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Event Update For 2018-06-30

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

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2018-06-30 - Unknown odor sickens 28 people at private school in Kabul (Afghanistan):

Quote: "Twenty-two students and six teachers of a private school fell ill in capital Kabul on Saturday morning after inhaling a mysterious odor, police said. Police spokesman Hashmatullah Stanikzai told Pajhowk Afghan News the incident happened at Dehkada private school in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena. He said 22 students and their six teachers were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment after being poisoned."

2018-06-30 - Unknown gas odor hits area in coastal Immingham (Britain):

Quote: "Washdyke Lane, Immingham. Sat 30 Jun 2018 17:04 (No:13235) Smell of gas in the area. Nothing found on gas detection. Incident left with gas board to investigate."

2018-06-30 - Tree stump ignites on Garden Street in coastal Grimsby (Britain):

Quote: "Garden Street, Grimsby. Sat 30 Jun 2018 20:18 (No:13250) Tree stump on fire. Bucket of water in use."

Note: About 6.5 miles as the gas blows from the unknown gas odor on the coast in Immingham…

2018-06-30 - Man found dead at site of fire in riverbed near Santee Lakes in Santee (California):

Quote: "Santee firefighters found a body after extinguishing a small fire in a riverbed off Mast Boulevard Saturday afternoon."

2018-06-30 - Charter tour boat explodes and burns in the Exuma Cays (Bahamas), 1 killed, 9+ injured:

Quote: "Twelve persons are being airlifted to New Providence currently after the chartered tour boat they were on exploded this morning. According to police reports, shortly after 10:00 a.m., a chartered tour boat – 4C’s – was traveling through the Exuma Cays when an explosion occurred, causing the boat to catch afire. Intelligence said 10 tourists, believed to be Americans and two Bahamians were on board."

Note: This is the 556th boat/ship to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-06-30 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, pile of scrap metal burns, in Jamestown (New York), 360 feet from the Chadakoin River:

2018-06-30 - Recycling center hit by fire, wood and rubbish burn, on Northwick Road in coastal Canvey Island (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Recycling center hit by fire in West Bromich (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Recycling center heavily damaged by huge fire in Bonen (Germany):

2018-06-30 - Landfill burns for days in Nghe An Province (Vietnam), dozens of people sickened:

2018-06-30 - Two moor fires merge into one huge fire near Manchester (Britain):

Quote: "Fire crews have declared a 'major incident' as two wildfires have merged and created one big fire in Greater Manchester. Emergency services are at the scene as moorland fires on Winter Hill and Scout Road near Bolton, Lancashire, are treated as one incident."

2018-06-30 - Duplex explodes and burns in Urbandale (Iowa):

2018-06-30 - Home explodes and burns in Oneida (Wisconsin), 2 killed:

Note: These are the 167th and 168th residential explosions in 2018...

2018-06-30 - Fishing boat bursts into flame near coastal Dauphin Island (Alabama):

2018-06-30 - Two boats go up in flames while dry-docked at marina in coastal Jersey City (New Jersey):

Quote: "Upon arrival, firefighters found a 56-foot boat and an 18-foot boat on fire. Both were in storage in the dry dock marina."

2018-06-30 - Boat bursts into flame on Canandaigua Lake (New York):

2018-06-30 - Boat bursts into flame at boat club on Water Street in Oakville (Canada), near Lake Ontario:

2018-06-30 - Fishing boat bursts into flame near coastal Buckie (Scotland):

Note: These are the 557th, 558th, 559th, 560th, 561st and 562nd boats/ships to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-06-30 - Jet ski explodes and burns on lake in Bloomfield Hills (Michigan), 1 injured:

2018-06-30 - School bus bursts into flame on the A23 near Hickstead (Britain):

Quote: "Sussex Police said there were five adults and staff as well as 38 children on board the vehicle, who were all safely evacuated to the side of the road."

2018-06-30 - Church school bus bursts into flame at 12:54 AM on I-65 near Lowell (Indiana):

Quote: "None were injured when a church school bus with teenagers and a pair of chaperones on board caught fire early Saturday morning on Interstate 65 in northwest Indiana."

2018-06-30 - School bus bursts into flame on I-495 in Middleborough (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A school bus caught fire on I-495 in Middleboro Saturday afternoon. State police said that when crews arrived at the scene, the bus was fully engulfed in flames. 30 to 35 passengers were on board when the bus burst into flames. All passengers were safely evacuated from the bus."

Note: These are the 118th, 119th and 120th school buses to burn in 2018, and these are the 405th, 406th and 407th buses to burn in 2018...

2018-06-30 - Private bus bursts into flame while parked at home in Bandera County (Texas):

Note: This is the 408th bus to burn in 2018...

2018-06-30 - Two tractor trailers go up in flames while parked at truck stop in Comfort (Texas):

2018-06-30 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-90 near Fredonia (New York):

2018-06-30 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on highway near Ibadan (Nigeria):

Quote: "This is coming just less than 48 hours after the tanker explosion at otedola, Lagos - ibadan express way. According to reports a truck suddenly caught fire and kept on burning, as at time of this report no casualty has been recorded."

Note: Two days prior a tanker truck crashed, exploded into flame, burned 50+ cars and killed 9+ people in coastal Lagos, and on the same day an SUV burst into flame on a bridge in Lagos, both events mentioned in the 2018-06-28 update...

2018-06-30 - Tractor bursts into flame in the Teign Valley on Pound Lane in Bridford (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Tractor (harvester) bursts into flame near Marsh Hill in Way Village (Britain):

Note: These are the 1343rd, 1344th, 1345th, 1346th, 1347th and 1348th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-06-30 - Van bursts into flame in Hartlebury Common (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Hummer limousine bursts into flame at 11:35 PM on the A10 in Enfield (Britain):

2018-06-30 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at car dealership in Kalamazoo (Michigan):

Quote: "Seelye Ford Sales Manager Tyler Lovejoy told Newschannel 3 a car behind the Ford Dealership caught fire spontaneously. It was an employee's car, and it was not running when it caught fire. Lovejoy said no one was inside the car, and no one was hurt."

2018-06-30 - SUV bursts into flame on Route 711 in Liberty (Ohio):

2018-06-30 - SUV bursts into flame on Sunrise Road in Doonan (Australia):

2018-06-30 - Pickup truck bursts into flame on road in Enugu State (Nigeria):

2018-06-30 - Two cars go up in flames at 5:30 AM while parked on street in coastal Oakland (California):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame while parked at home, fire spreads to second car, home scorched, in Danville (Virginia):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame on Keye Street in coastal Arcata (California):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame on I-295 in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame on South Shanks Street in Clute (Texas):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame while parked at Walmart in Kingsport (Tennessee):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame on Canberra Avenue in Jerrabomberra (Australia):

2018-06-30 - Car bursts into flame on Marine Parade in coastal Instow, Bideford (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Vehicle bursts into flame at 5:03 AM on Ashburton Road in Totnes (Britain):

2018-06-30 - RV trailer bursts into flame at 4:57 AM while parked at home, fire spreads, home destroyed, in Trenton (Maine):

2018-06-30 - Motorcycle and hedges go up in flames on Yarrow Road in coastal Grimsby (Britain):

Quote: "Yarrow Road, Grimsby. Sat 30 Jun 2018 16:43 (No:13232) Motorcycle and hedgerow on fire. Hose reel in use."

2018-06-30 - Car and home destroyed by fire in Garner (North Carolina), nobody there:

Quote: "From family photos, awards, trophies, to their Ford Mustang in the garage - torched."

Quote: "Officer Myer and his family were miles away in South Carolina enjoying their vacation at the beach when they got a call saying their home was on fire."

Note: They went to the beach and left a car parked in their garage?!

2018-06-30 - Two vehicles, two sheds and mobile home destroyed by fire in Indio (California):

2018-06-30 - Van and three garages destroyed by fire shortly before midnight in Bathgate (Scotland):

2018-06-30 - Machinery and machine shed destroyed by fire in Rockton (Illinois):

Quote: "Officials say the machine shed was being used as a business with a large amount of machinery inside. The shed was considered a total loss and the estimated damages are around $3 Million."

Note: Probably some tractors or bulldozers or something in there with a dollar value like that...

2018-06-30 - Mowing equipment and garage go up in flames at tree farm in Marlboro Township (Ohio), nobody there:

2018-06-30 - Barn destroyed by fire in Clarington (Canada):

2018-06-30 - Wildfire breaks out and grows rapidly to 4,000 acres in Yolo County near Guinda (California):

2018-06-30 - Wildfire breaks out along Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek (California):

2018-06-30 - Waverly Fire grows to 12,300 acres in Calaveras County (California):

2018-06-30 - Huge mulch fire continues burning at compost business near Hailey (Idaho):

2018-06-30 - Pallets go up in flames at forklift business in Oswestry (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Furniture business destroyed by fire in Pittsburg (Illinois):

2018-06-30 - Around 100 tons of waste go up in flames in Leigh Sinton (Britain):

2018-06-30 - AC unit bursts into flame at 2:51 AM at apartment building, fire spreads to building, in Daleville (Virginia):

2018-06-30 - Nightclub heavily damaged by fire in the wee hours in St. Louis (Missouri):

2018-06-30 - Coffee factory roasted in Banbury (Britain):

2018-06-30 - Mobile home damaged by fire at 3:30 AM on Prichard Road in Ona (West Virginia):

2018-06-30 - Mobile home destroyed by fire in Southside (Arkansas), nobody there:

2018-06-30 - Home damaged by basement fire at 4:30 AM in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2018-06-30 - Home damaged by carport fire in coastal Bradenton (Florida):

2018-06-30 - Home damaged by fire just before 3 AM near Garner (North Carolina), nobody there:

2018-06-30 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 6:45 AM in Jackson (Mississippi):

2018-06-30 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 3 AM in Toledo (Ohio):

2018-06-30 - Home heavily damaged by fire before 5:30 AM in Urbana (Illinois):

2018-06-30 - Home heavily damaged by fire in coastal Warwick (Rhode Island), nobody there:

2018-06-30 - Home destroyed by fire at 11:58 PM in coastal Ormond Beach (Florida), 2 dogs killed:

2018-06-30 - Home destroyed by fire at 6 AM in Charlotte (North Carolina):

2018-06-30 - Home destroyed by fire in Kansas City (Missouri):

2018-06-30 - Home destroyed by fire in Waterwood Estates area in Bridge City (Texas), near the coast:

2018-06-30 - Home destroyed by fire in Stockton (California):

2018-06-30 - Apartment building damaged by fire before 5 AM in coastal Washington DC, 1 injured:

2018-06-30 - Apartment building damaged by fire in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2018-06-30 - Apartment building damaged by fire in coastal Norfolk (Virginia):

2018-06-30 - Apartment building damaged by fire on North Harrells Ferry Road in Baton Rouge (Louisiana):

2018-06-30 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in DeKalb County (Georgia):

2018-06-30 - Townhome complex heavily damaged by fire at 5:15 AM in Princeton (New Jersey):

2018-06-30 - Deadly fire burns mobile home in Sam's Valley (Oregon), 1 killed:

2018-06-30 - Deadly fire burns home just before 11 PM in Azle (Texas), 1 killed:

2018-06-30 - Vacant home destroyed by fire in Huntersville (North Carolina):

2018-06-30 - Vacant warehouse burns in Roanoke (Virginia):

2018-06-30 - Two brothers, 21 and 23, die in the Neugal River in Himachal Pradesh (India):

Quote: "According to eyewitnesses, Arun started drowning as soon as he entered the river to take a bath. Alerted by Arun's cries for help, Sunil jumped into the river to help his brother, but he also drowned, the eyewitnesses said."

2018-06-30 - Two boys, 17 and 12, die in water near Palani (India):

2018-06-30 - Man found dead in swimming pool at home in Rancho Mirage (California):

Quote: "Firefighters responded to the 10 block of Ridgeline Way around 1:45 p.m. Saturday, said Tawny Cabral of CAL FIRE/Riverside County. The call came in as a drowning after an adult male was found at the bottom of a pool, said Deputy Robyn Flores of the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The man was pronounced dead at the scene."

Note: I almost skipped this story because I thought I'd already mentioned it, but nope, this is a different event. A woman, 34, just died after being pulled from a swimming pool in Rancho Mirage a few days prior too, mentioned in the 2018-06-26 update...

2018-06-30 - Child dies after being pulled from swimming pool at home in Modesto (California):

2018-06-30 - Man, 43, found dead in pond at country club in coastal Fort Pierce (Florida):

2018-06-30 - Man, 20, found dead in the Lehigh River near Glen Onoko Falls (Pennsylvania):

2018-06-30 - Woman in her 30s dies in the Wisconsin River at Bukolt Park in Stephens Point (Wisconsin):

2018-06-30 - Man, 40, found dead in Lake Sam Rayburn (Texas):

2018-06-30 - Man, 57, found dead in Lake Harding near his home in Lee County (Alabama):

2018-06-30 - Man, 63, found dead near Route 22 Delaware River bridge in Easton (Pennsylvania):

2018-06-30 - Boy, 12, found dead in pond in Little Britain Township (Pennsylvania):

2018-06-30 - Man found dead on mudflats near park in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2018-06-30 - Boy, 6, found dead in retention pond in West Fargo (North Dakota):

2018-06-30 - Man, 69, found dead in submerged car in the St. Clair River in Sombra Township (Canada):

2018-06-30 - Boy, 5, dies after being pulled from pond in Calgary (Canada):

2018-06-30 - Man, 27, goes out on kayak, next seen dead in the water near coastal Herzliya (Israel):

2018-06-30 - Man in his 50s collapses into the River Blackwater and dies in Benburb (Ireland):

Quote: "Frank Donnelly fell into a river in Benburb while fishing on Saturday afternoon. It is thought that Mr Donnelly, who was in his fifties, may have suffered a heart attack but there were no further details on Sunday night."

2018-06-30 - Man in his 60s has 'medical incident' at beach and dies in coastal Seasalter (Britain):

Quote: "Police and ambulance crews were called to a medical incident in Seasalter at about 2.30pm yesterday. The patient, a man in his 60s, died at the scene."

2018-06-30 - Woman drops dead in building in the town center in Rochester (Britain):

2018-06-30 - F-18 fighter pilot has 'medical emergency', plane makes emergency landing at airport in Moses Lake (Washington):

Quote: "An F-18 pilot was transported to Samaritan Hospital after making an emergency landing at the Grant County International Airport Wednesday night. The incident occurred about 6 p.m. Wednesday, according to a report from the Port of Moses Lake Fire Department. Fire department personnel were summoned to 'an in-flight medical emergency on an F-18,' the report said. The plane “came in on (runway) 22 and taxied to the ramp in front of Million Air.” The pilot was transported to the hospital by AMR personnel."

2018-06-30 - Boy, 17, has breathing problems and drifts in and out of consciousness on boat near coastal Fire Island (New York):

Quote: "A Coast Guard boatcrew medically evacuated a 17-year-old boy suffering Saturday afternoon south of Fire Island Inlet, New York. At approximately 12:15 p.m., watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound received a report stating a young man aboard a Laura Lee Express was experiencing breathing problems and was in and out of consciousness."

2018-06-30 - Small plane makes emergency landing at Marsh Creek State Park in Downington (Pennsylvania), engine failure:

2018-06-30 - Small plane makes emergency landing in bean field in Douglas County (Kansas), engine failure:

2018-06-30 - Small plane makes emergency crash-landing on road in coastal Bay County (Florida):

2018-06-30 - Helicopter crashes on beach in coastal Rio Grande (Puerto Rico), 1 killed, 3 injured:

2018-06-30 - Boat crashes into pier and two other boats, on Big Fish Lake in Marcellus Township (Michigan):

Quote: "We're told a 55-year-old Indiana man lost control of his boat then hit a pier and two other boats. Deputies said the man might have had a medical emergency, causing him to lose consciousness."

2018-06-30 - Train derails at Noccalula Falls Park (Alabama), 10 injured:

2018-06-30 - Passenger bus and heavy truck collide head-on, in Hunan Province (China), 18 killed, 14 injured:

2018-06-30 - Heavy truck crashes through median and hits oncoming traffic at 1 AM on causeway bridge in coastal Singapore, 2 killed, 3 injured:

Quote: "Videos circulating on social media showed a lorry hurtling across the road divider and into traffic travelling in the opposite direction."

2018-06-30 - SUV overturns eight times at 3:15 AM, lands in parking lot, in San Antonio (Texas), 1 killed:

2018-06-30 - Pickup truck crashes, bursts into flame, on I-64 in Henrico County (Virginia):

2018-06-30 - Car slams into stoplight and utility pole in Eau Claire (Wisconsin):

Quote: "The Eau Claire Police Department said a possible medical issue may be the cause of a one-car crash in Eau Claire Saturday afternoon."

2018-06-30 - Car veers off road at 3:40 AM, hits billboard pole, in Memphis (Tennessee), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2018-06-30 - Swarm of bees attacks and kills man, injures two more people, in coastal Mumbai (India):

2018-06-30 - Highway 29 buckling in Shawano County (Wisconsin):

2018-06-30 - Boy, 16, has 'medical emergency' in swimming pool in Peerskill (New York):

Quote: "A teenager had to be pulled from the water at a public pool in northern Westchester Saturday afternoon after suffering a medical emergency while in the deep end, witnesses told News 12. The incident occurred at 2 p.m. at the Veteran Memorial Pool in Peekskill."

2018-06-30 - Man pulled unconscious from swimming pool at apartments in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2018-06-30 - Boy, 17, pulled unconscious from the Detroit River In Detroit (Michigan):

2018-06-30 - Two men go out on boat and go missing on Lake Norman near Charlotte (North Carolina):

2018-06-30 - Man has 'medical incident' at 11:15 PM outside pub in Maidstone (Britain):

Quote: "Police were called to a popular nightspot after a man suffered a 'medical incident' outside."

2018-06-30 - Shallow magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off the coast of Jalisco (Mexico):

2018-06-30 - Ireland bracing for the hottest day in recorded history:

2018-06-30 - Severe drought affecting 40% of Inner Mongolia in China, plague of rats take over 4 million hectares:

2018-06-30 - Lightning strike kills man in New Brunswick (Canada):

2018-06-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Des Moines (Iowa), 7 inches of rain in 3 hours, 1 killed:

2018-06-30 - Lone Star tick bites triggering red meat allergies in more people across US:

2018-06-30 - Global UFO sightings slump:


  1. Greetings to everyone! Well, that about wraps it up for June, 2018 - and we're halfway through the year. May we all make it to the end of the year in good health and spirits.

    Here's the stats for garbage trucks and Hull, UK JJFH incidents

    June 2018 saw 9 garbage trucks burn over 7 days, two of which happened on the same day as JJFH incidents in Hull.
    Hull had 19 incidents over 14 days.

    Totals so far for 2018: 65 garbage truck fires over 53 days
    106 JJFH incidents in Hull over 77 days
    22 garbage trucks burned on the same day as Hull events

    Compared to 2017: 67 garbage trucks burned over 52 days
    114 JJFH incidents happened over 83 days
    15 happened on the same day as JJFH incidents in Hull

    Mike: thanks for the link to the Hunsicker video link.

    BLACK BEAR NEWS 7.1.18 Interview with Jennifer Hynes - State of the Climate

    Yet again: Russian military downs unidentified drones near Khmeimim Air Base in Syria - Militants launch second drone attack, Russia accuses Turkestani, Uzbek jihadists - UPDATE

    Scientists say they've found a way to make invisibility cloaking

    "Adverse cyclonic conditions" bring flooding to the streets of Cape Town, South Africa

    Flash floods kill 3 in Jammu, India

    Golf ball size hail batters cars forcing them off the road in southern Russia

    Krasnodar is no stranger to massive hailstorms and seems to be treated to such a weather event around the same time every year. A storm in June 2017 yielded hailstones of around 50mm in diameter. A similar storm in August 2016 caused damage to power lines, roofs and homes. [more]

    91 year old man dies after dog attack in Arcata, California

    Researchers find vitamin D receptor is disrupted by environmental chemicals

    New research from North Carolina State University sheds light on the ways in which environmental chemicals can affect vitamin D receptors (VDR).

    "Most people think of vitamin D as only a vitamin, but in the body vitamin D is converted to a hormone, so VDR is part of the endocrine system which regulates hormonal function," says Seth Kullman, professor of biological sciences at NC State. "If something - an endocrine disrupting chemical, for example - interferes with the hormone's function at different times of development or aging, it could drastically alter physiology of a number of important systems."

    "The idea going in was that environmental compounds wouldn't work with these receptors because they have such high specificity," Kullman continues. "We were wrong. [more]

    Evacuations ordered as winds fuel Northern California fires – “A lot of friends and family were texting today and saying they were having some PTSD”

    [more below]

  2. Video: Trump’s NASA administrator reverses course and accepts the reality of global warming – “I fully believe and know that the climate is changing. I also know that we, human beings, are contributing in a major way.”

    Coastal city of Quriyat in Oman just posted the world’s hottest low temperature ever recorded: 42.6°C (108.7°F)

    [here's another short-sighted "by 2100" report]
    Study finds hundreds of thousands of U.S. homes at risk of chronic flooding due to sea level rise over the coming decades – “By 2100, there’s a 98–100 percent chance that we get 6 inches of sea level rise. It’s virtually guaranteed.”

    All-time record high temperatures matched or toppled from Colorado to Scotland – “Unprecedented” and “apocalyptic” moorland fires near Manchester, England

    Monday, 2 July 2018
    America: an uncivil war

    [embedded stories too]

    Capitol Hill Tears Into Itself as Lawmakers Threaten Each Other with Violence

    Democrats undergo progressive schism, as Trump disrupts entire US political structure [~ 35 min. video]

    [way down at the bottom of this long article is this]
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has ordered 2,500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide from Brazilian chemical manufacturer Askell Quimica, says a FEMA employee wishing to remain anonymous. The agency, he said, solicited bids from fifteen foreign manufacturing plants before selecting Quimica as a supplier. [more; wtf?]

    Cloud-seeding in Russia

    RUSSIAN AIRPLANES SPRAYING CHEMICALS ON CLOUDS [~ 1.5 min. video followed by ~ 42 min. Naomi Wolf video]

    'Like a scene from the apocalypse': Bay Area residents wake up to wildfire ash, smoke

    Chris Hedges: The Coming Collapse

    The problem is not Trump. It is a political system, dominated by corporate power and the mandarins of the two major political parties, in which we don’t count. [more; + embedded story below]

    A quest for truth with investigative journalist, Seymour M. Hersh
    [~ 26 min. video]

    [continued below]

  3. Why Are Investors Pulling Money Out Of Global Stock Funds At The Fastest Pace Since The Last Financial Crisis?

    We haven’t seen anything like this since the financial crisis of 2008. Investors are taking money out of global stock funds at a pace that we haven’t seen in 10 years, and many believe that this is a harbinger of tough times ahead. Global stocks lost about 10 trillion dollars in value during the first half of 2018, and an even worse performance during the second half of the year will almost certainly push the global financial system into panic mode. U.S. stocks have been relatively stable, and so most Americans are not too alarmed about what is happening just yet. But if you look back throughout history, emerging market chaos is often an early warning signal that a major global crisis is on the horizon, and that is precisely what is happening right now. Financial markets in emerging markets all over the planet are in the process of melting down, and the losses are becoming quite dramatic. [more]

    Can we weather the Danger Zone?

    As an earlier Arctic-news analysis shows, Earth may have long crossed the 1.5°C guardrail set at the Paris Agreement.

    Earth may have already been in the Danger Zone since early 2014. This is shown by the image on the right associated with the analysis, which is based on NASA data that are adjusted to reflect a preindustrial baseline, air temperatures and Arctic temperatures.

    As the added 3rd-order polynomial trend shows, the world may also be crossing the higher 2°C guardrail later this year, while temperatures threaten to keep rising dramatically beyond that point. [more]

    County Fire burns tens of thousands of acres north of Napa, Calif.

    In a little more than 24 hours after starting, the County Fire has burned approximately 22,000 acres in northern California 18 miles north of Napa. Mandatory evacuations are taking place in several areas.

    It started near the line that separates Napa and Yolo Counties, and since then about two-thirds of the fire has spread into Yolo County south of Guinda and west of Highway 16, covering an area 17 miles long parallel to the county line. [more]

    [still more below]

  4. Weston Pass & Chateau Fires burn thousands of acres west of Colorado Springs

    The Chateau Fire is burning 24 miles west of Colorado Springs 7 miles northwest of Cripple Creek. Since it was reported June 29 it has been managed by Lohmire’s Type 4 Incident Management Team and has blackened 1,425 acres according to Sunday’s National Situation Report.

    Another fire in that part of Colorado, the Weston Pass Fire, was reported June 28 and had burned an estimated 4,138 acres by 11 p.m. Saturday, which was the best guess after a mapping flight that was partially obscured by clouds. It is 64 miles WNW of Colorado Springs and 16 miles southeast of Leadville. Musser’s Type 3 Incident Management Team has been handling this fire. [more]

    Climate change will worsen living standards in India

    Changing rainfall patterns and rising temperatures will cost India 2.8% of its GDP and will drag down living standards of half its population by 2050, according to a World Bank study [more; you can generalize this to everywhere, not just India]

    Land Conflict Has Long Been a Problem in Nigeria. Here’s How Climate Change Is Making It Worse

    Is it time yet? Climate change disturbs breeding and nesting season in birds

    Huge growing crack swallows up street and houses in Mexico (pictures)

    There is currently a huge crack growing in the area of Milpillas, that has already swallowed up parts of a street and a few houses in the north. Geologists say the ground is very unstable and the fissure is still widening. The Ministry of National Defense activated the DN-III Plan. [more]

    Incredible Dust Cloud Spans 6000 Miles Across the Earth into a Hurricane! (~ 7.5 min. video)

  5. Rice Farmer
    News Links, June 2, 2018

    Epocalypse Ahead on Highway to Hell for Global Economy and US Stock Market

    Argentina Economy Shrinks in April Due to Drought; Central Bank Holds Rate

    Emerging markets are in a death cross, and a technical analyst sees another big drop ahead

    Argentina Blew A Billion Dollars To Rescue The Peso On Friday... And Failed

    Visualizing The Economic Impact Of Violence

    Trump's $54 Billion Tax Hike on Autos: EU Threatens $300 Billion Retaliation

    Nervous investors exiting US stocks at near-record pace on trade-war fears

    It's Time To Care Again About Gold & Silver

    The US consumer is the biggest risk to the world economy

    General Mills to Cut Over 600 Jobs in Cost Cutting Push
    [lowest unemployment ever, continues!]

    As Cash Goes So Go Your Freedoms

    Bitcoin skids below $6,000, hits lowest level since November

    More Americans are giving up on debit cards, new survey reports

    TechCrunch: Over 1000 Crypto Projects Are Considered 'Dead' Now

    It started with your shoes, then your water. Now the TSA wants your snacks.

    Syrian rebels lose string of southwest towns
    Trump says he'll bring up election meddling with Putin
    Putin would do well to bring up the topic of American meddling. -- RF

    CIA Teams Up With Defense Industry To Undermine Korea Negotiations

    U.S. has plan to dismantle North Korea nuclear program within a year: Bolton

    Trump was reportedly surprised by the number of US troops stationed in Germany and expressed interest in pulling some of them out

    More Countries Start Exploring Alternatives to the US World Order

    French firm Lafarge charged with complicity in Syria crimes against humanity

    US Army executes active electronic attack in Europe for first time since Cold War

    Mexican elections are bloodiest in recent memory
    Coming soon to a country near you. -- RF

    The migrant routes to Europe

    100 feared dead after migrant ship sinks off Libya coast

    EU Agrees on Refugee Camps in Africa: One Problem, Africa Doesn't

    Oregon right-wingers clash with anti-fascists at march in Portland (US)

    Why world leaders are terrified of water shortages

    Oil Rallies Towards $80

    Oil Rig Count Falls Amid Stagnating Production

    US Softens Stance On Countries Buying Iranian Oil

    Stranded BP Cargoes: A Red Flag For Chinese Oil Demand?

    Iran Furious After Trump Calls Saudi King, Demands 2MM Barrel Production Boost

    Iran eyes private oil exports to help beat U.S. sanctions

    Why Oil Prices Are Surging

    Oil Rallies On Libyan Oil Crisis
    The oil supply disruption in Libya could last a little longer than previously thought, threatening to tighten global supplies at a time when a supply deficit was already starting to become a serious problem.

    [continued below]

  6. The Latest: Western States Urged to Plan for Water Shortage (US)

    Indian capital's summer of discontent: anger, killings over water

    Severe water crisis: is Pakistan really running dry?

    IEA holds high-level meeting on the future of nuclear power

    Aaack! New Analysis Shows Superbugs Lurking on Three-Fourths of U.S. Supermarket Meat

    A third of Poland's crops affected by drought: official

    Lettuce in short supply as heatwave continues (UK)

    Where Have All Our Insects Gone?

    Animals are becoming nocturnal to avoid humans

    ANA Cheers Supreme Court Order In Fight Over Cell Phone Radiation Warnings

    Our natural world is disappearing before our eyes. We have to save it

    We still have no idea how to eliminate more than a quarter of energy emissions

    Poisoning the Earth

    Amazon's Fusion With the State Shows Neoliberalism's Drift to Neo-Fascism

    Comcast suffers outage of video, broadband services across parts of U.S.

    The NSA is deleting hundreds of millions of phone call and text records it wasn't supposed to have [yeah, sure]

    Samsung Messages glitch could be sending your photos to random contacts

    White House: US, Ecuador Coordinating About Future Of Assange Asylum

    Not up to US to decide on Assange asylum, Ecuador says

    Snowden Slams "Corrupt" Russian Government Amid Rumors He's "Bargaining Chip" In Trump-Russia Summit

    Trump told Macron that France should quit EU: report

    AT&T Begins Testing Its Power In The Wake Of Merger Mania & The Death Of Net Neutrality

    Watch Federal Agents Interrupt CBS Interview With Former ICE
    Spokesperson Who Says He Was Told to Lie to American Public

    92% of Republicans think media intentionally reports fake news

    Military Seizes Control Of Water Supplies As Venezuelan Infrastructure Collapses

    Utilities reaffirm faith in nuclear power despite safety concerns

    Chinese stocks tumble into bear market, with Shanghai index on pace for worst year since 2011

    Protesters stopped as Hong Kong marks handover to China

    Beijing struggling to contain its growing garbage problem

    105,000 of Iowa's children live in poverty — and it hasn't gotten better in years, a new study says

    Real Spending Flat in May, Revisions Lower April Income and Spending

    "This Isn't Fake, This Is Real": Millennials Resort To Cyberbegging To Finance Down Payment

    With jobs to fill, businesses play the visa lottery

    Update on the Rental Bubbles & Crashes in US Cities

    More Americans are considering cutting their ties with the US — here's why

    Democratic Elite Scrambles to Respond to Ocasio-Cortez

    "Girl From The Bronx" Ocasio-Cortez Called Out In Fact Check; Actually Grew Up In Wealthy Enclave

    Is the decline of coal a national security problem?

  7. Overpopulation: A New City (270,000 People) Appears EVERY Day [15 min. Beckwith vid]

    US demands Turkey pledge not to use S-400 system - Erdogan refuses

    Tomgram: Stephanie Savell, How America's Wars Fund Inequality at Home,_how_americas_wars_fund_inequality_at_home/

    [concludes with]The more money this country spends on military activities, the more public coffers will be depleted by war-related interest payments and the less public funding there will be for anything else. In short, it’s time for Americans worried about living in a country whose inequality gap could soon surpass that of the Gilded Age to begin paying real attention to our “credit-card wars.” [more]

    Fifty-metre long section of city road collapses in China

    The highway collapsed near the entrance to the underground car park of an apartment complex [more]

    After months of quiet, Mayon volcano in the Philippines erupts again

    Large hailstones smash crops in south central Nebraska

    Lightning bolt kills 5 and injures 12 in Maharashtra, India

    UK heatwave causes farmers earliest harvest for 40 years - Yield is significantly reduced

    [yahbut, wuttabout Grand Solar Minimum and Global Cooling?]

    'Our typical winter barley yield is 8-9 tonnes per hectare but this year we are looking at 6-7 tonnes so the yield is down because of the very small grain. We expect it to be the same for the wheat yield.' [more]