Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2017 - OCT - Other Stories

2017-10-01 - Man, 34, has heart-attack-like symptoms on coastal Horn Island (Mississippi):

Quote: "A 34-year-old man was suffering from heart attack-like symptoms on Horn Island on Sunday when the Coast Guard responded and got him to a hospital. The Coast Guard Sector Mobile received a report from a local dispatch of a man using a personal watercraft suffering heart attack-like symptoms."

2017-10-01 - Man, firefighter, has 'medical emergency' and collapses during walk on the Ravenel Bridge in coastal Charleston (South Carolina):

Quote: "4th Annual 9/11 Silent Walk organizer, Tian Griffieth, said a firefighter experienced a 'Medical Emergency' at 10 a.m. during the walk across the Ravenel Bridge."

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2017-10-01 - Person has heart attack and collapses at church in Willesborough, Ashford (Britain), 9 miles from the coast:

2017-10-01 - Man, 64, retiree, kills 59+ people with guns, injures 525+ more, at concert in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "A retiree armed with multiple assault rifles strafed an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas from a high-rise hotel window on Sunday, slaughtering at least 59 people in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history before killing himself. The barrage of gunfire from the 32nd-floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel into a crowd of 22,000 people came in extended bursts that lasted several minutes, as throngs of terrified music fans desperately cowered on the open ground, hemmed in by fellow concertgoers, while others at the edge tried to flee. More than 525 people were injured - some by gunfire or shrapnel, some trampled - in the pandemonium adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip as police scrambled to locate the assailant. Police identified the gunman as Stephen Paddock, 64, who lived in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada."

2017-10-01 - Beetles, fungus and old age - the days of LA's palm trees are numbered:

2017-10-01 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Assam (India), 78,000 people affected:

2017-10-01 - Their island homes wiped away in the hurricanes, Caribbean residents wonder if they should go back:

2017-10-01 - Hurricane María's death toll in Puerto Rico is being underreported:

2017-10-01 - By the numbers - Hurricane Maria damage and recovery in Puerto Rico:

2017-10-01 - After years of progress, worldwide hunger is once again on the rise:

2017-10-01 - California college campuses open free food pantries to help starving students:

2017-10-01 - Plague kills 24 people in Madagascar:

Quote: "The World Health Organization said Sunday it was boosting its response to a plague outbreak in Madagascar that has killed 24 people, as the government banned public meetings to reduce infections."

2017-10-01 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposes the government cover-up of the mercury-autism scandal:

2017-10-01 - Paul Craig Roberts says the US economy is failing:

2017-10-01 - Russia develops electromagnetic weapons which could 'neutralize entire armies':

2017-10-01 - OJ Simpson released from prison after 9 years:

2017-10-02 - Hydrogen sulfide blowing off the ocean prompts committee to investigate in coastal Huntington Beach (California):

Quote: "The Huntington Beach City Council formed a committee Monday to address the mysterious foul odors afflicting the community. The council voted 6-0 to work with other agencies to identify the source of the sulfur-like smell and possible solutions. Councilman Erik Peterson was absent."

Quote: "Councilman Billy O’Connell, expressing dissatisfaction with the progress of the South Coast Air Quality Management District in responding to complaints of the smell of hydrogen sulfide, suggested the city create an ad hoc committee to work with residents and create a 'Coastal Area Odors work plan.'"

Quote: "One city councilmember says the smell has gotten worse..."

Note: First time they've explicitly mentioned that it's hydrogen sulfide hitting the coast in this area, not just a 'foul odor' or 'sulfur odor'. I was 99.99% sure that's what it was before they even said so - what else could it be? Nobody anywhere knows what chronically breathing even small amounts of hydrogen sulfide does to people. And this certainly explains the nausea and headaches - those are light hydrogen sulfide poisoning symptoms. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's more people suffering seizures, 'medical events', strokes, heart attacks, memory loss problems and 'untimely deaths' in this area. In any case, if you're living in Huntington Beach, Seal Beach or Long Beach and you smell a 'rotten egg' odor or 'sulfur odor', you're being poisoned. But there's a committee investigating it, so now we'll see if the committee can investigate the problem away. It's Earth versus a committee!

2017-10-02 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #70, September 25th-30th, 2017:

2017-10-02 - As the permafrost continues melting in Alaska, burying the dead becomes a problem:

Quote: "Climate change is thawing the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta's permafrost, and it's doing more than cracking foundations, sinking roads and accelerating erosion. In villages like Kong, communities have stopped burying their dead because, as the permafrost melts, the oldest part of their cemetery is sinking. Digging graves in the soggy ground was just making it worse."

2017-10-02 - Man has 'medical emergency' on billboard in Charlotte (North Carolina):

Quote: "The incident occurred in the 11560 block of Texland Drive. The Charlotte Fire Department tweeted about the incident around 11:38 a.m. Firefighters said one person was rescued after having a 'medical emergency' on a billboard."

2017-10-02 - Peter Wadhams - preparing for an Arctic without ice:

2017-10-02 - Cod and haddock go north due to warming UK seas, as foreign fish arrive:

2017-10-02 - The Arctic is changing the jet stream, and why this is important:

2017-10-02 - No time for skepticism, 'decisive climate action' needed, Ethiopia tells UN:

2017-10-02 - Lightning strike kills 2 people and injures 3 more in the Philippine Islands:

2017-10-02 - MONTHLY rainfall record smashed in ONE DAY in Bundaberg (Australia), 339mm (13 inches) in 24 hours:

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit New Orleans (Louisiana):

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Queensland (Australia):

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Hyderabad (India), 3 killed:

2017-10-02 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Norway:

2017-10-02 - Snowstorm hits mountains in Colorado:

2017-10-02 - Puerto Rico still reeling two weeks after Hurricane Maria:

2017-10-02 - Puerto Rico could become a public health catastrophe:

Note: Dead livestock laying around, mosquito-infested stagnant water everywhere, sewer systems non-functional, it's gotta be a public health catastrophe already...

2017-10-02 - Mexico quake toll 361 and 8 still missing in collapsed building:

2017-10-02 - Yemen cholera outbreak now the world’s largest on record, approaching 1 million:

2017-10-02 - Polar bear strays 700 km south of normal Arctic habitat:

2017-10-02 - Picket fence auroras and plasma ropes, electrical phenomenon in Earth's skies intensifies:

2017-10-02 - House-sized asteroid will come 'damn close' to Earth next week as it passes only 27,000 miles away:

2017-10-02 - US middle class being wiped out, money flowing to the richest:

2017-10-03 - Foul odor hits coastal Great Yarmouth (Britain):

Quote: "There is speculation that is could be the sewers, while others have said it could be from farmers spreading pig muck across their fields."

Note: Could simply be blowing in off the ocean, just like it is in coastal Huntington Beach, Seal Beach and Long Beach in California...

2017-10-03 - Unknown odor hits Burnley and Padiham (Britain):

2017-10-03 - Man in his 20s or 30s collapses and foams at the mouth in Boston (Britain):

Quote: "Residents have been left concerned after a man collapsed in the street and was seen foaming at the mouth. Concerned passers-by came to the man’s aid after spotting him laying on the ground outside William H Brown on Wide Bargate in Boston at around 12.30pm today, Tuesday, October 3."

2017-10-03 - Huge volcanic eruptions in Siberia were the cause of the Permian-Triassic extinction:

Quote: "At the same time, explosive interactions of the magma with older coal deposits could have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, two greenhouse gases, which would explain the intense global warming recorded in the oceans and on land at the time of the mass extinctions. The warm oceans also became sluggish and depleted in dissolved oxygen, contributing to the extinction of many forms of life in the sea."

Note: That's right, those volcanic eruptions burned an enormous amount of coal and methane in the Siberian Traps. Then the Earth heated up and the oceans went anoxic and spewed hydrogen sulfide and methane. The hydrogen sulfide and methane wiped out the atmospheric UV protection, making the Sun look whiter rather than yellow (as is happening to the Sun now for the same reason), and most any species that didn't die from fires or poison got fried by UV or suffocated from lack of oxygen, or they died from the sheer heat, or the lack of food from a collapsed biosphere, or from floods or drought or disease.

The same sequence of events is playing out right now, but with one difference: it's not volcanic eruptions burning vast amounts of coal in one (large) geographic area, it's us, human civilization, burning vast amounts of coal from wherever we've found it, all over the planet. (And add to that the oil and natural gas that we burn too.) But the Earth doesn't care WHO burns the coal/oil/gas, or WHY it burns. The Earth reacts WHEN the coal/oil/gas burns.

So we've replaced volcanoes as the source of the coal/oil/gas burning, but since that's irrelevant to the Earth, the result will be exactly the same: mass extinction and a global 'reset' on life on this planet, with most species dying off, followed by a very long period of recovery. In 20 or 30 million years the Earth will be back to what we think of as normal, minus human beings and most species that exist today, but plus many new species that don't exist today. What's left of the human race may BE coal by then. We've awakened - or replicated - the most powerful and the most ancient of dooms and there's no putting the foul djinni back in the bottle. The End.

2017-10-03-  Massive hole in Antarctica's ice appears after 40 years:

2017-10-03 - There's so much CO2 in the atmosphere that planting trees can no longer save us:

2017-10-03 - Beaufort and Chukchi Seas have near record open water north of Alaska:

2017-10-03 - Algae turns the Singapore River green in coastal Singapore:

2017-10-03 - Death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria rises to 34:

2017-10-03 - Lightning strike kills 5 cattle in West Bengal (India):

2017-10-03 - Record-breaking snowstorm hits Rockies, heaviest October snow since 1914 hits Montana:

2017-10-03 - A report on the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico:

2017-10-03 - Governor Rick Scott declares state of emergency as 100,000s of Puerto Ricans flee to Florida:

2017-10-03 - Tourists spot hundreds of polar bears swarming a whale carcass in Siberia:

2017-10-03 - Two-headed buffalo calf born in Karachi (Pakistan):

2017-10-03 - Five-legged lamb born near York (Britain):

2017-10-03 - Explosive bursts of methane helped ancient Mars keep liquid water flowing, study finds:

2017-10-03 - Doctors warn of cancer-like infections years after getting a tattoo:

2017-10-03 - Jetliner-sized asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth on October 12:

2017-10-04 - Hydrogen sulfide killing plants around the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest:

Quote: "Eelgrass is widely distributed in the Salish Sea region of the Pacific Northwest. Recently, however, loss of these plants is commonly reported. While no single culprit has been identified, there is evidence that local increases in Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) concentration may kill seedlings before they reach mature plant status. This could result in plant losses at specific locations. Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a chemical compound notoriously toxic to humans and animals because it interferes with cellular respiration. More recently, studies have shown that it is also toxic to plants."

Note: The Pacific Northwest is where marine life was first spotted fleeing the depths of the ocean, in 2002. That's where hydrogen sulfide is produced in the oceans - in the depths. That marine life was fleeing death. The problem has undoubtedly gotten much worse since 2002, thus the rise of 'unknown gas odors' around the world, the rise in car fires and other mysterious fires, people mysteriously dropping dead, the whitening of the Sun, etc. So the fact that it is in this area that they've noticed hydrogen sulfide killing coastal plants isn't all that surprising. It took a while to move from killing the deep sea life in this area to killing life on the edge of the sea. It's getting into the atmosphere now too, randomly blowing around, hitting a beach here or a school there...

2017-10-04 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates eight schools in Denver (Colorado):

Quote: "Denver Public Schools is working with Xcel Energy to figure out what caused an odor late Wednesday morning that led to the evacuation of eight schools in southwest Denver. DPS says evacuations began around 11:30 a.m. and numerous businesses in the area of South Federal Boulevard and West Evans Avenue were also affected. 'An odor, a really strong odor, and it was making our heads dizzy so we had to evacuate to a bowling alley,' said 13-year-old Jesus Carrillo. Xcel Energy says 15 workers responded to search for the source of the odor. Xcel says no leaks were found. Denver Police and Denver Fire also responded and could not identify the source of the problem."

Quote: "'I've never seen anything like this -- such a large area affected by an odor and we don't even know where the odor came from,' said Will Jones, director of Media Relations for DPS. 'It's very concerning.'"

Note: Not a natural gas leak, sooooo...?

2017-10-04 - Unknown 'gas odor' evacuates school in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "Spring ISD officials say Dekaney High School was briefly under evacuation due to a reported gas odor on campus. According to the district, the odor was detected when students and staff arrived for classes Wednesday."

2017-10-04 - Unknown odor evacuates Chase Building in Waterbury (Connecticut):

2017-10-04 - Volcano Fuego erupts big-time, spews ash 5 kilometers into the atmosphere, in Guatemela:

Quote: "The Fuego Volcano in south Guatemala burst into life on Wednesday plumes of ash blew into the sky in what has been described as one of 'the largest recorded eruptions' in the volcano's history."

2017-10-04 - Faculty member has 'medical emergency' at school in Millburn (New Jersey):

Quote: "Millburn High School staff and students were under a shelter in place earlier Wednesday morning after a faculty member had a medical emergency."

2017-10-04 - Man, construction worker, has 'medical emergency' and collapses unconscious in Atlanta (Georgia):

Quote: "Police say a construction worker is not alert, conscious, or breathing after a medical emergency on the job."

2017-10-04 - The most powerful evidence climate scientists have of global warming:

Quote: "The rate at which the oceans are heating up has nearly doubled since 1992, and that heat is reaching ever deeper waters, according to a recent study."

2017-10-04 - Another big iceberg cracks off Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica:

Quote: "A huge iceberg measuring 185 square kilometers (72 square miles) has calved from Pine Island Glacier - one of the main outlets where ice from the West Atlantic Ice Sheet flows into the ocean."

2017-10-04 - Climate change magnifies fires:

2017-10-04 - Ring of Fire exploding into activity with volcanoes and earthquakes:

2017-10-04 - Unusual swarm of 600 earthquakes hits Volcano Llaima (Chile):

2017-10-04 - Earthquake swarm of nearly 2500 earthquakes shakes Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming):

Quote: "The ongoing earthquake swarm at the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is now the longest ever recorded, having started on June 12. Over the past three and a half months, almost 2,500 earthquakes have been recorded in the western part of the national park. This puts it on a par with the biggest swarm ever recorded, where more than 3,000 earthquakes took place over three months."

2017-10-04 - Huge 700-square-mile toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom hits Lake Erie:

Quote: "A potentially harmful algae bloom is covering more than 700 square miles in the western basin of Lake Erie, authorities say. Algal blooms, which contain cyanobacteria, have become a common occurrence on the lake each summer, thanks to warm water temperatures and the extensive use of fertilizer on the region's farmland."

2017-10-04 - Massive numbers of dangerous Portuguese man-of-war invading shorelines in Britain:

Quote: "An invasion of potentially fatal jellyfish-like creatures on Britain's shores is the biggest ever recorded in the UK. The Portuguese man-of-war were first spotted in Cornwall and have been seen as far east as Milford-on-Sea in Hampshire. The Marine Conservation Society said it had received reports of more than 2,000 of the organisms, which have long purple tentacles. It amounts to the greatest number of Portuguese man-of-war recorded in the UK since records began in 2003, the MCS said. Dr Peter Richardson said there had been reports of them in Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Wales. 'It's the biggest we have ever recorded and they are still coming in,' he said."

2017-10-04 - Large number of poisonous jellyfish congregate near Gai Island (Thailand):

2017-10-04 - Marcelo Rollando interviews Guy McPherson:

2017-10-04 - More images of the giant Delaware-sized iceberg that recently cracked off Antarctica:

2017-10-04 - Sydney and Melbourne should prepare for 50C/122F days, climate researchers warn:

2017-10-04 - Desperation grows in Puerto Rico’s poor communities without water or power:

2017-10-04 - City of Houston breaks annual rainfall record set in 1900:

2017-10-04 - Tube-shaped funnel cloud spotted in Niigata (Japan):

2017-10-04 - Monkey pox outbreak hits Bayelsa State (Nigeria):

2017-10-04 - Major tunnels getting firefighting system in coastal Singapore:

Note: Heh, guess they've noticed all the vehicle fires in these tunnels...

2017-10-04 - Some home insurance companies refusing to renew policies in wildfire-prone areas:

2017-10-04 - Migrating birds are running out of water:

2017-10-04 - Scott Pruitt working hard to undermine the rule of law at the EPA:

2017-10-04 - High oil subsidies ensure profit for nearly half of new US investments, study shows:

Note: So why are Republicans allowing US taxpayers to subsidize oil companies with taxpayer dollars? Don't they believe in free market capitalism?! Hah, just kidding - they only believe in free market capitalism when it suits them, but when it comes to doling out big bucks to corporations, can't have any of that pesky free market capitalism BS! In any case, it's ironic that taxpayers are paying to subsidize companies that are killing them and will, in the end, exterminate the entire human race...

2017-10-04 - US tax reform would leave renewable energy out in the cold:

Note: But the super rich will get super richer and that's what's important!

2017-10-04 - Huge wave of butterflies spotted on radar flying through the Denver area in Colorado:

Quote: "A lacy, cloud-like pattern drifting across a Denver-area radar screen turned out to be a 70-mile-wide (110-kilometer) wave of butterflies, forecasters say."

2017-10-04 - Massive cave, the biggest in the world, discovered in Vietnam:

Quote: "The Son Ðoòng cave is not only the world's largest cave, it is a separate little world. Under the roof there is enough space to fit a 40 storey skyscraper. It has its own separate jungle, a river and a rich wildlife. The cave is five times larger than Phong Nha cave, a nearby cave previously considered the biggest cave in Vietnam.  Son Ðoòng means 'Mountain river cave' and the researchers estimate that the cave is about five million years old. The largest room in the Son Ðoòng cave is more than five kilometers long and stretches 200 meters into the air. With these dimensions, Son Ðoòng overtook Deer Cave in Malaysia in 2009 to take the title of the world's largest cave."

2017-10-05 - Unknown odor hits school, several students sent to the hospital, in Indio (California), 21 miles from the Salton Sea:

Quote: "An unusual odor that made students feel ill led to the evacuation of 1,900 students from Shadow Hills High School in Indio on Thursday, Oct. 5. Six people were sent to area hospitals for evaluation, and another 22 evaluated at school with minor symptoms, according to a Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department news release. The incident was reported at 12:23 p.m. at the school in the 39000 block of Jefferson Street. The county’s hazardous materials team was unable to locate a source of the odor."

Quote: "Anna Rodriguez, a student at Shadow Hills, said people started smelling something weird during lunch, some saying it smelled like gas. School officials then immediately started rounding students up and sent them outside."

Note: So it smelled like (natural) gas, e.g. a 'rotten egg' odor, but no natural gas was detected and no leaks were found. That was hydrogen sulfide. They're lucky people didn't start foaming at the mouth, having seizures and/or dropping dead. Of course, that may happen the next time some poison gas blows through...

2017-10-05 - Unknown 'gas odor' hits middle school two days in a row in Crofton (Maryland), 4 miles from the coast:

Quote: "A reported gas smell at Crofton Middle School has caused a brief delay in morning classes for the past two days. Firefighters were called to the school Wednesday and Thursday around 8 a.m. for a reported smell of gas inside the school, Anne Arundel County Fire Department spokesman Capt. Russ Davies said. While responders combed the building with gas meters to detect any possible leaks, Davies said no leaks were located and the building was cleared within a half-hour in both instances."

2017-10-05 - High school girl collapses and goes into cardiac arrest at school, resuscitated, in Peabody (Massachusetts), 2 miles from the coast:

Quote: "School nurses and the principal of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School resuscitated a student who suffered a medical emergency on Thursday afternoon."

2017-10-05 - Volcano Colima erupts again in Mexico:

2017-10-05 - Volcano Shinmoedake shaking and rumbling in Japan, alert level raised:

2017-10-05 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Fukushima (Japan):

2017-10-05 - Man in his 20s has 'medical incident' at York Minster (cathedral) in York (Britain), 1300 feet from the River Ouse:

Quote: "A man has been taken to hospital by air from York Minster. Yorkshire Ambulance Service were called at 10:58am to a medical incident. They sent two rapid response vehicles, two ambulances, the Hazardous Area Response Team and the Coastguard Helicopter. A man in his 20s has now been taken to York Hospital by air."

2017-10-05 - Guy McPherson - Inaugural Schultz Awareness Lecture:

2017-10-05 - Guy McPherson and Kevin Hester discuss the Sixth Extinction:

2017-10-05 - Arctic sea ice extent over the last 1450 years:

2017-10-05 - Scientists mapping Greenland have produced some surprising – and worrying – results:

2017-10-05 - Lightning strike kills six people, three more injured, in Karnataka (India):

2017-10-05 - Tropical Storm Nate pummels Central America, 22 killed, heads to the Gulf Coast:

2017-10-05 - Severe windstorm hits Germany and Poland, at least 8 people dead:

2017-10-05 - Howling winds, persistent dryness to elevate fire danger across California:

2017-10-05 - Meteor(s) explode in the sky over Shangri-La (China):

2017-10-05 - Spike in radioactive Ruthenium-106 detected in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France:

Quote: "German officials say that a spike in radioactivity has been detected in the air in Western and Central Europe but there's no threat to human health. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection said Thursday that elevated levels of the isotope Ruthenium-106 have been reported in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France since Sept. 29. Spokesman Jan Henrik Lauer told The Associated Press the source of the Ruthenium-106 isn't known but calculations indicate it may have been released in eastern Europe. Ruthenium-106 is used for radiation therapy to treat eye tumors, and sometimes as a source of energy to power satellites."

Note: Maybe a satellite broke up in the atmosphere over Europe?

2017-10-05 - Courts are waking up to the cost of climate change:

2017-10-05 - Trump's Secretary of the Interior fighting hard to let oil companies spew methane into the atmosphere:

Quote: "This week, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will issue a proposal to formally delay a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rule that requires oil and gas companies operating on federal and tribal lands to capture methane that would otherwise be vented or burned off."

Note: If you were hoping to be one of the people who burst into flame and die screaming as you burn to death, this guy and his boss are working to make your hopes a reality!

2017-10-05 - Nominee for EPA’s air office tells senator he is ‘not familiar’ with climate data:

2017-10-05 - TEPCO in Japan gets 1st approval to run reactors since 2011 meltdowns:

2017-10-05 - 1-TransCanada to abandon Energy East, Eastern Mainline pipeline projects:

2017-10-05 - Mexico offers help to the residents of Puerto Rico:

Note: Mighty kind of our southern neighbors, considering they just got hit by two big earthquakes and a hurricane or two themselves. Me llamo Juan! Wait, no, that's not right. Gracias! Yeah, that's it. Heh, I don't remember a whole lot from my three years of high school Spanish...

2017-10-05 - Lawmakers push Trump to release JFK assassination files:

Note: Particularly interesting to me, since I was conceived on the day JFK was killed...

2017-10-05 - Drunk man in Wyoming says he's from the year 2048 and that aliens are coming in 2018:

Quote: "Police say a central Wyoming man they arrested for public intoxication claimed he had traveled back in time to warn of an alien invasion. Casper police say the man they encountered at 10:30 p.m. Monday claimed he was from the year 2048. KTWO-AM in Casper reports that the man told police that he wanted to warn the people of Casper that aliens will arrive next year, and that they should leave as soon as possible. He asked to speak to the president of the town, about 170 miles (270 kilometers) northwest of Cheyenne. The man told police he was only able to time travel because aliens filled his body with alcohol. He noted that he was supposed to be transported to the year 2018, not this year."

Note: I think the rule for alcohol-based time travel is one year per beer, so obviously he had one beer too many to end up here in 2017!

2017-10-05 - Santa found dead in Demre (Turkey):

Quote: "Yes, Virginia, there was a Santa Claus — but now he’s dead. The tomb belonging to dear old St. Nick may have just been discovered under an ancient church in southern Turkey, archeologists said Wednesday. The previously unknown tomb was detected via electronic surveys that showed gaps beneath the 1,500-year-old St. Nicholas Church in the Antalya Province town of Demre."

2017-10-06 - Unknown odor evacuates high school in Thurmont (Maryland):

Quote: "A mysterious odor caused Catoctin High School to be evacuated for about 20 minutes on Friday morning. Guardian Hose Company responded at about 9:15 a.m. and investigated after receiving reports of an unidentified odor, said Michael Doerrer, Frederick County Public Schools' communications director."

2017-10-06 - Unknown stench hits coastal Cardiff (Britain):

Quote: "It might be Friday, but there seems to be something strange happening in Cardiff city centre this afternoon - after people started complaining it smelt like sick. Some puzzled people took to social media to voice their disgust at the pong which seemed to be hanging around The Hayes and St Mary Street area."

2017-10-06 - King tides cause flooding on coastlines in Florida:

2017-10-06 - Man flees cops, has 'medical emergency', collapses, goes into cardiac arrest, in Fayetteville (North Carolina):

Quote: "Two Fayetteville police officers performed CPR on a wanted suspect who collapsed while running away from them Friday afternoon."

2017-10-06 - Man, 86, has 'medical emergency', goes into cardiac arrest, in swimming pool at Massasoit Community College in Brockton (Massachusetts):

Quote: "A Massasoit Community College student lifeguard helped revive a swimmer who suffered a medical emergency from the college’s pool Friday afternoon. The 86-year-old man was rescued from the pool College Friday afternoon after he suffered an apparent cardiac emergency. Laurie Maker, a college spokeswoman, said the man, whose identity was released, was swimming during the public open pool hours when a student lifeguard noticed that he appeared to be in distress."

2017-10-06 - Man sickens on boat in coastal Breskens (Netherlands), medevac'd off:

Quote: "The KNRM lifeboat 'Zeemanshoop' evacuated an man from the "Zeelandia - HA 10" in the morning of Oct 6, 2017, in the port of Breskens. The man who had become unwell. At 10.20 a.m. an ambulance is sent to Breskens fishing port. Once on board, the ambulance staff found it too dangerous to get the man from board over a ladder. They therefore called for help from the lifeboat."

2017-10-06 - Arctic sea ice - everything you need to know:

2017-10-06 - Volcano Ambae alert level reduced in Vanuatu as volcano seems to be stabilizing:

2017-10-06 - Dangers of major megathrust quake in NZ are being discussed:

2017-10-06 - Hurricane Nate strengthening, expected to make landfall as Cat 2 hurricane on the US Gulf Coast:

Quote: "Strengthening Hurricane Nate is now expected to be a Category 2 hurricane at landfall on the central Gulf Coast in coming hours."

2017-10-06 - Storm 'Xavier' kills 9 and shuts down transportation across northern Europe:

2017-10-06 - Fake news posts blame Puerto Rico truck drivers for refusing to ship relief supplies – 'There’s no strike, and union truck drivers have been trying to move aid shipments across Puerto Rico':

Note: Not gonna get much of anything moved until the roads and bridges are rebuilt...

2017-10-06 - Dozens of dialysis patients dead in Puerto Rico:

2017-10-06 - Drought-hit and hungry Sri Lankans struggle for a harvest, or work:

2017-10-06 - Undulatus asperatus clouds engulf the sky over France and Brazil:

2017-10-06 - Iridescent cloud appears over Toluca (Mexico):

2017-10-06 - Meteor hits home, damages shingles, on Pawleys Island (South Carolina):

Note: Not the shingles!

2017-10-06 - Bee-harming pesticides in 75 percent of honey worldwide:

2017-10-06 - Global humanitarian needs have never been higher, says UN official:

2017-10-06 - Peru urged to ban oil firms from isolated indigenous peoples’ land:

2017-10-06 - Trump administration denies 25 animal species endangered protection:

2017-10-06 - Trump nominates a coal lobbyist to be number 2 at the EPA:

Note: Seeing the trend yet? Corporations > Everything. Animals? Throw 'em under the bus. The atmosphere? Throw it under the bus. Our public lands and waters? Let the corporations frack and drill and pollute on them. They're gunning the engine on the Extinction Train. Next stop, Cemeteryland!

2017-10-06 - Scientists find water on Mars where they thought none could exist:

2017-10-06 - US State Department approves $15bn sale of THAAD missile defense systems Saudi Arabia:

2017-10-06 - Puerto Rico's debt may be sitting in Mom and Pop mutual funds:

2017-10-07 - Diver goes missing in the Cooper River in Berkeley County (South Carolina):

2017-10-07 - Man, 50, has chest pains on fishing vessel near coastal Chatham (Massachusetts):

Quote: "At around 2:20 p.m., the captain of the Gabby G, a 92-foot fishing vessel, reported one of his crewmembers was experiencing chest pains and requested a rescue, the release states."

2017-10-07 - Woman, 25, has 'medical emergency' while hiking in coastal Pacific Palisades (California):

Quote: "A 25-year-old woman was airlifted to a hospital Saturday from Pacific Palisades after she suffered a medical emergency while hiking, authorities said."

2017-10-07 - Kentucky Wildcats QB Luke Wright has seizure and collapses during game:

2017-10-07 - Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction:

Note: Don't even need mathematics - eyeballs work pretty well...

2017-10-07 - Limiting global warming to 1.5C - geophysically impossible or not?

Note: Impossible...

2017-10-07 - Carbon emissions from warming soils could trigger disastrous feedback loop:

Note: I won't say it doesn't matter, but we have plenty of other ongoing disastrous feedback loops even without this one...

2017-10-07 - Heatwave bakes Pakistan:

2017-10-07 - Volcano Popocatépetl erupts multiple times this week near Mexico City (Mexico):

2017-10-07 - Lightning strike kills 2 people, injures 11 more, in Aceh (Indonesia):

2017-10-07 - Tornado touches down and causes damage in Madison (Wisconsin):

2017-10-07 - Global wind speeds slowing since 1960, but nobody knows why:

2017-10-07 - Beyond Harvey and Irma - militarizing homeland security in the climate-change era:

Quote: "Think of this as the new face of homeland security: containing the damage to America’s seacoasts, forests, and other vulnerable areas caused by extreme weather events made all the more frequent and destructive thanks to climate change. This is a 'war' that won’t have a name -- not yet, not in the Trump era, but it will be no less real for that."

2017-10-07 - Meteor lights up the sky over western France:

2017-10-07 - Snake born with two heads in Doncaster, South Yorkshire (Britain):

2017-10-07 - Economic slowdown confirmed - the US economy lost jobs last month ror the first time in 7 years:

2017-10-07 - Trump administration ordered to enforce methane restrictions launched under President Obama:

2017-10-07 - Trump administration moves to repeal the Clean Power Plan:

Quote: "The Trump administration’s assault on the Clean Power Plan is about one thing and one thing only: helping corporate polluters profit..."

Note: More money for corporations...but we all die sooner. Pros and cons!

2017-10-07 - Washington state denies key permit for Columbia River coal terminal, potentially dooming project:

2017-10-08 - Unknown foul smell blows in off the ocean and hits coastal Kaohsiung (Taiwan):

Quote: "Mysterious smell wafts over Taiwan harbor town of Kaohsiung. Smell came from over sea, but nature and origin unknown..."

Quote: "Virtually all the areas from where the more than 30 phone calls had originated, were situated close by the water, while the wind at the time was blowing in from the west, from over the sea, leading investigators to conclude that the cause must lie somewhere over the water."

Note: Kaohsiung is also where the most devastating underground fire so far occurred. Massive explosions and fires in the underground sewer system blew a bunch of streets apart in Kaohsiung in 2014, killing 24+ people and injuring more than 270 people, mentioned in the 2014-07-31 update...

2017-10-08 - Landfill spewing foul sulfur odor in coastal Naples (Florida):

Quote: "Many residents in Southwest Florida woke up to an unusual smell Sunday morning. Fox 4 received emails from our viewers about the unpleasant odor. The Collier County Solid Waste Department is telling us that the smell is originating from the county landfill off Collier Boulevard."

Quote: "The Solid Waste Department said a large buildup of waste from Hurricane Irma over the past month created the sulfur-like smell. 'What I smelled this morning was a foul, sewage smell. It was real hard and foul,' said Frantz Adeclat of Naples."

Note: Calm down, people, it's just poison gas!

2017-10-08 - Lake spewing rotten egg odor near coastal Port Augusta (Australia):

Quote: "Imagine a really big area filled with rotten eggs and dead fish, that’s what the smell is like."

2017-10-08 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #71, October 1st-8th 2017:

2017-10-08 - Volcano Popocatepetl erupts again near Mexico City (Mexico):

2017-10-08 - Volcano Lewotolo rumbling in Indonesia, alert level raised:

2017-10-08 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Tonga:

2017-10-08 - Lightning strikes kill 10 people in 24 hours in Marathwada (India), 16 die elsewhere across the country in 2 days:

2017-10-08 - Tornado touches down and damages homes near Lenoir (North Carolina):

2017-10-08 - Category 1 Hurricane Nate rolls ashore on the US Gulf Coast (Mississippi):

2017-10-08 - Global warming will make flying way worse:

2017-10-08 - Bubonic and pneumonic plague continue to cause problems in Madagascar:

2017-10-08 - Boeing moving into the pilotless plane market:

2017-10-08 - Cops have killed more people in the last year than 4 decades of mass shootings combined:

2017-10-09 - Unknown odor sickens students at Thorpe Hall at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant (Michigan):

Quote: "Now a closed case, investigators could not determine the odor that forced Thorpe Hall residents to evacuate the building the night of Oct. 6. Lt. Cameron Wassman of the Central Michigan University Police Department said officials are 'scratching our heads' as to what was the smell that prompted the evacuation of the residence hall after 7 p.m. Friday. CMUPD received reports Friday of a foul odor that caused students to suffer medical problems, such as coughing and difficulty breathing."

2017-10-09 - Female child has 'medical emergency' in coastal Llanelli (Britain):

2017-10-09 - Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Buldir Island (Alaska):

2017-10-09 - Shallow magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean in the Balleny Islands region off Antarctica:

2017-10-09 - Magnitude 4.1 earthquake strikes near coastal San Jose (California):

2017-10-09 - 40 earthquakes in 48 hours hit the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands (Spain):

Quote: "Fears of a volcano erupting on the Canary Islands has sparked panic as the Spanish archipelago was hit by more than 40 earthquake tremors in just 48 hours."

2017-10-09 - Hailstorm wreaks havoc in and around Johannesburg (South Africa):

2017-10-09 - Comet 01-ASAS-SN brightens unexpectedly:

2017-10-09 - Many Puerto Ricans fleeing to the mainland US, mostly to Florida:

2017-10-09 - Wells Fargo's artificial intelligence defies analysts, slaps 'sell' on Google and Facebook:

2017-10-10 - Hydrogen sulfide in the late hours and wee hours hitting coastal Goleta (California):

Quote: "Residents in western Goleta are complaining about a bad odor in the early mornings and late evenings. Resident Paula Reynosa says she's noticed the odor for a couple of days now, some days worse than others. 'Smells like rotten eggs, very putrid. It just gets into your nose and it's kind of like irritating to your breathing. (I) noticed a lot more coughing, a lot more sneezing,' she said. Janet Belch says this isn't the first time she's had to deal with the smell. 'I've experienced it for many, many years as an on and off thing and we've all asked a number of times to have it be investigated,' she said. The Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District and agencies are investigating the cause. Inspectors detected hydrogen sulfide, a gas that produces a rotten egg smell, in the Elwood Canyon area on Sunday."

Note: About 117 miles northeast of Huntington Beach, where they just formed a committee to investigate why THEIR city is being hit by hydrogen sulfide, mentioned in the 2017-10-02 update. And roughly in the middle, between Goleta and Huntington Beach, in coastal Malibu, Tom Petty recently dropped dead at age 66, also mentioned in the 2017-10-02 update...

2017-10-10 - Arctic sea ice minimum continues to decline:

2017-10-10 - Magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes coastal Tarapaca (Chile):

2017-10-10 - Mississippi River water levels dropping, barges getting stuck, major dredging ops ensue:

Note: No drought or anything in the Mississippi River Valley, so this is quite a puzzler. Where's the water going?

2017-10-10 - Fierce storm rips through Durban (South Africa), 5+ killed:

2017-10-10 - Warm autumn storms batter the coastline in northern Alaska:

2017-10-10 - Freak hailstorm pounds Corrientes (Argentina):

2017-10-10 - Heavy rain and flooding hit central Vietnam, 15 killed, 8 missing:

2017-10-10 - Tropical storm Ophelia poised to tie a hurricane season record more than a century old:

Quote: "While the storm poses no threat to land, it could become the 10th consecutive storm to grow to hurricane strength — a streak of intense systems that will tie a record last set in the late 1800s."

2017-10-10 - Nsukwao River turns blood red overnight in Ghana:

2017-10-10 - Plague continues spreading in Madagascar:

Quote: "In an update on the plague outbreak in Madagascar, the number of cases of the lethal bacterial infection has shot up to 449, an increase in 62 cases since our last report yesterday, according to the Ministere de la Publique (computer translated). In addition, the death count has grown to 48. A breakdown of the types of plague reported is as follows: Pneumonic or pulmonary plague (322), bubonic (123) and septicemic (1). Three other cases are classified as suspect as of today."

Note: So MOST of the cases are of the much deadlier pneumonic form, which does not require fleas or any other vector to spread besides already-infected people...

2017-10-10 - Poison ivy on steroids - another side of climate change:

2017-10-10 - White House lets Jones Act waiver expire for Puerto Rico:

Quote: "The White House has let a 10-day shipping waiver expire for Puerto Rico, meaning foreign ships can no longer bring aid to the hurricane-ravaged island from U.S. ports."

2017-10-10 - Tropical bird of prey turns up in New Brunswick (Canada):

2017-10-10 - Vampire scare results in mob violence in Malawi, UN pulls its staff, 5+ killed:

Quote: "A vampire scare in Malawi is reportedly responsible for mob violence that's resulted in the deaths of at least five people -- and prompted the United Nations to pull its staff in the area."

Quote: "The president of Malawi said the reports of mob violence over vampire fears were 'distressing and agonizing.'"

Quote: "A spate of vigilante violence linked to a vampire rumors also erupted in Malawi in 2002."

2017-10-10 - Scientists have finally found half of the universe's missing matter:

Quote: "Two separate teams found the missing matter - made of particles called baryons rather than dark matter - linking galaxies together through filaments of hot, diffuse gas."

Note: Now how can we mine it and burn it for energy and pollute the universe?!

2017-10-10 - Was this a UFO over Yellowstone Volcano?

2017-10-10 - Mattis to US Army on North Korea - 'Be ready':

2017-10-10 - Fentanyl maker donates big to campaign opposing pot legalization:

2017-10-10 - Theory says it's actually the year 1720 because the early Middle Ages were faked:

2017-10-11 - Two cops sickened by unknown fumes while sitting in police car in Detroit (Michigan):

Quote: "Two Detroit police officers were rushed to a hospital Wednesday after becoming sickened by chemicals, police said. The officers were on the job and in their patrol car when they had to radio for help, police said. They were investigating an abandoned vehicle when they were overcome by fumes while sitting in the cruiser they were parked in, officials said. Police don't know exactly what got to the officers."

2017-10-11 - Unknown odor sickens people at business in Bradley (Illinois):

Quote: "At least seven people were taken to local hospitals after an unknown odor caused the evacuation of Menards on Wednesday. According to Bradley Deputy Fire Chief Lavern Learned, employees and customers were complaining of eye irritation and coughing. He said the seven people were treated and released. Learned said investigators were unable to determine where the irritant originated or identify what it was."

2017-10-11 - Unknown foul stench hits coastal Belfast (Ireland):

Quote: "Mystery last night surrounded the source of a foul smell across the city of Belfast early yesterday. Northern Ireland Water said they were investigating reports of the stench, which prompted many people to take to social media to question what was causing it."

Quote: "A spokeswoman from Phoenix Gas said the company "received and responded to four reports of a smell of gas via Belfast City Council on Wednesday 11th October within the BT1 and BT12 areas. 'Phoenix Natural Gas engineers conducted safety checks of the area, as per protocol, and found no traces of gas in these areas'."

Note: So the stench had a 'rotten egg' odor but wasn't natural gas...

2017-10-11 - Person has 'medical event' at factory in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

Quote: "One person is in hospital after suffering a 'medical event' at an Auckland factory. Fire crews and St John Ambulance rushed to the scene in Lady Ruby Dr in East Tamaki about 2pm on Wednesday. It was originally suspected there was a chemical leak, but fire crews assessed the area and found there was no chemical hazard, a fire communications spokesman said."

Note: Why did they originally think there was a chemical leak? Did somebody smell something?

2017-10-11 - SOTT Earth changes summary for September 2017 - extreme weather, planetary upheaval, meteors:

2017-10-11 - Volcano Shinmoedake erupts for the first time in six years in Kyushu (Japan), alert level raised:

Quote: "The alert level for Shinmoe, a volcano in Japan's southwestern Kyushu region, has been raised to 3 on a scale 5 after a small-scale eruption on Wednesday, the Japan Meterological Agency said. The eruption at 5:34 a.m. (2034 GMT Tuesday) was the first in about six years at Shinmoe, which is part of the Mt. Kirishima cluster of volcanoes. A level 3 alert advises people not to approach the volcano. The top level 5 would order evacuation."

2017-10-11 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Bouvet Island:

2017-10-11 - Worrying new research finds that warm ocean water is cutting through a key Antarctic ice shelf:

2017-10-11 - Large hole the size of Maine opens in the ice in Antarctica:

2017-10-11 - Lightning strikes have killed 75 people this year in Karnataka (India):

2017-10-11 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Polavaram (India):

2017-10-11 - Hurricane Maria death toll rises to 45 in Puerto Rico:

2017-10-11 - Stunning fire rainbow illuminates the sky in a multi-colored display of light in northern Thailand:

2017-10-11 - People sickening in Puerto Rico, possibly from leptospirosis:

Quote: "Four deaths in Hurricane Maria's aftermath are being investigated as possible cases of a disease spread by animals' urine, Puerto Rico's governor said Wednesday amid concerns about islanders' exposure to contaminated water. A total of 10 people have come down with suspected cases of leptospirosis, Gov. Ricardo Rossello said at a news conference."

2017-10-11 - Plague, especially pneumonic plague, continues spreading in Madagascar:

Quote: "In a follow-up on the Madagascar plague outbreak, the Ministere de la Publique reported an additional 51 news plague cases today, bringing the total cases since August to 500. On Oct. 11, 29 new pneumonic plague cases were reported, while and additional dozen bubonic plague cases were reported. 10 suspect cases were also recorded. In addition, six additional deaths have been reported, bringing the total to 54. The capital city of Antananarivo saw an additional 37 cases, mostly pneumonic, and four deaths."

2017-10-11 - Experts warn that the US isn't prepared for a flu pandemic:

2017-10-11 - Climate change a key factor in migration of people:

2017-10-11 - Large feline, possibly a panther, spotted in field in Hernando (Mississippi):

2017-10-11 - North Korean hackers allegedly steal US and South Korean war plans:

2017-10-11 - Donald Trump threatens to shut down NBC and other TV news networks that criticize him:

2017-10-11 - The war on the EPA:

2017-10-11 - Trump says he hates everyone in the White House:

2017-10-12 - Unknown 'smell of gas' hits train station in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

Quote: "A spokeswoman for SGN also confirmed they were called out to Dalmarnock station and said engineers were currently on site and carrying out safety checks. She later confirmed that engineers could not find any gas readings in the area after carrying out safety checks."

2017-10-12 - Unknown odor hits office building in Montgomery County (Maryland):

2017-10-12 - Man, president of Iceland, loses consciousness and collapses, breaks his nose:

Quote: "President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson had an accident last night. On his Facebook page he writes that 'as he was enjoying a hot and comfortable bath,' he fainted, fell and hurt himself."

Note: So he collapsed unconscious after he had contact with water. Same as all the people collapsing and/or dying in or near lakes, rivers, canals, beaches, swimming pools and such...

2017-10-12 - Boy, 10, has seizure at school, teacher and former EMT worker saves him, in Louisville (Kentucky):

Quote: "Combs said her son has never had seizures before."

2017-10-12 - Man, deputy, has 'medical episode', gets tased, in Bexar County (Texas):

Quote: "According to an internal document obtained by KENS 5, a Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) officer used a Taser three times on a corporal who was suffering from a medical episode. The corporal's hand and feet were shackled while deputies held him down."

2017-10-12 - Man in his 70s collapses at the Ashness Bridge near Derwent Water in the Lake District (Britain):

Quote: "A man has been flown to hospital after collapsing at Ashness Bridge near Derwent Water in the Lake District. The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) was called to assist the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) at 11:10am today, Thursday 12 October after a man, aged in his 70s suffered a medical collapse."

2017-10-12 - Global warming and climate crisis by Professor Sujoy Ghose:

2017-10-12 - Eruption of Yellowstone could destroy all of mankind, study finds:

2017-10-12 - Volcano Sinabung erupts in Indonesia:

2017-10-12 - Magnitude 3.1 earthquake strikes near Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

2017-10-12 - Tornado touches down and damages planes at airport near Aurora (Oregon):

2017-10-12 - Hurricane Ophelia heads toward the UK:

Quote: "Hurricane Ophelia has strengthened to a Category 2 storm with 100mph winds, as it makes its way across the Atlantic towards Britain."

2017-10-12 - Tropical Storm 'Khanun' passes over the Philippines, heads toward Hainan and flood-ravaged Vietnam:

2017-10-12 - Situation increasingly dire in Dominica after Hurricane Maria:

2017-10-12 - Heavy rain, flooding and landslides hit Vietnam, 46 killed, 33 missing:

Quote: "Heavy rain in northern and central Vietnam triggered floods and landslides that killed 46 people and 33 people were missing in the worst such disaster in years, the search and rescue committee said on Thursday."

2017-10-12 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Vancouver (Canada):

Quote: "The Vancouver airport saw a total of 38.2 millimetres rainfall Thursday morning, surpassing the previous Oct. 12 record set at 31 millimetres in 1961."

2017-10-12 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Cumbria (Britain), a month's rain falls in one day:

2017-10-12 - Alaska's oyster farmers are filling an acidification-driven void:

2017-10-12 - Fall armyworm arrives in Africa on the heels of climate change:

2017-10-12 - Bannon said Trump has 30% chance of completing full term:

2017-10-13 - Landfill spewing sulfur-garbage odor in the Town of Niagara (New York):

Quote: "The New York State DEC said Friday that the Allied Waste Landfill is the cause of the sulfur and garbage-type odor following an investigation."

2017-10-13 - College student, man, 20, pulled unconscious from swimming pool at YMCA in coastal Stamford (Connecticut):

2017-10-13 - Man, 34, police diver, goes missing while diving in the Niagara River near Buffalo (New York):

Quote: "A search is underway for a Buffalo cop missing for more than a day after a diving exercise in upstate New York. Craig Lehner, a diver and K-9 officer with the Buffalo Police Department, failed to resurface during a Friday afternoon training session along the Niagara River."

2017-10-13 - Clams and worms in the Baltic Sea generating methane:

Quote: "Clams and worms at the bottom of the ocean may be releasing 'ridiculous amounts of greenhouse gases' that contribute to climate change, according to a new study. Researchers behind the study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that 10% of the methane emissions from the Baltic Sea come from clams and worms. That's roughly equivalent to 20,000 cows."

2017-10-13 - Geologic evidence of rapid sea level change and superstorms portend ominous prospects for a warming earth:

2017-10-13 - Underwater volcano Tagoro erupts near the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands (Spain):

2017-10-13 - Mount Agung continues rumbling on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

Quote: "The likelihood of an eruption of the volcano in the near future remains high. Seismic activity is unchanged at very elevated levels, with averages of around 8-900 earthquakes per day. Swarms of volcanic quakes likely reflect rock fracturing events by internal fluid pressure as magma intrudes the edifice at shallow depths."

2017-10-13 - Plague, mostly pneumonic plague, continues killing people and spreading in Madagascar:

Quote: "With dozens dead from a plague outbreak in Madagascar, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said Friday it is deploying its first-ever plague treatment center to the island nation. The World Health Organization said 561 cases have been reported so far, with another in the Seychelles. 'The situation, as you know, is quite concerning. We've seen a doubling of cases over the last week,' Dr. Julie Hall, the Red Cross federation's director of health and care, told reporters in Geneva. Red Cross officials have said the situation is particularly worrying because pneumonic plague, which is spread from person to person, has occurred for the first time in non-endemic areas and crowded cities. About 70 percent of the cases are the pneumonic form."

2017-10-13 - Lightning strike kills one pupil and injures 7 others in Murehwa (Zimbabwe):

2017-10-13 - Dozens of waterspouts seen off the San Juan Islands (Washington):

2017-10-13 - Sudden onset disasters to make 14 million people homeless every year:

2017-10-13 - Tom DeLonge forms public UFO research project with government insiders including DoD and CIA veterans:

2017-10-13 - Former manager of DOD aerospace threat program says UFOs are real:

2017-10-14 - Man, 47, pulled unconscious from the water at beach in coastal Flagler (Florida):

2017-10-14 - Boy, 11, pulled unconscious from retention pond in coastal Jacksonville (Florida):

2017-10-14 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #73, October 10th-14th 2017:

2017-10-14 - Heatwave bakes the Canary Islands (Spain):

2017-10-14 - Hurricane Ophelia closes in on the UK:

2017-10-14 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Kansas City (Missouri):

2017-10-14 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Chicago (Illinois):

2017-10-14 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Bengaluru (India), 5+ killed:

2017-10-14 - Heavy snow hits eastern Idaho:

2017-10-14 - Insider warnings - martial law and millions of deaths when 'Big One' hits California:

2017-10-14 - Can nuclear tests trigger deadly eruption of Mount Baekdu supervolcano in North Korea?

2017-10-15 - Unknown smell hits coastal areas in and around Portsmouth (Britain):

Quote: "We’re aware of a reported unusual smell in the areas of Gosport, Portsmouth, Fareham, Netley, Southampton and the Isle of Wight."

2017-10-15 - 2017 US firefighting costs hit record high:

Quote: "The long and brutal 2017 wildfire season is stressing the state and federal agencies that have to pay for the army of ground crews and machinery required to fight them. The federal government spent more than $2.7 billion on firefighting in its most recently finished budget year, a record that far surpassed the previous high point of $2.1 billion set just two years ago."

2017-10-15 - Woman sickens on cruise ship near coastal Atlantic City (New Jersey), medevac'd off:

2017-10-15 - Mount Sinabung spews lava and clouds of ash in Indonesia:

2017-10-15 - Volcano Cumbre Veija shaking and rumbling at the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands (Spain):

Quote: "Experts from the University of California and University College London said if Cumbre Vieja - which [is] active but dormant - were to come alive the western flank of the mountain could tumble in the ocean. A wave could then form hurtling to the UK's south-west at up to 500mph. This could see a 600 metre tidal wave crashing into Britain."

2017-10-15 - Magnitude 3.7 earthquake strikes near the New Madrid Fault, near Manila (Arkansas):

2017-10-15 - Hailstorm destroys crops in Chamba (India):

2017-10-15 - As Hurricane Ophelia approaches Ireland, 42-foot waves recorded:

2017-10-15 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Taiwan:

2017-10-15 - The crisis continues to unfold in Puerto Rico, death toll rises to 48:

2017-10-15 - After Hurricane Harvey, abandoned community in Houston takes charge:

2017-10-15 - Few global issues as urgent as tackling climate and disaster risks:

2017-10-15 - New insights from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite showcased in Science magazine:

2017-10-15 - Northern Michigan University now offering degree in marijuana:

2017-10-16 - Mount Agung could erupt at any moment as volcanic activity soars and magma rises to the surface on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

2017-10-16 - Mysterious ice-free area grows to 80,000 square kilometers in Antarctica:

Quote: "Known as the Weddell Sea or Maud Rise Polynya, the ice-free zone appeared in September and has grown to as large as 80,000 square kilometres, according to the University of Toronto."

2017-10-16 - Warm waters juiced Ophelia into the most powerful eastern Atlantic hurricane ever seen:

2017-10-16 - University of California at San Diego experimenting with genetically engineered algae in open-air ponds:

Note: That's the kind of thing you'd want to experiment with on the Moon, not in an open-air environment on Earth...

2017-10-16 - Florida’s migrant farm workers struggle after hurricane damaged homes and crops:

2017-10-16 - 50,000 people line up in South Florida seeking post-hurricane food aid:

2017-10-16 - In Puerto Rico, it's a race against time to evacuate the infirm:

2017-10-16 - College student crowdfunds $82,000 for Puerto Rico:

2017-10-16 - Proposed New Mexico science standards omit global warming:

Note: Alas, that won't stop the Earth from 'omitting' the human race...

2017-10-16 - As oil prices collapse, OPEC countries out $1 trillion:

2017-10-17 - Boy, 17, has 'medical incident' at swimming pool, punches himself in the head, dies shortly later, in Lambton (Australia):

Quote: "Bystanders who came to the aid of a boy who died after suffering a 'medical incident' at a popular Newcastle pool were 'courageous' in their efforts to help the teenager, police said. It was understood the 17-year-old boy, who was in the company of a carer, began punching himself in the head and attempting to bang his head on the concrete path at the Lambton Pool on Tuesday evening when staff and bystanders restrained him..."

2017-10-17 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #74, October 14th-17th 2017:

2017-10-17 - Volcano Mauna Loa showing signs of unrest in Hawaii:

2017-10-17 - Arctic sea ice volume stops growing in mid-October:

Note: That certainly looks anomalous...

2017-10-17 - Methane emissions far worse than thought in Alberta (Canada):

2017-10-17 - El Niño’s warning - satellite shows how forest CO2 emissions can skyrocket:

2017-10-17 - Plague continues spreading in Madagascar, death toll hits 74:

Quote: "A plague outbreak in Madagascar has killed at least 74 people and 805 cases have been reported so far. The government has deployed resources to curb the disease, but many obstacles remain. As plague cases rose last week [week of 9 Oct 2017] in Madagascar's capital, many city dwellers panicked. They waited in long lines for antimicrobials at pharmacies and reached through bus windows to buy masks from street vendors. Schools have been canceled, and public gatherings are banned. For the 1st time, the disease long seen in the country's remote areas is largely concentrated in its 2 largest cities, Antananarivo and Toamasina."

2017-10-17 - After taking a pounding from Ophelia, another storm heads toward Ireland:

2017-10-17 - 2017 is all-time wettest year for Bengaluru (India):

2017-10-17 - Tropical depression kills at least 83 people in Vietnam, worst flooding in decades:

2017-10-17 - Lights to go back on in Puerto Rico, by December, at the earliest:

2017-10-17 - Stranded by Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans get creative to survive:

2017-10-17 - A hidden public health epidemic - the psychological toll of natural disasters:

2017-10-17 - Geoengineering is not a quick fix for climate change, experts warn Trump:

2017-10-17 - Two-headed corn snake photgraphed in Rotterdam (Netherlands):

2017-10-17 - North Korea says nuclear war may break out at any moment:

2017-10-17 - Why does the drug to fight opioid addiction cost $500 a month?

2017-10-17 - Unknown object struck by lightning during storm in Delaware:

2017-10-17 - Project Blue Book - the controversy continues:

2017-10-18 - Giant methane craters appear for third consecutive year in Siberia (Russia):

Quote: "According to Russian geologists, the giant sinkholes were formed as a result of emissions of methane from the melting permafrost."

Quote: "Giant sinkholes in the ground formed as a result of emission of gas in the Yamal-Nenetsk autonomous region have grown in size in three years."

Note: I said when these first appeared in 2014 that this is the kind of event where if you see it happen once, it's highly likely it's going to happen again and again, and it is. It had actually already started before 2014, on the sea floor in the Arctic, with hundreds or even thousands of kilometer-wide methane seeps, but it took a little while before the problem spread to land. Now the only question is where ELSE the ground will begin exploding on land. I'd bet on Canada and/or Alaska, since both are already experiencing rapidly escalating permafrost melt...

2017-10-18 - Permafrost continues thawing in the northern regions of North America, and it's going to get much worse:

2017-10-18 - Unknown odor hits workers at Hanford Nuclear Reservation (Washington):

2017-10-18 - Mourning our planet - climate scientists share their grieving process:

2017-10-18 - Hambone interviews Jennifer Hynes:

2017-10-18 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Otautu Bay on Lake Rotoehu (New Zealand):

2017-10-18 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Tonga:

2017-10-18 - Fierce storm pounds Queensland (Australia), 6 missing:

2017-10-18 - Superstorms take aim at 30 million people, Ireland braces for the 'Ghost of Ophelia':

2017-10-18 - Two superstorms brewing, one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic:

2017-10-18 - Atmospheric rivers head toward the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, heavy rain expected:

2017-10-18 - Tropical Storm Lan to intensify explosively into a Super Typhoon on its way toward Japan:

2017-10-18 - Red-billed quelea from Africa turns up in Scotland - storm driven?

2017-10-18 - Marijuana legalization reduced opioid-related deaths and alters brain function, studies show:

2017-10-18 - Study finds intelligent people are more at risk of mental illness:

2017-10-18 - 90% of what you watch on television is controlled by just 6 giant corporations:

2017-10-19 - Unknown human-cat creature found in Malaysia:

Note: The authorities say it's a toy. Look at the video and watch it move, arch its neck, try to bite the hand of the person holding it. The latter indicates awareness of its surroundings. That's no toy. And if it were a toy then they'd have had no problem pointing to a web page where you could purchase one. Did they do that? Nope. I looked for it online myself and couldn't find anything remotely like that for sale anywhere, and if someone was selling these, they'd have ads up all over the place and they'd be making gobs of money and a name for themselves. So the authorities made up the toy story to hide the fact that this thing is real. I'm from the Show Me State - if they want to say it's a toy, fine, then show me a page where I can order one. It appears to be not a toy, but a genetic chimera, human-cat perhaps, or human-something anyway, something with claws and fangs, which was probably abandoned by its mother...

2017-10-19 - Unknown foul odor hits Cedar Rapids (Iowa):

Quote: "'Strange smell,' said Cedar Rapids Resident Bo Johnson. 'It's smelly. It's stinky.' 'It was nauseating,' said Tara Farris. 'It was really bad.' 'It just smelled awful. I thought somebody had passed gas,' said Trenton Richard. 'I don't know what it was but it was the most disgusting thing ever.' It's the sniff without a source that has people in Cedar Rapids on edge."

2017-10-19 - Unknown 'smell of gas' hits train in coastal Glasgow (Scotland):

Quote: "The rail company closed Dalmarnock Train Station at around 3.30pm on Thursday and cancelled low level services leaving from Glasgow Central Station while emergency services investigated a reported smell of gas. No gas was found and services resumed at 6.20pm."

Quote: "When we were passing through the tunnel between Bridgeton and Dalmarnock the smell of gas was intoxicating and I felt sick. Some folk were joking about not striking a match but I didn’t feel very comfortable passing through it. It was really strong and filled the whole train."

Quote: "A spokeswoman for ScotRail Alliance said investigations showed the smell was not the result of a gas leak."

Note: Excellent, not natural gas. So probably just some poison gas then...

2017-10-19 - Woman has 'medical incident' and collapses while crossing street near the Windsor Bridge over the River Thames (Britain):

Quote: "A woman suffered a medical incident on Upper Bristol Road, bringing traffic to a standstill. First reports from witnesses indicated that the woman had been involved in a collision with a bus. But it has since emerged that a First Bus driver saw the lady fall as she crossed the road and stopped the bus he was driving to protect her from traffic."

2017-10-19 - Woman pulled unconscious from lake at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (Britain):

2017-10-19 - Global temperatures have passed 1.5C above preindustrial levels:

2017-10-19 - Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes in the ocean south of the Ryukyu Islands (Japan):

2017-10-19 - Earthquake swarm hits Mammoth Lakes (California), 185 tremors and counting:

2017-10-19 - California drills to prepare 9.3 million people for inevitable M7+ earthquake:

2017-10-19 - Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) hits Tomahawk Lagoon in coastal Dunedin (New Zealand):

2017-10-19 - Heavy rain and flooding hit southern Spain:

2017-10-19 - Daytime meteor seen over Connecticut and adjacent states:

2017-10-19 - Siberian village besieged by polar bears as hundreds of terrified walruses fall 38 meters to their deaths:

2017-10-19 - ‘Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking’ - Puerto Rico faces a demographic disaster:

2017-10-19 - Trump has killed more civilians with illegal drone strikes in 9 months than Obama did in 8 years:

2017-10-19 - Facebook has become 'giant arm of US intel':

2017-10-19 - Southwest Airlines has first 'unmanned' flight - all women in crew - from St. Louis (Missouri):

Quote: "Southwest Airlines celebrated its first “unmanned” flight on the company’s new fleet of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. The flight was staffed with an all-female crew, including two pilots."

2017-10-19 - Woman trades one packet of McDonald's szechuan sauce for a car in Macomb (Michigan):

2017-10-20 - Forecasters predict warmer-than-average winter in majority of the US:

Note: It was warmer than average in the Midwest last year too. Maybe they need to redefine 'average', cuz the times, they are a-changin'...

2017-10-20 - Oceans can rise in sudden bursts:

Quote: "Fossilized corals off Texas show that in the past, sea level rose several meters in just decades, probably due to collapsing glaciers..."

Note: Like the glaciers that have been begun collapsing all around the planet recently?

2017-10-20 - Scientists are watching China's glaciers disappear:

Quote: "We come up here each month to check it, to see how fast the glacier's melting. Each year, the glacier is 15 feet thinner."

2017-10-20 - Man, 36, goes missing from coastal Parramore Island (Virginia):

2017-10-20 - Man, police chief, has 'medical emergency' during pursuit in Stowe (Vermont):

Quote: "Richmond police Chief Alan Buck was in critical condition Friday night following a medical emergency during a car chase of two suspects earlier in the day."

2017-10-20 - Pollution kills 9 million people per year and costs $4.6 trillion:

2017-10-20 - Magnitude 2.9 earthquake strikes near Flatonia (Texas):

2017-10-20 - Magnitude 2.9 earthquake strikes near Scottsboro (Alabama):

2017-10-20 - Lightning strike kills 6 cattle in Malanda (Australia):

2017-10-20 - Lightning strike kills elephant in Kruger National Park (South Africa):

2017-10-20 - Typhoon Lan bears down on Japan:

2017-10-20 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Trinidad and Tobago:

2017-10-20 - Second named storm 'Brian' expected to hit Ireland and parts of the UK just a week after Ophelia devastated the area:

2017-10-20 - Don't expect hurricane relief in Texas if you boycott Israel:

Quote: "The state of Texas passed a law in May banning state entities from contracting with businesses that boycott Israel. The law, one of 21 passed in states around the country in the past few years, has been criticized by the American Civil Liberties Union as unconstitutional."

Note: That law does sound unconstitutional...

2017-10-20 - Democrats fail to block Arctic reserve oil drilling:

Quote: "U.S. Senate Democrats on Thursday failed to pass a measure to block oil and gas drilling in part of the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, losing to Republicans who believe production there would provide jobs and wealth."

2017-10-20 - Tar sands pipeline that could rival Keystone XL quietly gets Trump approval:

Note: More actions which will reduce the time we have left before we and our loved ones burn to death or fall over dead or whatnot...

2017-10-20 - EPA scrubs 'climate change' from climate change website:

Note: Alas, that won't do anything to prevent the Earth from 'scrubbing' human beings from the surface of the Earth...

2017-10-20 - Eco-friendly Californians can now have their bodies liquefied after they die:

Note: Don't keep a bottle near your liquor. 'Honey, you just drank a Billy and Coke!'

2017-10-21 - Human CO2 emissions flatlined for third year in a row:

Note: And yet CO2 levels in the atmosphere are rising faster than they ever have. So what's that mean? That means that the Earth itself is adding CO2 to the atmosphere at an increasing rate and the human race is now irrelevant. Not quite as irrelevant as we'll be once we're all dead though...

2017-10-21 - Record heat expected in San Diego County (California):

Quote: The National Weather Service says that record heat and gusty Santa Ana winds could fan wildfires on Monday and Tuesday across San Diego County, where the weather has been unusually warm and the vegetation is dry."

Quote: "100-106 degrees on Monday and Tuesday [in Los Angeles]. Overnight lows in the 70s. Isolated lower 80s possible in the foothills."

Note: Wow, that's craaazy, 100F+ temps in late October! Must be that ice age I hear some people speaking of...

2017-10-21 - Volcano Tinakula erupts in the Solomon Islands:

2017-10-21 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #75, October 17th-20th 2017:

2017-10-21 - In the 'Smoke Belt' of the US West, climate change making it harder to breathe:

2017-10-21 - Lightning strike kills family of three in Rwanda, 18 fatalities in 2 weeks:

2017-10-21 - Super Typhoon Lan heads toward Japan:

2017-10-21 - Plague continues spreading and killing people in Madagascar:

Quote: "Madagascar has been experiencing a large outbreak of plague affecting major cities and other non-endemic areas since August 2017. Between one August and 19 October 2017, a total of 1297 cases (suspected, probable and confirmed) including 102 deaths (case fatality rate 7.9 percent) have been reported. Of these, 846 cases (65.2 percent) were clinically classified as pneumonic plague, 270 (20.8 percent) were bubonic plague, one case was septicaemic plague, and 180 cases were unspecified (further classification of cases is in process)."

2017-10-21 - Why it's so hard to turn the lights back on in Puerto Rico:

2017-10-21 - The race to save coffee:

Quote: "Climate change could spell disaster for coffee, a crop that requires specific temperatures to flourish and that is highly sensitive to a range of pests. So scientists are racing to develop more tenacious strains of one of the world’s most beloved beverages."

2017-10-21 - Breakthrough in explaining the largest gravity anomaly of the Indian Ocean Geoid Low (IOGL):

2017-10-21 - Two underwater pyramids found off the coast of Florida:

2017-10-21 - Travel to Jordan and stay in the world's smallest hotel, a VW beetle:

2017-10-21 - Pole dancing could become an Olympic event:

2017-10-22 - Huge floating mass of plastic and styrofoam found off the coast of Honduras:

Note: Looks very landfill-ish. What do landfills produce? Hydrogen sulfide and methane...

2017-10-22 - Man, 58, has chest pains on ship near coastal Tybee Island (Georgia):

Quote: "The Coast Guard medevacked a 58-year-old man Sunday six miles east of Tybee Island. Coast Guard Sector Charleston Command Center watchstanders received a call at 11:03 a.m. from the crew of the Thomas Jefferson, a 187-foot National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration vessel, stating a crewmember was experiencing chest pains."

2017-10-22 - Man, 59, has heart problems on Bear Mountain (New York):

Quote: "he 59-year-old man, whose name was not released, was atop Anthony's Nose, a 900-foot peak on the east side of the Hudson River, when he complained of chest pains and fatigue around 1:30 p.m., said Westchester County Police Lt. Scott Sullivan."

2017-10-22 - Heatwave heads to southern California, schools to close early in San Diego:

2017-10-22 - Warm waters melting Antarctic ice shelves may have appeared for the first time in over 7,000 years:

2017-10-22 - Poorest countries suffer most from global warming:

2017-10-22 - Americans blame 2017’s wild weather on global warming – 68 percent of Americans think weather disasters are worsening:

2017-10-22 - Tropical thunderstorms are set to grow stronger as the world warms:

2017-10-22 - Global warming to cost billions in extra road repairs:

2017-10-22 - Lightning strike kills 35 sheep in Tamil Nadu (India):

2017-10-22 - Tornado touches down and causes damage in Seminole (Oklahoma):

2017-10-22 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Tillamook (Oregon):

2017-10-22 - Fierce storm hits Brisbane (Australia):

2017-10-22 - Did Storm Ophelia bring a hawfinch invasion to the UK?

2017-10-22 - Why you need to get involved in the geoengineering debate – now:

2017-10-22 - Volunteer nurses in Puerto Rico fear FEMA is failing:

2017-10-22 - Beekeepers warn of 'Beemageddon' as France authorizes sulfaoxaflor:

2017-10-22 - Rat studies find Monsanto's GMO corn is toxic to liver, kidneys, intestines and testes:

2017-10-22 - 44th anniversary of the Pascagoula alien abduction incident:

2017-10-22 - Chilean researcher wants inquest into alleged Paihuano UFO crash opened 19 years later:

2017-10-23 - Volcano Stromboli erupts, launches lava bombs, off the coast of Italy:

Quote: "A strong explosion occurred at Stromboli volcano, Italy at 14:04 UTC on Monday, October 23, 2017, ejecting bombs on a vast area around the crater. There were no people near the volcano at the time of the explosion and there are no reports of damage or injuries."

2017-10-23 - Pyrosomes spreading as far north as Alaska:

Quote: "Researchers at NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center are reporting a never-before-seen phenomenon in Alaska waters—an influx of strange organisms that resemble flattened, translucent sea pickles. It may sound like déjà vu. A similar story made headlines along the West Coast last summer, but this is a new situation for Alaska. Scientists call these jelly-like organisms pyrosomes. The creatures typically live in tropical waters around the world, occasionally emerging a little farther north in sub-tropical waters. But no one has ever recorded pyrosomes as far north as Alaska."

2017-10-23 - Strong shallow magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes in the ocean southwest of Africa:

2017-10-23 - James Hansen interviewed by Chris Hedges:

2017-10-23 - Increasingly acidic oceans will affect all sea life:

2017-10-23 - Nitrous oxide emissions are enhanced in a warmer and wetter world:

2017-10-23 - Prozac in ocean water a possible threat to sea life:

2017-10-23 - Solar storms causing seizures and migraines in people and dogs, behaviour problems in children and enhanced medical problems for people in Alaska:

2017-10-23 - Lightning strike kills two girls in Bayafuthi (South Africa):

2017-10-23 - Typhoon Lan rips through Japan, 4+ killed:

2017-10-23 - Waterspout causes damage in Pascagoula (Mississippi):

2017-10-23 - Hurricane recovery proceeding slowly in Texas and Florida:

2017-10-23 - Unidentified object, possibly a meteorite, crashes down near St. John's (Canada):

2017-10-23 - Meteor explodes in the sky over southeastern Poland:

2017-10-23 - Rare red sprites in action - mysterious electric tendrils light up the sky over Oklahoma:

2017-10-23 - People increasingly attempting suicide in coastal Canterbury (New Zealand):

2017-10-23 - EPA prevents three scientists from speaking about report on climate:

2017-10-23 - UN shipping climate talks 'captured' by industry lobbyists:

2017-10-23 - Rolls-Royce and Google partner to create smarter autonomous ships based on AI and machine learning:

2017-10-23 - Woman, 21, sweats blood in Italy:

2017-10-23 - Couple gets bonus 65 pounds of marijuana in their Amazon order, in Orlando (Florida):

Note: I must not be ordering right cuz this never happens to me!

2017-10-24 - Rotten egg odor hits area in Keene (New Hampshire):

Quote: "An area of Keene has been deemed safe after city police and fire officials responded to multiple calls about a gas-like odor Tuesday morning. The first call came in about 9:45 a.m. from the Cheshire County Courthouse at 33 Winter St., where someone reported a propane-like smell outside the building. Three additional calls then came in from properties on Summer and Castle streets reporting the smell, too. Three fire engines from Keene responded to the scene. The odor was ruled 'unfounded' after officials used a detection device on each street and found no levels of gas. Lt. Caleb Dodson said the odor could be smelled in the Cheshire County Courthouse. 'You could smell it outside and inside," Dodson said. 'It came in through the windows.' Dodson said the odor dispersed, and the source wasn't identified."

Note: Just east (downwind) of the Ashuelot River Reservoir. Not propane or natural gas, but smelled like rotten eggs, soooo...?

2017-10-24 - 'Gas odor' hits shopping center in Carlisle (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "Crews were called to report of a gas odor at a shopping center in Carlisle. According to 911 dispatchers, Carlisle Fire and EMS units responded Tuesday night to the Premier Rental Purchase at Carlisle Crossing and cleared the scene an hour later. No injuries were reported."

2017-10-24 - Heat records obliterated across southern California:

Quote: "Temperatures took off at LAX Tuesday morning, and they didn’t even need a runway. The National Weather Services reported 104 degrees at the airport, upping the previous record set on this date in 1965 — 96 degrees. But that wasn’t the only record melting away on Tuesday as a heat wave that began baking Southern California continued its second day. In fact, the NWS  Twitter feed was essentially a list of broken records."

Quote: "Temperatures reached 108 degrees in San Luis Obispo, shattering the previous record of 103 set in 1959, according to PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey. Santa Maria also saw a record high temperature for the second straight day Tuesday, coming in at 102 degrees and passing the previous mark of 97 set in 1965, Lindsey said."

2017-10-24 - Woman slumps over unconscious on boat on the River Cam in Cambridge (Britain):

Quote: "Emergency crews were scrambled to the Backs this afternoon after a woman passed out on a punt. She fell unconscious while out on the River Cam and had to be punted back to the riverbank before receiving medical treatment."

2017-10-24 - Magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes in the ocean near Volcano Agung on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

2017-10-24 - Magnitude 3.9+ earthquake strikes in the ocean near Santa Catalina Island (California):

2017-10-24 - Big business is moving too slowly on climate change:

2017-10-24 - Unprecedented drought dries up South Africa:

2017-10-24 - Global tree cover loss reaches a record high in 2016:

2017-10-24 - Seattle be ready - this is how the 'Really Big One' M9.0 Cascadia earthquake could play out:

2017-10-24 - Four tornadoes strike along the coast near Jakarta (Indonesia):

2017-10-24 - Powerful storm brings two EF-2 tornadoes to the Carolinasm, 66,000 homes go dark:

2017-10-24 - Severe storms slam Hawaii, the entire island of Maui goes dark:

2017-10-24 - Rapidly intensifying Great Lake storm undergoes bombogenesis, brings giant waves and wind damage to Lake Superior:

2017-10-24 - Once-rare flooding could hit NYC every 5 Years with climate change, study warns:

2017-10-24 - Future flooding will be deeper and more frequent and cities aren't prepared:

2017-10-24 - Congressional watchdog warns Washington to prepare for costly climate change:

2017-10-24 - Wine organization forecasts historically bad year due to weather events:

2017-10-24 - Marburg virus spreading in Uganda near the border with Kenya:

2017-10-24 - World Bank ministers rehearse for a pandemic that will come 'sooner than we expect':

2017-10-24 - Security surrounding EPA administrator rising to unprecedented level:

2017-10-24 - Anger flares over EPA’s science censorship:

2017-10-24 - Google's AI watches YouTube clips to learn about human behavior:

2017-10-24 - DARPA-funded headband can help you learn quicker, may be available soon:

2017-10-24 - Why scientists are redefining the kilogram:

2017-10-25 - 'Smell of gas' hits area in coastal Timaru (New Zealand):

Quote: "Washdyke station officer Trevor Chapman said he suspected the smell had come from the sewers."

Note: So it was probably 'sewer gas', e.g. hydrogen sulfide. It might have blown in off the ocean, like the hydrogen sulfide hitting Huntington Beach and surrounding areas in California, or maybe it blew in off the ocean, infiltrated the sewer system and then came back out. Either way, there's some deadly poison gas blowing around town...

2017-10-25 - Man falls off bridge at 3:10 AM in Birmingham (Britain), possible toppler:

2017-10-25 - Arctic sea ice volume hits second-lowest level ever recorded for this time of year:

Note: It wouldn't have been quite that bad, but look at that weird anomalous juke that began around October 8, which almost made it the lowest level ever recorded. Some seriously warm air and/or warm water must have hit the Arctic around that time to have caused such a thing. No other year looks like that, just this year...

2017-10-25 - Volcano Sinabung erupts in Indonesia, volcanic dome destroyed:

2017-10-25 - Volcano Tinakula continues erupting in the Solomon Islands, water being poisoned:

2017-10-25 - Magnitude 5.2 earthquake strikes in the ocean near volcano Mount Agung on the island of Bali (Indonesia):

2017-10-25 - Typhoon Saloa heads toward Guam:

2017-10-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit West Feliciana Parish (Louisiana), state of emergency declared:

2017-10-25 - Heavy rain and flooding hit the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, 3 killed:

2017-10-25 - Record-breaking snowfall hits the BC Peace Region (Canada):

2017-10-25 - Rising seas are flooding Virginia’s naval base and there’s no plan to fix it:

2017-10-25 - How climate change is playing havoc with olive oil and farmers:

2017-10-25 - Ben Carson says rebuilding Puerto Rico will take between 1 and 100 years:

2017-10-25 - Rising rates of cancer afflicting firefighters:

2017-10-25 - Flesh-eating bacteria kills man repairing Harvey-damaged home in Texas:

2017-10-25 - Seven-legged frog found in Jinzhou (China):

2017-10-25 - Cattle mutilation found in Alberta (Canada):

2017-10-25 - First-known interstellar comet spotted by astronomers:

2017-10-25 - Trump to auction off a vast swath of the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies:

2017-10-25 - There's a new type of diabetes that's being misdiagnosed as Type II:

2017-10-25 - China launching 'petroyuan' in two months:

2017-10-25 - Legendary singer Fats Domino dies at age 89 in Jefferson Parish (Louisiana):

2017-10-26 - Unknown 'smell of gas' hits broad area across coastal Fareham (Britain):

Quote: "Engineers are investigating the cause of a ‘strong smell’ which has been wafting across the Fareham area today. Fareham Borough Council said it had received reports of the odd stench and that SGN staff looking into the cause."

Quote: "We have received reports of a strong smell of gas across Fareham. Gas engineers are on site investigating this."

Quote: "SGN have said there’s nothing so far to suggest came from its network."

Quote: "People on social media reported smelling gas in Titchfield Common, Park Gate and Locks Heath as well as in the town centre."

Note: This is at least the third time this city's been hit by an unknown rotten egg odor in just the last few months...

2017-10-26 - Unknown 'chemical smell' hits coastal Ryde on the Isle of Wight (Britain):

Quote: "Fire crews have been called to Ryde to investigate a chemical smell. Crews rushed to a building on St Thomas Street following reports of the strange smell. An Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue service spokesperson said crews remained at the scene."

Note: Ryde is about 8 miles south of Fareham, across The Solent (body of water) from Fareham. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2017-10-26 - Unknown 'gas smell' hits university building in Rochester (Minnesota):

Quote: "Three fire companies used hazardous materials monitors with gas detecting capability to walk through the entire building, but were unable to find any issues, Jungels said. All gas-burning appliances were checked, including the kitchen and roof top units, but no issues were found. Minnesota Energy responded to assist with the investigation; no gas was detected."

Note: Natural gas is odorless, so they add methyl mercaptan to it, which smells like rotten eggs. Methyl mercaptan is made with hydrogen sulfide. So people are confusing the smell of methyl mercaptan, the odorant added to propane and natural gas, with hydrogen sulfide. That's why so many people have reported 'smelling gas' but when responders or workers show up, they don't detect any natural gas. Natural gas detectors won't detect hydrogen sulfide. This has been happening over and over. Eventually there will be so much hydrogen sulfide blowing around that people will be dropping dead like flies, going insane, and fires and explosions will be rampant. Nobody on the surface of the Earth will be surviving that. We're just seeing who dies in what order as the credits for the Human Race Movie scroll by...

2017-10-26 - Unknown sulfury sewer odor blowing around in coastal Goleta (California):

2017-10-26 - Students sickened and develop skin rashes, unknown cause, at school in Barnsley (Britain):

2017-10-26 - Around 19 people sicken at office building, unknown cause, in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma):

Quote: "What caused 19 people to get sick and nearly 100 to be evacuated from an Oklahoma City building Thursday is still a mystery. KOCO’s Sky 5 flew over as employees were evacuated from the city’s Finance and Technology building on Main Street and Walker Avenue. 'We had a report that there were people on the second floor who were sick,' Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson told KOCO. After nine employees said they were feeling dizzy and light-headed, fire officials evacuated the second floor."

2017-10-26 - Man, around 40, tries to take cellphone from another man then has 'medical emergency', in coastal Seattle (Washington):

Quote: "A preliminary investigation found that the two men, who knew each other, were at the scene when one of them jumped on the back of the other man in an attempt to take his cell phone. There was a struggle, and the man who attempted to take the phone experienced a medical emergency, Jamieson said."

2017-10-26 - Person collapses and stops breathing on street in coastal Skegness (Britain), 3400 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "An ambulance, paramedic car and police rushed to Skegness amid reports a person stopped breathing after falling in the street. Officers and paramedics were at the scene of the incident just before 2pm today, Thursday, October 26."

2017-10-26 - Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes southwest of Lompoc (California):

2017-10-26 - Magnitude 3.5 earthquake strikes in the San Pedro Channel near Huntington Beach (California):

2017-10-26 - These US cities are most vulnerable to major coastal flooding and sea level rise:

2017-10-26 - Are Antarctica's ice sheets near a climate tipping point?

Note: Tipping point's already in the rear view mirror...

2017-10-26 - Baseball-sized hail hits Formosa (Argentina), 1,000+ buildings damaged:

2017-10-26 - Thunderstorms with hail the size of golf balls hit areas in and around Newcastle (Australia):

2017-10-26 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Portland, Westbrook and South Portland (Maine):

2017-10-26 - Unseasonably cold temperatures head for the US Midwest and Plains:

2017-10-26 - Rare 'hole-punch clouds' shaped like UFOs seen over Dorset (Britain):

2017-10-26 - Monkeypox breaks out in Kano State (Nigeria):

2017-10-26 - Two-thirds of US baby foods test positive for arsenic, and many also contain lead and cadmium:

2017-10-26 - Puerto Rico’s solar future takes shape at children’s hospital, with Tesla batteries:

2017-10-26 - China's launch of 'petro-yuan' in two months sounds death knell for dollar's dominance:

2017-10-26 - Republican Senators kill rule allowing consumers to sue banks:

2017-10-26 - Two women and two dogs rescued from boat after being adrift at sea for five months, near Japan:

Quote: "Appel said they survived thanks to water purifiers and a year’s supply of dry food on board, including rice, pasta and oatmeal, according to the Navy."

2017-10-26 - Barack Obama called to jury duty in November in Cook County (Illinois):

2017-10-27 - Unknown odor sickens people in coastal Seaford (Britain):

Quote: "People in a coastal town have been advised to stay in and keep doors and windows shut after reports of a noxious odour. The emergency services issued the warning as people in Seaford, East Sussex, complained of stinging eyes and feeling sick on Friday evening."

Quote: "Around 150 people were treated for breathing problems, stinging eyes and vomiting after a toxic 'mist' hit a town just six miles away from Seaford in August. The mystery gas was blown ashore leaving people in Birling Gap, East Sussex, suffering illness."

Note: Seaford is about 55 miles due east of coastal Fareham as the gas blows, which was just hit by a rotten egg odor the day prior, the same day as an unknown odor hit coastal Ryde on the Isle of Wight just south of Fareham across The Solent, both events mentioned in the 2017-10-26 update...

2017-10-27 - Girl, 12, collapses and goes into cardiac arrest at high school in Murrysville (Pennsylvania):

2017-10-27 - Unknown cause makes students' legs swell and induces hallucinations in Zimbabwe:

2017-10-27 - Heatwave continues baking southern California:

2017-10-27 - New geological record shows Yellowstone's last catastrophic eruption 630,000 years ago spawned twin eruptions that altered global climate:

2017-10-27 - Four earthquakes shake volcano Bárðarbunga (Iceland):

2017-10-27 - 250-mile-long lightning strike (!) recorded over Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri:

Quote: "The new GOES 16 satellite has an advanced lightning sensor and captured a flash that started from a thunderstorm in southeastern Kansas and propagated about 250 miles across parts of Oklahoma and Missouri, according to NOAA."

2017-10-27 - Intense hailstorm bombards Cordoba (Argentina), 4.9 feet of accumulation in 15 minutes:

2017-10-27 - Heavy rain and hail hit parts of South Africa:

2017-10-27 - Mysterious column of light appears in Feliciano (Argentina):

2017-10-27 - 'Fire rainbow' spotted over nature reserve in Cambridgeshire (Britain):

2017-10-27 - Meteor spotted over Bellingham Bay (Washington):

2017-10-27 - Meteor lights up the sky over Port Lincoln (Australia):

2017-10-27 - Meteor spotted over Brecon Beacons, South Wales (Britain):

2017-10-27 - Glyphosate exposure in humans from diet increasing:

2017-10-27 - The United States Of Toxins:

2017-10-27 - DoD plans solar-storm-based national blackout drill:

2017-10-27 - Trump blocks full release of JFK assassination records:

2017-10-28 - In Antarctica, two crucial glaciers accelerate toward the sea:

2017-10-28 - Arctic sea ice much thinner than thought:

2017-10-28 - Study finds ancient oceans were much colder than previously thought:

Quote: "For all of the changes our planet has experienced over the past 100 million years, our oceans have remained pretty stable as far as temperature goes. Cast in that light, today's rapid global warming trend is even more dramatic than we'd thought."

2017-10-28 - Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean in the Arctic Circle:

2017-10-28 - Tornado touches down and causes damage in Miami (Florida):

2017-10-28 - Storm may hit the US East Coast:

2017-10-28 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, 5+ killed, thousands affected:

2017-10-28 - Heavy snow hits Minnesota:

2017-10-28 - Nurses in Puerto Rico see first-hand health crisis from climate disasters:

2017-10-28 - Puerto Rico burning its dead, death toll may never be known:

2017-10-28 - Relatively new incurable disease spreads to St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean:

2017-10-28 - Medical marijuana drive-thru opens near Phoenix (Arizona):

2017-10-29 - Man has 'medical incident' on water ride at Elveden Forest in Brandon (Britain):

Quote: "Visitors to Center Parks in Elveden Forest reported “some kind of medical incident” on the Tropical Cyclone at around 2.30pm. Witnesses said they saw a man being resuscitated at the bottom of the ride before it was closed to guests."

2017-10-29 - Woman has 'medical episode' and collapses at 3:45 AM on street in Bridgend (Britain), 240 feet from the Ogmore River:

Quote: "A woman was found unconscious in the street after suffering what police have described as a 'medical episode'. The area outside Home Bargains on Market Street, Bridgend, was taped off after the discovery at around 3.45am on Sunday morning. The woman was taken by ambulance to the Princess of Wales Hospital, where she remains in a stable condition."

Note: Not just right next to the Ogmore River but also just 4 miles from the coast...

2017-10-29 - Woman has 'medical emergency' in coastal Caernarfon (Britain):

2017-10-29 - Climate and Extreme Weather News #77, October 25th-28th 2017:

2017-10-29 - Scars left by icebergs record West Antarctic ice retreat:

2017-10-29 - How fossil fuel allies are tearing apart Ohio's embrace of clean energy:

2017-10-29 - The Interior Department scrubs climate change from its strategic plan:

Note: That just means we end up with the default plan - bend over and kiss our asses goodbye as we die as quickly as the idiots in charge can make us die. If you're one of the wanna-die-ASAP people, the folks running things now have got your back!

2017-10-29 - US winter has shrunk by more than one month in the last 100 years:

2017-10-29 - Swarms of Monarch butterflies stranded in northern US and Canada:

Quote: "Tens of thousands of monarch butterflies that should be in Texas by now, en route to their wintering grounds in Mexico, are still in the northern U.S. and Canada, their migrations delayed due to above-average temperatures and strong winds this fall."

2017-10-29 - Nicaragua will join Paris climate pact, leaving just the US and Syria out:

2017-10-29 - Bill Nye on his climate science education efforts - 'I am a failure':

Note: Relax, Bill, the Earth will take care of 'climate science education', the hard way...

2017-10-29 - Lightning strike kills father and son in Popayan (Colombia):

2017-10-29 - Fierce storm pounds the US East Coast:

2017-10-29 - Cold snap hits Houston (Texas):

2017-10-29 - Rare blue auroras seen in the Arctic Circle:

2017-10-29 - Plague, mostly pneumonic plague, continues spreading and killing people in Madgascar:

Quote: "Since August it's estimated that at least 124 people have died, and an additional 1,192 infection cases have been logged. There have also been around 70 cases of bubonic plague, but it is the much more virulent pneumonic plague that has authorities worried. Pneumonic plague is considered the most aggressive form of the disease, as it can spread through person-to-person contact. Otherwise known as lung-based plague, the disease arises when an advanced infection moves to a person's lungs. At this stage, the sufferer can then infect others via coughing or sneezing. Incubation time is very short - just 24 hours in most cases - and if untreated the pneumonic plague is always fatal."

Quote: "And now the deadly disease has spread into more African countries after taking root in Madagascar. Countries affected include South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Comoros, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion."

2017-10-29 - Woman finds giant 2-foot-long earthworm near Tamborine Mountain, Queensland (Australia):

2017-10-29 - October 29 is National Cat Day:

Quote: "On October 29, we celebrate our furry feline friends with International Cat Day. It was celebrated for the first time in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, among other animal rights groups. Your kitty will probably mark the day with a nap, a romp with a paper bag, a nibble of kibble and another nap."

2017-10-30 - Unknown 'gas odor' hits school in coastal West Haven (Connecticut):

Quote: "West Haven Police and the West Haven Board of Education say that West Haven High School, at 1 Mcdonough Plaza, was evacuated due to a gas odor. However, the superintendent says that students are already back inside the building after there was no leak discovered."

2017-10-30 - Unknown 'gas odor' hits school in Fort Wayne (Indiana):

Quote: "Students at Portage Middle School in Fort Wayne had to be evacuated due to the smell of gas in the building. A school employee told WOWO News this morning the students were moved to Lindley Elementary School next door shortly before 7:30am while employees searched the building for the source of the smell. The students were allowed back in the school shortly before 8am, after an all-clear was given. Another school employee tells WOWO News nothing was found in the search."

2017-10-30 - Unknown odor hits coastal Plymouth (Britain):

2017-10-30 - Unknown odor hits coastal Batumi (Georgia):

Quote: "There is no specific smell in the city today. But for 2 days, according to  the Batumi citizens the unpleasant smell was bothering and in the different districts of the town smelt strong. What is the reason for the smell, our news crew is contacting several agencies. According to the press service of the Environmental Supervision Department information, the investigation was launched, but no specific offense has been fixed yet. The Batumi City Hall says that the issue is beyond their competence. As for the port, there is no factor in the oil pipeline in the port during the last days, and at this stage only dry cargo is being dropped. Batumi terminal eliminates fact."

2017-10-30 - Sewer gas leaking from drain on Brooklands Avenue in coastal Filey (Britain), 600 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "Brooklands Avenue, Filey  Time 11:39 Crews from Filey investigated a report of smoke coming from a drain near on Brooklands Avenue. After investigation this was confirmed as sewer gas escaping from the drain. The incident was reported to the council to follow up."

2017-10-30 - Atmospheric CO2 and methane levels rising faster than ever:

Quote: "Concentrations of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere surged to a record high in 2016, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Last year's increase was 50% higher than the average of the past 10 years."

Quote: "As far as direct and proxy observations can tell, such abrupt changes in the atmospheric levels of CO2 have never before been seen."

Quote: "Scientists warns concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surged at 'a record-breaking speed' last year, as fears over feedback loops grow..."

Note: So the fact that HUMAN emissions have flatlined didn't slow things down. On the contrary, emissions are rising faster than ever. So humans are irrelevant. The Earth is running amok now. We may have gotten the train rolling down the track but the train is speeding out of control with nobody at the helm at this point and there are no brakes. Next stop, Extinctionville!

2017-10-30 - Man in his 30s has 'medical condition' and collapses on scaffolding in coastal Burleigh Heads (Australia):

2017-10-30 - Woman collapses at business in coastal Colwyn Bay (Britain):

2017-10-30 - Man, 76, starts losing consciousness at 1:47 AM on boat near coastal Bermuda:

Quote: "A boater was taken to hospital after he contacted the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service in a semi-conscious state on Sunday morning. According to a Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesman, the 76-year-old, who was unaware of his exact location, called for urgent medical help at 1.47am. The BFRS requested assistance locating the man’s sailing boat, believed to be in St George’s Harbour, and marine police unit Rescue One was sent out."

2017-10-30 - James Hansen - scientific reticence and the fate of humanity:

2017-10-30 - Oil majors planning for catastrophic 5C global warming despite publicly backing Paris climate agreement:

Note: They should be planning for there being no people around at all. That'll put a hurtin' on 'demand'...

2017-10-30 - Lightning strike kills three people in Weeraketiya (Sri Lanka):

2017-10-30 - Over 176,000 lightning strikes witnessed in Queensland (Australia):

2017-10-30 - Severe storm hits Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, 5+ killed:

2017-10-30 - Typhoon Saola brings nearly 16 inches of rain in 24 hours to Kyushu (Japan):

2017-10-30 - Heavy rain and flooding hit Ottawa and Gatineau (Canada), Prime Minister takes ATV to work:

Quote: "Record-breaking rainfall in Ottawa on Monday flooded homes and forced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take an ATV for part of his commute."

Note: ATV-One!

2017-10-30 - Unusually severe storm knocks out power for 1.2 million across New England:

2017-10-30 - Puerto Rico power outage after Hurricane Maria largest blackout in US history:

2017-10-30 - Cold snap hits Britain, temps drop below freezing:

2017-10-30 - Cold wave hits China:

2017-10-30 - Big US corporate names like Microsoft, Apple and GE object to Trump’s power plan:

2017-10-30 - Massive coronal hole opens up on the southern area of the Sun's atmosphere facing Earth:

2017-10-30 - North Korea fears US preemptive strike:

2017-10-31 - Lightning strike kills 2 students in Tamil Nadu (India):

2017-10-31 - Lightning strike kills two schoolgirls in Msinga (South Africa):

2017-10-31 - Climate change already bringing disease, air pollution and heatwaves:

2017-10-31 - 2,100 cities exceed recommended pollution levels, fueling climate change:

2017-10-31 - Protecting Norfolk (Virginia) from flooding won’t be cheap - Army Corps releases its plan:

2017-10-31 - China plans world's longest tunnel to turn desert into California:

2017-10-31 - Moscow pardons $1 billion of Venezuelan debt:

2017-10-31 - Anticipating aftershocks - improved seismic forecasts for the Big One in California:

2017-10-31 - Four earthquakes, magnitudes 2.6, 4.1, 2.9 and 3.0, strike near Hennessey (Oklahoma):

2017-10-31 - French Alps shaken by 140 earthquakes in just over a month:

2017-10-31 - Magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes in the ocean near New Caledonia, tsunamis and aftershocks ensue:

2017-10-31 - Magnitude 6.3, 5.9 and 5.7 earthquakes strike in the ocean within 20 minutes near Hila (Indonesia):

2017-10-31 - Melting permafrost in the Arctic is unlocking diseases and warping the landscape:

2017-10-31 - Inmate has 'medical emergency' at jail in coastal St. John's (Canada):

2017-10-31 - Man has 'medical emergency' and collapses on street in Haverfordwest (Britain):

Quote: "A Haverfordwest street was closed this morning (Tuesday, October 31) with reports that a man had collapsed there."

2017-10-31 - Wendy Williams, 53, television host, slurs words then collapses unconscious on live TV in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "Dressed as the Statue of Liberty, the daytime diva collapsed after slurring her words and stumbling on the set of her talk show this morning, can confirm. In a terrifying video, the 53-year-old appeared wide-eyed and panicked as she struggled to announce her annual Halloween costume contest. 'We always have a lot of fun, let’s get started...Our first caress...' she appeared to say, before falling backwards and fainting to the floor."

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