Friday, October 9, 2015

Event Update For 2015-10-08

The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Fires And Explosions

2015-10-08 - Priest Rapids Dam rocked by explosion on the Columbia River in Grant County (Washington), 6+ injured:

2015-10-08 - Underground electrical explosion blows crater in the ground, damages 20 cars, in coastal Palm Beach (Florida):

Quote: "'The explosion left a crater in the ground that was 2 feet deep by 7 feet wide,' Baker said. 'It rained down pavers and damaged about 20 cars surrounding the explosion. There was another manhole cover found displaced in a resident’s driveway at 160 Sunset. The magnitude of this explosion is very rare for us,' Baker said. The explosion was electrical in nature. 'It was the underground (power) service that goes into the building, the underground vault,' he said."

Note: Right on the coast, like many (most) of the many other underground explosions that have been occurring. Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-10-08 - Underground electrical explosion and fire blows manhole cover onto firefighter in coastal Manhattan (New York):

Quote: "Around 8:30 p.m., the manhole exploded at 181st Street and Amsterdam Avenue, the FDNY told CBS2. The manhole cover blew off and hit a firefighter who had responded, the FDNY said. The firefighter suffered minor injuries. The FDNY was already on the scene after getting calls about several smoking manholes."

2015-10-08 - Electrical pylon bursts into flame on Wigan Road in Leyland (Britain), homes evacuated:

Note: More electrical infrastructure stuff exploding and/or burning...

2015-10-08 - Nine boats go up in flames at dock in coastal Quincy (Massachusetts):

Quote: "Several people were left homeless Thursday morning after a fast-moving blaze tore through a Quincy marina, damaging or destroying as many as nine boats."

Note: Quincy is where a persistent 'rotten egg' odor rolled in off the ocean in 2013, mentioned in the 2013-05-09 update. Shortly after that, a mysterious plane started buzzing the city at night and nobody could say why, mentioned in the 2013-05-10 update...

2015-10-08 - Boat explodes and burns on the River Severn in Stourport-on-Severn (Britain), 4 injured:

Note: These are the 884th through 893rd boats or ships to burn or explode in 2015...

2015-10-08 - Natural gas plant explodes and burns in Gibson (Louisiana), 3 killed, 4 injured:

Quote: "Fire crews and police retrieved three bodies and two 'seriously injured' people, according to the state police. Trooper Evan Harrell, a state police spokesman, later said four people were injured, two of whom are in critical condition. The 13 others at the facility were unharmed."

Quote: "Williams Partners, in a statement provided by spokesman Chris Stockton, said 'gas was not flowing through the pipeline system when the explosion occurred.'"

2015-10-08 - Granary hit by explosion and fire in Beltrami (Minnesota), 2 injured:

2015-10-08 - Man ignites while gassing up motorcycle at gas station in Marietta (Georgia), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Chemical plant hit by fire in Wichita (Kansas):

2015-10-08 - Indonesia seeks help battling raging forest fires on Sumatra Island and Borneo Island:

2015-10-08 - Multiple wildfires rage near coastal Otago and Canterbury (New Zealand), some homes destroyed:

Quote: "Emergency services will work into the night as multiple fires continue to burn across Canterbury and Otago. Dozens of fires across the two regions on Wednesday left several homes destroyed, closed roads, cut power and left three firefighters suffering from heat exhaustion. Rain began falling over Otago late Wednesday afternoon, but not before fires ignited and spread at Taieri Beach near Dunedin, Saddle Hill near Mosgiel, Dunback, and in the Waitaki area."

2015-10-08 - Car-hauler bursts into flame at 1:31 AM near Phoenix (Arizona), Floyd Mayweather loses 4 luxury vehicles:

Quote: "But according to TMZ Sports, the unbeaten boxer (49-0) lost four luxury cars — two Rolls Royces, a Bentley and a custom Jeep — in a raging trailer fire early Wednesday morning just outside of Phoenix, Ariz."

Note: This is the 63rd car-hauler to burn in 2015...

2015-10-08 - Tanker truck bursts into flame on I-80 in Pocono Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the H-1 Freeway Viaduct near coastal Honolulu (Hawaii):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on US 54 in El Paso (Texas):

Quote: "A semitruck fire on U.S. 54 caused a major headache for motorists Thursday morning. Traffic cameras showed a semitruck engulfed in flames on U.S. 54 North at Montana Avenue, which feeds into Interstate 10."

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-24 in Christian County (Kentucky):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the QEW near Hamilton (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer hauling matchboxes bursts into flame on highway near Kudligi (India):

2015-10-08 - Tractor bursts into flame at intersection in Wallacetown (New Zealand), near the coast:

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 11 PM on the Brand Highway near Eneabba (Australia):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the M5 near coastal Burnham-on-Sea (Britain):

Quote: "Fire appliances from Burnham on Sea and Bridgwater were mobilised as well as a water carrier from Bridgwater. A fire appliance from Weston-Super-Mare also attended the incident. On arrival of the first appliance, the officer in charge confirmed there was a HGV well alight."

Note: These are the 1661st through 1670th tractors/tankers/semis to burn in 2015...

2015-10-08 - Flatbed truck bursts into flame on street in Quincy (Illinois):

2015-10-08 - Heavy truck bursts into flame on I-75 in Dayton (Ohio):

2015-10-08 - Truck bursts into flame on Route 119 near Lick Creek (West Virginia):

2015-10-08 - Van bursts into flame at gas station in Mangaluru (India):

2015-10-08 - Van bursts into flame on the A249 near Sheppey (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Pickup truck bursts into flame before 6:30 AM at auto dealership in Houston (Texas):

Quote: "Video from Skyeye HD showed large flames coming from a pickup truck on top of the garage. The flames were put out just after 6:20am."

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame at 2 AM on Connecticut Street in Lawrence (Kansas):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame at intersection near Seguin (Texas):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame at intersection in Dunkirk (New York):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on I-40 near Maumelle (Arkansas):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on I-41 near Milwaukee (Wisconsin):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on Northwest Boulevard near Ritter (Iowa):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on Bloomfield Avenue in Verona (New Jersey):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on Collie Street in Fyshwick (Australia):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on McGilvray Close in Gordon (Australia):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on Highway 6 between Nachshonim Interchange and Daniel Interchange (Israel):

2015-10-08 - Two cars and outbuilding go up in flames on Newcastle Road in Smallwood, Sandbach (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame just before 11 PM while parked at home on Pit Lane in Hough, Crewe (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Car bursts into flame on the A5117 in coastal Ellesmere Port (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Vehicle bursts into flame shortly after 4 AM on I-17 near Cordes Junction (Arizona):

2015-10-08 - Vehicle bursts into flame on the M1 near Woolley (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Car and garage destroyed by fire at home in Troy (Michigan):

2015-10-08 - Two vehicles and barn destroyed by fire in Aloha (Oregon), nobody there:

2015-10-08 - Barn destroyed by fire in Ephrata Township (Pennsylvania):

2015-10-08 - Barn destroyed by fire in Middletown (Maryland):

2015-10-08 - Home heavily damaged by fire just after 1 AM, started in garage, in Beavercreek (Ohio), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Beach View Inn damaged by fire in coastal Hampton (New Hampshire):

Note: Here's a Google Maps link of the area...

2015-10-08 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire, started in vacant unit, in coastal Bronx (New York):

2015-10-08 - Apartment complex devastated by massive blaze in coastal Port Moody (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Vacant home burns in Wausau (Wisconsin):

2015-10-08 - Vacant home burns in coastal Vallejo (California):

2015-10-08 - Vacant home destroyed by fire near Elkhart (Indiana):

2015-10-08 - Vacant home destroyed by fire before 6:37 AM in Brampton (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Vacant curling rink destroyed by huge blaze in Yorkton (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Coral, home to 25% of all ocean life, now dying off worldwide:

Quote: "On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and international reef scientists pronounced it a global coral bleaching event, only the third in recorded history."

Quote: "Warm water causes bleaching and ocean temperatures are at record high levels, partly because of steady manmade global warming and partly because of the El Nino, which is an occasional warming of the central Pacific that changes weather worldwide, Eakin said."

2015-10-08 - Minke whale washes ashore dead at Steetley Beach in Hartlepool (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Couple, 87 and 86, found dead in home in Silver Lakes community near Miramar (Florida):

Quote: "Miramar police spokeswoman Tania Rues said there were no apparent wounds on the couple, and carbon-monoxide tests were negative."

Quote: "'I know they were elderly but it's kind of weird how they died at the same time,' Karagiaouris said."

2015-10-08 - In separate incidents, man drops dead in bathroom, and man drops dead in porta-potty, at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati (Ohio):

Quote: "The death in the porta-potty marks the second time in five days that someone has died around Paul Brown Stadium. During the Bengals-Chiefs game on Sunday, a fan from Missouri died after collapsing in a stadium bathroom. The fan was rushed to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead."

Note: This stadium is right next to the Ohio River. Here's a Google Maps link of the area. If you use a porta-potty or bathroom and you smell anything 'sweet' or 'sickly sweet' or 'flowery' or like licorice, get the hell out immediately...

2015-10-08 - Man found dead in Biscayne Bay near coastal Miami (Florida):

2015-10-08 - Man in his 20s found dead in canal in Nampa (Idaho):

2015-10-08 - Man, 47, fights man, goes into medical distress, drops dead, in Midway area in coastal San Diego (California):

2015-10-08 - Woman, 49, slumps over dead in car at hospital in St. George (Utah):

2015-10-08 - Man, 23, found dead in the Mississippi River in Otsego (Minnesota):

2015-10-08 - Man in his 60s drops dead in hotel in coastal Brownsville (Texas):

2015-10-08 - Man found dead along West 38th Street in Indianapolis (Indiana):

2015-10-08 - Man, about 65, found dead in the Erie Canal in Macedon (New York):

2015-10-08 - Person has medical emergency and drops dead outside home in Henrico County (Virginia):

2015-10-08 - Woman, 60, found dead in canal in Grandpass suburb of coastal Colombo on the island of Sri Lanka:

2015-10-08 - Girl, 9, found dead in the water at quarry in Edamalaipatipudur (India):

2015-10-08 - Man, 76, found dead in pond in Wellington North Township (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Man found dead in canal in West Bromwich (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Small plane crashes near airport in Jasper (Georgia), 1 killed:

2015-10-08 - Small plane crashes near Hope (Idaho), 3 killed:

2015-10-08 - Small plane crashes and burns near high school near coastal Anchorage (Alaska), 1 killed:

2015-10-08 - Small plane crashes in Kimball Township (Michigan), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Small tourist plane goes missing near Pokhara (Nepal):

2015-10-08 - School bus hits box truck, bursts into flame, on the Long Island Expressway in Manorville (New York):

2015-10-08 - Two passenger buses collide head-on, in Manikganj District (Bangladesh), 1 killed, 30 injured:

2015-10-08 - Passenger bus veers off road, hits tree, near coastal Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), 3 killed, 27 injured:

2015-10-08 - Tanker truck veers off road and overturns, on I-70 in Plainfield (Indiana):

2015-10-08 - Tanker truck overturns between Vdiyanagar and Cherkala (India):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer veers over centerline at 3 AM, hits semi head-on, in Fauquier County (Virginia), 2 killed:

2015-10-08 - Two tractor trailers crash at 11 PM, explosion and fire ensue, on I-20 in Smith County (Texas), 2 killed:

Note: In more upbeat news, several big rig driver positions have recently opened!

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer hits disabled vehicle, bursts into flame, on I-10 in coastal Mobile (Alabama), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer overturns before 6 AM on US 101 near coastal Yachats (Oregon):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer overturns on US 220 in Franklin County (Virginia), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer overturns at 2:40 AM on NC-581 near Goldsboro (North Carolina):

2015-10-08 - Tractor trailer crashes into guard rail at midnight on I-4 in Orlando (Florida):

2015-10-08 - SUV veers off road, crashes through fence, hits apartment building, in Vineland (New Jersey):

2015-10-08 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits semi head-on, near Knott Landfill outside Bend (Oregon), 1 killed:

2015-10-08 - Pickup truck veers over centerline, hits pickup head-on, near St. Marys (Kansas), 2 injured:

2015-10-08 - Car veers over centerline after 6 AM, hits dump truck head-on, in Lafourche Parish (Louisiana), 1 killed:

2015-10-08 - Car veers over centerline at 5:57 AM, hits car head-on, both burst into flame, in Tuscarawas Township (Ohio), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Two cars collide head-on, in Mokelumne Hill (California), 3 injured:

2015-10-08 - Car veers off road, crashes into building, in San Ramon (California):

2015-10-08 - Car veers off road, slams into home, in Gainesville (Georgia), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Car veers off road at 11:40 PM, slams into homes, in Keyham in coastal Plymouth (Britain), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Car overturns, bursts into flame, on expressway in Toronto (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, in Mockinya (Australia), 1 killed:

Note: Or maybe it burst into flame and then crashed...

2015-10-08 - Car crashes into business in West Kelowna (Canada):

2015-10-08 - Car veers off road, plunges into canal, in Moxley, Walsall (Britain), 1 injured:

2015-10-08 - Car veers off road, plunges into lake, on Dragons Lane in Sandbach (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Dog attacks man at 4 AM, cop shoots at dog, hits man, in Phoenix (Arizona):

2015-10-08 - Pit bull attacks cable tech, charges cop, gets shot dead, in Orlando (Florida):

2015-10-08 - Three elephants attack and kill two women, injure a third, in West Bengal (India):

2015-10-08 - Sinkhole opens on road in coastal Miami Beach (Florida):

2015-10-08 - Sinkhole opens on Great Bridgewater Street in Manchester (Britain):

2015-10-08 - Sinkhole opens on street in Palmyra (Pennsylvania):

2015-10-08 - Sinkhole opens on street in Battle Creek (Michigan):

2015-10-08 - Runway lights go out at airport, flights delayed, in Des Moines (Iowa):

2015-10-08 - Building collapses in coastal Port Elizabeth (South Africa), boy killed:

2015-10-08 - Two culverts collapse, sinkhole forms, in North Wilkesboro (North Carolina):

2015-10-08 - Man, diver, has difficulty breathing, loses consciousness, rescued, near coastal Marina del Rey (California):

2015-10-08 - Volcano Cotopaxi (Ecuador) erupts, belches ash two kilometers into the atmosphere:

Quote: "Ecuador's Cotopaxi volcano, which began erupting in August after being dormant for 138 years, on Thursday coughed up a two-kilometer-high column of ash, officials said. The giant ash column was visible from Quito, 45 kilometers (30 miles) to the north of the volcano, considered one of the world's most dangerous because its snow cap is vulnerable in an eruption and because of its close proximity to densely populated areas."

2015-10-08 - Ground rumbling, underground explosions, water spewing, homes collapse, in Basner Kalan (India):

Quote: "Recently villagers felt Earth beneath them shaking with explosion like terrifying sounds after that what they saw was unbelievable to their eyes. After land beneath them grumbled, soon water started coming out of their handpumps with great force. They witnessed crack in brick walls while mud houses collapsed."

2015-10-08 - Magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes off the coast near Broome (Australia):

2015-10-08 - Heat wave and record temps hit San Diego County (California):

2015-10-08 - Heavy flooding hits the island of Cyprus (Greece):

2015-10-08 - Atmospheric concentration of an ozone-destroying chemical mysteriously drops:

2015-10-08 - Northern lights visible much further south in the UK than usual:

2015-10-08 - The derivatives market is a matrix of fraud, here's how it works:

2015-10-08 - Signs that the Great Derivatives Crisis has now begun:

2015-10-08 - IMF, the UN, the BIS And Citibank warning that an economic crisis could be imminent:

2015-10-08 - Massive traffic jam hits superhighway in Beijing (China):

Note: Wow, check that highway out! That's the most lanes I've ever seen on any highway, at least 40 (!) lanes...

2015-10-08 - Freaky 'roll clouds' seen over Bern (Switzerland):

2015-10-08 - Unknown flying objects spotted buzzing around Volcano Popocat├ępetl (Mexico):

2015-10-08 - NASA announces giant asteroid to pass Earth this weekend:

2015-10-08 - Baby born with one eye and no nose in Egypt:

2015-10-08 - Math mystery, Shinichi Mochizuki solves proof but nobody can understand it:

Quote: "A Japanese mathematician claims to have solved one of the most important problems in his field. The trouble is, hardly anyone can work out whether he's right."

Quote: "To complete the proof, Mochizuki had invented a new branch of his discipline, one that is astonishingly abstract even by the standards of pure maths. 'Looking at it, you feel a bit like you might be reading a paper from the future, or from outer space,' number theorist Jordan Ellenberg, of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, wrote on his blog a few days after the paper appeared."


  1. Another amazing account of things going south for humanity (and yet, as in the last stories, some amazing stuff is happening too)! Great job, Jonny.

    That dam explosion hasn't been explained yet (that i've found). Waiting for follow-up on that.

    As you point out in your opening stories, the whole east coast is having problems with explosions and fires, but it's also creeping inland (and actually coming from below in many interior places).

    Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination

    Even if you have to wait over 50 years, eventually the truth will out...

    Suspicions that the CIA covered up JFK‘s murder have finally been confirmed, according to an explosive Politico report out this week. Fifty-two years after the President’s death, declassified documents show that the CIA were in communication with alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK’s murder in 1963, and they were monitoring his mail since 1959.

    Not only that but John McCone, who was Chief of the CIA at the time, allegedly hid evidence from the Warren commission, set up by Lyndon Johnson to investigate JFK’s assassination. The spymaster and other senior CIA officials are accused of withholding ‘incendiary’ information from the commission and therefore perverting the course of justice. The CIA has admitted this. [lots more]


  2. Shark bites surfer off Hawaii coast, leaving him in critical condition

    It was believed to be the fifth shark attack in Hawaii this year.

    Pelagic red crabs swarm onto Monterey Bay shore; first stranding since 1982-83


  3. NIFC reports record wildfire season in U.S.

    10 October 2015 (Desdemona Despair) – Just last week, the NIFC site computed the year-to-date acres burned for 2015 to be neck-and-neck with the most recent record year, 2006, at slightly above 9 million acres.

    So it’s very surprising to see this number jump by more than 2 million to 11,245,536 acres year-to-date, which is well above the 2006 record of 9.8 million acres burned for the whole fire season.

    Des isn’t aware of any two-million-acre megafires that flared up in the last week, so maybe it’s just late-arriving data from earlier in the year. It will be interesting to see what numbers are reported in the next update.

    All-time heat record set amid triple-digit temperatures across Southern California

    UPI: ‘Skyrocketing’ cancer cases in Fukushima — AP: ‘Alarming’ cancer rates after nuclear disaster — Times: Child cancers up 5,000% — Radiation doses may be “considerably higher” than estimated — Expert: Cancer outbreak shows officials must now prepare for onset of leukemia, other diseases (VIDEO)

    Spike in animal deformities on West Coast soon after Fukushima — Hundreds of baby cows with distorted legs or other malformations — Expert: “We know there’s more than that out there”… Problem may be more widespread than reported

    Giant skeletons uncovered in Ecuador and Peru Amazon regions sent for scientific testing

    According to a Cuenca news site, since 2013 the team has found half a dozen human skeletons dating to the early 1400s and the mid-1500s which measure between seven and eight feet (213 to 243 centimeters) in height.


  4. Okay, a rare midnight edition:

    Hubble telescope spots mysterious space objects

    Having analyzed the images, the scientists discovered five unknown wave-like formations, resembling ripples in water, within the planet-forming disc of the AU Mic. These structures present another astronomic mystery to be solved, because nothing similar was ever seen before. The scientists haven't yet determined the nature of these "waves".

    Gigantic see-through object seen hovering in sky above Manipur, India

    Officials: 1 dead, 2 injured after plane crashes in Volusia


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    And create accounts. All you have to do is put in a username and an email address, but I have it set not to verify email addresses, so that can be fake or real, as you choose. I'm not out to harvest anyone's email addresses, so I don't care if people use real email addresses or not. Then you could exchange private messages, yada yada.