Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 - JAN - Multiple Corpses

2018-01-01 - Two men, 25 and 35, found dead in submerged car in canal in Ratchaburi Province (Thailand):

2018-01-01 - Man and teen boy die in the water at beaches in and around coastal Cape Town (South Africa):

2018-01-02 - Two teens, both 17, found dead in pond at mosque in coastal Galle on the island of Sri Lanka:

2018-01-02 - Two boys, both 15, found dead in river in Pedas (Malaysia):

2018-01-02 - Two teen boys found dead in canal in Thiruverumbur (India):

2018-01-02 - Man and woman, 47 and 44, go out on boat, next seen dead in the water near coastal Phang Nga (Thailand):

2018-01-02 - Two men found dead near homeless camps in Houston (Texas):

2018-01-03 - Man and son, 38 and 14, found dead in submerged pickup truck in canal in Buckeye Valley (Arizona):

2018-01-03 - Two people, 24 and 25, found dead with submerged motorcycle in canal near Darsiparru (India):

2018-01-03 - Man and woman, 71 and 57, found dead in their homes in Opelousas (Louisiana):

Quote: "Opelousas Police say they have identified the two people found dead in their homes Wednesday afternoon. A spokeswoman with the Opelousas Police department says the woman found in a home on Academy Street has been identified as 57-year-old Barbara Savoy. The man found dead in a home on Mayer Street has been identified as 71-year-old Bernell Thomas. A cause of death has still not been determined, but foul play is not a factor in either death."

2018-01-04 - Two men in their 50s have heart attacks, woman has 'medical emergency', one man and woman die, on coastal Long Island (New York):

Quote: "Officials in Suffolk County on Long Island said two men in their 50s suffered heart attacks and a woman had some sort of medical emergency while out in the elements. All were all rushed to the hospital, where one of the men and the woman died."

2018-01-04 - Father and daughter, 81 and 55, found dead in home in Niles (Michigan), 1700 feet from the St. Joseph River:

2018-01-04 - Couple, 20 and 23, found dead in river in Bijnore (India):

Quote: "According to police, the incident may be of honour killing or one of suicide."

Note: There they go, trying to use the simplistic psyops tactic of defining the possibilities. Maybe this couple just went for a swim and lost consciousness or slumped over dead in the water. That's also a possibility, but they don't want anyone considering THAT possibility, so they spell out the possibilities they DO want people to consider. Well, no thanks, I can do my own thinking...

2018-01-04 - Two people found dead in submerged car in canal near Khatima (India):

2018-01-04 - Five people found dead in minibus in Assam (India):

2018-01-05 - Two boys, 13 and 9, die in dam reservoir in coastal East London (South Africa):

2018-01-05 - Two men, 53 and 74, found dead in the water in the Western Cape (South Africa):

2018-01-06 - Four college students, all 21 or 22, found dead in pond in Vatluru (India):

2018-01-06 - Four people die in the water in coastal Cape Town and Richards Bay (South Africa):

2018-01-06 - Mother and two young children found dead in submerged car in pond in Immokalee (Florida):

2018-01-07 - Three men, 36, 45 and 48, die in sewage tank at apartments in Somasundarapalya (India):

2018-01-07 - Four girls, 12, 12, 11 and 7, found dead in pond in Sakwaya (Nigeria):

2018-01-07 - Man and woman, 19 and 18, found dead in the Chenab River near Gursun (India):

2018-01-08 - Three people, 19, 19 and 21, die in the water at beaches near coastal Neelankarai (India):

2018-01-09 - Couple found dead at home near Inez (Texas):

2018-01-09 - Brother and sister, 43 and 52, found dead at home in Murcia (Spain), near the coast:

Quote: "Mystery surrounds the discovery in San Javier, since the bodies of the 52-year-old woman and 43-year-old man show no signs of violence."

2018-01-10 - Couple, 55 and 54, found dead in home in Rutland (Ohio):

Quote: "Donald Icenhower, 55, and Julie Zielinski, 54, are identified as the victims, the Meigs County Sheriff's Office says. According to initial autopsy report from the Montgomery County Coroner's Office, there were no traumatic injuries to either person."

2018-01-10 - Mother and son found dead at home in coastal Portmore on the island of Jamaica:

Quote: "A mother and son were found dead in a house in Portmore, Pines, St. Catherine Wednesday afternoon. The bodies were found on the floor at 1 o'clock. According to the police, there are no signs of violence on the bodies and no forced entry to the property."

2018-01-10 - Two men found dead in the Sidhwan Canal in Ludhiana (India):

2018-01-11 - Two people die in the water at beaches in the Maldive Islands:

Quote: "A police media spokesman confirmed that one victim was a 62-year-old German national who drowned during a snorkelling expedition at Meedhupparu Island Resort on Wednesday. On Sunday, a Chinese tourist drowned at Kuramathi Island Resort."

Quote: "With a tourist dying in a similar incident in Kuramathi Island Resort last week and another dying after jumping into the water from a safari recently, there has been an escalation in the number of tourists who died from incidents at sea."

2018-01-11 - Couple in their 60s drop dead at home in coastal Keelung (Taiwan), 3-year-old boy found starving in home:

Quote: "He had not eaten for at least two days, police said, with the coroner suggesting the couple had died within minutes of each other some 48 hours before."

Quote: "Investigators said there appeared to be no signs of struggle inside the home. Carbon monoxide poisoning has also been ruled out."

2018-01-11 - Man and grandson, 60 and 6, found dead in pond near their home in coastal Ratchaburi Province (Thailand):

2018-01-11 - Two college students found dead in dam reservoir in coastal Visakhapatnam (India):

2018-01-12 - 'Drownings' on the rise in South Africa:

2018-01-13 - Man and woman, 66 and 57, found dead in home in Langhorne (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The call came in around 2 p.m. Saturday as a welfare check. Police say two bodies were discovered inside the home - a man and a woman. Police said there are no signs of foul play, but after several hours on the scene they are still looking for a cause."

2018-01-13 - Two men, 52 and 48, die while cleaning molasses tank at business on Sarina Beach Road in coastal Sarina (Australia):

2018-01-14 - Two women found dead in submerged car in retention pond in Bradford County (Florida):

2018-01-14 - Man and woman, 32 and 30, die in the water at beach on Forbidden Island (Marianas):

2018-01-14 - Man and woman, 39 and 48, found dead in dam reservoirs in Limpopo (South Africa):

2018-01-14 - Two people found dead in the water at the island of Tenerife (Spain):

2018-01-15 - Man and woman, 30 and 28, found dead in barn near Ocala (Florida):

2018-01-15 - Two men, 27 and 17, die in water while washing cattle in Melkothakuppam (India):

2018-01-15 - Four people die in the water at beach while taking holy dip in the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu (India):

Quote: "At least four devotees drowned while taking a holy dip in a sea in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu Tuesday, police said. The incident took place when a number of devotees were taking holy dip in the Bay of Bengal at Vedaranyam area in Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district on the occasion of an auspicious day, before paying a visit to a Hindu temple situated on its banks."

2018-01-15 - Three people, 14, 19 and 20, found dead in the River Godavari near Pasuvullanka (India):

2018-01-16 - Two men in their 60s found dead in mobile home in Moraga (California):

Quote: "Investigators do not suspect foul play, he said. 'No signs of trauma,' he said. 'No evidence of anything sinister.'"

2018-01-16 - Man and woman, 70 and 35, found dead in Falls Lake with submerged SUV near Durham (North Carolina):

2018-01-16 - Five people die in the water while training for swimming competition, in coastal Vedaranyam (India):

Quote: "Five youths drowned in sea off the Vedaranyam coast in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu on Tuesday morning while getting training for a swimming competition which was scheduled to be held later in the day as part of the Kaanum Pongal celebrations."

2018-01-16 - Couple, 30 and 25, found dead in pond in Ogurupadu (India):

2018-01-18 - Two boys, both 13, die in the Ulhas River near Ulhasnagar (India):

2018-01-19 - Two women, 69, twins, found dead in home in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2018-01-19 - Man and boy, 23 and 16, die in the water in coastal Angulanaon on the island of Sri Lanka:

2018-01-21 - Woman and son, 93 and 66, found dead in home in coastal Queens (New York):

Quote: "The 93-year-old woman and her son, 66, had no obvious signs of trauma and there were no weapons found inside the home they shared on 62nd Ave. near Yellowstone Blvd. in Forest Hills, according to cops."

2018-01-21 - Two women, unknown and 44, drop dead in apartment in Plovdiv (Bulgaria):

2018-01-22 - Charred corpse of 23-year-old man found at 6 AM along North Pope Bend Road in Bastrop County (Texas):

2018-01-22 - RV goes up in flames and kills man at 2:30 AM in Chino Valley (Arizona), woman injured too:

2018-01-22 - RV goes up in flames and kills person near Lake Hawea (New Zealand):

Note: These are the 39th and 40th RVs to burn/explode in 2018...

2018-01-22 - RV trailer goes up in flames at 4:30 AM and kills 3 people on German Hollow Road in Plymouth (New York):

Quote: "Frair said the family was living in a camper (the structure that caught fire) that was situated on a plot of land."

2018-01-22 - Two men, 50 and 67, die while snorkeling at the same beach on the island of Maui (Hawaii):

Quote: "Two people have died three days apart while snorkeling at the same Maui beach. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that on Saturday, a 67-year-old Castro Valley, California, resident was found unresponsive offshore at Kamaole Beach Park III. Fire Services Chief Edward Taomoto says the man had been snorkeling with friends about 20 yards (18 meters) offshore. They noticed he wasn't moving and brought him to shore to administer life-saving procedures. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. On Thursday, a 50-year-old man from Oakland, California, died after he was found unresponsive in knee-deep waters at the same beach."

Note: Kinda like the schools of fish washing up dead, but with humans...

2018-01-22 - Four men found dead in water reservoir in Kachin State (Myanmar):

2018-01-22 - Two men go out on boat, both found dead in the water near coastal Bailey Town, Bimini (Bahamas):

2018-01-23 - Two men, 27 and 28, found dead in the Coleroon River in Thudaiyur (India):

2018-01-24 - Woman and son, 90 and 65, found dead in home in Port Huron (Michigan), 2500 feet from the St. Clair River:

Quote: "Carbon monoxide poisoning was the suspected cause, but the fire crews tested the home and no high levels of carbon monoxide were found. Police said there was no trauma to either victim."

2018-01-25 - Six people die in the water in 11 days on the island of Maui (Hawaii):

2018-01-25 - Mother and son, 86 and 55, drop dead in apartment in Baraboo (Wisconsin):

Quote: "The Baraboo Police Department issued a news release Thursday afternoon that said 86-year-old Barbara A. Hablewitz and her son, 55-year-old Rick T. Hablewitz, both died of natural causes."

2018-01-25 - Five people found dead on ranch in Falfurrias (Texas):

2018-01-25 - Two men, 22 and 29, drop dead in hotel in coastal Karachi (Pakistan):

2018-01-26 - Woman and boy, 24 and 15, found dead in dam reservoir in Julatten (Australia):

Quote: "Acting Inspector Rob Campbell said Ms Cini was seen to go limp as she entered the water and her friends became concerned when she did not surface."

2018-01-26 - Man and woman, 60 and 67, found dead at home on Caldwell Lane in Ashland City (Tennessee):

2018-01-26 - Five people, all 15-28, found dead in bodies of water in two incidents in Erode District (India):

2018-01-27 - Two college students die in dam reservoir in Satara (India):

2018-01-27 - Two college students die in the River Nyamindi (Kenya):

2018-01-28 - Two men, 25 and 26, found dead in reservoir in Dandipudi (India):

2018-01-28 - Two children, 10 and 13, die in the water at beach in coastal Malvan (India):

2018-01-29 - Unprecedented spike in watery deaths hits Maui (Hawaii):

Quote: "In the last few weeks Maui has experienced an unprecedented spike in ocean drowning incidents..."

2018-01-29 - Watery deaths rising in New Zealand:

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