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2017 - MAR - Multiple Corpses

2017-03-02 - Man, 43, drops dead in coastal Kapolei, and woman, 58, drops dead in coastal Kalihi (Hawaii), 12 miles apart:

Note: Definitely related by timeframe, general area, proximity to the coast and the atmosphere, but the deaths are not related in any other way. But that's enough right there...

2017-03-02 - Two people found dead in hotel room in Austin (Texas):

2017-03-03 - Two brothers and cat found dead in home in Perry Township (Ohio), near Sippo Lake:

2017-03-03 - Man, 38, drops dead in hotel room, and man, 55, drops dead in hotel room, in coastal Patong (Thailand):

Note: Different hotel rooms, probably didn't ever meet each other, but both dropped dead in the same town, on the same day, on the coast, the deaths only related by timeframe, general area, proximity to the coast and the atmosphere...

2017-03-04 - Two men found dead in garage at home in Chesterfield (Virginia):

2017-03-04 - Three people found dead in the water at quarry in Springs (South Africa):

2017-03-04 - Man in his 30s and man in his 50s found dead in bodies of water in the Western Division (Fiji Islands):

2017-03-05 - Two men, 19 and 30, die in lake at Mill Park near coastal Melbourne (Australia):

2017-03-05 - Man, 40, found unconscious near canal, dies 3 days later, and another man, 48, found dead near bridge, in Lahore (Pakistan):

2017-03-06 - Two men found dead at home in Clinton (Iowa):

2017-03-07 - Two men slump over dead in RV at auto shop in Calgary (Canada):

Quote: "On Wednesday, police announced the deaths are no longer considered suspicious. As the deaths aren’t criminal, police won’t be releasing any further details."

2017-03-07 - Three men, 34, 35 and 40, collapse and die in manhole in Bengaluru (India):

2017-03-08 - Couple, 73 and 66, drop dead at home in coastal White Rock (Canada), rotten egg smell noted, not natural gas though:

Quote: "Mounties who attended initially believed they smelled gas near the residence, however, firefighters and Fortis crews determined a gas leak was 'not the case.' 'The fire department came out and tested the air quality,' Sears said. Cause of death has not been determined. However, Sears said there was no evidence of suicide and foul play is not suspected."

Note: So 'gas smell' but not natural gas, no gas leak found, and two corpses, right on the coast. Mmm hmm. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2017-03-12 - Two men, 53 and 62, drop dead in separate apartments on the same floor in the same building in Lancaster (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Bradley estimated the men are in their 50s or 60s. He said the body of one man was discovered around 7:30 p.m. When another resident went to check on a tenant down the hall, the tenant was also found to be deceased. Bradley didn't know how many apartments are in the building but said there are four units on the third floor. He said neither man had any visible injuries and said a preliminary investigation indicated the men died of natural causes."

Quote: "Lt. Michael Bradley said that tests were done for carbon monoxide in the building, but that no trace of the deadly gas was found."

Note: No way to know if it was natural causes that fast, so they're obviously bullsh#tting here. They'd have to do two autopsies and two toxicologies, and the latter would take weeks, and they'd also have to take samples of matter from the environment in case they were killed by hydrogen sulfide, since that wouldn't show up in toxicologies (assuming they were to do toxicologies, which, oddly, they're apparently not) and they didn't do that. Ergo, all the coroner can do is make a guess since he or she was incompetent in terms of ruling everything out that should have been ruled out before making a determination. This is very similar to another incident, where two men, both age 52, dropped dead in separate but adjacent homes on the same night in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), mentioned in the 2013-03-15 update. There've been many similar multi-death incidents like that since then, obviously not coincidences...

2017-03-12 - Two men, stowaways, found dead on cargo ship in coastal Kaliningrad (Russia):

2017-03-12 - Two people, 18 and 19, found dead in lake near Chilkur (India):

2017-03-13 - Mother, 36, and baby boy found dead in home in Brentwood (Britain):

Quote: "Essex Live reports both were pronounced dead at the scene by ambulance staff, and police say their deaths are being treated as unexplained but are not considered to be suspicious."

2017-03-13 - Woman in her 50s and man, 57, drop dead in their respective homes in Stevenage (Britain):

2017-03-13 - Man and woman, 61 and 94, found dead at home in Rancho Tehama (California):

2017-03-14 - Man and child found dead in river in Bururi Province (Burundi), near Lake Tanganyika:

2017-03-15 - Couple found dead in home in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania):

2017-03-16 - Man and woman, both 18, slump over dead in car in St. Charles (Illinois):

Quote: "Autopsies performed Friday on two teens found unresponsive in a parked car in St. Charles turned up few new answers as to what caused their deaths. Foul play is not suspected in the deaths of Kody R. Dietrich, 18, of the 1600 block of Indiana Street in St. Charles, and Adalina Elizabeth Donoso, 18, of Racine, Wis., according to news release from the Kane County Coroner's Office. Autopsies performed on Friday also did not show any obvious signs of trauma."

2017-03-16 - In separate incidents, man drops dead near river, and man drops dead in field, in Emzinoni (South Africa):

Quote: "Two bodies were found in separate cases in the area recently. In the first one, the body of a man was found next to the river in Ext 6. It was seen by people who were passing by and informed the police. In the other case, the police were also contacted by residents when they found the body of a man in the field in the Azapo Section. Both deceased were without any visible wounds."

2017-03-16 - Couple, 60 and 72, drop dead in apartment in coastal Edinburgh (Scotland):

2017-03-17 - Two people, 30 and 31, found dead in submerged car before 5 AM in the Kalamazoo River in Battle Creek (Michigan):

2017-03-18 - Two college students, 24 and 21, found dead in garage at 12:35 AM in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River:

Quote: "They were found late Saturday in the garage along with their car and pronounced dead at 12:25 a.m. today at the scene at their off-campus residence. Winnebago County Coroner Bill Hintz said he found no visible signs of foul play. According to the Rockford Fire Department, carbon monoxide levels were elevated in the garage."

Note: Might've been knocked unconscious while their car was running and then they just lay there until dead. Kinda like the people who've collapsed unconscious on their porches in the winter and then froze to death, or the people who've collapsed unconscious in water and died that way. With people being randomly knocked unconscious now, what you're doing, and the environment around you, can determine your fate when you're knocked unconscious. This area is less than 50 miles from where a young couple, both 18, were just found slumped over dead in their car in St. Charles (Illinois), mentioned in the 2017-03-16 update, and 61 miles from where a man, cop, 58, just had a 'medical event' and dropped dead at home in Mount Prospect (Illinois), mentioned in this update...

2017-03-18 - Two men, 45 and 64, go fishing on boat, both found dead in Keeler Lake (Michigan):

2017-03-18 - Two brothers, 21 and 18, found dead in the Narmada Canal in Padra (India):

2017-03-21 - Three workers gassed to death in manhole in Cuddalore (India):

2017-03-22 - Two twin infant girls suddenly die in apartment in Lindenwold (New Jersey):

Quote: "'Oh my God, my twins, my twins, my twins are like purple. My kids, they're not breathing, they're not breathing, oh my God,' the panicked mother can be heard to say in a 911 call."

2017-03-22 - Man and daughter, 41 and 15, found dead in home on Fisher Road in Monroe Township (Pennsylvania), near the Susquehanna River:

Quote: "Authorities are not commenting on the suspected cause or nature of the deaths pending an investigation. Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch said there is no evidence of gunshot wounds or blunt force trauma or any evidence the public is in danger."

2017-03-23 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home and kills 2 young girls, in Delhi (India):

Quote: "In a bizarre incident, two girls, aged two and three, sustained severe burns injuries after the car they were playing in suddenly caught fire in the Sultanpuri area, outer Delhi, said a police official."

Quote: "Two minor girls, who had sustained burn injuries after the car they were playing in caught fire in outer Delhi's Sultanpuri area, died this afternoon, police said."

Note: What's bizarre about a parked car bursting into flame? Apparently they're oblivious to all the parked cars that are regularly bursting into flame nowadays...

2017-03-24 - Man and woman, 59 and 51, found dead in the water at marina in coastal Monmouth Beach (New Jersey):

Quote: "The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered in the Shrewsbury River at the Channel Club Marina on Friday afternoon, authorities said."

2017-03-24 - Two men drop dead at home, another person goes into respiratory arrest, in Blue Lake area in El Jebel (Colorado):

Quote: "The Basalt Fire Department was called to 108 Ermine Ln. in Blue Lake at 5:45 a.m. for a call of a person finding a roommate 'stiff and cold,' according to Basalt Fire Chief Scott Thompson. Paramedics were immediately dispatched. 'When they were responding it turned into a second person' who was unresponsive, he said. The two men couldn't be revived, Thompson said. A third person at the home was taken by ambulance to an area hospital after suffering possible respiratory arrest, Thompson said."

2017-03-24 - Two boys, both 17, found dead at seaside cliffs, and woman, 58, found dead in water at pier, in coastal Saltburn-by-the-Sea (Britain):

Quote: "The bodies of two 17-year-old boys have been found at cliffs in North Yorkshire."

Quote: "The boys' deaths come after rescue crews pulled a 58-year-old woman from the sea near Saltburn pier on Friday."

Quote: "It is believed there were no abnormal weather conditions yesterday and that police are still unsure over the circumstances."

2017-03-25 - Man and woman, 52 and 37, slump over dead in SUV in coastal Bangkok (Thailand):

Quote: "Two people allegedly suffocated inside a sports utility vehicle parked, allegedly of asphyxia, at a petrol station in Bangkok's Bang Na area on Saturday morning."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide is an asphyxiant so that makes sense...

2017-03-25 - Couple found dead along road, foaming from the mouth, in Kalahandi, Odisha (India):

Quote: "The duo had eloped last night. It is suspected that both were lovebirds and have committed suicide consuming poison as foam was oozing out of their mouths."

Note: To paraphrase Indian authorities, 'Prima facie, this appears to be a case of hydrogen sulfide poisoning.'

2017-03-27 - Man and woman, 44 and 50, drop dead in home in Crossville (Tennessee):

2017-03-27 - Woman, 51, dies after being pulled from swimming pool, and man, 52, falls off building and dies, in coastal Pattaya (Thailand):

2017-03-29 - Man and woman, 50 and 54, drop dead in apartment in coastal Key West (Florida):

Quote: "Officers entered the apartment and found Richard Hadlock, 50, in a room and then entered a separate room to find Sandra Lee Witkowski, 54. 'Foul play is not suspected,' said Key West Police Chief Donie Lee. 'At this point there is no indication it was a suicide.'"

2017-03-31 - Man and child, 21 and 3, found dead in private lake near Bryan (Texas):

2017-03-31 - Two men, 54 and 39, drop dead at same shopping center in coastal Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia):

Quote: "Kota Kinabalu: Two men were pronounced dead not long after they fainted in two separate incidents at the Wisma Merdeka shopping complex, here, on Wednesday. The first involved a 54-year-old mechanic from Brunei who fainted while shopping with his wife at about 12.40pm. Several hours later, a 39-year-old executive manager from Sarawak who worked at the premises also fainted while taking a break at a panel room after lunch at about 2.04pm."

2017-03-31 - Couple in their 30s found dead in the River Shannon in Carrick-on-Shannon (Ireland):

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