Friday, February 27, 2015

Event Update For 2015-02-26

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Unusual Vehicular Accidents

2015-02-26 - Driver has 'medical emergency', minivan slams into home near Midlothian (Virginia), 1 killed, 2 injured:

Quote: "The minivan’s driver had a 'major medical emergency' shortly before 6 p.m. that caused the vehicle to run off Robious Road onto Greenfield Drive and strike the home, according to fire Lt. Jason Elmore."

Note: The fatality was some poor soul inside the house...

2015-02-26 - Man, 52, has 'medical episode', tractor trailer crashes into ditch, near Billingham (Britain), 1 killed:

Quote: "It is believed that the male driver suffered a medical episode at the wheel. He was taken to hospital and sadly passed away overnight."

Note: You just can't count on staying conscious - or alive - when driving anymore. Or when not driving, for that matter. As more people lose consciousness, have seizures or 'medical events', or slump over dead while driving, driving is going to become more...uhhh...interesting. A lot of the time, these events are going to slide under the radar - just one person driving along, who slumps over dead while driving and then hits a tree or building or plunges into a stream or canal. Nobody will ever know that they died right BEFORE the crash...

2015-02-26 - Home explodes and burns in coastal Sarasota (Florida), 1 killed:

Quote: "Firefighters said that the source of the blast, which occurred around 9:30 p.m., appeared to be 'chemical in nature.' No natural gas serves the neighborhood."

Note: Yeah, and the same thing that made this home explode is surely making other homes explode that DO have gas service too. There's no reason homes with gas service would be immune to whatever made THIS home explode...

2015-02-26 - Home destroyed by explosion and fire before 6 AM in McKean (Pennsylvania):

2015-02-26 - Home damaged by explosion at 7 AM in Vaucluse suburb of coastal Sydney (Australia), 1 injured:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. These are the 82nd, 83rd and 84th residential explosions in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Pool house destroyed by explosion and fire at home in Salem (Oregon):

2015-02-26 - Mysterious booms and flashes of light in the sky seen over Alaska:

Note: Sounds like atmospheric methane and/or hydrogen sulfide explosions, though obviously much larger than the 'flash of light' that knocked a helicopter out of the sky and killed both occupants in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), mentioned in the 2013-03-13 update...

2015-02-26 - Underground electrical fire breaks out near Grand Army Plaza in coastal Brooklyn (New York), subways disrupted:

2015-02-26 - Electrical room bursts into flame and explodes in basement at retirement home in Oakville (Canada), near Lake Ontario:

2105-02-26 - Transformer bursts into flame on Essex Street in Lawrence (Massachusetts), City Hall goes dark:

2015-02-26 - Chemical plant damaged by fire in Cheyenne (Wyoming), 3 injured:

2015-02-26 - Chemical business damaged by explosion in Sunnyvale (California), 2 injured:

2015-02-26 - Landfill hit by fire, building of recyclable electronics burns, in Drumheller (Canada):

2015-02-26 - Smoke in cabin sends passenger plane back to airport in coastal New Orleans (Louisiana):

Quote: "A United Airlines flight bound for Houston early Thursday (Feb. 26) returned to New Orleans after reports of smoke in the cabin, the airline said in a statement."

Note: This is the 22nd aircraft to smoke or burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Boat, seven cars and large garage destroyed by fire in Dallastown (Pennsylvania), 1 injured:

Quote: "A man suffered burns trying to douse a fire that ultimately consumed an old Dallastown garage where he stored seven cars and a boat."

Note: This is the 182nd boat or ship to burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - School bus bursts into flame at 2:18 AM while parked at building in Glenwood (Missouri):

Quote: "Firefighters arrived to find a school bus located between three other buses near the school building on fire."

2015-02-26 - School bus bursts into flame on Oyler Avenue in Oak Hill (West Virginia):

Quote: "Firefighters respond to a school bus Wednesday night in Fayette County. The call came shortly before 8 p.m. outside a residence on Oyler Avenue in Oak Hill. No injuries were reported. Crews were on the scene 30 minutes later. The bus belonged to the Fayette County Board of Education."

2015-02-26 - School bus bursts into flame on the Nord Autobahn A5 near Gaweinstal (Austria):

Quote: "A number of 50 school children managed to escape a burning school bus on the Nord Autobahn A5 by the town of Gaweinstal in the Austrian state of Lower Austria on Thursday morning, local media reported. The bus was driving in the direction of Vienna when it suddenly caught fire at about 9:30 a.m., first noticed when one of the school students noticed smoke and alarmed a teacher."

Note: These are the 33rd, 34th and 35th school buses to burn in 2015 and the 110th, 111th and 112th buses to burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Passenger bus bursts into flame, possibly explodes, in the La Garenne-Colombes area of Paris (France):

Quote: "While some locals who saw the incident said the bus caught fire, others said it exploded. One person who tweeted photographs of the fire said they first heard a boom..."

Note: This is the 113th bus to burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Car-hauler truck bursts into flame on I-10 near the Salton Sea (California):

Quote: "A big-rig blaze near the Salton Sea burned the truck's cab and half its load of eight vehicles, say Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department officials."

Note: This is the 15th car-hauler to burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Tanker truck bursts into flame on Highway 401 near Kingston (Canada):

2015-02-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame while parked at truck stop in Bryan (Texas):

2015-02-26 - Tractor, two vehicles and garage destroyed by fire at home in Frenchville (Maine):

Quote: "Two personal vehicles and a tractor were lost overnight, Wednesday, Feb. 25, in a garage fire at 10 Boucher St., according to Frenchville Fire Chief Michael Michaud."

2015-02-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame and explodes at gas station in Cobar (Australia):

Quote: "It's not yet known what caused the explosion. Mr Favelle said the vehicle was transporting a load of steel with no other known accelerants on board. Police Darling River Local Area Command are investigating."

Note: These are the 336th, 337th, 338th, 339th and 340th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Mail truck bursts into flame on Harding Road in Belle Meade (Tennessee), some mail lost:

2015-02-26 - Heavy truck bursts into flame shortly after 5 AM on expressway in coastal Muntinlupa City (Philippine Islands):

2015-02-26 - Truck bursts into flame near Arlington Heights (Illinois):

2015-02-26 - RV bursts into flame while parked at the Killeen Special Events Center in Killeen (Texas):

Note: This is the 59th RV to burn in 2015...

2015-02-26 - Van bursts into flame in carpark at mall in Burnaby (Canada):

2015-02-26 - Van bursts into flame in underground carpark at mall in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

2015-02-26 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked at convenience store in Palatine (Illinois):

2015-02-26 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked in parking lot on Sunrise Highway in Lindenhurst (New York):

2015-02-26 - Minivan bursts into flame while parked at career center on McGaughey Street in Dyersburg (Tennessee):

2015-02-26 - Mail delivery SUV bursts into flame on road in Durant (Oklahoma), some mail lost:

2015-02-26 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on South Main Street in Aberdeen (South Dakota):

2015-02-26 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on 12th Avenue in Emporia (Kansas):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame while parked at apartments, fire spreads to building, in Lomita (California):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame while parked in campus parking garage at college in Manhattan (Kansas):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home in Kane (Pennsylvania):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame while parked at shopping center in Novato (California):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame on I-287 in Harding (New Jersey):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, in Arundel (Australia), near the coast:

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame at 5:50 AM in Holt suburb of Canberra (Australia):

2015-02-26 - Car bursts into flame in driveway at home on Carlines Avenue in Ewloe (Britain):

2015-02-26 - Pickup truck and barn destroyed by fire at 5:45 AM near Austin (Minnesota), some pigs and a cow killed:

2015-02-26 - Two semi trailers and warehouse go up in flames at truck leasing business in Warwick Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire just before midnight, in Greene Township (Pennsylvania), cow killed:

Quote: "The barn fire is the eighth in the county since Nov. 3."

2015-02-26 - Barn destroyed by fire near Arlington (Nebraska):

2015-02-26 - Grass fire breaks out at 4 AM near Bartlesville (Oklahoma):

2015-02-26 - Large grass fire erupts near island bridge in coastal Kochi (India):

2015-02-26 - Diner destroyed by fire at 12:30 AM in Mt. Morris Township (Michigan), nobody there:

Quote: "A Mt. Morris diner that reopened six months ago after it was rocked from its foundation following a July 2014 car wash explosion next door burned to the ground early Thursday morning."

2015-02-26 - Two stores destroyed by fire, others damaged, at 5:30 AM at strip mall in Sayreville (New Jersey):

2015-02-26 - Asphalt plant damaged by fire in Edgemoor (Delaware), near the Delaware River:

2015-02-26 - Two sheds and a carport destroyed by fire at 7:30 AM at home in Lincoln (Nebraska), one sheep killed:

2015-02-26 - Beach resort hit by fire at 2 AM, three buildings destroyed, in coastal San Pedro (Belize):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-02-26 - Garage goes up in flames with popping sounds at home in Moore (Oklahoma):

Quote: "A neighbor reported hearing popping sounds from the garage area when the fire started. 'I ran out and the flames coming out of the garage were pretty big,' Sarah Graves said. 'The garage had blown off.' Moore Fire Chief Gary Bird says the people who live there were safely out of the home, but two dogs died."

2015-02-26 - Home under construction destroyed by fire at 12:20 AM in Hunter (North Dakota):

2015-02-26 - Home, recently sold, destroyed by fire at 2:02 AM in Airmont (New York), nobody there:

2015-02-26 - Home destroyed by fire in Worthington Hills (Kentucky), nobody there:

2015-02-26 - Home destroyed by fire in Lebanon (Connecticut), nobody there:

2015-02-26 - Deadly fire and explosions destroy home at 2:45 AM in Winlock (Washington), 3 killed:

Quote: "Neighbors said they heard explosions and amateur video caught the flames leaping into the sky early Thursday morning. 'All of the sudden we hear this big explosion,' said Karrie Evans. 'I’m thinking it’s a bomb.'"

2015-02-26 - Deadly fire burns garage in Otto Township (Michigan), 1 killed:

2015-02-26 - Deadly garage fire destroys home at 7 AM in Rockton (Illinois), 1 killed, 1 injured:

Quote: "Specht was found dead inside the garage where the fire is thought to have started around 7:00 Thursday morning."

2015-02-26 - Deadly fire burns home in Plano (Texas), 1 killed:

2015-02-26 - Deadly fire destroys home at 12:40 AM in Raleigh County (West Virginia), 1 killed:

2015-02-26 - Vacant home burns in Omaha (Nebraska):

2015-02-26 - Vacant home destroyed by fire just before 2 AM in coastal Tampa (Florida):

2015-02-26 - Vacant restaurant burns in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2015-02-26 - Vacant hotel burns at 5:16 AM in Palatine (Illinois):

2015-02-26 - Fish dying in two ponds in coastal San Fernando City (Philippine Islands):

2015-02-26 - Male elephant calf found dead in shallow pond in Kui Buri National Park (Thailand):

2015-02-26 - Two men found dead in home in Manheim Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-02-26 - Two people found dead in home on coastal Vancouver Island (Canada):

2015-02-26 - Four men and a woman found dead in the Rio Grande near Rio Grande City (Texas):

2015-02-26 - Woman, 23, and baby go missing, baby found dead, woman disoriented, in swampy area near Sacramento (California):

Quote: "His mother was cooperative, but she was too upset and disoriented to provide details about where she and the baby had been, authorities said previously. The infant was found between where Green turned up along a river levee and where her car was found at the opposite end of the wetlands known as the River Cut Slough."

Note: Enough hydrogen sulfide to cause disorientation in the mother might very well kill the baby. Swampy area, disorientation, death...

2015-02-26 - Woman, 26, has medical event and drops dead near the Steel Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland (Oregon):

Quote: "She was found on the ground and the cause of death is not known, although officials believe she suffered a medical event."

Quote: "Authorities said this is not connected to the body of a 48-year-old man who was found along the banks of the Willamette River earlier in the day."

Note: I wonder how many corpses need to be found near the Willamette River in Portland on the same day before someone figures out that there actually is a connection. Five? Ten? We'll find out! Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-02-26 - Man, 48, found dead on the banks of the Willamette River near the Burnside Bridge in Portland (Oregon):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-02-26 - Woman found dead at coastal Indian Rocks Beach (Florida):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-02-26 - Man found dead in car off Hixson Pike in Chattanooga (Tennessee):

Quote: "While traveling southbound in the 4850 block of Hixson Pike, the driver went off the road to the left and hit some bushes and a wooden fence. The driver was found deceased inside the vehicle. Officers on the scene said it did not appear the man died as a result of crashing his car."

Note: Probably the reverse, slumped over dead while driving, and corpses make terrible drivers. That can happen to anyone anywhere and at any time now, though you're most likely to be struck dead in the wee hours and when in, near or downwind of a low-lying area like a ditch, ravine, body of water, etc. Being in a vehicle does offer some protection, but only if the windows are all rolled up, the vents are all closed, and neither heat nor AC are being used...

2015-02-26 - Man, 24, inmate, found dead in jail cell in Westmoreland (Kansas):

2015-02-26 - Man drops dead before 6:10 AM at football field at Kirwan State High School in Townsville (Australia):

2015-02-26 - Man, 27, found dead on footpath in coastal Cairns (Australia):

2015-02-26 - Man found dead at 7:40 AM at Meadfoot Beach in coastal Torquay (Britain):

2015-02-26 - Woman, 54, found dead in coastal Southsea (Britain):

2015-02-26 - Passenger plane hit by 'electrical smell', declares emergency and lands at airport near coastal Boston (Maryland):

2015-02-26 - Passenger plane diverts to airport in Wichita (Kansas), landing gear issue:

2015-02-26 - Passenger plane hits severe turbulence, lands safely in coastal Bangkok (Thailand), 11 injured:

2015-02-26 - Transit bus tries to avoid crash with SUV at 6:30 AM, bus crashes into building, in coastal Miami (Florida), 25 injured:

2015-02-26 - Tractor trailer veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Wood County (Texas), 1 killed:

2015-02-26 - Tractor trailer overturns just after 1 AM, takes down powerlines, hits building, in Rochelle Park (New Jersey):

2015-02-26 - Truck and two cars crash, truck bursts into flame, on the Kessock Bridge near coastal Inverness (Scotland):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-02-26 - Van veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Quincy (Illinois), 5 injured:

2015-02-26 - SUV veers over centerline, hits pickup head-on, on the Thompson Island Bridge near coastal Trenton (Maine), 2 injured:

2015-02-26 - Pickup truck hits car head-on, near coastal Surfside Beach (South Carolina), 2 killed, 3 injured:

2015-02-26 - Car veers over centerline, hits minivan head-on, near Marysville (Ohio), 2 injured:

2015-02-26 - Car veers over centerline, hits car head-on, in Swanton (Ohio), 2 injured:

2015-02-26 - Car veers off road, slams into building, bursts into flame, fire spreads to four more cars, in San Antonio (Texas):

2015-02-26 - Car crashes off bridge and plunges down embankment on I-85 in Davidson County (North Carolina):

2015-02-26 - Two vehicles collide head-on, in Caraquet (Canada), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-02-26 - Cougar attacks and injures Weimaraner in Sierra National Forest (California):

Note: Snack-sized!

2015-02-26 - Two coyotes attack and injure dog at cemetery in Cleveland (Ohio):

2015-02-26 - Sinkhole opens in coastal St. Petersburg (Florida), nearby business called 'Underground' starts collapsing:

Quote: "A large sinkhole opens up under a St. Petersburg, Florida, sidewalk. A wall of a business called 'Underground,' collapsed into the sinkhole."

2015-02-26 - Sinkhole opens near home, threatens van, in Deltona (Florida), near Lake Monroe:

2015-02-26 - Researchers scared to study emerging methane explosion craters in Siberia:

Quote: "One potential disaster relates to the explosions themselves. No one has been hurt in any of the blasts, but given the size of some of the craters, it's fair to say the methane bursts are huge. Researchers are nervous about even studying them. Who knows when a methane geyser will shoot off again? 'These objects need to be studied, but it is rather dangerous for the researchers,' Bogoyavlensky told the Siberian Times."

2015-02-26 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts for second time in 10 days near Mexico City (Mexico):

2015-02-26 - Major flooding drives 4000 people from their homes in Bolivia:

2015-02-26 - Jellyfish bloom spotted for the first time off the coast of Visakhapatnam (India):

2015-02-26 - Red tide hits the coast near Sabah (Malaysia):

2015-02-26 - Dawn mission to asteroid Ceres reveals strange lights on the surface:

2015-02-26 - Woman lights fire to chase off snake, her caravan ignites and burns up, in Berry Springs, Darwin (Australia):

Note: Snake wasn't seen again, soooo...success!

2015-02-26 - Garter snake seen in the snow in Stephenville (Maryland):

Quote: "He said he had never seen a snake out in the winter on snow or ice before."

Note: Never seen that before either...

2015-02-26 - Woman teaches dogs to read:


  1. See, now THAT'S the kinda story that convinces me of JJFH statistically:

    2015-02-26 - Diner destroyed by fire at 12:30 AM in Mt. Morris Township (Michigan), nobody there

    Quote: "A Mt. Morris diner that reopened six months ago after it was rocked from its foundation following a July 2014 car wash explosion next door burned to the ground early Thursday morning." [What's the probability of THAT compared to it never having happened before?]

    Again i wonder if someone put up a large wall map of just the US (to keep it from taking every waking moment) and placing color-coded pins on it to register time (and or other factors involved in these incidents), if we'd see the spread of these gases as time goes by. It would show concentrations, repeats, expanding zones, and more too, i'd think. [Just something else to do while watching the on-going mass extinction, (followed by whistling a merry toon to keep one's sanity while walking in the cemetery.)]

    How about those two young people in separate incidents to die on/by the Willamette River "up 'arn Orr-gn" on the same day? Or, better yet, the MULTIPLE deaths in the same place at the same time WITH NO OBVIOUS SIGNS OF TRAUMA, i mean come-on! What more convincing does one need?

    Well yeah, if we got all the facts about both people, examined the circumstances with electron microscopes and gas chromatographs AT THE TIME AND PLACE of these events, we could say with some accuracy scientifically what happened. But in these circumstances, it's more efficacious to use Occam's Razor by which the simplest explanation is probably correct and say "the victims shared an atmospheric (and emerging) H2S pathway" which conveniently explains the otherwise unexplainable behavior/incident.

    There are so many other events out there like this that happen every day that ARE explainable - but then the underlying CAUSE isn't explained - like brakes and or tires bursting into flames or parked vehicles and long-vacant homes exploding. Why are so many car-haulers, school buses, tractor trailers, parked vehicles, (fucking SCRAP METAL for god's sake!) and the rest doing this increasingly often and only since about 5 years ago, tops. What about all the animal attack increases - especially ones from long-time family pets? Or the die-offs all over the place? The BEST explanation is your hypothesis Jonny. Consider me a fan.

    Yeah, shit like this happens anyway (nobody ever thought about the atmosphere we live in - like fish in water know what water is, we just take it for granted): like reports of people spontaneously combusting have been documented in historical terms, but no explanation was ever given. All these stories are of the modern era - since the Industrial Revolution - and thus, long before we even realized it, our way of life was causing this gas transformation in the atmosphere and seemingly "random" (because it was unheard of before) events like this began to take place.

    It just amazes me more every day, Jonny. It was so simple and we missed it!
    As an old man i once worked with once said: "i didn't see it before, but i see it now."


  2. You know how insurance company fraud, mis and malfeasance is a big rant of mine?
    Well, check out just how awful these criminals are:

    Insurers try to silence Hurricane Sandy victims

    Insurance carriers that administer the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program are asking Hurricane Sandy victims to keep quiet about allegations of fraudulently altered engineering reports. In exchange for settling claims with FEMA, the private insurers want homeowners to give up their right to cooperate in any state or federal investigations. [read the rest]


  3. Can't say I'm too shocked! Our house burned up in 2005. For one week the insurance company was sort of nice, or at least nice-seeming. And then our silverware disappeared (wedding gift for the woman's first marriage). Never got that back, and nobody paid to replace it. And then it was a yearlong battle for every little thing. It started to feel mean-spirited and stupid. It's good to have insurance, but just because you have it, don't let that make you think it'd ever be easy if you actually NEED it because of a catastrophe. Their whole business model is to take your money and then put an army of people between you and getting your life back together if you should ever actually need what you've paid for. It's a necessary evil, with the emphasis on EVIL!

  4. Agreed.

    Here's some late stuff:

    Rare Arctic bowhead whale seen for the first time in UK waters

    Wild boar attacks and injures five in Mizoram village, India

    Dead whale found washed ashore at Cuddalore, India

    Jellyfish bloom reported for the first time off coast of Visakhapatnam, India

    OMG! i've been trying to get this guy's book (actually his third: Missing 411 - out of print now) from libraries across the country with no luck and HERE HE IS! Check this out Jonny:

    David Paulides in fascinating lecture: Bigfoot DNA research and missing people

    see ya tamara