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2015 - JAN - Zombie Files

2015-01-03 - Man, 31, attacks pickup, rampages through plaza, strips naked, sleeps in tanning bed, in Staunton (Virginia):

Quote: "After securing the auto parts store, officers checked all the other businesses in the plaza and found Bryant inside Rayz, naked and asleep in one of the tanning booths. 'He had apparently gone in all 18 tanning rooms, and left clothes in four of them,' said Rayz owner Scott Miller, who was on the scene with his family members and employees."

2015-01-04 - Naked man with gun, 49, breaks into apartment, shoots two people dead, in South Bend (Indiana):

Quote: "The original call to South Bend Police mentioned that the gunman had broken into a neighboring apartment where he was standing naked and armed with a handgun. The intruder was said to be 49 year old Roy Lee Walker who stands 6’4” tall and weighs 211 pounds. Court documents indicate that Walker pointed a handgun in the face of the neighbor and pulled the trigger, but that the weapon did not fire."

Note: South Bend is named for its location at the southernmost bend of the St. Joseph River...

2015-01-06 - Man, 18, screams, yells incoherently, foams at the mouth, gets tased, later dies, in coastal Key Largo (Florida):

Quote: "He said medical staff told him they did not find any traces of drugs in Roberto’s system yet, but there are so many new illicit drugs on the market that tests often don’t detect them."

Quote: "Cross wrote in his report that Roberto 'was sweating profusely, his eyes were wide open with a blank stare as if staring through you and was foaming around his mouth and nose area.'"

Note: They're not looking for hydrogen sulfide, so they won't find that, although it is a drug in the sense that it's a mind-altering chemical, which actually is 'huffed' in some poverty-stricken areas around the world (which is insane). It also breaks down within hours within the body anyway, so it's far too late to find it now even if they wanted to look. If they looked carefully, however, they might see the damage to his brain and possibly other organs too, as hydrogen sulfide is a broad-spectrum poison which affects all systems in the body but particularly the neurology. Hydrogen sulfide can also heat you up, thus the rise in incidents involving people going crazy and getting naked, even in the depths of winter.

This event sounds somewhat similar to the original face-eater incident, which happened in 2012 on the MacArthur Causeway over the ocean, about 50 miles from Key Largo, and no drugs were found in his system either. A foul stench blew through coastal Santa Rosa on the Florida Panhandle in December 2014 too, mentioned in the 2014-12-14 update. Florida is downwind of the Gulf of Mexico, North America's sewer, so there will be many incidents such as this in Florida, to go along with all the people and animals mysteriously dropping dead in Florida.

Two college students, young women, were just found in their dorm room, foaming at the mouth, one of them dead and the other survived but experienced a bit of memory loss, in Muchipara (India), mentioned in the 2015-01-05 update. India is basically a country-sized version of Florida, a peninsula surrounded by the ocean on three sides.

2015-01-06 - Naked man wanders down Lord Street in coastal Southport (Britain):

2015-01-07 - Naked man, 21, kills three people shortly after midnight in Utica (New York):

2015-01-08 - Man gets naked and chases children at bus stop, gets pepper sprayed, in Apple Valley (California):

2015-01-11 - Naked man with a knife barricades himself in home in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2015-01-12 - Shirtless man runs around in traffic on I-5 bridge over the Columbia River in Portland (Oregon):

Quote: "Police in Portland, Oregon, say the Interstate 5 bridge linking Oregon and Washington was briefly closed late Monday night while police searched for a shirtless man reported running in traffic. Police found the man and took him into custody in the northbound lanes. A spokesman says he will be evaluated by medical personnel to determine his physical and mental condition."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-12 - Naked man seen walking around on Crystal Falls Trail twice in Coquitlam (Canada), near the Fraser River:

Quote: "From talking to witnesses, we don't believe the man was high on drugs or has a mental health issue. However, we do need to speak to him to find out why he is out in the cold without wearing any clothing..."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-13 - Naked man runs around in traffic on I-805 in Lincoln Park area of coastal San Diego (California):

2015-01-13 - Shirtless man clambers around on roof of flats and throws tiles, in Wirral (Britain), near the coast:

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-13 - Man strips naked, covers himself in mud, threatens to jump off bridge in Stoke-On-Trent (Britain), near the River Trent:

2015-01-22 - Man attacks woman in car, then attacks man in home while foaming at the mouth and wielding knife, in Blaine (Minnesota):

Quote: "The intruder said nothing, but was foaming at the mouth as he pursued the male resident around the kitchen, the man said. The drama only intensified when police officers arrived. Police shot and wounded the intruder when he lunged at them and the male resident, wielding one or more knives, according to authorities and the resident."

2015-01-26 - Man burns down house and runs down street naked in Triangle (Virginia):

2015-01-26 - Man strips naked and yells, in Wisconsin Rapids (Wisconsin):

2015-01-26 - Man, 18 to 24, strips naked and runs around outside the Lasalle College of the Arts in coastal Singapore:

2015-01-27 - Man gets naked on passenger bus in Burlington (Canada):

Quote: "He said once police pulled the bus over on the QEW just south of the Burlington Skyway, the man cooperated with police and agreed to be taken to a nearby hospital for a mental health assessment. Schmidt said he doesn’t believe the man was drinking or on drugs at the time."

2015-01-28 - Naked man, 25, found disoriented and walking down 12 Mile in Detroit (Michigan):

Quote: "According to the National Weather Service, the temperature at the time was a brisk 27 degrees that tag-teamed with 13 mph winds, producing a wind chill of about 14 degrees."

Quote: "'He was barefoot and completely naked, walking just west of Stephenson Highway,' said Det. Sgt. Marc Zupic. 'He didn't know where he was or how he got there. It was pretty apparent that he had some mental impairment: either he wasn't taking his meds or has psychological problems and needs to be on medication.'"

Note: Or his brain got chemically fried by some hydrogen sulfide...

2015-01-30 - Naked man, 33, armed with gun climbs building, threatens to kill people, arrested, in coastal Lake Worth (Florida):

Quote: "A naked man threatening to shoot 'everybody like Rambo' held off Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies and SWAT members from the roof of an apartment building for several hours Friday before giving up peacefully."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area. Here's a Google Maps link that shows the location of this incident and the location of the original face-eater incident in 2012 on the MacArthur Causeway...

2015-01-31 - Naked man, 21, flees cops in car, throws clothes and cash out window, gets caught, near Lawrence (Kansas):

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