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2014 - DEC - Spotlight Stories

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-01 - Auto salvage yard erupts in flame, cars and warehouse burn, in Pacoima area of coastal Los Angeles (California):

2014-12-01 - Metal recycling business hit by fire at 4:15 AM in Kings Park suburb of coastal Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "A total of 40 firefighters from 10 stations battled for two hours to extinguish a fire at Tattersall Rd early Saturday morning. A building inside the scrap metal recycling yard caught fire at 4.15am."

2014-12-01 - Scrap metal business hit by fire in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2014-12-01 - Scrap metal business hit by explosion and fire in Orlando (Florida), 1 injured:

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Metal-related businesses will be hit hard, including salvage yards and metal recycling centers."

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-02 - School bus bursts into flame on I-57 in Chicago (Illinois), 5 lightly injured:

Note: Also see the person found burned to death in a burning van near South Shore train station, the home that exploded in Chicago and the deadly house fire that killed a woman, all in Chicago on this day...

2014-12-02 - School bus bursts into flame on street in (very) coastal Ocean Park (Washington):

Note: These are the 2nd and 3rd school buses to burn in December and the 140th and 141st school buses to burn since May 1. More vehicles are burning up generally, so that means more school buses are burning up too. This is a serious problem, even if people aren't recognizing it. No one got hurt or killed in these school bus fires, but they have in previous fires and they will again. I suppose parents will recognize the problem, to some degree anyway, one family at a time as children burn to death as more school buses ignite. I'm not entirely sure that's the best plan, hiding the problem while children end up burning to death, but that does seem to be the plan for now...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-03 - School bus bursts into flame at 4:15 AM while parked in bus barn, fire spreads to other buses, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), school canceled:

Quote: "The fire burned out one bus and damaged four others. Fire crews put the flames out quickly, but had problems getting into the facility because the electric panel for the gate also caught on fire."

Note: So a bus burst into flame AND the electric panel for the gate also burst into flame. That is VERY much like an event where an SUV burst into flame at one home and at the same time a dimmer switch burst into flame on the home next door, at 3:30 AM, in Stuttgart (Arkansas), mentioned in the 2013-02-05 update. The wee hours are when the atmosphere cools and contracts, which will push any methane and/or hydrogen sulfide in the air above closer to the ground, making fires, explosions and animals and people sickening or dying more common during those hours...

2014-12-03 - School bus bursts into flame on I-4 near Davenport (Florida):

2014-12-03 - School bus bursts into flame on I-35 in Fort Worth (Texas):

Quote: "This incident comes exactly two weeks after fire destroyed a brand-new school bus in Frisco."

Note: These are the 4th, 5th and 6th school buses to burn in December and the 142nd, 143rd and 144th school buses to burn since May 1. Two other school buses just burst into flame the day prior too, one in Chicago (Illinois) near Lake Michigan and the other in very coastal Ocean Park (Washington), mentioned in the 2014-12-02 update...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-04 - Electrical power plant damaged by fire at 5 AM near Beulah (North Dakota):

Note: Beulah? Beulah? Another power plant burning...

2014-12-04 - Passenger plane cockpit fills with smoke, plane makes emergency landing in Toledo (Ohio):

Quote: "ABC affiliate WTVG in Toledo reports flight Delta Flight 312 was en route from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Smoke began to fill the cockpit, according to the Lucas County emergency dispatchers, forcing the plane to land at Toledo Express Airport."

Note: Another plane coming down smoking/burning...

2014-12-04 - School bus bursts into flame at school in Bridgenorth (Canada):

Note: Another school bus burning. This is the 7th school bus to burn in December and the 145th school bus to burn since May 1. This school is located about 1000 feet east (downwind) of Chemong Lake...

2014-12-04 - Woman killed when her clothing ignites at assisted living center in Winchester (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The woman suffered serious burns after her clothing ignited, but there was little fire in the apartment itself, they said."

Note: Another person burning to death. Two girls, ages 15 and 17, were found burned and dead the day prior too, mentioned in the 2014-12-03 update. Lots of people have been mysteriously burning to death, especially in the last year. Clothes are getting contaminated.

These are just a random assortment of the fires that happened on this day. All of these types of fires are escalating and have been for some time...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-05 - Sewage and water treatment plant burns in the Maldive Islands, 100,000 people without water, emergency declared:

Quote: "The Maldives, famous for its pristine beaches and scuba diving, has declared a state of emergency after a fire at the capital’s sole water sewage treatment plant led to a shortage of drinking water in the Indian Ocean archipelago. The Maldives has appealed for aid from India, Sri Lanka, the US and China. About 100,000 people in Malé, the capital, have been left without safe tap water, according to Mohamed Shareef, a government minister."

2014-12-05 - Only store in town destroyed by fire at 2 AM in coastal Kivalina (Alaska):

Quote: "A fire destroyed the only store in the Northwest Alaska village of Kivalina on Friday morning. Alaska State Troopers said in a dispatch they received reports at 2 a.m. Friday that the volunteer fire department was responding to a fire in the Kivalina Native Store."

Quote: "Swan said the store is the only source of general products for people in the community. While many live off of subsistence foods, it was the only place to purchase things like diapers, formula and milk. 'It's a major loss,' she said."

Note: Here are a couple of fires that have seriously affected the lives of numerous people, one because freshwater is no longer available to the residents and the other because it was the only place in the area to purchase important consumer products. As the fires and explosions around the world continue to escalate, there will be more fires just like these, grinding away at human civilization. Also note the locations: coast on an island, and coast in Alaska...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-06 - Unknown odor sickens 16 people on passenger plane, vomiting and eye irritation, plane makes emergency landing in Rome (Italy):

Quote: "Medical assistance was requested for people suffering from red eyes and vomiting, with those affected having been checked by doctors at the airport before taken to a hospital near the Italian capital."

Quote: "Various news reports identified a foul odor in the cabin, which caused the domino effect of illness."

Quote: "All 14 crew members, including the four pilots, were affected, and the mysterious smell made two passengers ill as well, an airline spokeswoman told the network."

Note: An unknown odor just sickened 60 children in coastal Brooklyn (New York) the day prior too, mentioned in the 2014-12-05 update. From the full hypothesis: "There will be more unexplained HazMat events, often involving unusual odors. Eventually the entire populations of towns and cities will drop dead."

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-07 - Around 200 people sicken on cruise ship near Wellington (New Zealand), blamed on norovirus:

2014-12-07 - Woman, 48, sickens on cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana, kidney problems:

Quote: "The woman was reportedly unconscious and suffering from kidney related issues."

Note: From the full hypothesis: "Renal problems - e.g. problems with kidneys - will escalate, as is already happening with crop workers on the western coast of Central America."

2014-12-07 - Man, 59, sickens on cruise ship, heart problems, near coastal Tampa Bay (Florida):

2014-12-07 - Woman, 71, sickens on cruise ship near coastal Cape Hatteras (North Carolina):

2014-12-07 - Man, 38, goes fishing on kayak, goes missing, at Blackmans Lake (Washington):

Note: To go along with all the corpses being found in and near low-lying areas like bodies of water, people are sickening too, or going missing. (The missing people are almost always eventually found dead though.) It's probably best to avoid bodies of water at this point whenever possible, if you're one of those wanna-stay-alive kind of people. Four high school students went to take a bath and died in a canal in Bhubaneswar (India), mentioned in the 2014-10-22 update. A family of four went swimming and all of them died at Henry Hagg Lake (Oregon), mentioned in the 2014-08-25 update. More than 200 people sickened after swimming at Horseshoe Lake near Mount Saint Helens (Washington), mentioned in the 2014-07-16 update. More than a dozen people sickened after swimming in Blue Lake in Blue Lake Park (Oregon), also mentioned in the 2014-07-16 update. And so on and so on. I could go on for a very scarily long time here with all the unexplained piles of corpses and sickened people near or in bodies of water, but that's why there's a search feature - so I can be lazy!

Category: Fires And Explosions (California Edition)

2014-12-08 - Humongous inferno destroys apartment complex under construction at 1:10 AM in coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "A massive fire at a Los Angeles construction site the size of a city block shut down sections of two major freeways for hours early Monday. Hundreds of firefighters battled the blaze, which broke out about 1:10 a.m. PT and could be seen for miles. 'This is a historic fire, what we as firefighters would call a career fire. It's huge,' Fire Department spokesman David Ortiz told NBC News."

Note: This fire occurred after days of rain, and yet this building went up in flames incredibly fast. How can that be? Both methane and hydrogen sulfide, blowing in off the Pacific Ocean, are water-soluble. So that rain probably contained some dissolved gas in it, most likely methane since it's a lighter-than-air gas and is accumulating in the upper atmosphere where rain forms. So the rain fell and then it evaporated, leaving behind some of the methane, which will adsorb onto porous matter, like, say, WOOD. Eventually some hydrogen sulfide blew through, found some rusty iron/steel (this was a construction site), there was some sparking, a spark landed on that accelerant-soaked wood, and WHOOSH, this whole place went up in flames as if the entire gigantic structure had been doused with gasoline, which isn't all that far from the truth. From the full hypothesis: "So far as homes are concerned, vacant homes, unoccupied homes and homes under construction will burn hardest and first but the number of occupied homes burning will also be increasing."

2014-12-08 - Commercial building undergoing renovations goes up in flames at 4:09 AM in Westlake District of coastal Los Angeles (California), nobody there:

Quote: "The flames broke out as firefighters were battling a different blaze at an apartment complex under construction in downtown Los Angeles."

Note: Same thing here. Under renovation so construction materials were around here too. It's now a race to get buildings completed before they're destroyed by fire and/or explosions and we're increasingly losing that race...

2014-12-08 - Elevator bursts into flame at high-rise on Ocean Boulevard in coastal Long Beach (California):

Note: Also see the man found dead in the Los Angeles River near Long Beach on this day...

2014-12-08 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 3:24 AM while parked at home in coastal Eureka (California):

Note: Getting burny there on the coast in California, which is not unexpected. It'll get much worse though. I don't think anyone can really imagine just how bad it will get. What if the RAIN ITSELF becomes flammable, like the methane-infused tapwater people have been reporting in recent years around the world? Then we might see huge walls of rainfire sweeping through, causing explosions and shockwaves and destroying everything in the path...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-09 - Boat bursts into flame, fire spreads to home, in Olympic Hills area in coastal Seattle (Washington):

Quote: "Firefighters are responding to fire that started on a boat and extended to a house in Seattle's Olympic Hills neighborhood."

Note: A boat burst into flame the day prior while docked at West Bay Marina in coastal Olympia (Washington), about 50 miles away, mentioned in the 2014-12-08 update...

2014-12-09 - Six buses go up in flames at 2:30 AM while parked in lot at Center for the Disabled in Albany (New York):

Quote: "Six buses were damaged by fire at the Center for the Disabled in Albany on Tuesday. Crews responded to the scene on South Pearl Street shortly before 2:30 in the morning. Officials say four buses were badly damaged, but there were no injuries."

2014-12-09 - Three buses and a truck burst into flame while parked in a carpark in coastal Singapore:

2014-12-09 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in coastal Bridge City (Texas):

Note: Here's yet more parked vehicles going up in flames. All vehicles are now randomly-igniting firebombs that can go off at any time, so park a vehicle near anything that you care about at your own risk. Plenty of people have died because of this problem and plenty more homes and businesses have been destroyed by vehicles spontaneously igniting too...

Category: Other Stores Of Interest

2014-12-10 - Methane hydrate deposits now dissociating off the US Northwest Coast:

Quote: "Researchers probe the oceans off the west coast and see signs of the meltdown of icy methane similar in size to the BP oil spill..."

Note: It was just a matter of time. Methane is erupting from deposits all over the planet now. As time goes on, the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide will colonize the methane seeps and increasing amounts of that methane will be turned into hydrogen sulfide, so we'll end up first with large methane releases (occurring already) and as time goes on there will be increasing amounts of hydrogen sulfide bubbling up too. This is the ancient planetary extinction event that is upon us now and this is what killed off most life on the planet during the Permian-Triassic extinction event, also called 'The Great Dying'. As a consequence, the human race is going to evacuate the surface of the Earth, if not voluntarily (by relocating) then it will happen involuntarily (by dying), or some combination of the two...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-11 - Deadly fire erupts in underground parking garage at high-rise in Dallas (Texas), thousands evacuated, 3 killed:

Quote: "Three construction workers are dead and three other people received hospital treatment after a fire erupted in a downtown Dallas high-rise, prompting the evacuation of thousands of office workers from the building. Dallas Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said fire-rescue workers found the men in basement of the 50-story Thanksgiving Tower. They were in the thermal storage tank that's part of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit beneath the building. Evans says the preliminary belief is that the 10 a.m. Thursday fire was electrical in nature because of the thick smoke it gave off, but the cause and ignition point remain undetermined."

Note: Just like all the other underground electrical explosions and fires that have been occurring, except this time it happened to be under a building instead of under a street...

2014-12-11 - Underground electrical fire breaks out in coastal Manhattan (New York), subway transit disrupted:

2014-12-11 - Cruise ship 'Insignia' bursts into flame while docked at the island of St. Lucia, 3 killed:;-passengers-safe/432864/

Quote: "A crew member and two contractors died Thursday when a fire broke out aboard a luxury cruise ship docked at the eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia, officials said. Some 650 passengers aboard the Oceania Insignia were evacuated safely and the remainder of the cruise was cancelled, Oceania Cruises said in a statement."

2014-12-11 - School bus bursts into flame on street near Rock River bridge in Rockford (Illinois):

Quote: "The back of a Rockford school bus burst into flames Thursday afternoon on Kishwaukee Street near the Morgan Street Bridge."

2014-12-11 - School bus bursts into flame on I-94 in St. Croix County (Wisconsin):

Note: These are the 9th and 10th school buses to burn in December and the 147th and 148th school buses to burn since May 1...

2014-12-11 - Man, 49, burns to death in burning van near Brookwood (Alabama):

Note: Some of the more notable fires for this date, including some more underground fires, another cruise ship fire, more school buses burning, and yet another person burning to death in a vehicle, which has been happening with increasing regularity. Keep an eye on house fires too - the body counts have been climbing, 4 dead here, 5 dead there, etc. Looks like this extinction event will kill quite a few people when their homes burn, although plenty of people will continue dropping dead too of course...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-12 - Passenger plane bursts into flame, lands in coastal Baltimore (Maryland), bird strike mentioned too:

Quote: "It rumbled my house I know that much. She was low and she was on fire. She had flames coming from underneath and on the sides. She was burning."

Note: Not sure if they're trying to blame the fire on the bird strike or not. Doesn't really matter that much. What matters is that planes are regularly coming down smoking or on fire now. I do find it exceptionally doubtful that any bird strike would cause a passenger plane to burn on both sides and underneath too. And the person they say saw the 'bird strike' and who they quote actually mentions nothing about a bird, just mentions seeing the plane on fire. The third link up there doesn't even MENTION the fire, which is odd, unless 'someone' is trying to sleight-of-hand people: look at a bird strike, but pay no attention to the BURNING PLANE...

2014-12-12 - Cruise ship 'Costa Luminosa' bursts into flame at 5 AM in the Atlantic Ocean en route to Antigua:

Quote: "A fire reportedly broke out on the 'Costa Luminosa' in the early morning hours on Dec 11, 2014. Around 5 a.m. , while the cruise ship was sailing enroute from Santa Cruz to Antigua in the North Atlantic..."

Quote: "The fire reportedly occurred on the same day as the deadly engine room fire on the Oceania Insignia."

2014-12-12 - Freight train bursts into flame near downtown Wake Forest (North Carolina):

2014-12-12 - Tour bus bursts into flame on the Garden State Parkway near coastal Port Republic (New Jersey):

2014-12-12 - Car-hauler truck bursts into flame on I-40 near Tucumcari (New Mexico):

2014-12-12 - Tanker truck explodes and burns while being loaded with fuel, in coastal Cape Town (South Africa), 2 injured:

Quote: "The cause of the explosion was not known."

Note: Sounds like the work of the Ghostly Match. You won't see it coming...

2014-12-12 - Two tractor trailers destroyed by fire after midnight while parked at business in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

Quote: "The Colorado Springs Fire Department is calling an explosive fire overnight an accident, but still do not know what caused it. The fire broke out around 12:17 a.m. at a warehouse near El Paso Street and Fillmore. Many viewers called in reporting thick smoke and flames, and the sound of something exploding. A spokesperson from CSFD said at least two tractor-trailer units were in flames when crews arrived at Cintas Facility Services."

2014-12-12 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at gas station in Miami Gardens (Florida), near the coast:

2014-12-12 - Car bursts into flame while parked at tractor supply business in Upper Freehold (New Jersey):

Note: It's a vehicular fire smorgasbord! A burning plane, cruise ship, train, bus, tanker truck, tractor trailers, pickup and car, and the tractor trailers, pickup and car were all parked when they burst into flame. All vehicles are randomly-igniting firebombs that can go off at any time now, whether they're parked or running...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-13 - Man killed when truck explodes and burns on street in Kelowna (Canada):

Quote: "A man’s body was discovered inside a truck that ignited with explosive force on a Kelowna street Saturday night. The sound and percussive blast from an explosion rattled residents who ran outside to see the truck blazing on Casorso Road in the Lower Mission. Neighbours said it didn’t appear the truck had crashed into anything, and they were struck by the intensity of the fire, which occurred just after 7 p.m."

Quote: "On Sunday afternoon, Kelowna RCMP said police had identified the man whose body was found in the truck. Police do not suspect foul play, Sgt. Greg Dickie said, declining further comment."

Note: You just can't count on your vehicle not exploding and burning you to death nowadays...

2014-12-13 - Gas station explodes and burns in Akure (Nigeria), cars ignite, several killed (or more), many injured:

Quote: "Residents, who were angry over the delay of the fire fighters in arriving at the scene, attacked the firefighters with stones to express their displeasure."

Quote: "It is not clear how many people died or were injured as at the time of filing this report. But witnesses suggested 'quite a number of people were killed and injured' in the incident."

Quote: "The citizens of Akure last night experienced one of the worst explosion to ever hit the ancient city."

2014-12-13 - At least 16 boats go up in flames while docked in coastal Haulover Beach (Florida):

Quote: "At least 16 boats and personal watercraft sustained heavy damage after a fire broke out at a South Florida marina. Rescue crews battled the blaze at the Haulover Marine Center, located along Collins Avenue in Haulover Beach, Saturday afternoon."

2014-12-13 - Nine semi tractors go up in flames while parked at truck business in Grand Chute (Wisconsin), nobody there:

Quote: "Grand Chute firefighters responded to Fox Valley Truck, 5668 Neubert Road, at about 6:40 p.m. and remained there until 10:30 p.m., according to Lt. Chad Martin. The Appleton Fire Department was called in to assist. Twelve vehicles and two trailers were damaged, Martin said. No one was injured, and the building on the property was not affected."

Note: Grand Chute is near Lake Winnebago. Whew, not looking too good for human civilization! The escalation in fiery vehicular events continues...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-14 - Foul stench blows over coastal Santa Rosa (Florida):

Quote: "Area residents are complaining on social media about a strange smell that stretches from Pace to Gulf Breeze and the beaches. But local officials can't confirm what the smell is or where it's coming from."

Note: Also see the several people found dead on coasts in Florida on this day. In June this year, thousands of people fled their homes puking in the middle of the night from 'toxic gas of unknown origin' in coastal Rayong (Thailand), mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see the same thing (or worse) happen any day now in Florida or California or Britain or Australia or Ireland or Scotland or Portugal or Spain or Norway or India or pretty much anywhere near a coast...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-15 - Tractor bursts into flame inside barn, fire spreads, barn destroyed, in Yukon (Oklahoma), near Lake Overholser:

2014-12-15 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, home scorched too, in Bourne End (Britain):

Note: Bourne End is located on the banks of the River Thames...

2014-12-15 - Car and garage go up in flames at home near Granite Quarry (Maryland):

Quote: "The garage suffered significant damage, but firefighters were able to save an antique car, a 1930 REO, that was in the garage. Another antique car in the garage was destroyed, Burleyson said."

2014-12-15 - RV, home and outbuildings destroyed by fire in Silver Springs (Nevada), nobody there:

Quote: "Nonetheless, Gillenwater said the home was a total loss including the motor home parked next to it and a couple of out-buildings."

2014-12-15 - Three vehicles and garage destroyed by fire, home damaged, in Streator (Illinois):

Quote: "The garage and a vehicle inside the structure, as well as two vehicles outside the garage, were total losses. The nearby house sustained damage, but was still livable..."

Note: Streator is located along the banks of the Vermilion River...

2014-12-15 - Pickup truck, skid-loader, lawnmower and barn destroyed by fire at 4:27 AM in Wolf Lake (Indiana):

Note: Here's some more vehicle-related fiery destruction to homes and other buildings. Any building with a vehicle parked near it or in it will eventually be destroyed by fire and/or explosions. Therefore it's probably not a good idea to park a vehicle near anything you don't want to see on fire, and that's especially true if you live near, in or downwind of a low-lying area like a quarry, spring, river, pond, lake, valley, canyon, ditch, ravine, etc.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-16 - Passenger plane bursts into flame, makes emergency landing in coastal Belfast (Ireland):

Quote: "Quintin Oliver said there had been a 'visible shudder' throughout the plane. He said that some passengers noticed the fire half-way into the flight. 'It's a short 20 to 25-minute flight and there was a visible shudder throughout the plane and those on the left hand side behind the engine clearly saw it burst into flames,' he said. 'Some of them described it as a burning rocket, as the flames were shooting out the back and the plane lurched a little, not dramatically, but a little as it presumably stabilised on the second engine.'"

Note: And yet another plane coming down on fire. Thanks for the fine reporting there, Quintin!

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-17 - Unknown illness hits village in Kazakhstan, people sleep for days, hallucinations, memory loss, dizziness, nausea:

Quote: "A mysterious sleeping illness has fallen on the residents of a remote Kazakhstan village which caused sufferers to sleep for days at a time. For the past four years, residents in the village of Kalachi have been afflicted by the disorder, which also causes dizziness, nausea, hallucinations and memory loss. So far more than 100 of the town's 600 residents have experienced the illness, the Russian Times reports. 'I'm weak, my legs feel heavy, as if I'm wearing a hundred pairs of boots, and my head is spinning,' one sufferer said. Other patients claim they behave 'like they're drunk' and that it's difficult to call for help as 'your tongue gets twisted'."

Quote: "Classified as an encephalopathy of unclear origin - the highfalutin term for a weird brain disorder we can't figure out - villagers who do not simply keel over while moving or working report feeling weakness, dizziness, and memory and motor control loss. At least two children have reported hallucinations as well: Misha Plyukhin saw flying horses and light bulbs, his mother with eight eyes and a trunk, and snakes and worms in his bed, trying to eat his arms; Rudolf Boyarinos cannot remember his visions, but four people had to calm and subdue him as he screamed 'monsters!' The sleep is so deep that some locals fear an old man they assumed was dead could have been buried alive."

Note: That sounds very much like hydrogen sulfide poisoning. The memory loss and the difficulty speaking (speech center of the brain) and probably the hallucinations too - that's brain damage, indicative of a neurotoxin.

It was an event in Kazakhstan in 2010 that got me started waking up to the threat - 12,000 endangered saiga antelope dropped dead on May 27 in 2010 in Kazakhstan. They all died in the same area. Since they're grazers, that doesn't happen due to disease - they'd have been scattered over a wide area as the weakest died and then the next weakest and so on, as they moved. So whatever killed them did so very quickly and was 100% fatal. There aren't a lot of things can insta-kill a huge herd of 12,000 antelope, but a cloud of hydrogen sulfide is one thing that can. Can't really think of anything else that could do that. The thousands of people who were recently hit by a cloud of 'toxic gas of unknown origin' and fled their homes puking in the wee hours in coastal Rayong (Indonesia) almost had the same thing happen to them, mentioned in the 2014-06-08 update...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-18 - Underground electrical fire hits North St. Louis (Missouri), near the Mississippi River, 6300 homes go dark:

2014-12-18 - Underground electrical explosion and fire blacks out 1600 homes and businesses in Tulare (California):

Quote: "'We heard an explosion. We thought it was a wreck,' said Alfredo Quintanilla, who lives nearby. 'That explosion was pretty loud.' The incident was reported at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday, just about the start of the normal work day."

2014-12-18 - Electrical substation rocked by explosion(s) and fire on Middlefield Lane in Hinckley (Britain):

Note: Here's some more electrical infrastructure exploding and/or burning. Not looking good for people who enjoy electricity. Keep some flashlights handy!

Category: 'Zombie' Files

2014-12-19 - Teen boy, 17, crashes car, deputy stops, teen attacks him with machete, deputy shoots teen, teen strips naked, deputies tase boy, boy dies, in Willow Creek (California):

Quote: "Another Willow Creek resident officer arrived about 10 minutes later to find the 17-year-old lying naked next to his car, Jager said. 'He tried to give some commands to the driver and the driver was not responsive to any commands, and was being completely erratic and irrational,' Jager said. When the driver continued to be non-compliant, the officer Tased him, but he still did not put his hands behind his back, Jager said. At this time, two witnesses reportedly offered to help the second officer. By the time the driver was handcuffed, other officers and paramedics had arrived at the scene and life-saving attempts were initiated, Jager said. However, he said, the teenager died at the scene."

Note: Willow Creek is located along the Trinity River. You're most likely to suffer brain damage and go insane yourself in the wee hours and when in, near or downwind of low-lying areas like creeks, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, oceans, valleys, ditches, canyons, quays, bays, etc. If you look at the many people who've gone crazy and stripped naked in the last, say, three years, in virtually every instance it has occurred in the wee hours or near a low-lying area, and especially coasts. That doesn't mean that it can't happen at any time and anywhere though...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-20 - At least 20 cars go up in flames at salvage yard in Colorado Springs (Colorado):

Quote: "Witnesses told our sister station KOAA, they saw several cars on fire in the back of the fenced-off lot. The Stratmoor Hills Fire Department says between 20 to 30 cars caught fire."

2014-12-20 - Twelve passenger buses go up in flames at 3 AM while parked in lot on the island of Viti Levu (Fiji Islands):

2014-12-20 - Lawn care building goes up in flames at Palm Lakes Estates Clubhouse in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

Note: Note the locations: springs, island, coast. All three of these fires are almost identical, basically piles of parked vehicles going up in flames, like all the other parking lot fires that are now occurring regularly. Hydrogen sulfide is reactive with copper, especially electrified copper, and rusty iron/steel. The buses and lawncare equipment had both and the scrap cars had at least some rusty iron/steel, though probably not any electrified copper (since they usually remove fuel and batteries from scrap vehicles). Because of this problem all vehicles are now randomly-igniting firebombs that can go off at any time, whether running or not, so it's not wise to park a vehicle near anything you don't relish seeing on fire, especially your home...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-21 - Two billion-dollar blimps on the East Coast tasked with identifying 'Air Breathing Threats':

Note: Mentioned these blimps in the last week, but hadn't seen that the #1 entry on the list of primary missions for these blimps is detection of 'Air Breathing Threats'. All I'd seen them mention was that it would help detect cruise missiles. Well, we have satellites for that, good enough to pick out license plate numbers, worldwide, so something with limited range for that purpose, like these blimps, didn't make much sense, especially considering the cost. But for air breathing threats, it does make sense, especially with that 2.5 gigaton methane clathrate deposit dissociating off the East Coast...

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2014-12-22 - Driver has medical emergency, garbage truck slams into pedestrians in coastal Glasgow (Scotland), 6 killed, 7 injured:

Quote: "Bystanders said the driver appeared to be have had a fit or a heart attack at the wheel of the vehicle."

Quote: "Witnesses said the driver appeared slumped at the wheel after the vehicle had come to rest."

2014-12-22 - Driver has 'medical emergency', car hits heavy truck head-on, both burst into flame, in Orlando (Florida), 5 injured:

Quote: "The driver of the Mercury, he said, 'must have been having some type of medical emergency. He zoned out and started drifting from the far right lane to the left lane and crossed the median and struck a work truck.' The scene was chaotic as the flames engulfed the two vehicles and briefly set nearby electrical wires on fire, Chaffin said."

2014-12-22 - Man, 72, slumps over dead in SUV in Riverview (Michigan), SUV keeps going for a bit:

Note: People are having 'medical events', seizures, falling unconscious or flat-out dying while driving. Obviously, that's going to result in some serious vehicular accidents. This problem is going to get much worse as time goes on and increasing numbers of drivers are incapacitated or slump over dead at the wheel...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-23 - Cruise ship 'Costa Neoclassica' hit by fire in the Red Sea near Jordan:

Quote: "The fire broke out in the funnel of the ship but was quickly extinguished by ship personnel, according to a statement from Costa Cruises. During the incident no onboard services were stopped and the ship reached its destination port in Aqaba, where it is now berthed. It is not clear whether the cruise -- a 25-day Indian Ocean itinerary -- will need to be abandoned."

Note: This is the third cruise ship to burn in less than two weeks. The previous two were mentioned in the 2014-12-11 update (which included 3 fatalities) and in the 2014-12-12 update. There have been ten cruise ship fires in 2014 so far, that I know of, counting these three. The other 7 fires were in the first 11.5 months of the year, so to have 3 cruise ship fires in less than two weeks is about a 900% escalation in the cruise ship 'burn rate'. Granted, the sample size is still small, so we'll see what 2015 brings...

2014-12-23 - Boat bursts into flame at 3:45 AM while parked at Competition Marine on Mill Road in coastal Gulfport (Mississippi):

2014-12-23 - Boat and RV storage building burns, a dozen RVs and boats damaged, near Fern Ridge Lake (Oregon):

Quote: "Investigators say it’s hard to put a price tag on the amount of damage the fire caused, but say it’ll most likely cost more than a million dollars to repair the damaged boats and RVs. The storage building was also heavily damaged in the fire, but is not a total loss."

Note: Boats haven't been doing too well, with many burning up this year, often with no one aboard and while not running. But then the same is true of big rigs, buses of all kinds, cars, etc. Vehicles parked at homes are obviously the greatest danger, since those fires are destroying homes and sometimes killing people, but still, I'm sure boat owners aren't too happy when their boats are incinerated either...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-24 - Methane now spewing from the seabed off the coast of the West Yamal Peninsula (Russia):

Quote: "Yamal Peninsula in Siberia has recently become world famous. Spectacular sinkholes, appeared as out of nowhere in the permafrost of the area, sparking the speculations of significant release of greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. What is less known, is that there is a lot of greenhouse gas methane released from the seabed offshore the West Yamal Peninsula. Gas is released in an area of at least 7500 m2, with gas flares extending up to 25 meters in the water column."

Note: So here's yet another area in a sea or ocean spewing methane as the methane clathrate deposits around the world continue to dissociate. I bet we see more of those giant explosively-formed holes in the ground too, and not just on the Yamal Peninsula. And once methane starts saturating bodies of water, we may see the seas and oceans themselves on fire, larger-scale versions of the flammable tapwater people have been noticing around the world in the last coupla-three years. And already there's been one river that caught on fire, in coastal Wenzhou (China), in March, mentioned in the 2014-03-08 update. Both methane and hydogen sulfide are water-soluble, and the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that emit hydrogen sulfide eat both biomatter and methane, so the more methane around, the more food there will be available for them...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-25 - Three tractors, van and 2 cars destroyed by fire while parked at truck yard in Kearny (New Jersey), near the coast:

Quote: "When they arrived, three tractors, two cars and a van were fully engulfed in flames..."

2014-12-25 - Three RVs destroyed by fire at 2:45 AM while parked in storage area in Pinellas Park (Florida), near the coast:

Quote: "Three recreational vehicles were destroyed by fire at a Pinellas Park mobile home park Thursday morning, according to authorities. The RVs were in storage area and unoccupied when the emergency crews responded around 2:45 a.m."

2014-12-25 - Numerous motorcycles and ATVs destroyed by fire while parked at repair shop in Fellsmere (Florida), near the coast:

2014-12-25 - Heavy truck bursts into flame while parked at electric company in New Albany (Mississippi):

2014-12-25 - Van bursts into flame while parked near business in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

2014-12-25 - Pickup truck bursts into flame while parked at home on Queens Bay Lane in coastal Bourne (Massachusetts):

2014-12-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked in garage, fire spreads to home, in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "The couple says their car caught fire around 9am at their townhome near Aldine westfield and the beltway in northeast Harris County. Luckily, they were able to get out of the home and call 911 before the fire spread."

2014-12-25 - In two separate events, three cars burst into flame in the wee hours while parked in Worksop (Britain):

Note: One car ignited at 12:40 AM and two cars ignited at 3 AM...

2014-12-25 - Car bursts into flame while parked in carpark in Cheddar Gorge in Cheddar (Britain):

2014-12-25 - Semi trailer bursts into flame while parked at flea market in Georgetown (Kentucky):

Quote: "Officials tell LEX 18 that they don't believe the fire was suspicious at this point although there have been numerous dumpster fires recently in the area."

2014-12-25 - RV trailer bursts into flame at 2:32 AM at travellers site in Smithy Fen, Cottenham, Cambridge (Britain), nobody there:

Note: About 500 feet from the River Great Ouse...

2014-12-25 - Two RV trailers destroyed by fire just before midnight at travellers site at Paynes Hill in coastal Southampton (Britain):

Note: Just some more piles of parked vehicles going up in flames all over the place. It's almost getting to the point where more vehicles are now spontaneously igniting while parked and 'cold' than are igniting while being driven. That actually makes sense, as most vehicles are parked more hours per day than they are driven, and since vehicles are going up in flames either way now, the percentage of them that are parked when they ignite is therefore on the rise...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-26 - 25 buses, cars and bus depot destroyed by fire in the wee hours in Springe (Germany), $12 million damage, nobody there:

Quote: "Police sources put the damages from the fire in the town of Springe in the federal state of Lower Saxony at around 10 million euros (12 million dollars), DPA reported on Friday. The blaze took 350 firemen and nearly 10 hours to control. Residents reported seeing flames coming from the shed -- which also contained several cars -- and hearing loud noises. According to the police, no transport staff was on the site at the time of the blaze as regional bus services shut down during the night."

Note: The record for most buses to be destroyed in one fire remains at 37, which burned up in May 2013 at a depot near coastal Torquay (Britain), mentioned in the 2013-05-12 update...

2014-12-26 - DC-3 tourist plane lands, bursts into flame, at airport in Riverside (California):

Quote: "The crew noticed that the right engine was on fire after the plane landed about 5:20 p.m. and activated an extinguisher, Stamper said."

2014-12-26 - Passengers smell smoke, passenger plane grounded, at Logan Airport in coastal Boston (Massachusetts):

Note: Lotsa planes coming down smoking or on fire these days...

2014-12-26 - Canadian Navy ship 'HMCS Toronto' damaged by fire in the Mediterranean Sea:

2014-12-26 - Fishing boat explodes and burns on coastal Lummi Island (Washington):

Note: It's not just ground vehicles burning up, but all vehicles, including planes and boats. There ARE more ground vehicles burning up, that's true, but that's because there are more ground vehicles, period. All vehicles are now randomly-igniting firebombs that can go off at any time, so it's increasingly unwise to park a vehicle near anything you don't want to see on fire, like your home. The house fires that start when a vehicle spontaneously ignites in the middle of the night are particularly dangerous because smoke detectors inside homes may not go off until escape routes are already in flames, which can be fatal...

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2014-12-27 - Passenger plane with 160+ aboard goes missing at 6:17 AM while flying from Surabaya (Indonesia) to Singapore:

Quote: "Indonesia's top rescue official says authorities believe the missing AirAsia jet is likely at the bottom of the sea, based on radar data from the plane's last contact."

Note: And the day prior, a tourist plane burst into flame after landing at an airport in Riverside (California), and a passenger plane was grounded after passengers smelled smoke at Logan Airport in coastal Boston (Massachusetts), both events mentioned in the 2014-12-26 update. So in less than 2 days that's one passenger plane disappearing off radar and (presumably) crashing into the ocean, one tourist plane on fire and one passenger plane smoking. One was over the ocean, one was near the ocean, and one was near a river near the ocean. Those 'Friendly Skies' are looking rather hostile nowadays. Not that ground vehicles or boats are doing any better though!

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-28 - Smoke fills cabin, passenger plane makes emergency landing in Toronto (Canada):

Quote: "A Porter Airlines flight from Toronto to Sudbury was forced to make an emergency landing at Pearson airport Sunday night after the plane's cabin filled with smoke, a Radio-Canada reporter on board said."

2014-12-28 - Smoke on the flight deck sends passenger plane to emergency landing in Williamsport (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The crew detected smoke in the flight deck and some in the cabin, according to Porter. The plane was diverted to Williamsport, Pa., where it landed safely and the smoke cleared."

Note: Also see the cargo plane that went missing over central Guyana on this day. A passenger plane carrying 160+ people just went missing over the Java Sea too, presumably crashed into the ocean with everyone aboard killed, mentioned in the 2014-12-27 update...

2014-12-28 - Ferry ship bursts into flame before 6 AM near Italy, 13+ killed:

Quote: "The Norman Atlantic, sailing from Patras in western Greece to the Italian port of Ancona, was 33 nautical miles off the small island of Othonoi when it sent a distress signal, Greek coast guard officials said. 'The captain has requested the evacuation of the ship, according to initial information,' coast guard spokesman Nikos Lagkadianos said. The fire broke out in the garage of the vessel, which was carrying 222 vehicles, just before 6.00 a.m. local time (11.00 p.m. EST), the coast guard said."

Quote: "A fire broke out on the car deck of a ferry carrying 466 people from Greece to Italy early Sunday, forcing authorities to order an evacuation."

Quote: "The death toll climbed to 10 as survivors told of a frantic rush to escape, caught among flames, pelting rain and passengers who fought others for rescue."

Note: So this was basically the same as all the parking lots of vehicles that have been going up in flames, mostly in the wee hours like this fire, except this time the parking lot was on a ship...

2014-12-28 - Thirty buses, 5 minibuses and a car destroyed by inferno after 1 AM while parked at depot in Merthyr Tydfil (Britain):

Quote: "A huge blaze has swept through a depot in Merthyr Tydfil, destroying 30 coaches, five minibuses and a car. The inferno triggered a series of explosions at First Call Coaches at Pant Industrial Estate on Sunday. More than 40 firefighters tackled the blaze which started shortly after 01:00 GMT. South Wales Police and South Wales Fire and Rescue are investigating, with a spokesman calling it 'a scene of devastation'."

Note: At least 25 buses, plus some cars, were just destroyed by a huge fire in the wee hours in Springe (Germany) too, $12 million in damage, nobody there, mentioned in the 2014-12-26 update. So in just two fires that was at least 55 buses, 5 minibuses and some cars destroyed...

2014-12-28 - Four parked tanker trucks and two warehouses destroyed by inferno in the wee hours in Estevan (Canada):

Quote: "Crews battled the fire for at least eight hours as it engulfed two commercial warehouses. Estevan’s fire chief Shane Code says at least four fuel tanks on trucks also caught fire."

Quote: "The damage has been estimated to be in the millions of dollars."

2014-12-28 - Two tanker trucks go up in flames while parked at warehouse under construction in Perris (California):

Quote: "The fire destroyed the two tankers while the nearby warehouse, which is under construction, was not damaged..."

2014-12-28 - RV bursts into flame before 5 AM while parked at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, on Bay View Drive in coastal Foley (Alabama):

Quote: "Investigators say the family woke up to 'loud popping noises.' When they walked outside, they saw their RV in flames. The vehicle, said Chief Darby, was parked close to the house and the flames soon spread to the attic. Fire officials say the house is a total loss."

Quote: "The Gulf Shores Fire Department was also called in to assist fighting the fire, and, Chief Darby says, one of their firefighters suffered breathing problems and had to be taken to the hospital."

2014-12-28 - Man, 50, found dead in burning car at home in Washington Township (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Emergency crews and the Franklin County Coroner were called to the vehicle fire shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday outside of Smay's home in the 14000 block of Charmian Road in Washington Township."

Note: As map in the first link shows, this home is about 500 feet northeast (downwind) of a stream called Red Run. Vehicular fires - of all kinds - continue to escalate...

Category: Other Stories Of Interest

2014-12-29 - Volcano Hunga Ha'apai erupts on new island near coastal Nuku'alofa (Tonga):

Quote: "A large volcanic eruption is taking place near Tonga's capital's Nuku'alofa, sending ash and steam into the sky. It is the same volcano which erupted out of the Pacific Ocean, 63 kilometres north of Nuku'alofa in 2009, creating an island. New Zealand's Metservice has yet to issue any aviation warning in the region, despite the large plume of ash. Known as the Hunga Ha'apai volcano, Matangi Tonga says it may have been erupting for more than a week."

Note: A new volcanic island has formed in Japan's waters and one formed near Pakistan too, that I recall offhand. There are 3 million volcanoes on the planet. If you see 100 volcanoes erupting on land, you can be sure that there are 200 more erupting in the oceans too, where the crust is thinnest. Those are the real danger, the subsurface volcanoes, because the heat is helping melt the methane clathrate deposits and creating more ideal conditions for the ancient anaerobic bacteria and archaea that produce hydrogen sulfide...

2014-12-29 - Volcano Sheveluch erupts on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

Quote: "'The volcano has ejected cinders to the altitude of 6,000 meters above sea level,' the source said. The aviation authorities have assigned the orange level of aviation risks to the eruption, which means that the volcanic particles ejected from the Sheveluch's crater pose a potential menace for all types of aircraft and can put out the engines of airliners and helicopters our of operation."

2014-12-29 - Mt. Etna belches out lava and ash in Italy:

Note: MISA Theory keeps on chugging away. Bardarbunga is still erupting and spewing huge quantities of volcanic-winter-inducing SO2 into the atmosphere in Iceland and lava is still moving toward the town of Pahoa in Hawaii too...

Category: Fires And Explosions

2014-12-30 - Recycling center erupts in flame shortly before 11 PM, fire gets big, in coastal Seattle (Washington):

2014-12-30 - Recycling facility destroyed by fire in Sumner (Iowa):

2014-12-30 - Packaging/recycling business hit by fire in Yakima (Washington):

Quote: "Fire crews quickly contained the scene, stacks of paper in the building caught fire. The building is also used for recycling materials."

2014-12-30 - Recycling plant hit by fire in Barrow-in-Furness (Britain):

2014-12-30 - Recycling plant hit by compost fire in York (Britain):

2014-12-30 - Carpet recycling warehouse destroyed by huge fire in Denver (Colorado):

Quote: "About 80 firefighters from Denver and Aurora were called to the fire at a carpet recycling company near the intersection of interstates 70 and 225 on Tuesday afternoon."

Note: I definitely see why major international insurers have bowed out of the recycling industry. Also see the fatal plane crash in Centennial (Colorado) on this day, near Denver. From the full hypothesis: "Trash-related facilities such as recycling centers and landfills will burn hard too, as hydrogen sulfide is absorbed into flammable absorbent materials like wood, paper, cardboard, straw, hay, dried brush, generic trash, clothing, cotton, wool."

Category: 'Zombie' Files

2014-12-31 - Man, 40, crashes, strips naked, runs around in traffic, on I-8 in La Mesa (California), near the coast:

Quote: "The man who officers say caused the accidents kept going. 'He drove the vehicle probably half a mile before coming to rest and taking off his clothes,' said Pearlstein. With his truck parked in the middle of the highway, the man – now minus his clothes – walked into and out of traffic."

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