Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 - MAY - Multiple Corpses

2018-05-01 - Two people found dead in canal in Bahawalnagar (India):

2018-05-02 - Two men found dead in the Beauharnois Canal in Beauharnois (Canada):

2018-05-02 - Five people found dead in the Ganga Canal in Jwalapur (India):

2018-05-02 - Two boys die in pond in Kagitalapur (India):

2018-05-02 - Two men, 18 and 20, die in the River Cauvery in Mudukuthore (India):

2018-05-03 - Three people found dead in water in Kovilpatti (India):

2018-05-05 - Three people die in water in two incidents near Omalur and Karumalaikoodal (India):

2018-05-05 - Six children die in water in two incidents in Rameswaram and Theni (India):

2018-05-05 - Two children, 8 and 9, found dead in pond in Tariaani (Bangladesh):

2018-05-06 - Two people found dead in burning car on Tapiola Road in Portage Township (Michigan), 8 miles from Lake Superior:

Quote: "Two people are dead following a vehicle fire Sunday morning in Houghton County. Houghton County Undersheriff Kevin Coppo says Houghton County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched to Donken/Tapiola Road in Portage Township at 9:42 a.m. Sunday for reports of a vehicle fire. Otter Lake Fire Department came to the scene and put out the fire. Once extinguished, fire fighters found two bodies inside the vehicle."

2018-05-06 - Man, 24, dies in swimming pool, and two men, 25 and 33, die in the Agno River, in coastal Pangasinan (Philippine Islands):

2018-05-06 - Three teens, 17-18, die in the Sabarmati River in Mehsana District (India):

2018-05-06 - Three people, 19, 20 and 6, die in water in Marathwada (India):

2018-05-06 - Two workers found dead in the Godavari River near Polavaram (India):

2018-05-06 - Two boys, 11 and 12, die in watery pit in Thanjavur (India):

2018-05-06 - Two children, 5 and 7, die in the water at water park in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2018-05-07 - Three workers killed by hydrogen sulfide in sewage tank at apartments in coastal Kaohsiung (Taiwan):

Quote: "Three workers who were repairing a underground sewage tank under an apartment tower in Kaohsiung lost consciousness and were later declared dead yesterday (May 7), after they were suspected of inhaling poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas, reported Liberty Times."

Quote: "Hsu said a preliminary investigation showed that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the underground area reached 52 parts per million, far higher than the 10 ppm limit set by the law."

Quote: "Staff at the apartment said that Lin first entered the tank and because he stopped responding to his coworkers, Kao also entered the tank. When Kao also stopped responding, the supervisor sensed that something was wrong and told the building management to call the authorities before he went inside to investigate, never to be heard from again."

Note: Yep, the way they died one after another is common with hydrogen sulfide poisoning events. Someone succumbs, someone else goes to help and succumbs, then someone else goes to help and succumbs, and so on until someone eventually realizes that people keep going to help but nobody's coming back, so maybe it's best to just stay put or seek help…

2018-05-08 - Ambulance goes up in flames at 12:50 AM and kills 2 people, injures another, in Delhi (India):

Quote: "Two men were charred to death and another injured when the ambulance they were sleeping in caught fire in south Delhi's Sheikh Sarai area in the early hours today, said an officer from the Delhi Fire Service. A call was received at 12. 50 am about the blaze and two fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The deceased were identified as Guddu and Rahul, he said. The injured man was identified as 32-year-old Subodh. He sustained 40 per cent burn injuries and is admitted to Safdarjung Hospital."

2018-05-08 - Two students, 15 and 17, found dead in stream in Varikuntapadu (India):

2018-05-09 - Water sickening and killing people in and around KratiƩ (Cambodia):

Quote: "At least 80 people in Preh and Roneg villages in Mondulkiri province's Sre Chhouk commune suffered vomiting, dizziness and weakness due to suspected poisonous water from a stream they were using. The illnesses come after 13 people died and more than 130 people sent to hospital due to drinking water contaminated with poisonous substances in Kratie over the past few weeks. Lor Sokha, Mondulkiri province police chief, told the media that technical officers initially suspected the poisoning occurred after villagers drank water from Preah river and others drank rain water which had combined with water from the river. However, the cause has not yet been determined as authorities are waiting for the results of an analysis of the water and food they had consumed."

Quote: "He said on Wednesday that he spoke to the victims and they said they began to find it difficult to breathe, had stomachaches and vomited after drinking both the water from the river and rainwater from the roofs of their houses."

Note: So not just river water but also rainwater from the roofs of homes. Hydrogen sulfide is water soluble, it's getting into the atmosphere - thus all the rotten egg odor events around the world - and so rain from the sky will sometimes be poisonous. If the rain is poisonous enough, it could kill you just by falling on your head. Contaminated rainwater will also flow downhill to streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and seas/oceans and contaminate the water in them too. in 2015, 41 children and some animals mysteriously died after rainfall in Papua (Indonesia), mentioned in the 2015-11-24 update. Last year, a bunch of people died in Australia from 'thunderstorm asthma' after rain storms there too. Every time you jump in a body of water or let water get on your head, you're betting that that water has not been contaminated. Lose that bet, as many already have, and you are apt to die. Municipal water supplies in major cities are likeliest to be safest, but there are no guarantees...

2018-05-09 - Two seamen found dead on cargo ship, maybe a third too, near coastal Cape Verde:

Quote: "Two seamen died on board of bulk carrier ATLANTIC HARMONY, another one allegedly also died, but third death not yet confirmed. Bulk carrier called at Capo Verde on May 7, probably for bunkering or supplies, being en route from Brazil to Gibraltar, on May 9 she left Praia same day to continue her voyage, but on May 8 turned back and headed for Praia, where she was anchored on May 9. Understood ship’s interrupted voyage and return to Cape Verde was caused by that mortal accident. Seamen believed to die from poisoning, no other details available at the moment. All three – two confirmed dead and one dead or injured – are Ukrainians."

2018-05-09 - Couple, 34 and 38, found dead in home in Fitchburg (Wisconsin):

2018-05-09 - Three teen boys die in dam reservoir near Himmatnagar (India):

2018-05-09 - Five girls die in pond in Bihar (India):

2018-05-09 - Man and woman found dead in canal in Hadapsar (India):

2018-05-10 - Two teens found dead in lake at university in Tamil Nadu (India):

2018-05-12 - Teen boy and girl die in the water at coastal Nahoon Beach (South Africa), separate shark attack too:

2018-05-12 - Seven people found dead at 4 AM in submerged car in pond in Jiranpur (India):

2018-05-12 - Two boys, 7 and 9, found dead in pond or well in Maheshwaram (India):

2018-05-14 - Mother and daughter, 67 and 45, drop dead at home in Louisville (Kentucky):

Quote: "Police say a 67-year-old woman and her 45-year-old daughter were found Monday morning in the 1200 block of Place D'Or, near 12th and Ali. They say there's no sign of foul play, but they aren't sure what led to the women's deaths."

2018-05-15 - Man and woman, 61 and 36, found dead in home in Columbia (Missouri):

Quote: "Police originally were called to the home after a report of a cardiac arrest."

2018-05-15 - Three teen boys die in the Hindon River in Ghaziabad (India):

2018-05-15 - Two people, 15 and 20, found dead in pond near Bareilly (India):

2018-05-15 - Two children, 6 and 8, found dead in pond in Kuleshnagar (India):

2018-05-15 - Three cousins, 16, 18 and 22, die in the Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2018-05-16 - Three children die in pond at temple in coastal Goa (India):

Note: I guess nobody warned them not to goa in the water!

2018-05-16 - Two children, both 12, found dead in Hennagara Lake in Bengaluru (India):

2018-05-17 - Two college students, both 22, die in canal in Delhi (India):

2018-05-17 - Women, 19 and 17, found dead in the Shakti Canal in Chila (India), man dies at waterfall too:

2018-05-17 - Man and boy, 33 and 11, die in the water at waterfall in Telangana (India):

2018-05-17 - Two men, 23 and 24, found dead in rivulet in Seetanadi (India):

2018-05-18 - Two boys, 13 and 14, die in swimming pool in Mahabubnagar (India):

2018-05-19 - Woman and two daughters, 38, 7 and 12, found dead in pond in Khajuwala (India):

2018-05-19 - Three men, 27, 22 and 24, die while taking bath in pond in Rajasthan (India):

2018-05-20 - Three girls, 7, 8 and 9, found dead in watery ditch in Kutubpur (India):

2018-05-20 - Three girls found dead in watery ditch in Bihar (India):

2018-05-20 - Woman and two girls, 22, 16 and 16, die in pond in Machindranath Chincholi (India), 2 men die at water park too:

2018-05-20 - Man and son, 28 and 7, go fishing, next seen dead in creek, in Thane (India):

2018-05-20 - Two people, 17 and 19, die in water in Haripur (Pakistan):

2018-05-21 - Three men die in two pools in one day in Delhi (India):

2018-05-21 - Two boys, 9 and 14, die in the water at quarry in Bachupalli (India):

2018-05-21 - Four girls die in pond in Rupandehi District (Nepal):

2018-05-22 - Two men die while cleaning sewer in Bahawalpur (Pakistan):

2018-05-23 - Two boys, 16 and 12, found dead in pond in Hyderabad (India):

2018-05-23 - Man and 3 children found dead in water in Sukkur (Pakistan):

2018-05-24 - Two boys, 16 and 17, found dead in lake at waterfall, and man dies in swimming pool, in Abbottabad (Pakistan):

2018-05-24 - Two boys, both 11, die in well in Jagitial (India):

2018-05-24 - Two children, both 6, fall into well and die in Kokatnur (India):

2018-05-25 - Three boys, 11, 12 and 13, found dead in the River Sindh in Bahawalpur (Pakistan):

2018-05-25 - Three men, 20, 20 and 21, die in the water at beach near coastal Alibaug (India):

2018-05-25 - Three people found dead in the Ganga River in Mirzapur (India):

2018-05-25 - Four children found dead in ponds in two incidents in coastal Cox’s Bazar and Bagerhat (Bangladesh):

2018-05-26 - Two boys, 8 and 10, die in irrigation tank in Nagarkurnool (India):

2018-05-27 - After SUV bursts into flame and kills his wife in Port Clinton (Ohio), near Lake Erie, man succumbs to injuries and dies too:

Note: This incident was first mentioned in the 2018-05-25 update...

2018-05-27 - Woman and 6-year-old boy die after being found unconscious in swimming pool at apartments in Chesterfield County (Virginia):

Quote: "A woman and child found unresponsive in a pool at an apartment complex in Chesterfield County Sunday evening have died, according to police."

2018-05-27 - Woman and son found dead in apartment in coastal Yokohama (Japan):

2018-05-28 - Two men, experienced divers, go missing while diving, both found dead near coastal Zeeland (Netherlands):

2018-05-28 - Couple, 39 and 40, found dead on boat on Lake Lanier in Forsyth County (Georgia):

2018-05-28 - Three teenagers found dead in the Poonch River in Poonch (India):

2018-05-28 - Woman, around 35, and girl, 10, found dead in the Evros River (Turkey):

2018-05-29 - Two children found dead in lake in Ghazi Barotha (Pakistan):

2018-05-29 - Two children, 10 and 13, found dead in the River Indus in Hazoor Baksh (Pakistan):

2018-05-31 - Couple in their 50s drop dead at home in Madison (Wisconsin), 2300 feet from Lake Monona:

Quote: "The man and woman, both in their 50s, were found just before 7 p.m. inside a home in the 100 block of Harding Street, according to a release. Police said there were no signs of foul play, and the Dane County Medical Examiner will determine the cause and manner of the deaths."

2018-05-31 - Two men found dead in home in Yucaipa (California):;-death-investigation-underway/3543476/

2018-05-31 - Two boys, both 15, die in the water at quarry near Ennis (Ireland):

2018-05-31 - Four people, 17, 18, 18 and 20, found dead in the Chenab River in Sialkot (India):

2018-05-31 - Two girls, 9 and 11, die after being pulled from pond in Gajrajpur (India):

2018-05-31 - Three people, 12, 18 and 40, die in water in Yavatmal (India):

2018-05-31 - Three boys, all 11, die in pond in Kanakarasampalayam (India):

2018-05-31 - Two children, 10 and 6, found dead in pond in Tirupur (India):

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