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2017 - MAR - Animal Die-Offs

2017-03-01 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the Nowendoc River at Caffrey’s Flat (Australia):

2017-03-01 - Hundreds of fish found dead along beaches in Huatulco (Mexico):

2017-03-01 - Tons of fish wash up dead along beaches in Apetlon (Austria):

2017-03-02 - Fish and other animals dying all over the planet in the last week:

Quote: "Millions of dead fish reported around the globe last week from Austria to Australia. The last week of February proved to be another disastrous week on the planet for marine life. There are far too many events to post individually so here is a highlighted list below."

2017-03-02 - Tropical crocodile shark washes up dead at coastal Hope Beach (Britain), first ever seen in the UK:

2017-03-02 - Several tons of fish found floating on the surface of the ocean near coastal Zhoushan (China):

201-03-02 - Hundreds of North American bee species facing extinction due to pesticide use:

2017-03-03 - Great Barrier Reef continues dying in Australia:

Quote: "During early 2017, the region over Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) experienced its hottest summer atmospheric temperatures on record. Peak water temperatures lag peak air temperatures by about a month. But already, sections of one of the world’s most vital marine sanctuaries are experiencing bleaching and disease. Worryingly, bleaching and heat stress is expanding over the reef at a faster rate than at the same time last year."

2017-03-03 - Dolphin washes ashore dead at beach in coastal Beihai (China):

Quote: "Tourists found the carcass of a dolphin washed up on Weizhoudao beach with no obvious wounds in Beihai city, S China's Guangxi on Thursday."

2017-03-04 - Spiraling toward extinction - 347 different bee species at risk:

2017-03-05 - Sperm whale washes ashore dead in coastal Warrenton (Oregon):

2017-03-05 - Around 200 cows found dead in La Pampa (Argentina), blamed on the heat:

2017-03-06 - Thousands of fish killed by algae in Apache Lake (Arizona):

2017-03-07 - Monkeys regularly dying in Pernem (India):

Quote: "Sources said, stray dogs feast on these bodies usually after sunset and leave portions of the carcass at residential areas thus sparking tension in the area. Despite such recurrence, the authorities have not done anything to tackle the situation or find out the reason of monkey deaths to resolve the tense situation in the area."

2017-03-08 - Three more dolphins wash ashore dead at beaches in Challaborough, Thurlestone and Wonwell (Britain):

Quote: "Three more common dolphins were reported washed up on South Hams beaches this week. The dead dolphins were found on the beaches at Challaborough, Thurlestone and Wonwell and reported to the Natural History Museum for post mortem. More than 100 dolphins have been found dead on south west beaches in the first six weeks of this year alone, with most being found in Cornwall."

Quote: "The alarming fact is that all experts agree that only one per cent of the dolphins killed ended up washed-up on the shoreline..."

Note: And since they've FOUND over 100 dead dolphins, that means at least ten thousand dolphins have likely died in this area, since the beginning of the year...

2017-03-08 - Whale washes ashore dead near Hartland Quay in Devon (Britain):

2017-03-08 - Large number of fish found dead in lagoon in Cordoba (Spain):

2017-03-09 - Several leopard sharks wash ashore dead in coastal Ocean Beach (California):

2017-03-09 - Many fish dying in Peel-Harvey estuary in/near coastal Mandurah (Australia):

2017-03-09 - Steep decline in wading bird nesting reported for South Florida:

2017-03-10 - Several more tons of fish found dead in Lake Sebu in South Cotabato (Philippine Islands):

2017-03-11 - Five peacocks found dead in Domalapally (India):

2017-03-12 - Coral reefs continue dying all across the planet:

Quote: "The world has lost roughly half its coral reefs in the last 30 years. Scientists are now scrambling to ensure that at least a fraction of these unique ecosystems survives beyond the next three decades. The health of the planet depends on it: Coral reefs support a quarter of all marine species, as well as half a billion people around the world."

Quote: "'This isn’t something that’s going to happen 100 years from now. We’re losing them right now,' said marine biologist Julia Baum of Canada’s University of Victoria. 'We’re losing them really quickly, much more quickly than I think any of us ever could have imagined.' Even if the world could halt global warming now, scientists still expect that more than 90 percent of corals will die by 2050."

2017-03-12 - Hundreds of black-billed gulls believed to have died of starvation in Waikaia (New Zealand):

Note: So what happened to what they usually eat? Already dead, causing die-off to move up the food chain?

2017-03-13 - Great Barrier Reef suffers second consecutive mass bleaching as potential for record warm 2017 looms:

2017-03-13 - Killer whale washes up dead at coastal Whatipu Beach (New Zealand):

2017-03-13 - New lethal virus killing the crap out of amphibians in Portugal:

2017-03-14 - More than two dozen ducks found dead in Bethany Pond in Bethany (Oklahoma):

Quote: "An investigation is underway after more than two dozen dead ducks were found near a Bethany Pond. This is the second time it's happened in a year."

2017-03-14 - Elephant female, age 45, found dead at zoo in coastal San Diego (California):

2017-03-14 - Forty sea turtles found dead since January along the coast of Uruguay:

2017-03-14 - Thousands of fish found dead in canal in Tainan (Taiwan):

2017-03-14 - Thousands of fish found dead in Lake Hafik (Turkey):

2017-03-15 - Sperm whale washes ashore dead in Wairarapa (New Zealand):

2017-03-15 - Millions of shellfish wash up dead at coastal Waihi Beach (New Zealand):

2017-03-16 - Pygmy sperm whale washes up dead on beach in Puerto Rico:

2017-03-16 - Large number of fish found dead in manmade lake in Yerevan (Armenia):

2017-03-16 - Hippos dying of sunburn during drought in Kenya:

2017-03-17 - Whale washes ashore dead on the Outer Banks at coastal Cape Hatteras (North Carolina):

2017-03-17 - 15 or 20 finches found dead in area in Modesto (California):

2017-03-17 - The Great Barrier Reef in Australia continues dying like never seen before in human history:

Quote: "Scientists speculate that the era of never-ending global coral bleaching may have already arrived, decades early. In a new study, published Wednesday as the cover story in the journal Nature, Hughes and his colleagues — the paper includes an astounding 45 co-authors — find that 91 percent of the Great Barrier Reef has bleached at least once during three major bleaching events in 1998, 2002, and 2016. The most recent of these events — triggered in part by a strong El Niño — was so severe that there is no similar analog in the thousands of years of ancient coral cores scientists use to study past climates."

2017-03-18 - Many fish found dead in the River Tunga in Thirthahalli (India):

2017-03-18 - Two leopards, a black panther cub and a spotted deer found dead in the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (India):

2017-03-19 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead at beach south of San Felipe in Baja California (Mexico):

2017-03-19 - Clams, cockles, fish and a dolphin wash ashore dead at beach in coastal Miri (Malaysia):

2017-03-19 - Muttar River turns black, fish and other marine life die, near coastal Kochi (India):

2017-03-19 - Many fish wash ashore dead at beaches in coastal Los Santos (Panama):

2017-03-20 - Seven tons of fish die in fish farms in Bao Thang (Vietnam):

2017-03-20 - Thousands of fish wash up dead along river in West Sumatra (Indonesia):

2017-03-20 - Ancient noctiluca scintillans coming to life in the sea and killing fish between Oman and India:

2017-03-21 - Whale found dead near coastal Port aux Basques (Canada):

2017-03-21 - Bumblebees dying off hard in the US, now an endangered species:

Quote: "The rusty patched bumble bee has been given the dubious honor of being the first bee to make the endangered species list. The bee, which was once a prominent feature of the Midwest, has lost 90 percent of its population, giving many cause for concern. The rusty patched bumble bee on Tuesday became the first bee in the continental US to be placed on the endangered species list by the Department of the Interior."

Note: They're dying off FAST. Just five or six years ago, they were all over the place here in Missouri. Now they're mostly gone...

2017-03-22 - Baleen whale found dead at the mouth of Yangtze River in China:

2017-03-23 - Two critically endangered porpoises, vaquitas, found dead off the coast of California:

Quote: "The remains of two vaquitas, a critically endangered species of porpoise, were found in the waters off the coast of California in the span of one month. A conservation group calls the discovery alarming. The vaquita porpoise is on the verge of extinction, with only 30 left in the world, conservation group Sea Shepard says."

Note: And then there were 28...

2017-03-23 - Police K-9, age 5, has 'unforeseen medical condition' and dies in Milpitas (California):

2017-03-24 - Whale washes ashore dead on beach in coastal Pelluhue (Chile):

2017-03-24 - Water turns green, fish and prawn die, in the Periyar River in Kerala (India):

2017-03-25 - 32 snakes and a lizard suddenly die at zoo in Knoxville (Tennessee):

Quote: "A den of snakes, and one lizard, mysteriously died at a Knoxville, Tenn., zoo, officials said Saturday. Zoo Knoxville’s herpetology experts found 33 casualties, including three endangered species, dead inside a reptile facility on Wednesday morning. The zoo’s rare Louisiana pine snake, and two Catalina Island and Aruba Island rattlesnakes were among the casualties. The crew tried desperately to save the snakes, giving them oxygen and checking for faint traces of heartbeats with an ultrasound."

2017-03-25 - Dolphin found dead in the Hutchinson River near Glover Field in Pelham (New York):

2017-03-25 - Whale washes up dead near Corbière Lighthouse on the island of Jersey (Britain):

2017-03-25 - Around 70 crows drop dead in park in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

Quote: "On the 25th, about 20 crows were found dead in Seongbuk Chuo Park spanning Nerima Ward and Itabashi Ward in Tokyo. About 50 crow's carcasses were found in this park on 24th."

2017-03-25 - Around 75 howler monkeys found dead in Nicaragua, more found dead in Ecuador and Panama too:

Quote: "Two University of Michigan-based scientists are leading an effort to explain the recent deaths of at least 75 howler monkeys living in the tropical forests of southwestern Nicaragua. Liliana Cortés-Ortiz and Kimberly Williams-Guillén are assembling a multi-institution team of experts to test various scenarios that might explain the Nicaraguan deaths, which come on the heels of smaller howler monkey mortality events in Ecuador and Panama. 'It's really, really, really unusual to see this many monkeys sick all at once and to see this many monkeys dead all at once,' said ecologist Williams-Guillén, a visiting scholar at U-M's School of Natural Resources and Environment who has studied wild howler monkeys in Nicaragua since 1999."

2017-03-25 - Thousands of brown howler monkeys die in Brazil, blamed on yellow fever:

2017-03-26 - Healthy 5-year-old dog suddenly dies while being groomed at Petco in coastal Middletown (Rhode Island):

2017-03-27 - Hundreds of birds drop dead in coastal Zihuatanejo (Mexico):

Quote: "Hundreds of dead birds were found dead in the sand strip of La Ropa beach, as well as in planters, ridges, restaurants and houses near this spa, in this port of the Costa Grande. Tourists and restaurant owners located on the beach were surprised to see a large number of dead birds, especially zanates and magpies. They explained that some animals were found alive, but died minutes later, while others showed difficulty to fly."

2017-03-27 - Thousands of fish wash up dead in lagoon in San Luis (Argentina):

2017-03-27 - Thousands of fish wash up dead in/near coastal Mallacoota (Australia):

Quote: "Thousands of dead fish have been washing ashore on Mallacoota beaches and parts of the NSW and Victoria east coast since the weekend."

2017-03-27 - Around 30,000 fish found dead at Wilson Lake Reservoir near Hazleton (Idaho):

2017-03-27 - Farmland bird population in Netherlands down by 70 percent in 50 years:

2017-03-28 - Whale washes ashore dead at beach in coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

2017-03-28 - At least 70 turtles found dead in lagoon in Managua (Nicaragua):

2017-03-28 - Massive number of fish die in fish farm in Hengxian (China):

2017-03-28 - Thousands of fish found dead in reservoir in Chiclayo (Peru):

2017-03-29 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead on Anderson Island (Washington):

2017-03-29 - Birds dying up and down the coast in Florida:

Quote: "Local birds are dying and biologists are scrambling to find out why. The deaths are being reported up and down the coastline. Experts are asking for the community's help in letting them know if they see something suspicious. Some birds -- including ospreys, pelicans and other seabirds -- were close to death when locals rescued them, and they were rushed to the Bird Emergency Aid & Kare Sanctuary, or B.E.A.K.S. Biologists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said something mysterious in the ocean is making locals seabirds sick. "

2017-03-29 - Pacific Ocean dying off hard:

2017-03-31 - Coral reefs dying off hard in the South China Sea:

2017-03-31 - Two endangered Hector's dolphins found dead in waters around the South Island (New Zealand):

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