Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 - JAN - Other Stories

2018-01-01 - Dried-up Bird Lake spewing rotten egg odor in coastal Port Augusta (Australia):

Quote: "A dried-up lake with an odour like rotten eggs at times is proving frustrating in northern South Australia, with environmental authorities and a council at odds about the cost of fixing the problem."

Note: Once everyone there is dead then nobody will be frustrated. Problem solved!

2018-01-01 - Boy, 16, has 'medical episode' and collapses in the water at beach near coastal Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "Emergency crews had to walk almost two kilometres through remote bushland to get to the boy, who is understood to have suffered a medical episode while he was in the river."

2018-01-01 - Volcano Agung erupts and belches ash into the sky on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

2018-01-01 - Volcano Stromboli erupts in Italy:

2018-01-01 - The fifty doomiest images of 2017:

2018-01-01 - Magnitude 4.6 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Mendocino Fracture Zone off the US West Coast:

2018-01-01 - Vehicles are now America's biggest CO2 source but EPA is tearing up regulations:

2018-01-01 - 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was a hyperactive deadly destructive record-breaking year:

2018-01-01 - Terrifying double 'bombogenesis' storm forms off US northeast coast:

2018-01-01 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Johor (Malaysia):

2018-01-01 - Powerful storm roars through Maclean (Australia):

2018-01-01 - Winter storm Carmen pounds France, 40,000 homes go dark:

2018-01-01 - Giant 20-meter-high ice wall forms over dozens of kilometers along China-Russia border lake:

2018-01-01 - The new year brings legal recreational marijuana to California:

2018-01-02 - Unknown odor evacuates the Lake Street School in Vernon (Connecticut):

2018-01-02 - Unknown rotten egg odor hits coastal Surrey (Canada) and surrounding areas:

Quote: "Responding to reports from residents mystified by a lingering bad smell on the streets and in homes around the Five Corners-City Hall area Tuesday afternoon, the City of White Rock says it also extends to various areas of South Surrey and Langley. A PSA on the city’s Facebook page says 'we are aware of a smell that some describe as natural gas, manure or rotten eggs,' adds that, while Fortis BC is investigating, it can be confirmed that the odour is not coming from either a city or Metro Vancouver facility, or the Cherry Point Refinery in the U.S."

2018-01-02 - Atmospheric methane hits 2764 ppb in the Arctic:

Quote: "On January 2018, methane levels as high as 2764 ppb (parts per billion) were recorded. The solid magenta-colored areas near Greenland indicate that this very high reading was likely caused by methane hydrate destabilization in the sediments on the seafloor of the Arctic Ocean."

2018-01-02 - Man, 19, has 'medical issue' near coastal Depoe Bay (Oregon):

Quote: "Mother Nature helped in the rescue of a 19-year-old man suffering from some kind of medical issue Tuesday. Firefighters were called just before 4 p.m. to Big Whale Cove, which is just south of Depoe Bay."

2018-01-02 - Man, mid-20s, tussles with transit officers then has 'medical emergency' at train station in Calgary (Canada):

Quote: "Calgary Police say officers were called to the station around 10:30 Tuesday night to help transit police officers arrest a man in his mid-20’s. During an altercation with the transit officers, police say the man suffered a medical emergency and was taken to the hospital in life-threatening condition."

2018-01-02 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean near the Fiji Islands:

2018-01-02 - Seven earthquakes, one M5.0, strike near the Greece-Macedonia border:

2018-01-02 - Heatwave brings record-setting heat to Mackay (Australia):

Quote: "Mackay has broken a 33 year weather record today, recording the highest January maximum temperature in recorded history. Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Sean Fitzgerald confirmed Mackay recorded a high of 37.6 degrees just after 2pm, breaking the record of 37.2 set back in 1985."

2018-01-02 - Lightning strike kills man in Kings Canyon (Australia):

2018-01-02 - Storm Eleanor hits Ireland, tens of thousands of homes lose power:

2018-01-02 - Snow seen in the Gulf of Mexico 30 miles south of Louisiana's coast:

2018-01-02 - Hillsides left barren by California wildfires now at risk from mudslides:

2018-01-02 - Dazzling green meteor lights up the sky over Peterborough (Britain):

2018-01-02 - Iceland becomes first country to make it illegal to pay men more than women:

2018-01-02 - Man tows a truck with his penis in Allahabad (India):

2018-01-03 - Unknown 'gas odor' blows through Highland (California):

Quote: "At about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 3, the Southern California Gas Company began to receive numerous reports of an odor thought to be natural gas over a large area of Highland. SoCalGas dispatched over a dozen crew members to the reported locations to test air samples and found no indication of natural gas."

Quote: "According to SoCalGas, as of 6 p.m. on Wednesday the source of the area odor had not been determined and the odor had dissipated."

2018-01-03 - Unknown 'gas odor' blows through Greeley (Colorado):

2018-01-03 - 'Gas odor' evacuates apartment building in Springfield (Massachusetts):

2018-01-03 - Man, 39, has 'medical emergency' on car-carrier ship near coastal Chesapeake Bay (Virginia):

Quote: "A 39-year-old man suffering from a medical emergency was airlifted from the 'Salome' near the Chesapeake Bay early in the morning of Jan 3, 2018, and then flown to Anne Arundel Medical Center."

2018-01-03 - Naked man found unconscious outside the Fountain Park Motel in Sheboygan (Wisconsin):

2018-01-03 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Tomahawk Lagoon in coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

2018-01-03 - 2017 was the hottest year on record without an El Niño, thanks to global warming:

2018-01-03 - Earth will start becoming a desert by 2050 if global warming isn't stopped:

2018-01-03 - Heatwave set to bake Kenya:

Quote: "For the first time in history, Kenya is expected to experience one of the world's worst heat waves, with temperatures expected to hit 40 degrees Celsius during the day in northwestern and northeastern parts of the country. A month-long weather forecast released by the Kenya Meteorological Department on Wednesday indicates that the looming heat wave will most likely be triggered by bursts of extreme heat that are expected to hit the two regions in the month of January."

2018-01-03 - The Texas coastline is slowly disappearing, and here's how one community is coping:

2018-01-03 - Sea level rise could displace 20,000 in Hawaii:

2018-01-03 - Unusually warm temperatures hit Alaska:

2018-01-03 - We need federal leaders who take climate change seriously:

2018-01-03 - Magnitude 3.9 and aftershocks strike near Mount St. Helens (Washington):

2018-01-03 - Series of moderate earthquakes shakes Macedonia:

2018-01-03 - Hurricane force winds hit Switzerland:

2018-01-03 - Life-threatening Tropical Cyclone Ava to hit Madagascar, heavy rain already falling:

2018-01-03 - Powerful nor'easter to impact the coast from Florida to Canadian Maritimes:

2018-01-03 - Hailstorm buries cars in ice in Biblian (Ecuador):

2018-01-03 - Storm Eleanor roars ashore in Europe:

2018-01-03 - Storm Eleanor dumps huge amounts of snow on the Alps in Europe:

2018-01-03 - Coal mining deaths surge in 2017 after hitting record low:

2018-01-03 - NSA’s top talent is leaving because of low pay, slumping morale and unpopular reorganization:

2018-01-03 - North Korea last April accidentally dropped a missile on Tokchon (North Korea):

2018-01-03 - Mike Tyson to build 40-acre cannabis mega resort and research center in California:

2018-01-04 - Oceanic oxygen levels dropping all across the planet:

Quote: "In the past 50 years, the amount of water in the open ocean with zero oxygen has gone up more than fourfold. In coastal water bodies, including estuaries and seas, low-oxygen sites have increased more than 10-fold since 1950. Scientists expect oxygen to continue dropping even outside these zones as Earth warms."

Quote: "Low oxygen also can trigger the release of dangerous chemicals such as nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas up to 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, and toxic hydrogen sulfide."

Note: That's what I said six years ago. And since then the number of rotten-egg-smelling unknown 'gas odor' events has been climbing, especially in coastal areas, but elsewhere too. The oceans and all the traditional sources of hydrogen sulfide have begun spewing more and more hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere. That's what has wiped out life on this planet before and it's going to do the same thing this time...

2018-01-04 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing around in coastal Goleta (California), meeting scheduled for Jan 10:

Quote: "A bad smell in West Goleta is the subject of an upcoming meeting. Hydrogen sulfide is creating a rotten egg odor in the Ellwood Canyon Area, where there are natural seeps as well as oil and agriculture work. Goleta city leaders want to tell locals what steps they can take if they smell a noxious odor. The meeting is Wednesday, January 10 at 6 p.m. at Ellwood School."

2018-01-04 - Unknown 'gas odor' hits child development center in Shadyside, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), 2 people hospitalized:

Quote: "Peoples Natural Gas said crews searched the building but did not find a natural gas leak."

2018-01-04 - Unknown 'gas odor' hits area in Allentown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Two blocks of Lehigh Street in Allentown’s south side were blocked off from traffic Thursday night after a passer-by reported smelling natural gas in the neighborhood. City fire officials found nothing unusual. UGI, the gas company, sent a crew that took several hours more to make a complete check of the area. The gas odor was reported shortly after 6 p.m. on Lehigh Street between Sixth and Eighth streets. Firefighters took readings at houses on the street, but nothing dangerous was found. 'They checked all the homes in those two blocks,' fire Capt. John Christopher said. 'They checked 30 homes and they found no gas inside the structures.'"

Note: They aren't going to detect hydrogen sulfide with natural gas detectors. Ya gotsta use the right tool for the job!

2018-01-04 - Two men go out on boat, go missing, on the James River in James River County (Virginia):

2018-01-04 - Kevin Hester interviews William Bibb on Nature Bats Last:

2018-01-04 - Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes near Plav (Montenegro):

2018-01-04 - Magnitude 4.4 earthquake shakes coastal Berkeley (California):

2018-01-04 - Lightning strike kills 2 people and injures another in Turi (Kenya):

2018-01-04 - Powerful Winter Storm Grayson brings heavy snow and storm surge to much of the East Coast in the US:

2018-01-04 - Cold wave spreads into Florida, first time in 29 years, iguanas fall from trees:

2018-01-04 - Mysterious glowing object lights up the night sky over Colombia:

2018-01-04 - Brilliant blue-green meteor lights up sky over Manitoba and northwestern Ontario (Canada):

2018-01-04 - Bright green meteor startles viewers in northeastern Pennsylvania:

2018-01-04 - NASA captures electric-blue noctilucent clouds circling over Antarctica:

2018-01-04 - Shrugging off Deepwater Horizon disaster, Trump administration relaxes oil industry rules:

2018-01-04 - A popular sugar additive may have fueled the spread of 2 superbugs:

2018-01-04 - Study confirms the next generation of RNA interference GM foods may seriously compromise the genetic integrity of our species:

Note: It's doubtful that the human race will be around for long enough for that to be a problem...

2018-01-04 - How alcohol damages stem cell DNA and increases cancer risk:

2018-01-04 - Justice Department to crack down on legal marijuana with roll back of Obama policy:

2018-01-04 - Security flaws put virtually all phones and computers at risk:

2018-01-04 - Chinese 19,000-pound space lab falling uncontrolled back to Earth:

2018-01-05 - Unknown 'gas smell' evacuates movie theater in Edwardsville (Illinois):

Quote: "Morgan praised theater staff for taking proper precautions. He said there was no gas issue discovered by fire department personnel."

Note: Only a false alarm in the sense that no natural gas was detected. That means someone smelled something that smells LIKE the odorant added to natural gas, e.g. a rotten egg odor. So probably just a little poison gas blowing through town and getting sucked in through the HVAC system, which can't be detected with natural gas detectors. Edwardsville is about 9 miles east (downwind) of the Mississippi River as the gas blows...

2018-01-05 - Volcano Kadovar erupts for the first time in known history on Kadovar Island (Papua New Guinea):

Quote: "More than 500 people living on Kadovar Island, East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea have been evacuated following the first eruption of Kadovar volcano in known history."

2018-01-05 - Volcano Klyuchevskoy erupts three days in a row on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2018-01-05 - Magnitude 4.9 earthquake strikes near coastal Tokyo (Japan):

2018-01-05 - Series of small earthquakes hit the San Andreas Fault (California):

2018-01-05 - Current extreme weather linked to humans for the first time:

2018-01-05 - Ocean recedes suddenly in Santa Elena (Ecuador):

2018-01-05 - Rare ivory gull from the Arctic turns up in Lake County Fairgrounds (Illinois):

2018-01-05 - Eight villages try to open bomb with a hammer, bomb explodes, everyone killed, in Sirawai (Philippine Islands):

Quote: "The villagers thought the discarded bomb was a container full of gold..."

2018-01-05 - 71-meter superyacht 'The One' brought back from the dead after devastating fire in 2016 in coastal Marmaris (Turkey):

Note: The superyachts 'Barbie' and 'The One' were destroyed by fire at 2 AM while docked in coastal Marmaris (Turkey) in early 2016, mentioned in the 2016-01-04 update. So if you're looking for a nice pre-burned and still heavily damaged superyacht, 'The One' is for sale!

2018-01-05 - New largest prime number discovered, 23,249,425 digits long:

2018-01-05 - Someone autotunes Nivana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and suddenly it sounds like bubblegum pop:

2018-01-06 - Unknown odor sickens people at Capital One Arena during basketball game in coastal Washington DC:

2018-01-06 - Heatwave and catastrophic fire conditions hit South Australia, dozens of brush fires erupt, roads melt:

2018-01-06 - Man, 59, has heart problems in the wee hours near river in the Linville Gorge (North Carolina):

Quote: "A 59-year-old man had to be rescued from the Linville Gorge after suffering from heart problems during a camping trip early Saturday morning. The NC Department of Public Safety says the man had been camping along Pinch-In trail near the river at the bottom of Linville Gorge when he began to experience chest pains."

2018-01-06 - Man, 56, has breathing problems at 1 AM on boat near coastal Key West (Florida):

Quote: "CG watchstanders received a report at approximately 1 a.m. from the man suffering from shortness of breathe and exhaustion."

2018-01-06 - Man, 61, has breathing problems on cruise ship near coastal Southampton (Britain):

Quote: "A 61-year-old man with breathing difficulties had to be medevaced from the 'Queen Elizabeth' in the English Channel yesterday in the afternoon of Jan 6, 2018, and taken to Southampton."

2018-01-06 - Passenger has chest pains on cruise ship near coastal Barfleur (France):

Quote: "A passenger of the 'Magellan' which was about 20 nautical miles north of Barfleur, was medevaced by a Cayman helicopter of the French Navy on Jan 6, 2018. The Cross Jobourg, in liaison with the Maritime Operations Center of the maritime prefecture in Cherbourg, was alerted after the passenger complained of chest pain."

2018-01-06 - Man, 48, pulled unconscious from nice calm beach in coastal Bulli (Australia):

Quote: "It is unclear if he suffered a medical episode."

2018-01-06 - Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes near Sarpol-e Zahab (Iran), 51+ injured:

2018-01-06 - Magnitude 3.5 earthquake strikes south of San Antonio (Texas):

2018-01-06 - Antarctic dry valleys experiencing significant shifts in flora and fauna as the ice melts:

Quote: "In a study spanning two decades, a team of researchers led by Colorado State University found declining numbers of soil fauna, nematodes and other animal species in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, one of the world's driest and coldest deserts. This discovery is attributed to climate change, which has triggered melting and thawing of ice in this desert since an uncharacteristically warm weather event in 2001."

2018-01-06 - Tropical Cyclone Ava hits Madagascar as Category 2 hurricane equivalent, 1 killed, 3 missing:

2018-01-06 - Thunderstorms hit eastern Spain resulting in torrential downpours, hail and tornadoes:

2018-01-06 - Giant waves flood the beach of El Rodadero in Santa Marta (Colombia):

2018-01-06 - Series of hurricanes makes 2017 year of highest insured losses ever:

2018-01-06 - Wind chill hits -90 degrees at Mount Washington in New Hampshire:

2018-01-06 - Flu epidemic spreads in California, pharmacies running out of medicines, ER's packed, death toll rising:

2018-01-06 - 76 countries are now involved in America's never-ending 'War on Terror':,_seeing_our_wars_for_the_first_time/

2018-01-06 - Attorney General Sessions declares war on states that have legalized marijuana:

Note: ,,|,, to you, Jeff Sessions!

2018-01-06 - Study finds psychopaths use these words twice as often as others:

2018-01-07 - Man, 60, has 'medical episode' and topples off seawall onto beach in coastal Thornton-Cleveleys (Britain):

Quote: "A spokesman for the police said: 'A man had a medical episode and fell onto the beach from the Promenade.'"

2018-01-07 - The ocean floor is sinking under the water weight from melting glaciers, and it's as bad as it sounds:

2018-01-07 - Crewmember has heart attack on ship near coastal Gibraltar (Britain):

Quote: "One crew member of the 'Nord Snow Queen' was medevaced 25 miles NE of Gibraltar by Salvamento Marítimo after suffering a heart attack on Jan 7, 2018."

2018-01-07 - Man strokes out on cruise ship near the Isle of Wight (Britain):

Quote: "A man believed to have suffered a stroke was airlifted from a cruise ship off the Isle of Wight last night (Sunday)."

2018-01-07 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Lake Tuggeranong (Australia):

2018-01-07 - Is Arctic warming influencing the UK’s extreme weather?

2018-01-07 - Heatwave broils Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "Sydney has sweated through its hottest day in almost 80 years with the beaches offering little reprieve from scorching temperatures, blackouts and train delays. The sweltering Harbour City's power and public transport infrastructure went into meltdown yesterday as a result of a record-breaking heatwave in which emergency services were also stretched to the limit with a number of critical incidents across NSW beaches packed with crowds trying to beat the heat. Temperature records tumbled when the Western Sydney suburb of Penrith hit 47.3C at 3.25pm, edging past its previous record of 47C on February 11 last year."

2018-01-07 - April 29, 2018 is the day Cape Town in South Africa becomes the first major city in the world to run out of drinking water:

2018-01-07 - Floods seen as warning of Boston’s future:

2018-01-07 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Sarawak (Malaysia):

2018-01-07 - Tornado rips through 2 towns in the French Pyrenees:

2018-01-07 - Two waves of snow kill 11 people in China:

2018-01-07 - Cold wave kills 70 people in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2018-01-07 - Cold wave kills 11 people in Nepal:

2018-01-07 - Heavy snow hits Spain and Italy:

2018-01-07 - Snowfall hits the Sahara Desert for the second winter in a row:

2018-01-07 - Heroic tales of bravery from the winter storm in the US to warm your heart:

2018-01-07 - Woman killed by flesh-eating bacteria after eating oysters in Westwego (Louisiana):

2018-01-07 - Quantum computers pose imminent threat to Bitcoin security:

2018-01-07 - Humpback whale saves marine biologist woman from shark near the Cook Islands:

2018-01-08 - Unknown 'gas smell' closes school early in Stonington (Connecticut):

Quote: "Students at one Stonington school were dismissed early on Monday morning because someone reported smelling gas in the building."

2018-01-08 - Unknown stench hits the center of Nottingham (Britain):

Quote: "Mystery surrounds a ‘gross’ smell that affronted shoppers in Nottingham City Centre this afternoon. People in the centre reported smelling something 'like a nasty lavatory' while they were out shopping at about 2pm today, January 8."

Quote: "Darren Saywell, 52, of Chesterfield, who smelt it on Clumber Street, said: 'It smelt dreadful, like bad eggs. I am a plumber so I'm used to bad smells but that got me.'"

2018-01-08 - Teen boy goes limp and almost dies in swimming pool during swim meet in Owosso (Michigan):

Quote: "A swimmer from Owosso High School Kamrin Samson almost drowned at a swim meet. Xavier Staubs, who was on the rival team Corunna was able to jump into the pool and rescue Samson. Staubs was getting out of the pool when the crowd started trying to get his attention. Everyone was pointing to Samson who was limp and floating down to the bottom of the pool."

2018-01-08 - Man, college football player, has 'medical issue' and collapses during game at stadium in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "After the game, McDonald told SEC Country he was OK. A team spokesman told ESPN it was a 'non-athletic medical issue.'"

2018-01-08 - Antarctica is melting from below, and it's getting worse:

2018-01-08 - Dr. Peter Carter on the climate change emergency:

2018-01-08 - Magnitude 3.4 earthquake shakes Groningen (Netherlands):

2018-01-08 - Hurricane Irma survivor stories should be a climate change wake-up call:

2018-01-08 - 2017, the year extreme weather ravaged New Zealand:

2018-01-08 - First major rainstorm in nearly a year prompts evacuations in Southern California burn areas:

2018-01-08 - Powerful thunderstorm brings 4600 lightning strikes to Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "A heavy thunderstorm hit Sydney with more than 4600 lightning strikes between 3am and 6am this morning, leaving thousands without power after days of extreme heat."

2018-01-08 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Singapore:

2018-01-08 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides kill 37 people in Kinshasa (Congo):

2018-01-08 - US child mortality ranks worst among 20 wealthy countries, study finds:

2018-01-08 - Germany set to abandon 2020 climate target:

2018-01-08 - The negative health effects of EMF and how to reduce exposure:

2018-01-08 - Large asteroid 2018 AH flew past Earth at 0.77 LD, 2 days before discovery:

2018-01-08 - Manhattan reported more UFO sightings in last two years than any other borough in NYC:

2018-01-08 - Were there giants in Bolivia?

2018-01-08 - Missouri makes the worldwide top ten list of places not to visit:

Quote: "The state of Missouri was named one of the top 10 places not to visit in 2018 by the travel website Fodors. Missouri is the only destination on the list that is within the United States."

Note: Any press is good press?!

2018-01-09 - Man, mid-70s, has 'medical episode' and collapses at shopping center in Preston (Britain):

2018-01-09 - 2017 was the second-warmest year ever measured, after 2016:

Note: So even with the end of the 2016 El Nino warming and some cooling from the 2017 La Nina, 2017 was still the second-warmest year ever recorded...

2018-01-09 - Arctic sea ice volume at third-lowest level ever after December:

2018-01-09 - Natural disasters on the rise says scientist, unprecedented cold, wildfires and hurricanes signify 'profound changes':

2018-01-09 - Magnitude 7.6+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near Honduras:

2018-01-09 - US rivers getting saltier, drinking water at risk:

2018-01-09 - Scientists alarmed by outbreak of reef-eating starfish at the Great Barrier Reef (Australia):

2018-01-09 - Australian birds have apparently weaponized fire as a hunting tool:

Quote: "The concept of fire-foraging birds is well established. Raptors on at least four continents have been observed for decades on the edge of big flames, waiting out scurrying rodents and reptiles or picking through their barbecued remains. What’s new, at least in the academic literature, is the idea that birds might be intentionally spreading fires themselves. If true, the finding suggests that birds, like humans, have learned to use fire as a tool and as a weapon."

2018-01-09 - As influx of Puerto Ricans continues, Koch-backed group starts seeking them out in Florida:

2018-01-09 - Trump speaks at a 4th-grade level, lowest of the past 15 presidents:

2018-01-10 - Hydrogen sulfide emanates from sewers at school in Nashville (Tennessee):

Quote: "Fire department officials said the smell was coming from the sewage line and was not dangerous. Everyone was cleared to come back inside. A school administrator told News 4 that someone smelled something and thought it was possibly a gas leak, so they called the fire department to investigate."

Quote: "A phone message sent to Overton parents said staff arriving to the school noticed a strong 'sulfur' smell and maintenance crews were called."

Quote: "The Nashville Fire Department said the smell is isolated to the school’s auditorium and is hydrogen sulfide from a backed up sewer. The Fire Chief described the smell as 'sewer gas' and said it is not hazardous."

Note: 'Not hazardous'?! Hydrogen sulfide is as deadly as hydrogen cyanide, which is what they use to execute people in gas chambers, and the British used it to kill German soldiers during trench warfare in WWI. Moreover, nobody anywhere knows what the long-term effects are of breathing it, regardless of concentration, but whatever the effects are, they're surely not good. In any case, this is yet another example of people thinking there's a natural gas leak when in fact what they are smelling is hydrogen sulfide, not the odorant added to natural gas...

2018-01-10 - Volcano Shiveluch erupts mightily, spews ash into the stratosphere, on the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2018-01-10 - Rising temperatures resulting in more than 99% of sea turtles being female:

Quote: "Since the sex of a sea turtle is determined by the heat of sand incubating their eggs, scientists had suspected they might see slightly more females. Climate change, after all, has driven air and sea temperatures higher, which, in these creatures, favors female offspring. But instead, they found female sea turtles from the Pacific Ocean's largest and most important green sea turtle rookery now outnumber males by at least 116 to 1. 'This is extreme—like capital letters extreme, exclamation point extreme,' says turtle scientist Camryn Allen, with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Hawaii. 'We're talking a handful of males to hundreds and hundreds of females. We were shocked.'"

2018-01-10 - Person has 'medical emergency' at park in Glastonbury (Connecticut):

Quote: "What was referred to as a 'medical emergency' prompted a response from emergency crews to a park in Glastonbury on Wednesday."

2018-01-10 - Man, 50, has 'medical episode' and falls unconscious in the water at coastal Merewether Beach (Australia)

Quote: "Newcastle resident Adam Bevan said the conditions were 'way too calm' for the man to have been overpowered by the waves and said he must have had a medical episode."

2018-01-10 - Man has 'medical episode' at shopping center in Bracknell (Britain):

Quote: "Officers have been assisting our emergency service partners today after a man experienced a medical episode."

2018-01-10 - SOTT Earth Changes Summary for December 2017, extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2018-01-10 - Mid-winter Arctic update as methane hits 2300+ ppb:

Quote: "They could easily change their color scale so that we could have readings of 2000, 2100, 2200 and so on, but they refuse to, because that would be disclosing too much information to the public. They do not want you to know how bad it now is."

2018-01-10 - Drought, then wildfires, and now massive mudslides hit California:

2018-01-10 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Bangkok (Thailand):

2018-01-10 - Storm dumps 18 inches of snow on Mammoth Mountain (California):

2018-01-10 - Deadly cold wave kills 40 people in 24 hours in Uttar Pradesh (India):

2018-01-10 - Bangladesh hit by coldest temperatures ever recorded since 1948:

2018-01-10 - Trump administration removes Florida from offshore drilling plans, says coasts heavily depend on tourism:

Note: Yeah, it's not like California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, etc depend on coastal tourism...

2018-01-10 - Boeing unveils large octocopter drone that can carry 500 pounds:

2018-01-10 - Man found dead with puncture wound on neck in apartment in the Bronx (New York):

2018-01-11 - Review of 2017, heat records, and recent warm years:

2018-01-11 - Alaska just had its warmest December on record:

2018-01-11 - It’s raining in Antarctica and scientific experts are officially worried:

2018-01-11 - Mount Agung erupts again on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

2018-01-11 - Volcano Stromboli erupts in the Eolian Islands (Italy):

2018-01-11 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Pyu (Myanmar):

2018-01-11 - Eight moderate earthquakes strike near Mandali (Iran):

Quote: "Six had a preliminary magnitude of at least 5 and two registered at magnitude 4, according to reports."

2018-01-11 - Hailstorm pounds Silobela (Zimbabwe), 47 homes destroyed, 20 injured:

2018-01-11 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Greymouth (New Zealand):

2018-01-11 - Tropical Cyclone Joyce forms near Western Australia:

2018-01-11 - Flu spreading in Alabama, governor declares state of emergency:

2018-01-11 - Florida monkeys excreting rare disease that can kill humans, scientists warn:

2018-01-11 - Listen to 1,200 years of Earth’s climate transformed into sound:

2018-01-11 - China on track to lead in renewables as US gives up leadership:

2018-01-11 - New York City sues oil companies over climate change, says it plans to divest:

2018-01-11 - Oil giants see a future in offshore wind power and their suppliers are investing too:

2018-01-11 - Congress barrels toward another shutdown crisis in the US:

2018-01-11 - Clueless and ignorant lawmaker thinks weed should be illegal because it makes black people crazy:

2018-01-12 - Oceans losing oxygen, going anoxic and suffocating life:

Quote: "The ocean is losing its oxygen. Last week, in a sweeping analysis in the journal Science, scientists put it starkly: Over the past 50 years, the volume of the ocean with no oxygen at all has quadrupled, while oxygen-deprived swaths of the open seas have expanded by the size of the European Union."

2018-01-12 - Hydrogen sulfide blows through Moscow (Russia):

Quote: "Residents of the capital of Russia massively complain about the unbearable stench of hydrogen sulfide..."

2018-01-12 - Boy, 7, pulled unconscious from swimming pool at home in coastal Benowa (Australia):

2018-01-12 - Chappelle, Maher, and Guy McPherson, Tim Bob’s latest:

2018-01-12 - Toxic Thaw Syndrome - melting permafrost carries unknown dangers for Arctic marine life:

2018-01-12 - Climate change behind coming fire insurance crisis:

2018-01-12 - Volcano Sinabung erupts again in Indonesia:

2018-01-12 - Volcano Kadovar continues erupting and spewing ash onto nearby areas in Papua New Guinea:

2018-01-12 - Volcano Tenorio hit by first known earthquake swarm in Costa Rica, national park closed:

2018-01-12 - Volcanoes rumbling again - Popocatepetl (Mexico), Shiveluch (Russia), Agung (Indonesia), Sinabung (Indonesia), Ebeko (Russia), Kadovar (PNG), seismic unrest at Tenorio, Irazu and Miravalles volcanoes (Costa Rica):

2018-01-12 - Earthquake swarm of more than 90 earthquakes strikes near Reno (Nevada):

2018-01-12 - Tropical Cyclone Joyce makes landfall near Wallal Downs (Western Australia):

2018-01-12 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslide hit Negros Occidental (Philippine Islands):

2018-01-12 - Heavy snow traps 430 people on train between Nagaoka and Niigata (Japan):

2018-01-12 - Freak dust storm engulfs Pecos (Texas):

2018-01-12 - Reflections on geoengineering - solar radiation management – now or in the future?

2018-01-12 - Fires and mudslides have some rethinking the California dream:

2018-01-12 - Strange sky spiral spotted in the night over Sudan:

2018-01-12 - Australian flu fatalities soar 77% in one week in Britain:

2018-01-12 - Pacific Northwest salmon are in big genetic trouble:

2018-01-12 - New Mexico governor pushing to give police full immunity for brutality committed on duty:

2018-01-12 - A neutron star near a black hole is pelting Earth with incredibly powerful explosions of rotating radio waves:

2018-01-12 - Unlike anti-depressants, psilocybin mushrooms can actually cure depression:

2018-01-13 - Man, 22, has 'medical emergency' and topples off boat into water near Logan (Utah):

Quote: "It is believed he may have suffered a medical emergency just before the accident."

Note: That's how so many fisherman have been found dead in water with empty 'ghost boats' found nearby...

2018-01-13 - Unprecedented heat cooking the Tasman Sea:

2018-01-13 - Volcano Mayon erupts, spews ash over two towns in Albay Province (Philippine Islands):

2018-01-13 - Man, 33, UFC fighter Uriah Hall, collapses and has seizure before weigh-in in St. Louis (Missouri):

Quote: "Many fight fans were disappointed earlier today (Sat., Jan. 13, 2018) when Uriah Hall failed to weigh in and saw his co-main event showdown with former UFC champion Vitor Belfort get scrapped from tomorrow’s UFC Fight Night 124 card in St. Louis, Missouri."

Quote: "Was also told by two sources that the belief is Hall suffered a seizure in the midst of it all."

2018-01-13 - Man has 'medical episode' and collapses on Queen Street in Oxford (Britain):

2018-01-13 - Oil giants admit to a 5C temperature increase being baked in but no one else will:

Quote: "Oil giants Shell and BP are planning for global temperatures to rise as much as 5°C by the middle of the century."

Note: Heh, 'baked in'. How are they planning for that? Are they planning for nobody being around? Because that's what everyone should be planning for...

2018-01-13 - Extreme heat in Australia may be here to stay:

Quote: "A section of highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne started to melt. Bats fell dead from the trees, struck down by the heat. On the northern Great Barrier Reef, 99% of baby green sea turtles, a species whose sex is determined by temperature, were found to be female. In outer suburban Sydney, the heat hit 47.3C (117F) before a cool change knocked it down - to the relative cool of just 43.6C in a neighbouring suburb the following day. Scenes from a sci-fi novel depicting a scorched future? No, just the first days of 2018 in Australia, where summer is in fierce form."

2018-01-13 - Costs of 2017 US weather disasters demolish previous record:

2018-01-13 - California off to rough start in 2018 with mudslides, wildfires, earthquakes and flu:

2018-01-13 - Northern California fires cleanup largest since 1906 earthquake:

2018-01-13 - Heavy smog hits Shijiazhuang (China):

2018-01-13 - Tap water toxins - 170 million Americans in 50 states exposed to radioactive tap water:

2018-01-13 - Bitter pill to swallow - why iodine tablets won't save you from nuclear fallout:

2018-01-13 - Jan 31 - Super Blue Moon Eclipse, it’s not just a lunar eclipse, or a blue moon, or a supermoon, it’s all three:

2018-01-13 - Working below the radar, Congress is unleashing surveillance:

2018-01-13 - Russian archaeologists discover new species of ten-ton, 40-foot dinosaur in Siberia:

2018-01-13 - Husband found dead after wife searches 'how to kill someone and not get caught', in Maypearl (Texas):

Note: Here's a tip on how to kill someone and not get caught - don't search for 'how to kill someone and not get caught'!

2018-01-13 - Footage of the smallest cat in the world, the rusty spotted cat:

2018-01-14 - Volcano Mayon erupts twice on the island of Luzon (Philippine Islands), thousands of people flee their homes:

Quote: "More than 5,000 people in 3 municipalities of Albay fled their homes due to the restive Mayon Volcano on Sunday, January 14. Two more phreatic or steam-driven eruptions were recorded on Sunday - one at 8:49 am and another at noon."

2018-01-14 - Volcano Kadovar continues rumbling and shaking in Papua New Guinea, 3000 people evacuated from nearby island:

2018-01-14 - Magnitude 7.1+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near coastal Acari (Peru), 1 killed, 20 injured:

2018-01-14 - Arctic sea ice update:

2018-01-14 - Heatwave bakes Southern California, records fall:

Quote: "Days after Southern California saw the first significant rain in nearly a year, the region fell back into summer-like winter with a heat wave that set new records. Among the places that set new high temperature records for the day: Los Angeles International Airport (86 degrees) and Long Beach (88). Lake Forest in Orange County was the hottest place in the United States on Saturday, registering a high of 90, according to the National Weather Services."

2018-01-14 - Heatwave bakes parts of New Zealand:

2018-01-14 - Scary-looking storm engulfs Mar del Plata (Argentina):

2018-01-14 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Fiji Islands:

2018-01-14 - Ice apocalypse in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ontario as ice jams break up and flood entire neighborhoods:

2018-01-14 - Erie in Pennsylvania on pace for snowiest season with 136.5" of snowfall so far this winter:

2018-01-14 - Cold wave kills 71 people in Nepal:

2018-01-14 - Image of the day - mother turtle nesting amid trash on Christmas Island:

2018-01-14 - Trump threatens NASA climate satellite missions as Congress stalls:

2018-01-14 - Climate journalism focuses too much on Trump and not enough on extreme weather, new reports find:

2018-01-14 - Two-headed western rat snake snake found outside Branson (Missouri):

2018-01-15 - Unstable East Antarctic ice sheet could cause catastrophe:

Quote: "New research has confirmed one of the worst nightmares of climate science: the instability of the East Antarctic ice sheet. This vast mass holds enough water to raise sea levels by 53 metres worldwide. And researchers have confirmed that one stretch of the southern polar coastline has melted many times in the past: by enough to raise sea levels by three to five metres. A rise of just one metre would render at least 100 million coast dwellers homeless."

2018-01-15 - Rising sea level swamping island along the Bengal Coast (India):

Quote: "The living drown and the dead float out from their graves as a rising sea engulfs Baliara village in Mousuni, an island facing the Bay of Bengal. Every third or fourth day, the high tide enters homes and leaves farms a wasteland. The village burial ground has been engulfed by salt water and skeletons keep floating up out of the earth."

2018-01-15 - Coastal waters threaten Florida’s historic resources – 'These are real threats. They’re no longer academic and off in the future. They’re in real time.':

2018-01-15 - Man, 57, strokes out on cruise ship near the Bahamas:

Quote: "The US Coast Guard medevaced a 57-year-old man from the 'MSC Divina' approximately 110 miles west of Great Inagua, Bahamas, on Jan 15, 2018. Watchstanders at the Coast Guard 7th District Command Center received a request for a medevac from the cruise ship for one of their passengers reportedly suffering from stroke-like symptoms."

2018-01-15 - Expedition reports findings from Havre Volcano in the south Pacific Ocean, site of major 2012 underwater eruption:

2018-01-15 - Shallow magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes near Athens (Greece):

2018-01-15 - Lightning strike kills boy, injures 3 more, in Kunene (Namibia):

2018-01-15 - 'Holepunch' cloud appears over Smela (Ukraine):

2018-01-15 - Cars frozen in place along the flooded Kennebec River in Hallowell (Maine):

2018-01-15 - Texas towns hit hard by Hurricane Harvey continue working to recover:

2018-01-15 - CDC postpones session on nuclear disaster preparedness:

2018-01-15 - New bee species found thriving in former Arctic nuke site:

2018-01-15 - Reading robots beat humans in Stanford reading comprehension test:

Quote: "Artificial intelligence programs built by Alibaba and Microsoft have beaten humans on a Stanford University reading comprehension test. 'This is the first time that a machine has outperformed humans on such a test,' Alibaba said in a statement Monday."

2018-01-16 - 'Gas odor' evacuates hotel in Hartford (Connecticut):

2018-01-16 - Landfill spewing hydrogen sulfide in Perinton (New York):

Quote: "Homeowners who live within a five-mile radius have been complaining of a rotten egg, chemical garbage type of stench since last summer. The stinky smell has even caused a distraction for students and teachers at schools in the Fairport Central School District. Residents are worried about the landfill's odor and its effect on their health."

Quote: "Fairport Central School District Superintendent Brett Provenzano said it's a distraction for teachers and students. For the past week, he's received two separate complaints about the smell. He said even parents are speaking up about it. 'I'm being told it's the hydrogen sulfide. It sort of smells like rotten eggs,' he said."

Note: Calm down people, it's just poison gas!

2018-01-16 - Stench blowing in off the ocean in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

Quote: "Auckland's summer storm has come and gone but residents of a West Auckland suburb are still suffering from the stench it left behind. A 'poopy smell' at Laingholm Beach during high tide has residents pleading to Auckland Council for help. Kristy Lobb, who lived beside Laingholm Beach with her partner, said they've had to keep their windows closed to avoid the stench."

2018-01-16 - Strange trumpet sounds heard in Garland (Texas):

2018-01-16 - Strange sounds heard in the skies over Britain:

2018-01-16 - Trumpeting noises heard in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada):

2018-01-16 - Rare iridescent rainbow cloud spotted above Darwin (Australia):

Note: Mysterious explosions and flashes of light in the skies. Unknown 'gas odors' regularly evacuating buildings. Unknown odors sporadically sickening people in passenger planes. Strange sounds in the skies. Weird cloud formations and even the occasional smoke ring in the skies. What do ALL of these things have in common? The atmosphere...

2018-01-16 - Man has 'medical incident' on Henderson Drive in Temple Hill area in coastal Dartford (Britain):

Quote: "Kent Police were called to Henderson Drive at about 6.30pm last night, January 16, following reports of a 'medical incident'."

2018-01-16 - Volcano Mayon continues spewing lava in the Philippine Islands, 38,000 people evacuated:

Quote: "More than 38,000 individuals have evacuated as lava continued to flow from the Mayon Volcano. Citing the latest report from the Albay Philippine National Police (PNP), Radyo Inquirer 990 AM reported that as of 3 a.m. Thursday, a total of 9,492 families from 39 barangays, 3 cities, and 5 towns have fled their homes under threat from an eruption of Mayon. Chief Inspector Arthur Gomez, Albay PNP spokesperson, said they were prepared to respond to any incident, the report said. Police have been deployed to the towns of Guinobatan, Camalig, Malilipot, Daraga, Ligao City, Tabaco City, and to Legazpi City. On Tuesday, Albay was placed under a state of calamity due to the threat of an eruption."

2018-01-16 - Mud volcano erupts and spews gas in Gushchu (Azerbaijan):

Quote: "The eruption continues and a smell of gas is reported across the area, they said."

2018-01-16 - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes off the coast of Nicaragua:

2018-01-16 - Magnitude 3.6 earthquake strikes near Caruthersville (Missouri):

2018-01-16 - Ocean temp hits 60.8F in the Arctic at Savalbard, air temp 44.5F:

2018-01-16 - Human emissions made ocean heat waves in 2016 53 times more likely:

2018-01-16 - Lightning strike kills two children in Lilongwe (Malawi):

2018-01-16 - Tropical Cyclone Berguitta heads toward Mauritius and La Reunion:

2018-01-16 - Four months of rain in 24 hours hits Perth (Australia):

2018-01-16 - Huge ocean swells close most beaches in New South Wales (Australia):

2018-01-16 - Temp hits -62F in the world's coldest village, Oymyakon, Siberia (Russia):

2018-01-16 - Meteor explodes with flash of light in the sky over Detroit (Michigan):

Quote: "Did you hear a loud boom and see a flash in Metro Detroit? Local 4 has received hundreds of calls from across the area from residents who saw a bright light and heard a loud explosion. Reports started pouring in around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Members of the Local 4 staff also reported seeing the flash and hearing a noise. It appears the actual occurrence was at 8:08 p.m."

2018-01-16 - Overwhelmed by flu cases, Texas school district cancels classes for a week:

2018-01-16 - Nearly all members of the US National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration:

2018-01-16 - Number of people without health insurance in the US rose by 3.2 million in 2017:

2018-01-16 - Chinese credit agency cuts US sovereign rating to BBB+, on par with Turkmenistan and Columbia:

Quote: "Massive tax cuts directly reduce the federal government’s sources of debt repayment, therefore further weakens the base of government’s debt repayment."

2018-01-17 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates high school in Hasbrouck Heights (New Jersey), near the coast:

2018-01-17 - Unknown 'gas odor' sickens people and evacuates office building in Toowoomba (Australia):

2018-01-17 - Man, 60, has 'medical episode' and collapses in the water at coastal Coogee Beach (AUstralia):

Quote: "It is understood the man may have had a medical episode and collapsed in the water."

2018-01-17 - Shallow magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean off Raoul Island (New Zealand):

2018-01-17 - Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes near the coast in Taiwan:

2018-01-17 - Heatwave broils parts of Australia:

Quote: "Temperatures are forecast to nudge 45C as a five-day heatwave blankets southeast Australia. The heat, which has fire services on ready alert, will be mostly centred on northern Victoria and southern NSW over the next few days with temperatures about 12C above average for this time of year."

2018-01-17 - Catastrophic drought imminent in Cape Town (South Africa):

Quote: "Over the past three years, a lot has changed for the city of Cape Town. Seated in a geologic bowl beneath Table Mountain and historically fed by heavy winter precipitation, the South African metropolis has been known as a haven of abundant natural water. This year, however, Cape Town may be the first major city in the world to run out of water. A three-year drought in the region around Cape Town has caused levels in its water-supplying dams to drop dangerously low. Experts have predicted that the city will reach 'day zero,' a point at which the dams drop below 13.5 percent of their combined capacity, on April 21."

2018-01-17 - Storm Fionn batters the UK:

2018-01-17 - Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of the Philippine Islands:

2018-01-17 - Snow and ice hit the southern US with record-breaking cold in Louisiana and Mississippi:

2018-01-17 - Yellow fever threatens all of Sao Paulo (Brazil):

2018-01-17 - Los Angeles could become the next city to sue fossil fuel companies over climate change:

2018-01-17 - Massive house-sized asteroid will fly close to Earth next week:

2018-01-17 - NASA warns another giant asteroid will hurtle past earth in early February:

2018-01-17 - Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini reveals the toxicity of formulants and heavy metals in glyphosate-based herbicides:

2018-01-17 - The UK appoints a Minister of Loneliness:

2018-01-18 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates school in Mattydale (New York), near Onondaga Lake:

2018-01-18 - Unknown 'gas odor' causes evacuations in Parksville (Canada), 2400 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Workers at Parksville’s public works building and at Valley Cedar located in the industrial park were evacuated Thursday morning due to a 'really bad smell of natural gas.' Assistant fire chief for Parksville, Tyrone Heigh said fire crews searched both buildings located on Herring Gull Way along with FortisBC but were unable to locate where the smell was coming from."

Note: Parksville is next to the Salish Sea, where hydrogen sulfide has been killing plants along the coastline, mentioned in the 2017-10-04 update...

2018-01-18 - Group sees unknown explosion in the sky off the coast of Hawaii on the day of the false missile alert:

Quote: "A man posted a video to YouTube on Sunday in which he claims his sister, who lives on Maui, heard that a group of 9 tour boat guides and about 13 tourists witnessed some type of explosion in the sky about 100 NM offshore (leeward side.)"

Quote: "So I live on Island and our family has a lighthouse, we all saw a bright flash that morning as well."

2018-01-18 - Oil slick from sunken tanker ship Sanchi in the East China Sea now as big as Paris:

Quote: "An oil spill from an Iranian oil tanker that sank in the East China Sea is now the size of Paris. The slick covers an area of 101 square kilometers (39 square miles), after almost doubling in size from the start of the week, according to figures released Wednesday by the Chinese State Oceanic Administration. Chinese authorities said there were four separate slicks that had formed after the Panama-registered Sanchi tanker sank Sunday. The largest oil slick is 48 square kilometers (19 square miles), it added."

2018-01-18 - Passenger has 'medical event' on cruise ship near coastal Rangitoto Island (New Zealand):

Quote: "At 2015 hours yesterday evening (18/1), the Coastguard Operations Centre received a call regarding one of the 2,300 passengers aboard the cruise liner Norwegian Jewel, who had suffered a medical event and needed urgent evacuation to a hospital on land."

2018-01-18 - Magnitude 3.2 earthquake shakes volcano Öræfajökull in Iceland:

2018-01-18 - 2017 was the second-hottest year on record as climate troubles escalate:

2018-01-18 - Another heatwave set to bake Sydney (Australia):

Quote: "Sydney is about to be smacked with another heatwave, almost two weeks after the city was recorded as the hottest place on earth. The Bureau of Meteorology is warning of a severe heatwave to hit today and last until Monday, with Penrith expecting five days of over 40C temperatures."

2018-01-18 - Mammoth waves pound the coast in Oregon, one man swept away:

Quote: "A man is missing and coastal authorities were warning people to stay away from the beaches and cliffs as waves almost 60 feet high were pounding the Oregon Coast on Thursday. The forecast of dramatic seas and unusually high waves drew many people to the shore, and one 44-year-old man remained missing after being swept off a seawall near Depoe Bay on Thursday morning, according to information from the Depoe Bay Fire District."

2018-01-18 - Deadly storm Friederike causes Dutch and German transport chaos:

2018-01-18 - Heavy snow hits North Carolina, state of emergency declared:

2018-01-18 - Cold snap hits Lake Michigan:

2018-01-18 - Meteor spotted over Ohio:

2018-01-18 - Meteor spotted over Alberta (Canada):

2018-01-18 - California hospitals face a 'war zone' of flu patients, tents being set up to treat them:

2018-01-18 - Russia's Kaspersky Lab discovers WhatsApp virus with features not 'seen anywhere else':

2018-01-19 - Man has seizure and injures himself at bus stop, bus driver helps, in coastal Dundee (Scotland):

Quote: "The man is believed to have suffered a seizure and wounded himself on a bus stop as a result."

2018-01-19 - Volcano Agung erupts again on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

Quote: "Head of Information Data Center and Public Relation of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said Mount Agung erupted again on Friday (1/19/2018), at 7:20 pm local time. The eruption that occurred was strombolian, characterized by the incandescent lava material which was thrown up from the crater to an altitude of 1,000-1,500 meters."

2018-01-19 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes in the Gulf of California near Loreto (Mexico):

2018-01-19 - First tornado in 2018 in the US touches down in Amelia County (Virginia):

2018-01-19 - Rare tornado touches down in Carinthia (Austria):

2018-01-19 - Category 3 Cyclone Berguitta batters the islands of Mauritius and Reunion:

2018-01-19 - High winds and big waves batter the west coast of Vancouver Island (Canada), swells of up to 9.5 metres:

2018-01-19 - Trump administration deserts science advisory boards across agencies:

2018-01-19 - Concern over climate change linked to depression and anxiety:

2018-01-19 - Venezuela's oil production is collapsing:

2018-01-19 - Murders and violent crimes on the rise in Jamaica, state of emergency declared:

2018-01-20 - 2017 was the warmest year on record for the oceans:

Note: The more the oceans heat up, the less oxygen they hold, the more the methane clathrates melt and the more hydrogen sulfide the oceans produce. Eventually the oceanic heating will cause enough methane and hydrogen sulfide to emanate from the oceans to kill every human being on the surface of this planet. That process, obviously, is already underway. We're just seeing who dies in what order at this point...

2018-01-20 - Man has seizure at Queen Victoria Square in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Queen Victoria Square, Hull, Hull. Sat 20 Jan 2018 15:09 (No:01160) Fire Service assisted male suffering fit. Male left in care of ambulance crew."

Note: So this man had a seizure in Hull, then 3 hours later a motorcycle went up in flames, then less than 2 hours after that a van went up in flames. It's only been a little over three weeks since a man burst into flame and burned to death in Hull too, mentioned in the 2017-12-27 update...

2018-01-20 - Man, 71, has 'medical incident' and collapses in Aldi store in Duluth (Minnesota):

2018-01-20 - Man, 24, goes missing from cargo ship 'Taif' in Somalia:

2018-01-20 - The Polar Vortex has split into two:

2018-01-20 - Heavy snow and snapping trees concern forest owners in Norway:

Quote: "'We can no longer be sure of stable winters,' forest owner Thor Wraa told broadcaster NRK."

2018-01-20 - Heavy snow hits Morocco:

2018-01-20 - Heavy dust storm envelops parts of the Middle East, sky turns dark red:

2018-01-20 - US flu season gets worse, busiest week for flu symptoms in nine years:

2018-01-20 - CDC-funded study says flu may be spread just by breathing:

2018-01-20 - Yellow fever kills 15 people in a month in Minas Gerais (Brazil), public health emergency declared:

2018-01-20 - Parents speak out about Tamiflu making their children sick and crazy:

2018-01-20 - CRISPR-edited food may be in supermarkets sooner than you think:

2018-01-20 - Trump isn’t reporting CO2 emissions, ending an era of global transparency:

2018-01-20 - Global disapproval of US leadership has soared under Trump:

2018-01-21 - Woman, 44, falls off cruise ship into the Gulf of Mexico and disappears:

Quote: "The incident comes just a few days after another woman fell over a balcony on the Carnival Elation, bound for the Bahamas, and fell several decks to her death."

2018-01-21 - Man, shipyard worker, falls into the St. Johns River and disappears in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2018-01-21 - Man goes into cardiac arrest during half-marathon, another man has seizure, in coastal Mumbai (India):

2018-01-21 - Can Kiribati be saved, or will climate change cause it to drown?

2018-01-21 - Rising sea level swallowing islands in the Bay of Bengal near Bangladesh:

2018-01-21 - Volcano Kadovar erupts again on Kadovar Island (Papua New Guinea):

2018-01-21 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes near the coast near Putre (Chile):

2018-01-21 - Snowpack near record lows in the US West:

2018-01-21 - Tornado touches down near Winnsboro (Texas):

2018-01-21 - Tornado touches down near Hoberg (Missouri):

2018-01-21 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Cornwall (Britain):

2018-01-21 - Heavy snow hits the Alps again in Switzerland:

2018-01-21 - Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller destroys the microbiome in humans and soils:

2018-01-22 - Unknown odor blows through Tulsa (Oklahoma):

Quote: "Officials at Oklahoma Natural Gas said they also received complaints about the smell Monday, but they said they did not find the odor's source. FOX23 reached out to Tulsa fire officials, who said they couldn't find the source either."

2018-01-22 - Warming and nutrients cause shallow lakes to emit significantly greater amounts of methane:

Quote: "Shallow lakes in agricultural landscapes will emit significantly greater amounts of methane, mostly in the form of bubbles (ebullition) in a warmer world, which is a potential positive feedback mechanism to climate warming..."

Note: Yep, that's another feedback. The warmer it gets, the more this happens. The more this happens, the warmer it gets...

2018-01-22 - Man loses consciousness while diving in coastal Tillamook Bay (Oregon):

2018-01-22 - Man falls off pier into the ocean and disappears in coastal San Diego (California):

2018-01-22 - Man falls off boat into the River Hooghly and disappears near Kolkata (India):

Quote: "A top official of Floatel, Arindam Bose, drowned in river Hooghly after falling down under mysterious circumstances during the hotel staff picnic party on board to a vessel on Saturday afternoon."

2018-01-22 - Man, 26, jumps into the water to retrieve ball and disappears at coastal Point Fortin (Trinidad):

2018-01-22 - Volcano Mayon erupts twice in the Philippine Islands, alert level raised:

Quote: "The Mayon Volcano shot what appeared to be a huge ash column on Monday, the second in over a week and as authorities braced for a possible 'hazardous eruption.' Some 27,000 people have been evacuated around the volcano that is renowned for its perfect cone. The alert level was raised to level 4, one notch below the highest warning. This indicates a 'vulcanian eruption' is ongoing."

2018-01-22 - The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history as Trump dismantles US efforts to fight climate change:

2018-01-22 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Albany Basin (New Zealand):

2018-01-22 - Incredible lightning storm rolls ashore in Adelaide (Australia):

2018-01-22 - Rare snowstorm causes havoc in Tokyo (Japan):

2018-01-22 - ‘Apocalyptic’ shelf clouds freak out Indianapolis in Indiana and Owensboro in Kentucky:

2018-01-22 - The Polar Vortex on the Northern Hemisphere has developed a third eye over the Mediterranean Sea:

2018-01-22 - Huge amounts of garbage washing ashore at beaches near Beirut (Lebanon):

2018-01-22 - City in a swamp, Houston’s flood problems are only getting worse:

2018-01-22 - Peru passes law allowing roads through pristine Amazon rainforest:

2018-01-22 - More than 80% of the wealth created last year around the world went to the top 1%:

2018-01-22 - Super blue blood moon promises a triple whammy of lunar treats on January 31:

2018-01-22 - The US Navy built a 'fast, agile' warship for $440M and it's been stuck in ice since Christmas Eve:

2018-01-22 - Legendary science fiction and fantasy writer Ursula K. Le Guin dies at age 88 in Portland (Oregon):

Note: I used eight quotes from her over the years. The last was to wrap up 2017, on December 31st, 2017, which now seems a little more poignant: 'It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.' R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Ursula!

2018-01-23 - Hydrogen sulfide sickens people and evacuates hospital in Forney (Texas):

Quote: "Atmos Energy confirmed it was called to the hospital at about noon and crews are evaluating a strange odor that was causing some people to feel nauseous. Their symptoms went away once they left the building, city officials said. Some patients were taken to other hospitals, the office said. No injuries have been reported. The evacuations are out of precaution, Atmos said. Kyle Rouvaldt with the City of Forney said the cause of the odor may be from a sewer line, not a natural gas leak, as there are no pipes of that nature going to the facility."

Quote: "Reports of headaches and nausea that prompted an evacuation of a North Texas hospital Tuesday morning were caused by sewer gas, fire officials say."

Note: There are two 'sewer gases', methane and hydrogen sulfide. Methane is odorless and people smelled something here so that means it was hydrogen sulfide...

2018-01-23 - 'Gas odor' closes all North Beach School District schools in coastal Aberdeen (Washington):

Quote: "All North Beach School District has announced that all district schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 24. According to a release, the school is closed due to gas odor."

Note: They closed ALL schools, so this was not a gas issue at one school or anything like that but something that would affect all schools. But what could they have in common? The atmosphere...

2018-01-23 - Unknown odor hits home in Haverhill (Massachusetts):

2018-01-23 - Crewmember, 28, has chest pain on ferry ship near coastal Kühlungsborn (Germany):

Quote: "On Jan 23, 2018, a 28-year old Norwegian crew member of the 'Finnpartner' complained about strong chest pain and needed immediate medical treatment. At 3.30 a.m. the master informed the MRCC Bremen about the emergency."

2018-01-23 - Crewmember, man, 24, has seizures on tanker ship near coastal Galveston (Texas):

Quote: "The US Coast Guard medevaced a mariner off the 'Corcovado LNG' approximately 20 miles south of Sabine, Texas, in the evening of Jan 22, 2018. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston watchstanders received a call from the captain of the tanker who reported a crewmember was suffering from seizures and in need of medical assistance."

2018-01-23 - Woman pulled unconscious from swimming pool at home in La Quinta (California):

2018-01-23 - Man found unconscious on Nelson Road in coastal Sheringham (Britain):

2018-01-23 - Cleaning up air pollution may strengthen global warming:

2018-01-23 - Shipping industry reducing pollution, eliminating the cooling effects of that pollution:

Note: If we don't reduce pollution then we're screwed. If we do reduce pollution then we're screwed. In short, we're screwed. Reducing pollution at this point might even be worse than not reducing pollution, as in the last human being left alive might die even sooner that way. Either way though, we're heading for the exit door as a species...

2018-01-23 - 2018 to see third consecutive mass coral bleaching event for the Great Barrier Reef?

2018-01-23 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits parts of the Hurunui River (New Zealand):

2018-01-23 - Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupts in Japan, 1 killed, 17 injured:

2018-01-23 - Magnitude 7.9+ earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of Chiniak (Alaska):

2018-01-23 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Binuangeun (Indonesia):

2018-01-23 - Cape Town water wars, a literal shitstorm:

2018-01-23 - Lightning strike kills boy in Malawi:

2018-01-23 - Freak waves hit Durban (South Africa), girl killed:

2018-01-23 - Rare hailstorm pounds the Northern Cape (South Africa):

2018-01-23 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Paris (France):

2018-01-23 - Aussie flu virus H3N2 killing around 100 people per week in the US while flu fatalities have soared by 77 percent in one week in Britain:

2018-01-23 - Yellow fever continues spreading in Sao Paolo (Brazil), 70 killed, zoo closed:

Quote: "Sao Paulo closed its zoo and botanical gardens Tuesday as a yellow fever outbreak that has led to 70 deaths is picking up steam. The big Inhotim art park, which attracts visitors from all over the world, also announced that all visitors would have to show proof of vaccination to be allowed in."

2018-01-23 - Researchers are worried that a brain illness known as 'zombie deer' disease may start infecting humans:

2018-01-23 - The craziest nacreous clouds ever photographed:

2018-01-23 - Mexico reports highest murder rate on record:

2018-01-24 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates Lebanon Valley College in Annville (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A UGI Utilities official told Hanrahan the odor was not gas related. The smell may have come from a passing train, he said."

Note: So they don't know where it came from, just that it came from a source from outside the school. Like, say, the atmosphere...

2018-01-24 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates Walmart in Council Bluffs (Iowa), near the Missouri River:

Quote: "Employees at Walmart on Manawa Center Drive evacuated the building for a short period of time Wednesday morning because someone smelled natural gas. At 9 a.m., the store reported a possible gas leak. Emergency responders and employees of Black Hills Energy arrived at the store but did not find a leak."

2018-01-24 - Man has 'medical episode' at 5 AM, collapses and injures his head, on Chevron Island in coastal Surfers Paradise (Australia):

Quote: "It turns out an incident in Surfers Paradise this morning wasn't a hit and run. A man was found lying on Thomas Drive with critical head injuries around 5am. Police investigations have now revealed he was simply walking along the footpath when he suffered a medical condition and fell, hitting his head."

2018-01-24 - Man, soccer coach, has 'medical emergency' and collapses at game in Darmstadt (Germany), game called off:

2018-01-24 - Person collapses and goes into cardiac arrest in carpark in Swindon (Britain):

Quote: "Wiltshire Air Ambulance medics have arrived at the scene of a serious medical emergency at Sainsbury’s in Bridgemead. Three ambulances and one air ambulances car have been at the scene since around midday. An eyewitness told Wiltshire 999s that paramedics were performing chest compressions on a person on the floor in the car park."

2018-01-24 - Mount Kusatsushirane continues rumbling and shaking in Japan:

2018-01-24 - Magnitude 6.2+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near Japan:

2018-01-24 - Heatwave continues baking Lower Hutt (New Zealand):

2018-01-24 - Invercargill heading toward hottest January on record in New Zealand:

2018-01-24 - Four million people will be allowed just 2.5 buckets of water per person per day as Zero-Day looms and Cape Town's water runs dry:

2018-01-24 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Mozambique, 11 killed, 75,000 affected:

2018-01-24 - Powerful storm pounds Santa Catarina (Brazil):

2018-01-24 - Heavy snow hits parts of Minnesota with 17 inches of snow:

2018-01-24 - Flesh-eating bacteria kills 8-year-old boy in Pendleton (Oregon):

2018-01-24 - Students create mathematical formula for the perfect roast potato:

2018-01-25 - Man, 46, has medical problem on cruise ship near coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

Quote: "A 46-year-old man had to be med-evaced from the Disney Dream cruise ship Thursday near West Palm Beach, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. The Coast Guard received a call from the ship, which was about 80 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, about a man in need of medical attention."

2018-01-25 - Volcano Mayon continues erupting and gushing lava in the Philippine Islands:

2018-01-25 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean off the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia):

2018-01-25 - Magnitude 5.8 earthquake strikes in the ocean 100 miles west of Ferndale (California):

2018-01-25 - Magnitude 4.0+ earthquake strikes northeast of Trabuco Canyon (California):

2018-01-25 - Magnitude 3.1 earthquake strikes west of Morongo Valley (California):

2018-01-25 - Some animals freeze solid as temp hits -56C in Kazakhstan:

2018-01-25 - Arctic bird species shows up for the first time in Romania:

2018-01-25 - Flu season has closed schools in at least 12 states in the US:

2018-01-25 - US may be preparing preemptive strike against North Korean nuclear sites:

2018-01-25 - No one seems to want to run Trump's EPA in California:

2018-01-25 - The Doomsday Clock moves up to 2 minutes to midnight:

Note: They should have that thing checked. It's way past midnight...

2018-01-26 - Oxygen levels in the oceans are dropping dangerously:

Quote: "Imagine if every living species in all of North America – including humans – were suffocating and unable to breathe because oxygen levels had suddenly and precipitously dropped. Every leader, from mayors to governors, would panic. And then they'd do something, anything, to deal with the clear and present danger. That precise scenario is now playing out in the world's oceans, according to a massive, unprecedented research effort published Jan. 5 – the first truly global snapshot of depleted oxygen zones in oceans. And yet, virtually no one at any level of government seems remotely concerned."

2018-01-26 - Oceanic heating continues without pause:

2018-01-26 - Six people hospitalized by unknown cause at Walgreens in Clive (Iowa):

Quote: "Television station KCCI reports that Walgreens employees posted a sign outside the drive-thru pharmacy reading, 'GAS LEAK. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will be back later.' People in the store were reportedly vomiting and suffered headaches and dizziness. Investigators found no carbon monoxide or natural gas in the store."

Note: The fact that they thought it was a gas leak means someone must have smelled rotten egg odor. But it wasn't natural gas or carbon monoxide, soooo...?

2018-01-26 - Unknown odor evacuates school in coastal Coquitlam (Canada):

Quote: "Staff and students were evacuated briefly from Miller Park Community School in Coquitlam this morning as a precaution because of an odour. No gas leak or other issue was found, however."

2018-01-26 - Volcano Mayon erupts again in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "Mayon Volcano threw up a gigantic ash column early Friday evening in another day of intense volcanic activity. From Legazpi Bay in Albay, residents and tourists watched restive Mayon Volcano doing a pyroclastic show at sundown."

2018-01-26 - Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Papua New Guinea:

2018-01-26 - Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes near Soda Springs (Idaho), felt in Utah and Wyoming:

2018-01-26 - Magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes near Stratford (California):

2018-01-26 - Greenland's ice melting from below as well as from above:

Quote: "Greenland is shedding ice like a popsicle on defrost. And some of Greenland’s fast-flowing glaciers feel the burn of a heat source that hails from Earth’s deep interior. A new study is among the first direct measurements of geothermal heat flux in Greenland. This heat source – enough power to light up roughly 1,600 American homes – lubricates the base of overlying glaciers, accelerating their journey toward the sea."

2018-01-26 - Alaskan permafrost continues melting:

Quote: "For the first time in centuries, the Arctic permafrost is beginning to change — rapidly. It’s warming up. Some places are softening like a stick of butter left out on the kitchen counter."

2018-01-26 - Yet another heatwave bakes parts of Australia:

Quote: "Large parts of the country are in the grips of yet another heatwave, with experts warning the extreme weather could be fatal. The current heatwave will see the mercury soar well above the average maximum temperature, with unusually humid conditions compounding the already dangerously hot weather. Sarah Fitton, a senior meteorologist from the Bureau of Meteorology's National Operations Centre, said most of South Australia and Victoria and parts of NSW would be affected by a severe heatwave while parts of Tasmania would grapple with an extreme heatwave over the long weekend."

2018-01-26 - Lightning strike kills 16 cattle in Mukanga (Zambia):

2018-01-26 - Thunderstorm brings more than 1,000 lightning strikes to Waikato (New Zealand):

2018-01-26 - Heavy snow and extreme cold batter communities in central Atlas regions of Morocco:

2018-01-26 - Heavy snow hits Shanghai for the first time in a decade in China:

2018-01-26 - Overlooked tiny air pollutants can have major climate impact:

2018-01-26 - Sparrows in the oilpatch are changing their love songs:

2018-01-26 - Symptoms of deadly flu strain spreading across US tend to 'escalate rapidly,' doctor says:

2018-01-26 - Former BigPharma exec confirmed to lead Dept of Health and Human Services:

2018-01-26 - A doomsayer's guide to the dollar and why it could keep plunging:

2018-01-26 - Researchers want to make edible goo from poop and bacteria for astronauts:

2018-01-27 - Man, 66, strokes out on cruise ship near coastal Fort Lauderdale (Florida):

2018-01-27 - Volcano Mayon continues erupting in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "State volcanologists detected three eruption episodes overnight as restive Mayon Volcano continued its heightened activity. In a report on Super Radyo dzBB on Sunday morning, Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) Director Renato Solidum Jr. was quoted as saying that the eruption episodes were recorded beginning early Saturday evening and until early Sunday morning."

2018-01-27 - Lightning strike kills woman in Ladybrand (South Africa):

2018-01-27 - Potentially deadly heatwave continues to bake parts of Australia:

2018-01-27 - Winter storm dumps snow on Saudi Arabia and Lebanon:

2018-01-27 - Heavy snowfall shuts schools and airports in Tehran (Iran):

2018-01-27 - Third winter storm of the year hits Israel:

2018-01-27 - Rare January waterspout evolves into tornado over Humboldt Bay (California):

2018-01-27 - Trump administration cancels decades-old protections for migratory birds:

2018-01-27 - Research study finds close to a third of FDA approved drugs have safety issues:

2018-01-27 - Latin Americans more concerned about climate change than those in US and Canada:

2018-01-27 - First time in 150 years, a guide to the 'super blue blood moon' event:

Quote: "A rare confluence of a blue moon, a supermoon, a blood moon and a total lunar eclipse will be visible in the sky over parts of the US and Canada on January 31 – the first time a ‘super blue blood moon’ has happened since March 31, 1866."

2017-01-27 - People go bonkers and riot over discounted Nutella in France:

2018-01-28 - Smoke from unknown source hits fraternity in coastal Berkeley (California), student has seizure:

Quote: "Firefighters responded to a UC Berkeley fraternity Sunday and found smoke but no fire. While there, however, a brother in the fraternity had an unrelated medical problem and needed to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, the Fire Department reports."

Quote: "Firefighters found smoke inside a laundry room on the property, but were ultimately unable to find any fire, said Battalion Chief Bill Kehoe of the Berkeley Fire Department. He said sometimes lint or dust in a laundry room can ignite, but then burns up leaving no evidence. Although no fire suppression was needed, the response proved timely. While firefighters were still on scene, one of the fraternity brothers passed out due to a medical issue, Kehoe said. A brother who is an EMT told BFD he believed the young man also had a seizure. As the patient was being walked to the ambulance, he passed out again."

Note: Filters and lint will also adsorb hydrogen sulfide from the atmosphere, and atmospheric gases will leave no trace when they burn too, unless they happen to ignite some matter. That's also much more likely than uncontaminated lint to cause people nearby to lose consciousness, have seizures or drop dead, and that's most likely to happen in coastal areas too, like, say, Berkeley...

2018-01-28 - Man, 43, Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger, has 'medical incident' and collapses during game:

Quote: "The NBA family suffered a serious scare on Sunday night as Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger had a medical episode on the sidelines."

2018-01-28 - Man topples off ladder in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Dramatic scenes as air ambulance attends after man falls off ladder in west Hull. Yorkshire Ambulance Service says the casualty may have had a medical episode just before the fall."

2018-01-28 - Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes in the ocean off the coast of Africa:

2018-01-28 - Magnitude 4.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean west of Coos Bay (Oregon):

2018-01-28 - Magnitude 3.8 earthquake strikes near coastal Wellington (New Zealand):

2018-01-28 - Magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes in Changjin County (North Korea):

2018-01-28 - Water situation continues to worsen in the midst of drought and record temperatures in Wellington (New Zealand):

2018-01-28 - Lightning strike kills family of 5 in their home in Mazongendaba (Namibia):

2018-01-28 - A century after the Spanish Flu, new global pandemics feared:

2018-01-28 - Asteroid 2018 BN6 flew past Earth at 0.94 LD, 7th within 1 LD in 9 days:

2018-01-28 - Montmorency cherry juice as effective at reducing high blood pressure as medication:

2018-01-28 - The FDA approves robotic exoskeleton:

2018-01-29 - Unknown odor evacuates medical complex in Prescott Valley (Arizona):

Quote: "Employees and customers of the Arizona Oncology Associates office complex, 3188 N. Windsong Drive in Prescott Valley, were evacuated from the facility late Monday morning, Jan. 29, due to a suspicious-odor call. The Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority and Prescott Valley Police Department (PVPD) responded to around 11 a.m. Upon their arrival, one person reported a sore throat and needed medical attention, according to a PVPD news release. Once the building was evacuated, a hazardous material team examined the building. However, the cause of the odor could not be determined, and people were allowed to return to the facility at 1:20 p.m."

2018-01-29 - Unknown rotten egg odor evacuates school in Alburgh (Vermont):

Quote: "An evacuation and a mystery in Alburgh Monday. Firefighters tell us villagers started smelling propane around 7:30 a.m. The pre-K through eighth-grade school was evacuated as a precaution. First responders tested for elevated gas levels all over the village. They even went door to door within a 1-mile radius. They found nothing. They still don't know where the smell came from but firefighters tell us it could have come from a passing truck or rail car."

Note: So there was no gas leak and they detected no propane or natural gas inside or outside the school. Propane is odorless so they add methyl mercaptan to it, which smells like rotten eggs. So nobody smelled propane; they smelled a rotten egg odor. Propane or natural gas detectors won't detect hydrogen sulfide. This school is in an area virtually surrounded by bodies of water. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2018-01-29 - Unknown 'noxious odor' evacuates school in Darvel (Scotland), 1600 feet from the River Irvine:

2018-01-29 - Student, 17, has seizures at school in Athens (Alabama):

Quote: "Limestone County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk said a 17-year-old student began having seizures and an EpiPen was used. An ambulance was also called to the scene, which necessitated the soft lockdown, Sisk said."

2018-01-29 - Woman, 46, strokes out on cruise ship near coastal Charleston (South Carolina):

Quote: "A 46-year-old woman was evacuated to Charleston from the 'Carnival Pride' on Jan 30, 2018. She reportedly suffered a stroke 15 miles east off the coast of the Holy City. Coast Guard sector Charleston officials were notified of the incident at 6:27 p.m. on Jan 29, but heavy fog didn't allow for a Coast Guard helicopter to get to the ship until 7 a.m. the next morning."

2018-01-29 - Boy, 6, falls into pond and almost dies in coastal Daytona Beach (Florida):

2018-01-29 - Man, 69, has 'medical event' near coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

Quote: "A man is being transported to Dunedin Hospital via helicopter as a result of a medical event on Monday morning. A St John spokesman said ambulance crews treated a 69-year-old man on the Omarama-Lindis Pass Rd, between the Dunstan Downs High Country Sheep Station and the Lindis Pass summit scenic lookout."

2018-01-29 - The week the Ring of Fire went nuts:

2018-01-29 - How much worse could the eruption of Mount Mayon get in the Philippines?

2018-01-29 - Arctic sea ice update:

2018-01-29 - Record-setting heat hits Camarillo and Oxnard (California):

Quote: "Both Camarillo and Oxnard broke heat records Monday, surpassing previous peaks set when bell-bottom trousers were popular in the 1970s."

2018-01-29 - Temp hits 93F in Lake Forest (California):

Note: Jeez, in California, and this is January! That's a hot summer day here in Misery...

2018-01-29 - As Beijing skies clear up, smog descends elsewhere in China:

2018-01-29 - Tropical Cyclone Fehi forms near New Caledonia, heads toward New Zealand:

2018-01-29 - Heavy rain and snow hit the coast in British Columbia (Canada):

2018-01-29 - Freak snowstorm hits Saudi Arabia:

2018-01-29 - Heavy snowfall hits parts of China:

2018-01-29 - Meteor lights up the sky over southern Spain, shines brighter than the moon:

2018-01-29 - There's another bad virus going around that is not the flu:

2018-01-29 - Bad science underlies EPA’s air pollution program:

2018-01-29 - Scott Pruitt is slowly strangling the EPA:

2018-01-29 - Trump wants to eliminate the agency probing oil rig deaths:

2018-01-29 - Elon Musk selling flamethrowers in California:

2018-01-29 - Giant emerald, 1.6kg, found in Russian mine in the Ural Mountains:

2018-01-30 - Unknown odor sickens four people at Palmetto Bay Village Center in coastal Palmetto Bay (Florida), 1000 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "The Palmetto Bay Village Center was evacuated Tuesday afternoon after authorities received reports about an unknown odor in the building. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said crews were treating four people at the building at 18001 Old Cutler Road."

2018-01-30 - Lindo Lake spewing foul odor in Lakeside (California):

Quote: "Parents in Lakeside have called into 10News concerned about a foul odor emerging from Lindo Lake. The lake is across Lakeshore Dr. from Lindo Park Elementary. Some parents tell 10News the smell is so strong, kids complain about it coming into their classrooms."

Quote: "Bachar described the odor as a, 'very very strong sewer smell,' while other residents like Angela Accardi says it smells like 'decaying garbage.'"

2018-01-30 - Rotten egg odor evacuates home at 7 AM in Lisle (Illinois):

Quote: "Emergency crews have secured the scene of a hazmat situation in suburban Lisle. At about 7 a.m. Tuesday, authorities were called to 6300 block of Kindling Court at about 7 a.m. to investigate a rotten egg smell. As a precaution, residents in the area were evacuated. No one was injured."

2018-01-30 - Rotten egg odor sickening workers at sewer pump station construction site in coastal Breakwater (Australia):

Quote: "The stench from a sewer pump station near a Breakwater construction site forced workers off site due to possible illness it could cause. According to Geelong Advertiser, the odour was likened to the smell of rotten eggs and has caused a complaint of illness and several other reports."

2018-01-30 - Woman in her 70s has 'medical emergency' in swimming pool at YMCA in coastal Marblehead (Massachusetts):

Quote: "The pool at the YMCA in Marblehead is one of the biggest draws for members, but on Tuesday, it became the site of a dramatic rescue. A woman in her 70s suffered a medical emergency while she was in the pool and staff members sprung into action."

2018-01-30 - Woman, 71, strokes out on cruise ship near Oahu (Hawaii):

2018-01-30 - Man, 50, has heart problems on cruise ship near the Bahamas:

Quote: "The U.S. Coast Guard medevaced a 50-year-old man suffering heart attack-like symptoms from the 'Carnival Sunshine' on Jan 30, 2018, approximately 46 miles north of the Bahamas."

2018-01-30 - Sailor, 47, strokes out on ship near coastal Durban (South Africa):

Quote: "On Jan 30, 2018, at 6 a.m. the NSRI Durban duty crew, NSRI ASR (Airborne sea rescue) rescue swimmers, the SA Air Force (SAAF) 15 Squadron and Netcare 911 rescue paramedics got prepared to depart from Durban to rendezvous with the 'Lake D' 50 nautical miles off-shore of Durban to patient evacuate a 47 year old Filipino sailor suffering a stroke (CVA)."

2018-01-30 - Crewmember has chest pains on ship near coastal Noirmoutier (France):

Quote: "On Jan 30, 2018, at 5 p.m. the CROSS Etel was alerted by the 'Quentin Grégoire' that a crew member suffered from severe chest pains. The ship was 24 miles off the coast of Noirmoutier. After a consultation with the Maritime Medical Consultation Center (CCMM) in Toulouse and the SAMU in Bayonne, it was decided to medevac the man with a Dauphin helicopter of the French Navy base in La Rochelle."

2018-01-30 - Man, 50, worker, loses consciousness on ship anchored near coastal Sitiawan (Malaysia):

Quote: "The man fell unconscious at around 7pm while doing repair work on the second deck of the ship. Sitiawan Fire and Rescue Department operation chief Mohd Zaki Zainol said a crane was dispatched to the scene, while fire officer Husni Sawal and five other firemen tended to the man. “When the firemen arrived, the victim had regained consciousness, but he was too weak to walk. He lost consciousness again soon after."

2018-01-30 - Woman in her 40s collapses, goes into cardiac arrest, in coastal Ramsgate (Britain), separate crash reported on same street too:

Quote: "Kent Police was called by South East Coat Ambulance Service at around 5pm to a medical incident outside Poundland. Officers attended the scene where a woman in her 40s had collapsed. Paramedics performed CPR on the woman who was then taken to QEQM hospital for further medical attention."

2018-01-30 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #91, January 25th-29th, 2018:

2018-01-30 - Volcano Mayon continues erupting, spews ash across the area, in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "A heavy shroud of ash from erupting Mount Mayon in the Philippines halted vehicles in at least two towns due to poor visibility as the volcano blew more lava and columns of ash from its crater, officials said Tuesday."

Quote: "Scientists have warned that despite repeated eruptions of lava, Mayon is still swollen with magma below the surface and could erupt explosively."

2018-01-30 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts four times near Mexico City (Mexico):

2018-01-30 - Range of startovolcanoes rumbling, ground bulging, on the island of Honshu (Japan):

Quote: "Japan has raised the warning level on a cluster of volcanos in the north of the country - just a week after an eruption at Kusatsu-Shirane caused an avalanche that killed a soldier and injured a dozen skiers at a winter resort. Japan's Meteorological Agency raised the alert on the Zao range from two to one, meaning tourists should stay away from its crater. 'There is a possibility of a small-scale eruption,' the agency warned in a statement after detecting a number of small earth movements and a slight bulging of the ground in one region."

2018-01-30 - Volcano Gaua rumbling on island in Vanuatu, alert level raised:

2018-01-30 - Gulf Of Alaska shaken by more than 400 aftershocks after M7.9 earthquake:

2018-01-30 - Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near Natore (Bangladesh):

2018-01-30 - Magnitude 2.6 earthquake strikes near San Martin (California):

2018-01-30 - Half of US military bases report climate extremes, new Pentagon study says:

2018-01-30 - Powerful storm pounds Gibraltar (Britain):

2018-01-30 - High tides and giant waves hit Scituate (Massachusetts):

2018-01-30 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Guatemala:

2018-01-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Chiapas and Tabasco (Mexico):

2018-01-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Cowichan Valley (Canada):

2018-01-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Northern Territory (Australia):

2018-01-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Singapore:

2018-01-30 - Hot humid weather brings explosion of cockroaches to Australia:

2018-01-30 - As NAFTA talks continue, your hamburger hangs in the balance:

2018-01-30 - US budget deficit to top $1 trillion in 2019 budget:

2018-01-30 - Perspectives on wisdom from end-of-life patients:

2018-01-31 - Fierce storm pounds Wellington (New Zealand):

2018-01-31 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Dunedin (New Zealand):

2018-01-31 - Heaviest late January snowfall in 50 years hits Moscow (Russia):

2018-01-31 - Cold wave kills 52 people in Taiwan:

2018-01-31 - Crazy intense colors appear and float in the sky over Brazil:

2018-01-31 - Temperature rises 126 degrees in two weeks in Oymyakon, Siberia (Russia):

2018-01-31 - Santa Barbara County resolution opposes new federal offshore oil leases along California coast:

2018-01-31 - Killer whale learns to mimic variety of human words, in Antibe (France):

Quote: "The orca, living at the Marineland aquarium in Antibes, France, has copied several phrases like 'hello', 'bye-bye,' 'one, two, three,' and even people’s names. 'We wanted to see how flexible a killer whale can be in copying sounds,' the University of St. Andrews’ Josep Call said, via The Guardian."

Quote: "In a surprising twist, the last thing it said, which it had not been taught, was, 'Let me the f#ck out of here!'"

Note: Okay, okay, I added the last part...

2018-01-31 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan, 1 killed, 9 injured:

2018-01-31 - Volcano Mayon continues erupting in the Philippine Islands:

Quote: "Mayon in northeastern Albay province has been erupting for more than two weeks, forcing more than 84,000 villagers to flee to crowded emergency shelters. Scientists fear a more violent eruption could be imminent."

2018-01-31 - River Molchanka turns red just outside Tyumen (Russia):

2018-01-31 - Man, 40, has seizure(s) on cruise ship near coastal Key West (Florida):

Quote: "The US Coast Guard medevaced a 40-year-old man with seizure-like symptoms from the 'Oregon Voyager' on Jan 30, 2018, approximately 26 miles south of Key West."

2018-01-31 - Man, employee, has heart attack at feed company near Eden (Idaho):

2018-01-31 - Woman has 'medical emergency' and collapses in garage at home, lays there for 2 days, in Huron Township (Michigan):

Quote: "The woman had suffered a medical emergency and had fallen. And it's believed she'd been on the floor for about two days."

2018-01-31 - Teen collapses while playing soccer in Swindon (Britain):

2018-01-31 - Man, 21, pulled unconscious from the water at beach in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

2018-01-31 - Woman pulled unconscious from the water at beach in coastal Burrum Heads (Australia):

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