Friday, April 7, 2017

Event Update For 2017-04-06

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2017-04-06 - RV trailer and SUV go up in flames at 11:24 PM, boy killed, 5 injured, in Longview (Washington), near Lake Sacajawea:

Quote: "Crews found the trailer fully engulfed in flames. A nearby SUV was also on fire. Crews knocked down some of the flames and tried to search for the victim. The boy was found dead during a second search."

2017-04-06 - Pallet yard erupts in flame, fire gets big, in Fontana (California), 1 injured:;-1-injury-reported/1842597/

2017-04-06 - Pallet fire breaks out at plastics business on South Reservoir Street in Pomona (California):

Quote: "Though numerous wooden pallets did go up in flames, this was not a pallet yard, Deputy Chief John Tripp said. The pallets were incidental to the business, he said."

2017-04-06 - Auto salvage yard hit by fire, oil pit ignites, fire spreads to building, gets huge, in Scarborough (Canada):

2017-04-06 - Transformer explodes and burns in coastal Portland (Maine):

Note: Portland, where a man just burned to death in a tent just after 4 AM, mentioned in the 2017-04-03 update...

2017-04-06 - SUV bursts into flame on the South Eastern Freeway near Hahndorf (Australia), 16 miles from the coast:

Quote: "Just days after a truck fire caused traffic chaos above the Heysen Tunnels, another vehicle has caught fire on the South Eastern Freeway. Fire crews were called to blaze near the Hahndorf exit around midday yesterday, the flames quickly spreading from the car to nearby scrub. Firies managed to stop the blaze from getting out of hand and luckily no one was injured."

Note: The truck fire was mentioned in the 2017-04-04 update...

2017-04-06 - Apartment building damaged by basement explosion in Moncton (Canada), 2 injured:

Note: This is the 116th residential explosions in 2017...

2017-04-06 - Mostly submerged abandoned boat erupts in flame during rain in Curtis Bay, reignites later, in coastal Baltimore (Maryland):

Quote: "An abandoned boat in Curtis Creek caught fire Thursday amid a rainy day in northern Anne Arundel County. County firefighters responded to the scene at about 10:55 a.m. and found a partially submerged boat on fire. About 35 firefighters, including Baltimore City and Annapolis fire boats, contained the blaze. As most of the boat was submerged and about 80 feet off shore, nearby boats and houses weren't in danger."

2017-04-06 - Boat, car and garage go up in flames at home near Gettysburg (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A boat, car and tools stored in a garage were damaged in a Thursday afternoon Carroll Valley fire."

2017-04-06 - Boat goes up in flames while docked in the Rivierenbuurt area in coastal Hague (Netherlands):

Note: These are the 249th, 250th and 251st boats/ships to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-04-06 - School bus bursts into flame on Highway 411 North near Centre, Cherokee County (Alabama):

Quote: "An investigation is underway after a school bus caught on fire on County Road 34 and Hwy 411 N in Cherokee County. Authorities received a 911 call around 3:24 p.m. Thursday."

Note: This is the 63rd school bus to burn in 2017, and this is the 271st bus to burn in 2017...

2017-04-06 - Passenger bus bursts into flame before 5:30 AM on Highway 97 near Cache Creek (Canada):

Quote: "No one was hurt during the incident, however passengers said the smoke made them feel ill."

2017-04-06 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on the Southern Expressway between Gelanigama and Dodangoda on the island of Sri Lanka:

Quote: "A SLTB bus has caught fire in the Southern Expressway between Gelanigama and Dodangoda."

Note: These are the 272nd and 273rd buses to burn in 2017...

2017-04-06 - Car-hauler bursts into flame on I-94 near Kalamazoo (Michigan):

Quote: "Scanner traffic indicated that a semi truck was on fire near the Mattawan exit. Witnesses tell us that a truck hauling cars caught fire, and that some of the cars are now on fire as well."

Note: This is the 23rd car-hauler to burn in 2017...

2017-04-06 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at 7 AM on Knott Road at Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville (Tennessee):

2017-04-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-86 near Spring Valley (New York):

2017-04-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Route 351 near La Salle (Illinois):

2017-04-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on Gipping Way near DIY store in Stowmarket (Britain):

Note: These are the 609th, 610th, 611th, 612th and 613th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-04-06 - Two RVs go up in flames at 4 AM under bridge in coastal Seattle (Washington):

2017-04-06 - RV bursts into flame at 1:30 AM while parked on Silver Dollar Way in South Chico (California):

Quote: "Officials said this is the second motorhome fire in Chico over the past few weeks. The Chico Fire Department would like to encourage motorhome residents to practice fire escape plans and identify ways to escape, like through windows."

Note: These are the 116th, 117th and 118th RVs to burn/explode in 2017...

2017-04-06 - SUV bursts into flame on Del Prado Boulevard in coastal Cape Coral (Florida), separate crash too:

Quote: "A crash has shut down the westbound lanes of Pine Island Road near Northeast Seventh Avenue, while a car fire is causing southbound delays on Del Prado Boulevard."

2017-04-06 - SUV bursts into flame on the A30 between Chiverton and Carland Cross (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Pickup truck bursts into flame just before 7 AM at gas station in coastal Mobile (Alabama):

2017-04-06 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on Old Highway 91 in Washington County (Utah):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on I-64 near Belleville (Illinois), two crashes too:

Quote: "Eastbound traffic on Interstate 64 was backed up almost two miles after a car fire and two accidents occurred within miles of each other."

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame at 5:47 AM on Osmand Street in Wanniassa (Australia):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on highway in coastal Phuket (Thailand):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame at 6:20 AM while parked on Ryedale Way, nearby cars damaged too, in Allerton (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on the M5 near coastal Burnham-on-Sea (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on the A46 in Lincoln (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on the M2 near Strood (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on School Road in Winsford (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Car bursts into flame on Rowton Road in Shrewsbury (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-690 in downtown Syracuse (New York):

2017-04-06 - Vehicle bursts into flame on Wolf Creek Road in Cuba (New York):

2017-04-06 - Car and garage destroyed by fire, home damaged, in Hugo (Minnesota):

Quote: "Bear said the garage and part of the house were destroyed. One car was destroyed and another was partially-burnt as well."

2017-04-06 - Vehicles and garage destroyed by huge fire at home in Culpeper County (Virginia):

Quote: "When units arrived shortly after 2:30 p.m., they found a fire, which quickly spread to several vehicles, the surrounding woodland and a horse trailer on an adjacent property. Monaco said the garage was filled with equipment, vehicles and tools."

2017-04-06 - Car(s) and garage destroyed by fire, home damaged, in Clark County (Indiana):

2017-04-06 - Barn destroyed by fire in Frohn Township (Minnesota):

2017-04-06 - Barn destroyed by fire in Otsego Lake Township (Michigan):

2017-04-06 - Garbage bursts into flame in garbage truck in Sammamish (Washington):

2017-04-06 - Flatscreen TV bursts into flame in the wee hours inside duplex, fire spreads to duplex, in Ross Township (Pennsylvania):

2017-04-06 - Business damaged by fire at 3:54 AM in coastal Virginia Beach (Virginia), nobody there:

2017-04-06 - School heavily damaged by fire at 2 AM in Sacramento (California), nobody there:

2017-04-06 - Garage destroyed by fire at 3 AM, home damaged, in Homer Glen (Illinois), nobody there:

2017-04-06 - Home damaged by garage fire in Cerritos (California):

2017-04-06 - Home destroyed by garage fire in El Paso County (Colorado), nobody there:

2017-04-06 - Home destroyed by garage fire near Spruce Grove (Canada):

2017-04-06 - Apartment building damaged by fire in coastal San Francisco (California), 2 injured:

2017-04-06 - Apartment building damaged by fire before 5:32 AM in coastal Lake Worth (Florida):

2017-04-06 - Apartment building for seniors destroyed by fire in coastal Baie Verte (Canada):

2017-04-06 - High-rise apartment building damaged by fire in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2017-04-06 - Deadly fire burns mobile home near Nettleton (Mississippi), 1 killed:

2017-04-06 - Deadly fire burns home shortly before midnight in Buchanan (Tennessee), 5 killed:

2017-04-06 - Deadly fire burns home at 10:45 PM near New Castle (Pennsylvania):

2017-04-06 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida), 1 killed:

2017-04-06 - Vacant home burns at 2:45 AM in Pueblo (Colorado):

2017-04-06 - Vacant home burns just before 4 AM in Fresno (California):

2017-04-06 - Vacant apartment building burns at 6:30 AM in Chicago (Illinois):

2017-04-06 - Thousands of fish found dead along Lake Michigan waterfront in Chicago (Illinois):

2017-04-06 - Woman, 21, lifeguard, found dead in swimming pool in Lumberton (North Carolina):

Note: Not the first lifeguard to be found dead in a pool and she won't be the last. The easiest way to tell if water is safe nowadays is to get in it, and especially submerge your head in it. If you don't die then it was safe!

2017-04-06 - Woman in her 30s found dead on the banks of the Los Angeles River in coastal Long Beach (California):

2017-04-06 - Woman found dead at base of beachside cliff at Point Fermin in coastal San Pedro (California):

2017-04-06 - Man, 46, meteorologist, found dead on coastal Old Orchard Beach (Maine):

Quote: "A former Jacksonville meteorologist who had been working for a Portland, Maine, television station has been found dead. According to the Auburn, Maine, Police Department, the body of Tom Johnston was found on Old Orchard Beach Thursday."

Note: Portland, where a man just burned to death in a tent just after 4 AM, mentioned in the 2017-04-03 update. Wait, didn't I say that already today?! Oh yeah, a transformer just exploded and burned in Portland too...

2017-04-06 - Middle-aged man found dead in pond near the Two Lakes Motel in Coeur d’Alene (Idaho):

2017-04-06 - Man slumps over dead in car at The Pageant in St. Louis (Missouri):

Note: Right up the road from me, and my favorite music venue in the city. I saw Chuck Berry play there a few years ago, back before he had a 'medical event' and dropped dead at home...

2017-04-06 - Man, 22, found dead in pond at Burton Wells Park in coastal Burton (South Carolina):

2017-04-06 - Man found dead in Bear Creek near Central Point (Oregon):

2017-04-06 - Man has 'medical episode' and drops dead in parking lot in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "Officers found a man on the ground and not breathing. Police said it appears the man suffered a medical episode and died of natural causes."

2017-04-06 - Man, 67, found dead in Bob Lake in Sawyer Township (Minnesota):

2017-04-06 - Woman found dead in grassy area at Walmart in Lakewood (Colorado):

2017-04-06 - Man, 41, found dead in drainage basin in Tolleson (Arizona):

2017-04-06 - Man, 65, found dead in jail cell near Las Vegas (Nevada):

2017-04-06 - Man, 40 to 50, found dead on conveyor belt at recycling center in Akron (Ohio):

2017-04-06 - Woman who had 'medical emergency' on passenger plane causing plane to divert dies in Calgary (Canada):

2017-04-06 - Man, 42, billionaire's son, drops dead at home in Karen (Kenya):

Quote: "'The body had no visible injuries and foul play is not suspected at the stage,' one of the police officers who arrived at the scene said."

2017-04-06 - Woman, 51, found dead along the coast in coastal Crail (Scotland):

2017-04-06 - Man, 37, found dead at Hardwick Heath in Bury St Edmunds (Britain):

2017-04-06 - Man, 41, has 'medical issue', tractor trailer veers off road and hits man and utility truck, in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida), 2 killed:

Quote: "Investigators believe Gonzalez may have lost control following a medical issue."

2017-04-06 - Woman has 'medical episode' and seizure, SUV hits car head-on, in Rockford (Illinois), near the Rock River, 3 injured:

Quote: "Two drivers and a child are all being treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries following a two car crash. It happened Thursday morning on N. Alpine between Moray Dr and Eastridge Dr.  Police say a woman driving a red SUV was driving southbound when it collided head-on with a car turning left onto Eastridge, her SUV then driving off the highway. Police believe the woman driving the SUV may have had a medical episode because she had a seizure after they arrived on scene."

Note: From the pic, looks like this happened at an overpass over a creek and just east (downwind) of the Rock River...

2017-04-06 - Woman has medical problem or seizure, car slams into building, in Great Falls (Montana), 1 killed:

Quote: "The driver was headed west on 2nd Avenue North when a medical problem caused her to swerve off the left side of the road."

Quote: "Brett Zorner posted on the KRTV Facebook page: 'I witnessed the accident. It appeared the driver was having a seizure....glad no one was on that sidewalk!!!!'"

2017-04-06 - Man sickens while driving, SUV plows into store, in coastal Perth (Scotland):

Quote: "It is understood that the driver may have taken unwell before the incident."

Note: Also see the man who had a 'medical issue' while fishing in the River Tay in Perth on this day...

2017-04-06 - Woman, 50, sanitation worker, has 'medical episode' and falls off garbage truck, in Scarborough (Canada), 1 injured:

Quote: "Toronto police said the 59-year-old woman was standing on the rear passenger side of the 2016 Mack garbage truck that was heading east on Folcroft Avenue when she 'suffered a medical episode and fell off the truck' just after 2 p.m. April 6."

2017-04-06 - Small plane makes emergency landing on Sam Rayburn Tollway service road in Allen (Texas), engine failure:

2017-04-06 - Small plane crashes in Hannover (Germany), 2 killed:

2017-04-06 - Tanker truck and tractor trailer crash on Harbor Bridge, tanker overturns, bursts into flame, in coastal Corpus Christi (Texas):

2017-04-06 - Tractor trailer veers off road and overturns before 6 AM, bursts into flame, on I-95 near coastal Grant-Valkaria (Florida), 1+ injured:

2017-04-06 - Tractor trailer overturns into median in the wee hours, on I-64 in Lexington (Kentucky):

2017-04-06 - Tractor trailer overturns in Herriman (Utah), 2 injured:

2017-04-06 - Minivan veers off road, hits tree and farmhouse, in Greenville (Wisconsin), 1 killed:

Quote: "A 73-year-old Hortonville woman died following a one-vehicle crash in Greenville on Thursday, April 6. Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office does not yet know whether the driver died from a medical condition or as a result of the crash. The Outagamie County Coroner’s Office has ordered an autopsy."

2017-04-06 - SUV clips truck and overturns, in Herriman (Utah), car-hauler overturns separately:

Quote: "The 60-year-old driver was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. Hansen said detectives were investigating whether the man was suffering from some type of medical condition when he lost control of his vehicle."

2017-04-06 - Naked man, 22, punches and bites his dad, spits at EMT, gets arrested, in New Holland Borough (Pennsylvania):

2017-04-06 - Naked man with a knife screams, slashes cop, gets arrested, at resort in coastal Surfers Paradise (Australia):

Quote: "A man spotted standing naked, wielding a knife and screaming at a Surfer's Paradise hotel has been taken to hospital by police after a four hour standoff which saw a policeman stabbed. At about 10.30am, police arrived at the Artique Resort, where a man had been seen waving a knife and screaming in the nude, 7 News reported."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2017-04-06 - Shark attacks and injures woman near New Smyrna Beach (Florida):

2017-04-06 - Shark attacks and lightly injures boy in coastal Daytona Beach (Florida):

2017-04-06 - Two dogs attack and kill woman and her dog in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), one attacking dog shot dead:

2017-04-06 - Stray dogs attacking people in Khabarovsk (Russia):

2017-04-06 - Elephant attacks and kills 2 people, injures five more, in Saptari (Nepal):

2017-04-06 - Elephant tramples owner to death in Cambodia:

2017-04-06 - Sinkhole opens in park in Chetopa (Kansas):

2017-04-06 - Sinkhole opens and swallows dog in Gainesville (Florida), dog rescued:

2017-04-06 - Sinkhole opens on street in Port Hope (Canada):

2017-04-06 - Foul 'rotten egg' odor hits school and sickens people in Glassboro (New Jersey):

Quote: "Emergency responders checked out students and staff who reported feeling lightheaded or nauseous, while others evaluated the odor, which was attributed to a gas leak near the school, according to a social media post from Glassboro Police Department. The exact source of the leak has not been announced, but the post on Facebook also reported elevated carbon monoxide levels in the school."

Quote: "Just before 9 a.m. Thursday, students, staff and teachers at Glassboro Intermediate noticed a bad smell. 'It smelled like rotten eggs,' Ahmad Clanton, an 8th grader, said."

Note: Hydrogen sulfide leaking from the sewers, or leaking from the ocean 13 miles away? And not just the foul odor but also carbon monoxide, so this school was getting hit by at least two poison gases...

2017-04-06 - Man has 'medical issue' while fishing in the River Tay in coastal Perth (Scotland):

Quote: "A police spokesman said the man had 'suffered some kind of medical issue' and was checked over by paramedics following the incident."

2017-04-06 - Volcano Banda Api rumbling on the the island of Pulau Naira (Indonesia), nearby area evacuated:

Quote: "Indonesian authorities are preparing to evacuate nearly 1,000 people living in dangerous zones as Banda Api volcano in Maluku province of eastern Indonesia has turned more active, officials said Thursday. Mount Banda Api in Maluku Tengah district has several times issued tremors since days ago, forcing the authority to ban any activity in the radius of one kilometer from the crater, Devi Kamil, head of observation unit at the national volcanology agency said. 'We have issued a recommendation for evacuation. There must not be any activity in the area of one kilometer from the crater,' the volcanologist told Xinhua over phone. 'Should the frequency of the tremor keep rising, eruption may happen. But, if it doesn't, poisoned gas will spread from the crater,' Kamil added."

2017-04-06 - Exceptionally large number of icebergs drifting into shipping lanes in the North Atlantic Ocean:

Quote: "More than 400 icebergs have drifted into the North Atlantic shipping lanes over the past week in an unusually large swarm for this early in the season, forcing vessels to slow to a crawl or take detours of hundreds of miles."

Quote: "Those kinds of numbers are usually not seen until late May or early June. The average for this time of year is about 80."

2017-04-06 - What’s scarier than the Permian extinction? Burn all the fossil fuels to find out:

Note: That ship has sailed. Permian-Triassic redux incoming...

2017-04-06 - Carbon footprint of Canada’s oil sands is larger than thought:

2017-04-06 - Severe hailstorm pounds Springville (Alabama):

2017-04-06 - Photographer captures a 'rare' weather phenomenon as storm creates a violet flash upwards in Western Australia:

2017-04-06 - Turtle with two heads and six legs found in pet store in China:

2017-04-06 - Are we all GMO 'canaries-in-the-coalmine', but don't recognize it?

2017-04-06 - Neonic pesticides detected in US drinking water for the first time:

2017-04-06 - Suddenly, both Obamacare repeal and Trump tax reform are dead:

2017-04-06 - US launches 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria after suspected gas attack:;-trump-demands-end-the-slaughter/1844108/

2017-04-06 - Amazon’s robot war is spreading:

2017-04-06 - Alien-obsessed Brazilian student disappears, leaving behind room full of strange writings, in Rio Branco (Brazil):

2017-04-06 - Comedian Don Rickles dies at age 90 in Los Angeles (California):


  1. Gettin' worse by the day now. Here in SE PA we're going from barely above freezing last night to possibly 80 by Tuesday, according to the weather people. Nothing unusual about that, right? WRONG! It's indicative of ABRUPT climate change and will have effects on plant and animal life. As summer approaches, who knows where the highs will reach . .

    What the hell was a near 60 y.o. woman doing collecting garbage!? That's hard work for a young MAN, let alone this poor woman.

    Add flat screen tvs to the "suddenly bursts into flame" category. Geez.

    Third shark bite reported this week off Florida coast

    Phillippines: 5.9 magnitude earthquake rocks near Talaga, south of Manila

    Escalation in Syria after American attack

    Russian Warship Steaming Toward U.S Destroyers Off Syria Coast

    [meanwhile, looking at the U.S. "missile strike," we find that
    only 23 of the 59 launched Tomahawks reached their target - doesn't speak well for our vaunted military]

    Trump preparing order to expand offshore oil drilling

    Global Coral Bleaching Update — Pacific Corals, Seychelles in Danger as Great Barrier Reef Cools

    The U.S. Entered World War I On April 6, 1917 – Did Trump Just Start World War III On April 6, 2017?

    Parts of the Arctic Ocean are Turning Into the Atlantic

    After a once in "500-year event" hit The Bay of Plenty New Zealand last week heavy rain, renewed flood danger to target New Zealand again

    NASA Sees Tropical Cyclone Ernie Intensify off the North Western coast of Australia

    [more on the story mentioned above]
    Three strong quakes hit near Manila, Philippines within 20 minutes – Evacuations, landslides and damages reported

    Tropical Cyclone 16P (Cook) wreaking havoc on Vanuatu, heading toward New Caledonia

    Floods destroy 80% of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina

    [man, how does a town recover from THAT?]

    Unusually strong storm takes aim at California, Oregon and Washington

    [my son said they experienced 60 mph winds yesterday]

    An unusually strong spring storm will move into California and spread across the rest of the western states through the weekend as the region enters a period of unsettled weather with a couple of strong cyclones. Heavy rains are expected and localized flash flooding is possible, snow at higher elevations will likely impair mountain travel, winds will be strong enough to down trees and power lines, causing power outages. Along the coast, substantial wave action is expected.  [more]


  2. In our Hello Kitty segment, today:

    Leopard enters house and attacks two in Gujarat, India

    Elderly man killed by 3 bears in Odisha, India

    [playing with their food]

    Man severely injured in attack by his own dog in Waterville, Maine

    Police Chief Joseph Massey said police discovered the injured owner sitting outside with severe bite marks on his legs and arms and with "pieces of flesh" hanging off his legs. Massey also said the man was evasive in his answers to police about what happened.

    "The dog was more cooperative than the owner," Massey said.

    Giant Frankenstein-like virus discovered in Austrian sewage plant

    [wtf do those people EAT down there, roadkill?]

    New giant viruses found at an Austrian wastewater treatment plant probably evolved from a smaller virus that picked up bits of genome from its hosts and incorporated it, Frankenstein-like, into its own genetic code.

    The viruses — four species in a new group dubbed the Klosneuviruses — are a type of Mimivirus. The giant viruses in the Mimivirus group were discovered just in 2003. Giant viruses live up to their name: They can reach sizes of up to 500 nanometers in diameter, compared to a few dozen nanometers for typical viruses. Giant viruses also have more complicated genetic machinery than their tinier cousins.
    [more; this might evolve into what follows US]


  3. Syria in the crosshairs: Trump betrays Trumpism

    Trump's former backers jump ship in disgust after Syria airstrike: 'Another Neo-Con puppet'

    Nearly 1,000 to be evacuated as volcanic activity increases in East Indonesia

    [Banda Api volcano update]

    Magnitude 5.0 earthquake hits north of Albania's capital, no reports of injuries


  4. Interesting stuff, those giant viruses. I got sucked into reading about those for an hour or so. One of the more interesting things was the way they discovered them - they thawed out some 30,000-year-old ice cores. Apparently some scientists are concerned that as the world warms, other things, possibly highly pathogenic, may also thaw out. And other scientists say there's no reason to be concerned about that. I think I'd be with the concerned scientists on that, since we have no idea what might be frozen in ice around the planet. I mean, we've already seen animal corpses in the thawing tundra start spewing anthrax. It doesn't seem inconceivable that there are other nasties frozen in the ice too, that may be released as the world's ice continues to disappear. And ancient microbes - we'd have little or no resistance to them.

  5. I'm with you on erring on the side of caution.

    Carbon dioxide levels could reach their highest point in 50 million years by the end of the century

    [like anyone will be around to witness]

    Study: Warm Atlantic waters contribute to sea ice decline – “I first went to the Arctic in 1969, and I’ve never seen anything like this”

    [won't be long now]

    Fallout from U.S. attack on Syria: Trump loses popular support, congratulated on 'becoming president' by CNN

    2 of 3 floors collapses in Poland apartment building; 5 killed, 4 injured, 1 missing

    Three children, one woman killed in Glendale, Arizona home fire

    As income drops and jobs dry up more Americans worry about hunger and homelessness

    [oh, it gets worse than that . . ]

    Giant sinkhole swallows pug in northern Florida


  6. Uh oh...that Scarborough fire was just down the road from my winter residence. A year or so ago there was a house 4 blocks away that vaporized in a huge explosion...nothing left but tiny bits of wood, brick, and insulation. I don't feel safe here. That sink hole in Port Hope is also a wee bit scary. Port Hope is the home of Cameco. ALOT of radioactive contamination there. Thanks for the updates and comments. I hope you guys are doing alright.