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2015 - JAN - Animal Die-Offs

2015-01-01 - Many hundreds of sea birds found dead on beaches from British Columbia (Canada) to California:

Quote: "The University of Washington's Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team has seen more than 1,200 bodies wash ashore since fall began. Executive Director Julia Parrish thinks that is only a small fraction of the total number of dead birds. It is probably in the tens of thousands, she said."

2015-01-01 - Hundreds of fish dying at Sparks Marina in Sparks (Nevada):

2015-01-01 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead on coastal Little Cranberry Island (Maine):

2015-01-03 - Large number of fish die at Lake San Roque in Carlos Paz (Argentina):

2015-01-03 - Seven sea turtles wash ashore dead in a week in Cattolica and Rimini (Italy):

2015-01-04 - Two peacocks and two peahens fall over dead in Kariyapatti (India):

2015-01-04 - Thousands of fish die at fish farm in Kampung Baru (Malaysia):

2015-01-05 - Unusually large number of deep-diving Cuvier’s beaked whales washing ashore dead in Scotland:

2015-01-05 - Hundreds of dead fish found in Doubtless Bay (New Zealand):

2015-01-06 - Thousands of fish dying at Sher Shah Suri Lake in Lal Bangla (India):

2015-01-08 - Rare pygmy sperm whale beaches and dies at Point Reyes National Seashore (California):

2015-01-09 - 37 ducks and 10 crows found dead in pond in Fazilka District (India):

2015-01-10 - Thousands of fish die in lake in Jabalpur (India):

2015-01-11 - Dolphin dies near coastal Rosario in Cavite (Philippine Islands):

2015-01-12 - Huge endangered fin whale washes ashore dead at beach in Cornwall (Britain), too big to move:

2015-01-12 - Hundreds of pigeons dropping dead from the sky in North Antrim (Ireland):

2015-01-12 - Around 45 birds found dead at Sultanpur National Park (India):

2015-01-13 - Animal die-offs occurring with increasing frequency:

2015-01-14 - 554 birds and 4 sea lions found dead at the Port of San Felipe in Baja California (Mexico):

2015-01-15 - Around 10,000 fish die at Lake Mission Viejo (California):

2015-01-16 - Dogs mysteriously dying at waterfront communities near coastal Annapolis (Maryland):

Note: The water in the Inner Harbor in coastal Baltimore (Maryland) suddenly turned milky green-white in 2013, all the fish died, and a 'rotten egg' odor was in the air, mentioned in the 2013-07-18 update. That was the chemocline rising abruptly to the surface, smothering all the fish and releasing methane and hydrogen sulfide that had accumulated at the bottom into the air. Shortly after that, an anomalous number of people started being found dead in the water in the Inner Harbor. Another man was just found dead in the Inner Harbor in the Fells Point area of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, mentioned in the 2015-01-10 update. A similar event may have happened near Annapolis, causing these dogs near the water to sicken and die. They won't find hydrogen sulfide because it breaks down fast in the body, within hours, and they probably don't even get the corpses that fast, much less autopsy them, and since they're not looking for hydrogen sulfide then they're not apt to find it in any case...

2015-01-16 - 14 whales and 16 sea turtles found dead at beaches in Baja California (Mexico):

2015-01-16 - Thousands of fish dying at beaches near São Paulo (Brazil):,555109/milhares-de-peixes-morrem-em-praias-de-ilha-comprida-no-litoral-de-sp.shtml

Quote: "Thousands of dead fish are taking the Long Island beaches, tourist town on the southern coast of São Paulo. The carnage occurring since last week, spans 18 kilometers of sand. The city has collected eight tons of fish only on the beaches of the central region, as informed the press office. The stench bothers tourists seeking the quiet beaches. The dead fish are examples of corvina, hake, swordfish and even shark pups."

2015-01-17 - Ocean life faces mass extinction:

2015-01-17 - Mysterious gray goo killing seabirds on the shoreline in coastal San Francisco (California):

Quote: "A mysterious gray gooey substance has killed 20 seabirds along San Francisco Bay's eastern shoreline and fouled the feathers of another 69 birds fighting to survive at a Fairfield bird rescue center. State wildlife officials reported Saturday night they have ruled out oil as the contaminant as they continue tests to determine what substance coated the seabirds."

2015-01-18 - More than 300 sea turtles wash ashore dead in 20 days at beaches in coastal Chennai (India):

2015-01-18 - Thousands of fish dying in the Rapti River in Gorakhpur (India):

2015-01-19 - Major fish kill hits Ten Mile Linear Canal in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2015-01-19 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead at Broulee Beach (Australia):

2015-01-20 - Large number of fish die in Bras d'Or Lake on coastal Cape Breton Island (Canada):

2015-01-20 - Large number of fish dying in canal in San Justo (Argentina):

2015-01-21 - Fish dying at Tokyo Sea Life Park in coastal Tokyo (Japan):

Quote: "Tokyo Sea Life Park in Edogawa Ward, known for hosting the world’s first major exhibition on bluefin tuna migration, had 165 tuna and bonito on Dec. 1. Now, only seven are left."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-22 - Gray whale found dead at ferry terminal in coastal Seattle (Washington), smell 'not good':

Note: A sulfurous 'rotten egg' odor and fog hit the Seattle area recently, mentioned in the 2015-01-16 update...

2015-01-22 - Large number of fish dying in the Waikareao Estuary (New Zealand):

2015-01-23 - Thousands of fish found dead in discharge canal at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant in Lacey Township (New Jersey):

2015-01-23 - Thousands of jellyfish washing ashore and dying on the Redcliffe Peninsula (Australia):

Quote: "They're so thick on the sand, you could lie down in them and make jellyfish angels..."

2015-01-24 - Fish bubbling up dead in canals in coastal Padre Island (Texas):

2015-01-24 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Luján River (Argentina):

2015-01-25 - Pilot whale washes ashore dead at Fairy Meadow (Australia):

2015-01-25 - Hundreds of sea birds found dead on the coast in Iceland:

2015-01-25 - Four tons of fish die in fish ponds in coastal Guangzhou (China):

2015-01-27 - Dolphins beach and die in Pangasinan Province (Philippine Islands):

2015-01-27 - Sea lions washing ashore sick along the coast in California:

Quote: "The center usually doesn’t see any ill sea lions washing ashore this time of the year, but already more than two dozen have needed treatment by the only licensed agency in the county. Subscribe to News Alerts and a Daily Email Newsletter for Laguna Niguel-Dana Point Patch At most, two or three might end up on the beach and need a rescue, but the center has taken in 28 this month while 13 sea lion pups washed ashore in December, Executive Director Keith Matassa said. Further alarming the center’s experts is an influx of varying species, Matassa added."

2015-01-28 - Very rare megamouth shark washes ashore dead in Marigondon (Philippine Islands), 66th ever seen:

Quote: "The megamouth shark is so uncommon that until recently, some still considered it a cryptid, a creature so rare that it couldn't be confirmed by science."

Quote: "The 66th megamouth shark ever seen washed ashore this morning in Marigondon, a port in the Albay province of the Philippines. Initial reports suggest the shark (Megachasma pelagios) was approximately five metres (16 ft.) in length, but until a necropsy can be performed, the finer details about the animal (including the cause of death) will remain a mystery. Sightings like this are rare ... so rare, in fact, that when the first megamouth was spotted in 1976, a new shark family, genus and species had to be created! These bizarre deep-diving animals are characterised by their bulbous snouts, loose skin, poorly calcified skeletons and (of course) their mega-mouths, which extend upward beyond the eyes."

2015-01-28 - Hundreds of fish found dead in the River Ngaso (Indonesia):,-ratusan-ikan-mati-di-sungai-ngaso.html

2015-01-28 - Monarch butterfly populations slightly recovered but still perilously low:

2015-01-30 - Cattle mysteriously dying in Senapati District (India):

2015-01-31 - Around 150 sea turtles found dead along 20-kilometer stretch of Scammon Lagoon, in Baja California Sur (Mexico):

2015-01-31 - Three dogs drink from Lake Chabot and die, near coastal San Leandro (California):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

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