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2015 - JAN - Animal Attacks

2015-01-01 - Family dog attacks and injures 1-year-old girl, face attack, at home in Lakeland (Florida):

2015-01-01 - Dog attacks and injures woman at 3 AM outside apartments in Overland Park (Kansas):

2015-01-01 - In two incidents, swarms of bees attack two people in a month in Israel, 1 killed, 1 injured:

2015-01-02 - Shark attacks and lightly injure boy in Indian River County (Florida):

2015-01-02 - Wolves attacking and killing peoples' pets near Whitehorse (Canada):

2015-01-03 - Bison run amok, raid haystacks, gore horses, near Kelly (Wyoming):

2015-01-04 - Two dogs run amok attacking people in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), 1 dog shot, 1 captured:

2015-01-05 - Nazi cows attack people at farm in Devon (Britain), farmer fears for his life, half a herd euthanized:

Note: Nazi cows! What made them become so dangerous recently? They don't answer that question. Here's another possible SiFi Channel B-horror movie, to go along with the radioactive boars in Germany (mentioned in the 2014-09-01 update) and the empty 'ghost ship' adrift in the Atlantic filled with disease-ridden cannibal rats (mentioned in the 2014-01-24 update)...

2015-01-05 - Elephant attacks and kills person in coastal Odisha State (India):

2015-01-05 - Six dogs attack and injure man in DeFuniak Springs (Florida):

2015-01-05 - Coyote attacks two people in Groveland (Massachusetts):

2015-01-06 - Potentially deadly Irukandji jellyfish sting two children at Honeymoon Cove near Point Samson (Australia):

2015-01-06 - Dog attacks officer responding to medical call at homeless camp in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2015-01-07 - Shark attacks and injures woman in the Bahamas:

Quote: "So I swam over there and she pulled herself up on the boat and she was missing half her back..."

2015-01-07 - Elephant kills man in Coimbatore (India):

2015-01-07 - Family pit bull attacks and kills man at home near Rocky Springs Road outside Frederick (Maryland):

2015-01-08 - Alligator snatches and kills pet dog at home in Sunrise (Florida):

2015-01-11 - Rabid jackals rampage around, attack and injure people and livestock, in Dhading District (Nepal):

Quote: "The locals of three wards in Maidi VDC in the district have been terrorised as rabid jackals have wreaked havoc in the area. As of date, 14 humans as well as scores of livestock have sustained injuries from the attack of the jackals in Maidi-5, 6, and 9. Among the injured people, nine have sustained serious injuries."

2015-01-12 - Elephant attacks and kills veterinarian in Pathanamthitta (India):

Quote: "The victim identified as Dr Gopakumar (52) was a veterinarian and a member of the
Elephant Squad which is specialised in containing elephants that turn violent, police said."

2015-01-12 - In separate incidents, elephant attacks store and elephant crushes car, in Thailand:

Quote: "Officials from a national park said a wild elephant trampled through traffic, stomping through a grocery store and shattering windows with its trunk. The incident happened two days after another elephant attacked a car, fracturing the windshield."

2015-01-13 - Two dogs attack and seriously injure 5-year-old child at home in Silverdale (Washington):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-14 - Fox attacks two people and a dog in Brunswick (Georgia):

2015-01-15 - Shark attacks and injures boy near Mollymook Beach (Australia):

2015-01-16 - Pack of wild dogs kills 7-year-old girl in Bhidiya Rasoolpulpur (India):

2015-01-17 - Owl attacks and injures man in park in Salem (Oregon):

Quote: "Jaecks was jogging near the baseball field about 5:15 a.m. Suddenly in the morning darkness his stocking cap was pulled from his head, and almost simultaneously he felt something puncture his scalp. Jaecks thought he was dying."

2015-01-17 - Pit bulls get aggressive, chase people, one charges officer and gets shot dead, in coastal Daytona Beach (Florida):

2015-01-18 - Camel bites man on head and kills him, in Bapunagar (India):

2015-01-19 - Two family dogs attack and kill 18-month-old boy at home in Brooksville (Florida):

2015-01-20 - Great white shark attacks man's boat, shakes the motor around, in the Gulf of Mexico:

Quote: "The shark attacked Fitzgerald’s boat a total of three times before the captain left the area. He spoke with News 13 Tuesday afternoon, recalling the encounter with the mighty fish. 'He had the entire trolling motor in his mouth, and was moving it side to side, and it was shaking the boat,' Fitzgerald says, 'I've been chartering for nine years, and I’ve never seen a shark try to attack my boat. It was very exciting for all of us. It really got our hearts beating hard.'"

2015-01-21 - Two pit bulls attack 3 people, menace others, cop runs them down in car, in coastal San Mateo (California):

Quote: "San Mateo police say one of their officers was forced to run-down two large pit bull dogs with his patrol car Wednesday morning after the animals attacked three people and threatened at least four others."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-01-21 - Elephant attacks and kills forest worker in Kolhu (India), first time ever:

Quote: "It is for the first time that a forest employee has been killed by an elephant in the state."

2015-01-22 - Elephant tramples couple to death in Kerala (India):

2015-01-23 - Three pet ferrets bite part of baby's face off at home in Darby (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The parents’ heard the child’s cries and found the ferrets attacking her. The baby was transported to a Children’s hospital. She lost 25 percent of her face in the attack."

2015-01-23 - Two family dogs attack and kill 7-year-old boy at home in College Springs (Iowa):

2015-01-24 - Coyote menaces woman and baby then moves on and kills two dogs, in Ladera Ranch (California):

2015-01-25 - Sharks attacked 6 people unprovoked in 2014 along the California coast:

Quote: "According to the report, last year’s attacks along the Pacific Coast increase the 21st century total to 83, which is three times the 20th century average."

2015-01-25 - Dog attacks and lightly injures cop in Frankford area of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

2015-01-26 - Coyotes attack and kill police horse in Oxford Township (Michigan):

Quote: "In his years as a wildlife technician for the state Department of Natural Resources, Jon Curtis said he can count on zero fingers the numbers of times coyotes have taken down a large animal."

2015-01-26 - Swarm of bees attacks and injures man in coastal Jupiter Farms (Florida):

2015-01-26 - Swarm of bees attacks people at waterfall in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), 2 killed, 5 injured:

2015-01-26 - Wild boar rampages through restaurant in South Korea:

2015-01-27 - Elephant attacks and kills teenage girl in Assam (India):

2015-01-29 - 'Bear Lady' of North Carolina found dead, apparently killed by bear, in Tyrrell County (North Carolina):

Quote: "The remains were on a path that was used by bears. Her clothing had been ripped by what appeared to be bears."

2015-01-29 - Wild boar attacks and injures man outside nursery in Arrone (Italy):

Quote: "Forestry workers are now hunting for the boar, which fled the scene. The nursery is close to a green area along the Nera river."

2015-01-29 - Pit bull attacks and injures father and child in Independence Township (Pennsylvania), cops shoot dog dead:

2015-01-30 - Elephant attacks and kills man in Nayagram (India):

2015-01-31 - Coyotes attack and injure another police horse in Oxford Township (Michigan):

Quote: "Lieutenant Bruce Osmon, head of the mounted unit, said the incident happened Friday, Jan. 30, around noon at the same farm near the area of East Oakwood and Hosner roads where a horse was killed Sunday."

2015-01-31 - Cougar attacks and injures two pipeline workers near Grande Prairie (Canada):

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