Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 - JAN - Zombie Files

2018-01-01 - Naked man runs around parking lot at motel in Toledo (Ohio):

2018-01-01 - Naked man, 42, goes berserk, attacks random people, punches woman, bites cop, in Croydon (Britain):

Quote: "A naked man has been filmed as he attacked people in the street, including an innocent woman walking with a pram. Scared shoppers ran into buildings as shop owners locked their doors as the man hit out at strangers."

Quote: "Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and a 42-year-old man was detained under the Mental Health Act in Katharine Street and was taken to a south London hospital. 'While at the hospital, the man bit a police officer on the hand. The man was then taken to a mental health facility for assessment."

2018-01-02 - Naked man attacks man outside the Kimmel Center in Center City, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A naked man violently attacks an innocent man walking down Broad Street. Good Samaritans jump in to help pull the man to safety, while holding the suspect down until police arrived. Hard to watch such a brutal beatdown."

2018-01-02 - Naked man reported running down road in Winter Park (Florida):

Quote: "Authorities received a report at around 11:30 p.m. of a naked male running up the street from U.S. Highway 40 to Lakota Trail in Winter Park. Authorities were unable to locate the man."

2018-01-02 - Naked man found walking around the town center in Taunton (Britain):

2018-01-03 - Naked man, 24, crashes car through properties in Grand Meadow (Texas):

2018-01-05 - Man smears poop all over bathrooms on passenger plane, plane makes emergency landing in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

Quote: "The man, who was accused of soiling two lavatories and trying to flush his shirt down a toilet, did not try to interfere with the flight crew and was not expected to be arrested, airport police Lt. Joe Gamache said. He was taken to a hospital for a mental health assessment."

2018-01-05 - Naked man in his 30s rides around on motorcycle in coastal Teluk Intan (Malaysia):

2018-01-06 - Naked woman, 27, runs around in coastal Plymouth (Britain):

2018-01-09 - Man in his 20s rips urinal off wall at restaurant, strips naked, runs away, in Tallahassee (Florida):

Quote: "Police are searching for a man who ripped a urinal off the wall of a Tallahassee restaurant and, when confronted by employees, stripped naked and ran into the woods."

2018-01-09 - Naked man jumps off bridge and dies in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "A man is dead after he jumped off the Burnett Transit Center bridge just north of downtown Houston. Our crew at the scene saw a body without clothing being removed by the medical examiner."

2018-01-11 - Woman goes nuts on passenger plane, attacks passengers, tries to strangle person, plane diverts to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A spokesperson for American Airlines released the following statement: 'American Airlines flight 732 from Charlotte Douglas (CLT) to London Heathrow (LHR) diverted to Philadelphia (PHL) due to a disruptive passenger. Law enforcement met flight 732 on arrival at Philadelphia.' A source with the FBI tells Action News that they did respond to the scene, and described the incident as a medical issue."

Quote: "An American Airlines red-eye flight from Charlotte to London abruptly turned back early Thursday morning after a woman allegedly attacked other passengers and tried to open the door to the plane over the Atlantic Ocean, officials confirm to ABC7. According to local woman who was also on board the flight, the woman attacked several people, 'started strangling a woman in front of her' and then was trying to open the door of the plane."

Quote: "NBC Charlotte learned American Airlines flight 732 was over the Atlantic Ocean at the time of the incident."

Note: Sounds similar to the man who suddenly started biting people on a passenger plane after departing coastal Los Angeles (California), mentioned in the 2017-12-11 update. Over the Atlantic Ocean is where on consecutive days Carrie Fisher went into cardiac arrest on one passenger plane (and died shortly later), and a 10-year-old girl dropped dead on another passenger plane, events mentioned in the 2016-12-23 update and the 2016-12-24 update respectively...

2018-01-11 - Man, 26, strips naked in salon, goes on rampage, in Modesto (California):

Quote: "The man was told the restroom was for customers only, but he went in anyway and emerged naked about 10 minutes later. The man then began ransacking the salon, ripping cords out of the computers, throwing glasses and bottles and turning the power off. Employees and customers evacuated the business and called police, Graves said. Officers entered the salon and found him lying naked on a massage table. While he would not respond to their commands he was taken into custody without force, Graves said. The man was put on a 72-hour mental health hold but could later face charges of vandalism and trespassing."

2018-01-13 - Man, 26, strips naked and runs amok in Kamerunga (Australia), 4 miles from the coast:

Quote: "A naked man who allegedly ran amok through Kamerunga in Cairns, including jumping on the bonnet of a motorist's car, will appear in court later this month. Two women were travelling into Rainforest Estate on Stoney Creek Rd on Saturday when they spotted a man stripping off his pants. He allegedly jumped in front of their car at a roundabout, causing damage to the bonnet, before fleeing on foot along Stoney Creek Rd towards the highway. Police located the naked man, a 26-year-old from Cairns North, walking along the Stoney Creek reserve in bushland and called upon him to stop. He ran through the bush toward the Barron River. Officers arrested the man following a foot pursuit through tall grass and two residential properties."

2018-01-13 - Naked man enters home at 4:30 AM and attacks woman with broom in Calgary (Canada):

2018-01-15 - Naked man jumps on car roof in coastal San Diego (California):

Quote: "A bizarre situation took place on Interstate 15 Monday after a naked man was seen riding 'Superman style' on top of a car. Cell phone video shows the man on top of a black Mercedes pounding on the roof. The unusual circumstance was captured at the onramp from northbound I-15 to northbound Interstate 805. California Highway Patrol officers say just before 2 p.m. the driver in the black Mercedes was broken down waiting for assistance when a naked man appeared and started running around the car. Soon after, the unclothed man jumped on top of the car as it pulled away, but he didn’t get very far before a CHP officer on his motorcycle stopped the car. Minutes later, the man was arrested and taken to UCSD Medical Center for evaluation."

2018-01-20 - Naked man wanders down I-95 and throws debris at cars in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Authorities have captured a naked man who they say walked in and out of traffic on a major highway in Philadelphia and threw various items at vehicles. The man was first spotted around 12:15 p.m. Saturday on the southbound side Interstate 95. Authorities say he was wandering between the shoulder of the roadway and the right lane. The highway's two right lanes were briefly shut down as police tried to apprehend the man, who eventually taken into custody."

2018-01-21 - Teacher strips naked outside school and chases kids around in coastal Los Angeles (California):

Quote: "'An individual began behaving in an unusual way, prompting us to contact law enforcement,' the letter reads in part. 'As a safety precaution, our school went on a brief lock-down while officers responded and took the individual into custody.' 'All of the kids saw his private parts. Very embarrassing, very upset,' said one parent."

2018-01-24 - Naked man, 27, found walking around in Market Harborough (Britain):

Quote: "A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said: “We were called to Adam and Eve Street, in Market Harborough, at about 12.20pm today, relating to concerns for the well-being of a man who was naked in the street."

2018-01-27 - Naked man found in Deuel Creek in Deuel Canyon near Centerville (Utah):

2018-01-28 - Man climbs barbed wire fence, strips naked, enters creek, in Allentown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "The man had minor scrapes and cuts, and needed treatment for exposure to the cold water, Lake said. 'It's not clear why he did that," Lake said, adding the man will not face any charges.'"

2018-01-28 - Naked woman reported running down road in Nevada County (California):

Quote: "7:16 p.m. — Multiple callers from Highway 20 and Rough and Ready Highway reported a naked woman running in the roadway."

2018-01-30 - Naked man, 28, breaks into Ephrata Review offices at 4 AM in Ephrata (Pennsylvania):

2018-01-31 - Partially naked man spotted near Westchester Lagoon in coastal Anchorage (Alaska):

2018-01-31 - Woman, 36, goes berserk, attacks flight attendants on plane, bites one, plane lands in Charlotte (North Carolina):

Quote: "According to the criminal complaint, she bit one attendant on the right forearm, puncturing the skin and causing bleeding. She also hit a second attendant in the right forearm and kicked a third attendant in the leg and abdomen, the Charolotte Observer reports."

Quote: "The flight attendant said the woman had a frightening blank stare, something she's never seen before."

Note: Similar to the man who inexplicably starting biting people on a passenger plane after departing coastal Los Angeles (California), mentioned in the 2017-12-11 update...

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