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2014 - DEC - Animal Die-Offs

2014-12-31 - Alligator, turtles, raccoons and thousands of fish dying in Turkey Creek and the Indian River Lagoon in coastal Palm Bay (Florida):

Quote: "People have reported dead animals including an alligator and some raccoons and turtles. They've taken pictures of a film on the water. 'I've never seen catfish or any fish die off to this extent,' said Jones. 'It's quite upsetting because I've been here since '73, and the waters were much better,' said John Mongioi. Palm Bay Public Works employees checked the water for dissolved oxygen but said so far levels look normal."

2014-12-31 - Huge numbers of fish washing ashore dead at beaches in and near Chennai (India):

2014-12-29 - Huge number of fish die in reservoir at Cirata, West Java (Indonesia):

2014-12-29 - Around 100 tons of fish suddenly die at fish farm at Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra (Indonesia):

2014-12-29 - 100,000 sea stars strand and die at coastal Fripp Island (South Carolina):

2014-12-28 - Minke whale washes ashore dead at beach in Virginia Beach (Virginia):

2014-12-28 - Whale washes ashore dead on coast in Odisha (India), second time this month:

Quote: "Curious villagers have gathered in huge numbers on the beach to have a glimpse of the large aquatic mammal. Awestruck by the size of the dead creature, the villagers said they had never seen anything like in their lifetime."

2014-12-27 - 48 dolphins and 147 turtles found dead in the Mississippi Sound (Mississippi) in 2014:

2014-12-26 - Manatee found dead in coastal Waveland (Mississippi):

2014-12-25 - Hundreds of fish wash ashore dead at Holmes Beach on coastal Anna Maria Island (Florida):

Quote: "A Christmas Day walk along Holmes Beach in Anna Maria Island turned foul today with the discovery of hundreds of dead fish washed ashore. Tourists and residents discovered the dead fish littered along the Anna Maria shoreline Christmas morning. The fish measured about a foot in length and created a stench by the afternoon."

2014-12-25 - Around 300 chickens found dead at business in Shimla (India):

2014-12-25 - Twelve migratory birds found dead in Hansi (India):

2014-12-24 - Leopard mother and cub found dead in Vangaon (India), near the coast:

2014-12-24 - Poopo Lake (Bolivia) declared disaster area after massive die-off of fish and waterfowl:

Quote: "At least 10 kilometers of fish and birds were found dead on the banks of Poopo this month, presumably due to an abnormal rise in temperature."

Quote: "Bolivia's legislature declared Poopo Lake, located in Oruro department, as a disaster area due to the death of thousands of fish and waterfowl. Poopo Lake is the second largest lake in Bolivia after Lake Titicaca."

2014-12-23 - Hundreds of fish dying in the Indrayani River in Pimpri Chinchwad (India):

2014-12-22 - Nearly 500 crows found dead in four days in Baghiari near Tarn Taran (India):

2014-12-21 - 5000 pigeons drop dead in a week in Bhimeshwor (Nepal):

2014-12-21 - 14 ducks found dead in pond in Haryana (India):

2014-12-21 - Around 1200 sea turtles wash ashore in two months in coastal Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

2014-12-21 - Hundreds of fish dying in the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton (Australia):

2014-12-21 - Hundreds of fish wash ashore dead in coastal Guaymas (Mexico):

2014-12-20 - Thirty million fish die in environmental catastrophe at Lake Poopó (Bolivia), 'carpet' of dead fish:

Quote: "A 'carpet' of about 30 kilometers, stretching along the shore of Lake Poopó, consisting of approximately 30 million dead fish, including mackerel and Karachis, which was described by community members in the nearby town of Untavi, as one of the worst tragedies that happen to live in the region."

2014-12-20 - Fish dying in lagoon in coastal Krabi (Thailand):

2014-12-17 - Fish dying in canal in Medicina, Bologna (Italy):

2014-12-16 - Thousands of fish die in the Rio Grande River in Santa Cruz (Bolivia):

Quote: "This is the second case of dead fish reported in Bolivia in less than a week. Last Tuesday, agricultural authorities of the department of Oruro found thousands of species dead on the shores of Lake Poopó, considered the second largest in the country after Titicaca."

2014-12-16 - 300,000 salmon killed by massive jellyfish invasion in the Western Isles (Scotland):

2014-12-15 - Two dozen ducks die in coastal Ponnani (India):

2014-12-14 - 18 turtles wash ashore dead at beaches in coastal Rimini (Italy):

2014-12-14 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Kampar River in coastal Pelalawan Regency (Indonesia):

2014-12-14 - Pod of dolphins strands, gets rescued, beaches again, nine die on the Cavalli Islands (New Zealand):

2014-12-13 - In two separate incidents, female leopard and two cubs found dead in 3 days in coastal Vadodara (India), near river:

Quote: "Bodies of a six-year-old female leopard and a five-month-old female cub were recovered near ravines of a river in Manpura village of Dabhoi taluka in the district yesterday, while a six month-old male cub was found dead in Rajpura village on December 10, Dabhoi Range Forest Officer C C Rohit, told PTI."

Quote: "A team has been constituted to investigate the deaths as no external injuries were found on bodies of the animals..."

2014-12-12 - Two dozen geese drop dead from the sky during storm in Denmark:

Note: I wonder what was IN that rain. This sounds like an event that happened to me in early January of 2011, a couple of days after the birds dropped dead from the sky in Beebe (Arkansas) the first time. There was a strange smell in the air, which faded rapidly, and a flock of birds dropped dead from the sky and rained onto a neighbor's garage across the street from me, in the wee hours. There was no storm happening then though. Less than an hour later a street sweeper crew came by (still pre-dawn hours) and cleaned them up and by the light of morning it was as if nothing had ever happened. I consider myself lucky to still be alive after that event.

Not long after that, people began reporting carrier pigeons mysteriously disappearing over the ocean between Britain and Scotland, which they dubbed the 'Birdmuda Triangle'. That's when I realized, uh oh, this ancient atmospheric extinction event is upon us. I still waited an extra year though, to see if governments could somehow put this foul genie back in its bottle. But things only worsened, and once it had become obvious that things were just going to keep getting worse and worse, until we're all dead, I decided I ought to give my fellow human beings a heads-up, in case anyone wants to try to survive. And here we are today!

2014-12-11 - Huge number of fish dying in Laguna Blanca (Argentina):

2014-12-10 - Hundreds of thousands of fish bubble up dead in Lake Bryant in Marion County (Florida):

2014-12-10 - Large number of endangered grey seals washing ashore dead on Cornish beaches (Britain):

Quote: "Huge numbers of dead seals have been found stranded on Cornish beaches recently, and wildlife experts admit they are baffled."

2014-12-10 - Sperm whale found dead near the mouth of the Kelua River on the Odisha Coast (India):

2014-12-09 - Young healthy tiger found dead in canal in Uttar Pradesh (India):

Quote: "When the dead tiger was taken out of the canal and after a close examination of its body, no injury marks were found. This raised a suspicion of the tiger being poisoned to death, said an official of the forest department."

Note: Just like all the people who've sickened or been found dead in and near bodies of water. Hydrogen sulfide is water-soluble, it can sicken or kill with skin contact, it's a heavier-than-air gas that tends to end up in all the same places that water does, and it is indeed a poison. The largest number of PEOPLE to die after contact with water, so far, that I know of, is 10. In May, ten people had contact with water and died and eight more people were knocked unconscious, in Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan), mentioned in the 2014-05-02 update. A family of four was found dead in Henry Hagg Lake (Oregon) in August, mentioned in the 2014-08-25 update. More than 200 people sickened after swimming at Horseshoe Lake near Mount Saint Helens (Washington), mentioned in the 2014-07-16 update. More than a dozen people sickened after swimming in Blue Lake in Blue Lake Park (Oregon), also mentioned in the 2014-07-16 update. A lifeguard, man, 40s, was found dead in a swimming pool at an apartment complex in Lanham (Maryland), mentioned in the 2014-06-07 update. Yada yada. Spend much time near water nowadays and you may find yourself unexpectedly spending an extended period of time six feet under too...

2014-12-09 - Green sea turtle found dead in coastal Waikiki (Hawaii):

Quote: "Officials say the turtle did not show any obvious signs of injury. He was taken to NOAA’s facility on Ford Island where a necropsy was conducted, but his cause of death could not be determined, officials said."

2014-12-09 - Juvenile humpback whale washes ashore dead at beach in Corolla (North Carolina):

2014-12-09 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Lake Poopó (Bolivia):

Quote: "The strange death of these aquatic animals cause injury to more than 1,780 local families engaged in fishing for these species decreasing production in the coming years because the fish were within the age for procreation."

2014-12-08 - Seven sperm whales wash ashore dead at beaches on the Yorke Peninsula (Australia):

Quote: "Six of the whales were found on a tidal flat about six kilometres south of the town of Ardrossan. The seventh was found close to the jetty at Ardrossan."

Quote: "A pod of sperm whales has been found dead on a South Australia beach after an extremely rare mass stranding event. The situation is made even more bizarre by the fact that sperm whales have not been observed in this area for more than 25 years."

2014-12-07 - Large Mako shark washes ashore dead at Barmouth Beach in Wales (Britain):

2014-12-05 - Endangered Puget Sound killer whale, possibly pregnant, found dead near coastal Vancouver Island (Canada):

Quote: "Its death is troubling, said marine mammal researchers from the Vancouver Aquarium, as it marks the fourth recent death in the endangered southern resident population."

2014-12-05 - Hundreds of sea turtles washing ashore sick or dead at beaches in coastal Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

2014-12-04 - Hundreds of thousands of mussels wash ashore at Robberg Beach (South Africa):

2014-12-04 - Hundreds of thousands of salmon die in Chile, blamed on algae:

2014-12-03 - More than a dozen goats mysteriously sicken and die in Vellamadai (India):

2014-12-03 - Fish dying in Pearrygin Lake (Washington):

2014-12-02 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Saltwater Creek in coastal Cairns (Australia):

2014-12-02 - Around 400,000 fish die in fish farms in coastal Puerto Natales (Chile):

2014-12-02 - Thousands of fish suddenly die in Sragen Regency (Indonesia):

2014-12-01 - Massive fish kill hits River Tietê tributary (Brazil):

2014-12-01 - Fish dying at Vasona Lake in Los Gatos (California):

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