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2017 - OCT - Animal Die-Offs

2017-10-01 - Hundreds of fish found dead in Lake Mendota (Wisconsin):

2017-10-02 - Many hundreds of leopard sharks and other fish dying in coastal San Francisco Bay (California):

Quote: "As many as 2,000 leopard sharks have mysteriously died in the San Francisco Bay over the past few months. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says determining the cause is not a priority for the state since the sharks are not threatened or endangered, however, scientists say additional research and resources are crucial since the threat is now believed to be preying on other marine life."

2017-10-02 - Seal washes up dead on Chapoquoit Beach in coastal Falmouth (Massachusetts):

2017-10-03 - Humpback whale washes ashore dead on coastal Block Island (Rhode Island):

2017-10-03 - Pygmy right whale found dead near coastal Port Vincent (Australia):

2017-10-03 - Scores of fish found dead in river between Crooked Lake and Round Lake (Canada):

2017-10-04 - Minke whale strands and dies in coastal Wellfleet (Massachusetts):

2017-10-04 - Bryde's whale found dead on bow of ship in coastal Tauranga Harbour (New Zealand):

2017-10-04 - Whale found on the bow of ship in coastal Sheerness (Britain):

2017-10-04 - Large die of crayfish found dead in the River Barrow (Ireland):

2017-10-05 - Thousands of fish and marine animals washing up dead along the coast of Maharashtra (India):

Quote: "The Maharashtra Maritime Board said the deaths were a matter of concern. 'We have never seen lakhs of fish species washing ashore at different beaches along the entire west coast,' said Atul Patne, chief executive officer, MMB."

2017-10-05 - Massive numbers of jellyfish kill tens of thousands of salmon in fish farms on the west coast of Ireland:

Quote: "Killer jellyfish have wiped out tens of thousands of salmon after invading fish farms along the west coast of Ireland. Some 80 per cent of the salmon stock at Killary Harbour in Co Mayo died after being stung last month. Tens of thousands of fish were also killed at Kilkieran Bay and Outer Bertraghboy Bay in Connemara, Co Galway, and at Bantry Bay in Co Cork. Between 1 per cent and 15 per cent of fish in these three fish farms died as a result of jellyfish stings."

2017-10-06 - Hundreds of seagulls dying on the coast of Galicia (Spain):

2017-10-06 - Huge number of fish found dead in Telangana Lake (India):

2017-10-07 - Two bottlenose dolphins found dead on beaches in coastal Amagansett (New York):

2017-10-07 - Swan suddenly dies at Mirror Lake in Fitchburg (Massachusetts):

2017-10-08 - 107 hippos die in Zambezi (Namibia), unknown cause:

Quote: "A suspected anthrax outbreak has killed 107 hippos in one of Namibia's biggest game parks in the Zambezi region in Namibia in just one week. The park's deputy director Apollinaris Kannyinga confirmed the deaths Sunday at Bwabwata National Park. Kannyinga said the first 10 deaths were reported on Oct. 1 but had risen by the end of the week. 'We suspect an anthrax outbreak, but our veterinary is still yet to confirm that,' Kannyinga said. He also said that this was the first time such a deadly outbreak has hit Namibia."

Note: So they don't know what killed them, though they suspect anthrax, even though that's never happened there before. I wouldn't be jumping to any conclusions if I were them. Hippos live in and near water...

2017-10-08 - Thousands of fish found dead in Araluru Lake near Somasundarapalya (India):

2017-10-09 - Two pygmy whales and 3 bottlenose dolphins wash up dead or dying in a week on the Jersey Shore (New Jersey):

Quote: "Three bottlenose dolphins and two pygmy whales have stranded on Jersey Shore beaches in the last week."

2017-10-09 - Baby humpback whale washes up dead at beach in Ballina (Australia):

2017-10-09 - Salmon dying off hard off the coasts of Oregon and Washington:

Quote: "Scientists have been hauling survey nets through the ocean off the coasts of Washington and Oregon for 20 years. But this is the first time some have come up empty. 'We were really worrying if there was something wrong with our equipment,' said David Huff, estuarine and ocean ecology program manager in the fish ecology division at NOAA Fisheries. 'We have never hauled that net through the water looking for salmon or forage fish and not gotten a single salmon. Three times we pulled that net up, and there was not a thing in it. We looked at each other, like, "this is really different than anything we have ever seen." It was alarming.'"

2017-10-09 - How will climate change hurt our ocean species - scientists investigate:

2017-10-10 - Around 15 large eagle rays wash up dead on beach in coastal Auckland (New Zealand):

2017-10-10 - Young dolphin strands and dies on coastal Okaloosa Island (Florida):

2017-10-11 - Humpback whale found dead off the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland (Canada):

2017-10-11 - Fish found dead in Hyde Creek in Cornwall (Canada):

2017-10-11 - Hundreds of fish found dead in pond in Ranchi (India):

2017-10-12 - Fish mysteriously die off in multiple ponds in central Illinois:

Quote: "Carter owns one of several ponds that have suffered massive fish kills in the past week, especially after weekend rains.  The cause of those fish kills is a mystery. 'My first thought was poison.  Chemical poison of some sort and I mean that’s where my mind went immediately,' Carter stated."

Note: So some hydrogen sulfide blows through the area, settles to the ground, adsorbs onto grass and dirt and whatever. Then rain comes and washes it into the ponds where it kills fish. Or hydrogen sulfide, which is water-soluble, dissolves into the rain before it even falls from the sky and then you have scattered pockets of poison rain pouring down, and that too flows down to the lowest area around, like ponds. Either way, not gonna be good. And poison rain could just flat-out kill anyone nowadays too. 41 children and some animals mysteriously died after rainfall in Papua (Indonesia), mentioned in the 2015-11-24 update. A bunch of people died in Australia from 'thunderstorm asthma' a few months ago after rain storms there too. How many of the people who've mysteriously dropped dead have been rained on in the hours or days before they fell over dead? How many had taken showers or baths using water from contaminated outdoor reservoirs? How many had been in saunas or hot tubs or swimming pools? We'll never know...

2017-10-12 - Dozens of fish found dead in the Naugatuck River (Connecticut):

2017-10-12 - Tens of thousands of jellyfish-like Velella wash ashore dead on beaches in coastal Greymouth (New Zealand):

2017-10-13 - Several pilot whales strand, at least 5 die, on coastal Kalapaki Beach (Hawaii):

Quote: "Five pilot whales are dead after a stranding on Kauai that moved many bystanders to tears."

2017-10-13 - Penguins dying off in Antarctica:

Quote: "Penguin disaster as only two chicks survive from colony of 40,000..."

2017-10-14 - Whale found dead in the sea off the coast of Tamil Nadu (India):

2017-10-15 - Humpback whale washes up dead at Twin Rivers beach near coastal Ucluelet (Canada):

2017-10-15 - Large number of fish found dead in mangrove area near Vesteys Lake (Australia):

2017-10-16 - Whale washes ashore dead on beach in coastal Wurtulla (Australia):

2017-10-16 - Twelve dolphins wash up dead along the coast of Provence (France):

2017-10-16 - Hundreds of fish found dead along the shores of the River Simeto (Italy):

2017-10-16 - Thousands of fish found dead in the Lakhish River (Israel):

2017-10-17 - 103 whales have washed up dead this year in Brazil:

2017-10-17 - Thousands of fish found dead in dam reservoir in Palmar (Uruguay):

2017-10-17 - Thousands of fish found dead in river near Asuncion (Paraguay):

2017-10-17 - Thousands of fish found dead in lake in Mahbubnagar (India):

2017-10-17 - Thousands of fish found dead in the River Tagus (Portugal):

2017-10-17 - Tons of fish wash up dead on beach in Hua Hin (Thailand):

2017-10-18 - Insects dying off hard around the planet:

Quote: "Our analysis estimates a seasonal decline of 76%, and mid-summer decline of 82% in flying insect biomass over the 27 years of study. We show that this decline is apparent regardless of habitat type, while changes in weather, land use, and habitat characteristics cannot explain this overall decline."

2017-10-18 - Dolphins strand, two die, in Wellfleet on coastal Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Marine mammal experts say there have been an unusually high number of such incidents this season. The animals were found washed ashore in Wellfleet on Wednesday."

2017-10-18 - Jellyfish washing ashore in Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Seaton, Bournemouth, Swanage, Hove, Dawlish and Portsmouth (Britain):

2017-10-19 - More than 80 flesh-footed shearwaters wash up dead along the western side of King George Sound (Australia):

2017-10-19 - Overview of some of the animal die-offs in the last week or so:

2017-10-20 - Unusually high number of whales and dolphins have stranded in 2017 off Cape Cod (Massachusetts):

2017-10-21 - Whale washes ashore dead near Flamborough (Britain):

2017-10-22 - Many fish found dead in lake in Srinagar (India):

2017-10-23 - North Atlantic right whale washes up dead on Nashawena Island (Massachusetts):

2017-10-23 - Starfish dying at coastal Cottesloe Beach (Australia):

2017-10-23 - Thousands of fish wash up dead in coastal Malabar Bay (Australia):

2017-10-24 - Bryde's whale found dead near Mumbai (India):

2017-10-24 - Fourth humpback whale in under a month found along coastline near East London (South Africa):

2017-10-24 - Europe remains a major killer of migrating birds:

2017-10-25 - Fin whale washes ashore dead near La Rochelle (France):

2017-10-25 - Dozens of fish found dead in Marsh Creek near Brentwood (California):

2017-10-26 - Humpback whale washes up dead on beach in coastal Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

2017-10-26 - Horse found dead in creek in Browns Summit (North Carolina):

2017-10-27 - Six baby whales wash ashore dead at beach in coastal Yasawa (Fiji Islands):

2017-10-27 - 14 monkeys found dead between 3 AM and 9 AM in Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary (India):

2017-10-27 - Large sunfish washes ashore dead in coastal Provincetown (Massachusetts):

2017-10-28 - Octopi fleeing the ocean, crawling across beach and dying, in coastal New Quay (Britain):

2017-10-28 - Orcas heading toward extinction:

Note: Aren't we all!

2017-10-30 - Germany’s birds disappearing as insect abundance plummets 76 percent:

Note: Next, the things that eat birds will be dying, and then whatever eats those, and so on...

2017-10-31 - Fish found dead in pond in Murfreesboro (Tennessee):

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