town, out there with top-heavy cargo and port side comes this 55 ft. wave? WHOLLWY SHIT!), another landslide, a whole lotta infrastructure and equipment incinerating, more animal attacks, crumbling structures, and explosions and fires everywhere, . . . oh, and death.

    Here's a few from around the blogosphere to consider:

    Man attacked by owl in Salem, Oregon

    Hundreds of thousands of blue jellyfish invade Surfer's Paradise, Australia

    Record snowfall of two meters in western Norway

    Rare Arctic Ivory gull found in Ullapool, Scotland

    Key reservoir for Sao Paulo drying out from extreme drought

    New species of sulphate breathing bug discovered deep under ocean crust
    [say hello to our successors]

    Pakistani father sacrifices five children 'to gain magic powers'

    [ahl be bach]


    1. I think you have to strangle SIX children for magic powers now. Inflation. (OMG, a child-strangling inflation joke?! How deep do the waters of dark humor go?!)

      Those sulfate-breathing microbes - that sounds like more species of the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide. So when the planet got all oxygenated, they retreated to the swamps and sewers and the deep ocean, especially near heat sources (like volcanoes), but also beneath the ocean floor, closer to the Earth's mantle, where it's warm. So as the Earth heats from below, those microbes are going to have a partay. I'm sure they already are.

      Thanks for the linkses, as always!

  2. We had a flash freeze today in the region and there were fatalities and tons of wrecks as a result.

    Multi-car pileups claim 4 lives on icy Pennsylvania highways

    Here's some articles from around the world: (via

    Another completely lost bird: Brown pelican turns up in Nebraska in winter

    Iceland lava field may now be the biggest in 200 years

    Escaped zoo lynx attacks dog in Sweden

    Incredible footage shows 7 trees collapsing onto a highway in Australia
    [talk about crazy driving conditions - check out the footage]

    and this
    Mystery kidney killer spreads fear in Sri Lanka


  3. Whoa, those trees falling was crazy! And good find on the kidney problems. I was wondering where kidney problems would show up next.